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Chocolate Man In Thailand

Published on 18.05.2022 (Stats from 19.05.2022)


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    [-1:38:29] EeTee travelfreely: Kongrulation..Tahniah Saudara James':folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands::collision::collision::confetti_ball::party_popper:

    [-1:27:47] mikeswave2: Guess I better get some things done before this starts :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [-38:33] Asian Bistro Chef: Howdy

    [-24:53] Michael Lee: Welcome Fah, I am falling in love with you♡♡♡

    [-23:05] Michael Lee: In magic like a woman?

    [-19:29] Michael Lee: Chocolate man, it's 12 o'clock now. I'm in love with Fah, forgive your live at this time

    [-18:20] Michael Lee: hurry up

    [-9:51] abc 123: :boxing_glove: 20k today

    [-7:24] MisterMitch: Good Evening from Beautiful Thailand. I hope everyone is doing well. :beach_with_umbrella::smiling_face_with_sunglasses::smiling_face:

    [-6:56] MisterMitch: Hello @abc 123

    [-6:44] Asian Bistro Chef: @Michael Lee, i think you should check out Thailand Bound - Nat

    [-6:26] Fah 1985: Someone in love :grinning_squinting_face:

    [-6:12] MisterMitch: Great to see you @Fah 1985

    [-5:35] David from Wales: Hi all

    [-5:15] MisterMitch: Hey there @David from Wales

    [-4:38] The Norwegian: Good evening from Norway

    [-4:17] David from Wales: How are you MM

    [-4:17] MisterMitch: hey there @The Norwegian

    [-3:52] MisterMitch: Doing great thanks David. How about yourself @David from Wales

    [-2:50] David from Wales: Same here. Missing Thailand. Next week I’ll be there

    [-2:41] EeTee travelfreely: Hi FAH :folded_hands::sparkling_heart::folded_hands:

    [-2:34] MisterMitch: Awesome @David from Wales

    [-2:27] MisterMitch: Hello @EeTee travelfreely

    [-2:20] Fah 1985: Hi EeeTee

    [-2:15] EeTee travelfreely: Hello Mister Mitch :folded_hands::folded_hands:

    [-2:14] Fah 1985: Hi Mitch

    [-1:35] Michael Lee: I love dark chocolate which is good for health

    [-1:17] Fah 1985: Hi Michael Leee

    [-1:16] D: Congrats Chocolate Man & Fah

    [-1:14] MisterMitch: Who can spot the man in the Thumbnail other than James???

    [-1:05] EeTee travelfreely: Hello David@wales

    [-0:53] D: Hi Mitch

    [-0:49] MisterMitch: Hint. There's 2 of them

    [-0:37] EeTee travelfreely: Hi Michael Lee :folded_hands::folded_hands:

    [-0:22] Thaijamie: there 2 men on the 0

    [-0:10] Michael Lee: thanks everybody

    [0:01] MisterMitch: Hello @D

    [0:36] EeTee travelfreely: Finger nails will be sharper n nastier :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [0:37] David from Wales: All good

    [0:39] MisterMitch: hey there @Thaijamie

    [0:39] Thaijamie: sawatdeee krap

    [0:47] mikeswave2: :man_raising_hand::man_raising_hand::man_raising_hand::man_raising_hand::man_raising_hand:sounds good

    [0:48] MisterMitch: SOUND AND AUDIO GREAT

    [0:50] Thaijamie: Hi MM

    [0:54] Rosh The Cabby Chef!: Hi guys

    [1:00] PREPFORIT: all good I am in Pattaya so I mean GREAT.

    [1:14] hillbilly hills: hi great content with the trips

    [1:14] EeTee travelfreely: Hi Mikewave2 :folded_hands:

    [1:16] Cool Guywillie: Washington DC in the building

    [1:19] Michael Lee: Fah, I love you

    [1:22] Keith Outdoors: congratulations

    [1:27] robb whitelaw: Good evening

    [1:27] Passport Movie Gang: Thanks for showing the positive side of Thailand

    [1:35] mikeswave2: Hi EeTee

    [1:37] MisterMitch: hey there @Keith Outdoors

    [1:39] Ian In NZ: Congrats James

    [1:39] D John: Hello to my two favorite people:grinning_face_with_big_eyes: CONGRATULATIONS :confetti_ball: :clapping_hands:

    [1:40] johnny Heineken: Amsterdam is in the house :heart_exclamation::folded_hands::clinking_beer_mugs:

    [1:41] Stevie_ Vs_Laustin: what happened to her hand

    [1:44] D: What happened to Faw hand?

    [1:46] MisterMitch: @Passport Movie Gang hello

    [1:51] MisterMitch: Hi @Ian In NZ

    [1:55] Ghost Reaper: Gday mate. All the best

    [1:56] mzg ASMR: yoo early congrats on that 20k brotha. keep up the gr8 vids

    [1:57] MisterMitch: @Stevie_ Vs_Laustin hello

    [1:59] David Nott: howdy choc n fah :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:can we sub twice lol

    [2:07] Digital Swagg: Congrats Big Guy well deserved :collision:

    [2:07] MisterMitch: @Ghost Reaper hello

    [2:12] Ian In NZ: Yo @MisterMitch

    [2:14] Keith Outdoors: hey MisterMitch

    [2:16] MisterMitch: @mzg ASMR hello

    [2:17] Andreas Zachariou: hi James and Fah

    [2:28] Stevie_ Vs_Laustin: hi

    [2:30] Michael Lee: I love Fah10000₩ Superchat

    [2:32] MisterMitch: @Digital Swagg hi

    [2:35] Thaijamie: i remember the 3000 subs live, well done James

    [2:37] MisterMitch: @Andreas Zachariou hello

    [2:38] Passport Movie Gang: What’s the time in Thailand

    [2:43] Mike Khoo: Hello James and Fah

    [2:44] MisterMitch: wow @Michael Lee

    [2:46] Brad Rothberg: 20k time!!

    [2:47] Aussie in Asia: Sawasdee khrap Fah and James. สวัสดีทุกคน Congratulations in advance

    [2:48] Ian In NZ: lol

    [2:50] Stevie_ Vs_Laustin: @MisterMitch hi

    [2:54] Raymond Diehl: Hi folks

    [2:58] mzg ASMR: @MisterMitch yoo good to see ya

    [3:04] stephen Harnden from Pattaya a: Good evening, let’s hope big rain tonight 55

    [3:04] Fah 1985: Michael Lee I love you too :red_heart:

    [3:05] Michael Luxton: Hi James and Fah congratulations with the 20k are we there yet.

    [3:13] Rosh The Cabby Chef!: Hi guys

    [3:16] robb whitelaw: My wife is called fan as well

    [3:30] MisterMitch: @Rosh The Cabby Chef! hello

    [3:35] Steve Nanos: big up James and fah

    [3:35] MisterMitch: @robb whitelaw hello

    [3:38] V Wo: Howdy from Dallas Texas :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

    [3:46] EeTee travelfreely: congrulation brothers james thanks in Malaysia language ... James :folded_hands::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [3:46] MisterMitch: @Steve Nanos hello

    [3:48] B G: Congratulations from Michigan!!

    [4:01] Carleto: Congratulations to you & Fah and your great Videos

    [4:06] Beverly Phillips: Hello Chocolate :chocolate_bar: Man and Fah. Congrats on your 20K Chocolate :chocolate_bar: Man.

    [4:25] Michael Luxton: What’s up with Fahs hand?

    [4:25] welsh- 32: what happend too fahs hand james

    [4:27] Life of Ryan: How"s it going buddy? You're looking good! Have you been hitting the gym? :grinning_face:

    [4:29] Steve Nanos: mister mitch hi buddy

    [4:32] Rob Little: love you guys.. peace and love

    [4:34] MisterMitch: hello @Beverly Phillips

    [4:41] MisterMitch: Yo There @Life of Ryan

    [4:41] Eivind Dyb: Hi from norway

    [4:43] robb whitelaw: Hi mister mitch

    [4:47] The Old Man 63: much love from DC

    [4:55] Lee A Robinson: Greeting Brother I'm hoping to having drinks with you in August .One from Brooklyn New York

    [4:56] Life of Ryan: Hey Mister Mitch! :slightly_smiling_face:

    [5:36] Per Olsson: Nope ,.today is NOT the day,,it has been same old here 555

    [5:42] Andreas Zachariou: more likes guys

    [5:42] EeTee travelfreely: Hi Paul X

    [5:47] V Wo: CONGRATULATIONS GUYS :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

    [5:52] Beverly Phillips: Hello Mister :waving_hand: Mitch

    [5:52] MisterMitch: hey there @Per Olsson

    [5:54] stephen Harnden from Pattaya a: Nice lighting show tonight in Pattaya

    [6:00] Michael Lee: I love James chocolate man :couple_with_heart: 10000₩ Superchat

    [6:06] Chris Hewie: Good day to the two of you from Canada

    [6:50] MisterMitch: @stephen Harnden from Pattaya and Canada 🇨🇦 I like your name

    [6:59] MisterMitch: @Chris Hewie hello

    [7:00] The Old Man 63: I've been following you for a month and a half and you have the best videos from Thailand keep up the good work congrats to you and Fah

    [7:18] robb whitelaw: Will be over in August love to have a beer with you and fah

    [7:21] joestory1: How has the Wash machine been going so far since it’s been installed in the shower that is still wild to me !

    [7:33] stephen Harnden from Pattaya a: Thank you mister Mitch

    [7:34] Per Olsson: :waving_hand:@MisterMitch @Chocolate Man In Thailand @Fah 1985

    [7:50] Fah 1985: Hi all :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart:

    [8:03] V Wo: 10AM here in Texas :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

    [8:19] MisterMitch: FYI. In the ZERO on the Thumbnail there were two men.

    [8:30] mzg ASMR: early congrats on that 20k brotha. keep up the gr8 work

    [8:44] Ghost Reaper: Greetings from Australia

    [8:52] Passport Movie Gang: You should start a Thailand tour events company! You know all the good spots

    [8:54] MisterMitch: lol @joestory1 sadly James was electrecuted. Fortunately he filmed this months ago

    [9:03] MisterMitch: Greeting @Ghost Reaper

    [9:09] Thaijamie: Coming to Pattaya for Dec and January,look out for the tall guy with the kilt on at christmas lol

    [9:11] Rob Little: hey from vt.. whatup my brother

    [9:17] MisterMitch: hello Texas @V Wo

    [9:32] MisterMitch: hello Vermont @Rob Little

    [9:35] chadbinho: good morning from Kingston Jamaica and congrats

    [9:38] John Gomez: Hello to both. I’ve been subscribed for a while. Love your content.

    [10:38] Rob Little: go on another trip... i would love to invite you guys to vt.. usa

    [10:47] MisterMitch: Excellent Idea. Spread the Wealth. Love promoting great businesses.

    [10:52] stephen Harnden from Pattaya a: Going back to Canada soon to give my liver a rest ,been here for 6 months

    [11:02] mikeswave2: Do your videos get more views and likes when Fah is in the videos

    [11:28] Rob Little: yes vermont

    [11:41] B G: From Michigan, good to see both of you!

    [11:46] Carleto: Congratulations to you & Fah and your great Videos

    [11:58] MisterMitch: Hey there @B G

    [11:59] DrunkenYoda: Almost There:oncoming_fist::smiling_face_with_sunglasses:20k:thumbs_up:

    [12:08] MisterMitch: :slightly_smiling_face: @Carleto

    [12:12] Rob Little: vermont ...bernie sanders

    [12:35] abc 123: Congratulations :partying_face::party_popper::bottle_with_popping_cork: chocolate man in Thailand :boxing_glove:

    [12:37] Rob Little: maple syrup

    [12:40] Thaijamie: James i brought my thai wife to Scotland , now i cant get her to go back home 555

    [13:04] Travel Fun 69: Big Ups!

    [13:10] stephen Harnden from Pattaya a: I do swimming everyday 55 and drink in the pool 55

    [13:19] MisterMitch: @Travel Fun 69 hello

    [13:24] Trav B Travelin: you've been to a lot of places, any place you've wish you've been but haven't?

    [13:30] Charles Cox: Good day

    [13:34] Travel Fun 69: Mitch :thumbs_up:

    [13:34] Rob Little: pancake juice.. you never had real chit

    [13:42] mikeswave2: I was proud of Fah in the video on the ledge in the canyon I couldn’t do it

    [13:46] abc 123: MisterMitch :boxing_glove::boxing_glove:

    [13:51] MisterMitch: Hey there @Charles Cox how are you this evening

    [13:53] Xanderman: Hey James....:winking_face:

    [14:19] MisterMitch: great exercise @abc 123 :boxing_glove::boxing_glove:

    [14:27] MisterMitch: yo @Xanderman

    [14:33] Passport Movie Gang: Is it hard to get a Thailand woman to the USA legally?

    [14:41] Travel Fun 69: I'm back home now lol. back at work.

    [14:48] Xanderman: Hey Mitch

    [14:52] MisterMitch: Travel Fun 69

    [15:13] Charles Cox: MisterMitch, we are still alive. Have to travel to see a Doctor this Friday for Ann

    [15:26] Travel Fun 69: Thanks Bro! 10CA$ Superchat

    [15:31] EeTee travelfreely: Hi ABC :folded_hands:

    [15:33] 𝕹𝖔 𝕮𝖔𝖒𝖒𝖊𝖓𝖙: hello to u two! seen the "I lied to her!" I thought it was great video and hilarious! keep up the great work love the adventures also!

    [15:38] MisterMitch: Stay safe @Charles Cox

    [15:42] jimbospirit: Can we get Mitch channel too? A least I think Chuck said ya had a channel, wasn't in that specific vid's disription

    [16:13] abc 123: Have you been to New Zealand Chocolate man

    [16:18] Rob Little: how's it feel to walk in a place and have the best looking women there? and guys hit on her in front of you.??

    [16:20] John Gomez: Congratulations. Woo hoo

    [16:22] Charles Cox: Good deal.. mine says 20K

    [16:25] 𝕹𝖔 𝕮𝖔𝖒𝖒𝖊𝖓𝖙: congratulations on the 20k

    [16:41] Dignified Care: Good morning from California

    [16:43] MisterMitch: @jimbospirit MisterMitch

    [16:43] DrunkenYoda: Yup says 20k:oncoming_fist::partying_face:on my end! Congratulations:clapping_hands:

    [16:58] MisterMitch: @DrunkenYoda hey there

    [17:02] Thaijamie: your there 20k wooo hoo

    [17:15] abc 123: EETee hello :waving_hand:

    [17:28] Dignified Care: Congrats congrats :confetti_ball:

    [17:32] Fah 1985: 20K :confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

    [17:38] Tommy J: Hello James Fah MM

    [17:43] MisterMitch: Thank God i had my Adult Diapers on that Rollercoaster :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [17:46] David from Wales: CONGRATULATIONS 20k

    [17:48] Charles Cox: I don't like Roller costers

    [17:53] joestory1: How did you find your current apartment Airbnb or a realtor?

    [17:59] Travel Fun 69: 20k :flexed_biceps:

    [18:00] Dignified Care: Xander is a great name my sons name

    [18:21] jon555 LIVE: congrats Choc Man

    [18:24] MisterMitch: thats awesome @Dignified Care

    [18:27] Mr DJ: My brother from another mother! Go Dawgs!10$ Superchat

    [18:32] Bob Larsen: waasssuuuupppppp

    [18:34] MisterMitch: hey there @jon555 LIVE

    [18:44] jon555 LIVE: Hey Mitch bro

    [18:49] Travel Fun 69: Jon :flexed_biceps:

    [18:55] MisterMitch: jon555 LIVE

    [18:59] EeTee travelfreely: Hi Bob Larson :folded_hands:

    [19:03] Bob Larsen: hello James Fah MisterMitch Eetee Dave Elvis Capt Kirk

    [19:03] jon555 LIVE: yo Jeff

    [19:12] D. A. Graham: Always happy to support you brother! Here’s some beer money to celebrate your wonderful success! Fah is a star! 9.99$ Superchat

    [19:13] Travel Fun 69: back to Cheap Charlie

    [19:34] MisterMitch: hey there @Bob Larsen

    [19:39] Tommy J: Congrats on 20k well deserved

    [19:45] Michael Lee: Fah, kiss james on the cheek10000₩ Superchat

    [19:48] MisterMitch: Cheap Charlie Chronicles

    [19:56] Bob Larsen: what I be missing?

    [19:56] MisterMitch: Billy Blue

    [19:58] MisterMitch: Paradise Travel

    [20:09] MisterMitch: Hello my friend @Tommy J

    [20:22] Tommy J: MM

    [20:29] Thaijamie: joop joop

    [20:38] Rob Little: maple syrup or crown when i come. 1 liter

    [20:51] EeTee travelfreely: Hi Tommy J :folded_hands:

    [20:54] Joseph Holman II: What's going y'all

    [20:56] jon555 LIVE: I feel dirty posting my own link lol

    [20:58] jon555 LIVE: Mitch

    [21:10] Tommy J: EE Tee

    [21:15] MisterMitch: lol. Me too @jon555 LIVE

    [21:34] Time2getgoin: Hello James and Fah-I shared with my Filipinas community to drop by

    [21:43] Fah 1985: I’m gonna post my link so don’t be shy John lol

    [21:47] Michael Lee: no kiss , so sad, please

    [21:49] Time2getgoin: Hi Tommy and Mitch

    [21:52] MisterMitch: yes over a thousand :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [21:56] Joseph Holman II: Good Evening James and Fah

    [21:59] jon555 LIVE: Fah lol

    [22:00] Time2getgoin: ET hello my friend

    [22:01] MisterMitch: hey Bobby @Time2getgoin

    [22:06] Xanderman: @MisterMitch what do you think? Change my name back or not??

    [22:10] Tommy J: Time 2

    [22:14] EeTee travelfreely: Hi Bobby :folded_hands:

    [22:15] Eciruam Nottap: 20$ Superchat

    [22:17] Michael Lee: kiss

    [22:26] Dignified Care: Have a blessed days got to go

    [22:35] Xanderman: Hi Bobby

    [22:37] MisterMitch: I'm so used to @Xanderman @Xanderman 555

    [22:37] Eciruam Nottap: Keep Going

    [22:40] Fah 1985: :face_blowing_a_kiss::face_blowing_a_kiss::face_blowing_a_kiss::face_blowing_a_kiss: Micheal

    [22:46] Chicagoman1969: Hey James Congrats too you and Fah. Mr Mitch should do a wierd foods channel he ear it all..:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [22:47] MisterMitch: MisterMitch

    [22:49] Time2getgoin: Hi Paul

    [22:49] Darth Rasheed: How did your family take it when you decided to move to Thailand?

    [22:56] jon555 LIVE: jon555 Channels -

    [23:01] Joseph Holman II: F list celeb noway AAA list celeb only lol

    [23:04] Michael Lee: fa

    [23:08] MisterMitch: lol @Chicagoman1969

    [23:14] donoslaves: woot woot

    [23:27] Lee A Robinson: Greeting brother do you have 2 or 3X Chocolate Man t shirt :t_shirt:?

    [23:30] Anthony North: Congrats James and FAH on the subs! You the man!

    [23:33] EeTee travelfreely: Thumbs up... thumbs up.

    [23:46] teeltimes: Love your vids. Love your style man

    [23:46] Pera: Hi good luck for the 20000

    [24:00] Pera: from sweden

    [24:03] EeTee travelfreely: 98. to138. thumbs up :thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

    [24:11] rob207: Hello from Chicago. Congrates on 20k!!

    [24:12] Michael Lee: so, sad!! kiss please

    [24:24] Michael Luxton: Yup says 20k now

    [24:33] Anthony North: Hey guys, FAH is spoken for! Leave her alone!

    [24:44] Paul: good evening from Ireland James and Fah

    [24:44] Xanderman: Hello @EeTee travelfreely

    [24:45] EeTee travelfreely: 20k:collision::collision::collision::collision::collision::confetti_ball::party_popper::party_popper::party_popper::party_popper::confetti_ball:

    [24:46] JAM Random Places: Hello everyone

    [24:59] EeTee travelfreely: Hi Paul X :folded_hands:

    [25:02] Tommy J: JAM

    [25:07] Bob Larsen: Oh congrats on 20k sub James. More to come brother!

    [25:23] EeTee travelfreely: Hi Jam :folded_hands:

    [25:32] Time2getgoin: Hi Meow@JAM Random Places

    [25:35] robb whitelaw: See you later

    [25:36] Chicagoman1969: I like you guys are all like family

    [25:39] MisterMitch: Time2getgoin

    [25:42] Trav B Travelin: congrats on 20k

    [25:44] MisterMitch: hello @JAM Random Places

    [25:54] Anthony North: FAH is hilarious on those trip with great content!

    [25:54] Trav B Travelin: what state in the usa are you from?

    [25:56] JAM Random Places: On my lunch break not too long

    [26:04] Time2getgoin: Thanks Mitch:folded_hands::folded_hands:

    [26:21] MisterMitch: JAM Random Places

    [26:29] Bob Larsen: congrats to you too MisterMitch

    [26:34] Anthony North: Hey MisterMitch and Dow, you are the legend!

    [26:45] JAM Random Places: Thanks MM

    [26:50] stephen Harnden from Pattaya a: Finally ,the weather man is right,it’s starting to rain 555

    [26:50] MisterMitch: :slightly_smiling_face: @Bob Larsen

    [27:01] Michael Lee: no ki

    [27:09] MisterMitch: :folded_hands: @JAM Random Places

    [27:30] MisterMitch: hey there @Anthony North

    [27:40] jon555 LIVE: What is your favourite place for vlogging in Thailand? JaMES

    [27:44] MisterMitch: Thank you @Anthony North

    [27:50] Michael Lee: dip kiss please!10000₩ Superchat

    [27:52] The Norwegian: congratulation on 20k. Well deserved

    [27:58] joe driver: Hello Y'all, new tattoo for Fah, the bandage?

    [28:00] Anthony North: Healthy food will keep you away from the gym, guys!

    [28:02] Love🌿 Nature: You can remove your girlfriend)) It's fun with you alone! She has other things to do

    [28:34] Tommy J: The walk on the trail in PAI was great and good drone footage !!

    [28:40] abc 123: Chocolate man are you going to Bring your mother to Thailand for holiday

    [28:45] MisterMitch: Hello Helen @Love:herb: Nature

    [28:50] Chicagoman1969: What is your favorite episode? 10$ Superchat

    [28:59] Shattered65: Congrats on the the subs guys

    [29:10] L McG: When are you going to Vietnam 🇻🇳

    [29:15] Mr. Business not Personal: Respect and Congrats to you Both %100

    [29:27] Bob Larsen: is it me or I been missing your live streaming

    [29:46] Shattered65: Great channel, love the travel videos

    [29:59] Leo: Hey Chocolate man, mind if I call myself Banana Man in Thailand?

    [30:01] MisterMitch: Pai was a cool place @Tommy J I enjoyed it

    [30:05] Gregory Reed: when YALL gonna put a ring on it????

    [30:12] Marietta Thornton: 9.99$ Superchat

    [30:12] Keith Smith: Greetings from Ontario Canada :)

    [30:18] TZOjonze : What's up you two from Northern-Cali, Much Luv Much Luv

    [30:22] Anthony North: FAH is opening up to her world on those trips with you! She's never been there and is discovering a lot!

    [30:24] Rob Little: if i left a liter of vt maple syrup at a7 would you get it?

    [30:24] Paul: well done MisterMitch 1K

    [30:31] Love🌿 Nature: @MisterMitch Hello:winking_face:

    [30:43] MisterMitch: thank you @Paul

    [30:57] Rob Little: coming soon

    [31:06] Marietta Thornton: Hello from San Francisco Fah & James:face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [31:13] MisterMitch: I've never been to many of those places myself :slightly_smiling_face:

    [31:23] MisterMitch: hello @Marietta Thornton

    [31:34] Marietta Thornton: Hi Mr Mitch:smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [31:37] Anthony North: FAH is overcoming her fears, and that's great!

    [31:58] kevin in siam: cool to see you hit vietnam soon :thumbs_up:

    [31:59] mikeswave2: Fah how’s the ear doing

    [32:07] Mr DJ: Pretty sure Fah is the better looking of the two of you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [32:17] Joseph Holman II: I'm from Memphis TN. I Love BBQ :face_savoring_food:

    [32:19] MisterMitch: @kevin in siam Vietnam is on my list too

    [32:33] MisterMitch: Hello Memphis @Joseph Holman II

    [32:55] Peter Anthony M: Congrats bro on 20k

    [33:05] Joseph Holman II: Big Big Diamond :gem_stone:

    [33:08] Michael Lee: Deep kiss?

    [33:09] Rob Little: marry her

    [33:11] MisterMitch: hey there @Peter Anthony M

    [33:15] Peter Anthony M: The Crown is waiting for you man

    [33:26] Emanuel Carmichael: congratulations

    [33:33] kevin in siam: @mitch vietnam is very cool place :thumbs_up:

    [33:37] joe driver: Sorry why the bandage Im at my job ugh....

    [33:53] Grumpy Time: Good evening from Germany.. How are you doing

    [33:58] Jason Batchler: What are some of the better hotels in the Pattaya area, near the action, but not in the middle of it?

    [34:03] rob207: hello from Chicago. Congrats on 20K subs!!

    [34:05] Michael Lee: loverly hug?

    [34:12] Anthony North: Do the Arnold Schwarzenegger impression instead, James! Your drone shots are AWESOME, James!

    [34:18] MisterMitch: Hey there @Peter Anthony M

    [34:19] Fumf oliver: what was the name of that greek/Italian theme restaurant you went to that initially messed up your order?

    [34:31] jon555 LIVE:

    [34:42] Ami Leo: today how many times Fah, knock her head on something? congrats :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: 20k

    [34:53] Peter Anthony M: Hey Mister Mitch

    [35:00] MisterMitch: Having legal protection in Thailand is a valuable service. Use this link to sign up for monthly legal coverage.

    [35:15] MisterMitch: hey there @Ami Leo

    [35:19] Jason Batchler: Sweet, thanks. I'll check it out

    [35:20] Peter Anthony M: Hey @jon 5555

    [35:24] Emanuel Carmichael: getting my passport for I can travel next year

    [35:25] MisterMitch: Thanks @jon555 LIVE

    [35:25] Fah 1985: @Ami Leo :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [35:58] Anthony North: Thailand is a great SAFE ZONE for travelers, James!

    [36:18] MisterMitch: jon555 posted it long before I did :thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

    [36:31] Trav B Travelin: how did you find your apartment?

