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Past 20 Analyzed Live-Streams

Title Published Views Messages Superchat$
Forget safety is Railway only a tool of publicity for Modi? । ODISHA TRAIN ACCIDENT । BJP04.06.20232388500.00$
Wrestlers Protest- Ground report- Everyone wants action against Brijbhushan!। PM MODI ।BJP ।ASHUTOSH03.06.20233800300.00$
Why is RSS mum on the Brijbhushan issue? । WRESTLERS PROTESTS । BJP । MOHAN BHAGWAT03.06.20237204200.00$
आशुतोष और नीलू व्यास से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । NEELU VYAS । ASHUTOSH03.06.202317181074,94$
What is RSS's stand on Brijbhushan case? । WRESTLERS PROTESTS । BJP । SAKSHI MALIK03.06.20232679100.00$
Will Modi's railway Minister resign post Odisha accident? । ASHWINI VAISHNAW । TRAIN ACCIDENT03.06.20232927800.00$
महिला पहलवानों के यौन शोषण पर नया खुलासा ? | WOMEN WRESTLERS | SAKSHI MALIK | VINESH PHOGAT03.06.20232015800.00$
Wrestlers protest - Khap panchayat’s Challenge to govt- Arrest Brijbhushan by 9th June । ASHUTOSH02.06.20236125200.00$
Will Modi have to bow down before the wrestlers? । BRIJBHUSHAN SINGH । WRESTLERS PROTESTS02.06.20236729500,00$
Rahul in USA, is diaspora listening? । RAHUL GANDHI US VISIT । PM MODI । CONGRESS02.06.20236899000.00$
Why did Brij Bhushan run away from the show of strength in Ayodhya?। WRESTLERS PROTESTS02.06.20232685500.00$
Is the pressure on Brijbhushan making his position untenable in BJP now ? । WRESTLERS PROTESTS ।02.06.20231033000.00$
Will BJP now be forced to act against Brijbhushan Sharan? । WRESTLERS PROTESTS । PM MODI02.06.20233762500.00$
Will PM Modi still support Brij Bhushan after FIR is public ? | WRESTLERS PROTEST | POCSO ACT |02.06.20233851400.00$
बृज भूषण का कच्चा चिट्ठा.....दो FIR, दस केस ? | BRIJBHUSHAN SINGH | WRESTLERS PROTEST |02.06.20235679900.00$
Wrestlers Protest- Spreading Agitation, will damage BJP politically? । BRIJBHUSHAN SINGH । ASHUTOSH01.06.20237574400.00$
Is opposition unity a precondition for defeating Modi? । CONGRESS । BJP । 2024 ELECTIONS01.06.20234414300.00$
Quality of growth is the big challenge now. India GDP @7.2% । INDIAN ECONOMY । RAJIV KUMAR01.06.20231295300.00$
पहलवानों पर सवाल, भाजपा में बवाल ! । WRESTLERS PROTESTS । BJP01.06.20233019500.00$
Will Akhilesh’s soft Hindutva bring any political dividends? । SAMAJWADI PARTY01.06.20231413400.00$
बृजभूषण पर खाप का दंगल , आज होगा फैसला ? | KHAP MAHAPANCHAYAT | NARESH TIKAIT | WRESTLERS PROTEST |01.06.20231289500.00$
Rahul in USA- Why can’t Rahul criticise Modi on a foreign soil? । CONGRESS । BJP । ASHUTOSH31.05.20237076800.00$
Why is Modi defending Brijbhushan so blatantly? । WRESTLERS PROTESTS । MEDAL VISARJAN31.05.20233991600.00$
Will Rahul break the Modi spell in USA? । CONGRESS । RAHUL SAN FRANCISCO31.05.20232935800.00$
Shouldn't Brij Bhushan Singh become too heavy for Modi? । WRESTLERS PROTESTS31.05.20234879700.00$
Can Congress break the Modi spell on the Indian diaspora? । RAHUL GANDHI । 2024 ELECTIONS31.05.20234972600.00$
Women wrestlers issue echoes internationally ; will Modi govt wake up now? । WRESTLERS PROTESTS31.05.20234172000.00$
15 रूपए के पदक की ताकत देखो बृज भूषण शरण ! | BRIJBHUSHAN SINGH | NARESH TIKAIT | WRESTLERS PROTEST |31.05.20237219800.00$
Why no action against Brijbhushan? Why daughters are forced to decide to immerse medals in Ganga?30.05.20236196600.00$
How long will Modi protect Brajbhushan? । WRESTLERS PROTESTS । BJP । PM MODI30.05.20237154500,00$
Will Gehlot & Pilot unity hold in Rajasthan? । CONGRESS । RAHUL GANDHI30.05.20232599300.00$
Opposition's conchshell will be from Patna! । ELECTION 2024 । CONGRESS । NITISH KUMAR30.05.20232068800.00$
Medals in Ganges, wrestlers pushed to the wall । WRESTLERS PROTESTS । BRIJ BHUSAN SHARAN SINGH30.05.20231074200.00$
Now Brij Bhushan brings Ayodhya sadhus to back him against women wrestlers?30.05.20233196200.00$
Modi King गलतियों से परे हैं? | BJP | CONGRESS | ELECTION 202430.05.20231720300.00$
MP Election 2023 - How realistic is Rahul’s claims to get 150 seats ! । CONGRESS । RAHUL GANDHI29.05.20235627400.00$
What cost will Modi pay for high-handedness against wrestlers? । । WRESTLERS PROTESTS29.05.20236155900.00$
Use Vikram Singh mug also in TN alongwith the wrestlers' picture । DGP VIKRAM SINGH29.05.20235441100,00$
Will win 150 seats in MP - Rahul Gandhi । CONGRESS । MP ELECTIONS । BJP29.05.20233150400.00$
Will BJP have sleepless nights on Rahul's MP claims ?। CONGRESS । MP ELECTIONS । BJP29.05.20231566000.00$
Are PM Modi and Smriti Irani ashamed of the treatment meted out to the olympians?29.05.20234460200,00$
Is this PM Modi’s justice with women wrestlers ? | SAKSHI MALIK | VINESH PHOGAT |29.05.20233070600.00$
विकास पीछे छूट रहा है Modi ji? | BJP | CONGRESS | ELECTION 202429.05.20232373000.00$
Why did the artists surrender before Modi? । INDIAN ARTS AND CULTURE । DIGITAL LITERATURE MAGAZINE28.05.2023759500.00$
New Parliament inauguration or Modi's coronation? । OPPOSITION BOYCOTT । DRAUPADI MURMU28.05.20237165400.00$
How did Satyapal Malik react to the arrest of wrestlers? । WRESTLERS PROTESTS । JANTAR MANTAR28.05.202316020500,00$
What does the new Parliament signify? । PM MODI । OPPOSITION BOYCOTT । SENGOL28.05.20233275200.00$
Bold interview of Supriya Shrinate - Attacks Modi Govt/explains why opposition unity is needed!27.05.20233369600.00$
Will Modi’s arrogance blacken parliamentary history? । NEW PARLIAMENT । DRAUPADI MURMU27.05.20234754400.00$
शीतल पी सिंह और मुकेश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । SHEETAL P SINGH । MUKESH KUMAR27.05.202310857047,21$
The board for the Lok Sabha elections has been laid! । ELECTION 2024 । BJP27.05.20232333700.00$
Is Modi's cooperative Federalism failing? । NITI AAYOG MEETING । BJP । OPPOSITION PARTIES27.05.20232039800.00$
Does Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh hold sway over Modi too ? | WRESTLERS PROTEST |27.05.20231633700.00$
Modi को फिर गरीबों की याद आई? | BJP | ELECTION 2024 | CONGRESS27.05.2023809500.00$
Sanjay Singh's challenge to Modi! । AAP । ED RAIDS । DELHI LIQUOR POLICY26.05.20231274100,00$
Modi’s 9 years - Is BJP on decline? । CONGRESS । ELECTIONS 2024 । ASHUTOSH26.05.20234644200.00$
Does the Modi government lie on the Sengol issue? । NEW PARLIAMENT INAUGRATION । OPPOSITION PARTIES26.05.20233685900.00$
Germany announced recession. Who are the next? । INDIAN ECONOMY । ECONOMIC CRISIS26.05.2023943400.00$
Why is Kejriwal standing at Rahul's door? । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । ELECTIONS 202426.05.20232138800.00$
Has Modi's yrs reign been a success or a flop ? । BJP । PM MODI ।26.05.2023500300.00$
Will Rahul Gandhi support Kejriwal on the ordinance issue ? । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । ELECTIONS 202426.05.20232659400.00$
New parliament : both opposition & media face govt’s apathy | MODI | BJP |26.05.20232944400.00$
Modi को विपक्ष याद क्यों आया? | OPPOSITION | BJP | ARVIND KEJRIWAL26.05.20231264200.00$
New Parliament Inauguration- Opposition playing 2024 game? । BJP । ELECTIONS 2024 । ASHUTOSH25.05.20237126300.00$
One killing in every fortnight, how long will encounters continue? । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP POLICE25.05.20231370600.00$
Will Amit Shah pull up Amul as desired by Tamil Nadu CM Stalin? । BJP । AAVIN25.05.20231645600.00$
Will opposition unite in UP Loksabha elections? । YOGI ADITYANATH । SAMAJWADI PARTY25.05.20231742900.00$
Can SC direct the centre on President inaugurating the new Parliament building ?.25.05.2023691300.00$
Modi returns from his 3 nation tour, party projects it as winning a world war। BJP । MODI AUSTRALIA25.05.20232712600.00$
संसद विवाद से विपक्ष को लाभ? | PARLIAMENT BUILDING | OPPOSITION | NDA |25.05.20231938800.00$
Why inauguration of new parliament by PM, not by President Murmu? । OPPOSITION BOYCOTT । ASHUTOSH24.05.20234484200,00$
‘Modi will be out if the opposition becomes united' । BJP । OPPOSITION UNITY । CONGRESS24.05.20233318100.00$
Modi Govt's Delhi ordinance "Legally unsound, politically Unwise" । BJP । ARVIND KEJRIWAL24.05.20232659700.00$
क्या नई संसद भाजपा की है? | PARLIAMENT BUILDING | OPPOSITION | PM MODI24.05.20232525900.00$
New parliament building inauguration or Modi's house warming party? | PARLIAMENT BUILDING | PM MODI24.05.2023482500.00$
Insult to President Murmu will cost PM Modi dearly?। NEW PARLIAMENT INAUGRATION । OPPOSITION PARTIES24.05.20236299100.00$
Is BJP using the Ayodhya script to win Varanasi ? | PM MODI | LOK SABHA ELECTION |24.05.20231053500.00$
नई संसद में शुरू होगी Modi सरकार की उल्टी गिनती? | PARLIAMENT BUILDING | OPPOSITION |24.05.20231596100.00$
Modi in Australia- Can he Reinforce Modi brand lost in Karnataka! । BJP । ELECTIONS 2024 । ASHUTOSH23.05.20233930200.00$
How will Kejriwal defeat Modi? । DELHI ORDINANCE । 2024 ELECTIONS । OPPOSITION UNITY23.05.20232544600.00$
Kejriwal on the threshold of opposition leaders!! । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । PM MDOI । DELHI LG23.05.20232800900.00$
Has Modi put Kejriwal in a trap ? | AAP | BJP | DELHI LG | PM MODI23.05.20233004500.00$
चीता चुनाव में, Gehlot vs Modi? | RAJASTHAN ELECTION | BJP | CONGRESS23.05.20231028500.00$
Will Delhi ordinance be the trigger point for opposition unity ! । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । ELECTION 202422.05.20237465300.00$
Why should Modi, not the President, inaugurate the new parliament? । NARENDRA MODI22.05.20233755300.00$
चुनावी मोड में आ गए राहुल गांधी ? । RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS । ELECTION202422.05.20234238100.00$
Will Kejriwal win Lok Sabha seats on the ordinance plank ? । ELECTION 2024 । AAP । BJP22.05.2023280900.00$
Is Modi insulting the President by inaugurating the new Parliament building ?22.05.20232597700.00$
What all on the target with Modi’s 2000 note strike ? । RBI । BANK NOTES । ASHUTOSH22.05.20232697400.00$
Delhi के टुकड़े या खत्म हो assembly? | ARVIND KEJRIWAL | DELHI LG |22.05.20234971400.00$
How dangerous writing on demand is? । INDIAN ARTS AND CULTURE । HINDI LITERATURE । DIGITAL MAGAZINE21.05.2023312700.00$
Modi Govt reverses SC verdict- Kejriwal left with no power? । DELHI LG । DELHI ORDINANCE । ASHUTOSH20.05.20233032000.00$
'Countdown for Modi has begun' । ELECTIONS 2024 । 2000 NOTE BAN । YASHWANT SINHA20.05.20234145500.00$
आलोक जोशी अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ALOK JOSHI20.05.20239885064,61$
Opposition started preparing for Lok Sabha elections? । । ELECTIONS 2024 । BJP । OPPOSITION UNITY20.05.20232374400.00$
Will the ordinance render Kejriwal helpless and ineffective? । DELHI LG । BJP । AAP20.05.20232281000.00$
Will 2000 note get Modi vote? | RBI | DEMONETISATION | BJP20.05.20231945300.00$
Demonitisation again, why Rs 2000 note is withdrawn? । RBI । BANK NOTES । ASHUTOSH19.05.20235349300.00$
Is leadership crisis in Congress over? । RAHUL GANDHI । MALLIKARJUN KHARGE । 2024 ELECTIONS19.05.20233124800.00$
SC panel on Hindenburg: Is this a clean chit to Adani? । ADANI INVESTIGATION । SUPREME COURT19.05.20232227300.00$
Congress will show the power of opposition in Bangalore । ELECTIONS 2024 । BJP । OPPOSITION UNITY19.05.20231567700.00$
Why have Kejriwal & KCR not been invited for Karnataka swearing in? । CONGRESS । OPPOSITION UNITY19.05.20234391501,64$
क्या CJI ने Rijiju को हटवाया? | DY CHANDRACHUD | BJP | LAW MINISTER19.05.20232116900.00$
Kiran Rijiju Removed as law Minister- Confrontation with SC cost him Job? । ARJUN MEGHWAL । ASHUTOSH18.05.20235195100.00$
How will the Siddaramaiah government stop PFI and Bajrang Dal activities? । BJP । CONGRESS18.05.20232635000.00$
Now Modi's path in the south has become more difficult! । BJP । CONGRESS । ELECTIONS18.05.20232011200.00$
Why did Modi's Law Minister become a sacrificial lamb? । BJP । KIREN RIJIJU । ARJUN RAM MEGHWAL18.05.20234256800.00$
Siddaramaiah May be ok for now ; but how long? | KARNATAKA POLITICS |18.05.20231420100,00$
Karnataka को आज मिलेगा मुख्यमंत्री ? | SIDDARAMAIAH | D.K SHIVKUMAR18.05.20231365200.00$
2024 Elections- After Karnataka results, Modi's victory is not sure? । BJP । OPPOSITION UNITY17.05.20235044200,00$
Is new round of raids for terrorizing opposition? । SATYAPAL MALIK । CBI ED RAIDS17.05.20234666900.00$
Is Adani group out of Hindenburg Shadow? । ADANI SHARES । SUPREME COURT । SEBI17.05.20233277900.00$
Is BJP forced to do 'hypocrisy'? । DHIRENDRA KRISHNA SHASHTRI । BIHAR POLITICS17.05.20231797600.00$
Is Karnataka going to be the next Rajasthan for Congress? । SIDDARAMAIAH । DK SHIVAKUMAR17.05.20232187100.00$
Now CBI let loose against Satyapal Malik’s aide | BJP | MODI17.05.20234384900.00$
A journalist with a difference- Sheetla Singh17.05.2023644800.00$
Karnataka में Rahul पुरानी गलती से बचेंगे? | SIDDARAMAIAH | D.K SHIVKUMAR17.05.20233273100.00$
Karnataka Elections 2023- Who will be CM- Siddaramiah or Shivakumar? । CONGRESS । ASHUTOSH16.05.20234089300.00$
