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Desire on Soi 6 ladies in Pattaya, Thailand Live Stream 21/12/22


Desire on Soi 6

Published on 21.12.2022 (Stats from 12.01.2023)


Welcome to our daily Pattaya live stream! We will make new live videos on every day! You can support our ladies at - Visa, Mastercard and Bitcoin accepted. If you enjoy our video it really helps us if you press like and subscribe. Thank you! You can also watch our other channel at
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    [0:27] Desire on Soi 6: You can support our ladies at Visa/MasterCard and Bitcoin accepted. 1 drink only $5. If you enjoy our video it really helps us if you press like or subscribe thank you!

    [1:57] Noe: hi

    [2:58] 新人サラリーマン: こんばんは

    [4:57] Marcus Crookshanks: good morning my beautiful friends. I hope you ladies are having an amazing day. as always, everyone is looking amazing

    [5:57] Marcus Crookshanks: Jay my love, missed you when I had to go yesterday

    [7:29] Marcus Crookshanks: crazy mail is already into mischief with Annie :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [8:14] Marcus Crookshanks: hello Korn, great to see you

    [8:30] Noe: are u still get the cold front

    [8:48] Marcus Crookshanks: hello beautiful dew

    [9:07] Pam: Hi Annie. Long time no see naa

    [9:30] Noe: it post go all way back up 70 degrees today over here

    [9:50] narpat20861: Good afternoon my sweetie

    [9:57] narpat20861: Nok

    [10:28] narpat20861: So sweet of you

    [11:07] Pam: Hi mail! Yaardom

    [11:12] Marcus Crookshanks: Annie, your streaks are gone???

    [11:13] Noe: cuz was it like 23 degrees over there couple days ago

    [12:55] Noe: it 52 degrees over here

    [13:31] Noe: america

    [14:02] Noe: Texas

    [14:59] Noe: yeah I been watching u guys for like one week now

    [15:03] Marcus Crookshanks: cold here this morning in west Virginia Noe, 18 this morning.

    [15:28] Pam: Today, Annie's hair is black.

    [16:17] Marcus Crookshanks: welcome.baxk #26 Mena if I'm correct

    [16:18] Pam: 5555.

    [16:25] Joel Garcia: I have been watching for like 3 years

    [16:37] Noe: yeah I this get gifts for my brother kids other then that I don't really ask for gifts for Christmas

    [17:11] Joel Garcia: Wow everyone is alive

    [17:18] Joel Garcia: Ha low my Z

    [17:24] Joel Garcia: Missed you yesterday

    [18:04] Joel Garcia: Covid

    [18:09] Pam: TCK , She has highlight,OK

    [18:37] Marcus Crookshanks: wow B AL, supposed to be in the single digits here in the next couple days. stay warm my friend

    [18:44] Joel Garcia: Corona

    [18:44] Noe: yeah I usually watch like 3 bars from there at different times

    [19:12] Joel Garcia: 555

    [19:41] Joel Garcia: Covid is hot and sexy

    [19:55] Marcus Crookshanks: @Noe, I tried watching other streams but these ladies are the best. Can't do the other streams

    [20:14] Pam: Hi Steven ! Whatsup

    [20:53] Noe: I have friend that from Philippines now she lev over here I met her in Zumba

    [20:55] Marcus Crookshanks: Steven :folded_hands:

    [21:06] Joel Garcia: @marcus, I get called all the time for new live streams. Last night was all lady boys. I’m like not into this bros

    [21:23] ola9156: morning ladies

    [22:05] Joel Garcia: I never been to Philippines

    [22:07] Thomas Parsons: I had flu or COVID last week with 102.3 fever and muscle cramps but I'm ok now

    [22:20] Marcus Crookshanks: Annie is always so cute and a great smile

    [22:21] Joel Garcia: Nice thomas

    [22:26] Joel Garcia: Glad your ok

    [22:52] Joel Garcia: I call Annie happy feet. When she is drunk, she get crazy

    [23:20] Noe: is tialand and Philippines like close too each other

    [23:37] Joel Garcia: Thailand and Philippines are lovers

    [23:45] Thomas Parsons: being that sick and stuck on aircraft carrier bobbin up and down in ocean is no fun

    [24:05] Pam: I love Thai girl.

    [24:05] Marcus Crookshanks: yes TCK

    [25:10] Marcus Crookshanks: Annie still has streaks. never seen her with her hair down, very beautiful

    [27:04] Thomas Parsons: number 3 you are very hot and pretty what your name?

    [27:08] Noe: cute is that blue hair with blonde streek

    [28:19] Noe: it most be light make hair look blue

    [28:28] Marcus Crookshanks: Annie Thomas

    [28:44] Thomas Parsons: hard to here her but that's ok she still pretty like Hollywood movie star

    [29:21] kelcat34: where's my bab

    [29:25] Noe: do u like that pitbull song taxi

    [29:34] kelcat34: babies

    [30:23] Joel Garcia: Everyone cough

    [30:29] Joel Garcia: Covid

    [31:07] Noe: so u only play thai music cuz it not copyright it

    [31:22] kelcat34: Joel baby sup?

    [31:50] Joel Garcia: What’s up bro

    [32:44] Joel Garcia: Seal came to work on energy drinks

    [33:19] Noe: but have u herd of that song taxi bye pitbull

    [33:42] Thomas Parsons: have you heard Cardi B ? she is Porta Rican rapper you should Google her

    [34:07] Carl Gateman: Awe Mail Mail Mail. So pretty :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [34:12] Thomas Parsons: she is good rapper

    [34:15] Pam: By the way, where is priew

    [34:22] Noe: everybody now cardi

    [34:28] Thomas Parsons: good music

    [35:38] Thomas Parsons: her new song hot shit is dope

    [35:53] kelcat34: I :red_heart: my baby girls

    [36:29] Noe: I'm shur every bar there play her music

    [36:36] Thomas Parsons: music is universal

    [36:44] Mike Pyburn: good morning beautiful ladies

    [37:22] HuDogger: Good evening ladies

    [37:28] HuDogger: Hello 3

    [37:40] HuDogger: Hey sj

    [37:57] kelcat34: I want to marry her

    [39:47] Thomas Parsons: Nam is gone?

    [40:29] kelcat34: damn

    [41:56] kelcat34: :red_heart: her

    [42:01] Noe: duz that mean love that little thing u do with fingers like u cross them

    [43:46] Wadé Esquire IV: hello ladies

    [44:39] Wadé Esquire IV: im great! working hard to make my trip there in a few months

    [44:57] kelcat34: me and my girls llo

    [46:12] kelcat34: I love her

    [47:09] HuDogger: Coming on a big day….it was about this time last year I discovered this livestream

    [47:26] kelcat34: I love you Annie

    [47:41] HuDogger: 3 is a magic number

    [48:40] HuDogger: Harem

    [48:49] Noe: my favorite 8 cuz it month of my birthday

    [49:26] kelcat34: Annie I can't wait to marry you you are the one for me

    [49:53] Good Time Charlie: your future exwifey

    [50:05] HuDogger: No sense in holding back kelcat

    [50:43] יואב האומן: sexit sweet dreams 97 :kiss: kiss

    [50:46] HuDogger: Any second thoughts after hearing that voice???

    [50:49] Good Time Charlie: Hi Dew!

    [51:00] Hansi Müller21: Hey Girls you are all butifull.

    [51:07] Good Time Charlie: how was your morning dew?

    [51:38] kelcat34: hugodder lol

    [52:23] kelcat34: I can't help it I love her

    [52:41] HuDogger: Right there with you

    [52:44] Hansi Müller21: my Love is 21 ! and I will meriage her. she wil be my wife for live

    [52:59] Good Time Charlie: 97 is a firecracker TNT

    [53:36] HuDogger: I’m just glad she already decided I am the only man for her 55555

    [53:48] kelcat34: hudogger she's so beautiful

    [54:23] HuDogger: Curious how tiny in person

    [55:03] HuDogger: Someday maybe she’ll spank me like that

    [55:37] kelcat34: I'm looking for a wife out here

    [55:55] Chan S.: hi ladies, bye ladies, have a great and wonderful day. Don't forget to smile and shake some....B!@#

    [56:06] HuDogger: I’m moving there…done with here

    [56:11] Gary: Come on come on girls hello all

    [56:26] Gary: Annie Annie Annie

    [56:33] kelcat34: I Steven John I feel you

    [56:58] HuDogger: I’m in love

    [57:03] ALEC Hodgson: Jay it is like a cat :cat: fight at the back with that fan wacking each other

    [57:26] Gary: Good Annie

    [57:55] Gary: Jay beware Stevens jumbo jet

    [58:30] kelcat34: all you men after My Annie :grinning_squinting_face:

    [59:12] Gary: Flight to paradise

    [59:22] Good Time Charlie: oh no...Dew is looking at her watch

    [59:52] ALEC Hodgson: Kelcat34 Annie needs a real man in her arms

    [1:00:07] Gary: Steven too quick delete. I was looking at Dews watch and missed it

    [1:00:56] Gary: Ok cheers

    [1:01:25] Gary: Mom is by the food again lol

    [1:01:33] Gary: Nok

    [1:02:13] kelcat34: I'm taking Care of Mt Annie

    [1:02:14] Gary: My iPad has a weird corrector

    [1:03:08] kelcat34: I love Annie

    [1:03:32] Gary: Seen Nok tip the snacks out of the cup for easy access

    [1:03:36] ALEC Hodgson: 91 let’s c your famous hand stand

    [1:04:05] kelcat34: I love Annie with all my heat

    [1:04:30] kelcat34: heart :red_heart:

    [1:05:18] Gary: We all love Annie

    [1:05:34] ALEC Hodgson: Jay kelcat34 is a gold digger for Annie s money :dollar_banknote:

    [1:05:57] kelcat34: Gary lmao

    [1:06:12] Gary: We all love you all

    [1:06:31] Good Time Charlie: the all Annie show... Annie all the time

    [1:07:01] kelcat34: I love all of them

    [1:08:22] kelcat34: I'm not lying I want a wife

    [1:08:52] Chan S.: oh priew time off today too

    [1:08:57] kelcat34: I need a wife

    [1:09:25] Gary: Scary New, Nibbling Nok, Delightful Dew, Fabulous Fah, Nimble Nuch, Kissy Korn, Mistress Mail and Justfantastic Jay

    [1:09:41] ALEC Hodgson: Annie broke my heart the other day, so now I need supper glue to put my heart :red_heart: back together again

    [1:09:51] Gary: All we love

    [1:11:02] Earnharvick: Love is all you need

    [1:11:49] kelcat34: you men want a baby so back lol

    [1:12:02] Gary: Annie is a heartbreaker and lust maker. Opps I mean Desire maker

    [1:12:03] Good Time Charlie: ALEC maybe follow the yellow brock road and get a new one

    [1:13:06] kelcat34: love thai food

    [1:13:56] Gary: I cook my own Jay. We have a Thai grocers

    [1:14:17] kelcat34: I love thai food .. my favorite food

    [1:14:17] ALEC Hodgson: Kelcat34 I can huck u up with fon she is definitely :hundred_points: after a man to get married

    [1:14:30] narpat20861: Do you like fish and chips Nok ?

    [1:14:41] Gary: I unripe papaya in my fridge

    [1:15:07] kelcat34: I love fish and chips

    [1:15:07] Gary: Waiting for Milky to come shred it

    [1:15:36] narpat20861: Me too

    [1:15:50] Gary: Nok likes anything on the left shelf lol

    [1:16:07] narpat20861: What is Nok drinking?

    [1:16:25] Gary: Wb Annie

    [1:16:28] narpat20861: Milk shake ?

    [1:17:18] kelcat34: I'm marrying Annie guys back up lol :grinning_squinting_face:

    [1:17:39] ALEC Hodgson: Annie u have worked out on your sexy legs :leg: there looking spot on hot

    [1:18:01] Gary: Annie loves romantic poems

    [1:18:53] narpat20861: I want a sip from your glass Nok

    [1:19:01] kelcat34: Annie is my wife bab

    [1:19:13] kelcat34: back up lol

    [1:19:26] ALEC Hodgson: Annie make shore u r not putting on a marker pen :pen: on your face

    [1:20:01] narpat20861: I like coconut banana milk shake

    [1:20:11] Chan S.: annie what about wedding?

    [1:20:15] Chan S.: i jsut heard wedding :)

    [1:21:24] narpat20861: Nok I want to rub my nose with your nose

    [1:21:31] Gary: All these days Annie disappears. It brings me to many tears. I dream of relaxing with her in my car. But realise that she is away so far

    [1:21:36] Good Time Charlie: three Rings to marry

    [1:21:58] ALEC Hodgson: Jay can I have 3 wife s

    [1:22:07] Good Time Charlie: engagement ring, Wedding ring and then comes suffering

    [1:23:29] Gary: It’s brought Annie to tears :winking_face:

    [1:23:50] narpat20861: What is Nok wearing on her wrist

    [1:24:45] ALEC Hodgson: Annie wants a big family :family_man_woman_girl_boy::family_man_woman_girl_boy::family_man_woman_girl_boy:

    [1:25:24] narpat20861: I want to lock my fingers with Nok’s fingers

    [1:25:45] Good Time Charlie: i think Dew will make the best wife

    [1:26:11] Gary: Oh I forgot Magnificent Milky in my list

    [1:26:50] ALEC Hodgson: If annie has a house party :party_popper: I’m there

    [1:27:04] Gary: Annie I love your hair

    [1:29:07] Gary: Is Mail making nail colouring with felt pen.

    [1:31:25] ALEC Hodgson: Annie I will call you later :waving_hand: to c if u fill ok

    [1:31:43] Gary: Annie you better get bf so we can woo over the other girls.

    [1:32:45] ALEC Hodgson: Jay laughing tears :loudly_crying_face:

    [1:33:16] Good Time Charlie: Ask Dew to Smile so we can brighten up the room

    [1:33:42] Gary: Dew is nice,

    [1:34:19] ALEC Hodgson: I need a very strong :flexed_biceps: sexy woman like Annie

    [1:34:51] HuDogger: Did anyone let kelcat know that Annie is actually 46 years old and has 7 kids?

    [1:34:57] Charles Winfield: come talk with the ladies :winking_face:

    [1:35:07] HuDogger: You’d never guess

    [1:35:34] Charles Winfield: I wouldn't care if sweet Ms.. Annie was 900 years young :rose::heart_exclamation::face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [1:36:47] Charles Winfield: Annie has a perfect smile :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [1:37:11] Gary: I drink whisky to make me frisky

    [1:37:34] ALEC Hodgson: Charles annie will beat u up for saying things like that

    [1:38:36] Charles Winfield: when so VERY many men fall in luv with Annie... how come she decided to make Mr. Winfield :trophy:her hubby...(?) :thumbs_up::face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [1:38:45] Chan S.: dew i want to pull your hair

    [1:38:56] Gary: In 2023 Annie will meet me hehe

    [1:39:09] Gary: Rhyme

    [1:40:08] Charles Winfield: be nice to Dew, she is sweet gal :folded_hands:

    [1:40:29] Gary: I need to wait until 2032 to meet Dew

    [1:41:30] Gary: You will be incognito Chan?

    [1:41:42] glenn garofano: I like 444

    [1:41:45] Charles Winfield: wing Da :bell:, make neighbors angry :grinning_face_with_sweat:

    [1:42:04] Mike Pyburn: mmmm....Anne looking good today

    [1:42:25] glenn garofano: WHATTTTTTT

    [1:43:03] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: hello new girl

    [1:43:14] Gary: Ok I need to go. Annie I miss you so. Stay smiling and full of fun. Ignore these guys as you have my heart won

    [1:43:26] Charles Winfield: speak up, 91, we can't quite hear you

    [1:43:53] Chan S.: wow new did it feel good?

    [1:44:07] Charles Winfield: Gary's a poet, and didn't even know it :musical_notes:

    [1:44:40] Charles Winfield: that Fon yelling...(??) :grinning_face_with_sweat:

    [1:45:22] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: hello new girl

    [1:45:26] coffeegyuunyuu: :ribbon:

    [1:45:55] Gary: Annie has a soft heart and loves romantic poems. Bye

    [1:46:03] Charles Winfield: Fon now is drinking so much, she has to take every second day off work :downcast_face_with_sweat:

    [1:48:14] Charles Winfield: ANNIE'S dancing moves look like she is pretending to thrive an manual gear tractor :thinking_face:

    [1:48:55] Charles Winfield: ... time for the grain harvest

    [1:49:31] Charles Winfield: ...shift that tractor into second gear

    [1:49:38] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: many girl white skin :face_with_tears_of_joy: same me

    [1:51:22] Charles Winfield: ...the corn and beans sure grew high this year, tractor can barely see over it

    [1:51:48] coffeegyuunyuu: Hi No.97:grinning_face: How are you?

    [1:51:56] Desmond Castro: Sounds good, Charles!

    [1:52:46] coffeegyuunyuu: :grinning_face:

    [1:52:53] Charles Winfield: 91, speak louder, your cellphone reception isn't good

    [1:53:12] Desmond Castro: Hi Mail & lovely ladies!

    [1:53:55] Charles Winfield: what is 91 saying... that Annie luvs me...(??)

    [1:54:13] Desmond Castro: okay, On my mid shift coffee break :police_officer:

    [1:54:23] Topgun4life Emerson: have a good Christmas#60

    [1:54:35] Marcus Crookshanks: caught a short nap. hey Desmond

    [1:55:24] Topgun4life Emerson: 60 is beautiful

    [1:55:50] Desmond Castro: I wish! All these triggered alarms out here in Mountains Edge, southwest of Las Vegas.:police_officer:

    [1:56:04] Marcus Crookshanks: always good to be here Jay. no school for a little over a week, relax day for Colby and i

    [1:56:18] Chan S.: im falling asleep 555

    [1:56:24] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: I like girl :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [1:56:42] Topgun4life Emerson: damn 95 loud voice sound like #5 fon lol

    [1:58:46] Charles Winfield: my wife Annie has returned :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [1:59:37] Charles Winfield: Dew, no more blowing kisses to me, Annie is back :shushing_face:

    [1:59:39] Marcus Crookshanks: wish I had a nice lady in my life to spend the holidays with, so happy to have you guys. wish I could do overnight shipping, I would send for you guys :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [2:00:03] orhan turan: die best 21 nr

    [2:00:03] Desmond Castro: I would love to have Fon's screaming voice recording so it could scare off these coyotes and mountain lions from our clients properties.:police_car:

    [2:00:17] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: girl name ,NOK , girl name MENA

    [2:00:25] Marcus Crookshanks: lol Desmond

    [2:00:38] Kazuya: konnichiwa สวัสดี Hello

    [2:00:50] Desmond Castro: Then again, her voice will do.

    [2:01:37] Charles Winfield: I like the games portion of the Livestream broadcast. When is tonight's Jello wrestling portion? :folded_hands::folded_hands:

    [2:03:09] Charles Winfield: ...?

    [2:03:50] Charles Winfield: hi sweetie Mountain Dew

    [2:04:23] Charles Winfield: ..."Do the Dew"

    [2:05:25] Charles Winfield: Ms. Jay like OJ with vodka shot... aka "Screwdriver"

    [2:06:52] Charles Winfield: ...I will schedule that for you... 1 hour for 500 baht

    [2:07:58] Marcus Crookshanks: I want to go to the beach with all of you guys and BBQ and relax

    [2:08:27] Marcus Crookshanks: I'll cook

    [2:08:33] Charles Winfield: be nice to perfect Annie :smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [2:09:58] Charles Winfield: if you nice to Annie, I will hire you to babysit her future children with me

    [2:10:51] Charles Winfield: 3 boys and 3 girls

    [2:12:30] Charles Winfield: we gonna have more than Angelina Jolie

    [2:13:36] Charles Winfield: an entire Thai village

    [2:13:51] Chan S.: jay can you or korn host simon says for 1 game, 1 winner for 2 drinks haha

    [2:14:01] Chan S.: let's see which lady can listen the best

    [2:14:23] Charles Winfield: Simon sez Annie quickly marry Charlie

    [2:14:42] Charles Winfield: :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [2:15:34] Charles Winfield: ...she wins, either way :smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [2:17:47] Charles Winfield: those are the smartest ladies :folded_hands::smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [2:18:42] Charles Winfield: ...if I did it as Simon instead of Jay, Fon would lose EVERY time. she doesn't listen to guys :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_sweat:

    [2:19:56] Charles Winfield: don't worry, Korn. you always a big winner :trophy:

    [2:20:05] Calum 180: Good morning to the Desire women from the country of Scotland

    [2:21:39] Calum 180: I currently enjoy my Christmas holiday and so have visited the Desire Stream more often

    [2:22:14] Chan S.: what happened new?

    [2:22:25] Calum 180: Who are sisters?

    [2:23:17] Charles Winfield: Korn and Nok are sisters...? how can I select which one to date? :thinking_face::pleading_face:

    [2:23:19] Calum 180: Did not know this but now you tell me I see the resemblance between them

    [2:23:40] Calum 180: Two pretty women

    [2:23:47] Charles Winfield: me too :microphone:

    [2:24:50] Charles Winfield: don't be greedy, 2-lady limit at Desire :grinning_face_with_sweat:

    [2:25:03] Chan S.: i never heard that rule charles

    [2:25:21] Charles Winfield: Jay's rule

    [2:25:26] Calum 180: Nok is just too cute for her own good

    [2:26:08] Charles Winfield: ...can only have one, if cashier is one of them

    [2:26:30] Calum 180: Nok getting too much attention at once

    [2:26:43] Calum 180: She has too many fans

    [2:27:01] Charles Winfield: I think Jay is a one-man at a time lady

    [2:27:35] Charles Winfield: :shushing_face:

    [2:27:40] Calum 180: Very wise Jay

    [2:28:04] Chan S.: jay is 99 cat lady

    [2:28:15] Charles Winfield: :grinning_face_with_sweat:

    [2:28:48] Calum 180: Hopefully a supermodel agency does not see this live stream and take Mena away

    [2:28:52] Charles Winfield: Fon is a 76-drink girl

    [2:30:16] Charles Winfield: maybe Ms.Jay is 4 drinks+ 4dates + 4 nites ...:thinking_face:

    [2:30:53] Calum 180: Mail should remember she is best looking woman in Asia

    [2:31:42] Charles Winfield: long as Ms.Annie isn't "#3"- sheets to the wind :shushing_face:

    [2:31:43] Calum 180: New connect 4 throwing game

    [2:33:40] Calum 180: Mena vs Mei

    [2:33:54] Charles Winfield: I sorry, I keep Ms. Annie from getting proper sleep... always dreaming about Charlie :person_shrugging:

    [2:34:04] Calum 180: Hi Sky

    [2:34:25] DJz3ro: hi ladies hi annie

    [2:35:40] DJz3ro: im ok good i was drunk last night 555

    [2:36:17] Charles Winfield: oh, behave, Fah

    [2:36:25] Calum 180: Then Dew vs Princess of Pattaya

    [2:36:59] Charles Winfield: soft swat only for Anny

    [2:37:01] DJz3ro: id come back to desire for annie :grinning_face:

    [2:37:02] Jefferson Alves: save priew:man_gesturing_no:

    [2:37:50] Charles Winfield: Fah, no swats then, just kisses :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [2:38:12] Calum 180: Nok loves games

    [2:38:23] Calum 180: An expert games player

    [2:39:25] Charles Winfield: Korn is naturally smart

    [2:39:56] Calum 180: Congratulations Supermodel

    [2:40:20] Charles Winfield: 26 looking extra-pretty today :star_struck:

    [2:40:32] Calum 180: Nok vs Korn

    [2:41:05] hellcat: 444:face_blowing_a_kiss::face_blowing_a_kiss::face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [2:41:35] Calum 180: Dew makes a comeback

    [2:42:53] Calum 180: Good luck Bird

    [2:45:04] DJz3ro: i love thailand

    [2:45:08] Charles Winfield: ...this is better than Ske-ball in a 1980's episode of "The Price is Right":beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [2:45:12] FactFinder: Good Morning Beautiful Ladies :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [2:46:07] Calum 180: Unluck Nok, don't worry you're still very good at games

    [2:46:14] Calum 180: New vs Fah

    [2:47:00] Charles Winfield: more games...time to watch & fall in luv with Ms. Annie again

    [2:47:59] Calum 180: Well done Sky

    [2:48:19] Calum 180: Annie vs Nuch

    [2:48:56] B T: Hi beautiful ladies

    [2:49:00] Charles Winfield: it ok, Annie... you already gave yer heart to Charlie :sparkling_heart:

    [2:49:08] Calum 180: Jay vs Aor

    [2:50:04] Calum 180: Annie wins a game!

    [2:50:20] Charles Winfield: Annie is always a big :trophy: winner

    [2:51:09] Charles Winfield: spooky whistling music :musical_notes::musical_notes: time

    [2:52:27] Calum 180: Congratulations to the birds sister

    [2:53:10] Calum 180: Now each winner receives a fireball

    [2:54:27] Calum 180: New vs Nok

    [2:54:47] Calum 180: They get one last chance

    [2:55:01] Bruce Robinson: Jayyy , what you doing?

    [2:55:35] Charles Winfield: last game: jumping jacks competition

    [2:55:50] DJz3ro: i learned very quickly that these girls are professionals at connect 4

    [2:55:56] Calum 180: Smart place to store the balls Nok

    [2:57:36] Charles Winfield: Desire needs a dunk tank... place the naughtiest ladies inside...raise money for charity

    [2:57:38] Calum 180: Unlucky New

    [2:57:42] FactFinder: tough match

    [3:00:01] Charles Winfield: I think Mail LIKES giving swats to ladies :shushing_face::thinking_face::grinning_face_with_sweat:

    [3:01:28] K R: Doremon has a great view... 5555555

    [3:02:06] Charles Winfield: yay :folded_hands:

    [3:02:15] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: hello small girl MAIL :clinking_glasses:

    [3:03:20] Calum 180: Why does Aor wear a mask?

    [3:03:58] Calum 180: Ok

    [3:03:59] K R: covid 25

    [3:06:59] Charles Winfield: someone set a bow in Annie's hair, then she will be MY Christmas :christmas_tree: present :folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands:

    [3:07:33] Charles Winfield: ...I always UNWRAP my own presents :winking_face::heart_exclamation:

    [3:07:39] SelectaBwoy: hello ladies, how are you all tonight?

    [3:09:21] SelectaBwoy: so where's fon?

    [3:09:59] Charles Winfield: ...Fon takes 4 days off per week... to dry out

    [3:11:13] Charles Winfield: Jay has out both barrels :water_pistol::water_pistol:

    [3:11:29] SelectaBwoy: and nok has a cute bellybutton btw:winking_face::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [3:12:03] Charles Winfield: :collision::collision:

    [3:13:08] Charles Winfield: it's SWATTIN time, via Mama Jay

    [3:13:57] SelectaBwoy: so what's everybody's Christmas plans?

    [3:14:13] FactFinder: New has Christmas bracelet from boyfriend? :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [3:14:27] Charles Winfield: Ms. Annie can't read English as well as the cashier's, do I will send her photo:

    [3:14:32] SelectaBwoy: oh ok

    [3:14:33] Charles Winfield: :face_blowing_a_kiss::face_blowing_a_kiss::face_blowing_a_kiss::face_blowing_a_kiss::face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [3:14:44] SelectaBwoy: cool

    [3:15:38] Pesky: hello ladies and @ new i couldn't go to bed later without saying hello :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [3:15:39] SelectaBwoy: so both nok and fah are the tallest girls here

    [3:16:41] Topgun4life Emerson: no jay is the tallest girl

    [3:16:50] Pesky: @ new I'm better, just woke up from a snooze, horrible humid weather. how are you?

    [3:17:47] SelectaBwoy: hello mail, how are you?

    [3:18:17] SelectaBwoy: I'm fine sweetheart

    [3:19:14] Topgun4life Emerson: 97 got a loud mouth like fon #5 lol

    [3:20:00] Kazuya: Doraemon is fine today as well

    [3:20:10] SelectaBwoy: btw mail what hobbies do you have?

    [3:20:18] Kappa Cea: Sawadee khrap :red_heart:

    [3:21:07] Kappa Cea: girls, I need to forget about my holiday girlfriend! :D

    [3:21:11] Kappa Cea: sabaai!

    [3:21:19] Pesky: brb

    [3:22:03] Topgun4life Emerson: hope santa come see jay she been a bad girl

    [3:22:10] SelectaBwoy: btw new has a cute bellybutton, so cute that you could fit a marble.

    [3:22:55] Topgun4life Emerson: it a joke jay

    [3:23:17] Topgun4life Emerson: my bad

    [3:23:32] Topgun4life Emerson: 555 been a good girl all year

    [3:23:43] Kappa Cea: 95 suay maak maak khrap

    [3:25:44] Kappa Cea: sexiiiii

    [3:25:45] SelectaBwoy: oh yes you too mail

    [3:27:30] SelectaBwoy: so out of all the girls here, which ones would dominate in a game of volleyball?

    [3:28:45] Pesky: YouTube lagging again

    [3:30:18] SelectaBwoy: so Jay and Korn, what hobbies do you two have?

    [3:30:33] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: hello small girl MAIL :clinking_glasses:

    [3:31:01] SelectaBwoy: Cool

    [3:31:51] Pesky: your welcome cheers :clinking_glasses:

    [3:32:45] Chan S.: what annie?

    [3:33:27] SelectaBwoy: hello nuch, how are you sweetheart?

    [3:33:43] Pesky: :ok_hand:

    [3:34:05] SelectaBwoy: pretty good so far hun

    [3:34:22] FactFinder: Supermodel Annie oops:beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [3:38:23] SelectaBwoy: so who's the best connect 4 player out of everybody here?

    [3:39:12] FactFinder: Annie is the best :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [3:39:32] SelectaBwoy: I'm still here, asking questions

    [3:39:56] SelectaBwoy: oh so Annie cheats:zany_face:

    [3:40:19] SelectaBwoy: jk so she's the connect 4 queen

    [3:40:40] SelectaBwoy: I was kidding annie

    [3:41:07] D Bane: morning ladies :hugging_face::sunflower::waving_hand:

    [3:44:13] SelectaBwoy: So Jay, do you like wearing regular T-shirts or Graphic T-shirts?

    [3:45:20] SelectaBwoy: ok so any that's comfortable that's cool

    [3:46:18] SelectaBwoy: Oh hey nok welcome back

    [3:50:12] SelectaBwoy: so Annie, what's your favorite beach activity?

    [3:50:49] SelectaBwoy: is that a lemon?

    [3:52:31] SelectaBwoy: so nok how tall are you?

    [3:55:30] SelectaBwoy: yup Annie's the queen of connect 4

    [3:57:50] SelectaBwoy: uh oh we have a new queen

    [4:00:30] SelectaBwoy: @B AL so when is tall girl appreciation day?

    [4:00:52] SelectaBwoy: just watching all of you have fun

    [4:01:13] Pesky: good night ladies, enjoy :ok_hand:

    [4:02:39] SelectaBwoy: wow Annie wins again

    [4:02:50] SelectaBwoy:

    [4:03:25] FactFinder: where has Nam and DaDa been?

    [4:03:30] SelectaBwoy: after the first loss, she had redemption

    [4:05:13] SelectaBwoy: btw Korn what T-shirt are you wearing?

    [4:05:50] FactFinder: Annie is the Shakira of Pattaya :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [4:06:06] SelectaBwoy: cool

    [4:07:23] SelectaBwoy: Annie on a two game winning streak

    [4:08:06] SelectaBwoy: make that a three game winning streak

    [4:09:14] SelectaBwoy: lol a four game winning streak

    [4:09:36] FactFinder: 26 and Annie look like Sisters :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [4:11:44] SelectaBwoy: new:smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [4:12:30] FactFinder: But can 26 do Supermodel Walk? :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [4:14:38] SelectaBwoy: well I'm gonna take off, see you ladies again soon bye-bye

    [4:14:56] s1r: mmm

    [4:15:18] SelectaBwoy: and mail has a cute bellybutton too

    [4:21:47] Hansi Müller21: :red_heart::red_heart:21 is my Love Baby I Love 21:red_heart::red_heart:

    [4:26:24] DJz3ro: im going to get ready for the night bye ladies. i hope i can have drinks with you tomorrow annie

    [4:28:42] Hansi Müller21: only 21 :red_heart:

    [4:32:21] Bijan Bayne: # 3, Su'ey ma'ak see you in March

    [4:37:18] Marcus Crookshanks: very lazy day lol. it's nice to have the morning to relax with you guys snd not have anything to do

    [4:38:38] Marcus Crookshanks: can't wait for your birthday :birthday_cake:!!!

    [4:39:56] Oh kook Thai: Hello ladies :victory_hand::smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [4:41:39] Marcus Crookshanks: Colby says good morning ladies, hope your having a nice day. hello Dew

    [4:50:08] FactFinder: oh wow wow

    [4:52:31] Desire on Soi 6: please don't spam the chat

    [4:53:57] FactFinder: New so Beautiful when she dances :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [4:55:29] FactFinder: Mecca we have a problem :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [4:57:45] FactFinder: There are some funny videos of those guys trying to spam ladies chatrooms in english

    [5:01:30] KJ: Hi girls you ready for Xmas

    [5:03:16] FactFinder: they will lose all the money :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [5:05:05] KJ: I know since my b day remember that was the best

    [5:05:35] FactFinder: is 60 shorter than Mail?

    [5:09:22] kelcat34: hi beautiful ladies

    [5:11:20] Marcus Crookshanks: hey kelcat and Fact

    [5:18:34] Shinku 101: Annime <3

    [5:22:18] FactFinder: New will knock me out of my chair with that dance :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [5:27:38] 爪卂几几ㄚ 卂ᐯ丨ㄥ乇丂: :gem_stone:

    [5:28:07] 爪卂几几ㄚ 卂ᐯ丨ㄥ乇丂: Hello sai :slightly_smiling_face:

    [5:39:49] FactFinder: Mail :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [5:40:04] Pippo: hello ladies

    [5:40:10] Pippo: hello aor

    [5:40:26] Pippo: hello beautiful bar lady

    [5:46:10] ALEC Hodgson: Hey sexy mail what’s up

    [5:48:54] ALEC Hodgson: I’m good :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes: mail , my favourite song :headphone: I know all the moves

    [5:59:45] Hiroshito Miyama: Hi desiregirls. Swadi ka.

    [6:01:11] Hiroshito Miyama: Jay New Fah Mail Dew Nok Annie Milky

    [6:05:08] 대만영주권소지자자녀분: 21 sexy

    [6:05:36] 대만영주권소지자자녀분: 21 good

    [6:17:10] Hansi Müller21: 21 is my Love. :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart:

    [6:19:53] Gary Gage: go mail go

    [6:21:35] Darryl Hutchinson: :eyes:

    [6:21:39] Darryl Hutchinson: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart:

    [6:22:10] Darryl Hutchinson: How are you

    [6:22:33] Darryl Hutchinson: i am excited my furniture come tomorrow

    [6:23:04] Darryl Hutchinson: Too many things to do :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [6:23:28] Darryl Hutchinson: Jax have a new friend to learn not to fight with

    [6:23:46] Darryl Hutchinson: Hello tingtong Annie :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart:

    [6:24:13] juan gonzales: hola

    [6:24:14] Darryl Hutchinson: Miss you mak makk

    [6:24:28] Darryl Hutchinson: My son dog name Maggie

    [6:28:01] Gary Gage: hi Darryl, annie looking hot today

    [6:28:27] Darryl Hutchinson: Hey Gary.. Annie always looking hot :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [6:28:58] Gary Gage: annie having lots of fun :raising_hands:

    [6:29:16] Darryl Hutchinson: :bell::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [6:32:25] Darryl Hutchinson: Jay it is so hot here in Perth.. Yesterday 38, today 36.. when i leave Victoria i still used my heater it so cold :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [6:32:34] Darryl Hutchinson: Shongow :clinking_beer_mugs::clinking_beer_mugs:

    [6:34:12] Gary Gage: hello dew my love ⚘

    [6:35:00] Darryl Hutchinson: Tissues please :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [6:35:03] Marcus Crookshanks: I'm still hanging out watching ladies. I'm working on cleaning my whole house and rearranging everything for the holidays

    [6:35:47] Darryl Hutchinson: Oh thank you Dew :folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands:

    [6:36:01] Gary Gage: 5555 tissue time

    [6:36:02] Darryl Hutchinson: ohhhhhh

    [6:36:32] Marcus Crookshanks: oh God Gary Gage

    [6:36:45] Marcus Crookshanks: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [6:36:49] Darryl Hutchinson: Bi Bi Bi

    [6:38:01] Marcus Crookshanks: Gary, you may need a whole box of tissues now

    [6:38:17] Darryl Hutchinson: Smack her New

    [6:38:22] Darryl Hutchinson: hahaha yes

    [6:38:33] Gary Gage: dont hid it annie, her out on the middle

    [6:39:03] Gary Gage: I have sock marcus :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [6:39:28] Darryl Hutchinson: Jing jing Annie :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [6:39:35] Marcus Crookshanks: lol, may wanna get a Christmas stocking :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [6:39:50] Gary Gage: stocking 555t

    [6:40:23] Gary Gage: it is to wipe tears my dear, nothing else 5555

    [6:41:00] Marcus Crookshanks: that doesn't explain the sock Gary Gage lmao

    [6:41:00] Darryl Hutchinson: Momemt brb

    [6:41:30] Gary Gage: Marcus :see_no_evil_monkey:

    [6:41:45] Marcus Crookshanks: :grinning_face_with_sweat::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [6:42:34] Gary Gage: Darryl started this conversation :raising_hands:

    [6:42:54] Marcus Crookshanks: we will have to hold him accountable lol

    [6:42:59] Gary Gage: cut cut, annie started it

    [6:43:18] Gary Gage: its Annie's fault

    [6:43:21] Marcus Crookshanks: I could possibly agree with you

    [6:44:17] Marcus Crookshanks: Annie is a naughty girl lol

    [6:44:54] Gary Gage: naughty sweet innocent :zany_face:

    [6:45:18] Marcus Crookshanks: yes , all but the innocent part

    [6:46:03] Gary Gage: nok had good time in toilet she happy girl

    [6:48:17] Marcus Crookshanks: all good as long as she didn't need a sock

    [6:50:16] Gary Gage: hi korn

    [6:50:49] Gary Gage: I am fine thanx, how are you

    [6:51:45] Gary Gage: jay, we kiss your cheek

    [6:52:14] Gary Gage: corn, I am in my tepee

    [6:52:28] Darryl Hutchinson: i am back..

    [6:53:41] Gary Gage: Darryl :clapping_hands:woooww

    [6:54:47] Gary Gage: hi new, looking good girl

    [6:54:55] Darryl Hutchinson: i had to have a cold shower after all that shaking

    [6:56:39] Gary Gage: looks like darryl will be in cold shower many times

    [6:57:10] Darryl Hutchinson: Last :bell: i need to wake up early in the morning

    [6:57:53] Darryl Hutchinson: Definitely Gary :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [6:58:21] Gary Gage: annie is master bell ringer

    [6:58:33] Darryl Hutchinson: Nok Nok Nok :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [6:59:11] Darryl Hutchinson: Just a few months ago you were a shy girl hiding in the back :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [7:00:40] Gary Gage: sorry annie but dew rings my bell :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [7:00:51] Marcus Crookshanks: nothing shy about her now lol

    [7:02:06] Gary Gage: Darryl look what you've done :zany_face: annie is a lovely mess now

    [7:02:11] Darryl Hutchinson: Shongow :clinking_beer_mugs::clinking_beer_mugs:

    [7:02:36] Darryl Hutchinson: Haha yes she still drunk from last night

    [7:03:21] Darryl Hutchinson: Pi ba :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [7:03:45] Darryl Hutchinson: or ki mao queen

    [7:03:57] Gary Gage: jay is colluding a conspiracy here

    [7:04:36] Darryl Hutchinson: Come on Annie come cry on my shoulder

    [7:05:08] Gary Gage: oh yes it's getting closer

    [7:05:45] Gary Gage: 5555

    [7:05:50] Darryl Hutchinson: Tissues in aisle Gary

    [7:06:13] Marcus Crookshanks: got that sock on standby Gary

    [7:06:33] Marcus Crookshanks: :face_with_tears_of_joy: Annie

    [7:06:33] Gary Gage: yes that's how to ring it but how do we make it ring :man_shrugging:

    [7:07:19] Gary Gage: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands:

    [7:07:33] Gary Gage: corn jay aur

    [7:07:50] Darryl Hutchinson: Are clapping hands Gary or ??

    [7:08:10] Marcus Crookshanks: he only has one Darryl

    [7:08:22] Darryl Hutchinson: :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [7:08:44] Gary Gage: cut cut cut

    [7:09:22] Marcus Crookshanks: Gary is gonna fall asleep soon, he will be exhausted

    [7:09:25] Gary Gage: I cant afford Jay's laundry

    [7:10:09] Darryl Hutchinson: :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [7:10:26] Gary Gage: Marcus no problem I clap my feet :monkey:

    [7:10:35] Darryl Hutchinson: What happened to i not looking Annie

    [7:12:05] Gary Gage: if were in desire room I would be like naughty monkey, cant help it :winking_face:

    [7:13:19] Darryl Hutchinson: Goodnight girls.. See you in my dreams Annie :red_heart::red_heart::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [7:13:29] Noe: yeah there alot TikTok songs

    [7:14:05] narpat20861: Nok hope you are doing fine

    [7:14:12] Darryl Hutchinson: Joop joop Annie :face_blowing_a_kiss::face_blowing_a_kiss::face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [7:14:27] Darryl Hutchinson: Love you guys too :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart:

    [7:15:30] Gary Gage: dew, i be back in 20 minutes

    [7:17:27] narpat20861: Will you cover my face with your hair Nok when we meet !

    [7:19:47] narpat20861: We will eat fish and chips together

    [7:21:50] Noe: yeah have u ever tried long john silver's it like fast food fish place

    [7:22:27] narpat20861: No I haven’t trie but I will try it with Nok

    [7:25:46] narpat20861: I an watching all the misc

    [7:27:49] narpat20861: Are you teasing me Nok

    [7:28:32] Noe: ow ow iw

    [7:28:36] narpat20861: Lovely body Nok

    [7:29:47] BOB NOT IN SIAM .: woow

    [7:34:09] Noe: yes morning it was 2am earlier wen u start the stream I just got up it 9:34am now

    [7:35:23] Noe: I told u 9:35am

    [7:36:27] Noe: so it like 2afteenoon there

    [7:36:37] Mayhem posser: Mazrahi

    [7:37:24] Noe: 10 pm dam

    [7:38:31] Mayhem posser: lots and lots of princesses

    [7:47:04] smart kh: hi 91

    [7:51:00] Andrew Collett: afternoon ladies, how's all of u today

    [7:51:25] Andrew Collett: new xx

    [7:52:19] Andrew Collett: I'm ok love, chilling

    [7:52:38] Andrew Collett: u all ready for Xmas

    [7:53:36] Andrew Collett: new, u got bad tummy

    [7:53:49] Andrew Collett: no, still presents to buy lol

    [7:54:01] Marcus Crookshanks: time to take a cleaning break and hang out with you guys for a bit. all looking great today as usual. I've been watching and listening.

    [7:56:46] Marcus Crookshanks: I think Gary passed out :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [7:57:56] Marcus Crookshanks: Jay, your hair is amazing today. love your hair

    [7:58:40] Marcus Crookshanks: Gary may have had to run to get more tissues lol

    [7:59:36] Marcus Crookshanks: it does Jay, but always beautiful like silk

    [8:03:04] Marcus Crookshanks: I've always had a thing for beautiful long hair. that's how I met colbys mom, she had that beautiful thick long black hair

    [8:08:30] Marcus Crookshanks: @Gary Gage !!!!!! fon voice........

    [8:09:09] Marcus Crookshanks: that may work but just not ad loud :speaker_high_volume:

    [8:12:18] michael: Hello :waving_hand: jay and ladies

    [8:13:28] Jefferson Alves: save jay and mail :victory_hand:

    [8:13:40] michael: I’m good happy to see u and ladies

    [8:13:52] Noe: u look beautiful 444

    [8:14:08] Ed Hackler: I love you New.:smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [8:14:51] Noe: did u say u was in america u moved there

    [8:16:21] Calum 180: Nong Dew

    [8:17:16] Calum 180: Hair bow suits Dew

    [8:17:37] Chan S.: oj for jay, get it, oh jay for jay :)

    [8:24:38] Calum 180: Welcome back Bird

    [8:25:28] Calum 180: Bird is a huge fan of playing games

    [8:25:51] Calum 180: Jay is a skilled artist

    [8:25:56] Adam Daniel: hi jay

    [8:26:29] Adam Daniel: can you ask deiw what are her favorite flowers

    [8:27:51] Calum 180: What is Nok's favourite game

    [8:28:50] Calum 180: Mail's favourite game used to be Simon Says

    [8:28:57] Calum 180: I wonder if it still is

    [8:30:30] Calum 180: 1 game of Simon Says winner receives 1 Jagerbomb and 1 fireball

    [8:31:31] Calum 180: Good luck Princess of Pattaya

    [8:33:19] Calum 180: Nok is determined to win

    [8:33:56] Ed Hackler: New i came in November but i could not find you.

    [8:34:25] Calum 180: Nok a very skilled competitor

    [8:35:10] Calum 180: Unlucky Princess of Pattaya even if you lose games you're still the best looking in Asia

    [8:38:09] suppo99: Hello Annie (#3). How are you today?

    [8:39:11] suppo99: Good Morning from California

    [8:40:50] Calum 180: 1 jagerbomb and 1 fireball to Nok

    [8:41:55] suppo99: Cheers Annie!

    [8:42:13] Calum 180: Hopefully Nok doesn't end up with a burnt throat with all these fireballs that she wins

    [8:43:10] suppo99: I am in California

    [8:43:36] Gary: Hello

    [8:44:09] Gary: How many guys has Annie married since I been away hehe

    [8:44:19] Gary: Hi Steven

    [8:46:37] Gary: Steven - Early next year there will be a New Connect 4 Desire Cup. I sent a replica trophy and medals

    [8:46:42] kelcat34: I was drunk last night hope I didn't say anything stupid in the chat lol :grinning_face_with_sweat:

    [8:47:14] Gary: Kel you said 20 drinks for Annie lol

    [8:48:05] Gary: Are you a split personality Steven

    [8:48:50] Jay Frost: hello, jay and Steven John:palm_tree::snowman::christmas_tree:

    [8:49:03] Chan S.: oh... annie pud len, kao jai

    [8:49:04] Jay Frost: tell hem #95 lol

    [8:49:09] Gary: How many Gary’s, Darryl, Harry’s are there

    [8:49:10] narpat20861: Nok has a lovely neck she needs a necklace

    [8:49:38] Jay Frost: hello desire girls :sparkles::blue_heart::revolving_hearts::purple_heart:

    [8:49:55] Gary: Annie I have large suitcase

    [8:50:31] Gary: Another Gary

    [8:50:43] Jay Frost: just getting ready for Christmas :white_heart::snowman:

    [8:50:47] kelcat34: I did? wow lmao :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [8:51:08] Gary: Can I be poet Gary

    [8:51:40] Gary: Annie Annie Annie

    [8:52:19] Gary: Pink noooooo

    [8:52:30] Gary: Red

    [8:52:40] narpat20861: I said Nok has a lovely neck and she needs a necklace

    [8:53:12] Gary: How do you change colour. Pink do not suit my eyes

    [8:53:24] Gary: Lol

    [8:54:03] kelcat34: are we all obsessed with Annie or is it just me? LOL

    [8:54:47] Gary: That’s blackmail

    [8:54:55] kelcat34: I would get to Thailand first and marry Annie first LOL That Girl Is Mine LOL

    [8:55:03] Chan S.: who can dance the best in here.

    [8:55:15] narpat20861: Good night Nok sleep with my love in your heart

    [8:55:44] Gary: She’s married 10 times this morning Kel. Need to get up earlier hehe

    [8:56:03] André Nürnberger: Sawasdee Krap beautiful Ladies from Frankfurt Germany . :folded_hands:

    [8:56:08] Pranav nargotra: hii everyone

    [8:56:12] Gary: Wow wow wow Annie

    [8:56:25] André Nürnberger: Sabei di mai Ladies ?

    [8:56:32] Gary: I think Mail and Priew

    [8:56:36] Chan S.: ok i want to see annie :)

    [8:56:38] kelcat34: That Girl Is Mine Gary back up LMFAO

    [8:57:06] Gary: She likes poems Kel

    [8:57:28] Gary: She will accept your best hehe

    [8:57:34] kelcat34: I will be in Thailand next month and me and Annie are getting married LMFAO

    [8:57:56] Gary: May I be best man

    [8:58:34] narpat20861: Good night Nok see you tomorrow

    [8:58:52] Jay Frost: what you up 2 steven john?

    [8:59:29] Steven John: Jay Frost I just yak yak them :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [8:59:38] kelcat34: that girl is mines backup the girl is mine in a Chris Tucker voice LOL

    [9:00:00] Jay Frost: cool, Steven John:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [9:00:12] Calum 180: Because eyes cannot handle the beauty of Mena

    [9:00:18] Pranav nargotra: hiii everyone

    [9:00:19] Gary: Annie is creeping to front to be closer to me :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [9:00:36] kelcat34: I'm putting the ring on it with Annie as soon as I get to Thailand joking LOL

    [9:00:37] Gary: Oh no she’s eating lol

    [9:00:57] narpat20861: Good night Nok

    [9:01:42] kelcat34: I hope Annie can cook lol

    [9:02:20] Gary: Nok is creeping to the food

    [9:02:23] Calum 180: @kelcat34 She's a mother, of course she can cook

    [9:03:05] kelcat34: she's a mother?

    [9:03:09] Gary: Ow Dew

    [9:03:31] kelcat34: and how do you know this? LOL

    [9:03:40] Gary: Annie has 3 children.

    [9:03:52] Pranav nargotra: 21

    [9:03:57] Gary: Me, Steven and TCk

    [9:04:35] kelcat34: damn they pumping babies into her already? damn

    [9:04:37] Gary: Me her lover lol

    [9:04:45] Daddy Marcus: @Kelcat34 i hope you know how to fight. annie is mine :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [9:04:53] kelcat34: you guys are lying LOL

    [9:05:09] Daddy Marcus: Winner take all :grinning_face:

    [9:05:11] Jay Frost: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [9:05:29] kelcat34: of course I know how to fight! with my huge wallet LOL

    [9:05:33] Daddy Marcus: Hello Jay and ladies

    [9:05:36] Pranav nargotra: 21

    [9:05:36] Calum 180: Supermodel agencies could be watching this live stream right now and try and snap up Mena

    [9:05:44] Jay Frost: Daddy Marcus:smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

    [9:06:25] Gary: Hope that reaction was not for me hehe

    [9:06:38] kelcat34: I'm the biggest sugar daddy around this neighborhood LOL

    [9:06:42] Daddy Marcus: Jay Frost :folded_hands:

    [9:07:01] Gary: Ok

    [9:07:39] Daddy Marcus: @Kelcat34 :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [9:08:37] Hansi Müller21: 21 my Love and :red_heart: do you have children?

    [9:09:09] Gary: Steven as her bro who will you accept for Annie’s hand.

    [9:09:15] david mullan: hi jay and beautiful ladies

    [9:09:26] Calum 180: @Hansi Müller21 Nok has 8 sons

    [9:09:41] Gary: What dowry lol

    [9:10:39] kelcat34: hey Gary you ain't bad! in my Michael Jackson voice lol

    [9:10:43] Gary: What choreography the girls Jay

    [9:10:49] Pranav nargotra: 21

    [9:11:54] david mullan: Jay I sent your photo to santa clause. :santa_claus: I tell him this is what I want for Christmas :christmas_tree:

    [9:12:51] Calum 180: Nong Nena the best looking 24 year old I know

    [9:13:17] Gary: Mena 24, how tall, vital statistics

    [9:13:21] Calum 180: Mena

    [9:14:02] Calum 180: Sorry Jay I knew this just accidentally pressed N because it is next to M on the keyboard

    [9:15:22] Pranav nargotra: 21 name Instagram

    [9:15:34] david mullan: Jay I would like to take you to the three mairmaids for dinner and drinks. when I come back.

    [9:15:38] Gary: I asked had any one got smitten yet with Mena yesterday. I see Calum wins that prize hehe

    [9:15:56] Calum 180: @Gary She has all the vital statistics to make it as a Thai supermodel

    [9:15:56] Daddy Marcus: :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [9:16:19] Gary: Whose pscott Steven

    [9:16:27] Daddy Marcus: Ok Jay your turn :grinning_face:

    [9:16:49] david mullan: yes in November

    [9:16:57] Gary: Annie what game you want to play

    [9:17:01] Calum 180: Jay enjoys being alone

    [9:17:22] kelcat34: Gary you better pray that I don't make it to Thailand first LOL or it's cookies for you my brother LOL

    [9:17:40] Calum 180: She is lying

    [9:17:46] Gary: Biscuits please hehe

    [9:17:51] Calum 180: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [9:18:13] Jonny Bee Peterson: ...just have time to say hello to my most beautiful pretty fah

    [9:18:16] david mullan: Jay pom racoon

    [9:18:18] Steven Wong: 21 is gorgeous:smiling_face_with_hearts::smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [9:18:21] Jonny Bee Peterson: u

    [9:18:30] Jonny Bee Peterson: ...gotta go

    [9:18:35] Calum 180: Jay you just haven't met the right person yet

    [9:18:49] kelcat34: I'm putting a ring on Annie's finger as soon as I get off the plane LOL

    [9:18:50] Gary: I enjoy being alone until,Annie or Milky walks in

    [9:19:32] Gary: Pinky finger Kel?

    [9:20:26] david mullan: Jay 444. I get this as a tattoo

    [9:20:30] Gary: Another skin disease ?

    [9:21:19] david mullan: I joke 555

    [9:21:49] Gary: Ok new connect 4 Annie versus Mail

    [9:22:35] david mullan: Jay play connect 4

    [9:22:41] Gary: What does su su mean lol

    [9:22:45] kelcat34: hey Gary you ain't bad in my Michael Jackson voice lol

    [9:23:14] Gary Gage: kelcat, :raising_hands::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [9:23:22] Gary: Annie play the new connect 4

    [9:23:39] kelcat34: 24 karat gold for Annie LOL

    [9:24:07] Gary: Karat is a place in Thailand

    [9:24:13] Gary Gage: jup jup Steven darling :smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [9:24:47] Gary: Ok all girls

    [9:25:18] Gary Gage: steven have you been caring for our sweetest dew ?

    [9:25:32] Gary: 4 games

    [9:26:03] david mullan: Jay what do you like to do on your day off.

    [9:26:30] Calum 180: @Gary Gage Dew is lost without you

    [9:26:51] Gary: Bartender

    [9:26:55] Gary: 5

    [9:27:20] Gary: Gosh gosh Annie won a game

    [9:27:50] Calum 180: Annie may have found a game that she is good at

    [9:28:04] david mullan: Jay. some day..

    [9:28:09] Charles Winfield: my Wife Annie still smiling big :face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [9:29:01] Jay Frost: :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::white_heart::heart_decoration::white_heart:

    [9:29:28] david mullan: Jay you like Irish whisky.?

    [9:30:20] Calum 180: @ david mullan Jay is a recovering alcoholic we only allow her soft drinks

    [9:30:26] Jay Frost: yes, david mullan

    [9:30:35] david mullan: I bring you jameson...

    [9:30:43] Charles Winfield: ...I wonder if Kook has found her puppy, yet :thinking_face:

    [9:30:59] Gary: 5 games Jay

    [9:31:09] Gary: Each girl plays

    [9:31:37] Gary: Draw out

    [9:32:02] Charles Winfield: Laphroaig is the best somewhat-affordable UK whiskey on the market

    [9:32:51] Charles Winfield: Simon says, that Ms. Annie is the best at bar games

    [9:33:09] david mullan: Jay I bring your jameson.

    [9:33:48] Calum 180: @Charles Winfield Yes I have had it before Laphroaig is quite popular in Scotland

    [9:34:02] Marcus Crookshanks: is Annie behaving now ???

    [9:34:10] david mullan: ok powers Bushmills. :battery:

    [9:34:13] Charles Winfield: :thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

    [9:34:41] Charles Winfield: what is Annie doing there, below the counter...? :thinking_face:

    [9:34:57] Marcus Crookshanks: hi Annie, good to see you

    [9:35:24] Marcus Crookshanks: Jay, you must have had to put your foot down lol

    [9:35:26] Gary Gage: ya dew

    [9:35:26] Jay Frost: :grinning_face_with_big_eyes::grimacing_face::neutral_face:yes

    [9:35:58] Anthony Tuggle: was Annie getting wild

    [9:36:04] Charles Winfield: Annie and Fah, up to shenanigans below counter :grinning_face_with_sweat:

    [9:36:05] Gary Gage: :gem_stone:

    [9:36:07] Marcus Crookshanks: Gary Gage, have you recovered????

    [9:36:29] Jay Frost: Gary Gage:eyes:your the best

    [9:36:31] david mullan: Jay I just bring me and plenty of money :money_bag:

    [9:36:33] Gary Gage: new socks marcus

    [9:36:47] Marcus Crookshanks: just checking lmao

    [9:37:52] Gary Gage: bottoms up

    [9:37:59] Gary Gage: chonkaew

    [9:38:00] Charles Winfield: is 26, or, Nok, the tallest??

    [9:38:07] Gary Gage: cheers

    [9:38:11] Anthony Tuggle: packing bags. I leave in a couple of hours

    [9:38:26] Charles Winfield: yay :thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

    [9:38:29] Gary Gage: :folded_hands:

    [9:38:54] Charles Winfield: same height

    [9:39:08] Daddy Marcus: Cheers Annie :clinking_beer_mugs:

    [9:39:15] Charles Winfield: same height: "fun-sized"

    [9:39:35] Jay Frost: i think 21 is the tallest

    [9:40:29] Gary Gage: Daddy Marcus :raising_hands:

    [9:40:34] Charles Winfield: Annie and Dew, also same height as each other..I can buy one wedding dress, for first to say "yes" to Charlie

    [9:40:39] Daddy Marcus: Nok how tall are you?

    [9:40:54] Charles Winfield: COME on come on Guys

    [9:40:55] Daddy Marcus: Daddy Gary :smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

    [9:41:42] Joel Garcia: I know who I want

    [9:41:46] The Ghost-Station: Sawadee Jay and Ladies.. Here Ghost with a late visit... i hope you are all doing fine... nice Ball Game :slightly_smiling_face:

    [9:41:54] Gary Gage: jay I like your midgets

    [9:42:05] The Ghost-Station: Eyes of Annie and Fa down on the screen haha

    [9:42:36] Charles Winfield: Annie has talented eyebrows :winking_face:

    [9:42:38] Joel Garcia: 555 I am not gay

    [9:42:38] Marcus Crookshanks: Annie is in time out ghost

    [9:42:41] The Ghost-Station: Annie and Fa are drowning..hihi

    [9:43:17] The Ghost-Station: Hey Marcus...

    [9:43:26] Gary Gage: Joel you sound pretty gay with that statement :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [9:43:49] Marcus Crookshanks: hey my friend. been here about all day watching or listening.

    [9:43:55] The Ghost-Station: Marcus... watch carefully.. at the end of the evening Annie and Mail often go crazy hihi jumping around haha

    [9:43:56] Jonny Bee Peterson: ...beautiful sexy fah

    [9:44:18] Charles Winfield: Annie, you are blocking people's view, so come sit down on my lap :thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

    [9:44:21] Marcus Crookshanks: good to see you herr daddy Marcus, been a while

    [9:44:23] Gary Gage: just joke. if you are here then you aren't gay. whoops

    [9:44:23] Charles Winfield: Annie, you are blocking people's view, so come sit down on my lap :thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

    [9:44:28] The Ghost-Station: Wow Marcus take rest too mate..

    [9:44:33] Daddy Marcus: Jay where is Milky?

    [9:44:52] Gary Gage: wow fah

    [9:45:10] The Ghost-Station: Jay... Any special plans in the chatroom with the ladies at Christmas ??

    [9:45:35] Gary: Nok

    [9:45:43] Daddy Marcus: @MarcusCrookshamks hello my friend. Yes i've juat been chilling here in Pattaya :grinning_face:

    [9:45:58] Marcus Crookshanks: Ghost, you missed a good show earlier, Gary Gage has probably had to change out a few socks today. Annie, and a few others have been very mischievous today

    [9:46:22] Charles Winfield: :sign_of_the_horns::grinning_squinting_face::face_with_tears_of_joy::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::clown_face:

    [9:46:24] Marcus Crookshanks: seems like a great place to be daddy Marcus

    [9:46:52] The Ghost-Station: Haaa 91 New Pang pang is there hihi <>_<>

    [9:47:10] The Ghost-Station: Marcus i will see it in the replay..hehe

    [9:47:22] Gary: Fah

    [9:47:39] Calum 180: Mena also has skill at games as well as rare beauty

    [9:48:03] Marcus Crookshanks: Mena has a great smile

    [9:48:04] The Ghost-Station: Jay..Hmm ok not planning yet any thing at Christmas ?? Maybe Santa Claus comes by.. who knows..

    [9:48:04] Daddy Marcus: @Marcus Crookshanks yes. There are nice beaches here, good food and beautiful ladies :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [9:48:34] The Ghost-Station: New Pang Pang Lol

    [9:48:47] Marcus Crookshanks: I definitely hope to visit there soon if everything goes right. I have to meet the ladies for sure

    [9:49:24] The Ghost-Station: Oh Oke Jay... Just watch out for Santa Claus in the street with presents ok hihi

    [9:49:57] The Ghost-Station: Ohhh Nooooo Panggg from New and Jay hihi

    [9:49:58] Marcus Crookshanks: I have to win Jay's heart daddy Marcus and Colby has to meet dew :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [9:49:59] Gary: Ok Nok, Fah and Mena

    [9:50:13] Gary: And Dew

    [9:50:31] Daddy Marcus: Jay ask the ladies what do they want for chriatmas

    [9:51:11] Calum 180: Which area of Thailand does Mena come from

    [9:51:23] The Ghost-Station: Annie.. Pom Rak Khun.... will Ghost always whispers in your ear... ^_^

    [9:51:53] suppo99: good night ladies.

    [9:51:59] suppo99: good night Annie!

    [9:52:09] The Ghost-Station: Annie wants a Santa Ghost for Christmas.... ^_^

    [9:52:38] Marcus Crookshanks: Jay, I will give you my heart for Christmas.

    [9:52:38] The Ghost-Station: Mail.. are you gonna jump around through the room like yesterday ??? LOL

    [9:52:43] Gary: Jay sent Annie and Dew bit earlier. Now Nok, Fah and Mena. Is that ok

    [9:52:54] Daddy Marcus: Ok Jay i will surprise

    [9:53:32] Gary: Did you get the 5

    [9:53:34] Calum 180: Keeping up with the winners of games can be tricky!

    [9:53:48] Marcus Crookshanks: you ladies have an amazing night, stay safe and stay beautiful. I love you guys always and look forward to seeing you tomorrow. goodnight ladies

    [9:54:22] The Ghost-Station: Mail and Annie has nice Pony-Tails today :slightly_smiling_face:

    [9:54:41] The Ghost-Station: Take care Marcus and rest enough Mate... bye bye

    [9:55:04] Calum 180: Goodnight Marcus

    [9:55:16] Gary: Ok coming

    [9:55:18] Gary Gage: yes jay jay

    [9:55:47] The Ghost-Station: Annie if Ghost comes dressed like Santa Claus.. will you be sitting on his lap and be nice...?

    [9:55:49] Gary Gage: yes

    [9:55:54] Gary Gage: yes

    [9:56:01] Marcus Crookshanks: no rest Ghost, it makes you old when you slow down :face_with_tears_of_joy:. have a good day or night chat

    [9:56:22] The Ghost-Station: If Annie naughty Santa Ghost does not like.. ^_^

    [9:56:24] Gary Gage: okay

    [9:56:37] The Ghost-Station: Ok Marcus hehehe

    [9:56:40] Calum 180: Lucky Dew

    [9:56:41] Gary: Krabi?

    [9:56:46] Gary Gage: :folded_hands:

    [9:57:19] Gary Gage: I enjoyed the show today thank you

    [9:57:25] Calum 180: Quick Dew you only have a few minutes to finish them

    [9:57:30] The Ghost-Station: Noisy room, always noisy Lings at the end of the evening...

    [9:57:50] The Ghost-Station: What put Mail in her nose ??? <>_<>

    [9:58:14] Jay Frost: cheers

    [9:58:17] Gary Gage: bottoms up chonkaew cheers

    [9:58:34] Marcus Crookshanks: very good show today Gary Gage

    [9:58:51] Daddy Marcus: Jay i have one more order

    [9:58:56] The Ghost-Station: Hey Korn also there hihi

    [9:59:14] The Ghost-Station: Closing time... Lings must go to bed... hihi

    [9:59:46] The Ghost-Station: Why Annie so small on the ground...

    [9:59:58] Daddy Marcus: You're welcome :face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [10:00:00] Marcus Crookshanks: before I go, why do I feel that me standing with the ladies would be compared to Annie next down beside Jay?

    [10:00:21] Gary Gage: bottom up

    [10:00:29] Jay Frost: Marcus, what about me ? lol:slightly_smiling_face::winking_face:

    [10:00:42] The Ghost-Station: Sawadee Korn... Ghost ok.... here cold.. 5 degrees brrr wish you good night with the ladies....

    [10:00:45] Gary: Is Mena from Krabi

    [10:01:00] Daddy Marcus: @Jay Frost Cheers bro :grinning_face:

    [10:01:00] Marcus Crookshanks: ok, goodnight now beautiful ladies.

    [10:01:03] The Ghost-Station: Black shirt fits you Jay :slightly_smiling_face:

    [10:01:56] Jay Frost: cheers Daddy Marcus:grinning_face_with_big_eyes::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [10:01:56] Gary: Whose pscott Steven

    [10:02:22] The Ghost-Station: Annie beautiful smile with beautiful tooth :slightly_smiling_face:

    [10:02:23] Gary Gage: bottom uo

    [10:02:30] Gary: Oh lol

    [10:02:31] FactFinder: Goodnight Beautiful Ladies :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [10:02:41] The Ghost-Station: W0W Noisy Lings...

    [10:02:49] The Ghost-Station: Bedtime hahahaha

    [10:03:00] Jay Frost: :white_heart::sparkling_heart::white_heart::sparkling_heart::white_heart::sparkling_heart:

    [10:03:08] Gary Gage: mwah mwah dew :red_heart:⚘

    [10:03:33] The Ghost-Station: Annie get TJUB X from Ghost... for good sleep...^_^

    [10:03:54] Gary: It’s ok we can go on police can’t climb stairs lol

    [10:04:05] The Ghost-Station: New with the nice belly hihi

    [10:04:14] Anthony Tuggle: see you next time :waving_hand:

    [10:04:26] FactFinder: Annie looks tired

    [10:04:26] Jay Frost: i had fun, thank you desire girls:red_heart::heart_on_fire:

    [10:04:30] Gary Gage: 5555 p gary

    [10:04:46] The Ghost-Station: Annie has red cheeks...

    [10:04:50] Daddy Marcus: goodnight ladies

    [10:05:07] Jay Frost: :heart_decoration::purple_heart::heart_decoration::purple_heart::sparkling_heart: