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‘Biden provoking nuclear war’: U.S War Veteran lashes out I Live


Hindustan Times

Published on 22.02.2023 (Stats from 23.02.2023)


Dr Lawrence Sellin, Retired US Army Colonel, who is veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq believes U.S President Joe Biden has put the world on the edge of World War III. His comment comes on the back of Biden's surprise visit to Kyiv and Putin suspending the last remaining nuclear arms control agreement with the U.S. Tune into the live video for more.
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    [-26:43] J Dhanesh: p

    [-24:37] swoz: biden wasnt mentioned once at the start of the military operation I never would of thought that it's all bidens fault now:grinning_squinting_face:.

    [-19:15] Valen tina: СЛАВА РОССИИ СЛАВА ПУТИНУ

    [-15:22] Igho Jeff: Russia is the problem not Bisen! Russia should be afraid :fearful_face: :face_screaming_in_fear:

    [-13:55] Vyshnavi Vasireddy: all fake news :pouting_face:

    [-13:37] Vyshnavi Vasireddy: there no world war and there is no nuclear war

    [-13:32] merry ol' soul ° Gigglesmith: America and NATO did this

    [-13:13] Vyshnavi Vasireddy: don't stress people by this type of fake news :pouting_face:

    [-12:41] login Roberts: oh This is War is was already Pre Meditated by Putin No More Fear.Biden is Right to Provoke Putin.Who Care what Putin Do.Fear Not Man But GOD

    [-12:03] login Roberts: so true Fake News Travel Fast.

    [-10:29] Manash: biden should retire and sleep

    [-7:34] login Roberts: Biden don't need sleep.He just Woke up Entire World Leaders:thinking_face:

    [-4:50] GEE GAMING: Russia i am with you. you're winner

    [-2:27] Barman: yolinsu

    [-2:10] Barman: kangposko

    [-1:59] hussain: 🇮🇳🇷🇺:sparkles:

    [-0:11] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: this is so stupid honestly

    [0:51] S Alzahra: :star::star::star::star::star::star::star:

    [0:53] Raja Family: great Russia. keet it up....

    [0:59] viktor Roderer: 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺:folded_hands::flexed_biceps::flexed_biceps::flexed_biceps::thumbs_up::blue_heart:

    [1:05] Christine Cosser: Hello everyone. God protect and bless Russia and President Putin.

    [1:06] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: Can we like stop the war y'know if we don't tell every country involved in this war stop we will be extinct.

    [1:15] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: I don't support Putin nor biden

    [1:15] WestTxMutt: CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG :person_shrugging:

    [1:23] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: I'm simply individual.

    [1:26] Sanskar Singh: 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

    [1:31] Comfort Aklika: the United States always creating confusion among nations

    [1:33] Treyln Nyoni: 🇷🇺 russia the winner

    [1:33] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: and I believe in peace.

    [1:47] B Kumar: this guy is a nub

    [1:54] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: russia wouldn't exist if a nuclear war happen

    [2:00] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: same with other countries

    [2:06] Manoj: 🇷🇺 🇮🇳 tag team will conquer the world

    [2:15] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: because the earth will be destroyed because of corrupted people

    [2:20] Sanskar Singh: Trump for the president

    [2:39] Karthik S Shiva: indan and russia 🇷🇺 🇮🇳

    [2:43] Karthik S Shiva: indan and russia 🇷🇺 🇮🇳

    [2:47] Karthik S Shiva: indan and russia 🇷🇺 🇮🇳

    [2:47] MegaGamerGirl: Wtf

    [2:52] Karthik S Shiva: indan and russia 🇷🇺 🇮🇳

    [3:01] B Kumar: This isn't a war between Russia and NATO

    [3:02] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: Biden isn't a bad person he is just not smart

    [3:07] sloth: ind with russ

    [3:11] Manoj: USA backstabbing :globe_showing_americas:

    [3:16] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: Biden thinks more about human rights in his country

    [3:16] fkputin: putler will be fled

    [3:27] B Kumar: it's a war between Right Wing bigots, dictators, against Democracy

    [3:38] Jo Jo: it's the innocent people that will suffer not the leaders :peace_symbol:

    [3:47] B Kumar: Putin cannot sustain the war, he is losing and bleeding from the rektum

    [3:49] hud.lajf1312: yea wtf does nato/america wants 800 km away from moscow?Provocating russia to start a war and then theyll defeat them on the field....

    [3:52] Invest in Now Hindi: USA is fueling the war and enjoy watching. This is a shameful act. Thousands of people are dying

    [3:52] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: I agree with you.

    [3:57] satish borkar: Exactly USA wants 2nd neuclear disaster on USSR land.

    [4:13] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: I'm American and what's happening is very unacceptable

    [4:15] B Kumar: India can be snuffed out over night by China

    [4:23] hussain: gaylenski :woozy_face:

    [4:24] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: It's putting every human on earth at risk

    [4:28] SHAMA: leaders make wars, greed is in all nations, people of nations pay the price.

    [4:38] hud.lajf1312: ye

    [4:39] hussain: gaylenski

    [4:54] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: what's wrong with being gay?

    [4:55] Randy Eury: I am in America also. Born and raised. NATO and the so called American empire need knocked down

    [4:58] B Kumar: Russia is enjoying popcorn :popcorn: while arming two sworn enemies - India and China...they haven't opened their gob on the LAc issue . they said they will stay out

    [5:00] Stellia Mkupa: stop fighting

    [5:12] B Kumar: Biden has come out on full support of India

    [5:22] Salvation: A Putin squashed the effort.

    [5:45] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: idk why Putin will use nuclear threats if it means putting HIS country at risk

    [5:49] Salvation: Russia wasn't going to adhere to any agreement.

    [6:02] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: he wants Russia alive right? then please don't put your country at risk with these threats

    [6:14] Jerwyn James: this is not joe Biden s fault..this is a result of years of very bad American foreign policy.....NATO is a military organisation creeping up on Russia doo

    [6:18] Faith Virtue: Biden committed a terrorist attack against Europe’s energy infrastructure which is a declaration of war against Russia and Germany.

    [6:22] B Kumar: he need to read Pub G Veda

    [6:24] Stephen Himes: the world will experience nuclear weapons before the game is over

    [6:25] B Kumar: HAHAHhh

    [6:27] Thorfinn Olsen: The West thinks it owns the world....



    [6:47] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: but since the climate change happening and big bombs we will ALL be dead

    [6:52] hud.lajf1312: hes threathening with nukes because he knows nato together would overwhelm russia.They got only nukes to protect themself

    [6:56] Randy Eury: Stephen is you know anything. The world has already experienced nuclear weapons

    [6:58] B Kumar: Putin has nothing left BUT to Use Nuclear weapons, when he does Russia is history

    [6:58] Conservative: g


    [7:02] Florenciojr Mendola: Zelensky embraced Biden and said "I love you" and Biden replied "I love you too"!!!


    [7:04] Conservative: g

    [7:07] Conservative: a


    [7:09] B Kumar: this veteran is a Trump bhakt

    [7:09] Conservative: y

    [7:15] Conservative: ur

    [7:18] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: trump isn't a good person also

    [7:20] Conservative: ur mom

    [7:24] Faith Virtue: Hillary Clinton would’ve started this war if she had won in 2016. Trump messed up their plans. These people are sick and evil.

    [7:30] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: A threat to immigrants honestly

    [7:42] Conservative: lol

    [7:48] Saro v: trump isn't good but Biden is far worse he is usless

    [7:49] hud.lajf1312: true but,Biden started war 9 months ago he got elected i belive?

    [7:51] Randy Eury: He is not shut up pop.

    [7:52] Conservative: Trump is awesome

    [7:52] B: mr bean for president

    [7:59] Conservative: he will surely win

    [8:01] Leon Mathios: obama is instigating for more escalation

    [8:09] LongTrout: Hey Holmes. how is it hanging LongTrout fall low and always leans right. Right Angle low dangle. Well hung and heavenly slung.

    [8:09] hud.lajf1312: neither of the presidents are perfect

    [8:41] Stellia Mkupa: if war starting, I will spread out my underground military soldiers

    [8:48] B Kumar: Putin is losing

    [8:57] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: Biden isn't really a bad person he has a good heart just he doesn't know what to really do

    [9:03] Salvation: Leon,Obama?

    [9:10] Randy Eury: There is a right way and a wrong way to enter a country. And swimming across a river is not the right way. Nor is sneaking into the country!

    [9:10] jonathantoymaker: 2014 coup

    [9:19] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: I agree his actions are stupid

    [9:21] B Kumar: he begged China and India to save him...Modi said..."i wett my pants myself, ur on ur own"

    [9:33] TEPAK GHOIB MISTERI: hadir nyimak

    [9:39] Russia Z India : joker Zelenskyy :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [9:44] hussain: first you must remove joebiden other wise your country will be collapse :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [9:46] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: but the reason he was elected president was because of human rights to gender affirming care and st__

    [9:50] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: stuff*

    [9:57] Randy Eury: I can't wait until Russia gets ahold of elensky

    [10:02] Nicholas: Dont talk chipatti

    [10:07] Russia Z India : bunker man Biden :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [10:07] LongTrout: The LongTrout hangs to the right but for the most is kept out of sight. We he is seen he causes much fright but always brings the ladies delight.

    [10:12] TEPAK GHOIB MISTERI: halo rilusia Z india

    [10:19] Zoe: putin:Ukraine as Obama:The entire middle east

    [10:20] hud.lajf1312: yea i heard about that he got like 81 million votes?

    [10:44] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: are y'all not understanding we humans are destroying earth???

    [10:47] Russia Z India : terrorist organization NATO :pig: who killed millions of innocent civilians in the whole world

    [10:57] hud.lajf1312: we do understand that

    [11:05] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: Peace needs to break put

    [11:07] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: out*

    [11:09] Russia Z India : North Atlantic terrorist organization

    [11:11] LongTrout: A Poem by the LongTrout: The LongTrout hangs to the right but for the most is kept out of sight. When he is seen he causes much fright but always brings the ladies' delight.

    [11:17] jonathantoymaker: Victoria Nuland

    [11:21] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: If not humanity will fall.

    [11:28] Russia Z India : North Atlantic terrorist organization :pig:

    [11:31] hud.lajf1312: it wont,until america,russia exists :/

    [11:32] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: So How about you protest war to stop?

    [11:48] Viorel Piscanu: Well...I really do not share this oppinion! I still belive there are enough clever& wise minds all over the WORLD to prevent such a TERRIBLE OUTCOME for Entire humankind! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

    [11:49] hussain: only the country in the world wants wars is U.S :sneezing_face:

    [11:50] Randy Eury: Yep pop is blocked. He won't respond to comments. But steady putting out political comments

    [11:52] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: people in America and Russia are protesting to end war

    [11:54] hud.lajf1312: if i protest in serbia to stop the war next day ill be shoot lol

    [11:59] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: C'mon dude

    [12:00] Russia Z India : illiterate USA :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [12:07] MOHAMED BADAL : hh to those who are talking to human rights don't they remember what Israel is doing in Palestine aren't Palestinians human

    [12:14] Russia Z India : illiterate USA :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [12:26] Russia Z India : illiterate USA call scientist from other countries :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [12:31] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: I'm cuban American

    [12:35] hud.lajf1312: illiterate only the leaders and their supporters

    [12:40] Russia Z India : poor USA debt 31 TRILLION DOLLARS :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [12:49] Michael Wirth: Which of the lesser evils do you Americans want to vote for, trump or Obama, or Biden, either way, Biden must be ousted, Gorbachev picked Putin, as he was the most honest of the choices

    [12:51] hud.lajf1312: the innocnect ones should live

    [12:53] Kit Warjri: I agree with the colonel that the US should be blame for this war.

    [13:19] Leah Hale: There gonna get us bombed

    [13:20] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: I don't like what Putin is doing but I also don't like what USA is doing

    [13:26] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: war needs to stop

    [13:30] hud.lajf1312: US expansion and isolating russia

    [13:45] RingMaster Gaming : PLEASE DO WORLD WAR 3

    [13:46] Gandikota goutham: 🇮🇳:red_heart::fire:🇷🇺

    [13:47] Italy 🇮🇹: Hi

    [13:48] hussain: bring back "trump " then only the whole world will be living happily :orange_heart:

    [13:52] hud.lajf1312: it is what it is itll stop someday

    [13:52] RingMaster Gaming : :face-fuchsia-tongue-out::face-fuchsia-tongue-out::face-fuchsia-tongue-out:

    [13:52] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: It's putting children at fear

    [13:57] LongTrout: Listen to the wisdom of the Wise LongTrout...He is thick of girth with bulbous snout. Most times he's restrain but know he is out. Behold as he lets the Blood of the Democrat out.

