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🔴LIVE | Bamboo Beach Pattaya


Chocolate Man In Thailand

Published on 19.12.2022 (Stats from 20.12.2022)


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    [0:40] ANT R U OK: Good evening James & Fah :waving_hand:

    [0:53] Walkabout Warkie: Gday guys

    [0:54] mzg: yoo

    [1:02] Shane Xia: Hi

    [1:19] MisterMitch: Well well what do we have here? :thumbs_up::smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

    [1:27] ANT R U OK: Bamboo beach :thinking_face:

    [1:29] Jamie Gurner: hi hope your both good

    [1:30] MisterMitch: Hello everyone

    [1:33] Cliff Peterson: greetings James and Fah from Augusta Georgia 🇺🇸

    [1:45] ANT R U OK: Hello Mitch

    [1:59] trap221: looks peaceful

    [2:02] MisterMitch: ART R U OK How are you doing

    [2:03] Chuck H.: good morning/good evening guys...5:53 am here in A COLD...ADRIAN, MICHIGAN

    [2:04] Bat Signal Comics: hi ya james and fah

    [2:07] Shane Xia: Bring on the sunset

    [2:12] larry visco: hey chocolate man and fah

    [2:15] MisterMitch: very pleasant evening

    [2:15] Mike Badella: Good evening guys! Back in Pattaya tomorrow!

    [2:19] mzg: will check it out for sure. this sunset is real nice man

    [2:19] Bat Signal Comics: hi ya Mitch

    [2:26] mzg: @mistermitch hey mitch

    [2:31] V Wo: It's 5 in the morning Hey Fah and James

    [2:34] ANT R U OK: I’m well Mitch - I caught up with Andy Stubbs recently

    [2:40] MisterMitch: Bat Signal Comics hello

    [2:43] Mike Badella: Hey Mitch!

    [2:54] OLLW: looks kinds chilly

    [2:57] Bat Signal Comics: 57° in South Florida

    [2:58] MisterMitch: hey there mzg :thumbs_up::smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

    [3:09] MisterMitch: Hey Mike :waving_hand::waving_hand:

    [3:09] Cliff Peterson: hooah. looking good. :thumbs_up:

    [3:12] OLLW: Greets from Holland

    [3:25] V Wo: Hey MisterMitch :waving_hand:

    [3:29] trap221: Can you order a beer and a foot massage from there? that would be amazing

    [3:32] Chuck H.: cold in pattya means I may have to wear

    [3:40] MisterMitch: V Wo hello :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [3:44] tenman321: Hey James and Fah....Yes it is cold here in Michigan at 5:55am. It is 25 degrees Fahrenheit right now.

    [3:46] ANT R U OK: Hey Chuck

    [3:49] larry visco: already shock

    [3:54] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: hello James and Fah

    [4:02] iceberg1966: Where is Taco Tuesday at tomorrow?

    [4:13] tenman321: lol

    [4:47] V Wo: After all the tornadoes the other day here now it's cold :cold_face:

    [4:48] MisterMitch: surf sounds great

    [4:52] iceberg1966: I'm loving this cool weather

    [5:01] Dexter Evans: miss that view

    [5:14] Cliff Peterson: feed the Fah:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [5:27] trap221: Wongamat seems to be the place to be, it's a bit more tranquil

    [5:30] B' HAPPY PAT: hey James and Fah.. thanks a beautiful beach.. are you in Miami

    [5:32] Sean Lee-Soy: Hello James and beautiful Fah from ATL 30°F

    [6:04] Chuck H.: for the national champions...and the lions may make the playoffs...time to play the lotto

    [6:31] trap221: I'm debating on leaving Manila for Pattaya, it's really tempting

    [7:00] Sean Lee-Soy: nice beach

    [7:18] iceberg1966: Went to the Wombat & Kiwi the other day thanks for the recommendation, awesome breakfast.

    [7:29] kanenstuff: We were just in Pattaya visited the Wombat and Kiwi left Friday for Hua Hin but back in Kuala Lumpur now

    [7:31] larry visco: Fah needs to order some dishes of food

    [7:34] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: restaurant size lol

    [7:38] B' HAPPY PAT: funny

    [7:41] Thailand Visuals: Nice view

    [8:30] kanenstuff: Steve is a good guy and love the hamburger like my fish n chips burger from home as a expat I miss these things.

    [8:43] trap221: Are you using cellular data to stream

    [8:47] Hayden Grant: Ask fah to marry you :red_heart:

    [9:00] PrinceVoodoo: I want to see Fah. Turn the camera and show Fah!

    [9:03] tenman321: You got it Chuck. Lions are playing great football right now. Not the "SOL" that we are used to. We should definitely play the lotto.

    [9:10] Chuck H.: all I need is a nice beach, great company. ad Fah's

    [9:13] trap221: it's crispy for 720

    [9:19] Sean Lee-Soy: Hello Beautiful Fah and James. 30°F in ATL nice beach

    [9:20] iceberg1966: Said hi, he mentioned subscriber meet up first Saturday of the month at Wombat and Kiwi.

    [9:41] The Chronicles of Barrett: Love the channel, hope the h

    [10:08] Thailand Visuals: What food did Fah order?

    [10:13] V Wo: Watermelon shake looks great

    [10:19] Ron Jon: Hey James and Fah

    [10:33] L: is February a good time for Thailand

    [11:19] The Chronicles of Barrett: Hi James and Fah. Great view on the stream.

    [11:35] Edward Pearson: what up :face_with_tongue: James and FAH

    [11:41] Ola Nordmann: Life is hard I see. Get well soon, hope you are getting better

    [11:47] Chuck H.: breaks over, back to work, making other people rich:frowning_face:. thanks for the inspiration

    [11:48] Ron Jon: Dinner on the beach…doesn’t get any better than that….love it

    [11:49] Sean Lee-Soy: Just watching Fah eat makes me gain weight

    [12:42] B' HAPPY PAT: is it cool there, fah usually has a bikini?

    [12:53] The Chronicles of Barrett: Wish I could eat as much as Fah.

    [12:58] Ron Jon: Yea…I think SONGKRAM will be crazy this year…for sure

    [13:24] PrinceVoodoo: Kiss that pretty Fah on the lips on camera no funny business! 50$ Superchat

    [14:05] Ron Jon: Nice P Voodoo

    [14:34] Allen Woodcock: was in pattaya last month do you need transport to get to the beach

    [14:37] Shane Xia: Lol

    [14:38] PrinceVoodoo: I love it!

    [14:43] Sean Lee-Soy: OK tell Fah -1°C in ATL

    [15:22] trap221: What's in the bottle James :eyes:

    [15:37] PrinceVoodoo: lol

    [15:42] The Chronicles of Barrett: Moving to Thailand this spring. Hope to meet up with you, Chuck, Joe and the gang at some point.

    [15:50] Pooman313: 26 in Detroit

    [15:59] mzg: lol

    [16:07] Shane Xia: Sniping boom

    [16:15] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: hi Alex and Miley

    [16:42] B' HAPPY PAT: hi meyley and alex

    [17:00] Ron Jon: Hey Alex…whatsup

    [17:11] mzg: :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [17:20] Pooman313: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [17:24] sirlumpy: Hello, how is the Diabetics meds doing? are the meds covered by insurance. Im refering to meds you made the video on.

    [17:39] V Wo: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [17:42] Ron Jon: He’s not sure about the bike thief

    [18:13] Pooman313: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [18:18] mzg: that kickin chicken was good man

    [18:42] The Chronicles of Barrett: Tell them, hell no, lol.

    [18:47] V Wo: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [19:05] Pooman313: what do you mean you people huh :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [19:37] Pooman313: love that movie classic

    [19:52] Ron Jon: Or did you steal his bike…can’t remember

    [19:59] mzg: so far only the bbq wings but gotta go back for the sandwich

    [19:59] PrinceVoodoo: Fah looks good in red!

    [20:56] Trond Arntsen: Helloooo

    [21:05] Jeff Hall: hello everyone :folded_hands:

    [21:05] V Wo: Love your dress Fah :yellow_heart:

    [21:20] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: you old married couples man ruining the beach experience :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [21:26] Ron Jon: Yea…..that’s why you led him astray today…I’m with u James

    [21:37] Pooman313: Sorry forgot to say Happy Holidays All

    [21:40] john Martin: Hey James was watching Fah's live stream the other day and she said she thinks you look stupid wearing glasses

    [22:08] PrinceVoodoo: James is your car fixed now? Did you finally figure out the real problem?

    [23:05] Ron Jon: JAMES…we are Soi DAO Resort this weekend a little north of you near the mountains….18 c now. Brrrr

    [23:09] F. Borgar vik: good day to you both James & Fah loking good to day both of you

    [23:09] Everydaypartoflife: James, Fah was upppp guys

    [23:15] Ian In NZ: long time no see

    [23:38] Ian In NZ: all good here :ok_hand: :thumbs_up: :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [23:58] MisterMitch: Ron Jon hello

    [24:06] RaymondReddington : wat yall eating

    [24:12] V Wo: Don't forget to hit that thumbs up button on your way in :thumbs_up:

    [24:15] Trond Arntsen: -26 yesterday

    [24:17] MisterMitch: Everydaypartoflife Mike hello

    [24:18] Ron Jon: Yo yo M Mitch

    [24:19] Shane Xia: Restaurant being frugal on tissues

    [24:20] Ian In NZ: hi mitch

    [24:25] Everydaypartoflife: hoping to get over there in July , wahoooo

    [24:38] MisterMitch: Ian in NZ hello

    [24:46] Everydaypartoflife: @MisterMitch gday mate, long time. great to see you again

    [25:01] Pooman313: 4 day weekend

    [25:10] john Martin: Also she said that she secretly is dating 2 farangs and not to tell anyone...

    [25:12] Sean Lee-Soy: hello, tell Alex he is missing -1° in ATL

    [25:13] trap221: google maps can't be trusted huh? lol

    [25:44] Kelly Caldwell: Thumbs up :thumbs_up:

    [25:53] Tommy2022: James what state is ur southern accent from?

    [26:02] Kelly Caldwell: Awesome livestream :thumbs_up:

    [26:24] john Martin: Thanks lol

    [26:25] Super Steven: Hallo James And Fah How Are You Doing

    [27:37] john Martin: You'll forgive me if i bribe you with melted cheese

    [27:52] Terence Graham: Nice show with Charlie. He is a proper person. All good intentions

    [27:56] Golden Rich: hello Chocolate man


    [28:34] Hans Erik Moen: you still walk inn the Mornings James?

    [28:36] Mike's on the hunt: bamboo beach nice beach. better than mdf beach

    [28:46] PrinceVoodoo: It's Monday 03:20 a.m. here in Los Angeles, California USA. Just dropped in now I'm going back to sleep, later guys!

    [29:18] Ron Jon: LATER VOODOO

    [29:18] Tommy2022: Charlie i like bc hes chill as fk

    [29:56] MisterMitch: Charlie is very well read. He's knowledgeable on a lot of subjects. Yes awkward and he admits this but he is genuinely a nice person.

    [30:12] Ron Jon: OH. OK…good luck with that Alex

    [30:14] Mike's on the hunt: How's it going? all good?

    [30:28] Gregory McCant: see you in seven days!!!

    [30:32] J T: Will be there in February, hope to see you guys. 1st round or 10 is on me. Thanks for a,l the videos.

    [31:09] Everydaypartoflife: James, do you ever get bored of paradise, is it still as exciting as when you first got there

    [31:20] MisterMitch: just got my attention :grinning_face_with_sweat::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: @J T

    [31:35] J T: Always support my brother vets. You guys are killing it.

    [31:37] Golden Rich: press like people in chat

    [31:38] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: time to drive home was watching while waiting for my son to come out of his work so ill catch you all later have a good sunset guys

    [31:48] Reel Deelz: catching the Cman live ..!

    [32:08] JAM Life in Thailand: Good evening from Udonthani Thailand 🇹🇭 everyone

    [32:13] Ron Jon: Later ANTHONY

    [32:19] Everydaypartoflife: love the travel vids mate

    [32:21] Joseph Holman II: I'm so jealous lol :grinning_squinting_face::face_with_tears_of_joy::grinning_squinting_face::face_with_tears_of_joy::grinning_squinting_face: how are y'all doing

    [32:35] MisterMitch: Good evening JAM Life in Thailand

    [32:45] Ron Jon: HEY JAM

    [32:57] Mr. soulfood: what's happening in April

    [33:06] selwyn lespoir: When are you in Bangkok again? Watching you from my kitchen. Cooking dinner.

    [33:12] JAM Life in Thailand: Hello Mitch Ron Jon :red_heart:

    [33:24] Joseph Holman II: Crypto is going everywhere :grinning_squinting_face::face_with_tears_of_joy::grinning_squinting_face::grinning_squinting_face::face_with_tears_of_joy::grinning_squinting_face: Soon I'll be there

    [33:43] Mr. soulfood: really

    [33:53] Mr. soulfood: thanks

    [34:04] Reel Deelz: DO you see weird animals around for a non-native? like a monkey just walkign by

    [34:25] Mr. soulfood: OK will do

    [34:27] RichFree: Finally caught your live...Good vibes:beer_mug::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::thumbs_up:2$ Superchat

    [34:43] selwyn lespoir: :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [34:49] William Scott: Hello James and Eating princess

    [34:53] kenneth paulsen: hello from norway

    [34:53] William C. Guillermo: hi James provably you miss pork sisig in the angeles city philippines 🇸🇽

    [34:54] Joseph Holman II: Feed Fah some more :grinning_squinting_face::face_with_tears_of_joy::grinning_squinting_face::face_with_tears_of_joy::grinning_squinting_face::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [35:06] Alexander Gouttsait: Finally made a decision to move to Thailand ! Probably partly your fault :grinning_face: Seriously though... All the best to you guys ! A bit curious if you could tell your story how you met and all

    [35:08] Raynold Cherry: Love the channel .. great content .. 10$ Superchat

    [35:20] MisterMitch: see some pretty interesting animals at some of the markets

    [35:26] Ron Jon: Ok…Thanks James…see u later. Bye FAH Alex and Ms Alex…later Mitch

    [35:28] Andre Williams: what the best airline to use to get there and which class

    [35:40] MisterMitch: Later Ron Jon

    [36:00] Mr. soulfood: yeah watching your videos and a few others like zoom to Thailand got me planning on moving to Thailand

    [36:09] Digital Playground Shezdogz: hey joe hey James hay fah

    [36:34] kenneth paulsen: Fah is like my gf, always eating

    [36:54] MisterMitch: Taylor Made Dreams

    [36:54] Ron Jon: :-))). 5555. I’m out

    [37:05] Andre Williams: 2$ Superchat

    [37:13] Mr. soulfood: 5$ Superchat

    [37:41] MisterMitch: saw some pet meercats outside a restaurant the other day

    [37:55] jay shar: Hey James and Fah, salute!

    [38:01] Reel Deelz: What time is it actually .. 6:30am here

    [38:07] Digital Playground Shezdogz: your latency settings are great I've noticed

    [38:20] Dave the rave: hi chocolate man can you recommend any budget hotels, let's 800, 900 baat a night?

    [38:47] MisterMitch: pygmy marmosets in the Jomtien night market too. someone pet. blew me away..

    [38:49] Cebu Bossman: you should get a pet parrot that asks Fah "Are you Hungry"

    [38:55] B' HAPPY PAT: is there an aria in thaïlande or island you see the sun rises

    [39:40] V Wo: 5:30am here in Texas

    [40:01] Papa Pepe: Good morning James and Fah:folded_hands::waving_hand::waving_hand::waving_hand:

    [40:12] Alexander Gouttsait: Hey Guys how would you co.pare Pattaya to Phuket. I am just tossing between the two live in for a year or so and then settle down

    [40:12] Mr. soulfood: Yeah I'm looking to move to Thailand and your page is one of the reasons

    [40:22] Joseph Holman II: Hey mister Mitch how are you doing

    [40:33] MisterMitch: I can't tell anyone about low budget hotels I may or may not use in Pattaya because I live in a condo :winking_face_with_tongue::thinking_face::winking_face:

    [40:49] Mr. soulfood: Been to phuket got to check Pattaya

    [40:57] William Scott: James what about a tour of Pattaya music scene?

    [40:58] MisterMitch: Hey Joseph Holman II I'm great thanks

    [41:13] MisterMitch: Papa Pepe hello

    [41:52] Reel Deelz: surprised you went with a car and not a moto

    [41:55] 긍정긍정: hello couple

    [42:23] Real Space Hobo: Fah flays, Fames fixes things....:slightly_smiling_face:

    [42:31] Nowhere Man: Hi James , Fah, Alex and Miley. Love your content.

    [42:34] Digital Playground Shezdogz: different weather in the south too

    [42:46] MisterMitch: Car is so nice when it's raining or I have more than a bag of groceries to haul

    [43:03] Real Space Hobo: James not fames - though he is kinda famous...:slightly_smiling_face:

    [43:11] Mr. soulfood: From you guys and other YouTubers the vibe in Pattaya seems my vibe

    [43:54] MisterMitch: It's a great vibe @Mr. soulfood

    [43:55] Digital Playground Shezdogz: I'm a fan of the north, north east

    [44:03] 긍정긍정: korea is too cold

    [44:47] Garbage Pail Kid: hEY GUYs are you going to the cABO/cHARLIE/bARFINES Christmas party?

    [44:48] jay shar: Was that a huge oyster?

    [44:54] Mr. soulfood: well you guys have a wonderful evening booking my ticket for April

    [45:21] Digital Playground Shezdogz: just make sure you keep eating fah and you'll be ok:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [45:26] 긍정긍정: I feel sorry for the cats because its cold

    [46:28] Jeff Hall: love the sound of the waves :water_wave:

    [46:32] Digital Playground Shezdogz: how is the car running?

    [46:41] 긍정긍정: :loudly_crying_face:

    [46:58] Mr. soulfood: looking forward to it

    [47:18] Real Space Hobo: Is there still subscriber-meetups at Wombat?...:slightly_smiling_face:

    [47:31] kelvinator: jesus there huge

    [48:00] MisterMitch: Yes. 1st Saturday every month 4pm @Real Space Hobo

    [48:12] Digital Playground Shezdogz: you still take your shots

    [48:36] Digital Playground Shezdogz: cool cool

    [48:40] Jeff Hall: @MisterMitch hello

    [48:50] uknowyask: Good morning from Orlando. It’s cold :cold_face:

    [48:53] MisterMitch: Jeff Hall hello

    [49:03] MisterMitch: kelvinator hello

    [49:08] Real Space Hobo: Still on Ozempic?...:slightly_smiling_face:

    [49:13] uknowyask: 38F

    [49:24] vintageexcellence: It’s damn cold in Southern California

    [49:29] MisterMitch: I do miss my Pacific Oysters from Taylor Oyster farms

    [49:33] Life is Beautiful: Hello everyone !!

    [49:38] Jeff Hall: I wanted to be at the last meet up but didn't happen. hopefully next time. The buffet looks awesome

    [49:46] William Scott: unusual cold across USA

    [49:46] JD Arney: I have been in key west before and needed a jacket

    [49:51] B' HAPPY PAT: fah how do you season your oysters?

    [50:01] MisterMitch: meetups are great :thumbs_up:

    [50:02] Lanny Crain: You coming to Krabi anytime soon.

    [50:08] Life is Beautiful: These two are adorable

    [50:28] Wayne Grosvenor: hello James and Fah from australia

    [50:52] Godfrey DIXON: Hello Fah and Chocolate Man

    [51:18] JD Arney: Doesn’t it snow on the big island. So you could ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon.

    [51:29] MisterMitch: Hello Wayne :folded_hands::folded_hands:

    [51:41] Ben Elkinne: hello James; how's that rocking chair working out?

    [51:47] 긍정긍정: Its a princess outfit fah

    [51:49] Real Space Hobo: Weird how Thai's eat so much, because one of the purposes is to protect against cold - and it's never cold in Thailand. They don't know what cold is...:slightly_smiling_face:

    [52:12] RichFree: I didn't know that was Alex next to you. lol

    [52:15] MisterMitch: be right back

    [52:26] Ben Elkinne: -2 C in Toronto right now

    [52:29] Digital Playground Shezdogz: did you go to Isan recently?

    [52:54] Jeff Hall: could*

    [53:21] Island-Boy มิสเตอร์บ้า: Big Up James Sawasdee kap Fah

    [53:24] JD Arney: That’s why I want to live on Phuket

    [53:24] Willyvanrolleghem Van Rolleghe: hello from belgium :thumbs_up:

    [53:30] Mr. soulfood: yeah reason I want to move to Thailand I want no more snow

    [53:37] Sean Lee-Soy: 28°F in ATL

    [54:02] Ben Elkinne: snow is real cute in the first day only

    [54:07] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: i made it back hom and back to the live stream

    [54:18] Mr. soulfood: no bull or watching it on TV

    [54:36] vintageexcellence: A few of my Thai girlfriends want to travel to the snow and make snow angels,

    [54:57] Mr. soulfood: and no worries of yellow snow

    [55:07] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: i just want to say F snow and as soon as i can get the heck out of ohio and to Thailand the happier i will be

    [55:19] Alton Moore: What's up James and Fah

    [55:27] Everydaypartoflife: snow cone ok but the snow, i'll pass

    [55:28] jay shar: What up Alex, is he up live also James?

    [55:34] PointBlank: Mountain Dew (yellow snow) lol

    [55:36] JD Arney: Yeah rumor has it that Ted Cruz is getting ready to flee to Mexico again. Weather forecast predictions say it will fall below 0c in Dallas this week.

    [55:55] Everydaypartoflife: Alex, Mylee gday guys

    [55:59] Alton Moore: Hey Alex and Miley

    [56:01] Real Space Hobo: Cold weather can be healthy.....we just had minus 10 C here a week or two and it sorta woke me up - all the cold stuff arrives from Russia, of course...:slightly_smiling_face:

    [56:10] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: my GF yesterday was telling me she was cold and i was like its 75 in Thailand and it is like -1 here in Ohio i will gladly take your cold weather lol

    [56:16] Andrew Collins: flying into BKk just before new years then I plan to hire a car and travel down the west coast

    [56:39] Lanny Crain: I have been watching you since you started would like to meet up with you guys when you come to Krabi.

    [56:52] Wayne Grosvenor: Merry Christmas guys

    [57:24] PointBlank: J would you ever consider eating a squid :squid: for the camera :movie_camera: :face_with_tears_of_joy: lol

    [57:25] MisterMitch: Food Carnival is amazing. I'm so stuffed :winking_face::thinking_face::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [57:51] William Scott: hot mess

    [57:58] Reel Deelz: Luv Twitter/Elon

    [58:04] Paul in Asia: Hello. Fah has her red dress on. Watch out for motorbikes!!!!

    [58:10] MisterMitch: I heard there's a YouTuber Obedience class opening up soon :winking_face:

    [58:11] Ben Elkinne: Musk shoulda stayed in his Tesla/SpaceX lane

    [58:26] Lanny Crain: OK

    [58:28] MisterMitch: Paul in Asia hello

    [58:28] Reel Deelz: Musk will appoint a CEO soon

    [58:40] JD Arney: Elon is typical Rich a hole that wants to be a dictator

    [58:45] MisterMitch: Ao Nang is nice

    [58:49] Everydaypartoflife: gday Paul

    [58:51] Paul in Asia: G'Day @MisterMitch

    [58:59] Paul in Asia: Hi Mike

    [59:09] MisterMitch: was that Yesterday Bar in Ao Nang??

    [59:15] Mr. soulfood: any places there I can watch American football there

    [59:32] 80SGIRL: Hello James, Fah & Chat! Looks like a beautiful evening there!

    [59:33] Paul in Asia: What's twitter????

    [59:33] William Scott: Musk poll results indicate he step down hire CEO

    [1:00:10] MisterMitch: I'll be taking a road trip to Yesterday Bar in the near future

    [1:00:13] Paul in Asia: Seahawks are on the bubble

    [1:00:15] Andrew Collins: It would be good if he just burnt Twitter to the ground along with the people who use it

    [1:00:22] Wayne Grosvenor: Censorship is no good what ever way you look at, the woke culture of the world is nuts

    [1:00:43] Mr. soulfood: really then what in the hell and I doing still living in Washington DC :grinning_squinting_face:

    [1:00:50] yo mama: good morning!

    [1:00:55] RichFree: twitter exposed me to some nasty content I SWEAR...I was not looking

    [1:01:02] MisterMitch: Chris :waving_hand::smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

    [1:01:44] Junior Douby: Plan on making my way there January or February when my passport comes in. Is it difficult to find a good hotel for under $1000 usd now that everything open?

    [1:02:24] MisterMitch: 1000 baht hotel easy to find

    [1:03:04] Yuk Ha: Elon showed 80 USA intelligence personal busted working to take down a sitting president

    [1:03:13] Reel Deelz: Have you checked out the islands around... Indonesia/Timor?

    [1:03:25] Mr Dacus The Navigator: greetings from Ethiopia. it's amazing how more Brothers and 'others' are experiencing the good life outside the USA, and on a budget too

    [1:03:34] Alton Moore: I don't care for Twitter or Tik Tok

    [1:03:39] Paul in Asia: Heard a Thai naval ship sunk in the Bay

    [1:03:47] freelance kate: hello everyone

    [1:03:48] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: Elon has made twitter a better place to see free porn lol

    [1:03:49] 긍정긍정: warm country envy

    [1:03:55] Jeff Hall: What's the best chill beach near Pattaya for new years?

    [1:03:59] William Scott: Fah has a 5000 baht daily food habit

    [1:04:09] Wayne Grosvenor: I am hoping to come over in February just waiting on the sale of a property that I have a share of

    [1:04:12] JD Arney: Bali is island

    [1:04:15] MisterMitch: Heading out for our evening stroll along the beach. You guys have a great time. See you all soon. :waving_hand::folded_hands:

    [1:04:27] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: just the facts man lol

    [1:04:31] Football Factory: Merry Christmas from Ireland, what’s the temperature there now looks nice :thumbs_up:

    [1:04:32] Football Factory: Merry Christmas from Ireland, what’s the temperature there now looks nice :thumbs_up:

    [1:04:41] Jeff Hall: later MisterMitch

    [1:04:47] Everydaypartoflife: see ya MM

    [1:04:52] MisterMitch: Later everyone :waving_hand:

    [1:05:01] Paul in Asia: Bye Mitch

    [1:05:05] daz dragon: zuo brotha

    [1:05:08] freelance kate: well done to Argentina for winning the soccer world cup

    [1:05:09] Football Factory: Nice :thumbs_up:

    [1:05:11] boltenbene: Hey James, what program/channel are you always watching UFC on? Best greetings

    [1:05:20] siyour divine: is February part of the rainy season? peace and blessings from Rockford Illinois

    [1:05:51] tracey bannerman: Have you been to Ban Hun Lek scrap metal art museum in Bangkok ?

    [1:05:53] daz dragon: June, July, August is rainy season

    [1:06:12] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: those cody repositories can be huge you gota watch witch ones you instal man

    [1:06:23] daz dragon: wazzzzzup

    [1:06:32] Kay K: hey, bro, how r u both doing?

    [1:06:35] freelance kate: great live stream

    [1:06:39] 9999 Likes: Recommend any micro brewery’s in area?

    [1:06:42] Wayne Grosvenor: do you guy want to see Jake Paul get his lights turn out in the ring

    [1:06:56] daz dragon: sitting at the airport... heading to Texas in 90 minutes

    [1:07:13] Reel Deelz: what sports are big over there

    [1:07:24] jay shar: Is Bam Bam on twitter?

    [1:07:24] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: Hope you have a safe flight Daz

    [1:07:37] daz dragon: thank Anthony

    [1:07:43] Wayne Grosvenor: I think Jake Pauls fights are rigged

    [1:08:14] RichFree: How many police officers approached you for your I.D so far? haha Back home you would have threatened a dozen time for filming already. lol

    [1:08:17] JD Arney: Pool is # 1 sport

    [1:08:24] Digital Playground Shezdogz: way off topic is the angle witch in Pattaya still going

    [1:08:25] Paul in Asia: Love Alex's channel

    [1:09:17] freelance kate: what is your next trip? where are you doing to?

    [1:09:26] Jeff Hall: how's your ear Alex? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

    [1:09:28] PAPI BLANCOTV: Ayoooooooooooooooo

    [1:09:30] Tim Dingle aka Jack Sparrow: Yo bro

    [1:09:44] 80SGIRL: How is Fah's leg doing?

    [1:09:45] Paul in Asia: Yes Xanderman

    [1:10:12] PAPI BLANCOTV: @chocolate man In Thailand what’s good family

    [1:10:23] KAT PI FOOD: Hope all is well

    [1:10:57] Samwora h: What’s up?

    [1:10:57] RichFree: carlitos way

    [1:11:12] PAPI BLANCOTV: Carlitos way

    [1:11:17] jay shar: What up PAPI BLANCOTV

    [1:11:19] Xelextrially: I just arrived in pattaya last week and did most of the tourist things. Do u have any suggestions of what else I can do?

    [1:11:24] Paul in Asia: Calito's way

    [1:11:25] PAPI BLANCOTV: John leguizamo

    [1:11:25] Tim Dingle aka Jack Sparrow: How’s it going in Pattaya? Busy or not ?

    [1:12:00] PAPI BLANCOTV: Jay shar what’s good

    [1:12:28] Ben Elkinne: Fire show near water is a great idea

    [1:12:43] Jeff Hall: After Meily got a hold of it at the pool

    [1:13:02] Tim Dingle aka Jack Sparrow: Ok :thumbs_up: What’s the meaning of Life ? :face_screaming_in_fear::face_screaming_in_fear::thinking_face::zany_face:

    [1:13:19] RichFree: john leguizamo fought steven segal on set lol

    [1:13:29] PAPI BLANCOTV: Chocolate man in Thailand what city u at

    [1:13:40] Alton Moore: Alex how is your ear 555

    [1:13:42] Tim Dingle aka Jack Sparrow: :face_with_tears_of_joy::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::face_with_tears_of_joy::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::face_with_tears_of_joy::thumbs_up::check_mark_button:

    [1:13:53] Payam in Pattaya: :hand-pink-waving::face-blue-smiling:

    [1:14:10] Franky Goes On Tour: Hellofrom the cold Luxembourg

    [1:14:11] Tim Dingle aka Jack Sparrow: Nice spot

    [1:14:16] PAPI BLANCOTV: What time it is over there

    [1:14:30] Digital Playground Shezdogz: wind up Fah:face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [1:14:34] Jake Miller: Mornin James and Fah! or good evening that is for you

    [1:14:39] Franky Goes On Tour: you so lucky

    [1:14:50] Ben Elkinne: hey Fah, 7am in Toronto

    [1:14:56] jay shar: That's a joke, righ? RichFreejohn leguizamo fought steven segal on set lol

    [1:15:05] RichFree: ok, now that he's gone. Let's hit on his beauty. lol:face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [1:15:08] daz dragon: 7pm Thailand

    [1:15:10] Tim Dingle aka Jack Sparrow: Melbourne Australia 2307

    [1:15:42] Jake Miller: Looks like a nice night, we got 5 inches of snow here last night... hehe

    [1:15:49] 80SGIRL: 7 am in Maine, sipping my morning coffee & about to watch some fireworks! This might be a 1st. LOL

    [1:15:56] Tim Dingle aka Jack Sparrow: Chok Dee :thumbs_up:🇦🇺

    [1:16:00] Jeff Hall: Gonna walk to the market for dinner. Later everyone.

    [1:16:11] RichFree: @jay shar Leguizamo told the story.

    [1:16:15] Jake Miller: mornin @80SGIRL from limestone

    [1:16:37] daz dragon: read fah...... not always about eating :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [1:17:40] 80SGIRL: @Jake Miller Well good morning!!!! You are further north of me. You are almost in Canada correct?

    [1:17:42] Payam in Pattaya: chocolate man , please call my name , then i will feel that i'm there , my name is Payam:two_hearts::rose::green_heart:

    [1:17:46] Digital Playground Shezdogz: it's cool we can wait

    [1:17:52] Leeds: Is all Thai food hotter than a vindaloo or can i order a mild dish. I like food containing pineapple and mild chillies.

    [1:17:55] KhorneliusPraxx: Anthony and Maura just signing in!

    [1:18:13] Jake Miller: correct @80SGIRL less then a mile off from canada

    [1:18:35] jay shar: 4:00am in Cali

    [1:19:01] 80SGIRL: I thought I was waiting for fire works AHAHAHAHAHAHA Guess I dont have enough coffee in me yet!

    [1:19:10] JD Arney: In the immortal words of Bevis “fire fire fire “!

    [1:19:29] KhorneliusPraxx: Yep...I have to sign out every six months so we will be visiting in late Feb. early March

    [1:19:32] RichFree: I can do that...easy.:smirking_face:

    [1:19:37] 80SGIRL: I was wondering why the guy was stretching to light off the fireworks LOL

    [1:19:51] Payam in Pattaya: thank you so much , chocolate man :two_hearts::rose::green_heart:

    [1:20:02] KhorneliusPraxx: FIRE! FIRE!

    [1:20:50] KhorneliusPraxx: "I am the great Cornholio! I need TP for my bunghole!" "Fire!"

    [1:20:55] Paul in Asia: Any problems with mosquitos?

    [1:21:01] daz dragon: fah... get on that guys back... you will warm up. :winking_face:

    [1:21:12] JD Arney: In the immortal words of Butthead “cool “

    [1:21:15] Ben Elkinne: if there is danger, he'll just jump in the water

    [1:21:26] jay shar: That's a lot of fire!

    [1:21:30] RichFree: what did u like and dislike about the Philppines compared to Thailand?

    [1:22:07] Paul in Asia: Better internet in Thailand

    [1:22:24] Digital Playground Shezdogz: same i was in the Philippines 2012

    [1:23:20] RichFree: @Paul in Asia Really? I thought it was the other way around? Internet was slow for me in Bangkok.

    [1:23:27] Digital Playground Shezdogz: is this going to be in the vlog

    [1:23:44] KhorneliusPraxx: I had internet issues in Hanoi but now I'm not in the capital works much better...go figure.

    [1:24:22] Paul in Asia: @RichFree a lot of vloggers in Philippines streams crash because of the internet

    [1:24:58] RichFree: I hear Korea and Vietnam has the highest internet speed in the world

    [1:25:19] Paul in Asia: @RichFree Yes Korea is one of the best

    [1:25:47] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: Korea Makes sense since that the home of Samsung just saying lol

    [1:25:50] Digital Playground Shezdogz: :thumbs_up:

    [1:25:53] 80SGIRL: James you remind me so much of my brothers. Always teasing & making people laugh!

    [1:25:56] RichFree: I thought you guys were on a nude beach lol

    [1:26:24] Ben Elkinne: aight, everyone have a great week.. imma go now

    [1:26:47] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: dosn't korea have like those Gaming centers where everyone goes and plays video games all day long too ?

    [1:27:02] The Blob : Tell fah she can eat fire if she practice hard enough :grinning_squinting_face:

    [1:27:21] 80SGIRL: Fah IS fire!

    [1:27:30] RichFree: I miss the arcade days in America

    [1:28:31] The Blob : Good fire show :money_bag:

    [1:28:37] 80SGIRL: Thanks for sharing! That was really cool! Looks like a place I would love to hang out at!

    [1:28:41] The Blob : Nice spot

    [1:29:04] JD Arney: There is a great place in Vegas called the Pinball Hall of fame.

    [1:30:19] The Blob : Enjoyed the charity content. You’ve got this Thailand thing on lock chocolate man

    [1:30:59] RichFree: glad the lock downs are over

    [1:32:07] 80SGIRL: Have a great night kids! Thanks for the live chat!

    [1:32:17] RichFree: Thanks for the fire show. Have a good one.2$ Superchat

    [1:33:07] Gerald Slade: you guys went to that one restaurant for that 5 course meal. any plans to go back for the 10 course?

    [1:33:13] Digital Playground Shezdogz: :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [1:33:35] RichFree: This guy is a show off. I can do

    [1:35:17] Reel Deelz: cheers

    [1:35:35] Reel Deelz: no refunds lol

    [1:35:36] The Blob : :clinking_beer_mugs:

    [1:35:38] Digital Playground Shezdogz: ice cream

    [1:35:38] JD Arney: Have a good night .

    [1:35:40] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: Thanks for the live catch you guys later

    [1:35:52] Papa Pepe: :thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up: