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How bad is China’s slowdown and how does it impact India I HT Insight


Hindustan Times

Published on 02.09.2022 (Stats from 03.09.2022)


India’s GDP saw a double-digit growth of 13.5% in the first quarter of the current financial year at a time when the Chinese economy is heading for a slowdown. The economic slowdown in China is a result of its draconian zero Covid lockdowns with serious trouble in the banking and real estate sector. The Xi Jinping regime has worsened the economic impact with its wolf warrior diplomacy against Taiwan and the QUAD countries. In this episode of HT Insight, Aditi Prasad and Sukumar Ranganathan discuss impacts of the Chinese economy’s slowdown on India.
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    [0:57] SATYAM Xd: hyy

    [1:05] SATYAM Xd: is there any one

    [5:17] AB Anubhav: Are you guys taking questions?

    [7:17] Bhagiya: It will impact in IT hardware

    [8:14] Apa Lara: please why is the focus on China, America, UK, Europe and even Indian economy are all suffering. Please what is the logic to expect China to perform better than the rest

    [8:17] sarvesh jain: what will happen to the project which is funded by china all over the world..

    [8:53] yashchandan: Recently, there was news that the Chinese ppl are not repaying mortgages! Is there truth to this?

    [9:12] RM: Editor in chief - loude kitna jyada background music rakhta bey???? Edit it nicely na please!

    [9:40] yashchandan: What will the net impact of China downturn ln India, Net positive or negative?

    [9:49] yashchandan: be*

    [10:19] RM: Your video on HT channel the background music loud as it gets झंडू

    [12:01] RM: China is far more advanced than India interms of GDP, Education and Technology

    [14:20] AB Anubhav: Considering China’s crackdown upon big global companies and industries functioning there and China’s draconian covid policies, can we expect economic recovery there anytime soon?

    [15:47] proudest Muslim Mia Khalifa: I'm proudest Muslim :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

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    [18:08] yashchandan: Will Xi Jinping try different antics (like an attack on Taiwan) before his reelection to cover up his economic failures?

    [19:29] AB Anubhav: Thanks for taking up my question :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: