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Chocolate Man In Thailand

Published on 23.11.2022 (Stats from 24.11.2022)


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    [-48:08] SxSxSx: much love from Florida

    [-42:17] DJMACK: I loving Thailand my brother and hope to attend one of your events. I miss you at the wedding party the other day. I should have came but couldn't. They live in the same condo I bought in.

    [-41:29] DJMACK: will be here until December 15

    [-31:04] Cedric jackson: I can't wait to come over there..2024!!

    [-4:27] Ken Heller: Good evening James and Fah.

    [0:37] Bob Larsen: Hello James Fah

    [0:41] Tonya Tonya!: Hi guys!

    [0:42] mzg: yooo

    [0:49] mikeswave2: :man_raising_hand::man_raising_hand::man_raising_hand::man_raising_hand::man_raising_hand:

    [1:03] Cedric jackson: hello guys from Atlanta..

    [1:25] Sorca Constantin: hi Fah...hi James

    [1:25] Alton Moore: Chocolate man and Fah what's up

    [1:45] Scott M: Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

    [1:47] Scott Hummer: Hello Fah and James

    [2:18] DJMACK: 10$ Superchat

    [2:23] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: Hi James hi Fah

    [2:28] Scott Hummer: Hello mikeswave2, Ken Heller, Scott M

    [2:30] Sorca Constantin: how are you doing?

    [2:38] Scott Hummer: Hello Anthony sirmoshi Aiello

    [2:40] Papa Pepe: Good morning from LA James and Fah :folded_hands::thumbs_up::thumbs_up:

    [2:44] mzg: ill be there december 1st ! its coming up

    [2:46] Kim Pettit: Happy Holidays from SC

    [2:48] Scott M: hey Scott H

    [2:51] mikeswave2: Hi Scott

    [2:55] Ken Heller: Howdy Scott Hummer.

    [2:59] Bangkokbare: Hi Guys

    [3:01] F. Borgar vik: hello and good day James and Fah good to see you both

    [3:08] Sorca Constantin: fah not eat today

    [3:12] Ken Heller: Sawadee Kap Khun Fah.

    [3:14] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: happy thanksgiving to you both early

    [3:26] EverythingExplored: :black_flag: 5 🇺🇸0 :winking_face:

    [3:28] D John: Nice meeting you and Q at the Hooters for Taco Tuesday!!!!!! Thank you for all of the information:beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_squinting_face::beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes: I sent the pic we took to yoUr Instagram. :hundred_points::hundred_p

    [3:28] Papa Pepe: Hello Scott :waving_hand:

    [3:29] Scott M: back in States for Thanksgiving with family

    [3:36] I.On130: HELLO from Germany

    [3:37] 긍정긍정: chocolate man:red_heart:fah

    [3:58] Tommy J: Hello All - Scott Hummer would be good MOD to add

    [3:58] Jay Everything: Salute OG:hundred_points:

    [3:59] Bayonet: I have noticed that Thia women have great appetites lol.

    [4:06] THE PRINCE OF DOWNTOWN: THE Prince Has Officially Arrived In The Chat :double_exclamation_mark:…What’s up everybody:glowing_star::high_voltage:

    [4:17] B' HAPPY PAT: hi you 2.. this is my first chat in over 7 years!

    [4:18] Teacher David ICT Computer Sci: Did FAH EAT?

    [4:19] F. Borgar vik: helo to you all in the chat

    [4:23] EverythingExplored: England 5 USA 0

    [4:24] Scott Hummer: Hello Tommy J

    [4:24] Papa Pepe: Celebrated 66th yesterday brother :partying_face:

    [4:26] Lazlo 505: What up, finally made it for a live.

    [4:33] F.F.F.T.P Channel: :clinking_beer_mugs:

    [4:39] DJMACK: Great couple..proud of you both

    [4:40] Nomo Gonzo: Morning Chocolate and FAH!

    [4:40] Scott Hummer: Hello Papa Pepe

    [4:44] Sorca Constantin: how was your day today?

    [4:57] Alton Moore: Happy Thanksgiving ya'll

    [5:01] F. Borgar vik: been good spain is 23c but windy

    [5:03] Carson Mhoon: greetings from grand ave soi 15

    [5:16] Global Passport Crew: Happy Thanksgiving!

    [5:35] Edwin Neill: can i just say your lady is a stunning beautiful lady x

    [5:37] Shawn Reynolds: happy early Thanksgiving and belated veterans day!!

    [5:51] FactFinder: Fah looking beautiful :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [5:52] George Manning: I Love Ms Pretty You Can go Bro

    [5:55] Ken Heller: Y’all aren’t going to PKk at Foreigner Joe and Thai Girl Gift’s house?

    [5:58] Aaron HLL: morning from Tx

    [5:59] Jay Everything: Salute from Amsterdam Netherlands :hundred_points:

    [5:59] Nomo Gonzo: Bro I need a video of flats and places to go so to feel lost . I am strongly considering moving that way

    [6:03] Sasi May and Bruce: Hi guys. sorry to hear your not coming.

    [6:03] D John: Yes I was!!!!!!

    [6:07] The Equalizer: your boy Tuk Tuk in the house...:clinking_beer_mugs::folded_hands:

    [6:12] Benzini Gasolini: Yo James and Fah..the adults are in the house!

    [6:22] Papa Pepe: To each his own :winking_face:

    [6:24] Antonio Perez Osorio: Hello beautiful Fah and Mr CMIT.

    [6:37] Scott Hummer: Hello 긍정긍정

    [6:48] freelance kate: hello everyone

    [6:51] Ronin Travelers with Alex: Good Evening James and Fah

    [6:52] 긍정긍정: hello

    [6:55] Bob Larsen: Hail the Prince

    [6:55] Guru Mr ägg: hello from sweden, hope you and fah whait until beginning of April next year before you get MARRIED so i can come to your wedding :red_heart::folded_hands::folded_hands::folded_hands:

    [6:56] Tommy J: Bruce Just saw your video

    [7:14] Signalizer: Enjoy your videos from Louisiana. Hope to see you at a meet up one of these days. #FEEDTHEFAH

    [7:26] kenneth paulsen: hey from norway

    [7:36] matthew cunningham: Can Fah cook ?

    [7:37] PrinceVoodoo: Hello Fah & James...

    [7:45] Bob Larsen: Can't wait to drive up to pattaya next month, hope to bump into you and Fah while there.

    [8:03] Sapa Lot!: Where did you get the cucumber salad Fah? Only place I have seen it was in Terminal 21 food court.

    [8:09] KhorneliusPraxx: Maura and Anthony are old and :sleeping_face: sleepy. Sorry we can't stay up with you but we are about to pass out. :sleeping_face::sleeping_face::sleeping_face:

    [8:14] FactFinder: I want to see Fah eat another Squid :squid::beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [8:19] B G: . From Detroit

    [8:20] Khru Moowan ครูหมูวรรณ: Good evening

    [8:21] Matthew Redding: oh, hi, hello, how are you guys doing...what up!:grinning_face:

    [8:30] Bob Larsen: I been missing ALOT of your live chat.

    [8:30] The Mikey Story : wasup bro .... heyyyyy FAH

    [8:33] Magnus Wayne 700: Hey Family:smiling_face_with_halo:

    [8:35] freelance kate: did anyone see Argentina's loss yesterday?

    [8:35] mikeswave2: Fah What’s the necklace your wearing??

    [8:38] Scott Hummer: Hello Khru Moowan ครูหมูวรรณ

    [8:57] Khru Moowan ครูหมูวรรณ: Hello Scott Hummer

    [8:58] The Flight Simulation Experien: What up!

    [8:58] VeVe Focus: Hello FAH!! (and James…. lol)

    [9:04] Slim Shady: hi Fah

    [9:15] The Flight Simulation Experien: Did you guys enjoy Greeny party?

    [9:24] Why You Trippin: good morning from canada

    [9:25] Jimmy Berry: What up James & Fah!

    [9:34] Sorca Constantin: very nice couple you and fah

    [9:40] Emil Escapes: Hit the Like its Free

    [9:45] Why You Trippin: happy Thanksgiving

    [9:47] Expat Paul: Hi James and fah

    [10:44] Alton Moore: Was this a dream?

    [11:06] Tonya Tonya!: You should take Fah on a cheese tour so she can eat her heart out lol she deserves it after that!

    [11:07] Jay DKB Games: damn thats prettynserious

    [11:10] Tommy J: WOW Brave girl

    [11:15] Hilco Bosman: hey james and fah

    [11:20] Travel Fun 69: Big Ups Guys!5CA$ Superchat

    [11:24] Sapa Lot!: Glad you and your friends are safe Fah.

    [11:32] Alton Moore: Oh ok

    [11:37] Tasa Barile: Good morning from Chippewa falls Wisconsin:goodvibes:

    [11:41] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: wow thats crazy

    [11:44] Aaron HLL: another reason why i avoid crowded places

    [11:51] Why You Trippin: is he a foreigner?

    [12:04] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: gota buy you a bullet proof vest now Fah lol

    [12:09] freelance kate: Happy Thanksgiving for 24 November

    [12:11] Hilco Bosman: do you eat bugs james like thai

    [12:13] Tommy J: Aaron

    [12:14] Brian G: Hey Y'all from Brisbane Oz

    [12:14] mikeswave2: Fah Your crazy neighbor want more money yet

    [12:17] The Flight Simulation Experien: You can run around the streets anywhere in Japan at any hour and 99.99999 percent of the time nothing happens.

    [12:38] Aaron HLL: Tommy

    [12:46] TheAssMuD: Where you eating tomorrow?

    [12:58] Nobodylisten2D: Happy Thanksgiving to you and Fah.

    [13:18] mzg: are you all eating for thanksgiving

    [13:19] Why You Trippin: what about Canadian Thanksgiving?

    [13:19] Jimmy Berry: 76 F in Udon

    [13:43] Vegeta Moustache: sa wa dee krap !

    [14:36] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: don't feel bad i always forget vince's wifes name too lol

    [14:41] joestory1: What time and day is the fire works

    [14:48] Lazlo 505: You mentioned they celebrate Christmas over there, do you guys or many other people exchange gifts?

    [14:56] Gary PW: Good morning James and Fah!

    [15:12] Life After Kids with Kei Willi: Hey Fam

    [15:22] Tommy J: Kei

    [15:32] Life After Kids with Kei Willi: Tommy

    [15:39] Reeshard Travel: HI JAMES HI FAH! :yt:

    [15:47] Ken Heller: Good morning Life after kids Keis.

    [15:50] Nomo Gonzo: Apartments to rent or places to buy, places u think is worth I trust your opinion.

    [15:56] Life After Kids with Kei Willi: Hi Ken

    [16:11] Life After Kids with Kei Willi: Morning Richard

    [16:13] Sapa Lot!: What kind of car are you considering?

    [16:14] The Flight Simulation Experien: How are you making an income in Thailand outside of YouTube?

    [16:20] Reeshard Travel: Hi Tommy J hey Kei!

    [16:30] Ken Heller: Keis we are neighbors. I’m on top of the mountains in Ramona

    [16:38] mikeswave2: Hi Kei

    [16:50] Gary PW: Facebook Marketplace, is the place to find good rental property.

    [16:52] Life After Kids with Kei Willi: Hi Mike

    [16:55] fjbxrplover2019: Damn dude are you serious? You converting to kg already

    [16:57] Fah 1985: Hi Richard Hi Kiesha

    [17:09] Life After Kids with Kei Willi: Hi Fah

    [17:14] The Horanzys: GM from San Antonio TX. love your flair

    [17:25] TheAssMuD: Wait what!

    [17:31] 80SGIRL: Hello James & Fah :red_heart: Going to work but wanted to pop in to say HI! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

    [17:44] Leavin' For A Dream: Good Morning James and Fah!! Happy Thanksgiving! What are you both going to do to celebrate it?

    [17:47] Marv L: Respect to brotha CMIT, and his woman

    [17:51] Jimmy Berry: Everyone hit "LIKE"!!

    [17:53] SxSxSx: yooooo

    [17:54] Kevin Chang Noi: Good morning eveybody

    [17:55] Brollicon: happy early Thanksgiving from USA

    [18:11] SxSxSx: I'm getting my passport asap

    [18:15] Hilco Bosman: is that from discord not youtube chat ?

    [18:26] Tommy J: Keis one on Reeshard Travel Saturday

    [18:55] Timataya Miluz: Good evening to you two there!! I'll be in Pattaya in January bro!!!

    [18:56] 80SGIRL: You make a wonderful couple!

    [18:59] Mumble Mac Dow: Just enjoy your lives:ok_hand:

    [19:01] freelance kate: they are not getting married

    [19:05] Scott Hummer: Hello Kei Life After Kids with Kei Williams

    [19:09] Papa Pepe: If some people are pranksters as well

    [19:15] The Gentleman’s Blend: Checking in from Tampa, FL

    [19:18] Scott Hummer: Hello Reeshard Travel

    [19:21] Life After Kids with Kei Willi: Hi Scott

    [19:23] freelance kate: ive asked before they are not getting married

    [19:29] Reeshard Travel: Hi Scott Hummer

    [19:30] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: Hey scott

    [19:42] Reeshard Travel: Kei how is the house hunting going?

    [19:46] Scott Hummer: Hello 80SGIRL

    [19:51] Thaijamie: Sawatdee James and Fah i will be in Pattaya in 2 weeks hope to see you both

    [19:52] Alton Moore: Yeah he just put his video out

    [19:54] fjbxrplover2019: Its all the same anyway, you live with them in the states you give half and over there you aint married but you def ha sip ha sip with her because all the food!

    [20:07] 80SGIRL: @Scott Hummer Hello :grinning_face:

    [20:15] Scott Hummer: I bet Fah was the prettiest girl at the wedding

    [20:18] Papa Pepe: I was thinking of saying the same when you announce "Good news "

    [20:20] Life After Kids with Kei Willi: We moved in last week. I’m getting caught up on the videos Richard.

    [20:32] Umesh Yennam: James, you met Fah's family??

    [20:40] Sorca Constantin: where do you travel next destination

    [20:46] DJMACK: Greeny and spouse live in the same condo with me they're good folks

    [21:01] Azzkikr E: Where do you come from Fah? ..Mukdahan?

    [21:07] Raymond Diehl: Hello from Livingston Tx

    [21:46] Michael Hansen: hi c man

    [21:51] B' HAPPY PAT: I have been following you and the team 8 or 9 years, you are great.. I get what you're doing

    [22:08] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: Good Evening Kids

    [22:19] Bob Larsen: It was interesting to see Fah eat the live squid.

    [22:19] DJMACK: Bro I think I have gained 5 pounds since being here. love the food

    [22:25] Life After Kids with Kei Willi: Hi Alex

    [22:37] B' HAPPY PAT: 8 or 9 months falowing

    [22:39] Tommy J: Alex in the house

    [22:41] Bob Ennest: Hi to James and Fah from Niagara Falls Canada

    [22:44] Sapa Lot!: Thanks. I'll give it a try there. I have been there before but don't recall seeing it there but then I can't read thai so that is probably why I missed it.

    [22:51] Ken Heller: Howdy Alex my shipmate.

    [22:54] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: Hello Tommy J

    [22:55] Manny’s Weight lost - Upnouris: Love your channel! You guys are so entertaining! I live in Chicago!

    [22:56] mikeswave2: Hi Alex

    [22:59] Trond Arntsen: Hellooo

    [23:07] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: Hi Mike

    [23:11] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: Hi Ken

    [23:15] Reeshard Travel: Hey Alex, sorry to hear about your surgery coming up

    [23:26] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: Thank you Richard

    [23:32] Umesh Yennam: Do you guys have a pet??

    [23:41] Elliot Harris: what's happening Chocolate Man.... Hi Fah. Happy Thanksgiving.

    [23:45] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: Umesh, they do, they named it Q

    [23:48] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: James Buy Fah a wallet

    [24:06] Aaron Halson: Evening James, pretty new to your channel but love you both, great content as always

    [24:18] Ken Heller: Alex, Q is their pet :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [24:23] jake Snake: hey chocolate man and fah

    [24:33] Sapa Lot!: Well if it was 18 baht I think you could let it go, but 19 baht that is outrageous! 555

    [24:36] freelance kate: omg i never saw that

    [24:38] Thaijamie: @Just Alex Xandro DID YOU GET THE FISH TANK

    [24:45] Beefy Bitcoin: I tried to donate but it didnt work you may want to look into that.

    [24:59] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: @Thaijamie It had to be postponed, after what happened the last few days

    [25:00] Brian Homer: Hello James and Fah!

    [25:07] Scott Hummer: Hello Alex Just Alex Xandro

    [25:12] Thaijamie: cool mate

    [25:13] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: Hello Scott

    [25:14] Rick Roku: What's up guys long time no see. You guys plan on going back to 3 mermaids anytime soon? That was one of my favorite videos.:thumbs_up:

    [25:17] Pattaya 4 life!: Hi guys :folded_hands:

    [25:21] Specked: @Chocolate Man In Thailand looks like you lost some weight. good work!

    [25:34] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: @Specked camera angle

    [25:34] mdmayes: hello from another Canadian

    [25:39] Daniel Wilton: Hello from the top of the world (Svalbard). Hope both of you are doing well.

    [25:39] Wee Mark: Hi from Scotland, it’s piss’in doon

    [25:54] Brian Homer: @Just Alex Xandro What's up Coach!

    [26:11] Thaijamie: James my thai wife loves cheese lol

    [26:13] L: did you get hepatitis A vaccine before Thailand?

    [26:14] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: Hey Alex

    [26:15] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: @Reeshard Travel the doctor told me to go back to running after my surgery, but to pick up cycling.

    [26:19] Mikey Mike: Seattle guy in BKK... Hi guyz!

    [26:24] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: Hi Brian

    [26:25] mdmayes: Samui is my go-to Thailand local.

    [26:31] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: Hello Anthony

    [26:31] Bill DaDrill: Good Evening from AMMAN JORDAN, eat more cheese!!

    [26:38] JD Arney: Hello sawasdee kob :smiling_cat_with_heart_eyes:

    [26:42] Elliot Harris: Fah is just a cute mouse that is why she likes cheese

    [26:57] freelance kate: maybe its the salty cheese

    [26:57] DJMACK: Fah's skin is flawless...good job Fah

    [27:05] KhorneliusPraxx: Yes, we're in Vietnam. Finally settled down and moved into a place. We were going to Joe's for Thanksgiving but when we heard you two weren't going, we canceled too.

    [27:06] Thaijamie: James if i go Amsterdam with my mates, i am told to bring cheese home for my Kamrai lol

    [27:15] KhorneliusPraxx: JK :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [27:38] Papa Pepe: Wee Mark :raising_hands: where are you from?

    [27:50] Wee Mark: Aberdeenshire

    [27:51] Khru Moowan ครูหมูวรรณ: @Just Alex Xandro...does that mean you won't need your bike anymore?

    [27:52] shoz: Your Yoda Vlog with Fah had my family in tears thanks Fah ... dont worry yodas ok :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [28:00] Thaijamie: 55555

    [28:03] Scott Hummer: Thank God Fah is OK so horrific

    [28:08] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: @Khru Moowan ครูหมูวรรณ ?? did you read what I said? :slightly_smiling_face:

    [28:23] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: I am doing both :slightly_smiling_face:

    [28:24] Bill DaDrill: Sup Pup to Alex Ju-jitsu passport

    [28:33] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: What's up Bill

    [28:51] Khru Moowan ครูหมูวรรณ: sorry Just Alex Xandro...thought it said "pack"

    [29:01] DJMACK: So true about Japan

    [29:16] Papa Pepe: I never made it to Aberdeen. I have a friend in Glasgow :thumbs_up:

    [29:25] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: @Khru Moowan ครูหมูวรรณ I need to wear my glasses

    [29:28] E. easy: Happy Thanksgiving all.

    [29:30] DJMACK: Bro did you retire from the Air Force?

    [29:43] Mike's Vlogs: @CMIT Have a great Thanksgiving Day! :fallen_leaf::pie::turkey::turkey::turkey: #gobblegobble

    [29:46] Wee Mark: Coolio Papa

    [30:15] Bob Ennest: Thanksgiving in Canada was October 10th

    [30:20] Khru Moowan ครูหมูวรรณ: @Just Alex Xandro i've just cleaned mine :slightly_smiling_face:

    [30:29] Bill DaDrill: Happy ThanksGiving Miss Fah from Bill and JenJen

    [30:29] JD Arney: The other morning it was 17f -9c here in NWA

    [30:37] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: Now I need to clean mine :disappointed_face:

    [30:45] Azzkikr E: The Lasagna at the Nest... is second to none

    [30:49] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: -9c???? OH NO!!!!

    [30:52] Thaijamie: Man up James, try 6 degree here in Scotland and we wear skirts hahaha

    [31:18] Scott Hummer: Hit the like please 195 watching and 106 likes

    [31:29] Time keeper⌚️: :fire:

    [31:32] Wee Mark: Lol…aye it’s blaw’in cold, here

    [31:34] Bob Larsen: we need cold weather here in Thailand.

    [31:41] Northside Of Dallas: What up! I'm enjoying my time in Pattaya!2$ Superchat

    [31:50] Tony Montana 86: any bbw in pattaya?

    [32:18] Wee Mark: Cousin Raymond is over in Pattaya just noo

    [32:41] FERN Unfiltered: Hi!!!

    [32:50] Ken Heller: Doesn’t Fai Fai do real estate?