    [36:33] Neversick: accident prone

    [36:45] Rob Little: why dont you do a pay it forward like Chris parker?

    [36:54] Slim Shady: how did Fah hurt her hand?

    [36:57] Peter Anthony M: @ Mister Mitch I never see you around the building but we are in the same condo

    [37:16] Rob Little: retied for you

    [37:28] Gregory Reed: What is the difference between north and south pattya

    [37:30] Tommy J: The trail walk in PAI was great and good drone was good!!

    [37:31] Keith Smith: you are going have to put bubble wrap around her so she doesn't hurt herself hehehheheheheheh

    [37:39] Jason Batchler: 10$ Superchat

    [37:42] Anthony North: Hi FAH 1985

    [37:44] dutchsolotravel: Hi and good evening from the Netherlands

    [38:37] MisterMitch: Coastal Real Estate (Welcome Town) Admin & Accounting

    [39:03] Slim Shady: get better soon Fah

    [39:29] Fah 1985: Thank you Slim Shady :red_heart:

    [39:29] Anthony North: I saw that look on FAH's face when you said the line! Very Funny, James!

    [39:58] Fah 1985: Anthony North Hello :waving_hand:

    [40:06] Ami Leo: new subscriber on your channel Fah 1985. you must overtake James channel Fah. :red_heart:🇹🇭:red_heart:🇹🇭:red_heart:🇹🇭

    [40:08] Slim Shady: congrats on 20K!

    [40:14] MisterMitch: hey there @Pa Gi

    [40:29] Michael Lee: i love fah & chocolate man, pl please kiss10000₩ Superchat

    [40:37] Mikes on the Hunt: wattup bro

    [40:53] MisterMitch: Fah 1985

    [40:55] Anthony North: Keep it up FAH 1985, you are the STAR in my book!

    [41:05] Rob Little: man...this is so cool media.. you are on the other side of the world. If you want Fah to break a leg.. come skiing in Stowe Vt

    [41:20] Bob Larsen: what currency is that with the W sign?

    [41:24] Noob Biker: James do you get many snakes in the gardens and in the room?

    [41:59] B G: When are you going to do a “ pay it forward “ video? I sent small gift for the dog doctor!

    [42:17] MisterMitch: Not in the House Geofrey Peterson

    [42:18] Fumf oliver: Who designed your Avatar/Image?

    [42:19] dutchsolotravel: Thanks for your welcome, in November will be visit Thailand again after 3 years

    [42:24] Keith Smith: congrats :)

    [42:24] Fah 1985: Ami Leo thank you

    [42:28] White dude with beard Thailand: What’s up from Khao Lak :cloud_with_rain:🇺🇸:call_me_hand:

    [42:33] Rob Little: james you the man

    [42:35] Bob Larsen: oh ok Thanks James, didn't know that.

    [43:00] Rob Little: you're a gem

    [43:02] Where The White Women At: :smiling_face_with_sunglasses::smiling_face_with_sunglasses::smiling_face_with_sunglasses::smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

    [43:06] Bob Larsen: snakes and giant ass lizard concentrated in Bkk

    [43:18] Mikes on the Hunt: any idea on pricing on those condos in grand avenue. monthly?

    [43:18] MisterMitch: Hey there @Where The White Women At good to see you

    [43:23] Paul: well done 20k James :partying_face:

    [43:26] Anthony North: Nice going MisterMitch on your show, The MODERATOR and Dow! Say Hi to Dow!

    [43:32] Rob Little: expand your horizons

    [43:43] Where The White Women At: Mr Mitch :folded_hands:

    [43:47] mario wolf: When were you at pope?

    [43:47] MisterMitch: I will thank you @Anthony North

    [43:51] Walter Cade: love you show redeye from Korea

    [43:53] Neversick: How is the corona situation there right now?

    [43:57] Rob Little: suck a great person

    [44:04] MisterMitch: Bad Badger Retired In Thailand

    [44:26] Anthony North: FAH is too for that, tickle her, James!

    [44:29] Mikes on the Hunt: Nice one :thumbs_up:

    [44:34] Neversick: before you did vlogging what did you do?

    [44:46] MisterMitch: Rides 4 Kickz

    [45:07] MisterMitch: Greeny Travels

    [45:10] B G: Fai opened a mail shop! Maybe Fai and Fah can work together! :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [45:20] B G: Nail

    [45:21] D: Yeah R4K does a lot of condo/apartments reviews

    [45:35] Trav B Travelin: love the drone footage, what kinda range does that thing have?

    [45:45] MisterMitch: 30 And A Wake Up

    [45:56] Anthony North: It's been a awhile for me riding those rolercoiasters, James, but it's FUN FUN FUN!!!


    [46:34] MisterMitch: great condo reviews :play_button::play_button::play_button: everything Pattaya

    [47:23] Mikes on the Hunt: they scraped the pcr now right. but have to the atk instead? is there talking about getting rid of that too do you know?

    [47:33] Why You Trippin: Ayo!!!

    [47:43] Highlander2016: What’s up James, Fah and Mitch

    [47:47] Terry Harris: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::ghost:

    [47:48] Why You Trippin: hello everyone! heya @MisterMitch

    [47:48] James lil 🔐: Hey Fah remember me

    [47:53] Mikes on the Hunt: congrats 20k

    [47:55] MisterMitch: hey there @Highlander2016

    [47:59] James lil 🔐: What’s up James

    [48:03] MisterMitch: yo @Why You Trippin

    [48:05] james madison: Hello James and Fah love your content and Fah’s.

    [48:20] B G: Brian open nail shop, Joe built house for Gift,,, James is doing ???? For Fah!! :face_with_tears_of_joy::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [48:23] MisterMitch: Why You Trippin

    [48:41] Time2getgoin: Hi@Why You Trippin

    [48:42] Barry Hamilton: Congratulations to @Chocolate Man in Thailand for reaching 20k subs. Fah is very much part of that success. Best wishes from the UK 🇬🇧

    [49:02] Aaron808: Aloha James and Fah. Congratulations on 20k!

    [49:04] mikeswave2: @Anthony North are you in Victorville

    [49:05] Fah 1985: Hi James lil

    [49:21] MisterMitch: aloha @Aaron808

    [49:39] Aaron808: Aloha Mr Mitch!

    [49:41] Highlander2016: Congratulations :confetti_ball:

    [49:46] Why You Trippin: 20k!!! Woah!! congrats dude! :folded_hands::partying_face:

    [49:53] Christer Berndtsson: hello Thailand

    [49:59] teeltimes: You guys make a great couple. Love watching you guys

    [50:04] Michael Lee: soy 7, best place

    [51:01] Money Over Bitches: :thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

    [51:03] james madison: Have a great night! Congratulations on 20k. Going back to work now!

    [51:05] Anthony North: Yes I am in Victorville, the High Desert! Originally from Los Angeles, and will MOVE to San Bernardino close to the family!

    [51:13] Christer Berndtsson: 20k !! congrats :thumbs_up::red_heart:

    [51:20] Time2getgoin: Making it at something

    [51:21] White dude with beard Thailand: Winning!!!

    [51:25] What’s happening? With Gary!: Hey … it’s 20k!! Congratulations James and Fah from chilly Melbourne.🇦🇺

    [51:32] Aaron Breckenridge: Met Mr. Mitch :smiling_face_with_sunglasses:'re next. :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [51:43] MisterMitch: hey there Gary @What’s happening? With Gary!

    [51:49] Chicagoman1969: eat what you want when you want

    [51:53] Anthony North: Vietnam is 3 minutes away, like Bali guys!

    [51:55] mikeswave2: Anthony I am in Wrightwood we need to meet up

    [51:56] Trav B Travelin: success is 20k subscribers

    [51:57] Avery Becton: congrats on your milestone from Washington DC

    [52:06] MisterMitch: What’s happening? With Gary

    [52:07] Dasean Wilson: Prosperity could be an indicator of success

    [52:08] Barry Hamilton: Building to greater heights.

    [52:15] dutchsolotravel: Succes is when you reach now 30k or 100k :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes: congrats for your 20k

    [52:17] Mikes on the Hunt: success is getting out of bed in the morning putting on your pants and not falling over

    [52:27] What’s happening? With Gary!: Hey there MisterMitch, how did the training go?

    [52:30] joe driver: Success is Fah not having to use a razor scooter to get to work....

    [52:32] Tommy J: Success = Doing very good

    [52:47] MisterMitch: Great workout @What’s happening? With Gary!

    [52:50] Avery Becton: success is reaching a goal

    [53:11] barry mitchell: Hi James and Fah congrats

    [53:22] B G: I gave small amount to the dog hospital,,, please do another “pay it forward “

    [53:30] Time2getgoin: Hey@What’s happening? With Gary!

    [53:30] Anthony North: Jujitsu Passport deserves a shoutout with his good content!

    [53:32] MisterMitch: Nice meeting you @Aaron Breckenridge :slightly_smiling_face:

    [53:42] Trav B Travelin: success is when you're work pays off

    [53:55] MisterMitch: yes he does @Anthony North

    [53:59] EeTee travelfreely: Hi Gary :folded_hands:

    [54:02] Michael Lee: can you kiss?10000₩ Superchat

    [54:08] Dondi Jasper: Congrats on the 20k you guys inspire so many people ... Airborne All The Way

    [54:12] Christer Berndtsson: I hope too see you next time am in Thailand :thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

    [54:16] What’s happening? With Gary!: Yes James, it’s almost 2am here in Melbourne. Hi Time2getgoin :thumbs_up:

    [54:22] MisterMitch: Jiujitsu Passport

    [54:53] What’s happening? With Gary!: Thanks again Mitch. :folded_hands:

    [54:54] MisterMitch: Variety is the Spice of Life.

    [54:58] QueenWoods: Hi James Fah congratulations for 20k. and Fah sorry for you hurt

    [54:59] Why You Trippin: let's get Fah to 20k next!!

    [55:06] MisterMitch: My pleasure Gary @What’s happening? With Gary!

    [55:07] White dude with beard Thailand: Success is winning at what you do!

    [55:09] Aaron808: Success is finding a chocolate shake when you want one.

    [55:11] Antonio Perez Osorio: Hey CMIT and Fah. 20K. Nice to see you with the woman with the most beautiful face and smile in Thailand, Fah. Keep growing.

    [55:40] Junior RHR: Congratulations on your 20K mile stone to you and

    [55:59] Junior RHR: Fah

    [56:14] MisterMitch: hey @Junior RHR

    [56:16] The Norwegian: Success is when your brain and your body is at the same place

    [56:29] Gregory Reed: Thailand should be paying you guys as tourist ambassadors....

    [56:33] Time2getgoin: @Anthony North I live right down the hill in Rancho Cucamonga. What up neighbor.:waving_hand:

    [56:39] barry mitchell: we need to put Apple sensors far items so she can find them:yougotthis:

    [56:43] Michael Lee: please kiss

    [56:52] Why You Trippin: how long you been doing YouTube?

    [56:54] Alton Moore: Hello James and Fah, congratulations on 20k subs. Keep bringing it brother

    [56:54] Trav B Travelin: are the spiders big in thailand?

    [57:15] Thaijamie: success = walking down soi 6 and not going short time

    [57:18] Trav B Travelin: success is not tripping and bumping into things

    [57:30] MisterMitch: lol @Thaijamie

    [57:56] EeTee travelfreely: success for fah is when she teach her students to be as good as she is in doings nails

    [58:08] mikeswave2: Fah 3 hour marathon live feeds are funny

    [58:28] Anthony North: What up Ranch Cucamonga? I will move to San Bernardino very soon, neighbor! Take care, buddy!

    [58:33] Big DADDY L-Rob: Congrats Casino and Fah!!!! 20K's! I was there at the beginning and I'm happy! You put the work in!

    [58:46] MisterMitch: hey @Big DADDY L-Rob

    [58:48] Junior RHR: @MisterMitch hey man nuff respect

    [59:18] MisterMitch: :folded_hands: @Junior RHR

    [59:19] Mikes on the Hunt: success is eating that cold kebab from the night before and still feeling alright

    [59:21] Time2getgoin: Anthony North, I'll be moving to Thailand probably the end of the year.

    [59:29] Big DADDY L-Rob: Hey @MisterMitch !!!!! YOU should get credit for this TOO! The SUPER MOD!

    [59:31] Theo - SA: Hello James & Fah......Congrats on 20K, this is awesome.....

    [59:36] Vincible J: 20K ...20 on the way ..keep it coming great content always

    [59:41] HDTVdude: :partying_face: Congratulations CMT!!:partying_face:. ...Is Thailand your "Zihuatanejo?"

    [59:43] Theo - SA: Hello MM......

    [59:47] MisterMitch: thank you @Big DADDY L-Rob

    [59:56] MisterMitch: hey there @Theo - SA

    [1:00:02] MisterMitch: hello @HDTVdude

    [1:00:19] Anthony North: Good luck Time2getgoin!

    [1:00:21] MisterMitch: hey @Vincible J

    [1:00:40] Wil Rose: Congrats cmit :birthday_cake:

    [1:00:43] MIKE - Blinded by the lights: Success is running forward and not lookin back when a dog chases

    [1:00:54] Vache Grasse: You guys been to Hua Hin? If so, worth visiting?

    [1:00:54] MisterMitch: Good to see you @Wil Rose

    [1:01:12] Stuck in Florida: Good evening James and Fah congratulations on 20k well deserved :partying_face:

    [1:01:13] MisterMitch: hey @MIKE - Blinded by the lights

    [1:01:13] Rob Little: do you and mitch complete each other? bros from another ma

    [1:01:23] Time2getgoin: Thank you@Anthony North

    [1:01:29] MisterMitch: Hello Mike My Brother @Stuck in Florida

    [1:01:30] Wil Rose: Mistermitch bud :folded_hands:

    [1:01:38] Time2getgoin: Hello@Stuck in Florida

    [1:01:42] MisterMitch: 555 @Rob Little

    [1:01:43] Stuck in Florida: MisterMitch hellooo brother

    [1:01:44] Big DADDY L-Rob: Congrats on 20K James and Fah! 5$ Superchat

    [1:01:52] Wil Rose: Stuck :folded_hands:

    [1:01:57] Stuck in Florida: Wil Rose hola amigo

    [1:02:08] Stuck in Florida: Hey Time2getgoin

    [1:02:13] Jose A Nunes: Hello from Montreal, Canada

    [1:02:15] MisterMitch: Shawshank Redemption???

    [1:02:24] Tommy J: Success is waking with no hangover

    [1:02:26] MIKE - Blinded by the lights: Hello @MisterMitch cheers brother

    [1:02:34] EeTee travelfreely: Hi Sif :folded_hands:

    [1:02:42] Stuck in Florida: Tommy J hello sir

    [1:02:54] Tommy J: Stuck

    [1:02:56] Stuck in Florida: Hey EeTee travelfreely

    [1:03:12] mikeswave2: Mister Mitch is correct

    [1:03:18] MisterMitch: Thailand is my Pandora

    [1:03:28] Rob Little: best women in the world in Montreal

    [1:03:30] MisterMitch: @mikeswave2 :slightly_smiling_face:

    [1:03:36] GottoLoveThailand: Hello James and Fah

    [1:03:37] barry mitchell: I don't know they answer :confused_face:

    [1:03:39] Rob Little: all hot

    [1:03:45] GottoLoveThailand: Hi Mitch

    [1:03:47] MisterMitch: Jonny There Is Something Happening

    [1:03:50] Paradorn White: congratulations you going to make 40

    [1:03:54] EeTee travelfreely: Hi Dave :folded_hands:

    [1:03:56] Theo - SA: I am still alive......sorry...have not been very loyal....back to work after more than 2 years....time not on my side......please forgive me....:folded_hands:

    [1:03:56] GottoLoveThailand: Hello Stuck

    [1:03:57] Time2getgoin: Hello Dave@GottoLoveThailand

    [1:04:05] barry mitchell: hey Mitch make us look smart

    [1:04:11] Tommy J: Dave past your Bedtime

    [1:04:11] MisterMitch: Keith Outdoors

    [1:04:17] Big DADDY L-Rob: Mister Mitch ! SUPER MOD!

    [1:04:18] Stuck in Florida: I can’t hear the stream, too much noise on my end, just stopped by to say congratulations and give a thumbs up

    [1:04:31] Big DADDY L-Rob: Hey Dave!

    [1:04:38] Anthony North: Ask 30 and AWAKE about the snakes!

    [1:04:51] MisterMitch: GottoLoveThailand

    [1:04:55] Stuck in Florida: GotToLoveThailand good evening Dave

    [1:04:57] MisterMitch: hello Dave @GottoLoveThailand

    [1:05:02] MisterMitch: take care Mike @Stuck in Florida

    [1:05:09] What’s happening? With Gary!: Hi Dave, GottoLoveThailand :waving_hand:

    [1:05:19] GottoLoveThailand: Hi EeTee

    [1:05:20] DAVESWORLD: Hi James and Fah!

    [1:05:30] GottoLoveThailand: Hi Gary

    [1:05:36] MisterMitch: Sasi May and Bruce

    [1:05:43] What’s happening? With Gary!: Hello EeTee

    [1:05:44] Christer Berndtsson: dom you know how ko Phi Phi is doing?

    [1:05:49] Your Affirmations Daily: Logging On From St. Maarten in the Caribbean .. CONGRATS!!!!

    [1:05:52] MisterMitch: 30 And A Wake Up

    [1:06:05] Why You Trippin: I started following 30 and a Wake up when he was in Thailand (before he started van life)

    [1:06:06] EeTee travelfreely: Hi Gary :folded_hands:

    [1:06:07] DAVESWORLD: Stuck in Philadelphia still. Wish I was there.

    [1:06:10] Fah 1985: :monkey_face::see_no_evil_monkey::hear_no_evil_monkey::speak_no_evil_monkey:

    [1:06:16] Bob Larsen: I drove van for 7 years, that is enough!

    [1:06:25] jonathan p-a: how is it like being a chocolate man in Thailand?

    [1:06:28] Big DADDY L-Rob: hey @DAVESWORLD I'm stuck in Philly too!

    [1:06:34] Big DADDY L-Rob: LOL

    [1:06:49] GottoLoveThailand: Hi Why You Trippin

    [1:07:28] Andrew Hill: James where you from west coast?

    [1:07:34] Jimmy Berry: What up James!!

    [1:07:36] Anthony North: Jujitsu has a NICE condo with Nelly! How much was it? $360- a month? And he lives near the beach too! Retirement couldn't be better out there, James!!


    [1:07:58] Scott Hummer: Congratulations James and Fah. Your channel is so fun and inspiring

    [1:08:01] barry mitchell: Hi Dave

    [1:08:05] Andrew Hill: me too

    [1:08:25] joestory1: Being out the county do you ever worry about the VA lowering or taking away your rating if you have any since you are not here for local check ups. You don’t have to answer just curious.

    [1:08:47] DAVESWORLD: Hi Big Daddy. At least the weather is nice for a bit. If I want hot and humid, I’ll go to Thailand - preferably In winter.

    [1:08:53] Rob Little: American girls to Thai. girls Canadian gurls. Its a Motley Crue song. But Montreal's girls are a level above. Rob from America

    [1:09:05] MisterMitch: Jiujitsu Passport

    [1:09:15] Big DADDY L-Rob: I hear ya @DAVESWORLD!!

    [1:09:17] Andrew Hill: Koh chang is very chill

    [1:09:22] Time2getgoin: I'm out, see ya James and Fah. Bye chat.:waving_hand::waving_hand:

    [1:09:39] Anthony North: Great info on the condo price content, James!

    [1:09:44] Paradorn White: fah:folded_hands:

    [1:09:56] MisterMitch: take care Bobby @Time2getgoin

    [1:10:22] Fah 1985: Bye Bobby

    [1:10:48] Theo - SA: I need to find time to do some catch-up on all the fun I have missed, I am seriously way behind at the moment.

    [1:10:49] Aaron808: I moved from California to Hawaii. "Island time" takes some getting used to. The slower pace of life is nice. :call_me_hand:

    [1:10:53] The Ugly American: Is the infrastructure in Pattaya and Chiang Mai as developed as Bangkok? Or are they a step behind?

    [1:11:48] Anthony North: FAH's facial expressions are RPICELESS on the trips!

    [1:12:05] HDTVdude: ?Are things loosening up over there...Herbaly Speaking?

    [1:12:16] Terry Harris: stay safe James keep up the good work congrats on 20k

    [1:12:20] Anthony North: PRICELESS FAH!

    [1:12:32] jonathan p-a: how much money per month needed to survive living in Thailand?

    [1:13:29] Bob Larsen: I prefer to stick to Bkk, city makes me feel alive

    [1:13:30] Jimmy Berry: Sorry I missed the gang in Udon

    [1:13:52] Stuck in Florida: If Fah needs watch hours on her channel, have her set up a playlist with her live streams on it, I’ll let it play while I’m busy

    [1:14:02] Anthony North: FAH's eyes will cut you up into a fruit salad and a steak! lol

    [1:14:03] Big DADDY L-Rob: LOL!

    [1:14:17] Jelle Daems: faaaaaaaaa

    [1:14:27] Sven Hansen: greetings from Germany to you both!

    [1:14:31] barry mitchell: I have they same anxiety when it comes to my keys when I can't find them then I find out they're in my pocket:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [1:14:37] Jelle Daems: pretty lady i want faa

    [1:14:55] What’s happening? With Gary!: Fah has sleepy eyes now James. :sleeping_face::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [1:14:56] Theo - SA: Some this side, I do support all the "Famous Thailand Vloggers" you should be very happy that you are one of the Famous ones I support....555

    [1:15:05] Rob Little: give a little love to St. Catherine st. in Montreal:victory_hand:

    [1:15:29] Jelle Daems: 1 faa is enove ta be happy

    [1:15:37] Jimmy Berry: Sorry I missed you and the gang in Udon

    [1:16:00] Stacey Grier: hello

    [1:16:04] Larry the Realist: @theo great that you support with money and superchatting

    [1:16:08] Scott Hummer: Fah's lives are great.

    [1:16:09] Happy Golucky: Why would you need a legal plan if you dont have a legal issue .

    [1:16:10] MisterMitch: :slightly_smiling_face: @Jimmy Berry next time

    [1:16:17] Simus art 35: What happen to Fah hand

    [1:16:20] tim darr: hi james & Fah

    [1:16:44] MisterMitch: Legal issues can appear out of nowhere @Happy Golucky

    [1:16:45] Christer Berndtsson: ser you next time you are live like you James and Dag :red_heart:

    [1:16:58] Anthony North: Prosperity is living the natural life without being aware of it, and it comes from the heart, James and FAH!

    [1:17:01] abc 123: Just using my free members milestone chat congratulations chocolate man in Thailand on the 20k

    [1:17:15] Happy Golucky: so thats when you deal with them

    [1:17:20] MisterMitch: A guy I know just ran over a lady that stepped off the sidewalk....Legal Issue @Happy Golucky

    [1:17:25] Jimmy Berry: she did what she wanted

    [1:17:39] Stacey Grier: congratulations on 20k

    [1:18:05] MisterMitch: hey there @tim darr

    [1:18:51] Happy Golucky: Im here 20 years without a legal issue

    [1:19:09] pyuen1966: Hi James do you have a fitness regime? How do you keep yourself fit?

    [1:19:10] MisterMitch: Thats awesome @Happy Golucky

    [1:19:15] Dasean Wilson: She said " Nevermind the stream then":face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [1:19:24] Tommy J: If you want a Honest answer from a thai lady watch Fahs Channel she tells it like it is.

    [1:19:40] jonathan p-a: how is dating in Thailand? does age matter being an older gentleman dating a younger woman?

    [1:20:25] tim darr: Fah hope you got some sleep

    [1:20:34] Theo - SA: I like your new Condo, it looks much better and more spacious that the old one...

    [1:20:40] MisterMitch: Walking is my Go To meditation exercise program

    [1:20:54] tim darr: happy 20k james

    [1:21:21] Stuck in Florida: Facts Tommy J

    [1:21:34] Rob Little: would you take 500,000 at 52 and live the US for Thailand. just wanna retire cheap

    [1:22:18] Tee Pee: Hope all is well :thumbs_up:

    [1:22:23] mikeswave2: James and Mister Mitch need to do a walking live video

    [1:22:56] Theo - SA: How are you doing today @MisterMitch...???

    [1:22:57] Montana Elvis: Congrats. sure enjoy both your guys videos.

    [1:23:34] MisterMitch: I'm great thanks @Theo - SA Long day...Yesterday ended @4am and today started @6am lol

    [1:23:39] Tommy J: I think i subbed around the 800 count

    [1:24:01] Dutch Farang: hello Mr Casino. your audio and video is good :thumbs_up:

    [1:24:12] DAVESWORLD: Congrats on 20K, James. Well deserved. Love your travel videos. Go hunt those waterfalls.

    [1:24:18] MisterMitch: 5555 need my hearing aids

    [1:24:19] jonathan p-a: thanks for the information, I wish I can retire early and live abroad... living in Canada sucks20CA$ Superchat

    [1:24:24] MisterMitch: Hey there @Dutch Farang

    [1:24:25] Alton Moore: James I subscribed to you and Foreigner Joe when I came across his interview of you. Been hooked since then. I subscribed to Chuck's channel too at that time

    [1:24:30] YourMoeJoe: good job so happy for you (it was because of Fah)5$ Superchat

    [1:24:33] Bob Larsen: I have a loyal subscriber base, even tho I have a whooping 1 subscriber.

    [1:24:36] Ed Roach: lGreetings, are U and Fah a couple. I just subscribed so I don't know?

    [1:24:45] Dutch Farang: hello @MisterMitch :waving_hand:

    [1:24:48] daz dragon: good morning James and Fah........ and all the fellas

    [1:24:55] Quick504 ⚜️: Wassup James & Fah!! Love from New Orleans


    [1:24:58] MisterMitch: Ceejay Same Same But Different

    [1:25:04] MisterMitch: hey there @daz dragon

    [1:25:04] Tommy J: DAZ

    [1:25:17] EeTee travelfreely: hello Moe Joe :folded_hands:

    [1:25:17] Rob Little: i found you from rides for kicks

    [1:25:22] srwilliams1963: hello James and Fah

    [1:25:25] MisterMitch: notime2bsad

    [1:25:32] Tommy J: Hello Yo Mo

    [1:25:35] Theo - SA: Awesome.....2 hours sleep, that will qualify as a power nap...555 @MisterMitch

    [1:25:39] John Martin: Congratulations James and Fah from England!

    [1:25:40] daz dragon: Zup all .. just woke my ass up :grinning_squinting_face:

    [1:25:42] YourMoeJoe: hi mitch

    [1:25:46] Scott Hummer: Fah has been working a lot of very long and late hours the past few days. Please don't stay on for 24 hours. I love James positive energy.

    [1:25:54] MisterMitch: Thai Girl Gift and Foreigner Joe

    [1:25:56] What’s happening? With Gary!: Hey there YourMoeJoe:thumbs_up:

    [1:25:57] Rob Little: lucus is a nerd biker

    [1:26:00] YourMoeJoe: hello Tommy J

    [1:26:01] MisterMitch: 555 @Theo - SA

    [1:26:15] barry mitchell: Prosperity is not getting put on clean up detail after meetings

    [1:26:34] MisterMitch: YourMoeJoe

    [1:26:49] Beno: Yo yo yo what’s up CMnT

    [1:26:59] YourMoeJoe: hi Gary i hope all is good

    [1:27:41] What’s happening? With Gary!: Yes all good here thanks YourMoeJoe :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [1:28:13] Quick504 ⚜️: This is for your beer & Fahs chocolate shake! Congratulations on your 20k subscriptions. Enjoy watching your adventures 4.99$ Superchat

    [1:28:18] Rob Little: pbs teleth9n

    [1:28:25] Newfoundland: I’m looking for new locations to visit in Thailand, any suggestions? Thinking about residing here.

    [1:28:28] YourMoeJoe: 100k when Fah hits50kg ?

    [1:28:29] MisterMitch: Bryan Flowers

    [1:28:53] MisterMitch: Rides 4 Kickz

    [1:29:09] mikeswave2: What’s funny I found Joe Chuck and you separately and then find out you all knew each other made watching better

    [1:29:11] abc 123: M

    [1:29:37] EeTee travelfreely: Hi srwilliam :folded_hands:

    [1:29:48] Bob Larsen: I like to see more of the food scenes in pattaya which I have like a lot more now thanks to you and Lucas.

    [1:29:48] EeTee travelfreely: Hi ABC :folded_hands:

    [1:29:59] Andrew R: 5$ Superchat

    [1:30:01] YourMoeJoe: Are you going to do Van life ?

    [1:30:08] DesignerDave: I watch you for vacation ideas for my family. :winking_face:

    [1:30:09] Don Alfredo: congrats James for 20K

    [1:30:11] Andrew R: James and Fah whats good? from one Vet to another

    [1:30:17] Paul Scarth: Congratulations guys! Time to stop picking on poor Fah now James :winking_face: :winking_face_with_tongue:

    [1:30:20] jason little: I would like motor sports content like drag races cars and motorbikes that kind of scene.

    [1:30:25] YourMoeJoe: hello EeTee

    [1:30:31] Courtney Tyree-Jones: Great content

    [1:31:09] MisterMitch: CB Media @jason little

    [1:31:10] YourMoeJoe: 555555555

    [1:31:19] Tommy J: If you felt the need to move from pattaya were would you move ?

    [1:31:50] THIRTEEN in ASIA: Congrats man. I am done with my channel

    [1:31:56] A Gent Opting Out: Congrats on 20k

    [1:32:03] MisterMitch: hey there @THIRTEEN in ASIA

    [1:32:05] Rob Little: watching you guys live and watching you on tv for fahs historic knowledge

    [1:32:37] THIRTEEN in ASIA: Whays up @MisterMitch

    [1:32:53] Rob Little: james youve touched her... dont lie

    [1:33:47] Rob Little: not in the way we they need

    [1:34:07] Elliot Harris: Congrats Chocolate Man.... 30k subs right around the corner. I have learned a lot about Thailand watching your site. If I were to come it would be Hua Hin, Koh Samui or Jomptien.

    [1:34:08] Rob Little: too bust you

    [1:34:20] EeTee travelfreely: Fah needs a bigger room so she have enough space to walk n flex without knocking herself

    [1:34:20] Dutch Farang: is Australia an island?

    [1:34:36] MisterMitch: Thank You @Junior RHR :folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands:

    [1:34:38] Courtney Tyree-Jones: As a fellow southerner (Memphis, Tn) has anyone commented on your accent?

    [1:35:20] DesignerDave: No love for Korat... :disappointed_face:

    [1:35:44] THIRTEEN in ASIA: Finished with the channel, not worth my time. Be in Thailand in October for about a month

    [1:35:49] Rob Little: are you living together??????

    [1:35:52] MisterMitch: Korat is beautiful @DesignerDave

    [1:36:18] Rob Little: you have no accent

    [1:36:46] DesignerDave: Yeah, it's pretty flat. :slightly_smiling_face:

    [1:36:50] Rob Little: you could do the news

    [1:36:56] jimbospirit: FAH got her passport? Ever been on an airplane?

    [1:37:02] abcfavorites: Kailua is my fav spot in Oahu

    [1:37:02] tim darr: i'm right across the bridgw from M emphis

    [1:37:49] Pete m: Nice couple

    [1:37:54] David Braswell: Congratulations to you and Fah!!! This is for Fah long live stream the other night19.99$ Superchat

    [1:37:54] Rob Little: id want an invitation to your wedding

    [1:38:00] daz dragon: fah needs food!!!

    [1:38:05] Theo - SA: Been to Phuket a few times, but I like Pattaya much more, so much more options on shopping malls......And Walking Street is much longer and more things to do.....

    [1:38:18] Eleanor Arscott: Congratulations. Always fun following you on your adventures.

    [1:38:45] srwilliams1963: Hello James and Fah. I'm still coming in late Nov early Dec5$ Superchat

    [1:38:57] mikeswave2: Then I saw Keis One in one of your walking videos

    [1:39:30] Stean Borg: hi james is thailand the best place to retire in asia for a singel man?

    [1:39:41] MisterMitch: keis one

    [1:40:35] MisterMitch: Life After Kids with Kei Williams

    [1:41:12] YourMoeJoe: does fah have a Concussion? after walking into stuff a little worried that would explain a lot

    [1:41:19] Rob Little: you say never... it will happen.. great chem. fooling yourself... love the entertainment

    [1:41:45] Rodney goins: , what's up from Leesburg Florida

    [1:41:57] MisterMitch: Journey's with M&N

    [1:42:11] Jordan Reyes: Congrats on 20K James!! you'll be at 100K before you know it!! I'm a Cali man who can't wait to get to Thailand! Thank you

    [1:42:23] Rob Little: is fah fixed... if not... 100% married

    [1:42:37] mikeswave2: Do you follow Dan The Man and grumpy their funny

    [1:43:27] David Thompson: getting married is dangerous...half your stuff becomes hers over night....

    [1:43:33] MisterMitch: I was married for 25 years and I will never put a woman through that again 555

    [1:44:06] mikeswave2: Went to Dubi

    [1:44:14] MisterMitch: DAN the MAN

    [1:44:19] Rob Little: pai strawberry?

    [1:44:25] Mark Fellows: I just subscribed earlier. Was I the 20K th? :grinning_face:

    [1:44:28] Ryan Bishop: @David not in Thailand. ALL your stuff is hers :grinning_squinting_face:

    [1:44:39] YourMoeJoe: i am married since 1984 ( sorry )

    [1:44:41] David Thompson: agreed

    [1:44:52] mikeswave2: Ya

    [1:44:53] David Thompson: even worse

    [1:44:57] Daniel Colon: greetings from the island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean

    [1:45:04] mikeswave2: Haven’t put any out yet

    [1:45:24] MisterMitch: Congratulations @YourMoeJoe I got married in 1984

    [1:46:12] MisterMitch: cool picture @David Thompson

    [1:46:25] YourMoeJoe: mitch was feb 29th 1984

    [1:46:29] DYER RACING 501: morning from the united states

    [1:46:36] David Thompson: besides that greetings from Georgia...Ill be in Thialand here in the next year or so....

    [1:46:47] MisterMitch: December 28th for me @YourMoeJoe

    [1:46:50] Jordan Reyes: Have you ever explored Mexico and what did you think of it?

    [1:46:52] DesignerDave: Proof!

    [1:46:54] David Thompson: Have a good my guy peace out...

    [1:47:03] Rob Little: been married twice , lost a small fortune .. never again

    [1:47:10] Theo - SA: Marriage.....not my cup of tea, no thank you...

    [1:47:17] Rob Little: high maintenance

    [1:47:27] Stuck in Florida: M: 1984 D: 1989 I haven’t had the desire to do it again

    [1:47:27] David Thompson: thanks Mitch

    [1:47:32] mikeswave2: I was married 42 years lost her in 2019 to cancer

    [1:47:49] MisterMitch: :thumbs_up: @David Thompson

    [1:47:59] Rob Little: the cost of having a hotty

    [1:48:02] MisterMitch: sorry to hear that @mikeswave2

    [1:48:15] YourMoeJoe: mitch you where the smart guy you got out !!!

    [1:48:19] Ryan Bishop: this recession is a good time to visit. everything but the tourist beaches is empty and cheap.

    [1:48:29] MisterMitch: For the Record. I will never get married again...Sorry Guys.

    [1:48:31] mikeswave2: Mitch part of life

    [1:48:36] Jack Walker: Just booked a room at the hideaway for a month in july and august, cant wait to come back to pattaya.

    [1:48:38] Jimmy Boyles: @mikeswave. Sorry

    [1:48:47] MisterMitch: still sucks @mikeswave2

    [1:49:19] YourMoeJoe: one and done

    [1:49:26] Jordan Reyes: The Hilton in Pattaya seems to have a beautiful rooftop bar. what are a couple others in Pattaya that have breathtaking views from up high?

    [1:49:41] MisterMitch: Nomad Jay

    [1:49:49] DesignerDave: USD is super strong right now. Good time to put it into THB.

    [1:50:44] Cecilia Fransson: Can you and Fah do a DNA- test ? :nerd_face:

    [1:50:45] Tommy J: MM take Choc Man to Sexy bar

    [1:51:05] MisterMitch: lol @Tommy J

    [1:51:22] Callam: Hi James & Fah great content!! Can't sleep so great to catch yor live! Thanks for all the content, make me miss asia!

    [1:51:22] Ryan Bishop: ya we're moving USD over every day. hopefully the baht crashes even more. looks promising lol

    [1:51:27] Jordan Reyes: Great info thank you!

    [1:51:32] HDTVdude: What year is it in Pattaya? Obviously it's now, but in many ways it seems like the 1980's

    [1:51:36] MisterMitch: My Bad....

    [1:52:02] jason little: Just remember if your giving directions just don't say it's by the 7 11

    [1:52:14] YourMoeJoe: 1 USD = 34.61 Baht

    [1:52:42] Elliot Harris: 34.63 Baht to the Dollar. today

    [1:52:54] YourMoeJoe: i love the 80's

    [1:53:24] Rob Little: lets get real.. you'll die you just eating and no excerise. Hello mitch and Chuck. At least James and Fah push it to the top

    [1:53:27] Theo - SA: Not sure what is going on, stream a bit sticky.....everyone else picture okay...???

    [1:54:04] Tom Yocum: Mitch, could you leave a link or the address to your channel so I can visit and subscribe?

    [1:54:07] DYER RACING 501: whats is the biggest bill in thailand

    [1:54:08] MisterMitch: I bet its this one :play_button::play_button::play_button:Nomadic Jayye

    [1:54:31] Levenski Berry: :crying_face::crying_face:is FAH's right hand ok?

    [1:54:35] mikeswave2: Need to get my day going Really enjoy you guys talk to you later

    [1:54:45] DesignerDave: Come along on the journey... "JUST A SMALL TOWN GIRL! LIVING IN A LONELY WORLD!"

    [1:54:50] MisterMitch: MisterMitch @Tom Yocum

    [1:55:08] MisterMitch: Excellent song @DesignerDave

    [1:55:11] Callam: Yep working on a way to move to Thailand as have lived in asia for 25 years nearly.

    [1:55:14] Jimmy Boyles: I subbed to all links!

    [1:55:40] MisterMitch: my picture is ok #@Theo - SA

    [1:55:51] Theo - SA: Not sure what is going on, stream a bit sticky.....everyone else picture okay...???

    [1:56:03] Ryan Bishop: food and entertainment is still cheap. $30 meal is really different in Thailand versus the states.

    [1:56:16] MisterMitch: hello back @Rob Little

    [1:56:18] DesignerDave: @MisterMitch Definitely in my top 10. :winking_face:

    [1:56:23] Callam: NZ

    [1:56:27] DYER RACING 501: i love ur videos

    [1:56:30] Theo - SA: Okay, will have to restart my PC.....@MisterMitch

    [1:56:57] Andrew R: You guys have a good night....have to wait until my minions graduate high school before i can do the expat thing.

    [1:57:14] Jimmy Boyles: can you do kidney dialysis in Thailand?

    [1:57:46] DesignerDave: Yeah they have dialysis here. Not sure on price.

    [1:58:01] Rob Little: at roblttle in red in red.. what does that mean

    [1:58:21] Tom Yocum: Congrats, James--next step 100k!

    [1:58:25] Ryan Bishop: any medical is cheaper and better in Thailand

    [1:58:25] MisterMitch: Lost me here @Rob Little Rob Littlelets get real.. you'll die you just eating and no excerise. Hello mitch and Chuck. At least James and Fah push it to the top

    [1:58:40] DYER RACING 501: how long have u been living in thailand

    [1:58:42] Elliot Harris: looking into going to Maui in Oct. Condos in Kapalua......frickin $700 a night. ridiculous. Thailand better option.

    [1:58:43] Jimmy Boyles: thanks Chocolate Man!

    [1:58:51] Nick P: What’s up from Jersey! Been following you guys for a while now. Great content!!!

    [1:58:51] Theo - SA: Your picture will be are just around the corner.....555 I am at the bottom of the world...555 @MisterMitch

    [1:59:17] Big DADDY L-Rob: Congrats again James and Fah!

    [1:59:22] MisterMitch: :slightly_smiling_face: @Theo - SA

    [1:59:40] Tom Yocum: Put a ring on it :slightly_smiling_face:

    [1:59:43] DYER RACING 501: i was born in maui

    [2:00:27] Scott Hummer: James I went to high school in Salt Lake, Hawaii. Radford. Small world.

    [2:00:30] Paul Scarth: Saw Chuck point out accommodation for 5000 baht a month on his vid. Crazy cheap!

    [2:00:39] Tom Yocum: hehehe

    [2:01:21] YourMoeJoe: it was me fah

    [2:01:22] Elliot Harris: the good deal on the Big Island is right in the l

    [2:01:25] VegasDave 702: Aloha from da WestSide. :palm_tree: Wainaie

    [2:01:37] Tommy J: Good night James & Fah

    [2:01:37] jason little: I bought a house on the big island for 140,000 in 2013

    [2:01:46] Elliot Harris: the path of the Volcano!

    [2:01:48] QueenWoods: did you have any experience to share about how's the dentist Thailand ?

    [2:01:50] DYER RACING 501: im moving back to maui next month

    [2:02:00] srwilliams1963: have a dinner meal on me. James and Fah next time. enjoy30$ Superchat

    [2:02:18] dwaynell512: what's up from DFW, James and Fah allday...

    [2:02:24] Tom Yocum: I liked living in Hawaii while stationed there, but I would never live there!

    [2:02:28] jason little: just near the volcano other side

    [2:02:30] Ryan Bishop: you can get a full bridge in Bangkok for around $400

    [2:03:15] Tom Yocum: There's tons of them also living in Arizona

    [2:03:18] srwilliams1963: Goodnight

    [2:03:29] JJ THAI-CHI Family in Thailand: Hello and good night :zzz:

    [2:03:35] DYER RACING 501: have a great night

    [2:03:42] YourMoeJoe: i heard marijuana is going to legal soon

    [2:03:42] VegasDave 702: Shoots

    [2:03:44] Jack Walker: So only 22 hours left :slightly_smiling_face:

    [2:03:46] MisterMitch: hey there @JJ THAI-CHI Family in Thailand.

    [2:04:12] MisterMitch: JJ THAI-CHI Family in Thailand.

    [2:04:26] Jimmy Boyles: Thumbs Up!-!

    [2:04:27] Fah 1985: Thank you everyone :sleeping_face:See you next time :face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [2:04:35] Theo - SA: It was awesome to chat again, hope to see and meet You & Fah soon.

    [2:04:43] Rob Little: sorry mitch:unamused_face:

    [2:04:43] MisterMitch: Thank you Fah @Fah 1985

    [2:04:58] Stuck in Florida: Good night James and Fah

    [2:04:59] Courtney Tyree-Jones: Take care y’all. Be safe

    [2:05:04] Tom Yocum: I wish my wife was open to living in Thailand, but she hates the heat

    [2:05:05] MisterMitch: Fah 1985

    [2:05:11] DesignerDave: You can do a sleeping stream like they do on Twitch. :face_with_tongue:

    [2:05:12] JJ THAI-CHI Family in Thailand: Thank you brother and hope to see you soon.:red_heart:

    [2:05:19] Stephen Powell: :folded_hands::folded_hands::heart_suit::heart_suit:

    [2:05:21] YourMoeJoe: hello Stuck

    [2:05:26] MisterMitch: No worries @Rob Little Been a long day and my mind is foggy 555

    [2:05:33] DesignerDave: G'night.

    [2:05:35] Stuck in Florida: Howdy YourMoeJoe

    [2:05:36] Tom Yocum: bye!

    [2:05:37] The Norwegian: Good night to both of you

    [2:05:41] YourMoeJoe: thanks for your time

    [2:05:49] MisterMitch: Thanks James and Fah. Take care everyone. All the best. :folded_hands:

    [2:05:51] Beverly Phillips: Good night, Chocolate :chocolate_bar: Man and Fah. Enjoyed live scream.

    [2:05:53] Callam: Bye

    [2:06:04] Tom Yocum: mitch I subscribed to your channel

    [2:06:06] YourMoeJoe: take care all and be safe