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Desire on Soi 6 ladies in Pattaya, Thailand Live Stream 23/12/22


Desire on Soi 6

Published on 23.12.2022 (Stats from 12.01.2023)


Welcome to our daily Pattaya live stream! We will make new live videos on every day! You can support our ladies at https://desire-gifts.com - Visa, Mastercard and Bitcoin accepted. If you enjoy our video it really helps us if you press like and subscribe. Thank you! You can also watch our other channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/LustonSoi6
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    [0:22] Desire on Soi 6: You can support our ladies at https://desire-gifts.com Visa/MasterCard and Bitcoin accepted. 1 drink only $5. If you enjoy our video it really helps us if you press like or subscribe thank you!

    [2:21] Noe: do u have own website I try find it online

    [3:57] Noe: yes we say hello

    [8:53] Adam Daniel: hi jay

    [9:51] Adam Daniel: jay can you ask deiw what are her favorite kind of flowers

    [9:57] Noe: yeah I donate next month wen I have money I all ready sign up

    [11:17] Naseer Ahmad: hello

    [11:38] Naseer Ahmad: how are you

    [11:50] Noe: witch one corn

    [11:52] 新人サラリーマン: 今日も配信ありがとうございます

    [12:32] Naseer Ahmad: wich one sexy girl

    [13:35] Naseer Ahmad: I likenumber8

    [13:37] Gary: Wb Milly. Are you refreshed and bubbly. I really missed you

    [13:42] Michael Tingley: Hey Girls

    [14:09] Naseer Ahmad: come

    [14:27] Naseer Ahmad: number 8

    [14:52] Michael Tingley: Wheres Fon ?

    [15:48] Gary: Ok been raving here for 2 days

    [15:48] ALEC Hodgson: Hey :waving_hand: milky & mail

    [15:52] Naseer Ahmad: hi 53

    [15:57] kelcat34: hello beautiful ladies whoa?!?! the outfits :eyes:

    [16:11] Gary: Christmas tomorrow and Sunday

    [16:43] narpat20861: Good afternoon Nok

    [16:43] kelcat34: ok I'm here Gary you can leave now lol

    [17:27] ALEC Hodgson: Milky missed you yesterday

    [17:33] narpat20861: Love of the day for you

    [17:40] Michael Tingley: Nok and Number 97 can Dance Really Good

    [18:15] ALEC Hodgson: Morning sexy mail

    [18:30] Noe: it cold windy night here

    [18:36] Gary: What did you do Milky on your day off

    [18:45] Michael Tingley:

    [18:51] narpat20861: Nice to see you today Milky missed you yesterday

    [19:30] Gary: Days off

    [19:51] Gary: Great :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [20:07] Michael Tingley: is Fon Off today

    [20:20] Gary: Did you hit the targets

    [20:37] ALEC Hodgson: I’m good :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: mail , I’m good at cutting hair mail milky I can do u a new hair style

    [20:42] Michael Tingley: Nice

    [20:55] narpat20861: Nok you are always on my mind

    [21:12] Michael Tingley: i like the soccer vid you guys posted earlier

    [21:12] Noe: it Christmas Eve tomorrow

    [21:13] Gary: Wow bulls eye

    [21:15] narpat20861: Bull’s eye

    [21:20] Gary: Yes

    [21:31] tushar desai: Hi

    [21:46] Gary: You are a sharp shot

    [21:52] tushar desai: I am going back today

    [21:59] tushar desai: In cab now

    [22:06] ALEC Hodgson: Milky I think u put your finger through that target :bullseye:

    [22:20] Gary: 22 gun

    [22:20] tushar desai: 8.30

    [23:00] narpat20861: 8.30 is Thai smile flight

    [23:02] tushar desai: We didn’t got to go clubbing, next time we go

    [23:29] Gary: 22 rifle so shoot any guys like Alec hehe

    [23:37] narpat20861: Nok your long fingers

    [24:01] Alejandro Palacios: :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::star_struck::face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [24:25] tushar desai: Bye Priew

    [24:32] narpat20861: I want to rub my nose with Nok’s nose !

    [24:41] Gary: I like cross bows

    [24:42] ALEC Hodgson: Very cute :smiling_face_with_hearts: milky u look with that gun :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

    [24:53] tushar desai: Bye everyone

    [24:59] tushar desai: Take care

    [25:08] tushar desai: See you next time

    [25:35] Gary: Mena did you sleep in those ears

    [25:40] narpat20861: Nose to Nose Nok

    [26:26] narpat20861: Ring for long fingers Nok

    [26:27] ALEC Hodgson: What big ears :ear: 26 has got all the better for hearing me

    [26:27] Gary: Wow wow Priew. I did not notice

    [27:33] Gary: Thought you were going for purple hair colour Priew

    [28:30] ALEC Hodgson: Milky your so clever and brainy :brain: knowing about guns

    [28:59] Mike Pyburn: good morning beautiful ladies

    [29:31] Gary: I need to prepare the belly pork. Back later.

