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Chocolate Man In Thailand

Published on 23.09.2022 (Stats from 24.09.2022)


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    [-1:42:06] Nicky Dunn: :goodvibes::goodvibes: Congratulations. 24K

    [-1:38:39] Scott Hummer: Awesome congratulations on 24K. Well deserved you share some great content.

    [-1:15:39] Chocolate Man In Thailand: Thank you. See you soon!!

    [-43:31] QueenWoods: congratulations on 24K.

    [-14:32] yeeaaa man!: YEEEEAAAA MAAAN!!!! congratulations brotha!

    [-0:04] Fah 1985: :waving_hand:

    [0:53] Scott Hummer: Hello Fah and James

    [0:55] shoz: Hello Guys.. tuning in from London uk

    [1:16] Wosy: hi

    [1:25] Gordon's Alive: Congrats on 24k subs

    [1:25] Paul Cousins: :hot_beverage::black_flag:

    [1:28] daz dragon: zup my brotha

    [1:28] Frank Taylor: hi chocolate man and fah

    [1:35] Mark Crawford: hello

    [1:36] Wosy: gratz on 24!

    [1:36] srwilliams1963: hello Fah and James

    [1:40] endeavouring1: Audio clear

    [1:42] shoz: can hear you fine

    [1:44] srwilliams1963: we hear you

    [1:48] Scott M: Hi James and Fah

    [1:49] Ken Walker: Hello from Tucson, AZ.

    [1:52] Jesse shorts: Good morning from Chicago

    [1:58] Mark Crawford: hello

    [2:04] V Wo: Good morning Fah and James :waving_hand: CONGRATULATIONS ON 24K:partying_face:

    [2:06] daz dragon: you guys have to swim there? :grinning_squinting_face:

    [2:10] Barney: G'day James and Fah

    [2:12] Simon Ralph: Woohoo 25 thousand. Awesome stuff

    [2:16] Corvette Rudy: Good morning James & Fah from Las Cruces, New Mexico

    [2:21] Gordon's Alive: Audio 7/10 yeah the background is loud

    [2:30] Strongtoe: Congratulations on 24k keep up the good work cant wait to be out in thai in Dec for 2 months :grinning_face:

    [2:45] daz dragon: i just saw there is ugly storm coming...

    [2:50] Corvette Rudy: Whatttup Daz?

    [3:03] daz dragon: hey Rudy

    [3:17] Osman El-Amin: What’s up.Morning here in Albuquerque NM.

    [3:25] Kieron in Thailand: many congrats

    [3:45] Mark Crawford: can you see me

    [3:51] daz dragon: where you guys at

    [4:00] GottoLoveThailand: Congratulations James

    [4:06] GottoLoveThailand: Hi Daz

    [4:15] daz dragon: hey Dave

    [4:18] Mark Crawford: no los angeles

    [4:27] GottoLoveThailand: Hi Fah

    [4:29] V Wo: Fah whatcha eating ?

    [4:33] Mark Crawford: sound is good

    [4:36] srwilliams1963: we hear Fah

    [4:41] Kieron in Thailand: we hear fah

    [4:45] Eleanor Arscott: Congratulations to you both. Very well done.

    [4:48] Scott Hummer: Yes can hear Fah

    [4:49] daz dragon: can hear her

    [5:05] GottoLoveThailand: Hi Scott

    [5:05] Harry Walsh: Hello from NY. Congrats on 24K!

    [5:07] ROGER HOOVER: hi from Speedy

    [5:12] Mark Crawford: can’t wait to visit

    [5:25] Samwora h: Nice glasses

    [5:26] srwilliams1963: James drinking too much water , you might float home

    [5:27] Corvette Rudy: Congratulations 24k Subs! Let's Go Chocolate Man In Thailand!!! Yeah buddy!!

    [5:36] Jimmy Berry: What up Fah & James

    [5:47] GottoLoveThailand: Hi Corvette

    [5:49] Kieron in Thailand: work meeting, i have to go. have a great night. like and subscribe

    [6:01] Corvette Rudy: Hello Dave

    [6:02] Mark Crawford: You won’t how bad the states have gotten

    [6:32] V Wo: Sparkling water is my favorite :thumbs_up:

    [6:41] Kenneth Thompson: love pattaya

    [6:51] Shuk K: Congratulations 24k…. 25k next week..

    [6:56] FOCUS on ASIA: Wassup James, in Bangkok be in Pattaya Sunday for 3 nights

    [6:58] yeeaaa man!: what city are you in now cchocolate man?

    [7:06] GottoLoveThailand: Thank God I live in Thailand lol

    [7:07] mikeswave2: Fah just picked up your chocolate today to bring you

    [7:09] pasoon chidthai: :nerd_face::couple_with_heart_woman_man::thumbs_up:

    [7:18] Mark Crawford: I leaving and never coming back

    [7:31] Alton Moore: Hello James and Fah

    [7:40] Jimmy Boyles: Hello Navy man!

    [7:52] Brock's 100 National Parks to : 4$ Superchat

    [8:09] Brock's 100 National Parks to : New Orleans ...say what uo

    [8:10] Mark Crawford: Marines

    [8:15] FOCUS on ASIA: James I am former 13 in Asia, changed channel name! Go Blue!

    [8:15] Colin Parris: Hello from NL , im new to your channel! Love your content

    [8:51] jon555 LIVE: are we live my dudes?

    [8:52] Brock's 100 National Parks to : where are you guy?

    [9:00] Mark Crawford: visited Thailand back in 1986

    [9:06] 80SGIRL: Hello James & Fah, from Maine!!!!

    [9:18] FOCUS on ASIA: Hows thr rain IN Pattaya? Bangkok we have been hit every night

    [9:28] Michael Sanders: Hello from Bangkok. Getting ready to head out to Patong for the night. Was in Pattaya last week.

    [9:31] West Tx Greg: Hey hey what’s good in Thailand James and Fah

    [9:33] daz dragon: they said ugly ass storm coming 62 provinces are going to get hit with water

    [9:39] Brock's 100 National Parks to : The place ,,,, sound like a party

    [9:42] Corvette Rudy: FEED THE FAH 20$ Superchat

    [9:55] Jimmy Berry: hit "LIKE" "LIKE" "LIKE"

    [9:59] jon555 LIVE: nice one Rudy!

    [9:59] srwilliams1963: I went to Tree town last, had some good fried duck

    [10:04] jon555 LIVE: smash like guys

    [10:07] 80SGIRL: What I would give for "hot & humid" LOL

    [10:11] yeeaaa man!: it flooded here in chiang mai today:person_facepalming:

    [10:11] V Wo: Fah where do you get your swimsuits?

    [10:36] Brock's 100 National Parks to : What are you guys drinking on?

    [10:43] Osman El-Amin: Air Force 75th Anniversary! I’m Air Force too.

    [10:49] mikeswave2: Being I am coming from California maybe I bring dry weather with me

    [10:51] srwilliams1963: what's your dish James?

    [10:52] FOCUS on ASIA: Still loving Fah's Tattoos, see had some nice wor\k done

    [11:03] Big DADDY L-Rob: Congratulations James and Fah!

    [11:04] ron payne: is it flooding there?

    [11:07] daz dragon: FEED THE FAH!!!

    [11:28] EeTee travelfreely: Hi James n Fah :folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands:

    [11:31] FOCUS on ASIA: @Osman El-Amin Happy Birthday Blue! Best 20 years of my life

    [11:31] srwilliams1963: awesome looking

    [11:35] Joshua Crowe: Did you retire from Air Force?

    [11:47] GottoLoveThailand: Hi Eetee

    [11:59] su su: aloy

    [12:03] EeTee travelfreely: Hi Dave :folded_hands:

    [12:20] EeTee travelfreely: Hi Daz :folded_hands:

    [12:25] mikeswave2: Hi EeTee

    [12:28] V Wo: And don't forget your poncho :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [12:28] Stacey Grier: hello

    [12:30] jay shar: Hey Fah, What up James. Salute from Cali

    [12:36] 80SGIRL: @EeTee travelfreely Hello. Hope you are well!

    [12:38] daz dragon: hey eetee

    [12:39] yeeaaa man!: aroy aroy 5555

    [12:49] GottoLoveThailand: Please hit the thumbs up

    [12:58] Osman El-Amin: Thirty eight years Air Force for me.

    [12:59] EeTee travelfreely: Hi Mikewave2 :folded_hands: 80sgirl:folded_hands:

    [13:07] FOCUS on ASIA: Only been back in Thailand 3 nights and just amazed how I forgot how damn good the food is

    [13:16] Corvette Rudy: Ee tee... howdy

    [13:24] mikeswave2: I hear there is good fish and chips in Tree Town

    [13:26] Joshua Crowe: What MOS in Air Force?

    [13:26] Jamie Gurner: hi james and farr love the channel

    [13:31] QueenWoods: don't fah take your foods today

    [13:40] 80SGIRL: Congrats on the success! Glad I found you!

    [13:40] EeTee travelfreely: Hi corvette Rudy :folded_hands:

    [13:44] Somchai Sae-tong: Are you gonna do a 25K giveaway?

    [13:52] srwilliams1963: I flyout on Thanksgiving day stay there 3 weeks, Pattaya, Chiang Rai and Samui

    [13:55] Osman El-Amin: Active duty and civil service

    [13:56] Just Bchill: Fam, I ran into Zoe and Q last night. Good brothers right their.

    [13:59] shoz: I miss thai food almost a year back in the uk. time flys

    [14:01] FOCUS on ASIA: @Osman El-Amin thanks 4 your service brother I assume you had some civilian time or guard or something

    [14:02] jay shar: Let me hit that like

    [14:22] freelance kate: hello

    [14:25] Somchai Sae-tong: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [14:34] Rodney Ellison: I love your channel and thinking about Mexico for retirement until I seen your videos. Great Content!!!

    [14:41] Jake Miller: Hey James hope all is good!

    [14:43] Don Alfredo: Congratulations James and Fah for 24 K

    [14:47] freelance kate: will you and Fah ever get Married?

    [14:48] FOCUS on ASIA: James you were in AFSOC is that correct? I did 14 years AFSOC, Kadena, Mildenhall, and Clark

    [14:57] srwilliams1963: give away chocolate man shirt

    [15:21] Ian In NZ: wassup :slightly_smiling_face:

    [15:22] iLyncher: how old is Fah?

    [15:23] Big DADDY L-Rob: Congrats on 24K James and Fah!

    [15:24] Alex Ng: Congrats Jim!!

    [15:41] Paul Cook: good morning guys, how are you doing today. I enjoy your videos. what does fahs tattoos stand for

    [15:48] Manny’s Weight lost - Upnouris: I love your channel ! Looks like you guys are living it up !

    [16:04] Charles Jones: Have you ever been outside of Thailand

    [16:23] Osman El-Amin: Thanks for reminding us to smash the like button...sometime we forget

    [16:44] FOCUS on ASIA: #1 place we have to eat in when in Pattaya on a moderate budget??? Any type of food, we will be eating plenty of Thai food obviosuly

    [16:49] jay shar: No more tattoos

    [16:52] Somchai Sae-tong: What kind of Visa do you have Chocolate man?

    [16:53] skippa732: Hey Bro 1st day here in Bangkok I will be in Pattaya next week

    [16:55] 80SGIRL: I think my favorite Fah tattoo is the simple pretty one in the center of her chest. Its gorgeous!

    [17:04] Joshua Crowe: Any trips outside of Thailand coming up?

    [17:17] Paul Cook: has fah ever been outside of her country

    [17:20] Eleanor Arscott: Fah deserves a big juicy steak :cut_of_meat: today

    [17:39] Maddawg22: You not wrong about the 'hit the like' statement, I don't think about it until you say something

    [17:41] Svens Shed : Love your channel mate, and love the honesty of it all

    [17:57] sally lee: Hi guys, does Pattaya have an airport?

    [18:07] FOCUS on ASIA: I know you have been b4, but Come on over to Angeles I will tour you around

    [18:27] Corvette Rudy: Shout out to The Myth & Legend "Mr. Mitch" & Dao

    [18:36] iLyncher: Finally got to use the full elite visa personnel service at BKK airport, now that things are back to normal they pick you up at the gate with a golfcart and shuttle you through to immigration

    [18:36] Somchai Sae-tong: I'm coming back to Thailand in March for 2 weeks. What are the top 3 destinations I should hit?

