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Putin-Zelensky Faceoff: Lessons for Indian Military and Diplomacy One Year Later


Hindustan Times

Published on 24.02.2023 (Stats from 25.02.2023)


It’s been a year since Russian tankers rolled into neighbouring Ukraine. It was supposed to be a short war. Instead it has stretched to one full year now. And there are no signs of an end in sight anytime soon. But what is in sight are multiple lessons for the world, including for India. And the lessons are not just about the nature of future warfare and over-estimation of drones, this war has also shaken up quite a few notions about the traditional world order, efficacy of nuclear deterrence, information warfare and much more. Meera Shankar - Former Ambassador of India to the USA and Prof Ummu Salma Bava - Professor, Centre for European Studies at JNU weigh in.
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    [15:05] Highlander Trek: Sorry, but who among these three is a military expert??

    [15:54] Highlander Trek: i agree with atmanirbhar bharat:thumbs_up:

    [18:42] Md Mamun: :learning:

    [26:33] Samsung Forgher: lol. Highlander trek

    [28:21] Mystery Everlasting: intelligent discussion

    [30:18] atal: who are they ?? and who is the army expert amongst them ?

    [31:34] dan trey: military ''expertise'' was completely lacking in biden's withdrawl from Afghanistan..there are no well all.

    [35:40] Kevin Flores: Ur in the mid nd russia is like totally phoboconsious

    [39:37] Osas Henry: Don’t worry if China invades India , Russia and the US will also stay neutral as well. Been. Neutral is a stupid and dumb thinking.