    [14:02] Antwaine barkley: us is not expanding to no where

    [14:13] jonathantoymaker: Thank Boris Johnson

    [14:15] hud.lajf1312: not only children but elderly aswell

    [14:15] Italy 🇮🇹: IOC has confirmed Russian and Belarusian athletes participation in Paris 2024

    [14:18] Atticus McBuddy: Putin can not win, Putin can not lose but we can work with this. China can have a slice of the cake too, just let me talk to Elon. all we need is understanding an we can have a one world power.

    [14:23] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: yes

    [14:28] Abhishek: Please Come Back Barack Obama and Donald Trump :grinning_face_with_big_eyes::grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

    [14:32] Jenny O'Malley: There's no misunderstanding' the West keeps on Lying they must STOP

    [14:37] Italy 🇮🇹: Like Zelensky cry for more weapon?

    [14:42] RingMaster Gaming : WE NEED WW3:face-red-heart-shape::face-red-heart-shape::face-red-heart-shape::face-red-heart-shape::face-fuchsia-poop-shape:

    [14:43] Chris Lopez: the united state is behind everything happening

    [14:54] hud.lajf1312: Oh its not?Why does it want to make missile bases in countries that is in NATO?Doesnt that make it an expansion?

    [14:54] MOHAMED BADAL : iam Muslim and iam calling everyone of you to search what the reality is

    [15:02] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: no we don't.

    [15:04] hussain: union states ( 🇷🇺🇮🇳:sparkles:)

    [15:10] hud.lajf1312: i didnt meant expansion to make the world America

    [15:12] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: ww3 Will be the end

    [15:13] Italy 🇮🇹: LOL

    [15:13] Randy Eury: American government needs to be completely redone. United States is so corrupt its absolutely unreal. I live here, you should see small towns completely abandoned anymore. since the 90s it's went down

    [15:19] Leah Hale: We don’t need war Biden and Putin is gonna get us bombed

    [15:23] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: in ww4 we will be fighting with sticks and stones

    [15:23] jonathantoymaker: Which side is aiding Nazis????

    [15:28] HUSTLE WORLD: as soon as they come with a nuke the US is going to defeat Russia 🇺🇸🫡 play stupid games win stupid prizes

    [15:29] Abhishek: It's not a Fight of Ring WWE :thumbs_up:

    [15:35] Italy 🇮🇹: Japan

    [15:42] LongTrout: When I say BULBOUS I do mean BULBOUS.

    [15:43] Leon Mathios: Obama is power hungry he want to end putin

    [15:49] oliverlaw02: India is benefiting from NATO's Ukraine war like China.

    [15:54] MOHAMED BADAL : no invation for Ukraine

    [15:56] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: I don't believe no one is the Nazi in the war

    [16:16] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: It's just a cruel war that will put civilians at risk

    [16:17] Italy 🇮🇹: India is democracy? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    [16:17] Just thinkiin: India is with Russia :disguised_face:

    [16:22] kondoju chandrashekar: Western Countries main occupation is manufacture Arms and Ammunition and sell them to peaceful countries like Moldova thereby providing jobs to Western Countries unemployed youth. .

    [16:29] hud.lajf1312: there are nazis on rus side and ukr side aswell as nationalists on both sides...

    [16:34] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: USA teamed with India actually

    [16:38] jonathantoymaker: BRICS is the future

    [16:40] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: I saw it on news

    [16:44] Rakshit Raj: अमरीका का सम्पूर्ण विनाश ही विश्व में अमन बहाल करेगा

    [16:56] Just thinkiin: fake news lol

    [16:57] Jenny O'Malley: What is this guy saying more US crap

    [17:00] Kill Star: if I have to support between western countries and china then I will choose China.

    [17:09] Italy 🇮🇹: US is shaking with China and Russia lol

    [17:16] Cynthialynne: India and Russia...China...iran..are solid..brothers...

    [17:22] Abhishek: Modi and Biden both leaders are Best Friend

    [17:29] Russia Z India : poor plunder USA bankrupt country who looted Oil from Iraq and Syria :face_with_tears_of_joy::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [17:31] ¥{ Pop Goes Despair }¥: I'm from us and I'm saying we should end the war

    [17:32] Italy 🇮🇹: @Kill Star You want to live under communism?

    [17:37] Joshua Smith: JOE BIDEN D

    [17:42] hud.lajf1312: modi tries to be good with everyone

    [17:46] Johnny Rico: Modi is a leader, Biden is not a leader. He follows orders.

    [17:48] Russia Z India : POOR USA debt 31 TRILLION DOLLARS :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [17:53] Italy 🇮🇹: @Russia Z India POOR RUZZIA

    [18:04] Joshua Smith: JOE BIDEN 4 MORE YEARS 🇺🇸

    [18:05] Just thinkiin: 🇮🇳:handshake:🇷🇺

    [18:07] hud.lajf1312: bruh 2 boths get out

    [18:09] cheeky chops 1: stop putin then talks ,

    [18:10] 2KW•KACHHRA (Tarun): russia suspends its nuclear treaty with us

    [18:12] Brickshu: People running the war industry are from the Clinton era

    [18:13] hud.lajf1312: bots*

    [18:17] jonathantoymaker: Until NATO has no more weapons

    [18:19] Abhishek: Do you know Russian Language :grinning_face_with_big_eyes::grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

    [18:24] urusalaaaa: we hate #Biden and #Eu

    [18:31] dotcom: :face_with_tears_of_joy::thumbs_up: good luck with that

    [18:34] Johnny Rico: Russia needs to conquer all of Ukraine.

    [18:37] Brickshu: NATO are the ISIS of the West

    [18:39] Henrique Manuel: a América está muito ocupada com os seus balões...isso já lhe está a dar muita dor de cabeça, pois nem isso conseguem resolver:beaming_face_with_smiling_eyes:

    [18:40] Aham Brahmasmi: india is great :thumbs_up:

    [18:40] Cynthialynne: US is feeding the war...they have deceived RUSSIA and RUSSIA has a long memory...someone must STOP THE US...BIDEN IS INSANE..from America

    [18:41] Randy Eury: way to many bots in this chat

    [18:46] dotcom: yes

    [18:47] Randy Eury: So stupid

    [19:00] Russia Z India : Dictator UK killed 165 millions innocent Indian 👈🏻

    [19:02] hud.lajf1312: ye

    [19:06] Vineet kumar: 🇮🇳🇺🇲

    [19:07] hussain: one Tsar bomb is enough for ukraine :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [19:08] Brickshu: India needs to make peace with China. Then both Ind aND cHINA WILL BE UNTOUCHABLE

    [19:13] Abhishek: I'm from India and I Proud to be Indian

    [19:14] Aham Brahmasmi: india is superpower

    [19:34] Brickshu: i WANT Ind to be a superpower like China

    [19:36] phildazz: Has any nation ever tried regime change on the USA?

    [19:38] hud.lajf1312: its no super power sorry to tell that

    [19:40] buta singh: what are you talking India quietly is backing War what democracy u see in India kills own people and U Are having to ask India!!doesn't it KNOW!!?

    [19:43] Abhishek: Yes, Modi is a Global Leader

    [19:46] Slim: I hope all the people that voted for Biden pulls there heads out for next election if we have one

    [19:48] Meatball Magoo: I'm with Putin 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

    [19:48] Russia Z India : Dictator USA killed Over 1.5 billions people in the whole world 👈🏻

    [19:54] cheeky chops 1: ukraine are just defending , if russia isn't in ukraine fighting then ukraine wouldn't need to defend :face_with_rolling_eyes:

    [19:55] Aham Brahmasmi: India 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 :red_heart::red_heart:


    [20:12] ritchie: Russia needs to conquer all of Ukraine

    [20:15] Jenny O'Malley: Red LINE was crossed by USA last year, wake up

    [20:25] Nitin yadav: usa not superpower

    [20:25] Slim: We’re in trouble

    [20:30] Kill Star: @Italy I thibk you still didn't saw the true picture of China. There maybe bad things about China but not as bad as they saw it on media.

    [20:31] jonathantoymaker: Hypersonic missiles will rule

    [20:43] Brickshu: Hence you see warmongers like Nuland and Powers

    [20:44] Abhishek: I'm not in Trouble :grinning_face_with_big_eyes::grinning_face_with_big_eyes::grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

    [20:54] Hor-khar: lol European countries..... only a single Putin has given such teaching that will never be forgotten in future

    [20:54] hussain: survey says : most of american citizens will support russia :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

    [21:00] Aham Brahmasmi: world :globe_showing_americas: needs india 🇮🇳 :folded_hands:

    [21:04] danny janssens: independence for the Donbass... very simple

    [21:05] indian vinay: russia meditating the peace :peace_symbol: talks of India and china will be the end of WEST SUPREMACY EVERYWHERE

    [21:07] oliverlaw02: It's a war against Zionazim.

    [21:11] Shikhar Tiwari: India and Russia have friendship that highlights the idea of " Ye dosti hum nahi chodenge; Tondenge dum magr tera saath na chodenge. "🇷🇺🇮🇳

    [21:18] Christine Cosser: Excellent interview. Biden needs to resign or be IMPEACHED. He is the most HEARTLESS PRESIDENT EVER. ZERO FOR OHIO AND AMERICANS AND BILLIONS FOR ZELENSKY.

    [21:21] cheeky chops 1: if russia starts with nukes we are all dead

    [21:21] Mohammed Aasim: Everyone is in trouble when they Launch those Nuke's!!!!!


    [21:24] Russia Z India : Poor USA debt 31 TRILLION DOLLARS :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [21:32] hud.lajf1312: that makes no sense,bruh i hate these comments they defending their country of course but why did the war started?A nato/us expansion and if ukr would have joined then there would be missile systems.

    [21:34] Abhishek: Modi is a Great and Superpower Leader

    [21:36] Thomas Chan: Hopefully the US can provide proof that China is arming Russia. Come on, Uncle Sam, when will you stop your lying, cheatings and stealing?

    [21:39] hud.lajf1312: 800 km away feom moscow

    [21:41] Mohammed Aasim: no

    [21:42] Russia Z India : joker illiterate USA LoL :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [21:44] doeurn yann: May God blessed Russian 🇷🇺! Amen :folded_hands:

    [21:45] Nick: Negotiations will be in the Russian way only

    [21:53] Christine Cosser: God give Russia and President Putin the victory!

    [21:57] Ardian Mici: People need Peace not war and not Weapons!

    [22:03] KARAZAKI AKUNO: Chat feels full of bots

    [22:05] Slim: You can’t even believe the media any more and I think we’re headed for our own civil war here in the us

    [22:13] Mohammed Aasim: You can't make peace with America

    [22:20] indian vinay: peace :peace_symbol: between india and china

    [22:24] HermitLife4all: Peace sells but whos byng

    [22:25] phildazz: How about independence for the suffering Syrians from Israel bombs and USA occupation

    [22:26] Internetuserfan.: All the World Leaders need to be sent on a compulsory trip to Space so to look at :globe_showing_americas: Our Earth the only sole planet of Our Survival

    [22:27] Mohammed Aasim: or compromise

    [22:34] danny janssens: Russia doesn't need peace talks anymore

    [22:42] LongTrout: God damn man....She makes it hard to watch...I am glad the do not keep the cameras on her.

    [22:42] określony element: Biden also sends russian troops to Ukraine:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [22:47] Russia Z India : War criminal USA who killed Over 1.5 billions of innocent people in the whole world 👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻

    [22:48] Mohammed Aasim: no one cares for the Earth

    [22:54] mr perfect: it's indian channel

    [22:57] goga ggooggaa: usa stop your old and embaress president

    [23:03] dark wolf: those who back Putin or China is no different

    [23:04] Ardian Mici: The world is so small to fight. Especially Russians and Ukrainians are Brothers!

    [23:06] Aham Brahmasmi: india 🇮🇳 loves whole world and treat them as family. never ever attack on any country about 5000 years written history.

    [23:08] Vladimir Putin: Because of Biden War is happening

    [23:10] HydeinJ: 🇩🇪🇷🇺

    [23:17] LongTrout: Uggg

    [23:23] Abhishek: Biden and Jelensky Both are Brothers

    [23:23] Internetuserfan.: Save Earth and Stop War

    [23:28] Russia Z India : Herd of pig NATO :pig::pig:👈🏻:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

    [23:28] mr perfect: anyone from us

    [23:34] Vladimir Putin: Sanctions on Biden

    [23:34] LongTrout: Double Ugg

    [23:35] HermitLife4all: outa here enjoy those marble in your mouth

    [23:36] jonathantoymaker: China

    [23:37] Kill Star: @italy why would we support a country which is running on wars because they can sell weapons. There is so many homeless people in Usa but they uses their money on military.

    [23:44] Meatball Magoo: 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲FJB !

    [23:46] HydeinJ: no!!! slave ucryni !! :pouting_face::pouting_face::pouting_face:🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

    [23:47] LongTrout: Puts the Ugg in Ugg

    [23:48] Slim: Just think if the United States stayed out of the dealings of other countries we wouldn’t be having this discussion

    [23:58] Ardian Mici: The world must wake up and put pressure for PEACE. NOT WEAPONS!

    [24:01] mr perfect: us

    [24:06] Aham Brahmasmi: Europe problem is not world's problem

    [24:10] Meatball Magoo: 🇺🇲🇺🇲IM WITH PUTIN !

    [24:12] hunja george: Russia will prevail against it's European enemies

    [24:13] Tewetso Kapfo: India is with Russia

    [24:13] Agu Doe: may God help RUSSIA win this war , long live reighn Russia long live PUTIN

    [24:17] HydeinJ: same.

    [24:27] mr perfect: India is with china

    [24:32] Abhishek: Donald Trump will be the next President of USA :grinning_face_with_big_eyes::grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

    [24:37] jonathantoymaker: Hegemony is over

    [24:51] cheeky chops 1: all the leaders are ancient all stuck in the past , the people cannot move foward and progress if people keep dragging up the past everyone's history is different

    [24:57] Vladimir Putin: China, Iran, North Korea, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, UAE, Qatar all are with Russia....

    [25:03] Mike: just nuke everything and get it over. humans have become wicked and sinful in society. time for a global extinction and a earthly reset

    [25:06] ckg3.0_🇺🇸: Russia dont care about what the EU thinks at all

    [25:10] Bunsdad: Ukraine took all of the pension and education records. They will stack the donbas with pensioners they relocate. At this point a vote would be difficult

    [25:12] Abdul imraan: One shot who cares

    [25:13] Kill Star: @Italy we all know how hypocrist Usa can be. They are not a country to be trusted with military.

    [25:27] mr perfect: pkmb

    [25:36] hussain: (🇷🇺 soviet union :pleading_face: republic of India🇮🇳 )

    [25:39] mr perfect: pkmkb

    [25:54] Slim: Hopefully not I don’t think th Americans would tolerate new world order

    [25:56] Chris Lopez: Russia can't loose this war

    [25:58] Internetuserfan.: Send the World Leaders on a trip to Space and make them notice Our Blue Home Earth from there standing together.

    [25:59] Ardian Mici: The New World Order must bring Peace NOT War. Like we are seeing that is sad :crying_face:

    [26:05] jonathantoymaker: BRICS

    [26:08] cheeky chops 1: goodbye cruel world :globe_showing_americas:

    [26:08] Sthitaprangya Pattnaik: May God bless India. May 🇮🇳 become the MOST BLESSED & POWERFUL SUPERPOWER.

    [26:20] danny janssens: this war can stop with 250000 killed Ukrainians but if the us continues its role of warmonger there will be 1M Ukrainians dead

    [26:23] Vladimir Putin: Only EU and America , Japan and Australia are with Ukraine... remaining country are with Russia :flexed_biceps::flexed_biceps:

    [26:29] oliverlaw02: Why is he mischaracterizing the overthrow of Ukraine's democratically elected government as a revolution?

    [26:30] ohlook10bucks10: losers

    [26:33] Anthony Uzoka: when d US of A, stop meddling in regional dispute, when they stop picking sides and when they stop there divide and conquer, the world will be a better place

    [26:36] dark wolf: of those who took sides with Germany and Japan during world war 2 Russian basically trying to take over smaller countries just like Germany doing Hitler and starting to force us into a full out war

    [26:40] A: let's go nuclear .. people are too Cruel... we deserve it

    [26:44] Slim: Us needs to close our borders

    [26:49] cheeky chops 1: not the countries sitting on the fence