    [18:37] La Mai Style ละไมสไตล์: Hi to you both:folded_hands::revolving_hearts:

    [18:48] joestory1: Is ATP back open now ?

    [18:50] Osman El-Amin: Been there

    [18:51] Just Bchill: JC, Ill be in Pattaya till Monday. What's a great eatery I can suport

    [19:00] Ricardo: hey James love your channel which one is better to visit for single guys Bangkok or Pattaya??

    [19:04] Charles Jones: Why I did you choose pattaya out of places in Thailand

    [19:04] E V M: go to baan brood in three weeks cant wait :clinking_beer_mugs:

    [19:09] jay shar: Fah nose is still bothering her from yesterday?

    [19:11] 80SGIRL: How long have you been dating? Im sure its been asked alot.

    [19:20] MisterMitch: Hello there @Corvette Rudy :waving_hand::thumbs_up::folded_hands:

    [19:24] freelance kate: what is the best hotel resort youve stayed in Thailand?

    [19:40] MisterMitch: Hello James and Fah :thumbs_up::smiling_face_with_sunglasses::thumbs_up:

    [19:46] GottoLoveThailand: Hi Mitch

    [19:57] freelance kate: you are so sweet together

    [19:59] Osman El-Amin: Me and my wife has a house

    [20:00] MisterMitch: Dave hello :grinning_face:

    [20:00] FOCUS on ASIA: Hello @MisterMitch be in Pattaya Sunday brother

    [20:00] Simon Ralph: Must be hard to get to eat enough with Fah with you

    [20:02] sally lee: What is a good hotel to stay in close to the beach

    [20:04] BobbyCamarillo: สวัสดี ครับ James nd Fah

    [20:08] mzg: congrats on 24k man4.99$ Superchat

    [20:25] ermd96: Aloha James and Fah

    [20:32] daz dragon: hey MM

    [20:35] MisterMitch: FOCUS on ASIA Hello. I'll be in Pattaya Sunday too

    [20:49] FOCUS on ASIA: I recently hit 25K....wait that was 2.5K sorry LOL

    [20:56] KingzNDreamz: Salute! :red_circle::pill::airplane_departure::airplane_departure::airplane_departure::airplane_departure::airplane_departure:

    [20:56] MisterMitch: daz dragon hello :waving_hand:

    [21:01] ermd96: Doing great. Finally made it to Thailand

    [21:02] sally lee: How far is Koh Samui from Pattaya

    [21:12] Paul Cook: good morning James and fah this is Paul C in Louisiana. what time is it there

    [21:15] Sam Sukhon: hey is it still raining and flooding in pattaya?? I'll be there in 2 days and does it stink??

    [21:34] Joshua Crowe: Should do a trip to US and take Fah

    [21:45] M J: Everett WA in here

    [21:51] yeeaaa man!: will you guys travel to chiang mai again? i would like to buy you a beer brotha :beer_mug:

    [22:02] FOCUS on ASIA: Is there anything better than Pad Kaprao??

    [22:21] Don Alfredo: hahaha

    [22:24] freelance kate: lol

    [22:32] jay shar: James, have you been to that all you eat with Fah cooking her own food

    [22:33] Keith Outdoors: 555 food

    [22:39] freelance kate: she never gets fat

    [23:00] Ricardo: james are the floods that bad in Pattaya if so why does it flood that bad??

    [23:23] Joshua Crowe: Oh man, Fah hometown visit would be a good video too…

    [23:23] FOCUS on ASIA: Had Pad see Ew today on a tour of Ayutthaya

    [23:27] Maddawg22: @FOCUS on ASIA you are right, Pad Ka Prao thai style is the best, I try to find here in the US every time

    [23:27] daz dragon: coz it rains hard

    [23:32] Just Bchill: what restaurant are you guys eating at?

    [23:35] Sam Sukhon: hey is it still raining and flooding in pattaya?? I'll be there in 2 days and does it stink??

    [23:39] sally lee: What is the weather like in January and Feb.

    [23:41] BobbyCamarillo: Pad kee mao phet mak mak alloy!

    [23:56] 80SGIRL: Awe I LOVE watching Fah's live's :red_heart:

    [24:00] FOCUS on ASIA: @Maddawg22 I never had luck finding it is teh states

    [24:06] MisterMitch: Fah 1985

    [24:09] Just Alex Xandro (JiuJitsu Pas: we're actually doing mookata tonight at home :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [24:16] Sasi May and Bruce: Congrats on the 24k.

    [24:25] MisterMitch: FOCUS on ASIA

    [24:29] Just Alex Xandro (JiuJitsu Pas: congrats on the 24k!!

    [24:30] sally lee: Hi Mitch

    [24:30] Mark G: Is Thai food expensive in the US like Australia?

    [24:32] MisterMitch: hey Alex @Jiu Jitsu Passport

    [24:37] Maddawg22: I live in Nashville, a few Thai/Lao places here with good food

    [24:53] MisterMitch: Jiu Jitsu Passport

    [25:00] Young boy Pete: oi oi oi oi :backhand_index_pointing_right:

    [25:11] FOCUS on ASIA: Thanks @MisterMitch for the link brother

    [25:17] MisterMitch: Hello Bruce and Sai @Sasi May and Bruce

    [25:22] GottoLoveThailand: Hello Alex

    [25:36] Capio: Don’t get to see you often now as you stream when I work but keep pumping out the good vibes and congratulations on 24k. Seems like yesterday when you had your 10k stream 8.99£ Superchat

    [25:40] Corvette Rudy: Hello Alex & Miley @Jiu Jitsu Passport

    [25:40] Joshua Crowe: You going to get a place over by Joe? Seems like that’s the thing to do

    [25:42] gladwyn bean: Hi! been watching for awhile now and your content is awesome. hope one day to meet in person.

    [25:45] Sasi May and Bruce: Thanks Mr Mitch.

    [25:46] MisterMitch: Sasi May and Bruce

    [25:49] 80SGIRL: I pretty positive if I live there, I would be hungry all the time too LOL Everything looks so delish!

    [25:52] FOCUS on ASIA: Highly recommend Singapore just bring some dollars!

    [25:53] Osman El-Amin: Me and my wife just got back to the states from Thailand after 6 weeks, the humidity kicked my butt

    [25:53] Mark G: I mean is Thai food expensive in America?

    [25:58] MisterMitch: Yo @Capio hello

    [26:01] mzg: hey mitch and alex

    [26:09] Ricardo: james do you ever think about doing consulting??

    [26:11] GottoLoveThailand: Hi Capio

    [26:29] MisterMitch: GottoLoveThailand

    [26:40] MisterMitch: Vince @Gail lol

    [26:46] Capio: hey Mitch and Gottolove :thumbs_up:

    [26:51] FOCUS on ASIA: I remember the push to 1K/monetization on your channel when you were hanging in Prachuap

    [26:51] MisterMitch: hey there @mzg

    [26:53] daz dragon: yes, Thai food expensive in the states

    [27:00] Sasi May and Bruce: Vince and Gale

    [27:01] La Mai Style ละไมสไตล์: Yes Thai food is very expensive in the restaurants and in the Asian grocery stores in America 🇺🇸

    [27:05] freelance kate: lol

    [27:17] MisterMitch: mzg

    [27:17] Alex aka Frostyy: congratulations :party_popper: @Chocolate Man in Thailand

    [27:17] Just Bchill: JC can I get a shirt to show support? I can pick up tomorrow if your available.

    [27:33] Tommy J: Hello All - Congrats on 24k

    [27:42] MisterMitch: La Mai Style ละไมสไตล์

    [27:45] mzg: @MisterMitch thanks man !

    [27:47] MisterMitch: hello @Tommy J

    [27:54] Tommy J: MM

    [28:01] La Mai Style ละไมสไตล์: Congratulations on 24K :party_popper::partying_face:

    [28:02] MisterMitch: my pleasure @mzg

    [28:02] daz dragon: it's Tommy

    [28:04] 80SGIRL: I LOVE it when you all are together. The different personalities is what makes it so interesting!!!!

    [28:06] QueenWoods: fah did you get chocolate drinks today

    [28:07] Joshua Crowe: You ever colas with Retiredworkingforyou?

    [28:08] Mark G: Yes.. the same in Melbourne, Australia. Very expensive

    [28:16] GottoLoveThailand: Hello Tommy J

    [28:18] sally lee: How expensive is the medical

    [28:19] Mark G: But good food

    [28:27] Tommy J: Dave


    [28:37] La Mai Style ละไมสไตล์: :folded_hands: :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: thank you

    [28:53] MisterMitch: :slightly_smiling_face: @La Mai Style ละไมสไตล์

    [28:54] Greg: How are the local puppies doing? :grinning_face:

    [28:59] GottoLoveThailand: Thanks James

    [29:04] Ronin Travelers with Alex: Congratulations :party_popper: @Chocolate Man in Thailand one-day I would love to do an interview with you

    [29:05] sally lee: What about foot surgery

    [29:20] FOCUS on ASIA: Click those links brothers! Singapore Malaysia videos popping right now and Thailand to follow in about a week. Hit that like button for James!

    [29:28] Maddawg22: got that MZG 'why I'm leaving the US' vid queued up, I have the same dream

    [29:29] Joshua Crowe: Chuck got everyone sick?

    [29:58] Robert H: Hello James, Fah, and Mr. Mitch from Detroit, Mi. Coming back to Pattaya Nov 28th for 7 week stay at VT6. Hope to run into you guys to say hi!

    [30:11] MisterMitch: Hello @Robert H

    [30:32] Keith Outdoors: I eat Thai BBQ $4.50 US all you can eat, all the time.

    [30:37] freelance kate: you should do an interview with piet from Thairishtimes i dont know how to spell it

    [30:39] Capio: we find you Fah, you are better to look at

    [31:00] MisterMitch: Keith Outdoors

    [31:01] freelance kate: lol

    [31:17] Noob Biker: James why does Fah not speak Thai when they don’t speak Thai to her? Does she get the arse because they don’t know she is Thai :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [31:20] Mark G: Chuck is a super spreader

    [31:33] mzg: @Maddawg22 yea man i leave for thailand in 66 days

    [31:37] freelance kate: lol

    [31:39] MisterMitch: Saturday October 1st 4pm Wombat and Kiwi Bar Jomtien Beach

    [31:45] FOCUS on ASIA: I would never recommend a food court in USA but damn it is hard to beat Terminal 21 food court in Bangkok, so damn cheap and so damn good

    [31:57] BobbyCamarillo: สวัสดี ครับ @MisterMitch!

    [32:00] mzg: thanks for supporting @Maddawg22

    [32:14] freelance kate: fah is Thai right?

    [32:16] MisterMitch: hello @BobbyCamarillo

    [32:30] Why You Trippin: hello chocos! :folded_hands:

    [32:34] Keith Outdoors: Thanks MisterMitch

    [32:37] Where's Chuck?: Good work Chocolateman in Thailand, I am in Chiang Mai, but we are coming to Pattaya,it would be great to live chat with you.

    [32:45] Ricardo: hey James why does it flood so bad in Pattaya??

    [32:45] MisterMitch: pleasure @Keith Outdoors

    [33:00] La Mai Style ละไมสไตล์: Terminal 21 food court is my favorite. I used to go there everyday after class

    [33:01] Mark G: Does Fah ever actually stop eating?

    [33:17] daz dragon: fah... he didn't say no ... . he said HELL no

    [33:18] MisterMitch: Where's Chuck?

    [33:34] FOCUS on ASIA: @La Mai Style ละไมสไตล์ so delicious so many choices

    [33:37] hu hg: and fah is his queen

    [33:40] GottoLoveThailand: Hi Why you tripping

    [33:55] BobbyCamarillo: You can instantly spoy those that have not dated a Thai girl by the eating comments 555

    [34:07] freelance kate: good question does Fah ever stop eating

    [34:10] Scott Hummer: Fah needs to eat she too thin

    [34:16] Joshua Crowe: Going to colab again with Zoom to Thailand?

    [34:18] MisterMitch: Why You Trippin

    [34:19] Roland Thys: hi all greetings from belgium

    [34:22] FOCUS on ASIA: Cheers! James and Fa, @MisterMitch got a video to edit!

    [34:34] MisterMitch: take care @FOCUS on ASIA

    [34:41] GottoLoveThailand: Hello Scott

    [34:41] freelance kate: could Fah speak english before you met her?

    [34:45] 80SGIRL: Fah is NOT too thin. I think she is perfect! Smok'n HOTTTT

    [34:47] Where's Chuck?: Shout out to MisterMitch , the moderator

    [35:00] MisterMitch: :slightly_smiling_face: @Where's Chuck?

    [35:03] La Mai Style ละไมสไตล์: Hi Scott:double_exclamation_mark::folded_hands:

    [35:17] ermd96: Thai girls are smart like that

    [35:35] Osman El-Amin: Thais food metabolism is so different from westerners

    [35:36] Scott Hummer: Hello La Mai Style ละไมสไตล์

    [35:36] cdenver: have you guys ever went to Nakhon Phanom ? A north Eastern trip would be cool to see.

    [35:36] mikeswave2: Hey MISTER MITCH SEE YOU October 1st

    [35:41] freelance kate: she said the secret is PORNHUB

    [35:48] Corvette Rudy: Let's Go People! Get Chocolate Man In Thailand to 50k + Subs

    [35:48] Gedl'umhlanga Maphela: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [35:56] Mark G: Fah’s English is very good

    [36:14] jay shar: HOW LONG DOES THE FLOOD SEASON LAST?

    [36:21] Noob Biker: 555 Fah

    [36:21] MisterMitch: hey there @mikeswave2

    [36:38] Robertha Pinkney: my next trip is pattaya all those beautiful women, definitely need vacation

    [36:42] MisterMitch: Fah's English is better than mine :face_with_open_mouth:

    [36:42] cdenver: really? I never knew you visited chick

    [36:47] Ronin Travelers with Alex: Any plans on taking Fah to Singapore @Chocolate Man in Thailand

    [36:48] cdenver: chuck*

    [36:50] Ricardo: love your channel man you come from a different angle it not sleazy and not PG it just the right balance I considering the move to thailand I hope I can consult with b4 I do keep up the good work man.10$ Superchat

    [37:27] MisterMitch: hello @cdenver

    [37:53] Why You Trippin: my channel wasn't approved for monetization :pensive_face:

    [37:54] JayDubPlays: Just tuning in Sorry. How are things looking in pattaya? I'm there in November

    [37:54] Keith Outdoors: so how did Chuck, Joe and you get together, you'll live in three different areas

    [38:04] 80SGIRL: Thats what makes your channel so GREAT!

    [38:09] Scott Hummer: Hello Dave GottoLoveThailand

    [38:11] 🎭 Quick504 ⚜️: Hey James & Fah! Have a drink :tumbler_glass: on me! Congrats on your Subs!4.99$ Superchat

    [38:17] vintageexcellence: Have you ever gone rafting in Pattaya during the floods?

    [38:25] Multifaceted Shaye: Hi everyone I made it a LIVE

    [38:40] MisterMitch: congrats @Multifaceted Shaye :slightly_smiling_face:

    [38:47] cdenver: hello @MisterMitch ! how are ya doing man!? Hope you are enjoying yourself dude

    [38:49] Osman El-Amin: I was in warin chamrap ubon ratchathani it rained liked crazy, my feet was almost never dry

    [39:01] jay shar: THANKS, JAMES, FOR THE FLOOD INFO

    [39:01] Why You Trippin: I previously upload same videos on another channel, but then I changed niches, so unlisted travel videos and re-uploaded on this new channel, so got hit with "re-used content"

    [39:03] MisterMitch: Loving Life thanks @cdenver

    [39:03] Multifaceted Shaye: Hi Mitch :waving_hand:

    [39:03] sally lee: People in Canada don't want to work either

    [39:47] Mark G: I’m predicting NYE will be rocking in Pattaya… when I’m there

    [39:51] cdenver: @MisterMitch love to hear that. it was good seeing you on Chucks videos.

    [40:07] F. Borgar vik: hello to you all in the chat and to y james and fah

    [40:12] Chris E.: which visa do you use to stay in Thailand

    [40:14] Fred Fuller: SoFi

    [40:15] MisterMitch: Reused content. I guess it makes sense especially if your monetized...They wouldn't want to pay twice

    [40:23] Ricardo: james I see people walking in that flood water is that safe is there any sewage in that water.

    [40:36] Multifaceted Shaye: I am coming with my daughter soon. Where is the best area no floods and near the Beach?

    [40:39] mojoo101: Had fun in Phuket but got sick lol made it back to Bangkok

    [40:43] Noob Biker: Omg Thai women can eat 555. Feeding the Fah in overdrive

    [40:47] MisterMitch: thank you @cdenver Great traveling with Chuck James and the gang

    [40:54] La Mai Style ละไมสไตล์: Sewage in flood water.:nauseated_face:

    [41:06] HaYaTo: Welcome to Pattaya.High season Coming SOON.:red_heart::victory_hand::thumbs_up::clinking_beer_mugs:

    [41:11] vintageexcellence: There is a ton of sewage in that water :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [41:29] MisterMitch: No way. I'm staying put and will only walk in that crap if my life depended on it

    [41:39] cdenver: you guys make a great all star farrang team

    [42:01] James Bismarck: Have you ever been to an Indian nightclub? It looks like fun.

    [42:03] vintageexcellence: Down by Bali Hai pier there s a river full of sewage going out to sea

    [42:11] Peter Thermocline: Airline tickets are still expensive

    [42:23] Multifaceted Shaye: Where are you guys now? Just got here is there Rain :cloud_with_rain:

    [42:46] sally lee: Is Pattaya cheaper than Phuket

    [42:50] MisterMitch: Tree Town

    [43:12] daz dragon: pattaya is much cheaper

    [43:17] cdenver: would you ever visit the cave in the North where the kids got trapped? New Hollywood movie out about it, could be a great time to blend in with the algorithm

    [43:19] James Bismarck: Are you from the USA?

    [43:46] MisterMitch: I will be going there after the rainy season @cdenver

    [43:56] HaYaTo: What are your favorite Farang Food in Pattaya? And restaurant name please?:grinning_squinting_face:

    [43:58] Azzkikr E: where are you guys now.. Walking street?

    [44:00] VeVe Focus: Congrats on 24k!! :party_popper::bottle_with_popping_cork:

    [44:01] 80SGIRL: American Girl Problem #895,000: If I ate what Fah eats, my life would be in the bathroom . LOL Im jelly!!!!

    [44:08] MisterMitch: Pretty good flick Thirteen Lives

    [44:19] Big Boss REAL Talk: Congratz Chocolate Man :chocolate_bar: on hitting 24k --- 50k NEXT! Give Fah a kiss for Bossy-Boss. See U next Month sir. REAL Talk!!24$ Superchat

    [44:26] cdenver: Great movie.. 9 out of 10

    [44:31] Mark G: Is Fah originally from Isaan?

    [44:40] MisterMitch: I refuse to recommend restaurants any more.

    [44:58] cdenver: MistrrMitch, looking forward to watching your vids when you visit

    [45:03] COLIN CHAMPION: Hi Mate Do you recommend the Elite Visa

    [45:05] Noob Biker: Question for Fah what is James most annoying habit

    [45:06] Mark G: :thumbs_up:

    [45:12] MrTriplejack82: Gday guys how’s it going?

    [45:16] Mama Bear: Hi Fah!@

    [45:16] MisterMitch: I get blamed too many times

    [45:28] Mama Bear: Hi Fah

    [45:28] MisterMitch: awesome @cdenver

    [45:41] GottoLoveThailand: Hi Mama

    [45:44] daz dragon: so many places to eat in pty

    [45:54] street153: @solo777

    [46:01] Reddstars76: Enjoying your content from Houston Texas, Fah is awesome:red_heart:🇹🇭

    [46:05] Mama Bear: Hi MisterMitch :revolving_hearts:

    [46:14] What’s Dean doing in Thailand: Hi Guys where are you

    [46:16] Mama Bear: it's OK Fah!

    [46:19] street153: #solo777

    [46:28] MisterMitch: hey there @What’s Dean doing in Thailand

    [46:36] MrTriplejack82: How often do you where glasses chocolate man?

    [46:40] daz dragon: they are at tree town

    [46:48] What’s Dean doing in Thailand: Great thanks, really

    [46:49] MisterMitch: What’s Dean doing in Thailand

    [47:11] MisterMitch: I enjoy watching a good build

    [47:14] What’s Dean doing in Thailand: Okay thanks

    [47:29] BobbyCamarillo: Cant wait to get back in December and enjoy Na'am si krong mu. แหนมซี่โครงหมู10$ Superchat

    [47:40] cdenver: who wants to see casino skydiving in a future video? lol

    [47:51] daz dragon: haha

    [48:01] MrTriplejack82: Does fah ever put those contact lenses on that change her eye Color?

    [48:28] Mark G: Those glasses would look on Fah

    [48:32] cdenver: lmao

    [48:33] mojoo101: Got head over 21 before they close have great night later

    [48:41] TONY TONY: Hey chocolate man this tony love your content make sure you feed the FAH i will be there in Mar see you soon

    [48:43] Mark G: Look good

    [49:21] TONY TONY: doing great

    [49:23] Ricardo: one last thing james are there crocodiles in tiahaland if so where

    [49:56] MisterMitch: NDtvi Thailand

    [50:05] Mark G: When’s the last time you had a beer? You’re looking fit

    [50:08] Ricky Escobar: see you next month man ill holla at you on IG congrats again man peace :victory_hand:

    [50:38] 80SGIRL: Where are you guys going after this, for the night?

    [50:39] What’s Dean doing in Thailand: Well done James

    [50:48] Multifaceted Shaye: Have you been to the dentist there?

    [50:50] MrTriplejack82: It’s the women that you have to be careful of in the wild in Thailand

    [51:04] daz dragon: :grinning_squinting_face:

    [51:18] sally lee: Crown royal:thumbs_up:

    [51:28] cdenver: is it illegal for youtubers to do videos on smoking weed, even if its for comedic and entertainment purposes ?

    [51:29] Reddstars76: Should make a shirt. "Beware if you don't feed the Fah!":smiling_face_with_sunglasses::thumbs_up:

    [51:57] Northside Of Dallas: Peace from Dallas!

    [52:01] Matt Smith: hello c man

    [52:11] Matt Smith: hello fah

    [52:23] Why You Trippin: smoking would get age restricted

    [52:25] joestory1: People think that because we live in Pattaya we Party and Drink all year round… You will Die here doing that 555:grinning_face_with_sweat:

    [52:32] Jay Dillenger: fah not fake crying today :loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face::loudly_crying_face: chocolateman you can turn em on , and turn em off

    [52:46] Multifaceted Shaye: Wisdom teeth removal

    [52:47] MisterMitch: so true @joestory1

    [52:53] Mark G: I would love to get into the weed zone!

    [52:53] GottoLoveThailand: I did one on the weed and they just made me market as 18 and over

    [52:56] cdenver: oh okay. that's understandable

    [53:06] Why You Trippin: might also get a community guidelines strike if not careful

    [53:31] Expat Paul: hi james and fah

    [53:40] MisterMitch: hello @Expat Paul

    [53:46] sally lee: What about prescription drugs

    [53:48] Darrell J: James cool glasses

    [53:52] Expat Paul: mitch :thumbs_up:

    [53:53] Reddstars76: Had my teeth cleaned last time I was in Bkk, super simple and hassle free!

    [53:57] cdenver: 2k for braces in Thailand. 4k in ireland/uk

    [53:59] areyouexp4: sawasdee khap james and fah - fah eating again 55555 2nd dinner

    [53:59] MisterMitch: Expat Paul

    [54:13] Multifaceted Shaye: Do you offer consultation?

    [54:16] areyouexp4: hey @MisterMitch

    [54:17] Noob Biker: James apart from your family what’s the one thing you miss about the states?

    [54:19] Darrell J: 1000 baht

    [54:21] MisterMitch: long time no see Don @areyouexp4

    [54:27] BigKevin Media: good evening from Kentucky:clinking_beer_mugs:

    [54:44] cdenver: yeh it's 25 dollars

    [54:49] MisterMitch: areyouexp4

    [54:50] MrTriplejack82: Do you go out every night or sometimes just hang in the apartment?

    [54:51] sally lee: Just had a tooth pulled here for 200.00 CD.

    [54:56] Joshua Crowe: Where from the states do you come from?

    [54:57] Joe Hughes: 5000 usd for a root canal last time, for me.

    [55:04] areyouexp4: ty mitch

    [55:05] Dana Jones: how's the Ozempic going

    [55:14] Mark G: Is Fah im mak yet?

    [55:15] MisterMitch: Hey there @BigKevin Media

    [55:18] Reddstars76: Just subbed

    [55:24] Expat Paul: will you be in bkk anytime soon?

    [55:26] MisterMitch: BigKevin Media

    [55:26] David from Wales: Hello James and Fah

    [55:32] Why You Trippin: I want to move to Thailand, but I'm afraid I would miss my family, and my dad is getting old.

    [55:36] JAM Life in Thailand: Good evening everyone

    [55:40] MisterMitch: hello @David from Wales

    [55:50] MisterMitch: Hello Jam and Jim @JAM Random Places

    [55:52] cdenver: Thailand have great Japanese dentists. clean buildings, amazing price and the same technology in the west

    [55:52] David from Wales: Hello Mitch

    [55:55] Jay Dillenger: choclateman do you have $cashapp

    [55:57] Expat Paul: hi meaw jam

    [55:57] GottoLoveThailand: Hi JAM

    [56:02] BigKevin Media: MisterMitch:hot_beverage::doughnut:

    [56:11] GottoLoveThailand: Hi David

    [56:11] MisterMitch: JAM Random Places

    [56:28] jay shar: James, you haven't hit the BUD yet after it has become legal

    [56:39] David from Wales: Hello GLT

    [56:41] Multifaceted Shaye: Yes I was going go to Cancun first for dental for my daughter. But I will google dental offices there . THANKS :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [56:48] JAM Life in Thailand: Nice to see everyone here .. :red_heart:

    [56:53] Earth Camper: hi faj n James. ... November 9;to 14 pattaya. booked tickets n hotel...:smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes::thumbs_up::clinking_beer_mugs:

    [57:06] Earth Camper: *fah

    [57:12] Dana Jones: Thailand is the home of top plastic surgery and Dentistry as well

    [57:16] MisterMitch: @Earth Camper hello

    [57:27] cdenver: lmao edibles are scary

    [57:37] MisterMitch: Earth Camper

    [57:39] mikeswave2: Heading back to the dentist today aaaaaa

    [57:46] MrTriplejack82: I heard a rumour that there was going to be a cruise ship running between Pattaya and Koh Samui is that true?

    [57:48] BigKevin Media: I just subscribed to your Channel:clinking_beer_mugs:

    [57:52] sally lee: My daughter wants to know if it is cheap for face lift

    [58:10] JAM Life in Thailand: Hello Mitch Hope to see you next weekend

    [58:11] Charles Martin: 5$ Superchat

    [58:12] MisterMitch: Car Ferry Sattahip to Koh Samui

    [58:16] DYL₳N: I miss thailand

    [58:59] Expat Paul: did you do that james? you do look cind of younger

    [59:04] Jamie Woods: So that means no pcr for unvaccinated?

    [59:06] sally lee: Where do you guys hang out so maybe we will run into you

    [59:08] Joe Hughes: that's good

    [59:08] Mark G: Rhinoplasty?

    [59:13] Earth Camper: i booked koh Samui 4 to 8 th November

    [59:16] Mark G: :nose:

    [59:16] David from Wales: Do you have to show vaccines in airport

    [59:27] Mr Tee: your glasses make you look like a high school metal shop teacher

    [59:28] Jamie Woods: Thanks for info buddy

    [59:29] Reddstars76: That's so amazing to hear:red_heart:🇹🇭

    [59:37] Multifaceted Shaye: @Dana Jones are you there :thinking_face: thanks for comment.

    [59:50] Hans Erik Moen: any monkey poxy

    [59:53] DYL₳N: Thai people love the big farang nose

    [59:57] cdenver: really? do we need pcr tests flying into Thailand? Wooow, you just answered my question. that's fantastic news

    [1:00:06] areyouexp4: i get denistry done in thailand - way cheaper than back home - 1000 baht for cleaning - 1000 for filing - 1000 for extraction - 1000 baht = 33 usd

    [1:00:15] Reddstars76: My wife is from Issan and hates her nose, I love it lol

    [1:00:36] Ricardo: james have you ever encountered any Discrimination in tiahaland if so what was the situation

    [1:00:41] Nicky Dunn: Hiya James and Fah, Wish I could stop but still working. Congratulations. 24K

    [1:00:44] Noob Biker: Fah belly full she needs a sleep before desert lol

    [1:00:44] Multifaceted Shaye: Is there a FACEBOOK GROUP? I don't know anyone there.

    [1:00:54] Expat Paul: hat nicky

    [1:00:55] cdenver: my girl is Issan, love her nose too lol

    [1:00:56] Jamie Woods: Fah looks great rocking that T-Shirt lol

    [1:01:11] MisterMitch: hey there @Nicky Dunn :sparkling_heart:

    [1:01:13] Nicky Dunn: :slightly_smiling_face:

    [1:01:19] JAM Life in Thailand: Hey @Nicky Dunn

    [1:01:22] Nicky Dunn: Hiya Mitch :slightly_smiling_face: Happy Weekend

    [1:01:25] Nicky Dunn: Hiya Paul

    [1:01:29] MisterMitch: Nicky Dunn

    [1:01:30] David from Wales: Hi Nicky

    [1:01:34] Dana Jones: no I'm still in America not visiting Thailand or Philippines till my youngest starts here Jr year of college

    [1:01:44] Nicky Dunn: Hiya @JAM Random Places

    [1:01:48] Nicky Dunn: Hiya David

    [1:01:53] FactFinder: Where did you find such a pretty girl?

    [1:01:54] mikeswave2: Hi Nicky

    [1:02:00] Nicky Dunn: Smashed that Like and Shared

    [1:02:06] areyouexp4: my girl from surin - sunglasses dont fit her right 5555

    [1:02:07] Nicky Dunn: Hiya Mike

    [1:02:18] Keith G: :folded_hands:

    [1:02:24] Nicky Dunn: Will keep window open but taking Calls,

    [1:02:24] Noob Biker: Fah found James lol

    [1:02:29] Adrian Achtstetter: when is the rain season over in thailand ?

    [1:02:32] DYL₳N: my son has my wife's Thai nose. she was a bit disappointed :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [1:02:35] Kieron in Thailand: back

    [1:02:36] MisterMitch: Thai Girls R Us is a good place to look

    [1:02:37] Multifaceted Shaye: You type in All CAPS so you can see my ?

    [1:02:38] Nicky Dunn: Hope you have a great weekend Mitch@MisterMitch thank you xx

    [1:02:40] MrTriplejack82: Asians are sexy! That’s my opinion but an opinion I’m entitled to.

    [1:02:49] David from Wales: Lol Mitch

    [1:02:51] cdenver: would you ever buy a caravan and do a tour for video content around Thailand?

    [1:02:53] MisterMitch: you too @Nicky Dunn

    [1:02:54] Reddstars76: Any plans for Fah to get more tattoos, her look is awesome dude!

    [1:02:59] FactFinder: 976 BABE :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: cIassic

    [1:03:00] Ricardo: james have you ever encountered any Discrimination in tiahaland if so what was the situation??

    [1:03:08] Kieron in Thailand: hey mitch, hey nicky

    [1:03:19] Nicky Dunn: I was laughing at that too@FactFinder Brilliant

    [1:03:20] MisterMitch: hey there @Kieron in Thailand

    [1:03:24] Nicky Dunn: Hiya Kieron

    [1:03:25] rusty craig: James … are the masks :face_with_medical_mask: gone after October 1st also ???? Any mention of that ?

    [1:03:32] Eyes Wide Open: Hello James and Miss Fah. Congratulations on 24K.

    [1:03:37] areyouexp4: may i ask why you guys choose to live in pattaya and not bkk or hua hin ?

    [1:03:39] Keith G: My Thai wife had her nose and chin done

    [1:03:48] cdenver: hahaha

    [1:03:50] Mann: Congratulations my brother

    [1:03:50] MisterMitch: I think Thais will be wearing masks forever by choice

    [1:04:13] Mark G: Fah in the USA would make excellent content

    [1:04:14] Benjamin Thompson: Ha James n Fah, Like your videos!

    [1:04:25] David from Wales: Congratulations on 24K

    [1:04:36] Crypto Pharaoh /G\: Congratulations on your 24K

    [1:04:39] FactFinder: How do you afford to live there? you look too young to be retired

    [1:04:40] Kieron in Thailand: only discrimination is the dual pricing

    [1:05:01] areyouexp4: when i was there in may only 7 / 11 demanded you wear mask 55555

    [1:05:07] MrTriplejack82: I heard newborn Thai baby’s come out of the womb with a mask on

    [1:05:14] Mark G: C’mon man!

    [1:05:21] rusty craig: I hear ya MisterMitch …. Thanks :folded_hands:… I figured that much

    [1:05:24] Multifaceted Shaye: FAH my daughter wants braces :grimacing_face: she wants the visalines. How you like yours?

    [1:05:26] Adrian Achtstetter: how old are you @Chocolate Man In Thailand

    [1:06:03] Keith G: Some wore masks before the pandemic

    [1:06:15] sally lee: You must be arount 50

    [1:06:29] tracey bannerman: Hello from Texas it’s 9:25 am here what time is it there ?

    [1:06:31] Thomas Wahl Mureo: Chocolate manAnd Fah how are you doing tonight?

    [1:06:31] Crypto Pharaoh /G\: Are you retired military? If so, what kinda visa can we get. I'll be retiring at the end of the year.

    [1:06:41] FactFinder: retired Military maybe

    [1:06:41] Reddstars76: Building a house in Sattahip for retirement close enough to Pattaya for me

    [1:06:54] Kieron in Thailand: 9.27pm here

    [1:07:07] David from Wales: Any plans on travelling soon

    [1:07:12] Osman El-Amin: I say building a house in Thailand is exciting, we just got done with our home

    [1:07:16] Frank Taylor: James where in pattaya do you stay

    [1:07:29] MrTriplejack82: Yes very important to always use protection during sexual relations always wear a mask

    [1:07:32] Thomas Wahl Mureo: Chocolate man, where is Chuck Paige, Joe gift Mitch

    [1:07:52] Northside Of Dallas: I'm thinking about getting an Elite Visa. Do your offer consultations?

    [1:08:09] Todd Matherly: is fah always that happy

    [1:08:13] DYL₳N: what part of Thailand are you from Fah?

    [1:08:28] sally lee: When you have owned a house a long time it is time to travel and then rent

    [1:08:45] MisterMitch: I'm right here @Thomas Wahl Mureo In Jomtien

    [1:08:48] Crypto Pharaoh /G\: I'll be retiring from the Army with 28.6yrs and I'm 51. I appreciate the information.

    [1:08:57] Osman El-Amin: You guys are getting me hungry, heading out to get me some English muffins

    [1:09:17] Thomas Wahl Mureo: I love watching your guys

    [1:09:18] JAM Life in Thailand: I like to invite everyone to the meet up at Wombat Pattaya on Saturday October 2

    [1:09:24] MrTriplejack82: Pudai waa?

    [1:09:34] Pepe Powell: Where are you from James?

    [1:09:36] Northside Of Dallas: Thanks, I'm subbed!

    [1:09:38] Nicky Dunn: Just a little reminder, Smash that thumbs up

    [1:09:41] Mark G: I would never buy a property in Thailand. I would rather rent there.

    [1:09:41] Noob Biker: Fah is thinking hurry up I want to sleep 5555

    [1:09:57] Reddstars76: When you taking Fah back to the states? now that would be an amazing Vlog!

    [1:10:13] areyouexp4: mitch is a wealth of knowledge and a nice guy - easy to approach and chat with

    [1:10:17] Multifaceted Shaye: Thank You Fah she is 19 they she can get her braces until she has her wisdom teeth removed but haven't all grown in yet.

    [1:10:31] sally lee: Do you guys get together with YouTubers from Canada and UK

    [1:10:50] Thomas Wahl Mureo: Chocolate man thank you for your service

    [1:11:05] BobbyCamarillo: Yes it is a nightmare to bring a Thai girl to the USA

    [1:11:07] Thomas Wahl Mureo: Thank you, James for your service

    [1:11:30] Thomas In Wonderland: FEED THE FAH!! SHE HUNGRY

    [1:11:37] Leo: Cheers from California. Will be coming to Thailand soon. Enjoy your fun videos

    [1:11:39] areyouexp4: 5555555555

    [1:11:47] Reddstars76: Enjoyed seeing Rob in your video the other day, love the crossover content

    [1:11:50] FactFinder: Seems loud but then I remember its 9:30 PM there, almost party time

    [1:11:53] MrTriplejack82: Fah rung means rainbow in Thai?

    [1:12:07] Kieron in Thailand: Fah needs a chocolate drink

    [1:12:07] MisterMitch: Premium Visa Consulting Thailand Elite & Retirement Visa Specialist

    [1:12:13] Tio Hyme: so how did you meet fah

    [1:12:38] MisterMitch: Thai Girls R Us is a great place to meet Girls..

    [1:12:41] ken mu: Coming to pattya in Dec, 1st week. One of the “dawgs”. Hope to get a chance to hook up for a night. Good job on your videos. I really enjoy them.

    [1:12:46] Dana Jones: you meet Dante from Dante's boxing Nation he's based in Pattaya

    [1:12:49] Khru Moowan ครูหมูวรรณ: Evening all

    [1:12:53] Mark G: Fah’s eyelashes look lovely

    [1:12:53] cdenver: yeah sn updated origin video would be cool

    [1:12:59] MisterMitch: Facebook Marketplace is also pretty good too

    [1:13:04] cdenver: an*

    [1:13:11] Tommy J: Off for my walk take care everyone

    [1:13:15] MisterMitch: hello @Keeping it Simple with Moowan

    [1:13:19] Darrell J: I’m coming to the next meet up . Dontae is in Pattaya too

    [1:13:24] BigKevin Media: good job Mitch:clinking_beer_mugs:

    [1:13:31] BobbyCamarillo: @misterMitch 555

    [1:13:35] MisterMitch: Keeping it Simple with Moowan

    [1:13:40] Darrell J: Dontae has a hotel and a restaurant there

    [1:13:43] areyouexp4: hey @Tommy J hows it man

    [1:13:47] MisterMitch: thanks @BigKevin Media :slightly_smiling_face:

    [1:13:51] Nicky Dunn: Hi and bye @Tommy J

    [1:13:53] MrTriplejack82: What’s your bedtime?

    [1:13:54] Khru Moowan ครูหมูวรรณ: @MisterMitch...hello

    [1:13:56] Don Johnson: Do you have Amazon there?

    [1:13:57] High Priest of Goof: James I think you’d look better in a bikini than Fah.

    [1:14:02] Nicky Dunn: Hiya @Keeping it Simple with Moowan

    [1:14:04] ken mu: What place you in right now.

    [1:14:09] Reddstars76: Ant plans for Fah to get more tattoos? Love her look!

    [1:14:13] Funkbringer: big shout outs from London, Ontario, Canada. Love you both!!

    [1:14:15] Dana Jones: he owns a hotel and soul food restaurant over there lol

    [1:14:26] Thurman: How's the Ozempic journey sir?

    [1:14:30] FactFinder: Have you ever met the girls from Desire on Soi 6? they look like a fun bunch

    [1:14:35] Khru Moowan ครูหมูวรรณ: Hey Nicky

    [1:14:39] Nicky Dunn: MisterMitch Channel

    [1:14:44] Mark G: Do you need a permit to fly a drone in Thailand?

    [1:14:47] areyouexp4: does fah like farang food or no way ?

    [1:14:48] MisterMitch: Thank you @Nicky Dunn

    [1:15:00] Jay Dillenger: how is tacoma washington choclateman

    [1:15:08] Why You Trippin: heya @Nicky Dunn :folded_hands:

    [1:15:19] Nicky Dunn: Hiya@Why You Trippin

    [1:15:27] Thurman: Great job you look great

    [1:15:28] MisterMitch: Tacoma Wa Stinks. Literally @Jay Dillenger

    [1:15:29] daz dragon: Thailand has Lazada.... online shopping... similar to Amazon

    [1:15:38] Nicky Dunn:

    [1:15:43] AmonjaiDuncan: make fah fat

    [1:15:44] jay shar: Hey Fah, can you dance? With rhythm?

    [1:16:01] E.DeanCole: Long time keep grinding

    [1:16:04] areyouexp4: fah will eat too many onion rings and french fries from drive thrus 55555

    [1:16:18] Nicky Dunn: Fah Channel

    [1:16:35] Don Johnson: Any shots you recommend getting before leaving the states?

    [1:16:35] MisterMitch: Yo @E.DeanCole

    [1:16:39] BigKevin Media: Stuart Anderson Cattle Company I haven't heard that in a long time:fondue::cut_of_meat:

    [1:16:49] MisterMitch: E.DeanCole

    [1:16:56] Nicky Dunn:

    [1:17:06] jay shar: Hey Fah, can you dance? With rhythm?

    [1:17:13] Nicky Dunn:

    [1:17:18] Dana Jones: it would be to expensive to feed Fah in America lol

    [1:17:27] Darrell J: How’s the crowd tonight?

    [1:17:28] MisterMitch: Holy Smokes. Haven't heard that name in a while @BigKevin Media Stuart Andersons

    [1:17:30] areyouexp4: @Don Johnson twin rex all you need

    [1:17:40] Don Johnson: ok, ty

    [1:17:51] D T: hey hey

    [1:17:54] BigKevin Media: we used to have Stewart Anderson in Anchorage:clinking_beer_mugs:

    [1:17:58] Don Johnson: Can Fah do the Electric Slide?

    [1:18:11] Darrell J: I appreciate you man you’re the reason I moved to Thailand

    [1:18:18] Tio Hyme: Again how and where did you and Fah meet

    [1:18:21] MisterMitch: I've been to the Anchorage SA @BigKevin Media

    [1:18:32] areyouexp4: electric slide like the worm ?

    [1:18:37] Mark G: Timed out ..really?

    [1:18:37] cdenver: ever heard of Thairish Times on YouTube? he is like the Irish version of Joe rogan in Thailand. would you ever take an interview from him?

    [1:18:55] MisterMitch: Used to be a lot of them in Washington State. Had their Ranch near Ellensburg Wa

    [1:18:55] BigKevin Media: I grew up in Anchorage and then I went to the Philippines

    [1:19:25] DYL₳N: I just found your channel last week. love your content

    [1:19:30] Noob Biker: Fah met him on street and felt sorry for him

    [1:19:41] MisterMitch: We always stopped over in Anchorage to get our Pay on the way out of Prudhoe Bay

    [1:19:44] Don Johnson: What's the flight time from there to the Philippines?

    [1:19:53] BigKevin Media: did you serve in Elmendorf Air Force Base

    [1:19:53] Dana Jones: the way she ate that German food she can held American food hearing Cola going up 8 1/2 % cause of inflation

    [1:20:29] areyouexp4: are you from usa that has snow ? fah wants to see the snow ? 5555

    [1:20:36] New York Native: Fah :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes: CMIT :victory_hand:

    [1:20:51] MisterMitch: hey there @New York Native

    [1:20:53] Don Johnson: Can Fah make Grits?

    [1:21:00] Pepe Powell: Joe flation

    [1:21:12] yo mama: good morning!

    [1:21:19] yo mama: happy Friday!

    [1:21:27] jay shar: James, will you teach Fah how to dance?

    [1:21:35] Don Johnson: I'm sold!

    [1:21:46] Dana Jones: chicken wings are 9 to 10 dollars a pound

    [1:21:53] MisterMitch: :play_button::play_button::play_button::play_button:Chocolate Man In Thailand Live

    [1:21:59] Nicky Dunn: Don't forget to Smash that thumbs up

    [1:22:03] Khru Moowan ครูหมูวรรณ: Visiting your hood tomorrow

    [1:22:07] areyouexp4: can you get grits in thailand ???

    [1:22:14] Don Johnson: Charter Fishing?

    [1:22:22] MisterMitch: holy sh... 10 bucks for a pound of chicken

    [1:22:28] Joe Hughes: another sub to your live channel

    [1:22:57] James Porth: Fah is so BEAUTIFUL. You are one LUCKY man! :grinning_face:

    [1:23:01] MisterMitch: Im in shock over those numbers

    [1:23:05] Nicky Dunn:

    [1:23:09] Life in Thailand: Hey guys, great channel you have- entertaining and relaxing. Shout out would be great - I’ve just started my own channel. Myself and my wife building a self sufficient house and farm in the northeast

    [1:23:14] daz dragon: grits are expensive.... so just buy a grit;)

    [1:23:15] Jay Dillenger: who has the best seafood :lobster: or are they just so many

    [1:23:26] Multifaceted Shaye: Do they have turkey there?

    [1:23:27] Nicky Dunn: Fah Channel

    [1:23:36] sally lee: grits are just cream of wheat

    [1:23:41] MisterMitch: 'Life in Thailand

    [1:23:46] Noob Biker: Fah is scared of a butterfly. BUT she can drink a squid shot 555. Carnt get my head round that :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [1:23:49] MrTriplejack82: I just subscribed to mistermitch only coz I’ve seen him out and about with notimetobesad and I can tell he’s not a woke left wing

    [1:23:49] Stuck in Florida: Congratulations James :party_popper: good evening Fah :smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

    [1:23:58] Don Johnson: Congratulations on your Channel. I look forward to see when you hit 100k Subs before the end of the year!

    [1:24:08] Nicky Dunn:

    [1:24:14] MisterMitch: lol @MrTriplejack82 thank you

    [1:24:18] Nicky Dunn: Hiya@Stuck in Florida

    [1:24:23] MisterMitch: hello my brother @Stuck in Florida

    [1:24:25] areyouexp4: 2 breasts average size 12 canadian dollars - chicken more expensive than steak now here in canada

    [1:24:35] Life in Thailand: Thanks so much for that. Much love :smiling_face_with_halo:🇹🇭

    [1:24:47] areyouexp4: @Stuck in Florida MY SOUTHERN BROTHER

    [1:24:50] Wally Johnston: When's the next time you guys coming down to Phuket

    [1:24:54] MisterMitch: My pleasure @Life in Thailand

    [1:24:55] Khru Moowan ครูหมูวรรณ: Have you dried out yet?

    [1:25:11] Stuck in Florida: Hellooo Nicky Dunn

    [1:25:22] Stuck in Florida: Good evening my brother MisterMitch

    [1:25:28] jay shar: What is that music in the background? R&B?

    [1:25:29] sally lee: I paid 4 bucks a pound for boneless chicken in Canada

    [1:25:41] Stuck in Florida: Morning areyouexp4 my northern brother :smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

    [1:25:44] MisterMitch: those vids of the water coming out of the manhole covers was awesome

    [1:25:54] Nicky Dunn:

    [1:26:04] BIG FELLA: good day to you Chocolat Nan and the lovely Fah.

    [1:26:10] Don Johnson: Is Airbnb the way to go?

    [1:26:35] EDPAT927 CHANNEL: How old is Fah?

    [1:26:59] James W Childrey III: Greetings JC & Fah! I appreciate the hotel preview. Awesome accommodation thank you for sharing.

    [1:27:05] Nicky Dunn:

    [1:27:11] jay shar: What is that music in the background? R&B?

    [1:27:12] MisterMitch: :play_button::play_button::play_button:30 And A Wake Up

    [1:27:16] Don Johnson: 17 will get you

    [1:27:25] Jay Ro: Hi James, does Pattaya Rent a Car have newer fortuners? Was thinking of reaching out.

    [1:27:31] EDPAT927 CHANNEL: Much love and respect to you guys!!!!

    [1:27:32] Scott Hummer: James you dirty old man! HAHAHA

    [1:27:34] BobbyCamarillo: Fah1985 is math too difficult 555

    [1:27:35] mikeswave2: Why is very one concerned about Fah’s age

    [1:27:37] areyouexp4: pork more expensive in thailand now - it was the main meat of many thai diets so my gf ask for more money for food

    [1:27:51] Nicky Dunn: Hiya@Scott Hummer

    [1:27:58] MisterMitch: :play_button::play_button::play_button::play_button: Reeshard Travel

    [1:28:17] Scott Hummer: Hello Nicky Dunn

    [1:28:31] Noob Biker: 17 year old Philippine 5555

    [1:28:49] Dana Jones: Thai prison ain't fun so I know Fah older then 17 lol

    [1:29:02] Nicky Dunn: Fah Channel

    [1:29:09] Don Johnson: Can I see your shirt]

    [1:29:11] MrTriplejack82: Did you end up buying a car or do you just rent?

    [1:29:13] Nicky Dunn: 555

    [1:29:15] BigKevin Media: LOL

    [1:29:17] Dane Burrage: where is on your bucket lists for travel?

    [1:29:45] MisterMitch: I have commitment issues over dinner

    [1:29:48] Khru Moowan ครูหมูวรรณ: YouTube is full of opinion is opinions are like living in

    [1:29:49] Colin Parris: Fah look 28 to me :grinning_face_with_sweat:

    [1:29:50] Nicky Dunn: Smash that thumbs up. It's Free :slightly_smiling_face:

    [1:29:51] lurkin: She looks like she’s about 60 years old

    [1:30:11] BobbyCamarillo: Cant judge a Thai girls age by appearance. My GF is 39 and looks 25 at the most

    [1:30:16] lurkin: I’m joking

    [1:30:18] Don Johnson: Lets hear about your Merch

    [1:30:19] Sean M: congrats notime2besad your biggest jump.

    [1:30:36] Captain Photon: good to see James and fah

    [1:30:54] jay shar: Is that R&B or Rap music?

    [1:31:21] MisterMitch: https://chocolatemaninthailand.creato...

    [1:31:23] lurkin: What about white chocolate

    [1:31:25] areyouexp4: prescruption

    [1:31:35] MisterMitch:

    [1:31:39] Nicky Dunn: Merch

    [1:31:47] MisterMitch:

    [1:31:59] EDPAT927 CHANNEL: U are guys are great together!!!! Happiness is never guaranteed so seeing it is outstanding! Much love

    [1:32:12] MisterMitch: MitchWantsaDucati.gofundme :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [1:32:26] Kick'n it with Khalif: Wish you guya were in BKK

    [1:32:28] Nicky Dunn: 555 Mitch

    [1:32:33] BobbyCamarillo: @MisterMitch 555

    [1:32:42] MisterMitch: Its Not Really a Link 555

    [1:32:46] Kick'n it with Khalif: Love the content

    [1:32:58] Dana Jones: I'm 54 I don't date women younger then my oldest daughter who is 27 but I had to change that recently since my daughter decided to marry a guy 2 year's younger then me lol

    [1:33:08] Nicky Dunn: Merch

    [1:33:12] Richard Lionheart: hello from Hampshire in UK Love your vlogs and look after Fah she is hilarious jup jup

    [1:33:15] G H: Where are you?

    [1:33:17] Bill Holland: Spent time in Pattaya & Phuket in the 80’s. Thanks for showing what it’s like now.

    [1:33:38] Barry Harvey: Yooo, chocolate man and Fah! it's almost time for me to head out in retirement.

    [1:33:48] Kick'n it with Khalif: I'll be here until the 5th

    [1:33:52] Noob Biker: Fah looks knackered 555 bless her

    [1:34:11] Tyler Sawyer: Love the show — cheers from Miami, FL — Keep killing it my man!

    [1:34:12] jay shar: I did subscribe to Chocolate man live

    [1:34:16] MisterMitch: Kick'n it with Khalif

    [1:34:35] BobbyCamarillo: Thank you James and fah

    [1:34:47] MrTriplejack82: It’s not much. But my wife takes my money.2.99A$ Superchat

    [1:34:48] Bill Holland: Definitely a big difference now

    [1:35:04] Kick'n it with Khalif: Fah loves to eat and she's so small, lol

    [1:35:09] Joseph Holman II: Hey Fah and James good Morning from Atlanta GA

    [1:35:10] sally lee: We can't wait to come out there but I dread the flight

    [1:35:15] Kevin #1 🦋 Sewell: You do IT work yes ?

    [1:36:08] Why You Trippin: ooh Mexican food

    [1:36:48] Nicky Dunn: Gotta do some calls, I hope to catch you on in a bit:goodvibes:

    [1:36:49] MisterMitch: Hydrate and walk around...

    [1:37:13] MisterMitch: GottoLoveThailand

    [1:37:20] BobbyCamarillo: Business Class FTW! Having a seat that makes into a bed is awesome

    [1:37:20] jay shar: Yeah, it's going around Ya'll

    [1:37:20] MisterMitch: Take care @Nicky Dunn

    [1:37:22] Joseph Holman II: Fly Qatar Airways to Thailand the best one :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [1:37:34] Richard Groulx: Hello from Montreal! :slightly_smiling_face:

    [1:37:40] MisterMitch: Nicky Dunn

    [1:37:48] Nicky Dunn: Mitch and you @MisterMitch hope to catch you in a while

    [1:37:51] Crypto Pharaoh /G\: Can a mod drop the link to the Live channel

    [1:37:51] Joseph Holman II: Bless you Fah :face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [1:37:52] Nicky Dunn: Thanks Mitch

    [1:37:57] MisterMitch: :slightly_smiling_face: @Nicky Dunn

    [1:38:13] MrTriplejack82: I hate lining up to use the toilet on the plane

    [1:38:19] iLyncher: Waking up hungover on a plane is the worst, 1-2 drinks in business class just to knock out

    [1:38:22] Nicky Dunn:

    [1:38:44] MisterMitch: Chocolate Man In Thailand Live @Crypto Pharaoh /G\

    [1:38:45] Stuck in Florida: Chocolate Man live

    [1:38:56] MisterMitch: Thanks @Nicky Dunn @Stuck in Florida

    [1:39:18] jay shar: 12 hour flight from Cali?

    [1:39:24] Crypto Pharaoh /G\: @Nicky Dunn @MisterMitch thanks, just subscribed

    [1:39:29] Walkabout Warkie: My 79 year young Mum loves you guys :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [1:39:43] Dutch: Congrats James...Hello Fah!!!

    [1:40:23] MisterMitch: flew from San Francisco to Singapore 16.5 hours.. thought i was going to die

    [1:40:28] MrTriplejack82: And my 7 year old son loves you

    [1:40:29] Earth Camper: hello mister Mitch

    [1:40:39] MisterMitch: :slightly_smiling_face: @Earth Camper

    [1:40:39] yo mama: Feed the Fah t-shirt is a great idea! I like it

    [1:40:44] Walkabout Warkie: Thanks James thanks Fah

    [1:41:01] sally lee: 16.5 hrs!!:anxious_face_with_sweat:

    [1:41:05] MisterMitch: Earth Camper

    [1:41:09] Noob Biker: Fah congrats on keeping off the caffeine drinks :flushed_face::flushed_face::flushed_face:

    [1:41:13] Earth Camper: hi James and Fah. just now came home n i can hear you now.

    [1:41:13] jay shar: Yeah, but how long from Cali

    [1:41:15] Multifaceted Shaye: Are you using your own WiFi? or the locations?

    [1:41:15] MrTriplejack82: He calls you poppy chocolate

    [1:41:19] MisterMitch: hey there @Carleto

    [1:41:24] Earth Camper: where are you guys.sorry

    [1:41:27] D.B Cooper: New to the channel. I show my (much younger) Filipino wife the parts of your videos when Fah is made or pouting because it’s so similar to my wife’s behavior. We both crack up!

    [1:41:30] MisterMitch: cute kid on Phuket yes he was

    [1:41:41] MisterMitch: Super Subscriber

    [1:41:49] sally lee: I never see any coffee machine, do they have them?

    [1:42:22] Kieron in Thailand: fah is off the caffeine?

    [1:42:23] BigKevin Media: are regular razors expensive in Thai ???

    [1:42:28] jay shar: Yeah, but how long from Cali

    [1:42:56] Carleto: Fah & James, you did all good video's of your trips to Phuket and the towns you all went to.

    [1:43:14] MrTriplejack82: That’s naughty fah!

    [1:43:26] Earth Camper: stay away from sugar :folded_hands:

    [1:43:30] BobbyCamarillo: Doi Chang coffee is great! The plantation is a nice ride from my home in Chiang Rai

    [1:43:49] daz dragon: from SFO to BKK it's about 18-29 hours of flying

    [1:43:50] MisterMitch: Seattle to Narita Japan is roughly 10 hours, Then from Narota to BKK 10 hours...Roughly

    [1:43:58] Noob Biker: Pull the plug

    [1:44:26] daz dragon: 18-20 hours of flying

    [1:44:28] jay shar: 16.5 hours damn. Thank all

    [1:44:36] MisterMitch: back in the day when I flew from Seattle. Door to door from my house to Hotel in BKK was 24 hours travel time

    [1:44:43] BobbyCamarillo: Thanks guiys for sharing your time have a great night Im off to the market

    [1:44:54] Loz around Pattaya City: hello young james .

    [1:45:07] Walkabout Warkie: My Mum loves your fluffy shoes Fah

    [1:45:11] MisterMitch: Ok. Im out for now. Thanks James and Fah. Have a great evening.

    [1:45:16] MisterMitch: Take care everyone

    [1:45:29] BobbyCamarillo: cya MisterMitch

    [1:45:37] Stuck in Florida: Later MisterMitch

    [1:45:38] Kieron in Thailand: cya mitch

    [1:45:41] MisterMitch: Loz around Pattaya City

    [1:45:46] D.B Cooper: You are still perfectly audible even with the music

    [1:45:47] MisterMitch: @BobbyCamarillo :slightly_smiling_face:

    [1:45:53] MisterMitch: my brother @Stuck in Florida :slightly_smiling_face:

    [1:45:53] Charles Daniels: Love your channel man

    [1:45:55] Noob Biker: Bye bye

    [1:46:01] MisterMitch: see ya @Kieron in Thailand

    [1:46:11] E James: Have good weekend!

    [1:46:15] BigKevin Media: are regular razors expensive in Thai

    [1:46:21] sally lee: Tell Fah to bring me a chocolate shake lol

    [1:46:54] daz dragon: yes razors are pricey

    [1:47:04] BigKevin Media: goodbye Mitch

    [1:47:13] Kick'n it with Khalif: man I swear, watching your channel makes me want to retire and relocate from Japan to Thailand. I love this island

    [1:47:40] MrTriplejack82: Last time I was in Thailand I noticed 1000 baht didn’t go to far has it gotten worse?

    [1:48:00] Dondi Jasper: Hi Fah, my daughter loves following you.

    [1:48:04] jay shar: 18-20 hours? That's worse! Oh well, I'm flying there anyway.

    [1:48:17] Noob Biker: Go in buzzin

    [1:48:35] daz dragon: just sleep or watch a lot of movies

    [1:49:03] Charles Daniels: Because of you guys I want to take a trip there

    [1:49:13] Loz around Pattaya City: dont get mow fah ?

    [1:49:13] Dondi Jasper: Fah, my daughter loves your braces, now she wants them also.

    [1:49:14] Earth Camper: water is gone all roads are dry :thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

    [1:49:19] Expat Paul: bai nai?

    [1:49:47] jay shar: Thanks daz dragon

    [1:50:01] Noob Biker: Helmets please 4000 baht fine

    [1:50:20] daz dragon: the first trip hurts..... after that.. you get used to it

    [1:50:35] MrTriplejack82: Fah James Lor mai?

    [1:52:10] MrTriplejack82: Phom ewan

    [1:52:25] jay shar: That first trip hurts my bladder just thinking about.

    [1:52:44] daz dragon: hahaha

    [1:53:18] Kick'n it with Khalif: I'll be in Pattaya next weekend. can't wait

    [1:53:28] daz dragon: my first few trips i spent hanging in the kitchen with the flight staff

    [1:54:17] Kick'n it with Khalif: I was to visit the temple of truth

    [1:54:36] Yeahnah: opening hours going to change in Pattaya or just in areas allocated entertainment areas?

    [1:54:45] Candy Moreland: I need Fah to speak more Thai because I'm trying to learn to speak Thai.

    [1:54:56] jay shar: Good idea daz dragon

    [1:55:21] Tresa Woodward: Hello everyone

    [1:55:24] daz dragon: you hear some funny stories haha

    [1:56:26] Kieron in Thailand: wind noise is high

    [1:57:07] jay shar: Yeah, everyone is tryin to pass that time

    [1:57:09] Kieron in Thailand: sound ok now

    [1:57:19] Yeahnah: what's it like riding around and getting used to the traffic there?

    [1:57:27] Loz around Pattaya City: rain come soon ?

    [1:58:21] D.B Cooper: Soi 6!

    [1:59:46] D.B Cooper: I love that city

    [1:59:53] Loz around Pattaya City: dont get your hair wet james ?

    [2:00:01] jay shar: What time is it there?

    [2:00:19] daz dragon: 10:20pm

    [2:00:48] Tresa Woodward: :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [2:00:54] jay shar: Thanks daz dragon

    [2:01:12] daz dragon: welcome

    [2:01:40] Roland Thys: is fishing gear expensif in thailand

    [2:01:59] jay shar: Got to know them laws though

    [2:01:59] D.B Cooper: Good to see things so active there

    [2:02:38] Loz around Pattaya City: alcazar ?

    [2:02:45] Bill Klauk: I am still lurking but already hit the like - 11:22AM here in

    [2:02:56] Bill Klauk: erie PA USA

    [2:03:18] mikeswave2: You going to the Pink Monkey

    [2:03:48] Tresa Woodward: It’s 11:23am here in Columbia South Carolina

    [2:03:48] Matt Smith: bill not far from erie

    [2:04:06] jay shar: 8:23am here in California

    [2:04:29] daz dragon: where you at Jay

    [2:04:53] sally lee: 11:26 in Ontario

    [2:05:07] Matt Smith: how's the wheather in Jan Feb hope be there then

    [2:05:49] Jay Ro: Love the ride around Fah, thank you.

    [2:06:03] daz dragon: it's Thailand... always got and humid ... but slightly cooler in Jan. & Feb

    [2:06:09] mikeswave2: @Jay shar where in California are you

    [2:07:12] daz dragon: damn... more food?!!!

    [2:07:36] Bill Klauk: in 2006 went to upcountry Thailand for entire month and only rained one day of entire trip and temp never went above 90F

    [2:08:06] Bill Klauk: opps forgot that it was February 2006

    [2:08:29] D.B Cooper: Inside Fay’s skinny body a fat girl is trying to get out:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [2:08:36] jay shar: SE Cali in the desert and Orange County. But native to South Central Los Angeles

    [2:08:37] Jay Ro: Krispy Kreme closes at 8 PM every day in Pattaya

    [2:08:49] Mark Bromley: :waving_hand: Hi

    [2:09:04] Kingminican: 2$ Superchat

    [2:09:07] Matt Smith: tired of all the snow and rain here don't mind the heat and being wet

    [2:09:33] daz dragon: @Jay shar. oh, you down south. I'm in Norcal

    [2:09:43] mikeswave2: @Jay Shar I am above Fontana in Wrightwood

    [2:10:07] Kingminican: hopefully I could go to thialand in 2023

    [2:10:24] D.B Cooper: Pattaya, hours of family entertainment:)

    [2:10:47] mikeswave2: Leaving Sunday for Thailand

    [2:11:00] Jay Ro: Fah is there a Texas Chicken in Pattaya?

    [2:11:10] Charles Daniels: 1.99$ Superchat

    [2:11:10] Crypto Pharaoh /G\: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: I wish I had Fah's metabolism

    [2:11:11] Mark Bromley: Hi :waving_hand:

    [2:11:17] Tresa Woodward: Leaving in 2 weeks to Thailand 🇹🇭

    [2:11:31] daz dragon: I'll be leaving in 3 weeks

    [2:11:37] sally lee: I was skinny until I got older

    [2:12:02] Kingminican: is it better to go to walking street or other location in pattaya to party?5$ Superchat

    [2:12:17] Mark Bromley: Hi

    [2:13:09] daz dragon: go to pattaya klang and get some mango sticky rice

    [2:13:17] Richard Sims: Enjoying Life. God Bless You Both

    [2:13:19] Mark Bromley: :goodvibes:

    [2:13:45] jay shar: Yeah, I'm back and forth as far as Mission Viejo. I'll have to check the flights from John Wayne Airport

    [2:14:59] daz dragon: everything is around $700-900 right now

    [2:15:35] TONY TONY: say hi to all the laidies

    [2:15:57] Tresa Woodward: I got to get off here guys great video as always

    [2:16:18] mikeswave2: @daz dragon is that round trip price

    [2:16:29] daz dragon: yeap

    [2:16:29] BNZ_NETWORK: are helmets optional?

    [2:16:39] Scott Hummer: Be safe

    [2:16:55] mikeswave2: Bye

    [2:17:19] Kieron in Thailand: good night

    [2:17:23] Eric Tailorsun: C-Man, Are you from Charleston? It sounds like it.2$ Superchat

    [2:18:22] jay shar: I don't know yet if that's a one way from John Wayne or LAX

    [2:19:17] Loz around Pattaya City: yep can see pot holes

    [2:19:19] Michael Castellanos: There are no direct flights from the US

    [2:19:33] jay shar: pizza on wheels

    [2:19:36] FactFinder: How did people walk barefoot through all those potholes when it was flooded? crazy

    [2:19:37] Mark Bromley: :smiling_face_with_sunglasses::folded_hands:

    [2:20:08] daz dragon: no direct flights from US

    [2:20:36] Bill Klauk: From the VFW Post 470 Small Games of Chance gambling fund - actually a small amount of what I usually would otherwise waste in my gambling so glad to support a fellow AF retiree -10$ Superchat

    [2:21:07] skipper: nice

    [2:21:18] Scott Hummer: No please cut nothing

    [2:21:22] daz dragon: starting sometime soon Air Canada will have a direct flight from Vancouver to BKK

    [2:21:38] Scott Hummer: 1

    [2:21:50] Richard Sims: 1

    [2:21:52] Candy Moreland: LOL. all of your video content is awesome!

    [2:21:57] skipper: cheers choco from sweden and chatt cheers

    [2:21:58] FactFinder: Bedcheck was censored :face_with_tears_of_joy: 1

    [2:22:06] Specked: 1

    [2:22:08] Mark Bromley: 1

    [2:22:17] Mark Bromley: 1

    [2:22:25] skipper: lol

    [2:22:26] jay shar: Thanks Michael Castellanos and daz dragon. I was thinking it would take multiple fights

    [2:22:28] sally lee: Air Canada has flights to BKK for 1300. with 1 connection

    [2:22:44] Specked: B&B

    [2:22:57] skipper: watt bike ya ride choco

    [2:22:59] Scott Hummer: Ok if bed check hurts cut it out

    [2:23:41] skipper: left traffic wow

    [2:23:55] Specked: has fah been checked for tapeworms? how does she eat so much and not gain any weight

    [2:24:01] skipper: lol

    [2:24:02] Scott Hummer: We see nothing James edit it out

    [2:24:03] Dutch Farang: soi honey!

    [2:24:04] jay shar: Salute skipper

    [2:24:11] skipper: salute

    [2:24:45] Kingminican: fall your English is great? I've been almost every where in the world and trust me people don't try at all

    [2:24:57] skipper: great streeming choco <3<3<3

    [2:25:05] Rich: sa bai dee mai

    [2:25:37] skipper: heeh choco drives yay

    [2:25:50] skipper: cheers

    [2:25:58] Rich: hey James feed that girl

    [2:26:13] Kingminican: what's better hotel or Airbnb to stay in thialand?2$ Superchat

    [2:26:26] skipper: lol james

    [2:26:29] Rich: congratulations on the 24k subs. you deserve it. :thumbs_up:

    [2:26:39] skipper: congrats

    [2:26:51] jay shar: Fah, are you scared on back of that bike

    [2:27:18] skipper: tahailand girls nott scear off nott lol :winking_face:

    [2:27:24] Rich: Fah is not scared of anything

    [2:27:27] skipper: rofl

    [2:28:09] skipper: :winking_face: fae

    [2:28:17] FactFinder: what is Fahs channel?

    [2:28:31] skipper: nice drive love cheers

    [2:28:33] Rich: I watch you on your channel but didn't want James getting jealous :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [2:28:50] Nicky Dunn: Fah Channel

    [2:29:26] GrandCanyonMan: are you born in85??

    [2:29:31] skipper: james you hered there bee eny electric bikes take over in thailand to ?

    [2:29:31] Rich: hahaha

    [2:29:37] Kieron in Thailand: welcome back nicky, how is buddy doing?

    [2:29:46] skipper: gas diesel coust thailand ?

    [2:29:49] Nicky Dunn:

    [2:30:10] Nicky Dunn: In the background Kieron Still working

    [2:30:12] Scott Hummer: The comments on IG are scary some real sicko's on there

    [2:30:12] Matt Smith: hello Nicky d

    [2:30:17] Steven Buckley: I’ve just had to subscribed see where this goes :winking_face:

    [2:30:25] Nicky Dunn: Buddy on the mend thank you @Kieron in Thailand

    [2:30:28] Rich: time for dinner?

    [2:30:37] Nicky Dunn: Hiya @Matt Smith

    [2:30:54] Nicky Dunn: Yeah Scott hear you there@Scott Hummer

    [2:30:57] Rich: what you going to eat tonight?

    [2:31:00] FactFinder: 1985 your birth year? you look so young

    [2:31:28] Penpa Gyu: yes 37

    [2:31:43] Thomas Carroll III: Where does all the food go?

    [2:31:48] daz dragon: fah..... tell James to go to Alex house.... they rattling BBQ! :grinning_squinting_face:

    [2:31:49] Penpa Gyu: 40 ? lol

    [2:32:02] Penpa Gyu: 45 ?

    [2:32:12] Nicky Dunn: Hiya@daz dragon

    [2:32:26] daz dragon: hey Nicky

    [2:32:32] Rich: Not old for an old man like James :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [2:32:33] jay shar: Yeah, I believe Fah's not afraid of anything. She bites the head off squids and eats them whole

    [2:32:49] daz dragon: Alex cooking BBQ now

    [2:32:54] VeVe Focus: WeeeEEEeee, a motorcycle ride!!!! :motorcycle: Lolol

    [2:33:34] Rich: looks like it's getting busier in Pattaya now

    [2:34:09] Rich: still not same as before

    [2:34:41] FactFinder: TeII us about Baht GoId, I hear we must give 3 or 5 Baht goId for girIfriend?

    [2:36:15] Nicky Dunn: Fah Channel

    [2:36:49] Nicky Dunn: Just a little reminder to Smash that thumbs up

    [2:37:24] Thomas in Thailand: hi nicky

    [2:37:39] Nicky Dunn: Hiya@Thomas in Thailand

    [2:37:48] Nicky Dunn:

    [2:37:48] Brass Monkey: คิดถึงอ่าวนางจัง Hello from a beautiful Grand Canyon State!!!!

    [2:38:05] FactFinder: Everyone is passing you

    [2:38:17] Nicky Dunn:

    [2:38:31] Thomas in Thailand: congrats on the 24k james. were is the party

    [2:38:35] mysterious mystery: Hi :waving_hand: picture really blurry

    [2:38:47] Nicky Dunn:

    [2:39:13] FactFinder: I've never seen a livestream on a motorcycIe, this is cooI

    [2:39:17] VeVe Focus: Just subscribed to your channel Fah

    [2:39:50] Nicky Dunn: Fah Channel

    [2:40:25] Jay Ro: Fah do you like Terminal 21 Food Court or Central Festival Food Court more?

    [2:40:56] Thomas in Thailand: Nicky do ya know the admin mod on fah channel

    [2:41:20] TONY TONY: chocolate man when i arrive in pattaya do you have a real state agent for a condo to rent 8,000 B a month a name or address

    [2:41:21] Nicky Dunn: I mod Fah channel too Thomas

    [2:42:01] Nicky Dunn: Know most of the mods Thomas :slightly_smiling_face:

    [2:42:11] ThaiTime: Hi

    [2:42:20] Thomas in Thailand: I forget his name, really pissed me off. I visted a chat and he timed me out for no reason.

    [2:42:33] ThaiTime: Fah is an angel, not of this world

    [2:42:43] Nicky Dunn: Send me message on insta Thomas

    [2:42:45] skipper: nice

    [2:43:02] skipper: :slightly_smiling_face:

    [2:43:12] skipper: nice tattos

    [2:43:20] Thomas in Thailand: fah is coool

    [2:43:21] Scott Hummer: Roti time yummy

    [2:43:29] F. Borgar vik: going to make some food

    [2:43:33] skipper: :winking_face:

    [2:44:31] Mark Bromley: :folded_hands:

    [2:44:39] skipper: prices choko there now show menu

    [2:44:44] ThaiTime: 19 days until my retirement in the land of smiles

    [2:44:46] skipper: ;)cheersmmm

    [2:44:55] skipper: still sheep

    [2:45:02] Nicky Dunn:

    [2:45:13] Nicky Dunn: Hit that thumbs up if you haven't already

    [2:45:38] skipper: ?:)

    [2:45:47] skipper: :slightly_smiling_face:

    [2:46:03] skipper: prices ?

    [2:46:17] TONY TONY: chocolate man when i arrive in pattaya in Mar do you have a real state agent for a condo to rent 8,000 to 10,000 B a month a name or address or number

    [2:46:40] Nicky Dunn: Fah Channel

    [2:46:49] Mark Bromley: :folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands:

    [2:46:51] TONY TONY: thanks

    [2:47:07] skipper: james were from us you are ?

    [2:47:29] Aaron808: Aloha Fah and James :call_me_hand:

    [2:47:30] Charles D: Fah is very appealing.

    [2:47:32] skipper: nice

    [2:47:34] jay shar: Fah has enough tattoos. Just one more and her entire body will be covered :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [2:47:39] ThaiTime: or just go and ask at a condo block what they have available

    [2:47:42] skipper: :)james

    [2:47:42] Nicky Dunn: Hiya@Aaron808

    [2:47:54] skipper: cheers james

    [2:48:05] Aaron808: Aloha Nicky

    [2:48:07] Noki: Good evening

    [2:48:13] Nicky Dunn:

    [2:48:19] Mark Bromley: 🇬🇧:folded_hands:

    [2:48:33] Nicky Dunn: Hiya Noki

    [2:48:51] Aaron808: Just woke up. Good morning!

    [2:49:00] Rick Strickland: Hey chocolate man

    [2:49:10] Aaron808: Zero 6

    [2:49:12] Noki: Will be in Thailand in April...have to work 6 months more:face_savoring_food:

    [2:49:28] Rick Strickland: All good here in Canada

    [2:49:33] skipper: james watt you think off russia blow off a tactic nuke after referendum in ukrain donbass luhansk grrr lol you think it happends mmm cheers bro and thailand

    [2:49:38] Bigwill71M: congrats.....

    [2:49:45] skipper: yummi cake

    [2:49:51] Aaron808: 06:00 too early. haha

    [2:49:53] Nicky Dunn:

    [2:49:55] ThaiTime: love thai cake

    [2:50:04] Rick Strickland: East coast … Newfoundland

    [2:50:04] Richard Sims: New Jersey in the House

    [2:50:09] skipper: ok thx then know

    [2:50:23] skipper: cheers

    [2:50:23] Nicky Dunn: Hiya Everyone. Smash that thumbs up

    [2:50:27] Bigwill71M: what's up.....:elbowcough::elbowcough::elbowcough:

    [2:50:30] Larry C: new subscriber really enjoying your channel. I'm in kentucky. I'm thinking about and trying to get over there for New Year's Eve

    [2:50:54] RodCayman: Respect to you guys. Can’t wait to leave the most expensive country in the world (Cayman Islands) and live the good life with you guys in April as I retire. Save some for me :hugging_face:

    [2:51:04] skipper: wb

    [2:51:13] Bigwill71M: ouch lol

    [2:51:15] Rick Strickland: Hi Fa

    [2:51:16] skipper: lol

    [2:51:27] BigKevin Media: I'm in Madisonville Kentucky

    [2:51:40] Scott Hummer: Oh no medic!

    [2:51:41] Flemming Jensen: Congrats

    [2:51:43] skipper: :slightly_smiling_face:

    [2:51:55] Bigwill71M: tickets bought....a quick trip in November

    [2:52:08] Kieron in Thailand: tuck in fah

    [2:52:09] Nicky Dunn: 555

    [2:52:19] welsh- 32: november 8th i be in pattaya for my holidays

    [2:52:19] skipper: thailand go fore electric scotters james you know ?

    [2:52:30] Bigwill71M: yup....Nitty, Thomas and Stefan

    [2:52:33] Cory Smaglik: hello from South Florida

    [2:52:43] skipper: nice

    [2:52:45] Cory Smaglik: be in Thailand October

    [2:52:51] skipper: nice

    [2:52:53] BigKevin Media: Hello Larry

    [2:52:58] skipper: yes

    [2:52:59] Nicky Dunn: Fah :slightly_smiling_face:

    [2:53:11] RodCayman: Quick question: Would I have to marry in order to Open a Gym over there?

    [2:53:18] bros alive man: u done eating james?

    [2:53:33] Robert N: Hello Nicky Dunn.

    [2:53:42] Nicky Dunn: Hiya @Robert N

    [2:53:56] RodCayman: Thanks my brotha

    [2:53:57] skipper: much chines in thailand take over now in bars clubs you know james layer rules like thailand girls lol cheers :winking_face:

    [2:54:13] Robert N: Hello Fah hello James.

    [2:54:35] pasoon chidthai: James love the face Fah made on that Buffalo vid. when u said Buffalo 555

    [2:54:47] skipper: :winking_face: 6 beer kee bord moves grrr :winking_face:

    [2:54:50] Thomas in Thailand: @RodCayman You need a thai partner to open a biz in thailand

    [2:54:56] bros alive man: when u guys getting married 5555

    [2:54:56] skipper: :winking_face: james

    [2:55:04] Charles D: Have you visited Koh Samui is southern Thailand and stayed at the Lanna Samui Luxury Resort ?

    [2:55:23] skipper: yupp

    [2:55:39] Nicky Dunn:

    [2:55:40] skipper: hahaha yes james love ya

    [2:55:47] skipper: cheers

    [2:56:18] Nicky Dunn: Fah channel

    [2:56:26] Keith G: Not fair Fah, no Thai girl can stop eating :slightly_smiling_face:

    [2:56:29] skipper: you speak thai james ?

    [2:56:47] Noki: Can you speak Thai James?

    [2:56:48] Nicky Dunn:

    [2:56:50] skipper: lol

    [2:57:03] Noki: 555 skipper

    [2:57:07] Wosy: oooh i waaant

    [2:57:09] Nicky Dunn: That looks good

    [2:57:09] skipper: bon appetite

    [2:57:20] Jay Ro: Did they just put herbs on a nutella roti... what lol

    [2:57:27] Noki: fingerlicking good

    [2:57:27] Anthony North: Hey James and FAH, congrats on the 24k SUBS!

    [2:57:29] Charles D: apparently it is only $300 a month to stay Lanna S

    [2:57:29] Aaron808: Aroi!

    [2:57:38] Bigwill71M: Fah stop eating? she has to eat to maintain her weight or she will shrivel

    [2:57:47] skipper: lol

    [2:57:54] skipper: hahaha

    [2:57:59] Scott Hummer: Please give Fah roti too

    [2:58:07] Frank Taylor: give mine to fah please

    [2:58:13] jay shar: James is your soda water like flavored club soda or what? That's the one you get by the pallet right?

    [2:58:34] Noki: no share:face_savoring_food:

    [2:58:34] Anthony North: I can hear you James! Turn the volume up al little!

    [2:58:41] skipper: rofl

    [2:58:42] Keith G: Fah, did Nam Whan do your nails?

    [2:59:11] skipper: you in love james

    [2:59:18] skipper: :winking_face:

    [2:59:31] Thomas Carroll III: Fah, where does all the food go????????

    [2:59:52] peter alexander baum: a sweet couple, :red_heart:

    [3:00:05] skipper: nice hair like

    [3:00:38] bros alive man: time 00.20?

    [3:00:44] Charles D: Apparently it only $300 a month to stay at Lanna Samui Luxury Resort.

    [3:00:58] skipper: :slightly_smiling_face: james

    [3:01:05] Charles D: Yep

    [3:01:07] skipper: yes

    [3:01:22] skipper: nice

    [3:02:05] Anthony North: It's noisy over there, James!

    [3:02:07] Frank Anderson: Hey, glad to see you're enjoying Pattaya. Wish I could be there with you.

    [3:02:22] skipper: james you gone go home see usa enymore ore stay there fore ever ? yust a question :winking_face: cheers

    [3:02:45] skipper: you miss usa ?

    [3:02:59] skipper: nice

    [3:03:02] Charles D: The The Holistic Trainer YouTube did video on it last month.

    [3:03:04] Nicky Dunn:

    [3:03:12] skipper: yes fore shoure lol james

    [3:03:25] dale box1: Congrats on 24K!!!

    [3:03:32] Mark Bromley: Hi

    [3:04:06] Todd Matherly: Hello from Baltimore Maryland U.S. love your videos,so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

    [3:04:10] Nicky Dunn: For everyone just coming in, just a reminder to Smash that thumbs up :slightly_smiling_face:

    [3:04:19] Jay Ro: Has your Mom ever been to Thailand James?

    [3:04:20] Charles Myers: Fa is eating? Does she have a tape worm?

    [3:04:52] Stuck in Florida: :face_savoring_food:

    [3:05:29] Gary Xtra: is that raw??

    [3:06:04] Charles D: Are you retired military ?

    [3:06:17] Gary Xtra: Give some to James

    [3:06:26] Aaron808: Likes are freeeee :thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

    [3:07:12] jay shar: James, if people don't think Fah is Thai, what do they think she is?

    [3:07:12] Charles Myers: I think you all have one of the best sites coming out of Thailand. Keep up the good work.

    [3:07:17] Charles D: Great. Thanks for your service

    [3:07:29] Jay Ro: Thanks for taking us around tonight James & Fah, enjoyed it.

    [3:07:31] Steven Chen: Nice couple

    [3:07:47] Nicky Dunn:

    [3:08:06] bros alive man: u liked the top gun 2 or how was it

    [3:08:49] Nicky Dunn: just looked that up you beat me James

    [3:09:00] bros alive man: have u fah seen the first

    [3:09:04] Uzi Star: enjoy your lunch fah and james

    [3:09:33] Azzkikr E: Fah eats alot ... Why is she not geetting fat , like western women

    [3:09:56] Gary Xtra: you dont need chop sticks fah just use your nails

    [3:09:56] Thomas Carroll III: How long would it take for her to eat an Elephant?

    [3:10:04] Nicky Dunn: Its as big as Fah that drink

    [3:10:28] Joseph Brown: It's been cool just having you two talking in the background while I'm working here in the US, giving hanging out vibes, thanks for the livestream, and Fah's appetite 555

    [3:10:46] Steven Chen: James, were u officer ? Thanks for your service.

    [3:10:49] Uzi Star: feeling better a little at a time it's been 10 months with this shingels

    [3:10:52] Nicky Dunn: Bless Fah made her Jump

    [3:10:57] jay shar: James, if people don't think Fah is Thai, what do they think she is?

    [3:11:37] BLASIAN TV: Greetings from Florida! :nerd_face:

    [3:11:46] Scott Hummer: James was an NCO he worked for a living!

    [3:11:49] Uzi Star: thanks kasino

    [3:12:06] Candy Moreland: I'm half Thai...everyone thinks i'm Filipino.

    [3:13:18] BLASIAN TV: <— former E-6. Military Intelligence. Airborne. Thank u for your service!

    [3:13:25] Candy Moreland: I was wondering if Thai people/women are mean to Fah. She's not the average Thai woman.

    [3:13:41] bros alive man: people come from other areas around thailand have stop comming due to covid and lack of tourist?