    [32:55] Rick Roku: What's up Kei... the bird lady!:slightly_smiling_face::blue_heart:

    [33:13] Scott Hummer: Hello FERN Unfiltered

    [33:18] Fah 1985: Hi FERN

    [33:33] Reeshard Travel: Hey FERN

    [33:33] FERN Unfiltered: Hi Scott and Fah :smiling_face:

    [33:42] Truth TV: whats the age gap here?

    [33:45] FERN Unfiltered: Hi Reeshard!!! :folded_hands:

    [33:48] Earth Camper: hi James and Fah.. could not meet you guys this time when i was in Pattaya 2nd week of November.....

    [33:57] Bob Larsen: Toyota is good car to own, reliable and cheap to maintain.

    [33:57] The Mikey Story : James , link up with Time -to retire , his is a brother who is a realtor and he would love to do the collab with you .

    [34:06] Leben Totem: whats your fav thai food and dessert

    [34:45] Earth Camper: good.

    [35:04] Gayle at Night: :eyes:

    [35:15] daz dragon: wazzzzzup

    [35:22] Lido Biograferne: Hallo James and Fah greeting from Bangkok

    [35:29] Tommy J: DAZ

    [35:42] daz dragon: zup Tommy

    [35:51] Papa Pepe: Daz :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: que pasa?

    [36:04] will jackson: good morning, just want to ssy i like yiur contant,

    [36:10] James Chambers: Good morning from San Diego. Happy Thanksgiving to you both. Navy Vet

    [36:11] Earth Camper: where is mister Mitch

    [36:28] Michelle Prather: Are you seeing Thailand becoming a more pet friendly place to retire?

    [36:33] Wee Mark: Japan beat Germany

    [36:39] Fah 1985: Hi everyone :red_heart:

    [37:05] Scott Hummer: Hello Earth Camper

    [37:07] Papa Pepe: Hi Fah :folded_hands::waving_hand::waving_hand::waving_hand:

    [37:23] Scott Hummer: Hello daz dragon

    [37:28] Wee Mark: Fah is cool

    [37:34] daz dragon: hey Scott

    [37:50] J Easy: Good evening James & Fah!

    [37:54] FERN Unfiltered: Yeah… I’m sure Mr Mitch is behind the scenes :waving_hand: Hi Mitch!

    [38:04] Robert S: Thailand is very pet friendly plenty of Fah’s to adopt lol

    [38:05] Sorca Constantin: fah îs the boss...the Big Boss

    [38:10] Eivind Dyb: Hi from cold norway

    [38:11] Blaqs Who Defy: Great to finally catch a live!! you guys are awesome!!!!

    [38:13] Beefy Bitcoin: Hey new to Pattaya alot of good info and funny at the same time.5$ Superchat

    [38:14] JD Arney: That’s how I watch. 50 inch tv, watching chat on tv, but use my phone to respond

    [38:22] KidAgave: I’m coming to Thailand next week. Can you please suggest a good hotel in Pattaya that’s not in the middle of all the chaos? Thanks from California!!

    [38:39] Gayle at Night: 1.99$ Superchat

    [38:46] Scott Hummer: Hello Sorca Constantin

    [38:52] rick shaw: whens the wedding

    [39:17] J Easy: @KidAgave Blackwoods Hotel Soi 7 is a good one

    [39:36] Mike's on the hunt: hey guys. fireworks on Friday, unfortunately I leave that day, its quite a show I hear

    [39:56] Michelle Prather: Is Thailand a great pet friendly place to retire?

    [40:16] Hilco Bosman: do you eat bugs already

    [40:24] KidAgave: Thank you J East!

    [40:31] Daniel Weiss: You turned me on to Alex channel Chocolate Man!

    [40:44] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: @Daniel Weiss hi

    [40:51] Strongtoe: I cant wait just over a week till im back in thai I am going to stuff my face :D

    [40:58] Ricky bobbie: Whats the best area for a Frist timer to visit and how long?

    [40:59] Fedog Lanidog: hello from chicago

    [41:08] daz dragon: zup Alex

    [41:10] Marv L: Has anyone had services over there such as dental, whats your opinions? thanks

    [41:11] FERN Unfiltered: Alex hey bro :hugging_face:

    [41:19] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: Hi Fern

    [41:34] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: Hey Daz

    [41:36] VeVe Focus: James are you gonna drive my fellow shipmate Alex around when he’s on the mend? And don’t forget blue :)

    [41:44] Golden Gate: James ... please do more model photo shoots

    [41:46] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: @VeVe Focus he wont

    [41:47] Papa Pepe: James bring Fah to Los Angeles :thumbs_up: She'll love the food :face_savoring_food:

    [41:50] Thomas Wahl Mureo: James Fah good evening from Florida. I wanna wish you a happy Thanksgiving, James , and Fah change. Thank you for your service again.

    [41:55] J Easy: I know a Thai guy who owns a restaurant here in the States with a New York

    [42:11] Digital Nomad Investor: @Michelle Prather It is pet friendly now. Many pet hospitals/groomers/clinics

    [42:13] Hilco Bosman: Fern are you about ?

    [42:16] freelance kate: you could get a cat

    [42:17] Daniel Weiss: How is Ozempic working are you still dropping kilos?

    [42:18] FERN Unfiltered: I hope you and Meily are well.

    [42:21] Eleanor Arscott: Happy Thanksgiving James and Fah. Almost time to feed the Fah.

    [42:27] FERN Unfiltered: Hi Hilco

    [42:44] Alton Moore: Alex had a wonderful tearful video to a late friend of his

    [42:46] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: @Michelle Prather I have a dog.. I got everything I need for him in Pattaya

    [42:49] Rafa Castorena: Greetings from Texas!

    [42:53] Hilco Bosman: small yt world

    [43:12] J Easy: Three Mermaids ...great food and atmosphere fo sure

    [43:15] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: @Alton Moore thanks

    [43:22] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: hey Alex did you get the duck and fish yet ?

    [43:27] freelance kate: that can be your next thumbnail for your next video i need a new wallet

    [43:47] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: @Anthony sirmoshi Aiello that was a put on hold, because of what happened in the last couple of days

    [43:48] Sizzle Dizzle: Good Morning Miss Fah and James from Massachusetts! Happy Thanks Giving!

    [44:03] freelance kate: yes i also noticed that you are looking much thinner

    [44:04] Frank Anderson: No question here. Just want to say hello and hope you're both doing well and happy.

    [44:13] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: yeah im really sorry to hear about your loss man :(

    [44:20] FactFinder: You should start a designer Duct Tape Wallet company call it ChoFahzy

    [44:29] Robert Ware: How is it getting a visa right now?

    [44:37] VeVe Focus: @Just Alex Xandro Not surprised, damn Air Force guys :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [44:38] Scott Hummer: Hello FactFinder

    [44:39] 🎭 Quick504 ⚜️: Wassup James & Fah! :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:

    [44:43] Bob Larsen: Fasting is easy until I walk to the market, buhbye fasting. Always another day to start.

    [45:03] JD Arney: Lol @Factfinder

    [45:16] Scott Hummer: @VeVe Focus Hello hey be mice to your Air Force brothers

    [45:27] DJ on the move: It's cold here in Sactown, wish I was there. Love the two of you

    [45:32] Hilco Bosman: feed the fah memes:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [45:41] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: Hello @Chris

    [45:44] Jeme Flynn: Why did you settle on Thailand rather than the Philippines

    [45:48] VeVe Focus: Lolol

    [45:51] Hilco Bosman: Amsterdam :smiling_face_with_sunglasses::victory_hand:

    [46:10] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: @VeVe Focus you know how THEY are

    [46:12] J Easy: John Wick series is awesome

    [46:22] Sam Lindström: Greetings from Soi Buahkao🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

    [46:24] VeVe Focus: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [46:34] Rafa Castorena: Fah needs to see Ted Lasso

    [47:15] Thaijamie: Sean Connery was the best bond

    [47:35] Haiser 535: hey bud

    [47:42] Bag Of Inventions: bag of inventions hello

    [47:52] Haiser 535: where can I get a good rental for one month

    [48:01] JD Arney: I hate to cold :cold_face:, I can’t wait to move to Thailand

    [48:25] freelance kate: lol

    [48:48] freelance kate: omg the age gap comment was so funny

    [49:06] Travel Troll: Fah have the eating weapons ready again 555

    [49:21] Tx Lloyd: James how about $100 octopus challenge :thinking_face:

    [49:23] Robert Ware: MOO PING!!!

    [49:26] Mr. soulfood: watching you guys has me planning to move there


    [49:34] The Adventures of Brock in Tha: I was hoping to talk with you at Joe's place so I guess I'll just have to send you a note on messenger?

    [49:40] Ryan Ross: Is there any negatives to benefits if a Vet recieving disability moves to Thailand?

    [49:41] Gayle at Night: :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::wrench:

    [49:45] Sorca Constantin: fah don't eat James

    [49:48] The Mikey Story : @FERN Unfiltered @Just Alex Xandro HEYYYYY

    [49:50] Bob Larsen: You need jungle food than, not sweeten but seriously spicy

    [49:56] Scott Hummer: Hello The Adventures of Brock in Thailand

    [50:03] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: What's up Mikey

    [50:06] The Mikey Story : @Life After Kids with Kei Williams heyyy sis

    [50:11] FERN Unfiltered: Hey Mikey

    [50:11] rick shaw: fah is into the food

    [50:23] Thaijamie: Oh Jamea , hot coconut milk and banans , to die for lol

    [50:26] Life After Kids with Kei Willi: Hi Mikey

    [50:30] Hilco Bosman: is that not this chat or lagging

    [50:31] Bob Larsen: Richie Mac videos are like hollywood production. I like that dude.

    [50:33] Rudy B: Good morning from Texas, have a Happy Thanksgiving to you and Fah and all of the gang!:smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

    [50:39] Ng Gavin: sup guys, congrats Fah on the upgrades

    [50:43] Life After Kids with Kei Willi: Hi Alex

    [51:32] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: Hello @Life After Kids with Kei Williams hope all is well in America

    [51:32] KANEKI GAMING: loli hentai :grinning_cat:

    [51:41] Grizzo Ryder: Waz Hannin

    [51:48] Gayle at Night: :footprints:Follow @Chocolate Man In Thailand on :camera_with_flash:Instagram:

    [51:53] Grizzo Ryder: Salute to the chat

    [52:00] KidAgave: Thank you

    [52:07] Gayle at Night: We had a BLAST!! Thank you for coming through! :beating_heart:

    [52:15] Haiser 535: Whats a good spot to rent a car for a month , some suv , with good insurance in bkk or pattaya or shoud I rent at airport ??5$ Superchat

    [52:21] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to:night_with_stars:@Gayle at Night :bell::

    [52:24] Bob Larsen: Talk about mods Where is MisterMitch?

    [52:29] FERN Unfiltered: Hi Miss Kei Williams, I was looking forward to bumping into you, but you moved back to the US. :disappointed_face:

    [52:29] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: I just subscribed to @Gayle at Night

    [52:30] Luther Stewart: Hello brotha how are you? I’m new here

    [52:30] Life After Kids with Kei Willi: Alex, can’t speak on the rest of America but San Diego is great!:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [52:38] Hilco Bosman: what fah eating now dessert

    [52:46] Chad Shultz: Are you a veteran?

    [52:48] Gayle at Night: Thank you! @Just Alex Xandro

    [52:49] VeVe Focus: @Gayle at Night Hello Scorpio Queen :)

    [52:53] Gayle at Night: :footprints:Follow @Chocolate Man In Thailand on :camera_with_flash:Instagram:

    [53:05] James Cortez: Hey James, is it true that in Thailand and in other Asian countries showing public affection … hugging and kissing your woman is wrong and not acceptable in public?

    [53:12] Gayle at Night: Hello! @VeVe Focus

    [53:13] Grizzo Ryder: Just showin’ some Luv to tha channel 9.99$ Superchat

    [53:29] Lido Biograferne: Hi james little money for Fahs food..hahahaha500THB Superchat

    [53:36] Luther Stewart: I was thinking about visiting in the future I had a few questions.

    [53:50] The Mikey Story : @Grizzo Ryder wasup bro

    [53:55] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: Subscribed to @Just Alex Xandro he is a good dude, eventho' he has some weird friends like James

    [54:03] KidAgave: How did you meet the lovely Fah?

    [54:25] Gayle at Night: Salute @Grizzo Ryder :blue_heart:

    [54:29] C Man: How did y’all meet?

    [54:34] Grizzo Ryder: 🫡 @TheMikeyStory

    [54:35] daz dragon: Alex :grinning_squinting_face::face_with_tears_of_joy::grinning_squinting_face::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [54:49] Maurice Brown: Grerting

    [54:51] JD Arney: I have a friend that moved to Thailand and he got the paperwork and shots for his dog…

    [55:08] Grizzo Ryder: Salute @GayleatNight

    [55:13] Luther Stewart: Ohio checking in

    [55:24] joestory1: I sent a request on IG for the Taco Tuesdays are y'all all full now 555:grinning_face_with_sweat:

    [55:25] Maurice Brown: Greetings James and Fah! Happy Thanksgiving!

    [55:28] F. Borgar vik: hello alex Fern Daz and all in the chat

    [55:45] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: Hi F. Borgar

    [55:46] daz dragon: hello

    [55:53] 2Salty2Care: Happy Tur

    [55:54] Thaijamie: James will you try Haggis if i bring you one

    [55:58] Gayle at Night: :heavy_dollar_sign:Support @Chocolate Man In Thailand via PayPal: :sparkles:

    [56:11] Scott Hummer: Hello F. Borgar vik

    [56:13] 2Salty2Care: happy turkey day

    [56:35] Fedog Lanidog: i want there in 2023

    [56:46] F. Borgar vik: Hello to scott and gayle

    [56:51] Chad Shultz: sweet

    [56:54] David Hunte: Hello @Chocolate Man In Thailand

    [56:56] Fedog Lanidog: thailand

    [57:06] Gayle at Night: Hello @F. Borgar vik

    [57:08] Rafa Castorena: Hey James, any future trips outside Thailand with Fah?

    [57:29] Chad Shultz: Thailand is much better

    [57:39] Belgian living in Thailand: 1 more week in Abu Dhabi , 30the November to Bangkok for 2 months holiday !!

    [57:44] Gayle at Night: :laptop::large_blue_diamond:Follow @Chocolate Man In Thailand on Facebook: :sparkles:

    [57:54] Sam Lindström: Hi from Pattaya🇫🇮

    [58:00] FERN Unfiltered: Thailand is the best place! :red_heart:🇹🇭

    [58:11] Bob Larsen: There cannot be enough John Wick movies.

    [58:52] N.W.O 2030 Allah Gonna win in : The tourist is coming or not are they back

    [59:07] KANEKI GAMING: loli hentai

    [59:19] Gayle at Night: :diamond_suit::sparkles:PLEASE BE SURE TO CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON:sparkles::diamond_suit:

    [59:35] markyA: Hello from Yorkshire England. You guys are brilliant love the content! Take care guys :victory_hand:

    [1:00:09] UFO'S IN Los angeles: fah eating

    [1:00:32] freelance kate: what is Fah eating?

    [1:00:38] Ken Heller: I’m hoping to be in Thailand before we years.

    [1:00:47] Charles C.: For Fah's food budget and a cup of coffee for you. :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:5$ Superchat

    [1:00:57] N.W.O 2030 Allah Gonna win in : Is the business back in Thailand

    [1:01:22] Gayle at Night: :eyes:Who in the chat has a channel?

    [1:01:25] Dennis S. Murray: I have over $200,000 in my account and Renting out a condo for $1450 a month I am 42 years old with that be enough for me to live over in Thailand5$ Superchat

    [1:01:34] Jeanet Velazquez-Toro: Hello from Massachusetts I love watching your videos.

    [1:02:05] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @FERN Unfiltered :bell::

    [1:02:28] Bob Smith: You said Fah lives separately from you? By design or convenience?

    [1:02:29] Larry: lol doesn't eat that much

    [1:02:57] Gayle at Night: :diamond_suit::sparkles:PLEASE BE SURE TO CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON:sparkles::diamond_suit:

    [1:03:02] Luther Stewart: Any advice for someone visiting for 1 week?

    [1:03:38] Rafa Castorena: What American food does Fah not like?

    [1:03:48] Bob Smith: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [1:03:48] Chad Shultz: Army? what was your MOS?

    [1:04:43] Luther Stewart: Party!!! Party!!!

    [1:04:47] JD Arney: One week is a short time.

    [1:04:52] FERN Unfiltered: Lol Fah :soft_ice_cream:and her food!

    [1:05:08] Chad Shultz: Is it getting very touristy again?

    [1:05:24] Gayle at Night: :heavy_dollar_sign:Support @Chocolate Man In Thailand via PayPal: :sparkles:

    [1:05:35] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: I HATE PICKLES IN MY BURGERS!!!!

    [1:05:39] Rafa Castorena: How hard is it to find a Thai woman and wife her?

    [1:05:39] Thaijamie: I think Fah could be a guinness world records holder for eating something lol

    [1:05:45] Life After Kids with Kei Willi: Give me that ice cream Fah

    [1:05:58] JD Arney: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:555

    [1:06:01] Sapa Lot!: I hate pickles in my burger too. I like them by themselves but hate them on a burger.

    [1:06:10] robert heimlich: New to the channel how you and fah meet

    [1:06:15] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: My Knee is hurting bad!

    [1:06:23] Gayle at Night: :diamond_suit::sparkles:PLEASE BE SURE TO CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON:sparkles::diamond_suit:

    [1:06:24] J Easy: Hahaha...same here #ban-the-pickles

    [1:06:27] F. Borgar vik: pickels sucks

    [1:06:30] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: but at least now I know what's wrong with it

    [1:06:33] VeVe Focus: @Gayle at Night I have one one :)

    [1:06:39] Thaijamie: Gherkins required on a burger

    [1:06:51] Luther Stewart: What’s the best way to contact you brotha

    [1:06:52] Steven: keep up the great videos.... happy Thanksgiving from California :love_you_gesture:. I'll be there in April '23. we're doing a few beers.

    [1:06:59] Gayle at Night: :heavy_dollar_sign::hot_beverage:Buy Chocolate Man in Thailand a Coffee:

    [1:07:01] Roland Bowie Jr: did you see time in Germany

    [1:07:11] Lido Biograferne: HI FAH YOU FINISH WITH TATOO OR YOU WANT MORE

    [1:07:13] FERN Unfiltered: Pickles are the best!!! Mmm!!! Especially in a burger. Fried pickles? Never tried it. :face_with_monocle:

    [1:07:13] Sapa Lot!: I've thought about trying the fried pickles but haven't yet.

    [1:07:16] Rafa Castorena: i hate mayo in my burger. Mustard and ketchup in the burger

    [1:07:16] Life After Kids with Kei Willi: Take it easy Alex. Rest up!

    [1:07:19] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: No Crutches, just not walking too much, or training.

    [1:07:20] dpm5964: Dale Perth Australia

    [1:07:23] JD Arney: But a lot of Thai fried rice dishes come with slices of cucumber on the side

    [1:07:26] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: sometimes it buckles

    [1:07:30] Fumf oliver: whose got the best Thanksgiving Dinner going on in Pattaya?

    [1:07:35] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: Alex put ice or something cold on your Knee it will help man

    [1:07:37] Gayle at Night: :footprints::chocolate_bar:Follow @Chocolate Man in Thailand on :camera_with_flash:Instagram:

    [1:07:50] Sorca Constantin: ice cream fah îs good whithout james

    [1:07:55] David Hunte: It was great connecting with you last week on Gayle's Birthday Stream. Salute to you and your family

    [1:07:57] Life After Kids with Kei Willi: Hi Gayle :smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [1:08:01] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: @Anthony sirmoshi Aiello it is not inflammation, the ice wont help with a knee tear

    [1:08:04] Island Breeze: fah definately putting on weight looking good .shes sooooo adorable love her vybe

    [1:08:06] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @VeVe Focus :bell:;

    [1:08:20] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: waiting for FMP to accept and my approve my surgery request.

    [1:08:23] Gayle at Night: Hi!:star_struck: @Life After Kids with Kei Williams

    [1:08:26] Rafa Castorena: Alex, get some Copper Fit knee braces and sleeves. They help a lot.

    [1:08:34] Roland Bowie Jr: what was your rank when you retire

    [1:08:36] Gayle at Night: Heeeyy! @David Hunte :star_struck:

    [1:08:39] Sapa Lot!: @Just Alex Xandro Alex, if you need crutches I have some that should work for you. I think we are about the same height and I don't need them anymore. Your are welcome to them if you'd like them.

    [1:08:41] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: the clinic say they will call me when it is finalized, approved or not approved

    [1:09:00] Sapa Lot!: @Just Alex Xandro I can bring them to the next Taco Tuesday if you want them.

    [1:09:03] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: @Sapa Lot! thanks - but the hospital will probably provide those for me

    [1:09:24] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: beetroot is nasty!! as bad as pickles

    [1:09:24] Charles D: Do you guys eat out every day ?

    [1:09:27] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @VeVe Focus :bell:;

    [1:09:30] VeVe Focus: @Gayle at Night Thank you so much

    [1:09:46] DMay: See you soon brother, March Thailand will be my new home part time. I can’t hold out until the summer…I love seeing you guys happy keep up the good work:hundred_points:

    [1:09:48] JD Arney: It must be the vinegar then right

    [1:09:50] Sapa Lot!: @Just Alex Xandro ok if they don't let me know.

    [1:09:53] jay shar: What up James and Fah, salute!

    [1:09:54] Gayle at Night: :diamond_suit::sparkles:PLEASE BE SURE TO CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON:sparkles::diamond_suit:

    [1:09:57] ZXLNT: greetings from Cold Kansas

    [1:10:08] Gayle at Night: You're welcome @VeVe Focus :yellow_heart:

    [1:10:17] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @FERN Unfiltered :bell::

    [1:10:21] Charles D: Cool

    [1:10:29] Thaijamie: Fah dont eat much , ye right Pinocchio

    [1:10:34] jay shar: Hey Gayle at Night

    [1:10:46] Sean Lee-Soy: Hello Fah and James. what other snack does Fah have tonight. Also help Fah to pronounce my name correctly. When ever I say hi on her live she gets it wrong. Love her Live. keep up the great vlogs.

    [1:10:51] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: @FERN Unfiltered weird people and serial killers like pickles in their burgers, just saying

    [1:10:59] N.W.O 2030 Allah Gonna win in : You need to eat the last

    [1:11:00] N.W.O 2030 Allah Gonna win in : You need to eat the last

    [1:11:01] Gayle at Night: Hey @jay shar

    [1:11:08] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @David Hunte :bell::

    [1:11:13] Roland Bowie Jr: when you move to Thailand what did you bring with you

    [1:11:15] Sapa Lot!: @Just Alex Xandro 555

    [1:11:18] FERN Unfiltered: :shushing_face: shhhh!!!

    [1:11:25] ZXLNT: It's Allright, trip and retirement coming up soon..

    [1:11:28] jason durham: Big shout out from BullDawg in Sweden…Keep feeding the Fah! She has an appetite! Miss you Casino!

    [1:11:48] jay shar: What up Just Alex Xandro

    [1:11:57] Darrell's Adventure.: Hi Fah n James

    [1:11:59] 긍정긍정: indian princess indian prince

    [1:12:01] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: what's up Jay Shar

    [1:12:26] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @David Hunte :bell::

    [1:12:42] Charles D: Is it cheaper to get a long term condo lease vs month to month.

    [1:12:45] Rafa Castorena: Wonder if Fah would eat tamales? A Mexican Thanksgiving & Christmas tradition.

    [1:12:57] Mohan: hi all fah you are always eating lol

    [1:12:59] daz dragon: yes Charles D

    [1:13:01] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: He left everything even a child, who grew up to be a horrible pool player and singer

    [1:13:05] Gayle at Night: :diamond_suit::sparkles:PLEASE BE SURE TO CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON:sparkles::diamond_suit:

    [1:13:28] VeVe Focus: This is for the “FEED THE FAH FUND” :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:4.99$ Superchat

    [1:13:28] Paul Cousins: 🇪🇸🇨🇷 :soccer_ball:

    [1:13:38] 긍정긍정: lndia

    [1:13:40] Mohan: lol

    [1:13:42] Charles D: @daz dragon Thanks

    [1:13:46] David Hunte: Is there a Military base with a PX that you could go to?

    [1:13:56] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: @jason durham what's up, this is Squid

    [1:13:56] B' HAPPY PAT: pickles is in vinager.. that's the taste.. German..

    [1:13:58] Rafa Castorena: 🇲🇽:soccer_ball:

    [1:14:08] Sorca Constantin: did fah eat the roumainian food like mici or sarmale

    [1:14:15] Taylor Made Dreams TV: 10$ Superchat

    [1:14:42] Jake Miller: Hey James and Fah, hope you two are doing good!

    [1:14:51] Roland Bowie Jr: did you bring any of your military stuff with you

    [1:15:00] Thaijamie: James if you like piano, watch brendan kavanagh play boogie woogie he's amazing

    [1:15:02] Taylor Made Dreams TV: Where does all the food go that your lovely girlfriend eats???????/

    [1:15:11] daz dragon: @Charles D usually at least half or less for a long term rental

    [1:15:15] Tommy Lynch: ill be coming to Thailand in January how do i go about staying long term ?

    [1:15:31] Gayle at Night: :heavy_dollar_sign:Support @Chocolate Man In Thailand via PayPal: :sparkles:

    [1:16:19] Sean Lee-Soy: also like Fah family videos. does her sister speak any English?

    [1:16:47] Lido Biograferne: Hi Fah you want more tatoos?

    [1:16:49] Charles D: Flooding seems to be normal. Do you still go about your every day business during flooding situations.

    [1:17:02] jay shar: What up Taylor Made Dreams TV

    [1:17:08] ZXLNT: any challenge coins?

    [1:17:19] Charles D: @daz dragon Thats a great saving.

    [1:17:22] Maximus: hello James and Fah. Good to see you. Happy Thanksgiving

    [1:17:24] Scott Hummer: Hello jay shar

    [1:17:29] Bongi: Are you still experiencing floods in Pattaya right now?

    [1:17:57] VeVe Focus: hahaha

    [1:18:03] Taylor Made Dreams TV: Soapy Girl lmao....lmao....lmao

    [1:18:26] jay shar: Salute Scott Hummer

    [1:18:36] daz dragon: @Charles D if you plan on bouncing back and forth.... it's the way to go. and all your stuff is already here

    [1:18:41] barry mitchell: we need to put Fah in a food eating contest

    [1:18:50] Ken Heller: Time to get my S in one sock. Cheers James and Fah.

    [1:18:50] Kasus 330: staying long term : Thai Elite Card

    [1:18:50] Thaijamie: Whats the plan for Christmas and New Year

    [1:18:53] Charles C.: How many years of work on Fah's Tatts?

    [1:19:01] Tommy Lynch: 29 army vet budget will be 2200 a month

    [1:19:03] David Hunte: Hey @Gayle at Night - Thanks for the shoutout

    [1:19:05] Fumf oliver: BC street outside Kaden AFB. whisper alley!

    [1:19:10] Mr Dacus The Navigator: What can $200 get you in Thailand

    [1:19:22] Rudy Mercado: Hi from Rudy San Antonio Texas

    [1:19:22] Roland Bowie Jr: where did you and fah meet

    [1:19:29] Charles D: Cool

    [1:19:51] Charles D: @daz dragon Agreed.

    [1:19:57] Nobodylisten2D: ? Where do you go to get your passport copied so you don’t have to care around the original one?

    [1:20:14] jay shar: Salute daz dragon

    [1:20:20] B' HAPPY PAT: did you here that PayPal is being cut out in thaïlande?

    [1:20:33] daz dragon: hey Jay

    [1:20:36] Mohan: take a photo of it on your phone

    [1:21:02] Charles D: Is the Players Club on Walking Street?

    [1:21:03] Kasus 330: I`m on 10 Y

    [1:21:13] B' HAPPY PAT: stoping PayPal 15th December?

    [1:21:14] barry mitchell: Happy Thanksgiving Fah &James

    [1:21:31] N.W.O 2030 Allah Gonna win in : :sanitizer::videocall::elbowcough::chillwcat::sanitizer::virtualhug::thanksdoc::yougotthis::takeout::takeout::sanitizer::sanitizer::takeout:

    [1:21:36] daz dragon: @nobodylisten2D. you phone

    [1:21:46] Luther Stewart: When’s the best time of year to travel to Pattaya coming from the states?

    [1:22:06] Isaiah Allen: With foreign expats obtaining permanent residency, moving to the country with their Thai wife/husband, or have just staying in Thailand long term for some time now, are there many multiracial Thai's?

    [1:22:08] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @Fah 1985 :bell::

    [1:22:10] Roland Bowie Jr: when I am in Pattaya I stay at caddy shack

    [1:22:13] N.W.O 2030 Allah Gonna win in : :face-green-smiling::face-green-smiling::face-green-smiling::face-green-smiling::face-green-smiling::face-green-smiling::face-green-smiling::face-green-smiling::face-green-smiling::face-green-smiling::face-green-smiling::face-green-smiling::face-green-smi

    [1:22:41] Kerry Campbell: Hi James and Far, I see that Far is still eating, good to see.

    [1:23:00] Fumf oliver: lol

    [1:23:06] Gayle at Night: :heavy_dollar_sign::hot_beverage:Buy Chocolate Man in Thailand a Coffee:

    [1:23:16] Gayle at Night: You're welcome @David Hunte :blue_heart:

    [1:23:23] Grizzo Ryder: I saw the first video she was introduced

    [1:23:26] Charles D: Can you get flight training and rent a plane in Pattaya ?

    [1:23:41] Sapa Lot!: @Nobodylisten2D You can also take a photo of the information page of your passport and just carry your phone around. That has worked for me for the past year.

    [1:23:43] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @David Hunte :bell::

    [1:24:29] Thaijamie: Fah is lost in her ice cream lol

    [1:24:34] Hyuk Kang: Are there a lot of east asians living in pattaya, Japanese, korea, chinese?

    [1:24:38] ZXLNT: You a Canon Nikon or Sony camera guy?

    [1:25:10] JD Arney: If you get the passport card when you get your passport, you could just have your passport card and a picture of your visa stamp on your phone

    [1:25:29] B' HAPPY PAT: right it has to be pro for PayPal..

    [1:25:35] Anthony sirmoshi Aiello: I heard nothing about Paypal going away in the US so i think if you have a US Paypal you are ok

    [1:25:39] sargy1916: After the last few pandemic years,are people expecting a busy Christmas time like the good ol' days?...still trying to decide whether to fly out or not 🇮🇪... I've spent some crazy Decembers there

    [1:26:00] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @Fah 1985 :bell::

    [1:26:04] Roland Bowie Jr: do you have a stateside bank then transfer money to Thailand

    [1:26:44] AmonjaiDuncan: are you a landlord

    [1:27:08] ZXLNT: Did you ever live In Philippines?

    [1:27:14] Alex Bambam #jiujitsupassport: I am going to bed, you kids have fun! See you tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    [1:27:14] Luther Stewart: LOL!!!!

    [1:27:24] Gayle at Night: :footprints::chocolate_bar:Follow @Chocolate Man in Thailand on :camera_with_flash:Instagram:

    [1:27:24] ZXLNT: how you just answered that

    [1:27:42] Everette Allen: That was so funny!

    [1:27:49] Chad Shultz: Has inflation hit there yet?

    [1:28:02] David Hunte: what camera are you using right now

    [1:28:24] Thaijamie: Cya Alex

    [1:29:06] jay shar: Sorry, almost to hit the like

    [1:29:25] T Hill: It’s great to watch you guys have a good time in a country I like man

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    [1:29:32] sargy1916: :thumbs_up:

    [1:29:34] David Hunte: Do you have to give up or did you give up your US Citizenship to live in Thailand

    [1:29:40] Luther Stewart: Dating app recommendations?

    [1:29:41] Michael Hansen: hi c-man

    [1:29:53] Chad Shultz: Damn Fah just downed like 1k calories

    [1:29:56] Dutch Farang: hello :thumbs_up:

    [1:31:44] Elliot Harris: picture is perfect

    [1:31:47] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to:night_with_stars:@Gayle at Night :bell::

    [1:32:06] Charles D: Can you rent a motor scooter without having an international drivers license ?

    [1:32:38] GregGoes: Hey Mr Casino. Thanks for showing us all around Pattaya.

    [1:32:58] GregGoes: lol

    [1:33:03] Dre4ever: Hey James, you might've answered this question already but what part of the US are you from and how long have you been living in Thailand?

    [1:33:06] Alton Moore: Get some Thai gold brother

    [1:33:12] Thaijamie: Have you had any overheating problems with the zv1

    [1:33:32] Charles D: Okay

    [1:33:38] David Hunte: love this man. Do you have a schedule for when you go LIVE?

    [1:33:53] Julio Avalos: High

    [1:33:55] Azzkikr E: C-man is looking sharp..defiately lost weight Ozempic?

    [1:33:56] Lido Biograferne: Hi James they make 5 xl chocolate man polos?

    [1:34:04] Vincible J: Thanks for all the updates and information. Shooting for Birthday June 2023

    [1:34:06] Gayle at Night: :laptop::large_blue_diamond:Follow @Chocolate Man In Thailand on Facebook: :sparkles:

    [1:34:34] N.W.O 2030 Allah Gonna win in : The petrodollar dollar Gonna fall soon

    [1:34:41] William Frye: Would you recommend a source passive income from the states? And how's VA Medical care translate over there?

    [1:34:43] Big Boss REAL Talk: Shout Out Chocolate :chocolate_bar: Man & his girl Fah 1985 🇹🇭:hundred_points:10$ Superchat

    [1:34:47] Sorca Constantin: what car do you whant to bay james

    [1:34:48] Big DADDY L-Rob: Hey James and Fah!

    [1:34:53] Chad Shultz: How long did it take for the FMP to kick in?

    [1:35:10] Wally: not to wear to put in a safe, Gold\Silver price is going to explode in the next year

    [1:35:17] Thaijamie: James i drive in uk , but wouldnt pass the thailand colour blind test, did you have to do that

    [1:35:37] Chad Shultz: Fah's getting bored lol

    [1:35:49] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @Big Boss REAL Talk :bell::

    [1:36:05] Per Hedström: Was it painful to do tatoo

    [1:36:09] ronald wallace: your doing good in Bangkok

    [1:36:11] ZXLNT: Toyota fan, good choice

    [1:36:14] GregGoes: I'm relocating to Pattaya next month. Hope to see yall at meetups.

    [1:37:04] Wally: What's a Ford Tuna?

    [1:37:15] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @Taylor Made Dreams Out of The Matrix:bell::

    [1:37:27] Charles D: Is parking a problem like most major cities. Are paid parking lots a thing in Pattaya ?

    [1:37:39] Sapa Lot!: @Wally Fortuner

    [1:37:43] Roland Bowie Jr: try this way to lose weight watch carb and at least 10 hour feasting I went from 240 down to 166

    [1:37:48] dallas696971: never knew this was available Foreign Medical Program (FMP). Thanks

    [1:37:49] GregGoes: I don't even wear a watch. Never could care about the bling

    [1:37:52] ronald wallace: ice cream

    [1:38:38] Tommy Lynch: if you file for va claim could you do c&p exam in thaliand or do you have to go back to states

    [1:38:54] N.W.O 2030 Allah Gonna win in : The fall of :dollar_banknote: d

    [1:38:56] dallas696971: 100% yea baby

    [1:39:18] barry mitchell: you should buy Chuck's ford tuna

    [1:39:21] prinzo.worldwide: Appreciate this live feed thanks

    [1:39:25] ronald wallace: I spent my rent check at the strip club .

    [1:39:33] Thaijamie: We all hate the pain of tattoos but there addictive lol

    [1:39:50] Gayle at Night: :heavy_dollar_sign::hot_beverage:Buy Chocolate Man in Thailand a Coffee:

    [1:39:55] dallas696971: i rarely chat on YouTube. you give the best info i have ever seen. Thanks

    [1:40:27] andy harwood: Thanks for explaining the fireworks display for us. So, we'll be there. Somewhere...

    [1:40:40] ZXLNT: stay out of the Windmill!! 555

    [1:40:50] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @Fah 1985 :bell::

    [1:41:06] jay shar: What up "Oaktowns" finest Big Boss REAL Talk

    [1:41:15] Funkbringer: is there anyplace to watch NFL football down there during the season James?

    [1:41:16] Per Hedström: My wife Will not follow me to Thailand she is afraid of snake, sprider and Will dogs

    [1:41:19] Michael Hill: Congrats James and Fah on your upcoming wedding. You're solid now bro. In it to win it. Congrats again and best of luck.

    [1:41:20] David Hunte: I'm not planning to go to Thailand anytime soon, but I wanted to say that this was very informative.

    [1:41:30] Charles D: Are there any vegan or raw restaurants in Pattaya?

    [1:41:32] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @Fah 1985 :bell::

    [1:41:33] Thaijamie: Wndmill is my secong home lol

    [1:41:56] Kaila 7222: Good morning, Thank you for the videos and Happy Thanksgiving from Cali

    [1:42:21] JD Arney: James, how long did it take for you to get to 1000 subs?

    [1:42:27] Johnnie Sledge: 3$ Superchat

    [1:42:34] ZXLNT: Windmill 1st trip with buddy. Interesting place.

    [1:42:42] blu reader: I'm a lady traveler. I'm going to Chiang Mai. Where do I get good roast pork?

    [1:43:02] dallas696971: what was the name of the service you used to search for an apartment. Can't remember, but did see it on one of your previous videos? Thanks.

    [1:43:03] Gayle at Night: :footprints::chocolate_bar:Follow @Chocolate Man in Thailand on :camera_with_flash:Instagram:

    [1:43:29] Charles D: Great news.

    [1:43:35] Joshua Leland: In about 9 months I am planning on moving out there to try and work on my ideas for a buisness

    [1:43:46] David Hunte: what's the population difference between Bangkok and Pattaya?

    [1:43:55] Charles D: Not yet.

    [1:43:58] Wally: What the preferred route to fly to BKK from US? I see flight going all over the place just not direct flights

    [1:44:20] Al Bryant: good morning

    [1:44:39] jay shar: Salute woman blu reader

    [1:44:50] Michael Hill: Sorry my bad....Hahaha! Forgive me for wishing you a happy marriage.

    [1:45:02] Roland Bowie Jr: I will be there in January,what's your schedule like I like meet you and fah and I want to take you guys out and buy you dinner and see for myself that fah can eat like that LOL

    [1:45:16] Gayle at Night: :heavy_dollar_sign:Support @Chocolate Man In Thailand via PayPal: :sparkles:

    [1:45:17] Sapa Lot!: @David Hunte Bangkok is a very big city, think New York. Pattaya is a large town if that helps imagining the size.

    [1:45:24] ZXLNT: James when you moved to Asia did you have to get out of "Tourist Mode" and into Resident mode?

    [1:45:51] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @David Hunte :bell::

    [1:46:46] David Hunte: Man. You making me want to come to Thailand now.

    [1:47:11] Gayle at Night: :airplane_departure:🇹🇭 LET'S GOOO! @David Hunte

    [1:47:17] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @Fah 1985 :bell::

    [1:47:36] Sapa Lot!: @Wally I don't think there are any direct flights to Thailand. Your best bet would be Thai Airways out of LAX or Seattle, etc. but Thai Air is in financial trouble and might not fly out of the US atm

    [1:47:39] David Hunte: Thanks @Sapa Lot!

    [1:48:04] Fah 1985: @ Roland bring a lot money for that lol

    [1:48:11] Wally: Thanks Sapa

    [1:48:11] WreckIt Ralph: Could y’all help me find a wife? Lol

    [1:48:14] Michael Hill: Which is the best place in Pattaya for Taco Tuesday? 3Bz burrito or Taco House?

    [1:48:26] Gayle at Night: :diamond_suit::sparkles:PLEASE BE SURE TO CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON:sparkles::diamond_suit:

    [1:48:32] GregGoes: 10.7 million in Bangkok

    [1:48:47] Charles D: On your first visit to Pattaya would you recommend staying in a hotel or Airbnb? Are hotels guest friendly ?

    [1:49:19] JD Arney: @Wally fly through Singapore if you can, The airport in Singapore is amazing!

    [1:49:23] Elliot Harris: depends which way you come. No Direct flats. I think you go thru Dubai coming from the East coast.

    [1:49:33] Gayle at Night: :footprints::chocolate_bar:Follow @Chocolate Man in Thailand on :camera_with_flash:Instagram:

    [1:49:34] Wally: thanks JD

    [1:49:51] David Hunte: Can you spot an american and pick em out?

    [1:49:57] Tray Productions (DMC): 5$ Superchat

    [1:49:59] Sapa Lot!: Hong kong is another transit hub for flights to Thailand. You could fly to Philippines first and check it out then fly on to Thailand. Philippines air does have direct from LAX and direct to bkk

    [1:50:31] David Hunte: Are there a lot of chocolate people in Thailand?

    [1:51:02] Sapa Lot!: @Michael Hill for me, Taco house or Tigglebitties but Mike's Mexican is good too.

    [1:51:09] Dre4ever: Have you guys been to other countries outside of Thailand since you've been there?

    [1:51:13] Gayle at Night: :heavy_dollar_sign::hot_beverage:Buy Chocolate Man in Thailand a Coffee:

    [1:51:37] JD Arney: Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea are also good transit airports…

    [1:51:42] George endres: hey guys from newjersey :hand_with_fingers_splayed:

    [1:51:54] David Hunte: She said, "TACO BELL!!!" Right Quick

    [1:51:58] Sean Lee-Soy: beast quality flight is through the middle east. Emarates or Quatar Air

    [1:52:00] Sapa Lot!: 3bz is good too and has 24 hour delivery on grab and food panda too.

    [1:52:18] Per Hedström: New years resolution for you. learn fluent thia in 6 Montgomery

    [1:52:19] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to:airplane_departure:🇹🇭@Zoom To Thailand:bell::

    [1:52:25] barry mitchell: No Fah didn't say Taco Bell Bol

    [1:52:25] HNT: Hello Great couple

    [1:52:25] Per Hedström: Month

    [1:52:48] Charles D: Cool

    [1:52:55] Gayle at Night: :diamond_suit::sparkles:PLEASE BE SURE TO CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON:sparkles::diamond_suit:

    [1:53:06] Joshua Leland: Last time I was in TH I went Vancouver -> Beijing -> BKK

    [1:53:45] Sapa Lot!: East coast at least NY flys direct to Taipei on EVA so you can go west from the east coast. EVA is good and usually pretty affordable.

    [1:53:56] Charles D: Thanks for all the info James5$ Superchat

    [1:53:57] simply mhel vlog: hello guys from Sweden always watch your video

    [1:54:28] Thaijamie: Hollywood night club has reopened , perfect , i wont see the wife the whole holiday 555

    [1:54:36] simply mhel vlog: hope to see you in Pattaya next month I love your video

    [1:54:40] Roland Bowie Jr: so since I will be there for one month get a hotel room then switch Airbnb

    [1:54:41] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to:night_with_stars:@Gayle at Night :bell::

    [1:55:38] David Hunte: Did you talk about Taxes and dealing with the IRS?

    [1:55:47] Richard Lionheart: Hi Fah, what is your man,s name..I have not been to Thailand for 5 years, hope to come to Phuket and Pattaya next year, see you then Chok dee

    [1:56:21] Charles D: @Gayle at Night Hey

    [1:56:41] Taylor Made Dreams TV: HIT THAT DAMN DAMN THUMBS UP BUTTON

    [1:57:04] Gayle at Night: Hey @Charles D

    [1:57:12] Gayle at Night: :diamond_suit::sparkles:PLEASE BE SURE TO CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON:sparkles::diamond_suit:

    [1:57:37] Azzkikr E: Hello Fah, Im Jaruwan I love you

    [1:57:48] Steven Chen: FMP provides medical service for foreigner ? I know VA got free service. i am Taiwanese American in Los Angles.

    [1:57:48] David Hunte: That's awesome - Thanks for the info

    [1:58:38] Johnnie Sledge: Do you have a video when you first met Fah?

    [1:58:38] Gayle at Night: :round_pushpin::money_with_wings:Watch "Show Me the Money Here:

    [1:58:47] Thaijamie: Has fah seen the film Casino , one of my fav's

    [1:58:52] simply mhel vlog: Hello to your girlfriend I love to meet you guys when we come to Thailand

    [1:58:54] Os O: Fah look diffrent, in a good way. Can't put my finger on it. Good looking glasses C.Man

    [1:58:56] Eciruam Nottap: You are looking healthy Dude.

    [1:59:20] Gayle at Night: :round_pushpin::money_with_wings:Watch "Show Me the Money Here:

    [1:59:21] Big DADDY L-Rob: LOL

    [1:59:42] James Cortez: Hi James, is it true that In Thailand and other Asian Countries showing public affection to your partner.. hugging/kissing is not acceptable and frowned on in public?

    [2:00:02] Iain W: Hi both. Are you back in BKK anytime soon?

    [2:00:25] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @Fah 1985 :bell::

    [2:00:35] ATM: This woman eats a Thai person's daily wage a day

    [2:00:47] simply mhel vlog: Hows the the weather now in Thailand

    [2:00:47] David Hunte: @Gayle at Night - You are amazing - Thanks for the video

    [2:01:02] Big DADDY L-Rob: LMAO! Fah is telling it ALL!

    [2:01:05] Gayle at Night: You're welcome @David Hunte :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [2:01:05] Steven Chen: James, you are cool. Since i am not VA , if i am sick can i go to FMP ?

    [2:01:11] Thaijamie: Tell us more fah 555

    [2:01:25] Island Breeze: fah spilling the beans

    [2:01:42] Gayle at Night: :laptop::large_blue_diamond:Follow @Chocolate Man In Thailand on Facebook: :sparkles:

    [2:02:02] jay shar: How doing brotha, you good Taylor Made Dreams TV

    [2:02:22] Carlos Diaz: Hey guys, I enjoy your vlogs very much, they are very informative. Thank you. :thumbs_up:

    [2:02:25] Big DADDY L-Rob: LOL

    [2:02:40] Gee Jay: Are tattoos on women more common in Thailand than the U.S.? Those are some sweet tats btw.

    [2:02:41] barry mitchell: then she should watch 'Heat 'great movie

    [2:02:45] serkan ismail: hey guys, met you two in patong last June on bangla road thanks for the pic and being good people :grinning_face: :thumbs_up:

    [2:02:52] VeVe Focus: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [2:02:58] Fanpage_Muranskich: my name is Jacek Muranski Im big fan from POLAND

    [2:03:00] Steven Chen: James, appreciated your answer. You guys look great.

    [2:03:02] Taylor Made Dreams TV: @JAY SHAR. all good brother

    [2:03:04] simply mhel vlog: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

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    [2:03:52] Brian Lincoln: is Fa sick :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: she is not eating :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [2:04:17] M'n'B Gaming: man on fire!!!!

    [2:04:19] Big DADDY L-Rob: Take Fah to the Taco Bell in Chang Mai...LOL!

    [2:04:19] simply mhel vlog: Are tattoos expensive in Thailand

    [2:04:30] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @Taylor Made Dreams Out of The Matrix:bell::

    [2:04:36] ATM: good

    [2:04:44] Gayle at Night: Salute @Taylor Made Dreams TV :blue_heart:

    [2:04:53] David Hunte: How fluent do you have to be in Thai to move there? Do people speak other languages?

    [2:05:00] Big DADDY L-Rob: @Gayle at Night is fantastic!

    [2:05:09] Fanpage_Muranskich: Bóg honor ojczyzna

    [2:05:09] Gayle at Night: :round_pushpin::money_with_wings:Watch "Show Me the Money" for info on Pro Expat Tax Service, Finance Prep, Wills & Trusts in Thailand Here:

    [2:05:18] Gayle at Night: @Big DADDY L-Rob :blue_heart:

    [2:06:17] Q wants to TRAVEL: Q from Merida Mexico, I coming to Pattaya in April 2023 to retire for good.

    [2:06:46] JD Arney: Plus you can use Google translate

    [2:06:51] Joshua Leland: You can get a vaccine that helps with it.

    [2:06:59] ATM: Ice is filtered water dude lol

    [2:07:16] Expat Paul: Hey you guys still here

    [2:07:22] Gayle at Night: :heavy_dollar_sign:Support @Chocolate Man In Thailand via PayPal: :sparkles:

    [2:07:33] ATM: Too many Russians in Thailand now

    [2:07:49] Beach Life: How did you meet Fah? I'm sure you've covered this before but I'm curious

    [2:08:17] simply mhel vlog: Me and my husband were coming to Pattaya 12 december cause its winter time now in Europe its cold we want hot weather

    [2:08:19] Charles D: Can you do hotel video with great amenities such as gym, sauna, pool, etc that offer long term leases ?

    [2:08:27] claire the mare: hello from a blinking cold west sussex uk

    [2:08:32] JD Arney: It’s helpful

    [2:08:50] Dre4ever: I see a lot of expats move to SE Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, etc.

    [2:09:04] Expat Paul: When’s the next Bangkok met up?

    [2:09:26] denn4u: hey James and Fah happy Thanksgiving from Nashville Tennessee

    [2:09:40] Speedy Gonzales: SAWAT DEE KRUB choclate man and FAH:thumbs_up::folded_hands:

    [2:09:42] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @Fah 1985 :bell::

    [2:09:47] Charles D: Okay

    [2:09:50] North Of Valhalla: Gotta say James, that beard is on point.

    [2:10:12] DarkreignStudio: Love your Channel!!! DOPE!

    [2:10:15] claire the mare: tell fah she needs a manicure

    [2:10:17] simply mhel vlog: A lot of hotel you show in your video what kind of hotel you can recommend in Pattaya

    [2:10:34] Steven Chen: :takeout::hydrate::elbowcough:

    [2:10:50] ATM: What do you like about Pattaya? and please don't say the beach...

    [2:10:52] Gayle at Night: :heavy_dollar_sign::hot_beverage:Buy Chocolate Man in Thailand a Coffee:

    [2:10:52] jay shar: How are enjoying your new 65 inch TV? What Networks can you get in Thailand? Or do you just have to stream everything?

    [2:11:10] Elton Bodika: Good evening from Botswana

    [2:11:13] ZXLNT: LK Residence is nice..

    [2:11:19] simply mhel vlog: Thank you

    [2:11:35] Sean Lee-Soy: I see yourself and Richi Mac have gotten International Zoe from New York hooked on South East Asia. he showing life in Cambodia now

    [2:12:18] claire the mare: I was joking about her nails...I tried them once typing was not good x

    [2:12:30] stresstest: Tech jobs in the US are under assault currently. Making plans as a contingency. Might end up over there too :slightly_smiling_face: Bout had enough of this BS.

    [2:12:44] Sean Lee-Soy: Fah says you Love Her. the best thing in Pattaya

    [2:12:50] ZXLNT: Got To have Formula1!!!

    [2:12:53] Gayle at Night: :footprints::chocolate_bar:Follow @Chocolate Man in Thailand on :camera_with_flash:Instagram:

    [2:12:54] Charles D: Cool I was not familiar with Gondia. Just looked it up

    [2:13:02] George endres: I pretty much follow all you guys that have youtube channels, and from what I see from all of you I definitely want to retire there soon

    [2:13:16] Sorca Constantin: fah îs sleeping

    [2:13:31] David Hunte: NFL Games in Thailand - New England/Tampa Bay Fan -

    [2:13:38] ATM: Phuket vs Pattaya. Why pick Pattaya over it?

    [2:13:42] Expat Paul: Fah is hungry :drooling_face::grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

    [2:13:55] sargy1916: I love Washington state,have many Irish friends living in the Seattle area...Any plans to bring Fah to the US to do some of their ridiculous food challenges :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [2:14:06] simply mhel vlog: Regards to your girlfriend she have a nice nails I love to have those to ,:grinning_squinting_face:

    [2:14:14] Gayle at Night: :diamond_suit::sparkles:PLEASE BE SURE TO CLICK THE LIKE BUTTON:sparkles::diamond_suit:

    [2:14:30] RichLuvAsia: Just wanted to say Hello :waving_hand:

    [2:14:39] Oliver: maybe she can setup Mitch with a set of nails like that

    [2:14:42] Expat Paul: Smash the like button :thumbs_up:

    [2:14:42] RichLuvAsia: I caught u before u left

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    [2:14:45] William Stiggers: shalom to everyone and good morning from Kansas City

    [2:14:46] dallas696971:

    [2:14:49] stresstest: @sargy1916 WA here as well

    [2:14:59] The Blob : Thanks for your help James and fah. Been very helpful

    [2:15:19] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @Taylor Made Dreams Out of The Matrix:bell::

    [2:15:34] RichLuvAsia: Yes! Pattaya better.

    [2:16:09] Uzi Star: Hi All James Fah enjoying this live

    [2:16:19] milkywaymusic●biz: how do you receive packages from the us, do you have to get them from a local post office?

    [2:16:26] Noob Biker: Fah is ordering from Dukes delivery might be expensive

    [2:16:33] William Stiggers: when I do leave the US I haven't made up my mind whether I'm going to Philippines or Thailand but I'm definitely not bringing my woman back here ever

    [2:16:44] ZXLNT: Miss your Philippines Videos Rich Luv Asia

    [2:16:46] Stacey Grier: hello

    [2:17:08] Sean Lee-Soy: Do like Joe . bring Mom to PKK

    [2:17:14] Uzi Star: all good thanks James

    [2:17:32] Ken Heller: I don't remember if you ever recover your drone from your last Washington trip?

    [2:17:48] stresstest: I looked into bringing my car with me to Thailand.... I love the car but not that much.... holy cow about them import taxes on vehicles....

    [2:17:48] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to:airplane_departure:🇹🇭@Zoom To Thailand:bell::

    [2:18:09] claire the mare: James do u have any skin left on your back??

    [2:18:19] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to:night_with_stars:@Gayle at Night :bell::

    [2:18:51] Nicky Dunn: Hiya James and Fah :slightly_smiling_face: Fah looking gorgeous as always

    [2:19:10] Expat Paul: Hay Nicky

    [2:19:12] Uzi Star: many Mercedes-Benz in Thailand

    [2:19:15] Nicky Dunn: :slightly_smiling_face:

    [2:19:24] Nicky Dunn: Hiya Paul

    [2:19:25] dallas696971: long term rental or purchasing a condo. What do you think is best?

    [2:19:49] Nicky Dunn: hope you all remembered to hit that thumbs up

    [2:19:54] stresstest: Ford making there now?

    [2:20:07] William Stiggers: have you heard anything about by the year 2025 in fact this year started in December money going to digital currency and the devaluation of the American dollar? US dollar does not have gold r oil back

    [2:20:07] Dwayne Edwards: does Fah ever cook breakfasts?

    [2:20:10] Uzi Star: now MG is getting big in Thailand

    [2:20:19] Nicky Dunn: What food you ordering Fah

    [2:20:24] עידן פוזיילוב: is it easy to pick up with girls in thailand ? I want to get a job there and get girl all day is it impossible?

    [2:20:34] Greg: So good looking today! You too Fah :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [2:20:34] JD Arney: Any word on electric or hybrid electric Thai Assembled cars?

    [2:20:47] David Hunte: gotta run fam. This was real good.

    [2:20:49] ATM: Yes Ford is in Thailand but Chevy pulled out

    [2:20:57] Gayle at Night: :heavy_dollar_sign:Support @Chocolate Man In Thailand via PayPal: :sparkles:

    [2:21:02] David Hunte: Much Love and Respect

    [2:21:07] Nicky Dunn: Fah Channel

    [2:21:18] Nicky Dunn: Hiya Gayle

    [2:21:18] George endres: can you get nfl network in thailand

    [2:21:28] Uzi Star: עידן it's all up to you

    [2:21:33] Gayle at Night: :laptop:🇹🇭Thai Elite Visa:

    [2:21:37] Jeremy Watley: hey sir big fan of your channel. I saw you Saturday on Soi 6 but I didn't want to bother you. I leave Thailand Saturday

    [2:21:39] Digital Swagg: Hi James and Fah :red_heart::tulip:

    [2:21:41] ATM: People don't drive fast here either way. typical is like 30mph or 45mph

    [2:21:44] Gayle at Night: Hi there @Nicky Dunn :beating_heart:

    [2:21:48] William Stiggers: the look on her face was priceless when they said something about the skin on your back. Lmao :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolli

    [2:21:53] simply mhel vlog: How about the license can you drive the car with your Europe license

    [2:21:59] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @David Hunte :bell::

    [2:22:00] claire the mare: take care both of you Nunney nite

    [2:22:16] Nicky Dunn: David Hunte

    [2:22:18] Chad Shultz: That phone is bigger than Fah

    [2:22:23] Kurt Williams: Hey James , Fah... Happy Turkeyday?

    [2:22:27] Joshua Leland: Pros and Cons of BKK vs Pattaya?

    [2:22:29] simply mhel vlog: How long you been in Thailand with out visa

    [2:22:41] Gayle at Night: :laptop:🇹🇭Thai Elite Visa:

    [2:22:49] Nicky Dunn: Linked to you Gayle

    [2:23:20] עידן פוזיילוב: If I am someone from another country, is it easy to get a job in Thailand?

    [2:23:30] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @Fah 1985 :bell::

    [2:23:38] David Hunte: I'm still laughing that she said, "TACO BELL" (and the side eye you gave her :eyes:

    [2:24:02] simply mhel vlog: me and my husband love to se when Fah always hungry she loves food

    [2:24:08] Gayle at Night: :heavy_dollar_sign:Support @Chocolate Man In Thailand via PayPal: :sparkles:

    [2:24:09] Kurt Williams: What are you guys doing for thanksgiving

    [2:24:20] ATM: Pattaya it's all working girls and nightlife is everything and everywhere. BKK you can find yourself a nice normal woman with a good job and the typical stuff

    [2:24:21] Specked: my bhat :D

    [2:24:21] Marie Aue: hi james and Fah

    [2:24:30] William Stiggers: I have a Chevy suburban here 8 cylinder how expensive would it be for me to have it shipped to the Philippines or Thailand?

    [2:24:32] Gayle at Night: :laptop:🇹🇭Thai Elite Visa:

    [2:24:35] Nicky Dunn: Gayle is smashing it, I am cooking and Watching :slightly_smiling_face:

    [2:24:46] stresstest: So for expats already there, what is the consensus on actually buying a condo there for new arrivals? I know rent is cheap but that American I gotta own it is something I struggle with.

    [2:25:03] Gayle at Night: @Nicky Dunn :slightly_smiling_face:

    [2:25:36] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to:night_with_stars:@Gayle at Night :bell::

    [2:26:11] stresstest: Its 300% I recently checked it, He's right

    [2:26:18] Stacey Grier: hello

    [2:26:22] Ryan Ross: Do you still get the same va disability income living in thailand?

    [2:26:35] עידן פוזיילוב: If a person needs a vacation of rest and he also wants a vacation in Thailand of travel how long do you think he should stay in Thailand

    [2:26:40] Uzi Star: Happy Thanks Giving To All from brooklyn new york Fah & James

    [2:26:44] john Martin: Why is Fah just spacing out?

    [2:27:03] dallas696971: your va disability does not change on location

    [2:27:10] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @Nicky Dunn :bell::

    [2:27:13] dallas696971: Its not COLA based

    [2:27:14] Jeremy Watley: do the English teachers get paid well in Thailand?

    [2:27:21] stresstest: @john Martin she thinking about that food on the way

    [2:27:21] Nicky Dunn: Thank you Gayle

    [2:27:21] ATM: You can escape the 300% if you put it in a company's name.

    [2:27:30] V Wo: Hey Fah and James :waving_hand:

    [2:27:39] Gayle at Night: :pushpin:Subscribe to @Nicky Dunn :bell::

    [2:27:52] Gayle at Night: You're welcome @Nicky Dunn

    [2:28:00] Roland Bowie Jr: when you file taxes what address do you

    [2:28:04] Gayle at Night: :laptop:🇹🇭Thai Elite Visa:

    [2:28:07] Nicky Dunn: Thank you Gayle x

    [2:28:08] William Stiggers: okay what if you have construction background HVAC heating and cooling background

    [2:28:09] simply mhel vlog: How many days you can stay in Thailand without visa

    [2:28:13] farangliam: that is the best advice right there. as jonny foreigner you will have 0 rights

    [2:28:20] עידן פוזיילוב: Thank you so much !

    [2:28:49] Gayle at Night: :round_pushpin::money_with_wings:Watch "Show Me the Money" for info on Pro Expat Tax Service, Finance Prep, Wills & Trusts in Thailand Here:

    [2:29:43] Nicky Dunn: Your great at helping others James. Great info

    [2:29:48] עידן פוזיילוב: Are the beautiful girls in Thailand a good chance to get to know and sleep with them or are they hard to get? I'm not talking about freelancing

    [2:30:06] Gayle at Night: :laptop:🇹🇭Thai Elite Visa:

    [2:30:13] john Martin: James with glasses seems alot more stressed out than james without...

    [2:30:28] simply mhel vlog: I live in Sweden

    [2:30:28] john Martin: Please take a breath James.... you're making me uneasy

    [2:30:43] ATM: @william there are a ton of Thai people who have the same experience dude lol. The only real jobs here is if you have very high level skills in IT or business.

    [2:30:50] Oscar Meyer: Hey James and Fah! Good to join a live stream with ya!

    [2:30:58] Nicky Dunn: Just answering questions John @john Martin

    [2:31:00] Gayle at Night: :anger_symbol:Learn a New Language With Great TV:

    [2:31:25] dallas696971: what's best. rent AirBnB long term or purchase home (condo) based on your time there now?

    [2:31:32] Nicky Dunn: OMG same as me James with the glasses my eye sight gone shock8ing

    [2:31:32] ATM: Normal girls are easy to meet in Bangkok. 98% of girls in pattaya gonna charge you

    [2:31:44] john Martin: Can you put the glasses on Fah please

    [2:31:56] Gayle at Night: :heavy_dollar_sign:Support @Chocolate Man In Thailand via PayPal: :sparkles:

    [2:32:00] Tom Abroad: Are you watching the World Cup in Qatar.

    [2:32:02] Oscar Meyer: Wife and I will be there in February

    [2:32:15] Nicky Dunn: I was same age 48 lol

    [2:32:18] John Peake: hello James and Fah

    [2:32:27] VeVe Focus: LOL

    [2:32:29] Gayle at Night: :anger_symbol:Learn a New Language With Great TV:

    [2:32:29] Nicky Dunn: Fah looks Sexy whatever 555

    [2:32:29] David Hunte: I'm back - I missed the answer to the question if you can spot an american

    [2:32:31] farangliam: dommy school teacher

    [2:32:34] john Martin: Amazing.. she pulled it of

    [2:32:34] stresstest: Jame's know what time it is

    [2:32:37] simply mhel vlog: nice glasses on her

    [2:32:38] Gayle at Night: :laptop:🇹🇭Thai Elite Visa:

    [2:32:38] stresstest: lol

    [2:32:43] VeVe Focus: Professor Fah LOL

    [2:32:44] Nicky Dunn: Make sure you hit that thumbs up

    [2:32:49] Jake Miller: later, you two take care!

    [2:32:50] V Wo: Same here no glasses until :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [2:32:59] Nicky Dunn: She smashing it

    [2:33:03] Johnnie Sledge: Thanks, good night from Florida..

    [2:33:05] Gayle at Night: :confetti_ball:

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    [2:33:14] Jeremy Watley: thanks for the live

    [2:33:15] Uzi Star: it's very Normal Fah when your only 27 with good healthy eyes

    [2:33:26] simply mhel vlog: Thank you for information about Thailand

    [2:33:28] Gayle at Night: :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [2:33:32] JD Arney: Have a good night

    [2:33:40] Nicky Dunn: Have a good night

    [2:33:41] Ken Heller: Thank y'all for the chat. truly enjoyable

    [2:33:41] John Peake: bye bye guys

    [2:33:49] Codeblack: 4$ Superchat

    [2:34:01] simply mhel vlog: Thank you se you in Thailand next month

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    [2:34:10] Nicky Dunn:

    [2:34:17] dallas696971:

    [2:34:19] Nicky Dunn: See ya