    [30:24] ALEC Hodgson: How is my chocolate chip cookie :cookie: kooky

    [30:38] Charles Winfield: :waving_hand::waving_hand:Mena and Milky looking so very pretty :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::rose:

    [30:54] ola9156: morning ladies

    [31:10] Charles Winfield: hi Jay :thumbs_up:

    [31:31] ALEC Hodgson: :crying_cat::crying_cat::crying_cat::crying_cat::crying_cat::crying_cat::crying_cat::crying_cat::crying_cat:

    [31:46] narpat20861: Milky your eyes are like that of a deer

    [31:55] Charles Winfield: glad you have returned :folded_hands: Ms.Kook... but I have not found your puppy, yet :pleading_face:

    [32:00] Mike Pyburn: my milky so delicious :face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [32:30] narpat20861: Going for lunch break

    [32:42] Charles Winfield: ...I will just keep searching :relieved_face:

    [34:00] Charles Winfield: hi Priew and Fah :waving_hand::waving_hand:

    [34:46] ALEC Hodgson: Kook does not need to be in a mood buddy

    [34:55] P Herbie #555: hello hello kup...mop mop mop

    [35:29] P Herbie #555: yay...priew go back salon finish colour hair

    [35:46] P Herbie #555: I'm excited na kup khun milky

    [36:30] P Herbie #555: coming back to Thailand...bup bup bup

    [36:52] Pesky: hello Jay, Milky and ladies :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [37:13] P Herbie #555: stay your room ...555

    [37:25] Pesky: @ new, I'm not ignoring you sorry, last night I started making you a gift along side the other gift which arrived yesterday. I want it to be perfect, sending next week.

    [37:40] Pesky: been flat out

    [38:14] ALEC Hodgson: Milky u make me happy watching you every time you on screen . Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo

    [38:49] Pesky: she's worth it :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [39:22] P Herbie #555: hello new.....kook...nok...mail...dew..and other ladies:elbowcough::elbowcough::elbowcough:

    [39:54] P Herbie #555: I see have new ladies again

    [39:57] ALEC Hodgson: Bun bun bun bun

    [40:17] P Herbie #555: 555 milk shakes yay

    [40:55] Jack Mehoffen: bunni nok

    [41:30] Charles Winfield: how are Dew and Kook doing today? :folded_hands::folded_hands:

    [42:11] P Herbie #555: miss you all...but I will knock knock the room again and ring ring ring da bell

    [42:14] Pesky: also added a letter, had to translate it to thai, seriously that aint easy because different words are used, took me hours lol

    [42:34] ALEC Hodgson: Milky your arms are getting bigger and bigger :flexed_biceps::flexed_biceps:

    [42:56] Charles Winfield: :face_with_open_mouth:

    [43:08] blaine: Hi from NorCal

    [44:17] blaine: Who is that wearing no 8

    [44:30] Charles Winfield: Priew

    [44:34] blaine: And what happened to Priew

    [44:51] Charles Winfield: she changed her hair

    [44:53] Mike Pyburn: priew have black hair today...:smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [45:27] P Herbie #555: priew like differant colour hair everyday...

    [45:28] Pesky: @ priew almost didn't recognise you

    [45:45] ALEC Hodgson: Milky merry Christmas for Sunday hope you have a great day and lots of presents :wrapped_gift: :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

    [46:02] Charles Winfield: Priew look pretty with nearly any type of hair

    [46:03] P Herbie #555: priew next I want see purple ok mai

    [46:41] ALEC Hodgson: Cheers :clinking_glasses:

    [46:46] Graham Banks: Priew is stunning as usual....

    [48:23] P Herbie #555: waiting for my som yummy tum priew

    [48:42] Pesky: apologies for short visit, but things to do for Xmas and dinner, I'll be back later :ok_hand:

    [49:18] ALEC Hodgson: Jay graham banks looks like Santa for all the kids

    [50:18] Pesky: later back later, also happy holidays to you all as well :slightly_smiling_face:

    [51:08] P Herbie #555: :washhands::washhands::washhands:

    [51:35] ALEC Hodgson: Kook r u have a big turkey :turkey: for Christmas on Sunday

    [52:53] P Herbie #555: what about meeee

    [52:59] Charles Winfield: ham is most-popular for Christmas :snowman_without_snow:

    [53:08] P Herbie #555: I'm tirsty

    [53:28] Charles Winfield: cheers, to some fun and nice ladies :tumbler_glass::folded_hands::tumbler_glass::folded_hands:

    [54:02] Desmond Castro: Hi ladies :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::thumbs_up: Great job on the Beach soccer game shown here earlier.

    [54:47] Charles Winfield: ... welcome, always :thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

    [55:31] blaine: Hard to improve on that face

    [55:44] Charles Winfield: ...can have liquor or juice

    [56:54] Charles Winfield: lots of ladies... can't always see who is speaking :person_shrugging::person_shrugging:

    [57:33] Charles Winfield: "come on come on Guys"

    [59:22] Charles Winfield: it loud, but I don't see Fon :grinning_face_with_sweat:

    [1:00:10] James Jacobs: Merry Christmas to all you beautiful girls. God bless you all

    [1:00:27] Charles Winfield: ...hope Fon is not somewhere, shouting at sweet Annie right now :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [1:02:13] Charles Winfield: yes, a very Happy Holidays to all in 2022 :folded_hands::folded_hands:

    [1:02:54] Charles Winfield: ...is Dew thirsty, or something :thinking_face:

    [1:03:46] Charles Winfield: Nuch a good dancer :thumbs_up:

    [1:06:11] Charles Winfield: ...Dew still like friend Charlie (?)

    [1:06:39] Richard Campbell: Where is #5????

    [1:09:02] Charles Winfield: Ms. Milky hair so nice again :star_struck:

    [1:10:02] kelcat34: milky is back baby

    [1:10:36] kelcat34: milky is my other girlfriend lol

    [1:11:11] Charles Winfield: ...it so cold here in California, I wish I was with a lady in Pattaya who would keep me warm :pleading_face:

    [1:11:13] Charles Winfield: Welcome, Dew :thumbs_up::thumbs_up::folded_hands:

    [1:11:59] Charles Winfield: ... :clinking_glasses: cheers

    [1:12:29] narpat20861: Love you Nok

    [1:13:06] kelcat34: milky I like my women with a bit of attitude and you got it babygirl

    [1:13:53] kelcat34: wow 55

    [1:14:23] Charles Winfield: :thumbs_up:

    [1:14:43] kelcat34: who's the tall girl?!?!?!??

    [1:15:26] kelcat34: oh ok I'm getting old I'm 42 lol

    [1:16:50] David Smith: where is Fon and Annie today

    [1:17:18] kelcat34: 95 dropping it like it's hot lol

    [1:17:42] Charles Winfield: yes, delay on YouTube..WiFi better outside, but it about 5 Celsius now

    [1:20:13] narpat20861: Can’t understand anything

    [1:23:09] Topgun4life Emerson: merry Christmas sexy 42

    [1:23:56] Topgun4life Emerson: damn 42 is so so beautiful.

    [1:24:33] Charles Winfield: yes, always is 42 looking pretty :thumbs_up:

    [1:25:10] Topgun4life Emerson: hey 21 dont pulled 42 away she my girl now

    [1:25:35] Charles Winfield: if I was in Pattaya for today, I'd go to Desire just to fan Milky for her, like Queen Cleopatra on a hot day

    [1:26:28] Calum 180: Wow Priew great new hair

    [1:27:14] Calum 180: P Kook

    [1:27:25] Calum 180: Calum is fine. How are you

    [1:27:25] Alexander white: Hello kook how are you today miss you

    [1:27:35] Alexander white: hello lady's how are you today

    [1:29:06] Alexander white: hello lady's I am just finished work now I am going to sleep now see you tomorrow again see you next month in pattya

    [1:29:10] Charles Winfield: Ms. Nok, where is Ms. Korn? :pleading_face:

    [1:29:37] Calum 180: Nong New

    [1:30:09] Alexander white: I will come to your bar when I come to pattya next month I will buy you drinks when I come to pattya

    [1:30:43] Calum 180: Welcome back Goddess of Love

    [1:31:23] glenn garofano: GLENNNNNNNNNNN

    [1:31:26] Calum 180: P Bird

    [1:31:33] Alexander white: Happy Christmas ladies see you next month

    [1:34:27] Calum 180: Now practically all Desire girls have black hair

    [1:35:07] glenn garofano: JAY tonight I buy you 2 drinks, and Milky and Priew 1 drink.

    [1:35:43] Calum 180: Dew enjoys keeping the same hair colour of black

    [1:35:45] glenn garofano: MERRY CHRISTMAS

    [1:36:25] glenn garofano: SEASON BEATINGS

    [1:36:53] glenn garofano: JINGLE BALLS

    [1:37:32] Calum 180: Nong Sky

    [1:37:39] glenn garofano: funny

    [1:37:43] Craig Hannibal: hello ladies

    [1:38:21] Craig Hannibal: I stay pattaya now

    [1:38:59] Calum 180: Miss Nuch

    [1:39:00] Todd Swift: lovely thai girls

    [1:39:35] glenn garofano: I be sending over 4 drinks

    [1:39:41] joe q: I come soi 6 January

    [1:39:47] joe q: come visit ladies

    [1:40:02] Calum 180: Milky enjoys wearing red nail polish

    [1:40:09] Calum 180: She's in the Christmas spirit

    [1:41:38] Calum 180: Drinking Irn Bru

    [1:43:46] joe q: wow Mena ผู้หญิงสวยมาก :face-red-heart-shape:

    [1:44:10] Calum 180: Did you like or dislike Jay

    [1:45:10] Calum 180: They are not everyone's taste but I enjoy sweet things

    [1:45:48] Calum 180: Sweet things like Mail

    [1:46:30] Gary: Emma say woof woof Milky

    [1:47:25] Gary: Waiting to be fed

    [1:48:09] Gary: Dog food and biscuits

    [1:48:28] Gary: I need to go she’s barking for it

    [1:49:09] Gary: Dog biscuits no sugar

    [1:49:33] Gary: I tasted them lol

    [1:51:46] glenn garofano: hi milky and jay, let me see your faces please before i send drinks

    [1:52:20] glenn garofano: yes

    [1:52:24] glenn garofano: gracias

    [1:54:48] glenn garofano: you are welcome!

    [1:56:40] Pam: Helloooooo

    [1:57:06] Pam: Black Priew

    [1:57:37] Pam: Black mail

    [1:58:31] Pam: Priew is so cute mak

    [1:59:20] coffeegyuunyuu: Hi No.97:raised_hand::grinning_face: You can't beat No.21's slap with your weapon:grinning_face::grinning_face:

    [2:02:32] Akira: Hi #8. I’m going555

    [2:03:19] Hansi Müller21: Hey

    [2:04:11] Hansi Müller21: 21 my :red_heart::red_heart: I Love you

    [2:08:10] Eric Scott: Hello ladies. Where is my a darling #3?

    [2:12:02] joe q: I buy drink for Mena <3

    [2:16:07] joe q: I take Mena back to australia with me 5555

    [2:18:34] coffeegyuunyuu: :grinning_face::grinning_face::grinning_face:

    [2:39:24] coffeegyuunyuu: .。:+*:.。.♬*:+☆.。:+♬*:.。.*:+☆twilight

    [2:46:50] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: hello new girl Mena and Nok.

    [2:48:16] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: I know girl name MAIL and Kook

    [2:49:44] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: what time Lust bar close at night

    [2:49:58] Bruce Robinson: JAYYY ! MIKLY ! LADIES ! HELLO LOVESSSSS:red_heart: !

    [2:50:21] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: 1 am not 1 pm

    [2:50:48] Bruce Robinson: Merry Christmas :santa_claus:

    [2:51:09] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: night time is 1 am , not 1 pm

    [2:51:50] Bruce Robinson: Priew I almost didn't recognize you with the dark hair...still a cutie

    [2:52:10] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: bar open 1 pm , bar close 1 am

    [2:54:38] Bruce Robinson: Where's hot stuff Annie :fire: ?

    [2:56:32] Bruce Robinson: Milkyyyy! and Jayyyy ! what you doing ? I can't see you two in the corners :crying_face: :loudly_crying_face: :sleepy_face:

    [2:56:46] Anthony Tuggle: Merry Christmas

    [2:57:01] Pam: priew. Who is my favorite girl?

    [2:57:34] Anthony Tuggle: I'm home now Jay

    [2:57:48] Anthony Tuggle: it's too cold I want to go back now :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [2:57:58] Pam: priew.dada and you.

    [2:58:35] Pam: hi steven . my bro

    [2:59:00] Anthony Tuggle: no sang som here :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [2:59:25] Pam: priew. i will go to pattaya 1 week later

    [2:59:41] Anthony Tuggle: book next trip know for my birthday

    [3:00:12] Bruce Robinson: Jay , Milky , and ladies a Christmas kiss makes all your wishes come true...I'm available :face_blowing_a_kiss: :winking_face:

    [3:00:28] Anthony Tuggle: Late May

    [3:01:46] Anthony Tuggle: 21

    [3:04:04] Marcus Crookshanks: good morning my beautiful friends

    [3:04:43] Pam: wow priew . so nice

    [3:04:53] Anthony Tuggle: I'm gonna go get warm and get some rest

    [3:04:54] Marcus Crookshanks: WOW!! Priew!!!

    [3:07:08] Marcus Crookshanks: black hair is very different with you priew. I don't know that I'll be able to get used to it. still very cute

    [3:07:19] Pam: priew has many customer naaaaaaaaaa

    [3:10:28] Marcus Crookshanks: starting to get cold, happy I decided to travel yesterday

    [3:11:54] Marcus Crookshanks: just waking up Steven, my eyes aren't working completely

    [3:12:10] Marcus Crookshanks: I had to sqint to see priew.

    [3:12:47] Marcus Crookshanks: I'm gonna be out of town till Monday or Tuesday, undecided as of right now

    [3:14:17] Marcus Crookshanks: always travel as safely as possible Jay. thank you sweetheart

    [3:14:58] Pam: priew narak chang rui

    [3:15:34] Marcus Crookshanks: Priew, I didn't really recognize you at first, the ears gave it away. very beautiful

    [3:17:01] Pam: new narak chang rui

    [3:18:28] Pam: wow priew

    [3:23:57] Marcus Crookshanks: see ypi later Steven

    [3:26:37] Marcus Crookshanks: hope you ladies are having a great day. tour wearing my favorite desire outfits today. love the black and blue

    [3:28:01] Marcus Crookshanks: you know me well my sweet Jay

    [3:29:02] Ben Harrison: Wow Priew has a Younger sister come to work for you?

    [3:29:31] Ben Harrison: Did she take Priews number

    [3:30:33] Marcus Crookshanks: I'm trying to get used to mail and priew now lol. almost like 2 new ladies

    [3:31:03] Seb Leonard: Hi girls. it's a pleasure

    [3:31:09] Marcus Crookshanks: hello beautiful milky, good to see you

    [3:31:52] Seb Leonard: yeah very long time, i was away

    [3:31:59] Seb Leonard: i came back recently

    [3:32:11] Seb Leonard: what about you, how are you?

    [3:32:39] Seb Leonard: yeah I went to Ukraine

    [3:32:43] Charles Winfield: what was that? a fire alarm :police_car_light:??

    [3:33:33] Marcus Crookshanks: doing well milky, thanks for asking

    [3:33:51] Seb Leonard: haha you feel better? last time we talked you had a car accident

    [3:33:56] Seb Leonard: also i see a lot of new girls

    [3:34:51] VJ 90s: Hiiiii where is fah ?

    [3:35:02] D Bane: afternoon ladies :waving_hand::relieved_face:

    [3:35:18] Marcus Crookshanks: I'm always good when I'm hanging about watching you guys

    [3:35:51] Seb Leonard: haha i knew you would remember me Jay, but i'm sure Dew has forgotten

    [3:35:54] Marcus Crookshanks: hello beautiful Dew

    [3:36:12] Seb Leonard: haah it's a pleasure Nok and Mena :face_blowing_a_kiss::face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [3:37:23] Marcus Crookshanks: always my future daughter in law lol

    [3:38:02] VJ 90s: Merry Christmas 95

    [3:39:00] Seb Leonard: very tired and depressed since i got back

    [3:40:48] Seb Leonard: well considering what's going, i think you get the idea why

    [3:41:18] VJ 90s: im good darling 95

    [3:41:23] Marcus Crookshanks: Seb, these beauties always help with my depression.

    [3:43:17] Seb Leonard: yes i came back about a month ago

    [3:43:41] Seb Leonard: well 2 months now

    [3:43:58] Seb Leonard: How are you Dew? long time no see

    [3:44:47] VJ 90s: next week im coming to you 95

    [3:45:50] Seb Leonard: i go now, i have a lot to prepare for christmas dinner tomorrow

    [3:46:45] Seb Leonard: Merry Christmas to you too Jay and all the girls

    [3:47:01] Seb Leonard: maybe i'll come say hello tomorrow if stream's on

    [3:47:21] VJ 90s: see you at pattayaaaaaaaaa

    [3:48:07] Seb Leonard: have a nice evening and be safe :face_blowing_a_kiss::face_blowing_a_kiss::face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [3:51:54] coffeegyuunyuu: Wow:grinning_face:

    [3:56:25] Monica: Do you girls move in your sleep too?

    [4:01:03] Marcus Crookshanks: gonna go work on breakfast and coffee. love you guys, see you soon

    [4:01:23] tony smith: Big ass lol

    [4:02:11] tony smith: Hello lovely ladies

    [4:03:23] tony smith: Wow!!!!!

    [4:05:24] Kazuya: Hi from Tokyo

    [4:08:34] Kazuya: dancing in the nightclub

    [4:09:52] Kazuya: :yt:everyone is watching

    [4:10:22] narpat20861: Nok always looks sweet

    [4:11:18] narpat20861: I want to play with Nok’s hair

    [4:12:03] narpat20861: Milky please tell her

    [4:13:44] narpat20861: Nok gone for break ?

    [4:14:52] Kazuya: I'm watching with 10 friends:socialdist::socialdist::socialdist::socialdist::socialdist:

    [4:20:26] Kazuya: Do you speak Japanese?

    [4:21:52] FactFinder: Meow Priew :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::fox::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [4:22:09] Kazuya: Cheers :cocktail_glass:

    [4:22:42] FactFinder: Good Morning Beautiful Ladies :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [4:31:15] FactFinder: Priew New Hair looks beautiful :smiling_face_with_hearts::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [4:41:02] Renesis Lim: hi priew

    [4:47:53] greewo greewo: wow wow wow wow,,

    [4:59:51] coffeegyuunyuu: :grinning_face:

    [5:01:51] Joe: :waving_hand: hello

    [5:03:23] Joe: found this stream a week ago but the time difference means its hard to see live

    [5:04:17] Joe: texas, 🇺🇸

    [5:04:54] Joe: 13 hours

    [5:05:37] Joe: im researching to make my first trip there

    [5:06:55] SelectaBwoy: hello ladies, how are you all?

    [5:07:15] Joe: what does HAAAAAAAAA mean? that all the ladies keep saying

    [5:07:37] SelectaBwoy: I'm fine thanks

    [5:07:57] Kazuya: Fox dance is popular in Japan:man_dancing::fox::woman_dancing:

    [5:08:03] Hiroshito Miyama: Hi desiregirls. Swadi ka.

    [5:08:20] SelectaBwoy: just relaxing

    [5:09:16] Hiroshito Miyama: Jay New Nok Dew Mail Kook Fah Milky

    [5:09:35] SelectaBwoy: and everyone looking so gorgeous even the translators

    [5:11:04] Hiroshito Miyama: I was very busy ka

    [5:11:31] Hiroshito Miyama: New Dew New Dew

    [5:12:14] SelectaBwoy: so nok how tall are you?

    [5:13:12] Hiroshito Miyama: New My dinner is Koomyaan and gaiyaan

    [5:13:25] SelectaBwoy: oh ok, so probably 5' 6

    [5:14:34] Pesky: hello again

    [5:14:36] Joe: how do u know names if all the ladies have numbers on

    [5:15:24] Hiroshito Miyama: Kook I am tired so massage please

    [5:15:47] Hiroshito Miyama: Mail Mail Mail

    [5:15:50] Pesky: thank you, just finished doing clothes washing

    [5:16:01] Mike R: Sawadee Khup Ladies

    [5:16:09] Hiroshito Miyama: Korn Korn Korn

    [5:16:18] Mike R: Jay Jay

    [5:16:36] Mike R: Milky

    [5:16:44] Pesky: @ new 🫶

    [5:16:52] SelectaBwoy: hello mail, how are you sweetheart?

    [5:17:02] Hiroshito Miyama: Mail I am tired ka.

    [5:17:29] Mike R: Korn come say hello

    [5:17:38] SelectaBwoy: I'm fine thanks mail

    [5:17:39] Hiroshito Miyama: Nok Sexy ka

    [5:18:01] Pesky: I've ordered drinks but not sure if they have come through :thinking_face:

    [5:18:04] Hiroshito Miyama: Fah Smile Please

    [5:18:19] Mike R: I’m ok Korn

    [5:18:23] Pesky: didn't see korn there, hello

    [5:18:50] SelectaBwoy: hello korn

    [5:19:07] Pesky: I'm good korn :ok_hand:

    [5:19:27] Mike R: Korn popular :grinning_face:

    [5:20:05] Hiroshito Miyama: Dew Dew Dew

    [5:20:35] Hiroshito Miyama: Please introduce me new face

    [5:20:35] Pesky: brb I'll check it out

    [5:20:57] SelectaBwoy: hello new:red_heart:

    [5:21:11] glenn garofano: FANDEE

    [5:21:52] SelectaBwoy: I'm fine thanks, how are you new?

    [5:22:31] Pesky: all sorted

    [5:22:35] Chris Perry: Hello Jay. Hello Mail :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

    [5:22:38] Hiroshito Miyama: Dew I am resting ka

    [5:22:58] SelectaBwoy: I'm just relaxing for now new

    [5:23:20] SelectaBwoy: so what plans do you have for later new?

    [5:23:22] Chris Perry: Nice to see you beautiful ladies again.

    [5:23:25] Hiroshito Miyama: Jay What did you eat?

    [5:24:43] Chris Perry: Mail is gorgeous, as always. :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [5:24:56] SelectaBwoy: ok cool

    [5:26:32] SelectaBwoy: who knew noodles could make a curvy body.:winking_face:

    [5:27:48] Pesky: cheers :clinking_glasses:

    [5:29:07] Chris Perry: OK...day off...but much shopping to do for the holiday.

    [5:29:19] Chris Perry: I am a last minute guy. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [5:30:13] Pesky: Merry Xmas to you all as well

    [5:30:27] SelectaBwoy: well I'm gonna take off so see you all again soon and merry Xmas.

    [5:30:34] Pesky: :ok_hand:

    [5:31:18] SelectaBwoy: see you again soon kook:kiss:

    [5:33:31] Pesky: so everyone done there Xmas shopping?

    [5:34:03] Chris Perry: :star_struck:

    [5:34:59] Mike R:

    [5:35:24] Chris Perry: Love it!! Support these beautiful ladies. Keep it up men.

    [5:35:30] Mike R: :mango::eyes:

    [5:36:20] Chris Perry: :face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [5:37:22] Pesky: did you say your streaming tomorrow night?

    [5:37:56] 爪卂几几ㄚ 卂ᐯ丨ㄥ乇丂: Milky what up :slightly_smiling_face:

    [5:38:08] Pesky: that's awesome :thumbs_up: definitely I'll be on

    [5:39:09] Mike R: :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:

    [5:41:02] Chris Perry: Ladies....wish you a happy holiday. I will be back next week. :face_blowing_a_kiss::face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [5:44:10] Pesky: I would but saving it for either tomorrow or Sunday :face_blowing_a_kiss: so now you know :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [5:44:46] Joe: is it x-mas yet in Thailand

    [5:45:13] Mike R: New

    [5:47:57] Pesky: sitting here trying to figure out what to say, ain't easy :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [5:48:02] Mike R: Nok Nok

    [5:48:33] Mike R: :mango::mango::mango:

    [5:49:50] Pesky: yes new?

    [5:50:47] Joe: :thumbs_up:then happy x-mas eve pretty ladys

    [5:51:21] FactFinder: New :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [5:51:38] Pesky: @ new i have no idea what you said but it sounded hot :fire:

    [5:53:34] Pesky: welcome Milky :ok_hand:

    [5:54:53] Mike R: :eyes:

    [5:57:10] Pesky: pattaya gets busy during the festive season?

    [5:58:03] FactFinder: Someone posted the Beach Soccer :soccer_ball: video yesterday, Priew was very good :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::trophy::smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [5:58:46] Pesky: nye here at the beach is busy busy busy

    [6:01:01] Mike R: Huh Fah?

    [6:05:38] Pesky: talk about pressure :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [6:08:12] Hiroshito Miyama: Kook I am tired so massage please

    [6:11:17] Pesky: well ladies I'm out of here so good night :face_blowing_a_kiss: and sweet dreams new :kiss:

    [6:12:00] Pesky: :ok_hand:

    [6:12:23] Hiroshito Miyama: Milky World cup soccer Argentina champion. I thought that France win

    [6:13:49] Hiroshito Miyama: New giant baby ka

    [6:15:20] Hiroshito Miyama: Priew Priew Priew Priew Priew

    [6:18:56] Desmond Castro: Good morning from Las Vegas, everybody!

    [6:20:15] Desmond Castro: Just off from work and I'm on my way to get my Keno fix on !

    [6:22:31] Mike R: Milky come talk to the guys na ka :zany_face:

    [6:23:56] Marcus Crookshanks: hey again my beautiful friends. got breakfast done and over with. hope everyone is having a great day.

    [6:24:10] Marcus Crookshanks: Colby says hello ladies

    [6:24:29] narpat20861: Hi Nok

    [6:25:02] narpat20861: Where are your glasses 8

    [6:25:28] narpat20861: Love you Nok

    [6:25:50] Marcus Crookshanks: Colby lights up with a huge smile when you guys say hello :face_with_tears_of_joy:, love it. I get the same smile when I see you

    [6:28:14] narpat20861: Nok you are so sweet I don’t know what to do for you

    [6:29:18] narpat20861: This is a natural look of 8 and she looks good

    [6:34:45] narpat20861: 8 has lot of energy

    [6:42:20] Mike R: :shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:

    [6:48:16] joe q: หลงรักมีนา สวยมาก:smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_cat_with_heart_eyes::folded_hands:

    [6:51:04] Marcus Crookshanks: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart:Dew

    [6:53:14] joe q: :face-turquoise-drinking-coffee: mena :love_letter::heart_with_ribbon:

    [6:56:43] david mullan: hi jay missed you yesterday.

    [6:57:16] Mike R: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [6:57:23] Mike R: Jay :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [6:57:57] Marcus Crookshanks: absolutely love the ears priew!!!

    [6:58:02] david mullan: Jay this is my last message.

    [6:59:13] Marcus Crookshanks: I miss your ears Jay!!! lol

    [7:00:01] Hiroshito Miyama: Priew Priew Priew Priew Priew

    [7:01:05] Mike R: Someone said P Mike R :thinking_face:

    [7:01:28] Marcus Crookshanks: it's very very cold today and going to get much colder. all I see is snuggles today with you guys lol. snowing and very windy, definitely hot coco and movie day

    [7:01:34] Mike R: :exploding_head::mango:

    [7:01:42] Marcus Crookshanks: hi Korn

    [7:03:05] Marcus Crookshanks: I feel for my niece, she lives in upstate new York and they arr expecting snow deeper than you guys are tall today

    [7:03:33] Calum 180: Thailand has the world's most beautiful women. The Desire girls are evidence of this fact

    [7:04:51] Marcus Crookshanks: absolutely agree Calum. desire has the most beautiful ladies compared to all I have seen. amazing ladies with great personalities

    [7:04:56] Jman: hey sweetie number 95

    [7:05:53] Calum 180: @Marcus Crookshanks Definitely :thumbs_up:

    [7:06:19] lawrence jett: I dont see 95

    [7:06:19] david mullan: 555 you are very beautiful. Happy Christmas to you :red_heart: :smiling_face: :beating_heart: :sparkling_heart: :two_hearts: :yellow_heart:

    [7:06:57] Calum 180: Thai women are much better looking than the woman here in the UK!

    [7:08:08] Calum 180: Lucky number game

    [7:08:18] david mullan: 555 what is your name.?...

    [7:09:33] Hiroshito Miyama: Desire girls Please show me your beautiful smile ka

    [7:10:25] Calum 180: Girls check the numbers as soon as they receive it. This time 2 people will win

    [7:11:08] JM Playlist Run 3: Hi there beautiful and gorgeous Desire ladies including my fav tall girl Nok.

    [7:11:46] joe q: when mena smiles all of thailand lights up!

    [7:14:28] JM Playlist Run 3: And Merry Christmas in advance.

    [7:16:15] Calum 180: Good luck Princess of Pattaya

    [7:18:36] Calum 180: Number 1 you have lost the game

    [7:19:24] Calum 180: Number 5 you win nothing

    [7:19:50] Calum 180: Number 3 you have lost

    [7:20:15] Calum 180: Well done number 7! You win nothing

    [7:20:18] Danny Tuang: wow

    [7:20:58] Calum 180: Sorry Cashiers

    [7:21:20] Calum 180: Number 12 you lose

    [7:21:48] Calum 180: Congratulations number 10 you have won nothing

    [7:22:33] Calum 180: Number 8 you might have won something

    [7:22:46] Calum 180: Number 2 you might have won something

    [7:23:01] Calum 180: Number 6 you might have won something

    [7:23:16] Calum 180: Number 9 you might have won something

    [7:24:07] Calum 180: Numbers 8 and 9 unlucky you lose. Numbers 2 and 6 you win the game

    [7:25:12] Calum 180: All other numbers lose

    [7:25:36] Calum 180: Ok

    [7:25:58] Calum 180: Congratulations Princess and Kook

    [7:26:45] Calum 180: Yes

    [7:26:55] Calum 180: Good luck Goddess of Love

    [7:27:17] Calum 180: 2 winners

    [7:27:34] JM Playlist Run 3: Hi @Calum 180

    [7:27:51] Calum 180: Hello @JM Playlist Run 3

    [7:29:10] Calum 180: Numbers 2, 4 and 6 lose

    [7:29:59] Calum 180: Numbers 8, 10, 12 and 14 lose

    [7:31:08] Calum 180: Numbers 1, 3, 5 and 7 you win nothing

    [7:32:26] Calum 180: Number 13 you have the unlucky number and lose. Number 9 and 11 you win the game

    [7:33:07] Calum 180: Unlucky New

    [7:33:15] Calum 180: Congratulations winners

    [7:40:23] Calum 180: ฉันจะกลับมาเร็ว ๆ นี้เพื่อเล่นเกมสุดท้าย คราวนี้สาวๆควรเลือกเอง

    [7:42:59] Mike R: Wow Mail

    [7:43:46] Scot: Cheers :clinking_glasses:

    [7:45:41] Mike R: :mango::eyes::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [7:47:27] Marcus Crookshanks: had to make a call. have a friend in need with nowhere to go in the cold. I told her to go to my home and treat it like it's hers. nobody should be out in this cold

    [7:48:20] Chan S.: jay because you didn't get to play yesterday, korn because she said what she said and milky because...

    [7:49:06] Chan S.: @Marcus Crookshanks really cold right now :l

    [7:49:14] FactFinder: :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: Mail Hair a dangerous Weapon

    [7:49:31] Calum 180: Now I will play the final game

    [7:50:05] Calum 180: they choose

    [7:50:31] Calum 180: Okay

    [7:51:14] Calum 180: Yes

    [7:51:26] Calum 180: 7 winners receive Fireballs

    [7:52:55] Calum 180: If they don't like fireballs they can pick something different

    [7:55:51] Mike R:

    [7:55:55] Calum 180: Great comeback by Mena

    [7:55:56] FactFinder: Big Annie is good

    [7:57:44] FactFinder: milky shoots freethrows like Shaq

    [7:58:00] Mike R: FactFinder :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [7:58:31] Calum 180: Milky will need to practice her technique!

    [8:02:10] FactFinder: This is a very loud game :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [8:02:39] Calum 180: Well played Kook

    [8:03:55] Calum 180: Nok is too good

    [8:04:01] Calum 180: She didn't miss once

    [8:04:39] FactFinder: New go girl :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [8:05:50] Calum 180: Congratulations Aor

    [8:06:39] FactFinder: New would win in a Slam Dunk contest though:basketball:

    [8:12:12] Calum 180: Many girls to buy drinks for. Just a few months ago there were less than 7 girls here for the live stream!

    [8:14:16] Calum 180: Who's idea was it to get the throwing connect 4 game?

    [8:14:54] Mike R: Jay

    [8:15:01] Mike R: Wow wow :exploding_head:

    [8:15:17] Calum 180: Very good idea this is the most fun of the games

    [8:18:26] Mike R: :face_blowing_a_kiss::mango:

    [8:20:25] Mike R:

    [8:23:05] Marcus Crookshanks: I like this game, almost like blind connect4

    [8:24:31] Keith Smith: Greetings from Snowy old Ontario Canada. I hope everyone is doing good there and online. Happy Holidays :)

    [8:25:05] Marcus Crookshanks: happy holidays to you as well Keith

    [8:25:38] Keith Smith: what are we playing there?

    [8:25:56] Chan S.: who won?

    [8:26:40] Keith Smith: ty @Marcus Crookshanks :)

    [8:28:39] Keith Smith: for the beautiful ladies :rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose::rose:

    [8:29:04] Keith Smith: nok won hehheehehh

    [8:29:15] narpat20861: Now won

    [8:30:22] Mike R: มะม่วงหวานของฉัน

    [8:31:29] Mike R: Cute Steven

    [8:32:56] Keith Smith: Happy Holiday to all. May you all have a safe and enjoyable Holiday Season bye for now :)

    [8:33:19] Marcus Crookshanks: have surest day Keith Smith

    [8:33:33] Marcus Crookshanks: a great day

    [8:34:13] Mike R: Anong :zany_face::zany_face::zany_face:

    [8:35:05] Marcus Crookshanks: your gonna be in trouble Steven :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [8:36:01] Marcus Crookshanks: priew, milky feels so used :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [8:37:57] Mike R: Anong Milky might shoot you

    [8:39:02] Calum 180: Nok is an expert at throwing connect 4

    [8:39:48] Calum 180: Nok is in her element when it's time to play games

    [8:40:14] Marcus Crookshanks: lol Steven

    [8:41:12] Calum 180: Milky is an expert at being sexy

    [8:41:23] Rod nishimoto: Santa :santa_claus: gift #8 for my Christmas

    [8:41:27] Mike R: Anong เครื่องดื่มแต่ละแก้วคือจูบจากฉัน

    [8:44:14] Mike R: :mango::mango::mango:

    [8:46:48] Calum 180: ตอนนี้ฉันออฟไลน์เพื่อทานอาหารเย็น ฉันจะไม่อยู่ในสตรีมในอีกไม่กี่วันข้างหน้า ดังนั้นจงสนุกกับการฉลองคริสต์มาส

    [8:49:30] michael: Hello :waving_hand: jay and ladies

    [8:49:55] michael: Milky change color of hair

    [8:50:21] michael: We will be in pattaya tomorrow

    [8:52:31] Mike R: :face_blowing_a_kiss::mango:

    [8:57:18] Mike R: I’m always here :mango:

    [8:58:07] Mike R: :teddy_bear:

    [8:59:24] Ed Hackler: I love you New.:smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [9:00:58] Mike R: :bell:

    [9:01:03] Mike R: :thinking_face:

    [9:02:14] Mike R: New do challenge P Mike R ring bell

    [9:02:53] Mike R: 3 minutes

    [9:02:54] Ed Hackler: I love you Kook.:smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [9:03:40] Rednosty: Sj you perv stop ringing the bell :winking_face:

    [9:04:05] Mike R: Thank you Chuck, P Mike R ring tomorrow :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [9:04:20] Rednosty: Kookie is the Oldest now!

    [9:04:32] Rednosty: Old lady kook

    [9:05:12] Rednosty: SJ I don't know anyone ehre now except Kookie

    [9:07:20] Mike R: cheers :mango:

    [9:09:01] Richard Garnsey: Hello ladies dose 555 work with you or the other bar

    [9:10:17] Mike R: Who called P Mike R kook :exploding_head:

    [9:10:19] Richard Garnsey: I met her at lust she was sweet

    [9:11:38] Richard Garnsey: I'm in America

    [9:12:02] Mike R: Yes

    [9:12:09] Mike R: 3 minutes New

    [9:13:00] Mike R: Ring bell :bell:

    [9:13:21] Mike R: 4 minutes to hard Steven :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [9:13:47] 99:

    [9:14:40] Mike R: เร็วเร็ว

    [9:15:31] Mike R: เร็วเร็ว

    [9:17:02] Jefferson Alves:

    [9:18:36] Mike R:

    [9:19:59] Hansi Müller21: you are all butifull realy!:red_heart::hugging_face:

    [9:20:30] Mike R:

    [9:21:20] Mike R: :teddy_bear::mango:

    [9:21:42] Hansi Müller21: 21 will be my wifee

    [9:22:02] Hansi Müller21: 21:red_heart::face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [9:27:46] Mike R: :face_blowing_a_kiss::teddy_bear::mango:

    [9:29:39] Mike R: :red_heart:

    [9:30:10] Mike R: Mail :exploding_head:

    [9:30:31] kelcat34: milky milky

    [9:31:15] Richard Garnsey: what's 95 name

    [9:31:31] Mike R: Oiii Anong

    [9:34:28] Richard Garnsey: is Mike the Manager down stairs

    [9:37:15] Bijan Bayne: # 95 & # 8

    [9:38:35] Mike R: :teddy_bear:

    [9:39:45] Akira: Hi #8. I miss you

    [9:41:41] Mike R: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [9:44:54] Mike R: Anong I have red shirt on :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [9:45:09] Mike R: Joke joke

    [9:47:35] Richard Garnsey: Have a Goodnight ladies

    [9:47:47] michael: mail change color hair

    [9:48:11] JM Playlist Run 3: Awesome show.

    [9:49:26] Mike R: :teddy_bear::mango:


    [9:55:10] Mike R: Mango :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

    [9:55:17] FactFinder: News Hair looks so cute like that :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [9:56:46] Frost: Hello everyone

    [9:56:57] Mike R: Wow Jay

    [9:57:08] Mike R: Jay I’m sending a mango :mango:

    [9:57:19] Mike R: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [9:57:26] Frost: You remember Peter again

    [9:58:41] Mike R: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [9:58:50] Mike R: Awww

    [9:59:03] Mike R: :mango:

    [9:59:19] Marcus Crookshanks: have an amazing night ladies, stay safe and stay beautiful. I love you guys and will see you tomorrow.

    [9:59:31] Mike R: Alright alright

    [9:59:48] Marcus Crookshanks: Colby says goodnight ladies

    [9:59:50] Mike R: :alarm_clock::alarm_clock::alarm_clock:

    [9:59:58] JM Playlist Run 3: Awesome show. Take care everyone. Much luv always.

    [10:00:10] FactFinder: Goodnight Beautiful Ladies :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes: