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Desire on Soi 6 ladies in Pattaya, Thailand Live Stream 22/12/22


Desire on Soi 6

Published on 22.12.2022 (Stats from 12.01.2023)


Welcome to our daily Pattaya live stream! We will make new live videos on every day! You can support our ladies at - Visa, Mastercard and Bitcoin accepted. If you enjoy our video it really helps us if you press like and subscribe. Thank you! You can also watch our other channel at
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    [1:03] Desire on Soi 6: You can support our ladies at Visa/MasterCard and Bitcoin accepted. 1 drink only $5. If you enjoy our video it really helps us if you press like or subscribe thank you!

    [1:09] Brent Hoskin: :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [1:32] TONIUU: Hello beautiful girls, :face_blowing_a_kiss::face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [3:34] VGK Raju: hi desire ladies how are you

    [3:36] Noe: are u do humping fog

    [4:05] Noe: lol

    [6:16] QUISEJEZZY: 87

    [7:26] Noe: morning everybody our still night time

    [7:53] Jack Mason: dark hair is back on Mail, thank God

    [8:37] Noe: they all have dark hair

    [8:48] narpat20861: There she is and here I am .Good afternoon Nok my love to you

    [9:23] Jack Mason: Mail went light hair for awhlie

    [10:10] Jack Mason: Semper Fi my Mail,, Love you

    [10:57] Noe: are u get ready for weekend for Christmas

    [11:10] narpat20861: Nok how are you

    [13:46] Mike Pyburn: good morning beautiful ladies

    [15:57] Noe: :clapping_hands::clapping_hands:

    [17:01] Noe: yeah mine in 8 months

    [18:33] Noe: yeah I be back later

    [25:07] Gary: Morning

    [25:30] Gary: I had a dream

    [27:57] ola9156: morning ladies and gentlemen

    [33:54] Gary: Heart

    [35:08] Calum 180: Good morning Desire ladies

    [35:56] Calum 180: Princess of Pattaya returns to black hair

    [36:43] Calum 180: The Angel of Asia looks good in all hair colours but Calum believes she looks best in black hair

    [37:46] Gary: Black is best Mail

    [37:52] Calum 180: Hello to my old friend Fon

    [39:23] Calum 180: I am good and currently eating a breakfast Scottish lorne sausages

    [39:25] Gary: Fon you look very sweet and maiden like today

    [40:30] Calum 180: In Scotland sausages are square

    [41:15] Gary: Is Milky still on day off

    [42:06] Good Time Charlie: Where is Priew

    [43:12] Calum 180: Mena is the Queen of Asia

    [43:50] narpat20861: Good afternoon Nok

    [43:54] Gary: She needed rest.

    [44:50] Gary: Calum.I saw Mena last week in Thailand heat of Miss Universe

    [45:44] narpat20861: Nok not responding

    [45:48] Calum 180: Would not surprise me Gary

    [46:53] Gary: Any munchies on the left shelf yet?

    [47:34] Calum 180: Mail The Princess of Pattaya and Mena the Queen of Asia will soon receive Sangsoms

    [48:41] Gary: Annie Annie Annie

    [49:03] Calum 180: Hi Sky

    [50:16] Randi Ricci: Anna Anna Anna!!

    [50:42] Calum 180: P Bird you are so cute

    [51:19] Gary: Nok not near the shelf yet as snacks not arrived

    [52:45] Calum 180: Nong Dew loves money

    [54:21] Calum 180: Where is the chicken

    [54:56] Calum 180: Hot chicken game 1 winner

    [55:00] Michael Tingley: Hey girls Hey Fon :red_heart: looking gorgeous

    [56:23] Calum 180: Fon does not require make up because she possesses natural beauty

    [56:46] Gary: Nok next to shelf. Snacks have arrived

    [58:02] Gary: Do not use the Bear for pass the parcel

    [58:54] Desmond Castro: Hey everyone!

    [1:01:39] Jedd Roston: :duck::duck::duck::duck::duck::duck:

    [1:01:57] Calum 180: Good tactics from Nok

    [1:02:41] Calum 180: Sangsom to Nok

    [1:03:35] Calum 180: Nok does not look happy with Sangsom

    [1:03:42] Calum 180: What does she wish for

    [1:03:52] Gary: Can I have a pic of Annie cuddling the bear?

    [1:04:18] Calum 180: Fireball to Nok

    [1:05:58] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: hello NAN

    [1:06:06] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: hello new girl

    [1:07:29] André Nürnberger: Sawasdee Krap beautiful sexy Ladies from Frankfurt Germany . :folded_hands:

    [1:07:32] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: farang visit in February , I hope new girl not scared of farang :flexed_biceps:

    [1:07:44] André Nürnberger: Sabei di mai Ladies ?

    [1:09:21] Calum 180: The name Mena means Goddess of Love in India

    [1:09:50] Gary: Imam on iPad lol

    [1:10:04] Wadé Esquire IV: Hello Nok

    [1:10:09] Gary: It’s ok

    [1:10:49] Jedd Roston: CyberDemon532 >>> RoxyNebulae >> Goosicca Reinke...:face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [1:12:49] FactFinder: Good Morning Beautiful Ladies :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [1:12:56] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: soi 6 desire girl very pretty , another bar the girl not very pretty

    [1:13:54] Young boy Pete 🥊🏅: any girl here from BURIRAM

    [1:17:37] FactFinder: Who's the Crazy Little on in the Red Skirt? :thinking_face:

    [1:18:12] Michael Tingley: Love the dances :woman_dancing:

    [1:18:14] ALEC Hodgson: Nice booty shaking mail

    [1:19:14] FactFinder: aaaaah MAIL :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes: You changed your hair :winking_face::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [1:19:52] ALEC Hodgson: Sweet sweet sweet sweet

    [1:21:31] ALEC Hodgson: Mail mail mail mail is this dance for alec

    [1:22:40] Topgun4life Emerson: have a good Christmas ladies. god bless

    [1:23:19] FactFinder: Annie needs a Fanboy to keep her cool :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [1:24:24] Topgun4life Emerson: jay reason i say what i do to u. i wish some how we can meet

    [1:24:47] Topgun4life Emerson: i like jay as a friend from usa to your heart

    [1:25:40] FactFinder: Are customers allowed to come up there and ring the bell? I told a Pattaya youtuber he should do it and he said the Dance room was private area

    [1:26:56] FactFinder: aaah ok Jay, MikeR said he does it all the time

    [1:27:49] Richard Garnsey: Good afternoon ladies all looking beautiful

    [1:28:57] narpat20861: What are you doing Nok say hello to me

    [1:29:58] FactFinder: Might get you a lot more subscribers to have the bigger Pattaya bloggers ring the bell Jay, he was at Sexy Bar last night and they were very busy

    [1:31:19] narpat20861: Nok wave at me

    [1:32:21] FactFinder: Mail looks very beautiful with her new Hairdo :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [1:34:11] coffeegyuunyuu: :grinning_face:

    [1:37:00] FactFinder: Supposed to get very cold here today -13C :cold_face::anguished_face:

    [1:38:48] FactFinder: Don't Beat Annie! :astonished_face::smiling_face_with_hearts::smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [1:39:16] greewo greewo: :smiling_face_with_hearts::smiling_face_with_hearts::smiling_face_with_hearts::smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [1:41:39] Chan S.: fon more dancing less playing with your fingers 5555

    [1:42:16] FactFinder: Supermodel Annie needs some Cat Ears :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::cat::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [1:42:29] FactFinder: meow

    [1:43:22] coffeegyuunyuu: No.27 Your slap looks very painful:grinning_face:

    [1:44:38] coffeegyuunyuu: sorry:grinning_face: No.21

    [1:44:49] Mike R: Sawadee Khup Ladies

    [1:45:00] Mike R: Jay Jay

    [1:45:05] FactFinder: 97 is a killer :face_with_tears_of_joy::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [1:49:09] Mike R: FactFinder as per coming up and ringing if you are here (in Pattaya) and are a respectful person, You May Ring the bell. Up to management

    [1:53:37] FactFinder: @Mike R I was talking about Chocolate Man in Thailand, he's a respectful fun Pattaya Youtuber, I just thought it could help get more subscribers

    [1:58:41] FactFinder: Mail hair looks best how it is now :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [1:59:21] coffeegyuunyuu: No.21:grinning_face::grinning_face::grinning_face:

    [2:01:34] FactFinder: New is so cute, I wish I could understand her :face_with_tears_of_joy::smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [2:03:40] FactFinder: 96

    [2:04:57] Viking Jerome: Hello hello beautiful girls

    [2:06:57] FactFinder: P Chan should give some hints: what kind of Phone do you have?

    [2:08:09] FactFinder: I phone=under 50 Flip Phone=over 60 :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [2:08:18] Warran Schuld: Evening jay and ladies. Hi nuch like your outfit

    [2:09:27] Mike R:

    [2:09:33] Chan S.: @FactFinder they already know im in my 30's haha

    [2:11:21] blaine: Merry 4 days till Christmas

    [2:11:59] FactFinder: Everyone loves 91 :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [2:12:30] blaine: is Priew off again

    [2:12:52] Mike R: Aww New Im ok

    [2:13:45] Mike R: Jay

    [2:17:48] Marcus Crookshanks: good morning Jay and beautiful ladies. hope you guys are having a great day so far

    [2:18:09] Marcus Crookshanks: hello chat

    [2:18:15] blaine: what happened to Dada

    [2:19:32] FactFinder: Fon look good in that dress :fire:

    [2:20:06] Marcus Crookshanks: getting ready to go out of town to my brother's for Christmas soon as long as the roads aren't icy.

    [2:21:19] coffeegyuunyuu: :grinning_face:

    [2:21:21] Marcus Crookshanks: I was gonna leave tomorrow but supposed to have bad and brutally cold weather tomorrow with bad travel conditions

    [2:21:48] FactFinder: :face_with_tears_of_joy: Poor Annie :loudly_crying_face::smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [2:22:05] Marcus Crookshanks: lol Annie, be nice :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [2:23:36] FactFinder: That looked good whatever it was :shrimp::squid::lobster:

    [2:23:52] Marcus Crookshanks: they are still there fon lol

    [2:26:54] TheJtmarsh: butt looks nice n that dress Fon

    [2:27:55] FactFinder: Fon is make Up artist tonight, let's see her work :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::thinking_face:

    [2:28:03] TheJtmarsh: im good tryingto stay warm

    [2:28:35] Bai Laew: Annie สวย

    [2:29:02] Marcus Crookshanks: nothing private Fabian

    [2:29:05] FactFinder: :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [2:29:25] TheJtmarsh: we under a wind chill warning, supposed down -29 to -40 C

    [2:29:46] D Bane: hi ladies :hugging_face: good afternoon :waving_hand:

    [2:30:02] Marcus Crookshanks: Definitely cold Jtmarsh, same here

    [2:30:34] FactFinder: Supermodel Annie ready for big show :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [2:30:56] Marcus Crookshanks: if it's not here or you don't meet them in person, they don't give any personal info

    [2:31:07] TheJtmarsh: who wants to come and keep me warm, I only have my cat Max

    [2:31:12] Chan S.: Fun dee na ladies

    [2:31:51] FactFinder: :face_with_tears_of_joy: wow wow wow Annie :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [2:32:30] Marcus Crookshanks: seems like the beginning of an interesting day with Annie lol

    [2:32:43] D Bane: you have a good tea you would recommend when the cold weather has you down :sneezing_face:

    [2:33:00] Marcus Crookshanks: no personal info Fabian

    [2:33:19] FactFinder: everyone write to Fabian :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [2:33:26] TheJtmarsh: but he is a big cat 7.3kg

    [2:33:34] Marcus Crookshanks: good idea fact

    [2:33:52] Scott Bull: Damn Fonnn :eyes:

    [2:34:05] Scott Bull: its the dress lol

    [2:34:14] Marcus Crookshanks: not today David, that got out of hand before . be respectful

    [2:34:23] D Bane: thank you and I love ginger tea it's the best, trying to kick a small cold I got after I left work :pensive_face:

    [2:35:13] Chan S.: I drank so much ginger tea when i had covid

    [2:35:21] D Bane: thank you :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [2:35:40] Kenny Girard: Oolong 4 me...

    [2:35:53] Scott Bull: Fon you look nice today

    [2:35:58] TheJtmarsh: yes, i bought some at Tokyo airport on last trip

    [2:36:21] D Bane: thanks for all the suggestions :slightly_smiling_face: I'm going to stock up this morning and tommorow

    [2:36:27] Marcus Crookshanks: Jay, Annie may require time out again today :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [2:36:29] Scott Bull: no just cute today hahah

    [2:36:57] power2084: hi ladies !

    [2:37:04] FactFinder: Fon wrecked Annies big Supermodel show :face_with_tears_of_joy::frowning_face:

    [2:37:58] power2084: I do not know number 26...can you introduce her please ? :winking_face:

    [2:38:06] D Bane: I still need to learn everyone's name :face_with_open_mouth:

    [2:38:30] David Smith: :smiling_face_with_hearts::heart_with_arrow::heart_with_arrow:Annie you look very beautiful

    [2:38:33] Marcus Crookshanks: 26 is new, I think her name is Mena

    [2:38:57] power2084: Mina ! Very nice

    [2:39:06] power2084: Mena

    [2:39:12] Desire on Soi 6: @Fabian Bauza please keep it respectful

    [2:39:19] D Bane: well that's one down seven to go :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [2:39:49] TheJtmarsh: what happen to Sia?

    [2:39:51] Marcus Crookshanks: I think this Fabian guy is on his way out!

    [2:40:04] D Bane: Jay nice to meet you too :slightly_smiling_face:

    [2:40:14] Mike R: Yes Marcus

    [2:40:38] Marcus Crookshanks: @D Bane , Jay is awesome!!!

    [2:40:39] Scott Bull: smoking weed weed weed weed

    [2:41:12] David Smith: No.5 you look stunning in that dress.:smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::heart_suit::heart_suit::heart_suit:

    [2:41:14] Scott Bull: bad girl

    [2:41:52] Marcus Crookshanks: I couldn't read what he was writing but after saying something to him, I noticed that he changed language so I didn't think it was very respectful Jay

    [2:41:54] D Bane: :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [2:42:07] Scott Bull: good guys are no fun. everyone knows this!

    [2:43:03] Marcus Crookshanks: maybe not @ Scott Bull but disrespect won't be tolerated

    [2:43:40] Scott Bull: Annie is pretty asf

    [2:43:45] D Bane: going to rest I'll see you later ladies :waving_hand: have a good day :slightly_smiling_face:

    [2:43:52] TheJtmarsh: good girls get to go to heaven , bad girls get to go everywhere 555

    [2:45:02] FactFinder: Fon do New Eyes now, she can be Supermodel too :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [2:46:07] David Smith: I love Annie and No.5 :heart_with_arrow::heart_with_arrow::heart_with_arrow::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

    [2:46:22] Scott Bull:

    [2:46:31] TheJtmarsh: :face_screaming_in_fear::eyes::eyes:

    [2:47:43] coffeegyuunyuu: Bad and sexy Lady are so attractive:grinning_face:

    [2:48:08] TheJtmarsh: fon and annie settle their feud with connect 4

    [2:48:10] David Smith: I love Annie and also No.5:heart_with_arrow::heart_with_arrow::heart_with_arrow:

    [2:48:20] FactFinder: Try to Bounce the Balls into the rack for extra skill

    [2:50:02] FactFinder: Everyone wants to Marry #3

    [2:50:30] Marcus Crookshanks: nope fact, I wanna marry Jay

    [2:51:21] TheJtmarsh: and colby willl merry dew

    [2:51:31] TheJtmarsh: marry

    [2:51:41] Marcus Crookshanks: absolutely Jtmarsh lol

    [2:52:44] Marcus Crookshanks: NO Fabian, stop asking!

    [2:53:36] Marcus Crookshanks: you can talk to the ladies through Jay

    [2:54:15] Marcus Crookshanks: Jay is #444 the casheir

    [2:54:40] TheJtmarsh: Im torn between marrying Fon or Mail, but i might not survive being marry to Fon LOL

    [2:55:23] coffeegyuunyuu: :grinning_face:

    [2:55:36] Marcus Crookshanks: you will have to get hearing aids and 5 jobs to feed her Jtmarsh. just keep chocolate ice cream and you may be ok

    [2:55:42] FactFinder: Stop making America look bad then

    [2:56:25] Marcus Crookshanks: hello beautiful Dew, I didn't see you before

    [2:56:39] TheJtmarsh: @Marcus Crookshanks already have the hearing aids, hahaha

    [2:57:00] TheJtmarsh: for winning first game

    [2:57:01] Marcus Crookshanks: turn them down on a very low setting lol

    [2:57:33] TheJtmarsh: @ mute mode

    [2:57:42] Marcus Crookshanks: yep

    [2:58:12] FactFinder: I set my Earbuds at 5% when Fon is in the room :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [2:58:34] Marcus Crookshanks: good to still see you here Mena. very pretty lady

    [2:59:18] Marcus Crookshanks: she can be very loud fact, but we all love her

    [2:59:45] TheJtmarsh: i keep my finger near the mute button , she scares my cat

    [3:00:11] Marcus Crookshanks: :face_with_tears_of_joy: Jtmarsh

    [3:00:49] Scott Bull: FON feet big lol

    [3:01:24] TheJtmarsh: sweet, innocent and quiet Mail :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [3:02:06] TheJtmarsh: 555

    [3:02:16] Calum 180: Mail is a naughty girl

    [3:03:28] TheJtmarsh: i like naughty girls too

    [3:03:51] TheJtmarsh: actually I like ALL girls LOL

    [3:05:10] Marcus Crookshanks: same here Jtmarsh, all of them are great

    [3:06:06] Scott Bull: Annie gonna make me crash lol

    [3:06:25] Calum 180: All the Princess of Pattaya needs now is blonde highlights with her black hair

    [3:07:47] Marcus Crookshanks: the black hair is different for mail but looks great

    [3:07:58] Scott Bull: i hate you guys rn jayyyyy stop

    [3:08:05] Marcus Crookshanks: I didn't recognize her at first

    [3:08:09] Scott Bull: dont stop tho lol

    [3:08:17] TheJtmarsh: kook has great cleavage LOL

    [3:09:11] TheJtmarsh: :heart_with_arrow:

    [3:09:58] TheJtmarsh: who has the lesser sin sod

    [3:10:07] David Smith: Annie dances beautifully :red_heart::red_heart:

    [3:10:19] Calum 180: Princess of Pattaya what are you doing

    [3:10:41] Marcus Crookshanks: @Jtmarsh, I just seen innocent and quiet mail, what chat have you been watching lol

    [3:11:47] Calum 180: Fon dances like a grandmother

    [3:11:52] TheJtmarsh: @Marcus Crookshanks , I think i had the PG filter on ,LOL

    [3:12:02] David Smith: What is No.5 name

    [3:12:16] Marcus Crookshanks: oh ok, your forgiven

    [3:12:27] Calum 180: Stay calm Fon

    [3:12:30] Marcus Crookshanks: #5 fon

    [3:13:00] Calum 180: Good friends enjoy banter Fon

    [3:13:42] TheJtmarsh: nok did a sexy change

    [3:13:50] Calum 180: Welcome back Bird

    [3:13:56] Calum 180: Welcome back Goddess of Love

    [3:14:08] narpat20861: Hi Nok how are you

    [3:14:36] David Smith: Fon and Annie are tjhe most beautiful girls :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

    [3:15:14] TheJtmarsh: @Calum 180 Larry Bird LOL

    [3:15:15] Luis Enrique: hola amor

    [3:16:07] Luis Enrique: por mi Ruvia

    [3:16:30] narpat20861: Wow Nok great movement

    [3:16:40] Luis Enrique: soy tu papi

    [3:16:48] TheJtmarsh: pjay was joke Larry Bird was a really tall basketball player

    [3:17:05] narpat20861: I cn

    [3:17:16] Calum 180: Luckily Nok doesn't look like Larry Bird

    [3:17:34] Marcus Crookshanks: Jtmarsh, Larry bird was the best!

    [3:18:03] Kenny Girard: #22

    [3:18:13] Marcus Crookshanks: good morning from Colby ladies

    [3:18:56] Marcus Crookshanks: all smiles ladies

    [3:18:58] TheJtmarsh: liked mail at foam party video, almost had a wardrobe malfunction

    [3:19:48] TheJtmarsh: when Annie bumped her top

    [3:19:53] Marcus Crookshanks: he is excited about Christmas lol, he is ready to get on the road but we're not leaving for a bit lol. still dark outside

    [3:21:16] Calum 180: Bye Sky

    [3:21:17] TheJtmarsh: it was nice bikini

    [3:21:22] Calum 180: Hi Sky

    [3:22:57] Marcus Crookshanks: love the ears Mena. ask Jay lol, I have a thing for ears. I still kind of miss hers from Halloween :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [3:23:07] coffeegyuunyuu: Charming ladies & Nice music:grinning_face::thumbs_up::two_hearts::musical_note:

    [3:24:43] TheJtmarsh: drink for nice video

    [3:24:45] FactFinder: Mena is getting the Sway :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [3:24:54] TheJtmarsh: and dancing

    [3:25:30] FactFinder: wow wow wow Mena :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [3:25:35] David Smith: you are all beautiful dancers :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

    [3:25:52] Marcus Crookshanks: :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart::red_heart: Dew

    [3:26:30] Calum 180: Dew's sister Suzy was fired

    [3:26:37] Marcus Crookshanks: Colby likes the ears too Dew

    [3:27:39] Marcus Crookshanks: everyone has to wear ears for easter!!!

    [3:28:46] Calum 180: Suzy takes a very long holiday

    [3:30:09] TheJtmarsh: nok is cute but Im to short for her im 162.6cm

    [3:30:10] FactFinder: Fon put Cat Eyes on Mena and teach her to Supermodel Walk and we have a new Star :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

    [3:30:33] Calum 180: Fon I might have to stop being friends with you because you have no banter

    [3:31:07] glenn garofano: GLENNNNNNNNNN

    [3:31:52] Calum 180: Only joking Fon I would never stop

    [3:32:13] TheJtmarsh: is that to short for her :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [3:33:21] JM Playlist Run 3: Hi there beautiful and gorgeous Desire ladies.

    [3:33:55] Calum 180: Keep your cool Fon! Remember what the psychiatrist told you

    [3:33:56] JM Playlist Run 3: I'm doing really well today.

    [3:35:08] TheJtmarsh: careful she off her meds

    [3:35:11] Marcus Crookshanks: gonna be a while before I leave. we have ice mixed with rain right now. definitely not good for driving.

    [3:35:43] Calum 180: Fon is dangerous when she forgets to take her meds

    [3:35:53] Marcus Crookshanks: especially not a 3 hour drive

    [3:36:02] FactFinder: :face_with_tears_of_joy: Fon Booty is a Star in that dress :star_struck::star_struck:

    [3:36:20] TheJtmarsh: @supposed to start here between 7 and 9am

    [3:36:33] TheJtmarsh: @Marcus Crookshanks

    [3:36:50] Calum 180: She needs to increase the dosage

    [3:37:29] FactFinder: what is Annie doing with that Hair? :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [3:37:35] Marcus Crookshanks: @ Jtmarsh , supposed to stop here between 9 and 11. and start back after

    [3:38:41] Calum 180: Fon has a choice of Jagerbomb, Sangsom, Fireball or Sambucca

    [3:40:02] TheJtmarsh: @Marcus Crookshanks they have travel advisory out , not to travel unless you have to

    [3:41:42] JM Playlist Run 3: And I'm so happy to see my fav tall girl Nok today.

    [3:42:59] FactFinder: Nok Hair looks pretty tonight :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [3:43:13] Justin Melo's Music and Vlogs: Made it in.

    [3:43:36] Calum 180: Or juice

    [3:43:53] Marcus Crookshanks: yes Jtmarsh. leaving today because it will be bad and very cold tomorrow and all weekend

    [3:44:17] TheJtmarsh: yes

    [3:44:26] Calum 180: Nok and Aor are known as the sexy sisters

    [3:45:09] TheJtmarsh: Fon look like she really enjoyed that

    [3:45:47] Well you know me: This is HARAM

    [3:45:53] Calum 180: Maybe Mena should stick to juice. That drink did not go down well!

    [3:47:06] FactFinder: Mena not ready for the :fire:Ball :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [3:47:42] TheJtmarsh: thats a nice outfit Nuch

    [3:49:03] TheJtmarsh: my sister loves Fireball

    [3:49:07] Marcus Crookshanks: poor Annie

    [3:49:23] FactFinder: Annie can Fireball all night long :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [3:50:18] Calum 180: Now I leave to play Darts. Goodbye Desire women and viewers

    [3:50:21] Justin Melo's Music and Vlogs: And here til the very end.

    [3:50:46] TheJtmarsh: @Calum 180 have fun

    [3:52:08] Pam: Hello Annie

    [3:52:17] Pam: Hi FOn

    [3:53:04] Pam: Mail 555 . I see your underwear 555

    [3:53:52] Pam: 555

    [3:54:11] TheJtmarsh: I must of missed that

    [4:02:05] Kidfresh32: the ladies look amazing today. :fire:

    [4:03:49] TheJtmarsh: havent done it in while , belly button check

    [4:05:19] TheJtmarsh: you would get 3 drinks FOn LOL

    [4:07:09] FactFinder: Fon has a belly button? no way :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [4:08:48] TheJtmarsh: yes, seen it in past Queenie videos :grinning_face_with_sweat:

    [4:11:33] FactFinder: I dont think Fon is wearing her Underoos with that dress so maybe bad idea :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [4:12:03] The Mask: 3 has the best shoes ever

    [4:12:22] TheJtmarsh: @FactFinder then even a better idea :smiling_face_with_sunglasses:

    [4:12:41] Justin Melo's Music and Vlogs: Hi @TheJtmarsh

    [4:12:41] The Mask: 3 can you turn you I want to see your shoes from behind

    [4:13:32] FactFinder: Foot guy is back :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [4:13:32] Pam: I love pattayaaaa

    [4:13:42] Pam: Good move. Annie

    [4:13:48] The Mask: this little footprint

    [4:14:08] The Mask: thanks 3

    [4:14:55] TheJtmarsh: hey @Justin Melo's Music and Vlogs

    [4:14:56] Pam: I will go Pattaya countdown 2023!!

    [4:14:58] The Mask: 97 you are Great too

    [4:15:05] TheJtmarsh: who is tending the bar

    [4:15:20] Pam: Hello NEW

    [4:17:28] FactFinder: Annies Hair is in a special Supermodel Do, it's art :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [4:17:52] Pam: How old are NEW

    [4:18:47] Pam: 23 OK

    [4:20:41] Pam: Will Desire hold a countdown event?

    [4:22:14] Justin Melo's Music and Vlogs: I'm still here til the very end.

    [4:27:38] TheJtmarsh: I need to decide who to take to dinner first Mail or Fon. Probably Mail , might not have any money left after Fon . LOL

    [4:28:18] TheJtmarsh: j/k

    [4:29:40] Henrik Naavala: hallo ladies alll look beautiful soon christmas im at Hard Rock hotel pattaya beach road big love to you all

    [4:30:06] Henrik Naavala: hope to see you soon :smiling_face_with_hearts::smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [4:31:29] Henrik Naavala: gonna stay here over christmas see you :smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [4:35:30] TheJtmarsh: where does Mail want to go to dinner?

    [4:35:39] Henrik Naavala: hope you ok Jay i gonna spoil my self couple days here very nice hotel jacuzzi etc see you all soon take care:smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [4:36:40] The Mask: 97 give your shoes to 91 and let her stand high

    [4:36:55] TheJtmarsh: ok, see you next year when I visit

    [4:38:02] TheJtmarsh: we are a good size match LOl

    [4:39:11] TheJtmarsh: how tall are you again mail

    [4:39:23] TheJtmarsh: 160?

    [4:39:56] TheJtmarsh: 151

    [4:40:18] Justin Melo's Music and Vlogs: I'm six feet tall which is 183cm.

    [4:40:20] TheJtmarsh: 155 ok'

    [4:43:06] FactFinder: Remember last time Shoe Freak was here and right after he got kicked out someone said "Jay let me smell your sneakers" :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: that cracked me up

    [4:45:14] TheJtmarsh: 555

    [4:49:44] Green Snake07: sawadeekap

    [4:50:03] Henrik Naavala: Fon is on the run today have put on joggers :smiling_face_with_hearts::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [4:50:45] Green Snake07: fon, sa ba dee mai kap

    [4:52:14] TheJtmarsh: fon visiting CBD stores

    [4:52:46] FactFinder: Fon been puffing that :cigarette::cigarette::cigarette: tonight :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [4:54:08] TheJtmarsh: getting her cannabis on

    [4:54:33] FactFinder: Annie so funny tonight :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [4:55:45] TheJtmarsh: what is Fon choice of resturants

    [4:56:23] Pam: New, Do you like yardom?

    [4:57:05] TheJtmarsh: hilton horizon

    [4:57:23] TheJtmarsh: or cheap Charlies

    [4:58:13] Veteran 1967: best girls! hello!

    [4:59:07] TheJtmarsh: next year hopefully in March

    [4:59:45] TheJtmarsh: maybe a little later, depends of airfare prices

    [4:59:58] FactFinder: Have to take Fon upstairs to The Globe for rooftop dining :cut_of_meat::lobster::shrimp::tumbler_glass:

    [5:00:00] TheJtmarsh: its 25 hrs there

    [5:00:32] Marcus Crookshanks: getting ready to leave ladies. I will talk to you soon. I am gonna listen so I'll be here

    [5:00:38] Justin Melo's Music and Vlogs: Hi @Veteran 1967

    [5:01:10] Veteran 1967: Justin, hello!

    [5:01:13] FactFinder: Rooftop- Restaurant with Jacuzzi for after dinner soak

    [5:02:10] 🍌 Banana Moe 🍌: Anne is a:volcano::volcano::fire::fire:.

    [5:02:11] TheJtmarsh: im going to go get in my jacuzzi bathtub , I can still watch on my tablet

    [5:02:23] TheJtmarsh: if you dont mind me being naked LOL

    [5:04:12] TheJtmarsh: lucky for you its not a 2 way stream, it would be a scary site :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:, i dont even like seeing myself naked

    [5:04:23] 🍌 Banana Moe 🍌: Hello :folded_hands::princess::princess:

    [5:06:31] Justin Melo's Music and Vlogs: Hi @Dr. Moe

    [5:07:23] 🍌 Banana Moe 🍌: Justin :victory_hand::victory_hand:

    [5:10:17] 赤目のダルマ: はろー

    [5:11:00] 赤目のダルマ: みんなかわいいね:two_hearts:

    [5:21:32] Hansi Müller21: Hey Girls ! all of you are sexy and butyfull.

    [5:24:04] Hansi Müller21: my wife is my Love. 21 my :red_heart::red_heart::red_heart:will be my wife soon.

    [5:34:23] FactFinder: Annie going to get Red Arm again :anguished_face:

    [5:43:35] venkat sarveswararao: hi

    [5:50:39] Mike R: New are you thirsty :zany_face:

    [5:51:35] Mike R: Ok I go cafe Amazon

    [5:51:57] Justin Melo's Music and Vlogs: Hi @Mike R

    [5:52:10] Mike R: Justin

    [6:01:03] Mike R: 555

    [6:17:15] Vicente Salvador Hernandez: Hola

    [6:17:50] Vicente Salvador Hernandez: saludos desde México

    [6:36:47] Topgun4life Emerson: dont play fon in Thailand checkers she is the queen of the game. she always never lose

    [6:37:39] Topgun4life Emerson: go fob

    [6:37:44] Topgun4life Emerson: go fon

    [6:37:50] Topgun4life Emerson: go fon

    [6:38:20] Topgun4life Emerson: 3 will never learn

    [6:39:29] Topgun4life Emerson: 3 want 21 milk cokkies for Christmas

    [6:40:13] Topgun4life Emerson: 3 21 need a room together for Christmas

    [6:47:56] s1r: onöy 2 days in some countries

    [6:48:34] Arthur: #95

    [6:48:54] Arthur: #95 Wow sexy

    [6:49:32] s1r: only*

    [6:51:11] s1r: cmon lets have a singles chtirmas, everyone who dont have someone special, gets home after meeting parents right

    [6:51:17] s1r: so..

    [6:52:52] jhawaiian: aloha :lizard: dame tu cosita

    [6:53:16] jhawaiian: :man_dancing:

    [6:53:53] s1r: maybe its a bad idea

    [6:56:53] What'sHappinInTheWorld: ;)

    [6:58:22] s1r: annie looks like he needs and international boyfriend

    [7:03:27] juliojgr19: What a sexy beauties!

    [7:14:55] kelcat34: hello beautiful ladies

    [7:15:26] william gehring: Hello laadies

    [7:15:33] william gehring: Annie, I love you

    [7:16:36] 🐷Piglet 🐷: Hi fon

    [7:17:29] joni: 3 I love you

    [7:18:56] joni: 3 give me kiss

    [7:19:52] joni: hi 91 come closer

    [7:20:57] joni: 3 I like your bra

    [7:21:08] Ivan: nr 3 you so nice girl

    [7:22:45] joni: hi 21:two_hearts::two_hearts:

    [7:23:36] joni: 3 give me kiss closely

    [7:23:52] narpat20861: Nok I am here

    [7:24:41] ALEC Hodgson: Hey funky fon

    [7:24:57] joni: 3 show face closely

    [7:25:02] narpat20861: Nok I am watching you

    [7:26:45] narpat20861: Nok Nok wave at me

    [7:27:53] narpat20861: 444 please ready my message and tell Nok

    [7:28:32] narpat20861: You look so lovely Nok

    [7:29:06] narpat20861: Love your body movement

    [7:29:06] ALEC Hodgson: Annie what a cheeky sexy butt u have , u opened up my eyes :eyes: and I saw the sun

    [7:29:38] narpat20861: Nok my love

    [7:30:24] narpat20861: My eyes are on Nok

    [7:31:08] ALEC Hodgson: Mail is a great actor at being a old person

    [7:31:31] narpat20861: Why my message is not being conveyed to Nok

    [7:33:14] ALEC Hodgson: Annie I need u

    [7:33:17] David Wright: too many clothes on

    [7:34:07] David Wright: bikini's

    [7:34:32] narpat20861: Nok come forward and say hi

    [7:35:26] ALEC Hodgson: Annie fon liked that smack on the bottom

    [7:35:29] Desmond Castro: Yes My relief is finally here:police_officer::outbox_tray::seven_thirty:

    [7:35:39] David Wright: who is 555 ?

    [7:35:51] BOB NOT IN SIAM .: good girls.

    [7:36:53] David Wright: #3 knows how to move

    [7:37:06] Desmond Castro: It's Go Time folks. Off to the gym.

    [7:37:52] ALEC Hodgson: Fon Annie fon Annie fon Annie fon Annie fon Annie fon Annie fon Annie fon Annie fon Annie fon Annie fon Annie

    [7:37:59] Desmond Castro: I'd love to work out with her.

    [7:37:59] s1r: can i have annie for xmas present

    [7:38:29] Marcus Crookshanks: finally made it to where i was going. hope everyone is having a great day

    [7:39:01] ALEC Hodgson: Annie bounce

    [7:39:04] David Wright: #3

    [7:39:08] Marcus Crookshanks: Gary isn't here, must be worn out from yesterday :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [7:39:32] narpat20861: Nok like your pony tail

    [7:39:46] Marcus Crookshanks: bad girl Annie almost killed him yesterday

    [7:40:54] s1r: fon looks so happy

    [7:40:54] gstacks814: hey ladies

    [7:41:29] ALEC Hodgson: Annie can bite at anytime be aware

    [7:42:35] narpat20861: Nok my eyes are on you

    [7:43:39] narpat20861: What is wrong no response to any message

    [7:44:04] ALEC Hodgson: Jay can you rap fon for me and put her in my Christmas stocking please

    [7:47:40] ALEC Hodgson: That is cheating fon

    [7:50:03] DJ Incog: Desire Bar

    [7:50:09] DJ Incog: Lust Bar

    [7:50:10] ALEC Hodgson: Jay fon is not going to win this match

    [7:50:17] DJ Incog: 444

    [7:50:24] DJ Incog: 5

    [7:50:43] DJ Incog: 91

    [7:50:50] DJ Incog: 95

    [7:52:15] ALEC Hodgson: Jay I give fon a red card for cheating

    [7:56:23] suppo99: good morning Annie

    [7:56:58] suppo99: From California

    [7:57:14] suppo99: I am good, how are you?

    [7:57:26] ALEC Hodgson: Jay the tattoo on Annie’s back is a picture of alec

    [7:57:41] suppo99: Annie are you thirsty?

    [7:59:32] suppo99: okay

    [8:01:07] TheJtmarsh: I'm back

    [8:01:48] TheJtmarsh: you didn't seem to like the idea of me watching from tub so I watch a movie instead

    [8:01:52] suppo99: :smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [8:03:09] Darryl Hutchinson: :eyes:

    [8:03:30] Darryl Hutchinson: :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [8:04:03] Darryl Hutchinson: i wait you Fon

    [8:04:31] Darryl Hutchinson: 55555

    [8:05:35] Darryl Hutchinson: Jay today I am happy.. i have my bed back after 2 weeks sleep on the floor

    [8:06:44] Darryl Hutchinson: its now ready for Annie :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [8:07:21] Darryl Hutchinson: Ohh Mail go back to original

    [8:08:06] Darryl Hutchinson: But she willl have to push Jax out

    [8:08:29] TheJtmarsh: I sorry jay did you say something to me , i cant hear you over everyone

    [8:09:39] Darryl Hutchinson: :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy: sounds like i am out and Jax is in

    [8:09:57] Darryl Hutchinson: They can :dashing_away::dashing_away::dashing_away: together

    [8:10:49] Darryl Hutchinson: Fon tell me :dashing_away::dashing_away:.. Sorry Annie

    [8:11:54] Darryl Hutchinson: Ok moment I see Jax doing something :dog:

    [8:12:52] joni: 3 show face closely

    [8:13:26] Darryl Hutchinson: Jay he steal my credit card... Barcani... Jax

    [8:14:14] TheJtmarsh: annie been a bad girl

    [8:14:38] Darryl Hutchinson: :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [8:15:03] joni: 3 give me kiss

    [8:15:40] Darryl Hutchinson: Wow... Jax say woof woof :dog::dog:

    [8:16:22] Darryl Hutchinson: I will have to call him more bad words then Jay

    [8:16:33] Darryl Hutchinson: Annie teach me :face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy::face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [8:17:49] suppo99: Good night ladies.

    [8:18:36] suppo99: Good night to Annie!:smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [8:20:03] Darryl Hutchinson: Shongow

    [8:20:25] Darryl Hutchinson: :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [8:21:06] Darryl Hutchinson: I not look Annie :face_with_tears_of_joy:

    [8:23:20] Darryl Hutchinson: Kittern lai lai der :red_heart:

    [8:23:29] narpat20861: Nok hi

    [8:23:37] Mike R: I change back :shushing_face:

    [8:24:23] Darryl Hutchinson: omb

    [8:24:36] Darryl Hutchinson: moment... :dog::dog::dog::dog::dog:

    [8:24:52] Darryl Hutchinson: Jax see a cat

    [8:24:59] narpat20861: Nok I want to pull your cheeks and rub your nose !

    [8:27:33] narpat20861: Nok is like a dolphin

    [8:29:29] Darryl Hutchinson: Yes he see the cat and run away lol

    [8:30:14] Darryl Hutchinson: Shongow

    [8:36:53] Mike R: Mail I want some :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [8:45:09] Desmond Castro: Made ya look !

    [8:47:01] Noe: hi hello I'm back I took long nap

    [8:47:54] Desmond Castro: Yummy :face_savoring_food: pumpkin pie! Now I about to crash.

    [8:57:19] Henrik Naavala: :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [8:58:13] Henrik Naavala: im at hardrock hotel eat good and drink good :smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [8:58:32] Henrik Naavala: with some friends

    [8:59:15] Henrik Naavala: we go soi 6 tomorrow

    [8:59:50] kelcat34: yummy Annie what do you have on? :eyes: :eyes:

    [9:00:04] Henrik Naavala: yes

    [9:00:19] kelcat34: sexy top Annie :face_blowing_a_kiss:

    [9:00:47] Henrik Naavala: see you i know desire take care :smiling_face_with_hearts::smiling_face_with_hearts::smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [9:01:15] 99:

    [9:02:59] kelcat34: what is 5 real name?

    [9:06:23] Marcus Crookshanks: hey there my loves, getting settled in now and ready ro ride this crazy weather out

    [9:07:18] Marcus Crookshanks: I would much rather be there with you guys lol

    [9:09:05] Marcus Crookshanks: thanks my sweet Jay. may go out later for some last minute Christmas shopping, but that's about it

    [9:10:02] Marcus Crookshanks: I would love ro get you and the ladies something Jay

    [9:10:43] Marcus Crookshanks: you guys bless me with smiles and kindness everyday

    [9:10:53] Ed Hackler: Hello beautiful ladies.:smiling_face_with_hearts:

    [9:11:31] kelcat34: Annie's bored lol

    [9:12:19] Keith Smith: good afternoon from Ontario Canada. I hope everyone is doing good there and online. Merry Christmas and happy Holidays to all :slightly_smiling_face: :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergree

    [9:13:18] kelcat34: I don't think Annie speaks any English lol

    [9:14:05] Keith Smith: hmmm.....beautiful ladies :)

    [9:14:42] Keith Smith: no one here

    [9:14:58] Keith Smith: welcome jay :)

    [9:16:02] kelcat34: I give Annie a 9 out of 10

    [9:16:06] Keith Smith: <<<

    [9:16:06] TheJtmarsh: Fon speaks the most english of the ladies right

    [9:17:02] Marcus Crookshanks: anyway, I wanted ro stop in and see you guys before stream ends. have a great night, stay safe and stay beautiful. I love you guys and I will most definitely see you tomorrow

    [9:17:15] TheJtmarsh: ok

    [9:17:52] Marcus Crookshanks: there are 3 new or newer ladies there Keith Smith

    [9:17:58] Keith Smith: merry xmas @Marcus Crookshanks

    [9:18:10] FactFinder: Annie is an 11 out of 10, please :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [9:18:23] Marcus Crookshanks: merry Christmas ladies and chat

    [9:18:24] coffeegyuunyuu: :grinning_face:

    [9:18:27] TheJtmarsh: @Marcus Crookshanks have a good one and drive safe

    [9:18:38] Marcus Crookshanks: absolutely Jtmarsh

    [9:18:56] Keith Smith: we are going to hit with snow storm here in ontario canada later today and tomorrow

    [9:18:58] TheJtmarsh: barely snowing here right now

    [9:19:12] Marcus Crookshanks: Jtmarsh stay warm my friend

    [9:19:40] TheJtmarsh: thx

    [9:20:17] Keith Smith: who is #26 #60 and 33

    [9:20:31] Keith Smith: fon did you lose?

    [9:22:00] Marcus Crookshanks: Colby says to have a good day ladies and see you tomorrow Dew

    [9:23:05] TheJtmarsh: that's an interesting placement of flower on Nuch top LOL

    [9:23:44] Keith Smith: bye everyone....have a good christmas if i'm not on :slightly_smiling_face:

    [9:24:06] Marcus Crookshanks: you have a good Xmas as well Keith

    [9:29:03] The Ghost-Station: Late at Night.. Ghost here..whoeee hihi How are you Jay and noilsy ladies hihi ^_^

    [9:29:25] The Ghost-Station: Ahh playing the Ball Game hehe

    [9:29:53] The Ghost-Station: Where Annie ? Annie to toilet ?

    [9:30:18] The Ghost-Station: W0ww Noisy Fon .... <>_>

    [9:30:43] The Ghost-Station: Fon very good at Ball Game haha

    [9:31:07] The Ghost-Station: Ha Steven and other Guys.. :slightly_smiling_face:

    [9:31:16] Chan S.: ok :)

    [9:31:48] The Ghost-Station: Korn agains Fon oh oh haha

    [9:32:01] Chan S.: fon bent her back so good just to get a better reach :)

    [9:33:01] The Ghost-Station: If Fon wins she gets hug and kiss from Ghost... Fon likes ??

    [9:33:25] The Ghost-Station: What New Pang Pang sniffing ???

    [9:34:19] The Ghost-Station: Hahaha Ohhh New.... New always narak hihi

    [9:34:43] The Ghost-Station: Ahhhhh Annie back... why so long at toilet Annie...

    [9:35:07] The Ghost-Station: Fon get hug from Ghost... Fon winner hehe

    [9:35:13] The Ghost-Station: Fon Bunny haha

    [9:37:14] The Ghost-Station: Annie Honey.... Do you know what "Honey" = in Dutch Language ?? It is "Schatje"

    [9:37:47] The Ghost-Station: Annie look tired.. red cheeks.... :disappointed_face:

    [9:42:02] The Ghost-Station: Bunny Fon..... Can you say ; "Schatje" to the Ghost..? it is dutch language for "Teerak" :slightly_smiling_face:

    [9:42:04] Steven John: Come on come on guys 🫠:rose:

    [9:43:01] Chan S.: who will go to sleep after and who will go party or eat after work?

    [9:43:25] The Ghost-Station: Heyyy Mail there W0w w0w Hello Mail.. you look g00d in Red :slightly_smiling_face:

    [9:44:17] The Ghost-Station: Now Annie Honey Bunny LOL

    [9:45:48] Jonny Bee Peterson: pretty beautiful fah

    [9:45:49] 99: tacos sound bomb right now:taco:

    [9:45:57] Jonny Bee Peterson: love u fah

    [9:46:02] Chan S.: annie you said nok has long arms so she won last time.. this time you had to hop :)

    [9:46:02] kelcat34: Annie got some incredible legs on her damn

    [9:46:08] Jonny Bee Peterson: sexy fah

    [9:46:55] Crypto Artist: Love Thai women

    [9:47:20] Gary: Hi

    [9:47:33] Gary: Hello Annie

    [9:47:43] kelcat34: Annie got then thunder legs wow :ok_hand:

    [9:48:15] Gary: Dew has grown ears

    [9:48:24] Gary: Kel hi

    [9:48:25] Chan S.: fon will go party, are you going to party too annie?

    [9:48:59] kelcat34: well well its super thirsty Gary :grinning_squinting_face:

    [9:49:29] The Ghost-Station: Annie at bottomside of the screen haha

    [9:49:35] Gary: Hi Steven. No 95 is rabbiting on

    [9:49:53] The Ghost-Station: Annie tired...must go to bed..

    [9:50:04] Gary: Annie is at my knees

    [9:50:31] kelcat34: the girl is mine gary she's mines lol

    [9:50:38] Gary: Wow More bunnies

    [9:51:04] The Ghost-Station: Good Kelcat34 and Gary fight about Annie haha

    [9:51:06] Gary: Annie rabbits never stop only to eat

    [9:51:26] Gary: I did Jay hehe

    [9:51:48] The Ghost-Station: Fon and Annie..if you jump around like Bunny do not jump on the Ghost ok.....hihi

    [9:51:52] Gary: Annie Annie Annie

    [9:52:07] kelcat34: I'm putting a ring :ring: on it when I get off the plane lol

    [9:52:29] Chan S.: who?

    [9:52:42] Gary: They have babies every 3 weeks. Mostly eaten by foxy

    [9:52:45] Justin Melo's Music and Vlogs: Awesome show. Much luv to all the ladies including my fav tall one Nok.

    [9:52:46] The Ghost-Station: Annie red cheeks... must go to bed...

    [9:52:51] kelcat34: you better have deep pockets Gary

    [9:53:14] Gary: Yesterday you won

    [9:53:18] Chan S.: sorry nok :)

    [9:53:26] kelcat34: cause I'm coming to Thailand with deep pockets bro lol

    [9:53:32] TONIUU: I've always dreamed of having shoes :thong_sandal: like the ones from Mail :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [9:53:33] Gary: Annie are you ok

    [9:53:48] Chan S.: i sent another because i forgot

    [9:53:57] The Ghost-Station: Mail always so active but now quiet... Mail are you tired this evening ??

    [9:54:02] Gary: Deep pockets are good for adding stones so sink in the sea

    [9:54:23] kelcat34: I'm going have baht coming out of my butt hole lol

    [9:55:02] Gary: I don’t think I have the time for a poem tonight Annie

    [9:55:05] The Ghost-Station: Fa has ears too.. Fa is not Bunny but Bear hihi

    [9:55:11] The Ghost-Station: Teddybear..

    [9:55:45] Chan S.: annie let's hangout :face-blue-wide-eyes:

    [9:56:09] Chan S.: jay tell nok to get another drink before the time ends 555

    [9:56:17] Gary: Annie likes Steven. Pity she your sister Steven

    [9:57:10] Chan S.: what jay?

    [9:57:23] kelcat34: you guys beat it like michaell Jackson Annie is mines

    [9:58:21] Gary: Is Milky back tomorrow. Miss her right arm

    [9:58:24] kelcat34: the guy with the most baht wins :trophy: hey that's me lol

    [9:58:39] The Ghost-Station: Closing time..... Ling-Girls must go to bed hihi

    [9:58:52] Gary: Annie blushing

    [9:58:52] Mike R: :alarm_clock::alarm_clock::alarm_clock:

    [9:59:01] Chan S.: good night beautiful crazy monkeys

    [9:59:08] s1r: just the way we like it

    [9:59:27] The Ghost-Station: Annie red eyes and cheeks.. must go to ling-bed....

    [9:59:48] FactFinder: Goodnight Beautiful Ladies :smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [10:00:11] Gary: Benzo is coffee

    [10:00:20] The Ghost-Station: Bedtime.. byeee Lingsss x

    [10:00:30] FactFinder: Annie :beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_heart_eyes:

    [10:00:32] s1r: :)

    [10:00:38] Gary: Bye