Post Karnataka Elections, will Congress hit a jackpot in Rajasthan, MP and Chhattisgarh too?16.05.20234616700.00$
Akhilesh Yadav calls out for opposition unity । SAMAJWADI PARTY । ELECTIONS 202416.05.20232451600.00$
Is international religious freedom report a humiliation for PM Modi ? । BJP । APOORVANAND16.05.2023678500.00$
DK Shivkumar in Delhi: Will he get his due? । KARNATAKA CONGRESS । SIDDARAMAIAH16.05.20232395700.00$
How did BJP’s Muslim nominees win UP Urban Local bodies poll ?16.05.20233213200.00$
Karnataka को आज मिलेगा CM? | SIDDARAMAIAH | D.K SHIVKUMAR16.05.20231766200.00$
Aryan case: who is saving Sameer Wankhede? Cruise Drugs Case I Shahrukh Khan15.05.20232797200.00$
Why congress hasn't announced the new Karnataka CM yet? । SIDDARAMAIAH ।15.05.20235462800.00$
कर्नाटक चुनाव में कहां रहा संघ?। KARNATAKA ELECTION । BJP । RSS15.05.20232148600.00$
Did Govt lie to the Apex Court and Parliament on Adani investigation ? । SEBI15.05.20234076300,25$
Can High Command be fair to both DK Shivkumar and Siddharamiah ?। CONGRESS । KARNATAKA CM15.05.20232102000.00$
What will happen in 3 states where polls are now due ? | RAJASTHAN | STATE ELECTION |15.05.20231112700.00$
राहुल की पसंद सिद्धा, प्रियंका की पसंद शिवकुमार? | SIDDARAMAIAH | D.K SHIVKUMAR15.05.20231486700.00$
Why is Mrinal Sen called a Legend in Indian Cinema? । HINDI FILMS । BOLLYWOOD NEWS14.05.2023357600.00$
Karnataka Elections 2023 - Who will be the next CM ? Shiv Kumar or Siddharamiah? । ASHUTOSH13.05.202315884100.00$
What will be the impact of the Karnataka election on national politics? । CONGRESS । BJP । MODI13.05.20236163700.00$
Karnataka's verdict: Congress defeats brand Modi । BJP । KARNATAKA ELECTION RESULTS13.05.20238096700.00$
Modi could not stop the storm of Congress! । PM MODI । BJP । KARNATAKA ELECTION13.05.20234350500.00$
What will BJP do now? | KARNATAKA RESULTS | BJP | CONGRESS13.05.20231622600.00$
Why did Modi lose in Karnataka? । CONGRESS । BJP । KARNATAKA ELECTION RESULTS13.05.202318120200,00$
After a humiliating defeating in Karnataka, what will Modi do?। CONGRESS । BJP। KARNATAKA ELECTIONS13.05.20237955600.00$
Why Modi lost Karnataka? । CONGRESS । BJP । KARNATAKA ELECTION RESULTS13.05.202321960500.00$
Will the door for BJP be closed in the South? | KARNATAKA RESULTS | BJP | CONGRESS13.05.202310071500.00$
Karnataka: Congress victory, Modi defeat? । CONGRESS । MODI । RAHUL GANDHI13.05.202311365500,00$
Karnataka Election Results: Is BJP losing Karnataka? । CONGRESS । MODI । RAHUL GANDHI13.05.202317788400.00$
Karnataka Election Results: Who will be the King of Karnataka? । CONGRESS । BJP । JDS13.05.20238335509,52$
Karnataka Elections 2023- Who will form the govt BJP or Congress? । MODI । SIDDARAMAIAH । ASHUTOSH12.05.20239250300.00$
Does Modi government defying the Supreme Court verdict? । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । BJP । AAP12.05.20235356700,00$
Will Karnataka exit polls be right? Or Surprise in offing? । KARNATAKA ELECTIONS 202312.05.20236089700.00$
Brand Modi at stake in Karnataka? । KARNATAKA ELECTION । BJP । CONGRESS12.05.20232115100.00$
Is Karnataka heading for a big surprise? । KARNATAKA ELECTIONS 2023 । BJP । CONGRESS12.05.20232838500.00$
Who will be the protagonist of the drama in Karnataka elections tomorrow? । JDS । CONGRESS । BJP12.05.20232943000.00$
What will happen in Karnataka tomorrow ? | KARNATAKA EXIT POLLS |12.05.20237688700.00$
Rahul vacates Bungalow, what is the future ahead! । CONGRESS । DEFAMATION CASE । ASHUTOSH22.04.20233084900.00$
Has Modi become vindictive against Satyapal Malik? | CBI | DELHI POLICE22.04.20237488400.00$
आलोक जोशी अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ALOK JOSHI22.04.20237565096,60$
NCP slipping out of Sharad Pawar's hands? । AJEET PAWAR । BJP । JANADESHCHARCHA22.04.20231063700.00$
Is Modi govt trying to put pressure on Satyapal Malik to keep quiet? । DELHI POLICE। BJP22.04.20233688900.00$
Karnataka Election 2023 - In Mumbai-Karnataka region Lingayat can tilt balance for Congress?22.04.20232068300.00$
Who are Atiq killers linked with ? । ASHRAF AHMAD । YOGI ADITYANATH22.04.20233117300.00$
Satyapal Malik is targetted, CBI summons him for questioning! । RAM MADHAV । BJP । ASHUTOSH21.04.202310286200.00$
Has the Haryana government given clean chit to Vadra in the land deal case? ROBERT VADRA | DLF21.04.20234102000.00$
Chat GPT and AI can benefit India immensely । OPEN AI । ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE21.04.2023630000.00$
Release on murder, jail on defamation! । MODI SURNAME CASE । RAHUL GANDHI । SURAT COURT21.04.20232065000.00$
Bilawal Bhutto to visit India - Why welcome him who called Modi Butcher? । SCO MEETING । ASHUTOSH20.04.20231736300.00$
Gujarat Riots: Black Day of judicial history?। NARODA GAM । MAYA KODNANI । BABU BAJRANGI20.04.20232740500.00$
RBI not questioning govt spending is dangerous for economy । INDIAN ECONOMY । INFLATION RATE20.04.2023999800.00$
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Sanjay Hegde: Surat court order will be demolished in the higher court । RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS20.04.2023803200.00$
Surat court verdict: Has it been fair or unfair to Rahul ? । CONGRESS । RAHUL GANDHI । MODI SURNAME20.04.20232636600.00$
कर्नाटक में कांग्रेस ने गलती नहीं की तो जीत आसान ? । KARNATAKA ELECTION 2023। BJP20.04.20234755800.00$
Rahul’s politics of Social justice - Will it change Congress for better? । CASTE CENSUS । ASHUTOSH19.04.20235265400.00$
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Why LGBTQ++ need marriage as a legal right? । SUPREME COURT । SAME SEX MARRIAGES19.04.2023661900.00$
Will Rahul's demand for caste census help Congress? । BJP । OBC POLITICS । 2024 ELECTIONS19.04.20232315500.00$
Mamtaa will resign if...! । SUVENDU ADHIKARI । TMC NATIONAL STATUS । AMIT SHAH19.04.2023705400.00$
Will Eknath Shinde quit BJP? । SHIVSENA । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS । AJIT PAWAR19.04.20234349100.00$
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Why BJP failed in breaking NCP in Maharashtra? । AJIT PAWAR । SHARAD PAWAR । MAHAVIKAS AGHADI18.04.20233298300.00$
Atiq's letter in a sealed envelope? What may come out? । UP POLICE । YOGI ADITYANATH18.04.20233534200,00$
After Shivsena, will there be a split in NCP? । AJIT PAWAR । SHARAD PAWAR । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS18.04.20231964900.00$
NCP split averted again: Is Pawar in the saddle? । AJIT PAWAR । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS18.04.20232536700.00$
अतीक कांड के लिए जिम्मेदार कोर्ट, पुलिस या राज्य सत्ता ? UP POLICE । ATIQ AHMED HATYAKAND18.04.2023990800.00$
Atiq Murder- Why no action against any senior official! । ASHRAF AHMAD । YOGI ADITYANATH । ASHUTOSH17.04.20233324900.00$
Will SC intervene in the Atiq-Ashraf murder case? । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP POLICE17.04.20236276300.00$
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Will Akhilesh return to his Muslim votebank after Atiq's murder ? । ASHRAF AHMAD । BJP17.04.2023514500.00$
Atiq murder: Is it an embarassment for Yogi? । ASHRAF AHMAD । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP POLICE17.04.20233250100.00$
What is the message by Atiq killers? । ASHRAF AHMAD । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP POLICE17.04.20233577700.00$
योगी का सुरक्षा कवच बने एनकाउंटर ? । BJP । UP CM । YOGI ADITYANATH17.04.20232254700.00$
Why is the ideological struggle slowing down in art and culture? । DIGITAL LITERATURE MAGAZINE16.04.2023596000.00$
Shouldn't Yogi resign after Atiq and Ashraf Ahmed's murder? । UP POLICE । YOGI ADITYANATH16.04.202310364300.00$
If not Jungle Raj, then what is this? । ATIQ AHMAD । YOGI ADITYANATH । ASAD ENCOUNTER16.04.20236673000,00$
Satyapal Malik interview - Why did PM told him to keep Quiet? । PULWAMA ATTACK । ASHUTOSH15.04.20236429800.00$
‘PM silenced me on Pulwama Laprvahi’- Satyapal Malik I PULWAMA ATTACK I PM MODI15.04.20235399400,00$
आलोक जोशी और आशुतोष से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । ASHUTOSH15.04.2023150890144,75$
Will Arvind Kejriwal go to jail? । DELHI LIQUOR POLICY । AAP । MANISH SISODIA15.04.20231482100.00$
Has Satyapal Mallick exposed Modi's nationalism? । PM MODI । PULWAMA ATTACK15.04.20231572100.00$
Is this the end game of Kejriwal? । DELHI LIQUOR POLICY । AAP । MANISH SISODIA15.04.20232793800.00$
Will Satpal Malik’s expose on RSS be issue for opp ? । CONGRESS । BJP । ELECTION202415.04.20234413700,00$
केजरीवाल को जेल से बीजेपी को क्या लाभ होगा? । AAP । CBI । ED । ARVIND KEJRIWAL15.04.20232330500.00$
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Why is BJP's situation weak in Karnataka? । KARNATAKA ELECTIONS । MODI । LAKSHMAN SAVADI14.04.20232287501,33$
After Sisodiya will Kejriwal be arrested ? । CBI । DELHI LIQOUR CASE14.04.2023282500.00$
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Is this the real story of Shinde's revolt? । SHIVSENA । UDDHAV THACKERAY । MAHARSHTRA POLITICS13.04.20233273800.00$
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पवार ने अडानी को बचाया,विपक्ष एकता को डुबोया ? । SHARAD PAWAR । GAUTAM ADANI । BJP08.04.20232578300.00$
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What is Gehlot trying to achieve by OPS and Right to Health? Playing a pied piper?07.04.20232649500.00$
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न्यूज चैनल क्या अब बदलेंगे? । SUPREME COURT । BJP06.04.20231054100.00$
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Joshimath peril prevails but both govt & opp. Indifferent? । UTTARAKHAND CRISIS । BADRINATH HIGHWAY05.04.2023742200.00$
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No one killed 36 people in Maliyana in 1987.04.04.2023871100.00$
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अपील आज। राहुल को राहत या बीजेपी को राहत?। RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS ।03.04.20236323800.00$
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Can regional parties challenge Modi? । OPPOSITION UNITY । 2024 ELECTIONS । BJP31.03.20231798400.00$
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Is BJP weaponising religious processions to polarise the voters ? । RAM NAVAMI VIOLENCE31.03.20232102400.00$
कर्नाटक में कांग्रेस सच में जीत रही है? । KARNATKA ELECTION 2023 । BJP । CONGRESS31.03.20232244300.00$
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Have Modi's challenges grown manifold after Rahul's disqualification ?। RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS30.03.20235110600.00$
कर्नाटक में कांग्रेस आगे ,पर क्या सत्ता मिलेगी? । KARNATKA ELECTION 2023 । CONGRESS । BJP30.03.20232319400.00$
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Will Amritpal Singh surrender ? । PUNJAB POLICE । WARIS PUNJAB DE29.03.2023228900.00$
Modi magic or Rahul's sympathy, what will click in Karnataka ? । KARNATAKA ELECTIONS29.03.20232758200.00$
विपक्ष भ्रष्ट्राचारी, बीजेपी सदाचारी? । PM MODI । BJP । ELECTION 2024 । RAHUL GANDHI29.03.20231644400.00$
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Why should Rahul avoid Savarkar and how? । UDDHAV THACKERAY । SHIVSENA (UBT)28.03.20232848200.00$
After Rahul, Kejriwal launches scathing attack on Modi & Adani...Really? । AAP । CONGRESS28.03.20237014400.00$
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Can BJP get singed with the flames lit in the name of Rahul's disqualification ? । PEACE FLAME YATRA28.03.20231044400.00$
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How right or wrong is process of disqualification of Rahul Gandhi as MP? । SURAT COURT । ASHUTOSH27.03.20234413500.00$
Will Modi crush the opposition completely? । PRIYANKA GANDHI । RAHUL GANDHI । 2024 ELECTIONS27.03.20236441100.00$
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Has Modi pressed the panic button on Rahul Gandhi ? । BJP । CONGRESS27.03.20232050200.00$
TMC and Congress together on Rahul, is this a warning Bell for Modi ? । BJP । RAHUL GANDHI27.03.20234877400.00$
For how long will the opposition support Rahul? । CONGRESS । OPPOSITION UNITY27.03.20232945500.00$
Who wants to remove Arabi and Farsi words from Hindi? । HINDI LITERATURE । ASHOK VAJPEYI26.03.2023568200.00$
Will the Oscars change our cinema? । NAATU NAATU । THE ELEPHANT WHISPERER26.03.2023339700.00$
“Modi Govt should get Nobel Prize for controlling democracy” । CONGRESS । RAHUL GANDHI । ASHUTOSH25.03.20234910300.00$
Will Rahul be able to make Adani scandal like Bofors issue? । CONGRESS । 2024 ELECTIONS । PM MODI25.03.20235456400.00$
आलोक जोशी और शीतल पी सिंह से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । SHEETAL P SINGH । ALOK JOSHI25.03.20239013057,58$
Rahul will keep raising Adani issue । CONGRESS । 2024 ELECTIONS । PM MODI25.03.20233902000.00$
Will a disqualified Rahul be a bigger threat to Modi ? । RAHUL LOKSABHA । MODI SURNAME CASE25.03.20231868300.00$
Is Rahul more lethal for Modi post disqualification । RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS25.03.20235136300.00$
See what Rahul plans to do now । RAHUL GANDHI । BJP । CONGRESS25.03.20233334300.00$
राहुल के संसद निकाले से बीजेपी को क्या मिलेगा? । MODI SURNAME CASE । SURAT COURT । CONGRESS25.03.20234488800.00$
Rahul disqualified as MP, Mamata attacks Modi Govt! । CONGRESS । 2024 ELECTIONS । ASHUTOSH24.03.20236079900.00$
Is Modi taking revenge on Rahul? । MODI SURNAME CASE । SURAT COURT । CONGRESS24.03.20233646502,66$
Rahul Gandhi an Ex MP now. Why blame Modi govt? । MODI SURNAME ROW । CONGRESS24.03.20233579600.00$
Will Rahul Gandhi play the victim card? । RAHUL LOKSABHA । MODI SURNAME CASE24.03.2023528900.00$
Rahul disqualified ! What will be his next bold move? । MODI SURNAME CASE । CONGRESS24.03.20236892300.00$
Jolt to Rahul, Membership of parliament terminated! । MODI SURNAME CASE । BJP । ASHUTOSH24.03.202310469200,53$
Rahul’s conviction brings good news for BJP- Silence on Adani । BJP । GAUTAM ADANI । RAHUL GANDHI24.03.20232251500,53$
राहुल को कब तक बचाएगी मोदी सरकार ? । RAHUL GANDHI । BJP । CONGRESS24.03.20234526500.00$
Rahul convicted for 2 years jail, Will he be disqualified as MP? । MODI SURNAME CASE । ASHUTOSH23.03.20234839700.00$
Why BJP seems nervous in Maharashtra? । EKNATH SHINDE । SHIVSENA । UDDHAV THACKERAY23.03.20232791900.00$
After Adani, hindenburg targets Jack Dorsey's block. । HINDENBURG REPORT । TWITTER CEO23.03.20232029800.00$
Will Rahul's punishment scare the opposition? । MODI SURNAME CASE । BJP । CONGRESS23.03.20234987200.00$
Legal options which Rahul Gandhi can avail now ! । DEFAMATION CASE । MODI SURNAME ROW23.03.2023614200.00$
Rahul’s crime - Criticism in democracy! । SURAT COURT । BJP । MODI SURNAME CASE23.03.20231328500.00$
Rahul's conviction: A blessing or a setback for Congress? । CONGRESS। DEFAMATION CASE23.03.20232412700.00$
Rahul Gandhi convicted in defamation case. 2 years jail. । CONGRESS । BJP23.03.202316404900.00$
बिना बहस बजट पास होगा आज? । BUDGET 2023 । BJP । GAUTAM ADANI23.03.20231240800.00$
“Few Opposition leaders are either scared or managed by Modi govt” । CONGRESS । OPPOSITION UNITY22.03.20234601700.00$
Then there will be revolt in BJP? । SATYAPAL MALIK । PM MODI । ADANI ISSUE22.03.20238427600.00$
Arrests for putting up anti Modi posters? । PM MODI । BJP । DELHI POLICE22.03.20232634200.00$
Akali Dal slams Amritpal Singh crackdown, offers help to those arrested । PUNJAB POLICE22.03.2023641400.00$
Why do anti Modi posters make PM insecure ? । BJP। PM MODI POSTER22.03.20234182700.00$
अमृतपाल के विष से कैसे बचेगा पंजाब? । AMRITPAL SINGH । BJP । PUNJAB POLICE22.03.2023926200.00$
Rahul in Parliament: He should be allowed to speak! । CONGRESS । BJP । ASHUTOSH21.03.20234640500.00$
How come Amritpal couldn’t be nabbed? । PUNJAB POLICE । BHAGWANT MANN । WARIS PUNJAB DE21.03.20232344800,00$
Is it necessary that the entire opposition should unite as one? । THIRD FRONT । CONGRESS21.03.20232864000.00$
केजरीवाल के बजट पर अब सियासत ?। AAP । DELHI BUDGET । MEHUL CHOKSI21.03.20232567500.00$
Is Mamata/Akhilesh spoiling effort to unite opposition! । RAHUL GANDHI । 2024 ELECTIONS । ASHUTOSH20.03.20233456900,00$
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Why is Mamata attacking Congress? । 2024 ELECTIONS । OPPOSITION UNITY । RAHUL GANDHI20.03.20233183300.00$
Why is Akhilesh Yadav so averse to Congress? । RAHUL GANDHI । SAMAJWADI PARTY20.03.20234674900.00$
अमृत पाल के खतरनाक इरादे ?। AMRITPAL SINGH । WARIS PUNJAB । PUNJAB POLITICS20.03.20231814500.00$
Why so much ruckus on this poem of Katyayani? । HINDI POETRY । INDIAN ARTS AND CULTURE19.03.2023673800.00$
Govt’s strategy - Make Rahul big for 2024! । CONGRESS । 2024 ELECTIONS । ASHUTOSH18.03.20233714400.00$
What will Modi achieve by suspending Rahul? । CONGRESS । BJP । 2024 ELECTIONS18.03.20235605000,00$
आलोक जोशी अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ALOK JOSHI18.03.202315043062,03$
Will Mamata and Akhilesh form a separate alliance? । OPPOSITION UNITY । SAMAJWADI PARTY18.03.20231800500.00$
Amritpal singh arrested ! । WARIS PUNJAB DE । PUNJAB POLICE18.03.2023449600.00$
Mamta & Akhilesh to form a regional front for 2024 elex । TMC। SP। WEST BENGAL18.03.20232002900.00$
क्या राहुल गांधी डर जायेंगे? । ADANI ISSUE । BJP । OPPOSITION PROTESTS । RAHUL GANDHI18.03.20232393100.00$
Why Rahul should not apologise? । ADANI ISSUE । BJP । OPPOSITION PROTESTS17.03.20235387700.00$
Rahul or Modi, who will win this unprecedented war? । CONGRESS । ADANI ISSUE । BJP17.03.20234769500.00$
US and EU Banking crisis to trigger another round of high inflation?। ECONOMIC CRISIS। CREDIT SUISSE17.03.20232488300.00$
Why is BJP avoiding debate on Adani issue in Parliament? । CONGRESS । RAHUL GANDHI17.03.20233973900.00$
Has Modi blundered in seeking Rahul's apology ? । LOK SABHA। CONGRESS17.03.20231673000.00$
The big lie on Modi nailed ! । NOBEL PEACE PRIZE17.03.20233594900.00$
Doesn’t BJP’s adamant attitude reflect state of democracy । BJP । BULLDOZER17.03.20233386100.00$
बीजेपी गलती पर गलती कर रही है? । RAHUL GANDHI । SANSAD । BJP17.03.20232960300.00$
Govt disrupting parliament! Why BJP takes Rahul so seriously? । CONGRESS । ADANI ISSUE । ASHUTOSH16.03.20233481000.00$
Will the Modi government allow Rahul to speak in the parliament? । OPPOSITION MARCH । BJP । ADANI16.03.20236087200.00$
Now Vinod Adani is part of promoter group? । HINDENBURG REPORT । AMBUJA DEAL16.03.20231767800.00$
Why is BJP failing to suppress the Adani issue? । RAHUL GANDHI । OPPOSITION PARTIES16.03.20233047800.00$
BJP won't let Rahul clarify or apologise inside Lok Sabha । CONGRESS16.03.2023438500.00$
Is Rahul Gandhi the much needed shield to cover up the Adani crisis ? । HINDENBURG RESEARCH। BJP16.03.20233969600.00$
Dalit’s land can now be taken without permission । UP NEWS । BJP । YOGI ADITYANATH16.03.20231737400.00$
Adani के नाम पर लड़ा जाएगा 2024 का चुनाव? । ELECTION 2024 । GAUTAM ADANI । BJP16.03.20231256200.00$
Opposition aggressive on Adani, MP’s march to ED? । CONGRESS MARCH । BJP । ASHUTOSH15.03.20236643702,71$
Why is there a foreign promoter in Adani’s defence firm? । ELARA IOF । BJP । MODI15.03.20234237400.00$
Adani issue has united the opposition! । PARLIAMENT PROTESTS । CONGRESS । AAP15.03.20232752100,00$
Have Modi and ED united the opposition unexpectedly? । CONGRESS । BJP15.03.2023790800.00$
Credit Suisse going down: Is global banking under threat? । ECONOMIC RECESSSION । SILICON VALLEY15.03.20231958300.00$
Imran Khan still not arrested, what will be his next move ? । PAKISTAN POLICE। PTI15.03.2023567100.00$
Now Yogi’s DMs will organise Ramayan ‘paath’ । HINDU RASHTRA । BJP । YOGIADITYANATH15.03.20231976800.00$
Adani ने क्या छुपाया ? । GAUTAM ADANI । BJP । VIJAY VIDROHI15.03.20239874400.00$
Why is the Modi government scared of the Adani scandal? । HINDENBURG REPORT । BJP । ADANI SHARES14.03.20235880800.00$
Why is BJP unable to avoid Adani issue in Parliament? । HINDENBURG REPORT । CONGRESS14.03.20235271200.00$
Is BJP loving the parliament deadlock because of Adani । RAHUL GANDHI। ADANI PARLIAMENT14.03.20233208300,00$
संसद आज चलेगी क्या? । SANSAD । RAHUL GANDHI । BJP14.03.20231098200.00$
Is Rahul’s assertion true that in India democracy is in danger! । BJP । PIYUSH GOYAL । ASHUTOSH13.03.20234011700.00$
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SVB, signature bank collapse. Should India be worried? । SIGNATURE BANK । INDIAN ECONOMY13.03.20232939800.00$
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Is BJP making a case against Rahul to expel him from Lok Sabha ? । CAMBRIDGE SPEECH । PIYUSH GOYAL13.03.20234024900,00$
Why is BJP-RSS distracted by Rahul's UK speech?। PM MODI । RAHUL GANDHI । PRAGYA THAKUR13.03.20234604400.00$
संसद सत्र आज से , बहस या बवाल ?। RAHUL GANDHI CAMBRIDGE । PM MODI । BJP13.03.20232584300.00$
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Is Lalu ready to tackle Modi again? । BJP । RABRI DEVI CBI । TEJASHWI YADAV11.03.20232928500.00$
Nitish on CBI Raids: " What can I say? । NITISH KUMAR । RJD JDU ALLIANCE11.03.2023735000.00$
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Will the government raid the judges also? । PMLA । MONEY LAUNDERING ACT । BJP10.03.20235905000.00$
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PMLA rules tweaked, is this an intimidatory tactics? । SUPREME COURT । MONEY LAUNDERING ACT10.03.2023718800.00$
Is Vice President projecting himself as a BJP cheerleader? । JAGDEEP DHANKAR । RAHUL GANDHI10.03.20233153700.00$
Will ED and CBI steer the nation’s politics ?10.03.20231669100.00$
अबकी बार भ्रष्टाचार पर वार या एजेंसियां बनी चुनावी हथियार? । BJP । CBI । ED । MANISH SISODIYA10.03.20231059600.00$
Why Modi Govt can’t digest Rahul Gandhi’s criticism! Why it reacts so viciously? । BJP । ASHUTOSH09.03.20235075200.00$
‘Rahul has broken the consensus on Adani and RSS’ । PM MODI । RAHUL CAMBRIDGE । YOGENDRA YADAV09.03.20237250500.00$
Has Indian market discounted Hindenburg's Adani report? । ADANI SHARE PRICES । SENSEX09.03.20232731600.00$
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CBI at Rabri Devi's residence, Attempt to scare RJD! । LALU PRASAD YADAV । BJP । ASHUTOSH06.03.20232444600.00$
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एमपी में भी कांग्रेस का खेल बिगाड़ेगी आप! । MADHYAPRADESH POLITICS । AAP04.03.20233337900.00$
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बीजेपी क्यों जीती,कांग्रेस क्यों हारी ? । । SUPREME COURT । BJP03.03.20231843300.00$
What is the message from Meghalaya, Tripura and Nagaland results? । BJP । ASSEMBLE ELECTIONS 202302.03.20234947900.00$
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Sisodia’s Arrest, Modi’s biggest Blunder! । AAP । DELHI EXCISE POLICY । ARVIND KEJRIWAL01.03.202311331500.00$
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On name change: SC says don’t belittle Hinduism and keep country on boil!। BJP । ASHUTOSH27.02.20237349200.00$
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आलोक जोशी और शरत प्रधान से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । SHARAT PRADHAN । ALOK JOSHI25.02.202314898067,02$
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Will Raipur Plenary session set the ball rolling for Congress for 2024 ? | 85TH PLENARY SESSION24.02.20234413600.00$
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Arrest of Pawan Khera. Why PM is so sensitive? । ASSAM POLICE । CONGRESS । ASHUTOSH23.02.20236355800,00$
‘This is the biggest attack on Modi-Adani’ । HINDENBURG REPORT । BBC SURVEY । ARUNDHATI ROY23.02.20237492600.00$
Adani sheds two third market cap in a month since Hindenburg expose! What next? । ADANI SHARES23.02.20234625500.00$
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शिव सेना पर शिंदे के कब्जे से उपजे सवाल । SHIV SENA । UDDHAVTHACKREY । BJP23.02.2023978200.00$
Kharge/Nitish believe BJP can be defeated in 2024? । PM MODI । 2024 ELECTIONS । ASHUTOSH22.02.20234843900.00$
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Joshimath cracks now raise question on Badrinath pilgrimage!। UTTARAKHAND CRISIS । BADRINATH HIGHWAY22.02.20231001600.00$
Another setback for BJP in Delhi! । DELHI MAYOR ELECTIONS । ARVIND KEJRIWAL22.02.20232519500.00$
Delhi gets it's Mayor: BJP on the backfoot। MAYOR ELECTIONS । ARVIND KEJRIWAL22.02.2023580100.00$
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Why are students furious over BBC documentary? । JNU VIOLENCE । JAMIA BBC FILM25.01.20233098700.00$
Can Modi stop the screening of BBC documentary on University campuses? । JNU VIOLENCE25.01.20233905800.00$
Illegal buildings: Why doesn’t Yogi’s bulldozer run over corrupt officials? । HAZRATGANJ BUILDING25.01.2023796400.00$
दिग्विजय के खिलाफ कार्रवाई होगी? । DIGVIJAY SINGH । CONGRESS ।25.01.2023557500.00$
Why Govt undermining dignity of Supreme Court? । COLLEGIUM SYSTEM । KIREN RIJIJU । ASHUTOSH24.01.20233201500.00$
What Modi achieved by banning BBC documentaries? । BBC SERIES BAN । GUJARAT RIOTS24.01.20237185900.00$
Rahul Gandhi snubs Digvijay. Is it enough? । CONGRESS । PULWAMA ATTACK24.01.20232974400.00$
Can BJP win 80 seats in UP? । 2024 ELECTIONS । MODI । YOGI ADITYANATH24.01.20231957100.00$
Will Delhi never get a Mayor? । MCD । DELHI MAYOR ELECTIONS24.01.2023560500.00$
Digvijay's Surgical strike on Bharat Jodo Yatra । CONGRESS । DIGVIJAY SINGH STATEMENT24.01.20231974700.00$
Will Koshiyari revert to Uttarakhand politics? । BHAGAT SINGH KOSHIYARI । UTTRAKHAND24.01.2023833100.00$
कोशियारी का जाना, उद्धव अंबेडकर का पास आना क्या बता रहा ? । BJP । UDDHAV THACKREY24.01.20231550800.00$
BBC Film: Why to stop when facts are known/SC clean chit! । BBC DOCUMENTARY । ASHUTOSH23.01.20233234000.00$
Why is Shyam Manav threatened after he challenged Dhirendra Shastri? । BAGESHWAR DHAM23.01.20234038200.00$
What made Maha governor Koshyari quit? Uddhav is responsible or Shinde? । BHAGAT SINGH KOSHIYARI23.01.20233389800.00$
Will Uddhav-Ambedkar stir up politics in Maharashtra? । EKNATH SHINDE । SHIVSENA23.01.20231776000.00$
Is Koshiyari being given a graceful exit for his Shivaji comment ? । MAHARASHTRA GOVERNOR23.01.2023172400.00$
Will Modi penalise the opposition for sharing the bbc documentary ? । MODI DOCUMENTARY23.01.20232690200.00$
Will BJP be able to fulfill its dream of 80 seats in UP in 2024 ? । ELECTION202223.01.20233517800.00$
Budget किस किस को राहत देगा ? । BJP । BUDGET । INCOME TAX । VIJAY VIDROHI23.01.20231784400.00$
Why Ram Charit Manas in controversy again? । TULSIDAS । INDIAN LITERATURE22.01.20231524700.00$
BBC Film on Gujarat Riots: why it won’t be shown in India? । MODI । BBC DOCUMENTARY । ASHUTOSH21.01.20234457300.00$
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Rahul's next step after Bharat Jodo? । CONGRESS । 2024 ELECTIONS । ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS21.01.20233656300.00$
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Month after SC bail, journalist Kappan still in jail । SIDDIQUE KAPPAN21.01.20231393000.00$
बृज भूषण को कौन बचा रहा है ? । BRIJ BHUSAN SHARAN SINGH । BJP21.01.20231450200.00$
Attempt to muzzle free press - Govt will determine Fake News! । PRESS FREEDOM । ASHUTOSH20.01.20232523300.00$
Why is Modi again in the dock over Gujarat riots? । BBC DOCUMENTARY । 2002 RIOTS20.01.20234706900.00$
Does the government want to control news? । PRESS FREEDOM । PRESS INFORMATION BUREAU20.01.20231453500.00$
Everything not right between Gehlot & Pilot? । RAJASTHAN CONGRESS20.01.2023347400.00$
Why is BJP silent on Brijbhushan Singh? । WOMEN WRESTLERS । WFI CHIEF । PM MODI20.01.20233509600.00$
महिला पहलवानों का दर्द, फेक न्यूज पर पीआईबी ही फसी । BRIJ BHUSAN SINGH । BJP20.01.2023885000.00$
No opposition unity for 2024? । RAHUL GANDHI । 2024 ELECTIONS । ASHUTOSH19.01.20233499200.00$
Why Modi government not taking action against its MP? । BRIJBHUSHAN SHARAN SINGH । WFI CHIEF19.01.20233059900,00$
UP govt opposes bail in Lakhimpur case. What’s cooking? । ASHISH MISHRA TENI । YOGI ADITYANATH19.01.20232879300.00$
Can Nitish bring the opposition together? । CONGRESS । 2024 ELECTIONS । OPPOSITION UNITY19.01.20231978700.00$
Growing Tution Culture । ASER REPORT 2022 । EDUCATION POLICY19.01.2023187400.00$
Now the government will decide what is news and what is not । PRESS INFORMATION BUREAU19.01.20232348800.00$
क्या विपक्ष एक हो सकेगा इस चुनावी साल में ? । ELECTION 2024 । BJP । CONGRESS19.01.20231670400.00$
Is Rahul creating a parallel narrative against RSS? । BHARAT JODO । 2024 ELECTIONS । ASHUTOSH18.01.20234851700.00$
Who wants opposition unity? । KCR OPPOSITION RALLY । RAHUL GANDHI । 2024 ELECTIONS18.01.20233087600.00$
What will Akhilesh be able to achieve from KCR's tie-up? । BHARAT JODO YATRA । 2024 ELECTIONS18.01.20231854200.00$
Why criticize Akhilesh along with KCR? । AKHILESH YADAV । K CHANDRASHEKHAR RAO18.01.2023511100.00$
Why is BJP protecting Tejasvi Surya? । INDIGO INCIDENT । AVIATION MINISTER18.01.20234186700.00$
‘What does Nadda mean by ‘Gujarat formula’ to win other states ? । ELECTION 2024 । BJP18.01.20231978400.00$
मोदी का सामाजिक आंदोलन क्या राहुल की यात्रा का तोड़ है ? । BHA RAT JODO YATRA । BJP ।18.01.2023873800.00$
BJP Executive Meet: Party was never so dependent on one leader, Modi? । ASHUTOSH । 2024 ELECTIONS17.01.20233180600.00$
Which type of social movement BJP is? । PM MODI । BJP NATIONAL EXECUTIVE MEETING17.01.20232019000.00$
Bharat Jodo Yatra and Rahul's attack on RSS and AAP । VARUN GANDHI । 2024 ELECTIONS17.01.20233053400.00$
Will Varun Gandhi break ties with the Sangh? । RAHUL GANDHI । BJP । CONGRESS17.01.20234359400.00$
Modi's support for sinking Pakistan । PM NARENDRA MODI । SHAHBAZ SHARIF17.01.2023383300.00$
This stand of Rahul on RSS is an option for the country? । RAHUL GANDHI । RSS17.01.20232953400,00$
बीजेपी के चुनाव जीतने के मंत्र से सीखेगा विपक्ष? । BJP । CONGRESS । ELECTION 202417.01.2023928000.00$
BJP’s national executive: Serious challenges ahead in state elections! । PM MODI । 2024 ELECTIONS16.01.20234435900,00$
Does more tax on the rich save India? । OXFAM REPORT । ECONOMIC DISPARITY16.01.20231569200.00$
Why Modi road show in Delhi? Is it Rahul effect? । BHARAT JODO । 2024 ELECTIONS16.01.20234798400.00$
Independence of the Judiciary in trouble? । COLLEGIUM SYSTEM । SUPREME COURT16.01.20231762500.00$
Government wants to control the judiciary? । SUPREME COURT । CJI16.01.2023991600.00$
Why does Modi ji have to do roadshows in such a hurry? । PM NARENDRA MODI । BJP16.01.20234848900.00$
Is Joshimath danger looming large over other parts of Garhwal too ? । JOSHIMATH NEWS । GARHWAL16.01.2023829200.00$
राहुल की परीक्षा का साल, बीजेपी की समीक्षा का साल ? । RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS । ELECTION 202416.01.20231481500.00$
Is classic literature possible in today’s time? । CLASSIC LITERATURE । PABLO NERUDA15.01.2023675900.00$
Will Opposition accept Rahul as a PM candidate in 2024? । 2024 ELECTIONS । OPPOSITION UNITY14.01.20234219100.00$
आशुतोष और अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ASHUTOSH14.01.202316967075,03$
यूपी में भाजपा की नजर दलित वोटों पर! । UP BJP । ELECTION202414.01.20231805000.00$
Remembering Kamal14.01.20231390800.00$
हेट स्पीच पर सुप्रीम कोर्ट सख्त,भागवत बयान पर सफाई । HATE SPEECH । DHARMA SANSAD14.01.20231356400.00$
Despite Supreme Court intervention Why Delhi Police not acting in Hate Speech case ?13.01.20233824100.00$
How did socialists lose respect and credibility? Sharad Yadav I Socialist Movement in India I Lohia13.01.20231458000,49$
How much is char-dham road widening responsible for Joshimath peril ?। JOSHIMATH13.01.2023752500.00$
कांग्रेस ने दिया 21 दलों को न्यौता! । BHARAT JODO YATRA । CONGRESS । RAHUL GANDHI13.01.20232754800.00$
Report sought in 2 weeks । SUPREME COURT । HATE SPEECH13.01.2023642200.00$
Sachin Pilot follows Vasundhra's footsteps । SACHIN PILOT । VASUNDHARA RAJE13.01.20232490700.00$
कांग्रेस का खत ,सीमा पर चीन की सेना,महंगे होते चुनाव । CONGRESS । INDIA CHINA13.01.2023713700.00$
VP attacks Basic Feature of Constitution ? Is it to free parliament from judicial scrutiny!12.01.20232590100.00$
Why is the Vice President attacking SC? Dhankhad Controversial Remark on SC12.01.20233016700.00$
विपक्षी एकता की धुरी बनेगा लेफ्ट कांग्रेस गठजोड़ माडल? । CONGRESS । TRIPURA POLITICS12.01.20232485600.00$
Does Ramcharitmanas spread hatred? | Ramcharitmanas12.01.2023317300.00$
Big trouble on Kejriwal, from his government । AAP | Arvind kejriwal12.01.20232828800.00$
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Why Kharge called BJP govt - talks like lion, acts like mouse? । MODI । INDIA CHINA । ASHUTOSH20.12.20223312200,00$
Who is not misusing public money in propaganda? । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । AAP । BJP20.12.20222540600.00$
AAP spent 97 Crore on advertisements? । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । BJP । DELHI LG20.12.20221918000.00$
Why is PM Modi on Kharge's radar? । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । BJP । INDIA CHINA DISPUTE20.12.20222280700.00$
97 crore extortion from Kejriwal or political pressure? । DELHI LG । BJP । AAM AADMI PARTY20.12.20221895300.00$
Can BJP use Pasmanda to make a dent in the Muslim vote । BJP20.12.2022754500.00$
Karnataka Election: Is BJP ready for battle or in crisis? । MODI । INDIA CHINA । ASHUTOSH19.12.20223280400.00$
61 years of Goa Liberation Day! । PORTUGESE RULE । GOA INDEPENDENCE19.12.2022461500.00$
Modi govt stuck on the word "pitai" । INDIA CHINA DISPUTE । GALWAN CLASH19.12.2022415100.00$
When will PM Modi break his silence on Chinese intrusion? । TAWANG CLASH । INDIA CHINA DISPUTE19.12.20221997500.00$
Will opposition unite before 2024 ? । ELECTION2024 । BJP । OPPOSITION19.12.20222317800.00$
It is right to rate literary work? । BOOK REVIEW । HINDI LITERATURE । INDIAN ARTS AND CULTURE18.12.2022345700.00$
Bharat Jodo Yatra has changed image of Rahul Gandhi? । CONGRESS । JAIRAM RAMESH । ASHUTOSH17.12.20222813500.00$
Why BJP is so perturbed of Rahul’s statement on China? । TAWANG CLASH । BHARAT JODO YATRA17.12.20224612800.00$
आलोक जोशी अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ALOK JOSHI17.12.20227678025,24$
Opposition Unity: Change of strategy in Congress? । RAHUL GANDHI । 2024 ELECTIONS17.12.20223857400,00$
Uddhav's hallabol a warning for BJP? । SHIVSENA । EKNATH SHINDE । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS17.12.20221670600.00$
Bharat Jodo 100 days - Has Congress changed? । RAHUL GANDHI । 2024 ELECTIONS । ASHUTOSH16.12.20224062600.00$
Who are agitated over Pathaan’s song ‘Beshram Rang’? । SHAHRUKH KHAN । DEEPIKA PADUKONE16.12.20223004100.00$
सौ दिन से सड़क पर चल रहे हैं राहुल गांधी ! । CONGRESS । BHARAT JODO YATRA । RAHUL GANDHI16.12.20223308800.00$
Has Pathaan film hurt the Hindu sentiments? । SHAHRUKH KHAN । DEEPIKA PADUKONE16.12.2022804900.00$
What has Rahul achieved in 100 days of Bharat Jodo Yatra? । CONGRESS । 2024 ELECTIONS16.12.20221888900.00$
Nitish Should resign on death by spurious liquor! । RJD JDU ALLIANCE । TEJASHWI YADAV15.12.20222430500.00$
What Rahul Gandhi gained in 100 days of the Bharat Jodo Yatra? । CONGRESS । BJP15.12.20224591400.00$
UP Govt halts GST survey and raids, will the traders' still support BJP? । YOGI ADITYANATH। BJP15.12.20223666000.00$
Will Chhattisgarh model help Congress win? । BHARAT JODO YATRA । CHHATTISGARH ELECTION15.12.20222154300.00$
Can Opposition unite and can it defeat Modi in 2024? । NITISH KUMAR । BJP । ASHUTOSH14.12.20225155500.00$
Is CM Shinde running the government or Deputy CM Devendra Fadanvis? । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS14.12.20221777600.00$
Will Raghuram Rajan be the next Manmohan Singh? । BHARAT JODO YATRA । CONGRESS14.12.20223821500.00$
Stan Swamy's PC hacked: Shouldn't the govt answer? । US FORENSIC REPORT । NIA14.12.20222190700.00$
Chinese intrusion in India - where lies the truth ? । INDIA CHINA । BJP । PM MODI14.12.20221912000.00$
India-China Clash: Why Govt did not inform same day, what was the secrecy? । TAWANG । ASHUTOSH13.12.20223075900.00$
Has Nitish decided to play at the national level? । TEJASHWI YADAV । JDU RJD ALLIANCE13.12.20223282000.00$
IIP Shrinks 4 percent in October. Dampening of Export and Rural demand. । INDIAN ECONOMY13.12.2022884600.00$
Why was India China clash report delayed? । TAWANG BORDER । GALWAN CLASH13.12.20222748200.00$
Nitish for PM , Tejashwi Bihar CM । BIHAR POLITICS । RJD JDU ALLIANCE13.12.20221235800.00$
Modi unable to handle China border dispute? । TAWANG BORDER । GALWAN CLASH13.12.20222403400.00$
Will Nitish Kumar’s call for opposition unity bear fruit? । 2024 LOKSABHA ELECTIONS13.12.20222283600.00$
Should Rs. 2000 currency be banned? । SUSHIL MODI । BLACK MONEY । DEMONITISATION12.12.20224275400.00$
Maha governor Koshyari seeks guidance from Amit Shah. Is BJP Shinde alliance in trouble?12.12.20223201000.00$
Nitish started mobilizing the opposition! । NITISH KUMAR । JDU । BIHAR POLITICS12.12.20223568000.00$
Nitish in action mode on opposition unity । 2024 LOKSABHA ELECTIONS । BJP12.12.2022461100.00$
BJP wants to destroy the brand Kejriwal? । AAM AADMI PARTY । AAP GUJARAT MLA12.12.20224776900.00$
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What is the hidden story of Gujarat election? । POST POLL SURVEY । MODI । GUJARAT BJP10.12.20223771300.00$
आशुतोष और मुकेश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । MUKESH KUMAR10.12.202217245098,24$
Himachal elections increased Priyanka's stature! । HIMACHAL CONGRESS । SUKHWINDER SUKHU10.12.20223186300.00$
Sukhwinder Sukhu, the new Himachal CM । HIMACHAL CONGRESS । PRATIBHA SINGH10.12.2022649700.00$
A traveler and his love for the Himalayas! । BILL AITKEN । FOOTLOOSE IN THE HIMALAYAS10.12.2022338800.00$
Is Punjab returning to militancy days? । TARAN TARAN ATTACK । BHAGWANT MANN । AAP10.12.20221356300.00$
Who will become Himachal CM? । HIMACHAL CONGRESS । MALLIKARJUN KHARGE । SONIA GANDHI10.12.20222322900.00$
Assembly Elections: Is BJP beatable outside Gujarat? । HIMACHAL ELECTIONS । MODI । ASHUTOSH09.12.20225336500.00$
Can AAP replace Congress? । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । MCD ELECTIONS09.12.20223462400.00$
Inflation still a worry? What hit the IT stocks? । SHARE MARKET । INDIAN ECONOMY09.12.2022425700.00$
How did BJP perform in by polls of 5 states? । RAMPUR BYPOLL । BIHAR BY ELECTIONS09.12.20222830800.00$
Is it tough for Congress to decide the Himachal CM? । HIMACHAL RESULTS । PRIYANKA GANDHI09.12.2022630000.00$
Why Modi magic didn't work in Himachal? । HIMACHAL ELECTIONS । CONGRESS09.12.20222623100.00$
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Road ahead after Gujarat and Himachal results । ELECTION RESULTS । CONGRESS HIMACHAL08.12.20224879200.00$
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Election Day Live: Big win for BJP in Gujarat, Congress ahead in Himachal! । BJP । AAP । CONGRESS08.12.20223377300.00$
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Lessons from Gujarat and Himachal results । BJP GUJARAT । CONGRESS HIMACHAL08.12.20222983900.00$
Election Day Live: Big win for BJP in Gujarat, can Congress win Himachal? । BJP । AAP । CONGRESS08.12.20224218300.00$
Election Results Live: BJP strong in Gujarat, who will win Himachal? । BJP । CONGRESS08.12.20224840500.00$
Election Results Live: Record trends for BJP, fight for Himachal! । BJP । CONGRESS08.12.20222293900.00$
Election Results Live: Who will form govt in Gujarat and Himachal? । BJP । CONGRESS08.12.20223285300.00$
Election Results Live: Who will win Gujarat and Himachal? । PM MODI । BJP । CONGRESS08.12.20226049900.00$
MCD: AAP won but worry for Kejriwal? । DELHI MCD RESULTS । BJP DELHI । ASHUTOSH07.12.20225047700,00$
Why did Modi's tricks fail in MCD election? । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । AAP DELHI । BJP07.12.20223788400.00$
Delhi exit polls way off the mark in number projection. What about Gujarat? । MCD ELECTIONS07.12.202214662400,00$
How did Kejriwal end BJP's 15 year rule? । DELHI MCD ELECTIONS । PM MODI07.12.20222969200.00$
Despite victory, BJP still has an upper hand over Kejriwal? । MCD ELECTIONS । AAM AADMI PARTY07.12.20221406500.00$
Warning bells for AAP despite win in MCD? । DELHI MCD ELECTIONS । ARVIND KEJRIWAL07.12.20227637900.00$
MCD: Will AAP end BJP's streak? । DELHI MCD RESULTS । AAP DELHI । BJP07.12.20224738200.00$
MCD: Will AAP replace BJP? । DELHI MCD RESULTS । AAP DELHI । BJP07.12.20223790600,00$
How true are Exit Polls in Gujarat/HP/MCD? । GUJARAT BJP । AAP DELHI । ASHUTOSH06.12.202212592800,00$
Will Kharge succeed in changing the Congress? । BHARAT JODO YATRA । CONGRESS PRESIDENT06.12.20223348200.00$
Is Kejriwal's AAP really making inroads in Gujarat assembly? । GUJARAT EXIT POLL । AAM AADMI PARTY06.12.20225925600.00$
Test for Kejriwal in MCD Elections? । MCD EXIT POLL । AAM AADMI PARTY । BJP DELHI06.12.20222289900,49$
Is centre fuelling sentiments on the border dispute between Karnataka & Maharashtra? । SHARAD PAWAR06.12.2022468100.00$
Why is Kejriwal different from the rest? । MCD ELECTIONS । MCD EXIT POLLS । AAP06.12.20223715900.00$
Gujarat exit poll -how much truth ? । GUJARAT ELECTION । BJP । GUJARAT BY POLL06.12.202219459100,49$
Split of votes not the only reason for Congress defeat in Gujarat । AAP । GUJARAT EXIT POLL05.12.20221269100.00$
AAP in Delhi, close fight in Himachal, BJP again in Gujarat? । EXIT POLLS । MCD ELECTIONS05.12.20228678000.00$
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Supreme Court angry with Law Minister, says (he) “should not have said” । KIREN RIJIJU । ASHUTOSH28.11.20224997600.00$
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Has Rahul made a mistake targeting Savarkar? । CONGRESS । BHARAT JODO YATRA18.11.20225207700.00$
Has Rahul bitten the bullet on Savarkar? । BHARAT JODO YATRA । CONGRESS18.11.2022438700.00$
Will Rahul Gandhi face arrest over his comment on VD Savarkar? । BHARAT JODO YATRA18.11.20228182200.00$
Is Varanasi going the Ayodhya way ? । GYANVAPI MASJID । BJP । YOGI ADITYANATH18.11.20221148500.00$
Rahul - “Savarkar apologised to British; Gandhi-Nehru-Patel did not!”। BHARAT JODO YATRA। ASHUTOSH17.11.20226335400.00$
Has Rahul given new narrative to Indian politics? । BHARAT JODO YATRA । VEER SAVARKAR17.11.20226648600.00$
Why Rahul Gandhi invokes Savarkar in Bharat Jodo? That too in Maharashtra? । CONGRESS17.11.20225640600.00$
Is Rahul following Nehru's socialism? । BHARAT JODO YATRA । CONGRESS17.11.20223082600.00$
Satyendra Jain denied bail: What does it mean for AAP? । MONEY LAUNDERING CASE17.11.2022428600.00$
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Was Nehru responsible for Kashmir crisis? । JAWAHARLAL NEHRU । 1947 PARTITION । ASHUTOSH12.11.20222363500.00$
आलोक जोशी, अंबरीश कुमार और आशुतोष से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । ASHUTOSH12.11.202213758045,27$
Has BJP outlived itself in Himachal? । HIMACHAL ELECTIONS । JAIRAM THAKUR । PRIYANKA GANDHI12.11.20225450100.00$
Was the relations between Nehru and Mountbattens controversial?12.11.2022933700.00$
Why did BJP give ticket to the leader who said Bilkis Bano’s rapists are Sanskari Brahmins?11.11.20223512500.00$
Bharat Jodo Yatra: Is Rahul's yatra now influencing people? । CONGRESS CRISIS । MODI11.11.20226213200.00$
SC order release of Rajiv Gandhi convicts : What does the order signify ?11.11.2022425700.00$
Which party will form the govt in Himachal? । HIMACHAL ELECTIONS । JAIRAM THAKUR11.11.20221808500.00$
C Voter Survey: How impactful Is Bharat Jodo Yatra for Rahul? । CONGRESS । 2024 ELECTIONS । ASHUTOSH10.11.20226742900.00$
Are US mid-term election a setback for Trump? । JOE BIDEN । REPUBLICANS । US POLITICS10.11.20221772100.00$
With BJP's first list for assembly elections come a number of questions । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । MODI10.11.202210131400.00$
Is BJP losing Himachal? । HIMACHAL ELECTIONS। JP NADDA । CONGRESS10.11.20221981300.00$
Who will win Himachal? । HIMACHAL ELECTIONS। BJP । JP NADDA10.11.2022400800.00$
Innocent Sanjay Raut: What will be his next move? । PMLA COURT । ED RAIDS । SHIVSENA10.11.20223216100.00$
Governor post should be abolished ? । ASHUTOSH । BJP । RAJYAPAL09.11.20222414000.00$
What is the meaning of Nitish's demand to remove the 50% cap on reservation? । EWS QUOTA09.11.20222179700.00$
Nation has high hopes from 50th Chief justice of India DY Chandrachud. How difficult is the job?09.11.20224700400.00$
मोदी की नींद छीन ली है कांग्रेस ने ? । PM MODI । CONGRESS । BHARAT JODO YATRA । BJP09.11.20229633100.00$
Can Kejriwal trounce bjp in Gujarat? । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । AAM AADMI PARTY09.11.20222651400.00$
New sale of electoral bonds exposes BJP's corruption । NIRMALA SITHARAMAN । GUJARAT ELECTIONS09.11.20222727000.00$
Himachal Election: Who will form govt - BJP or Congress? । JAIRAM THAKUR । PRIYANKA GANDHI09.11.20221999700.00$
Himachal Election : Will rebels create problem for BJP ? । CONGRESS । BJP । ELECTIONS08.11.20224216400.00$
Who benefited from Modi’s demonetization? । INDIAN ECONOMY । FAKE CURRENCY08.11.20224756100.00$
Is Indian economy still feeling aftershocks of Demonetisation? । MODI GOVERNMENT । ECONOMIC CRISIS08.11.20221739200.00$
Bharat Jodo Yatra reaches Maharashtra! । RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS08.11.20225859800.00$
EWS reservation verdict: More social unrest? । EWS QUOTA । SUPREME COURT08.11.2022523400.00$
Modi magic waning in Himachal? । HIMACHAL ELECTIONS । BJP VS CONGRESS08.11.20223809900.00$
Supreme Court has opened a new Pandora’s box over reservation । SUPREME COURT08.11.20223153000.00$
SC sanctifies EWS reservation: what will be its impact?। EWS QUOTA VERDICT । SUPREME COURT ।ASHUTOSH07.11.20224428200.00$
Why did the Supreme Court justify the upper cast quota? । EWS QUOTA VERDICT । SC EWS07.11.20222709300.00$
Supreme court ends the debate on reservation, or triggered a new one? । EWS QUOTA VERDICT07.11.20222246500.00$
Can Priyanka Gandhi defeat Modi in Himachal? । HIMACHAL ELECTIONS । CONGRESS07.11.20223370800.00$
EWS verdict: Has the verdict crossed the red lines? । SUPREME COURT । EWS QUOTA07.11.2022360200.00$
EWS SC Verdict: Is it illegal & unconstitutional? । SUPREME COURT । EWS QUOTA VERDICT07.11.20222876200.00$
Akhilesh Yadav’s major challenge - Mainpuri & Rampur bypoll । MULAYAM SINGH । BJP07.11.20221607500.00$
Big win for BJP in by elections: Have regional parties failed? । BYPOLL RESULTS । OPPOSITION PARTIES06.11.202211041800.00$
Himachal Elections - Can Congress replace BJP? । JAIRAM THAKUR । KULLU SHIMLA । ASHUTOSH05.11.20223039900.00$
What should be done to puppet governors? । ARIF MOHAMMAD KHAN । KERALA GOVERNOR05.11.20222713700.00$
अंबरीश कुमार और शीतल पी सिंह से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । SHEETAL P SINGH05.11.202210971040,99$
Himachal - BJP's mission repeat moving towards Defeat । HIMACHAL ELECTION 202205.11.20224017300.00$
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How will Kejriwal tackle this dual challenge thrown at him?। GUJARAT ELECTIONS । DELHI MCD ELECTIONS04.11.20227548300.00$
Is history repeating itself in Pakistan? । IMRAN KHAN । PAKISTAN POLITICS । LONG MARCH04.11.2022699800.00$
Assassination bid on Imran, Pakistan plunges into instability । LONG MARCH । PAKISTAN POLITICS04.11.2022332900.00$
Can AAP wield magic in Gujarat? । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । BJP04.11.20222512200.00$
Can Morbi deaths impact BJP’s fate in Gujarat ? । MORBI BRIDGE ACCIDENT । PM MODI04.11.20222784000.00$
Gujarat Elections: Real challenger to BJP - AAP or Congress? । MODI । ELECTION COMMISSION । ASHUTOSH03.11.20228159100.00$
Who attacked Imran and why? । PAKISTAN VIOLENCE । IMRAN KHAN ATTACKED03.11.20222650000.00$
Soren dares ED to arrest him. Is this a challenge to Modi govt? । JHARKHAND POLITICS । JMM VS BJP03.11.20222783500.00$
Is BJP going to win Gujarat again? । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । ELECTIONS COMMISSION03.11.20223851400,00$
Attempt to kill Imran Khan? । PAKISTAN LONG MARCH । PAKISTAN VIOLENCE03.11.2022500000.00$
Who will win Gujarat elections? । ELECTION COMMISSION । GUJARAT BJP । MORBI ACCIDENT03.11.20223378400.00$
Bharat Jodo - Has Rahul’s acceptability increased among opposition leaders! । CONGRESS । ASHUTOSH02.11.20223659500.00$
Will Rahul be Congress candidate for Prime Minister? । 2024 ELECTIONS । BHARAT JODO YATRA । MODI02.11.20224436700.00$
Will Morbi incident cast a shadow on Gujarat elections? How will BJP tackle this? । BRIDGE COLLAPSE02.11.20226624200.00$
Rajasthan congress again under crisis! । SACHIN PILOT । ASHOK GEHLOT । MALLIKARJUN KHARGE02.11.20222785900.00$
Pilot doubts the chemistry between Gehlot - Modi? । RAJASTHAN CONGRESS । CONGRESS REBEL MLA02.11.2022401100.00$
Is BJP trying to save the real culprit of Morbi tragedy? । MORBI BRIDGE ACCIDENT । GUJARAT ELECTIONS02.11.20222161600,00$
Is BJP trying to divert attention from Gujarat bridge collapse ? । MORBI BRIDGE ACCIDENT02.11.20221940600.00$
Morbi: How will it impact the BJP in assembly elections! । MORBI BRIDGE ACCIDENT । MODI । ASHUTOSH01.11.20226868700.00$
How are people celebrating Ghadar in Jalandhar? । INDIA FREEDOM MOVEMENT । GADRI BABEYAN DA MELA01.11.2022487500.00$
PM Modi visits Morbi. Local authorities to big media on cover up drive? । MORBI BRIDGE ACCIDENT01.11.20222413300.00$
Modi's own speeches are haunting him? । MORBI BRIDGE ACCIDENT । DEMONITISATION01.11.20227884100.00$
Modi's Morbi visit an event management? । MORBI BRIDGE ACCIDENT । GUJARAT POLITICS01.11.2022232200.00$
Is PM Modi's visit to Morbi hospital a photoshoot event? । MORBI BRIDGE ACCIDENT । GUJARAT ELECTIONS01.11.20223547600.00$
Gujarat bridge collapse: real culprits being protected? । MORBI BRIDGE ACCIDENT । GUJARAT ELECTIONS01.11.20222412000.00$
Morbi - Will the real criminals ever be punished!। GUJARAT BRIDGE COLLAPSE। MORBI INCIDENT। ASHUTOSH31.10.20223296700.00$
Why did Modi get emotional in Gujarat but not in Bengal? । MORBI BRIDGE ACCIDENT । GUJARAT ELECTIONS31.10.20227980400.00$
Himachal assembly election, a difficult battle for BJP president Nadda. Will Modi take him ashore?31.10.20221721900.00$
What kind of Gujarat model is this Modi's! ?। PM MODI । GUJARAT MORBI BRIDGE31.10.20222913700.00$
How will PM Modi face the citizens of Morbi tomorrow? । MORBI ACCIDENT । BJP GUJARAT31.10.2022413300.00$
Morbi accident: Gujarat government besieged । GUJARAT MORBI INCIDENT । BJP31.10.20222383900.00$
Gujarat bridge collapse: who is responsible?। MOBRI BRIDGE । GUJARAT INCIDENT31.10.20223557300.00$
What is the impact of feminist discourse on men’s writing? । INDIAN LITERATURE । HINDI WRITERS30.10.2022317200.00$
UCC: Is Hindutva last option for BJP, not achievement of the Gujarat govt? । UNIFORM CIVIL CODE29.10.20226083900.00$
Why has Modi shifted projects from Maharashtra to Gujarat? । TATA AIRBUS । BJP29.10.20223449900.00$
आलोक जोशी, अंबरीश कुमार और आशुतोष से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । ASHUTOSH29.10.202216247069,96$
Can BJP benefit from UCC in Gujarat elections? । UNIFORM CIVIL CODE । PM MODI29.10.2022802100.00$
Why has Maharashtra lost 4 projects in 3 months to other states? । BJP । TATA AIRBUS PROJECT29.10.20222058200.00$
Isn’t the opposition making itself defunct in UP? । SAMAJWADI PARTY । UP POLITICS29.10.20221481900.00$
Election diary of Himachal Pradesh । HIMACHAL GROUND REPORT । BJP29.10.20222911200.00$
Bharat Jodo: Can it transform Congress to regain its past glory? । RAHUL GANDHI । ASHUTOSH28.10.20224602300.00$
AAP and BJP slugfest over pollution. Who's responsible but them? । DELHI MCD ELECTIONS28.10.20221350600.00$
Will Congress gain something from Bharat Jodo Yatra । RAHUL GANDHI । GUJARAT ELECTIONS28.10.20225042200.00$
When will Pakistan achieve political stability? । IMRAN KHAN । PAKISTAN CRISIS28.10.2022332600.00$
Will BJP lose Himachal because of JP Nadda? । HIMACHAL ELECTIONS । CONGRESS28.10.20222130700.00$
Azam Khan - how much justice or injustice? । HATE SPEECH । RAMPUR COURT28.10.20222060300.00$
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Why do channels employ communal anchors? । GODI MEDIA । NBDSA NEWS18 । HIJAB CONTROVERSY27.10.20222232200.00$
Will Kejriwal's Ganesh, Lakshmi card benefit AAP in elections? । HINDUTVA POLITICS । AAP VS BJP27.10.20222337400.00$
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SP's Azam Khan gets 3 yrs in jail for hate speech । SAMAJWADI PARTY । UP VIDHANSABHA27.10.2022538000.00$
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Can Kejriwal's hindutva win Gujarat and Himachal? । AAM AADMI PARTY । GUJARAT ELECTIONS26.10.20223508000.00$
What does the Kharge era hold for Congress? । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । SONIA GANDHI26.10.2022998000.00$
Is Kejriwal a bigger Hindu than Modi? । HINDUTVA POLITICS । GUJARAT ELECTION । AAP26.10.20223254500.00$
Rishi Sunak: Is it a good news for India? । UK PRIME MINISTER । INDIA UK TIES । ASHUTOSH25.10.20223198000.00$
Does India ever accept a PM like Sunak? । RISHI SUNAK । UK PRIME MINISTER25.10.20222567600.00$
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Impact of Sunak on Britain & India ties । RISHI SUNAK । PM MODI । BRITAIN PM25.10.2022416400.00$
Can a minority & a foreigner become India's PM? । RISHI SUNAK । BRITAIN PM । SHASHI THAROOR25.10.20222587600.00$
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Bjp tightens the noose on Sonia & Rahul । RAJIV GANDHI FOUNDATION । FCRA23.10.20227673100.00$
Muslims not a votebank for Modi or secular parties? । ASADUDDIN OWAISI । AYODHYA DIWALI23.10.20223629000.00$
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Bhagwat Speaks - Is RSS changing or window dressing? । HINDUTVA POLITICS । MODI । ASHUTOSH22.10.20224724600.00$
Is Nitish still in touch with BJP? । BIHAR POLITICS । PRASHANT KISHOR । BJP JDU ALLIANCE22.10.20225098200.00$
मुकेश कुमार और अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । MUKESH KUMAR । AMBRISH KUMAR22.10.202211396033,99$
Why is Mayawati targeting Congress? । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । DALIT POLITICS22.10.20223190700,00$
How significant is the SC direction on Hate Speech? । PRAVESH VERMA । SUPREME COURT22.10.2022361200.00$
How democratic is Hindi Journalism? । MRINAL PANDE । SATYA HINDI।22.10.2022365400.00$
SC comes down heavily on hate speech, will BJP leaders be arrested? । PRAVESH VERMA । SUPREME COURT22.10.20223859100,00$
‘Employment’ talk only to play with unemployed? । ECONOMIC CRISIS । BJP । PET EXAM22.10.20222174900.00$
Himachal Election: Will BJP come back or Congress will replace BJP? । AAP HIMACHAL । ASHUTOSH21.10.20224795300.00$
Can AAP make a mark in Gujarat? । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । BJP । ARVIND KEJRIWAL21.10.20226601900.00$
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Bilkis Bano: Why rapists got so easily paroles/furlough! । GUJARAT COURT । BJP । ASHUTOSH20.10.20222144900,00$
Why Modi government afraid of Sana Mattoo? । KASHMIRI PHOTOJOURNALIST । PULITZER PRIZE20.10.20223596600.00$
Liz Truss resigned, Will Rishi Sunak become PM? । BRITISH PM । BRITAIN ECONOMIC CRISIS20.10.20221145300.00$
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Is BSP scared of Kharge's Dalit identity? । MALLIKARJUN KHARGE । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । MAYAWATI20.10.2022716000.00$
Has Kharge as Congress President blunted Modi's narrative? । MALLIKARJUN KHARGE । CONGRESS PRESIDENT20.10.20222052100.00$
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Congress President: Can Kharge make party a formidable force in 2024? । RAHUL GANDHI । ASHUTOSH19.10.20226868600.00$
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Will Congress revive under new leadership? । MALLIKARJUN KHARGE । CONGRESS PRESIDENT19.10.20222795600.00$
Will Kharge make Rahul PM? । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । 2024 ELECTIONS । CONGRESS CRISIS19.10.2022269600.00$
With Kharge as President, What will be the role of Rahul Gandhi be? । CONGRESS । SHASHI THAROOR19.10.20223488900.00$
Is BJP concerned about Muslims or wants to divide them? । PASMANDA MUSLIMS । 2024 ELECTIONS19.10.20221076200.00$
Bilkis Bano - Why Modi Govt gave approval to release Rapists? । GUJARAT COURT । ASHUTOSH18.10.20228035900,00$
Why did Modi support release of rapists? । BILKIS BANO । GUJARAT COURT । HOME MINSITRY18.10.20225274800.00$
Will Uddhav and Pawar make Bharat Jodo Yatra more influencial? । CONGRESS CRISIS । MAHARASHTRA18.10.20228369600.00$
Why was Umar Khalid's bail plea rejected? । DELHI HIGH COURT । DELHI RIOTS18.10.20221247900.00$
Is Modi govt turning India into Hindia? । TAMIL NADU RALLY । HINDU NATION18.10.20221567300.00$
Is Goa govt amending rules to suit Smriti Irani? । SILLY SOULS CAFE । BJP GOA18.10.20222330100.00$
Congress Election: Will Party Change? । CONGRESS LEADERSHIP । SHASHI THAROOR । ASHUTOSH17.10.20226950500.00$
Why BJP pulled out from Andheri Election? । EKNATH SHINDE । UDDHAV SHIVSENA17.10.20226129100.00$
Will parties hold presidential elections like Congress? । SHASHI THAROOR । MALLIKARJUN KHARGE17.10.20225007700.00$
Will the new Congress President revive congress? । SHASHI THAROOR । MALLIKARJUN KHARGE17.10.2022649300.00$
Why is BJP unable to arrest Manish Sisodia? I LIQUOR POLICY I CBI RAIDS I AAM AADMI PARTY17.10.20224294200.00$
Is it justice to get rape victim married to rapist? I ALLAHABAD HIGH COURT I YOGI ADITYANATH17.10.2022703800.00$
Will the Modi government dismantle NSD? । NATIONAL SCHOOL OF DRAMA । INDIAN THEATRE16.10.2022839600.00$
How Bharat Jodo Yatra is changing nation and Rahul’s image? । CONGRESS CRISIS । RAHUL GANDHI16.10.202213670600.00$
Gujarat Opinion Poll - Can AAP do an upset in Elections? । BJP GUJARAT । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । ASHUTOSH15.10.202211311300.00$
How did hunger doubled during Modi rule? । GLOBAL HUNGER INDEX । INDIA GHI RANK15.10.20222059900.00$
आलोक जोशी और आशुतोष से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । ASHUTOSH15.10.2022156730108,25$
Is Rahul more relevant after 1000 kms Yatra? । BHARAT JODO YATRA । CONGRESS CRISIS15.10.20228298500.00$
Why is BJP holding a meet on Pasmanda Muslims? । HINDU MUSLIM POLITICS । 2024 ELECTIONS15.10.2022321900.00$
Does Gujarat look difficult for BJP this time? । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । AAM AADMI PARTY15.10.20224647000.00$
Gyanvapi: Whose gain, whose loss in Denial of carbon dating? । VARANASI COURT । SHIVLING15.10.20221228600.00$
Opinion Poll in Himachal Pradesh - BJP repeat or upset by congress! । HIMACHAL ELECTIONS । ASHUTOSH14.10.20224471800.00$
Why did EC postpone the Gujarat election? । ELECTION COMMISSION । BJP । AAP GUJARAT14.10.20228537600.00$
Can Priyanka win Himachal for Congress? । HIMACHAL ELECTIONS 2022 । CONGRESS CRISIS14.10.20223524500.00$
Gyanwapi case: Carbon dating disallowed, setback for Hindus । VARANASI COURT । GYANVAPI VERDICT14.10.20221173800.00$
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Gujarat Elections: Is AAP really denting BJP’s support base? । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । PM MODI । ASHUTOSH13.10.20227047800,00$
Did EC discriminate against Uddhav? । SHIVSENA SYMBOL । EKNATH SHINDE । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS13.10.20224511300.00$
Will Vande Bharat help Modi win elections? । MODI HIMACHAL RALLY । GUJARAT ELECTIONS13.10.20222499200.00$
Does AAP have an edge over BJP in Gujarat? । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । ARVIND KEJRIWAL13.10.20222024200.00$
Split verdict on Hijab: Complexity deepens । HIJAB BAN । SUPREME COURT13.10.20222658900.00$
Who will succeed Mulayam in Mainpuri Lok Sabha ? । MULAYAM SINGH DEATH । AKHILESH YADAV13.10.20222677900.00$
Global Recession - World economy in great crisis, Will India survive? । INDIA ECONOMY । ASHUTOSH12.10.20223502900,00$
Why is Amit Shah attacking Nitish? । BIHAR POLITICS । JDU RJD ALLIANCE । BJP BIHAR12.10.20223954701,99$
Is Uddhav Thackeray outpowering Eknath Shinde? । SHIVSENA SYMBOL । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS12.10.20222412200.00$
Is Kharge Sonia's selected candidate? । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । SHASHI THAROOR12.10.2022423100.00$
Ganguly out of BCCI, is this political vendetta by Amit Shah? । BCCI PRESIDENT । JAY SHAH12.10.20223112500.00$
Will Shashi Tharoor become another Jitin Prasad? । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । SONIA GANDHI12.10.20222744300.00$
Why BJP leaders are free to make Hate Speech! । PRAVESH SINGH VERMA । ASHUTOSH । BJP RSS11.10.20223662600.00$
Is Modi scared of Congress? । BHARAT JODO YATRA । BJP । ARVIND KEJRIWAL11.10.20227042400.00$
गुजरात ने मोदी और केजरीवाल की नूरा कुश्ती ! । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । ARVIND KEJRIWAL11.10.20224299300.00$
Why can't PM Modi reign in his hate spreading MPs? । PRAVESH SINGH VERMA । HATE SPEECH11.10.20222196700.00$
Is Modi getting jitters because of Kejriwal in Gujarat? । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । AAM AADMI PARTY11.10.20224952200.00$
Why BJP hated Mulayam? । MULAYAM SINGH YADAV । SAMAJWADI PARTY । ASHUTOSH10.10.20224289900.00$
Will Modi take any action against VHP? । HATE SPEECH । HINDUTVA । BJP RSS10.10.20227587200.00$
Mulayam Singh Yadav's demise leaves a big void. message and the man । SAMAJWADI PARTY । NETAJI10.10.20222120200.00$
Can Akhilesh continue Mulayam's legacy? । MULAYAM SINGH YADAV । SAMAJWADI PARTY10.10.20221792900.00$
Uddhav challenges EC's decision on freezing the symbol । SHIVSENA CRISIS । EKNATH SHINDE10.10.2022587500.00$
AAP & BJP's double speak on Ambedkar reeks of oppurtunism । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । DELHI POLITICS10.10.20224881100.00$
Do Hindi writer consider children’s literature inferior? । HINDI BOOKS । INDIAN ARTS AND CULTURE09.10.2022222300.00$
EC freezes Shiv Sena symbol: what will be the impact? । UDDHAV THACKERAY । EKNATH SHINDE09.10.20222109800.00$
Is Kejriwal's Hindu Card a failure? । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । AAM AADMI PARTY । BJP09.10.20223891400.00$
Will Bhagwat succeed in changing RSS? Will BJP follow him? । CASTE SYSTEM । HINDUTVA । ASHUTOSH08.10.20223758600,00$
Was President Murmu's comment on Gujarat salt right? । DRAUPADI MURMU । CONGRESS08.10.20225539500.00$
अंबरीश कुमार और शीतल पी सिंह से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । SHEETAL P SINGH08.10.202212030057,58$
Is Kejriwal anti hindu? । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । AAM AADMI PARTY । BJP08.10.20223287600.00$
Life of a Civil Servant, thrills and challenges । ANIL SWARUP । BOOK REVIEW08.10.2022890600.00$
Shashi Tharoor : Party should change its functioning! । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । SONIA GANDHI । ASHUTOSH07.10.20224038700.00$
Why do rioters have a free hand in Modi rule? । HINDUTVA POLITICS । HATE SPEECH07.10.20223753600.00$
Can Rahul Gandhi's yatra yield dividend in the Cow Belt? । CONGRESS CRISIS । BHARAT JODO YATRA07.10.20224723400.00$
Uddhav Thackeray wins over Shinde group at Dusshera Rally? । SHIVSENA CRISIS । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS07.10.20221907300.00$
Controversy over mass conversion of hindus । AAM AADMI PARTY । BJP । BUDDHISM07.10.20224527500.00$
Amit Shah's claims on Kashmir: Truth vs Hype । JAMMU KASHMIR ELECTIONS । ARTICLE 37007.10.20221265700.00$
Sangeet Som’s call to take to arms is not terrorism ?07.10.20222090900.00$
With Bharat Jodo Yatra, Is Rahul’s brand image changing! । CONGRESS CRISIS । SONIA GANDHI । ASHUTOSH06.10.20227911200.00$
Who won the Battle: Uddhav or Shinde? । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS । SHIVSENA । DUSSHERA RALLY06.10.20224775700.00$
5.6 crore Indians plunged into poverty in 2020: World Bank । INDIAN ECONOMY06.10.20221725500.00$
सोनिया गांधी भी सड़क पर उतरीं ! ।SONIA GANDHI । CONGRESS । BHARAT JODO YATRA06.10.20225018000.00$
Shinde vs Uddhav on Dussehra: Why? । MAHARASHRA POLITICS । SHIVSENA06.10.2022318600.00$
Sonia joins Bharat Jodo yatra : Can she activate Mission South ?06.10.20223817100.00$
Who controls the Election Commission । EC । BJP । PM MODI । SUPREME COURT06.10.20224238200.00$
Bharat Jodo Yatra : Rahul from Pappu to politician! । CONGRESS CRISIS । RAHUL GANDHI । ASHUTOSH04.10.20226776300.00$
Why media is not giving due coverage to Bharat Jodo Yatra? । GODI MEDIA । RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS04.10.20228214900.00$
Who and why needed journalists' character certificates for PM Modi's rally? । HIMACHAL BJP04.10.20221354900.00$
भारत जोड़ो यात्रा ने बदली संघ की भाषा! । BHARAT JODO YATRA। RSS । BJP04.10.20222480400.00$
Is Amit Shah trying to divert attention in Kashmir? । BJP JAMMU KASHMIR । KASHMIR TERRORISM04.10.20221629000.00$
Priyanka gives UP Cong to those imported from BSP । UP POLITICS । CONGRESS CRISIS04.10.20224460000,00$
Opinion Poll - Can BJP win again in Gujarat? । GUJARAT ELECTIONS 2022 । AAP GUJARAT । ASHUTOSH03.10.202210946700.00$
Opinion Polls: is this ground reality in Gujarat? । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । BJP । AAP GUJARAT03.10.20228686500.00$
Mission 2024: Inflation and poverty posing challenge for BJP? । DATTATREYA HOSABALE । PM MODI03.10.20223512000.00$
Rahul Gandhi gets viral addressing crowd in pouring rain । BHARAT JODO YATRA । CONGRESS03.10.20229506300.00$
Impact of Sonia joining Bharat Jodo Yatra । RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS CRISIS03.10.20221449700.00$
Opinion poll: AAP is far behind in Gujarat । GUJARAT ELECTIONS 2022 । BJP । ARVIND KEJRIWAL03.10.20229727200.00$
Why is RSS disgruntled with Modi on it's economic policies? । DATTATREYA HOSABALE । UNEMPLOYMENT03.10.20222393100.00$
Why is RSS speaking Rahul Gandhi’s language? । DATTATREYA HOSABALE । UNEMPLOYMENT03.10.20226838100.00$
How important is protection of power and business houses? । HINDI WRITERS । INDIAN ARTS AND CULTURE02.10.2022621000.00$
Can Congress win assembly elections in Rajasthan! । ASHOK GEHLOT । BHARAT JODO YATRA । ASHUTOSH01.10.20227836400,00$
Will Congress high command remove Gehlot? । SACHIN PILOT । RAJASTHAN CM01.10.20222835600.00$
आशुतोष और अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ASHUTOSH01.10.202217489079,04$
गहलोत मुख्यमंत्री बने रहेंगे या हटेंगे ? । CONGRESS CRISIS । RAJASTHAN CM01.10.20222749200.00$
Is SC ruling on abortion a ray of hope? । SUPREME COURT । ABORTION LAW IN INDIA01.10.2022111300.00$
Is Yogi scared of Satyapal Mallick? । SHAMLI RALLY । UP BJP । SEC 144 IMPOSED01.10.20225931300.00$
High Court stops UP govt from saving rapist sadhu । SWAMI CHINMAYANAND । YOGI ADITYANATH01.10.20223016700.00$
Congress Elections: Will Kharge be game changer for Congress! । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । ASHUTOSH30.09.20225039900.00$
Will Kharge be game changer for the Congress? । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । SHASHI THAROOR30.09.20223043700.00$
Is Bharat Jodo Yatra getting popular in BJP ruled states? । RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS PRESIDENT30.09.202212066600.00$
Tharoor vs Kharge: Do Gandhi's still hold the string? । SONIA GANDHI । CONGRESS PRESIDENT30.09.2022685200.00$
Will Kharge be a Gandhi Rubberstamp? । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । SHASHI THAROOR30.09.20222512400.00$
Will Kharge become JP Nadda of Congress? । DIGVIJAY SINGH । CONGRESS PRESIDENT30.09.20224591500.00$
Congress Crisis: Why Gehlot apologised to Sonia! । SACHIN PILOT । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । ASHUTOSH29.09.20228334000.00$
Is it risky for the Congress to bet on Digvijay? । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । SONIA GANDHI । ASHOK GEHLOT29.09.20225734700.00$
With Digvijay in race for president, will Gehlot lose Jaipur too? । CONGRESS CRISIS । RAJASTHAN CM29.09.20224502600.00$
Is Gandhi family supporting Digvijay Singh । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । ASHOK GEHLOT । SONIA GANDHI29.09.20223660800.00$
Gehlot's gameplan: Say sorry , and save the CM chair । SACHIN PILOT । CONGRESS । SONIA GANDHI29.09.20221852900.00$
Gehlot out of the Prez race : is this Sonia's masterstroke ? । ASHOK GEHLOT29.09.20225567100.00$
This Bihar IAS officer deserves punishment? । HARJOT KAUR । TEJASHWI YADAV29.09.20221705400.00$
Congress: if not Gehlot, then Digvijay as President! । CONGRESS LEADERSHIP । SONIA GANDHI । ASHUTOSH28.09.20227322000.00$
Should Congress follow the Modi Model? । CONGRESS CRISIS । RAHUL GANDHI । SONIA GANDHI28.09.20223167500.00$
Who in congress is responsible for the Rajasthan fiasco? । SACHIN PILOT । CONGRESS । ASHOK GEHLOT28.09.20225934000,00$
मुख्यमंत्री बने रहेंगे अशोक गहलोत ? । ASHOK GEHLOT । SACHIN PILOT । CONGRESS28.09.20224059200.00$
Final match between Gehlot & Pilot: Who's the winner? । CONGRESS CRISIS । RAJASTHAN CM28.09.20221495900.00$
PFI banned, will govt do the same for RSS? । POPULAR FRONT OF INDIA । BJP28.09.20223523500.00$
Has Congress High Command become Low command? । ASHOK GEHLOT । SONIA GANDHI28.09.20223262200.00$
Rajasthan Crisis - Will Gehlot still be Congress president? । SACHIN PILOT । RAJASTHAN CM । ASHUTOSH27.09.20226909000.00$
Should Rahul take over as President? । CONGRESS LEADERSHIP । GEHLOT VS PILOT । SONIA GANDHI27.09.20225289100.00$
Gehlot fiasco may cost congress a lot? । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । SACHIN PILOT27.09.20225446300.00$
Will congress lose Rajasthan too? । ASHOK GEHLOT । SACHIN PILOT । CONGRESS27.09.20223551800.00$
How will High Command diffuse the Rajasthan crisis? । SACHIN PILOT । RAJASTHAN CM27.09.20221720300.00$
Is Gehlot out of the party President race? । SACHIN PILOT । CONGRESS CRISIS । RAHUL GANDHI27.09.20226699500.00$
Ankita Murder : is it eyewash so far ? । UTTRAKHAND MURDER CASE । BJP । RISHIKESH27.09.20221385300.00$
Should Gehlot still be the president? । SACHIN PILOT । RAJASTHAN CM । ASHUTOSH26.09.20227337500.00$
Is Gandhi family responsible for the Rajasthan crisis? । ASHOK GEHLOT । RAJASTHAN CM । SACHIN PILOT26.09.20226583900.00$
Uttarakhand enraged over Ankita murder. Trouble for Dhami Govt? । PULKIT ARYA । VANANTRA RESORT26.09.20222320400.00$
Who will be next CM of Rajasthan? । RAJASTHAN CONGRESS । SACHIN PILOT । ASHOK GEHLOT26.09.20223824100.00$
Gehlot won or lost with this move? । SACHIN PILOT । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । RAJASTHAN CM26.09.20221086100.00$
Gehlot outsmarts Gandhi's: Who is the real boss? । SACHIN PILOT । CONGRESS PRESIDENT26.09.20224379600.00$
Can Gehlot-Sachin war lead to Punjab 2 in Jaipur? । RAJASTHAN POLITICS । CONGRESS CRISIS26.09.20225447200.00$
Gehlot’s challenge to Gandhi’s, 92 MLAs resign । RAJASTHAN CONGRESS । SACHIN PILOT । ASHUTOSH25.09.202215155700.00$
Why did writer's associations become ineffective? I WRITERS ASSOCIATION I INDIAN LITERATURE25.09.2022388600.00$
Pilot or someone else for Rajasthan CM? । ASHOK GEHLOT । CONGRES PRESIDENT25.09.20221485700.00$
Is opposition front possible without Congress? । 2024 LOKSABHA ELECTIONS । BJP25.09.20223528500.00$
Will Congress gain due to Bharat Jodo/president election? । 2024 ELECTIONS । RAHUL GANDHI । ASHUTOSH24.09.202211229600.00$
Will Dussehra rally prove Uddhav’s power? । SHIVSENA । EKNATH SHINDE । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS24.09.20223133900.00$
आलोक जोशी अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ALOK JOSHI24.09.202212963056,17$
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How will India deal with the economic crisis?24.09.2022673900.00$
Ankita Murder Controversy deepens, Smriti Irani silent । UTTARAKHAND BJP । PULKIT ARYA24.09.20225850100.00$
Gehlot Vs Pilot: Will Sachin be CM? । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । RAHUL GANDHI । ASHUTOSH23.09.20223954700.00$
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SC livid with TV on Hate Speech! Govt is mute spectator! । SUPREME COURT । GODI MEDIA । ASHUTOSH22.09.20223939200.00$
Why is Bhagwat wooing Muslims? । RSS BJP । MOHAN BHAGWAT । PASMANDA MUSLIMS22.09.20224186500.00$
Will SC put an end to hate speech on news channels? । GODI MEDIA । SUPREME COURT22.09.20222375300.00$
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Amit Shah tightens the noose on PFI? । NIA RAIDS । POPULAR FRONT OF INDIA । BJP22.09.20222733500.00$
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Modi Govt’s brazen misuse - ED used 95% ag opposition! । CBI RAIDS । OPPOSITION LEADERS । ASHUTOSH21.09.20222989300.00$
How CBI, ED broke UPA’s record? । CBI ED RAIDS । OPPOSITION LEADERS । PM MODI21.09.20222613200.00$
Will Allahabad student protests affect Purvanchal? । ALLAHABAD UNVIERSITY । BJP21.09.20223083600.00$
Will Ashok Gehlot leave his CM post for Congress President? । CONGRESS CRISIS । SACHIN PILOT21.09.20221061000.00$
Will Rahul crumble under Gehlot's pressure? । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । SHASHI THAROOR21.09.20225534300.00$
What is Yogi’s model of democracy in UP? । UP MODEL OF GOVERNANCE । BJP21.09.20221288800.00$
Suspense intensified, Watch Gehlot’s next move! । CONGRESS PRESIDENT । SHASHI THAROOR । ASHUTOSH20.09.20224433900.00$
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Ashok Gehlot, Congress's social engineering? । SHASHI THAROOR । RAHUL GANDHI20.09.20223455800.00$
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Chandigarh MMS case: The true picture । CHANDIGARH UNIVERSITY CASE19.09.20222701600.00$
How true is Yogi’s claim on “exemplary” UP’s law and order? । UP CRIME RATE । NCRB DATA19.09.20221571200.00$
Who wants to covet pulp fiction? । INDIAN LITERATURE । HINDI WRITERS । INDIAN ARTS AND CULTURE18.09.2022453900.00$
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अंबरीश कुमार और शीतल पी सिंह से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । SHEETAL P SINGH17.09.202218448070,89$
Has Congress changed after Bharat Jodo Yatra? । RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS CRISIS17.09.202211288200.00$
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PM Modi's love for Cheetahs: A new era । MODI BIRTHDAY । PROJECT CHEETAH । BJP17.09.20222680100.00$
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Lakhimpur rape & Murder: Can Yogi do justice? । UP RAPE CASE । UP POLICE15.09.2022349600.00$
Operation Lotus Punjab: is it a high pitched drama? । AAM AADMI PARTY । PUNJAB POLITICS15.09.20221748400.00$
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Congress splits in Goa, AAP accuses BJP of giving 25 crores! । GOA POLITICS । ASHUTOSH14.09.20224252900.00$
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BJP's two faced Act on Democracy! । SAMAJWADI PARTY । BJP BENGAL14.09.20222036100,00$
Journalist Kappan remains in jail even after SC bail । HATHRAS RAPE । UP POLICE14.09.2022798500.00$
2024 : Kejriwal sabotaging opposition unity! । AAM AADMI PARTY । LOKSABHA ELECTIONS । ASHUTOSH13.09.20227573300.00$
Is the EWS quota a fraud on the constitution? । SUPREME COURT । RESERVATION POLICY13.09.20222309500.00$
SC to decide: Reservation on caste or class? । SUPREME COURT । ECONOMIC RESERVATION13.09.20224712600.00$
Will Kejriwal help BJP win Gujarat । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । AAP13.09.20227028800.00$
"Gyanvapi order unconstitutional": Sanjay Hegde । KASHI VISHWANATH । VARANASI COURT13.09.2022452000.00$
Will Gyanvapi order open a new chapter of Hindutva? । KASHI VISHWANATH । VARANASI COURT13.09.20221775400.00$
Why Yogi’s bulldozer spares corrupt IAS & PCS officers? । UP BJP । PM MODI13.09.20221284700.00$
Gyanvapi case - how will It impact BJP’s Politics! । VARANASI COURT । KASHI VISHWANATH । ASHUTOSH12.09.20223663400,00$
Gyanvapi case: Is this a big win for Astha or Pandora's box? । VARANASI COURT । HINDUTVA POLITICS12.09.20222053700.00$
राहुल पर झूठ बोलकर फंस गई स्मृति ईरानी ! । SMRITI IRANI । CONGRESS । RAHUL । BJP12.09.202214275300.00$
Will Gyanvapi order lead to social frenzy? । VARANASI COURT । HINDU RASHTRA12.09.2022917300.00$
What will be the impact of Gyanwapi order? । VARANASI COURT । RSS । HINDUTVA POLITICS12.09.20222232300.00$
Is Modi ‘Ram Bharose’ for 2024? । 2024 LOKSABHA ELECTIONS । BJP । RAM MANDIR12.09.20225023900.00$
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What is in different religions? । COMMUNAL VIOLENCE । UNITY IN DIVERSITY11.09.2022606100.00$
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Will media make Rahul's Bharat Jodo Yatra unsuccessful? । CONGRESS । GODI MEDIA10.09.20229025100.00$
आलोक जोशी अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ALOK JOSHI10.09.202211579049,17$
Are rebel MLAs trying to leave Congress? । RAHUL GANDHI । BHARAT JODO YATRA10.09.20225342900.00$
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BJP rattled by Rahul Gandhi's shoes & T shirts? । BHARAT JODO YATRA । CONGRESS10.09.20225718800.00$
Is BJP going on back foot in Bilqis Bano case? । SUPREME COURT । GUJARAT RIOTS10.09.20222785000.00$
Can Opposition unity stop BJP’s juggernaut in 2024? । NITISH KUMAR । THIRD FRONT । ASHUTOSH09.09.20225865700.00$
Who are attacking Brahmastra and why? । BOYCOTT BRAHMASTRA । BOLLYWOOD । RANBIR KAPOOR09.09.20222979100.00$
SC grants bail to Kappan after two years. Jolt to Yogi regime? । KERALA JOURNALIST । UP BJP09.09.20222677100.00$
Will changing name change the history? । KARTAVYAPATH । SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE STATUE09.09.20221731700.00$
Kappan granted bail after two yrs: will lessons be learnt? । SUPREME COURT । BAIL LAW09.09.2022766000.00$
Will Modi be routed by Mamata & Nitish? । OPPOSITION UNITY । THIRD FRONT । 2024 ELECTIONS09.09.20222431000.00$
Why was President Murmu absent at Kartavya path mega show? । BJP । PM MODI09.09.20227790100.00$
Why Govt is angry with Teesta? Does she defame Hindutva! । GUJARAT RIOTS । SUPREME COURT । ASHUTOSH08.09.20221482200,00$
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Modi and Kejriwal eyeing the same target? । CONGRESS । AAM AADMI PARTY । ALOK JOSHI08.09.20225645000.00$
Is opposition becoming a trouble for Modi? । 2024 ELECTIONS । NITISH KUMAR । BHARAT JODO YATRA08.09.20224897100.00$
Is Kartavyapath a symbol of a dictatorial govt? । CENTRAL VISTA । PM MODI08.09.20223572400.00$
Can Akhilesh do a Nitish in UP? । UP POLITICS । SAMAJWADI PARTY । YOGI ADITYANATH08.09.20222364200.00$
Will Bharat Jodo Yatra change Rahul’s image? । CONGRESS CRISIS । 2024 LOKSABHA ELECTIONS07.09.20227756600.00$
How can Bharat Jodo Yatra change Rahul, Congress and India's politics? । CONGRESS CRISIS07.09.20223338100.00$
Can Rahul revive Congress with Bharat Jodo? । BHARAT JODO YATRA । CONGRESS CRISIS । BJP07.09.20222989600.00$
IT raids across 50 locations, is BJP desperate? । OPPOSITION PARTIES । DELHI EXCISE POLICY07.09.20222213700.00$
Bharat Jodo Yatra: Do or die for Rahul? । CONGRESS CRISIS । SONIA GANDHI । 2024 ELECTIONS07.09.20224282800.00$
Corruption will lead to more fires like Levana । LUCKNOW HOTEL । UP GOVERNMENT07.09.2022743000.00$
Nitish meets opposition leaders: Will Kejriwal be stumbling block? । THIRD FRONT । ASHUTOSH06.09.20227052200.00$
Why is Modi not getting Sisodia arrested? । DELHI EXCISE POLICY । AAM AADMI PARTY06.09.20224593100.00$
Is Nitish a challenger or kingmaker vs Modi in 2024? । OPPOSITION UNITY । THIRD FRONT06.09.20222907400.00$
राहुल की भारत जोड़ो यात्रा कितना जोड़ेगी देश को ? । RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS । BHARAT JODO YATRA06.09.20222099400.00$
Khatter's own minister revolts against him and his party JJP । DEVENDRA BABLI । HARYANA CORRUTION06.09.2022778600.00$
Nitish's Main Front, a reality or political Mirage? । OPPOSITION UNITY । NITISH KEJRIWAL MEETING06.09.20222443100.00$
Will ED or CBI now knock at Uddhav’s door? । AMIT SHAH । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS06.09.20223267800.00$
Gujarat Elections : Kejriwal vs Modi vs Rahul । AAM AADMI PARTY । BJP । ASHUTOSH05.09.20228128600.00$
Will Nitish become a threat to Modi? । OPPOSITION UNITY । THIRD FRONT । 2024 ELECTIONS05.09.20224846000,00$
Is Gujarat a trouble for BJP this time? । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । AAM AADMI PARTY05.09.20227786400.00$
Has Rahul Gandhi accepted Nitish as leader of opposition? । THIRD FRONT । CONGRESS । 2024 ELECTIONS05.09.20225654500.00$
Has Rahul made a good start? । CONGRESS PROTESTS । BHARAT JODO YATRA05.09.20225514000.00$
Where does tribal discourse and literature stand? । INDIAN LITERATURE । HINDI BOOKS04.09.2022252000.00$
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Is this a big achievement of Indian economy? । PM MODI । 5 TRILLION ECONOMY03.09.20222980200.00$
आशुतोष और अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ASHUTOSH03.09.202213775047,05$
Which party will Kejriwal harm in Gujarat? । AAP । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । CONGRESS03.09.20229547300,00$
Will Ashok Chavan quit congress? । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS । DEVENDRA FADANVIS03.09.2022588900.00$
Biography of a writer rebel soldier lover the many lives of AGYEYA । AKSHAYA MUKUL ।03.09.2022271500.00$
Will BJP annihilate Nitish completely? । BIHAR POLITICS । RJD JDU ALLIANCE । BJP MANIPUR03.09.20223346500.00$
Bharat Jodo Yatra - Can it resurrect Rahul’s political career? । CONGRESS CRISIS । ASHUTOSH02.09.20227633103,69$
Nitish's sharp attack on Modi, but why Mamta soft on RSS? । OPPOSITION UNITY । THIRD FRONT02.09.20225735100.00$
Head on collision between Delhi's Kejriwal Govt and Lt Governor. How long? । AAM AADMI PARTY02.09.20223214100.00$
Is Nitish trying to corner Modi? । BIHAR POLITICS । OPPOSITION UNITY । BJP02.09.20223888800.00$
Teesa gets interim bail, SC asks tough question from Gujrat HC । TEESTA SETALVAD02.09.2022572000.00$
Why is BJP and Congress defending Lingayat Seer? । KARNATAKA MUTT CASE । POCSO ACT02.09.2022773400.00$
Mamata’s praise for RSS? । HINDUTVA POLITICS । ASADUDDIN OWAISI02.09.20222814700.00$
KCR meets Nitish - Targets BJP Mukt Bharat! । OPPOSITION UNITY । PM MODI । ASHUTOSH01.09.20229473900.00$
Will Nitish join hands with Congress? । OPPOSITION UNITY । BJP । KCR BIHAR VISIT01.09.20225576400.00$
Will Modi government arrest Medha Patkar? । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । BHUPENDRA PATEL31.08.20222599400.00$
Kejriwal Vs BJP : Will AAP GOVT survive! । AAM AADMI PARTY । LIQUOR POLICY । ASHUTOSH31.08.202219117700.00$
Is Modi making Kejriwal Hero? । AAM AADMI PARTY । BJP । DELHI EXCISE POLICY31.08.202212632200.00$
India's GDP @13.5% grows fastest in a year. Is it a cause for celebration?31.08.20225244800.00$
Is Modi scared of Kejriwal? । AAM AADMI PARTY । CBI RAID । EXCISE POLICY31.08.20227223100.00$
Justice for Bilkis Bano । GUJARAT RIOTS । GODHRA JAIL । SUPREME COURT31.08.2022339100.00$
Sonia grilled by ED, Opposition attacks Govt । CONGRESS PROTESTS । RAHUL GANDHI । ASHUTOSH26.07.20225304300.00$
What statements of Rajnath and Gadkari indicate? । NITIN GADKARI । RAJNATH PRAISES NEHRU26.07.20228883400.00$
Trouble already brewing in Maharashtra's Shinde -BJP Govt? । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS26.07.20223524300.00$
राहुल गांधी फिर सड़क पर उतरे । RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS । SONIA GANDHI26.07.20222478500.00$
Congress 4 MPs suspended by speaker, no debate on price rise ! । KUMAR KETKAR । CONGRESS25.07.20222494600.00$
Politics or patriotism, what is behind the Tiranga campaign? BJP । PM MODI । CONGRESS25.07.20223504200.00$
What is the newspaper vs bar dispute? । SMRITI IRANI । NATIONAL HERALD CASE । CONGRESS25.07.20223898700.00$
Government shying from a discussion on price rise? । CONGRESS MP SUSPENDED । GST HIKE25.07.2022605700.00$
Will Madam President move beyond tokenism? । DRAUPADI MURMU । PRESIDENT ELECTION 202225.07.20221406600.00$
Has the scope of Dalit discourse been narrowed? । INDIAN ARTS AND CULTURE । HINDI LITERATURE24.07.2022739500.00$
Why is BJP trying to woo Pasmanda Muslims? । BJP MUSLIM POLITICS । BACKWARD MUSLIMS24.07.20221499700.00$
Abortion laws in India: Reproductive rights of women violated । SUPREME COURT । WOMEN HEALTH24.07.2022460700.00$
The new committee on Farming is panacea? । MSP । FARMERS । BJP24.07.20221124600.00$
Chief Justice Ramana criticises TV- they are Kangaroo Courts! । NV RAMANA । GODI MEDIA । ASHUTOSH23.07.20225372600.00$
Who will stop Kangaroo Courts Justice Ramana? । CJI NV RAMANA । GODI MEDIA23.07.20225202500.00$
मुकेश कुमार और अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । MUKESH KUMAR । AMBRISH KUMAR23.07.20227736047,56$
Will Modi eliminate the opposition? । BJP। CONGRESS । NARENDRA MODI23.07.20222801200.00$
Akhilesh & OP Rajbhar get divorced: What's next? । SAMAJWADI PARTY । SUHELDEV SAMAJ PARTY23.07.2022391100.00$
Why was Farmers' Movement important for the country?23.07.2022571700.00$
No opposition: BJP headed for one nation one party । ARPITA MUKHERJEE । TMC । ED RAID23.07.20222752000.00$
Can Yogi turn UP into a $1 Trillion economy? । UP BJP । UP INFRASTRUCTURE23.07.2022917200.00$
Mamata’s ego, no vote for opposition’s candidate Alva । VICE PRESIDENT ELECTION । TMC । ASHUTOSH22.07.20225960800,49$
Will Modi send Sisodia Jail? । MANISH SISODIA CBI । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । DELHI LIQUOR POLICY22.07.20227214000.00$
Is anyone from opposition backing Modi? । MAMATA BANERJEE । UDDHAV THACKERAY22.07.20222815400.00$
Will Manish Sisodia now be arrested? । DELHI LIQUOR POLICY । CBI । AAM AADMI PARTY22.07.2022718100.00$
Mamata's dual game with BJP & Congress: what's on her mind? । TMC । VICE PRESIDENT ELECTION22.07.20223552200.00$
UP govt’s claims on expressways belied । BUNDELKHAND EXPRESSWAY । YOGI ADITYANATH22.07.20221798300.00$
Sonia grilled by ED: Witch-hunt or investigation! । NATIONAL HERALD CASE । CONGRESS । ASHUTOSH21.07.20226154100.00$
Who got freebies who became rich? । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । MODI । FREEBIES POLITICS21.07.20224223200.00$
President election: Opposition fails to challenge Modi's politics । DRAUPADI MURMU । YASHWANT SINHA21.07.20224959100.00$
Will Mamata defeat Modi in 2024? । 2024 LOKSABHA ELECTIONS । BJP । TMC21.07.20223770200.00$
Why LG rejected Kejriwal's visit to Singapore? । VINAI KUMAR SAXENA । AAP21.07.2022364800.00$
Congress Satyagrah for Sonia: Will it damage the party? । SONIA GANDHI ED । NATIONAL HERALD CASE21.07.20223046400.00$
What is behind UP Minister’s resignation? । YOGI ADITYANATH । DINESH KHATIK । BJP21.07.20222637500.00$
Now MPs ditch Thackeray, Will Shiv Sena survive! । UDDHAV THACKERAY । ASHUTOSH । SUPREME COURT20.07.20226352300.00$
Will Uddhav be able to win legal battle? । SHIVSENA CRISIS । EKNATH SHINDE । SUPREME COURT20.07.20225470700.00$
SC Ordered timebound release and Disbands UP SIT on Zubair । MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR CASE । SUPREME COURT20.07.20224901200.00$
JITIN PRASAD की छुट्टी कब होगी ? । BJP । CONGRESS20.07.20223752600.00$
SC finally rescues Zubair! । MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR UP BAIL । SUPREME COURT20.07.20221879900.00$
Super rich migrating from India: is it a sign of worry? । INDIANS IN FOREIGN । HOME MINISTRY20.07.20222813303,40$
Agniveer or Jativeer? Govt vs Opposition? Why fight again! । AGNIVEER CASTE ROW । ASHUTOSH19.07.202235053019,42$
Is the MSP committee an eyewash? । FARM LAWS । BJP । FARMERS PROTESTS19.07.20222727800.00$
Where are the moneymaking opportunities? How Edelweiss Focussed Equity Fund can help?19.07.20221030500.00$
Yogi's warning on the politics of Lulu Mall ! । UP । HINDU-MUSLIM19.07.20222835200.00$
Under no circumstances will the police arrest । NUPUR SHARMA । SUPREME COURT19.07.2022933100.00$
Rupee @ 80: Can the government arrest this fall? । RUPEE VS DOLLAR । INDIAN ECONOMY19.07.20222193400.00$
SC only hope for Zubair । MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR । DELHI POLICE । SUPREME COURT19.07.20222212800.00$
Draupadi Murmu, Next President Opposition has no strategy । PRESIDENT ELECTION । BJP । ASHUTOSH18.07.202212875100.00$
GST: Isn’t this a ruthless step Modiji? । FOOD INFLATION । GST RATES HIKE । GST COUNCIL18.07.20223861200.00$
What does BJP need of Muslim leaders now? । VICE PRESDENT । MUKHTAR ABBAS NAQVI18.07.20222847600.00$
Will Zubair get relief from SC? । MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR । DELHI POLICE । SUPREME COURT18.07.20221108600.00$
GST hiked on food items, Are these Acche Din? I GST COUNCIL I MILK PRICES I FOOD INFLATION18.07.20223013000.00$
Is Mayawati worried about her wealth now? । BSP । UP POLITICS18.07.20222607300.00$
Have our writers lost their fighting spirit? । HINDI LITERATURE । INDIAN ARTS AND CULTURE17.07.2022348100,47$
Operation Lotus in Jharkhand? Soren Govt on target! । HEMANT SOREN । BJP । ASHUTOSH16.07.20224341300.00$
Had Sonia hatched a conspiracy to remove Modi? I GUJARAT ELECTIONS I TEESTA SETELVAD I MODI16.07.20224001700.00$
आलोक जोशी और आशुतोष से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । ASHUTOSH16.07.202213524078,58$
Why 'Antim Jan's latest issue is based on Savarkar? । MAHATAMA GANDHI । BJP16.07.20221527600.00$
Modi vs Kejriwal in Revdi Culture। ARVIND KEJRIWAL । NARENDRA MODI16.07.2022354000.00$
Will Mamata/KCR be able to compete with Modi? । SENSEX KSHETRIYA DALON KA । । BOOK REVIEW16.07.20222080500.00$
Teesta conspired against Modi: find out the truth! । AHMAD PATEL । GUJARAT POLITICS16.07.20223143900.00$
Why Hindu-Muslim politics over LULU mall? । LUCKNOW MALL NAMAZ । RELIGIOUS POLITICS16.07.20223114200.00$
Zubair Gets bail, Court says Voice of dissent necessary‘ । DELHI COURT । MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR । ASHUTOSH15.07.20222893300,00$
What is the controversy over the comparison of RSS and PFI? I POPULAR FRONT OF INDIA I PATNA SP15.07.20223717600.00$
Is Rishi Sunak the next British Prime Minister? । BRITISH POLITICS । BORIS JOHNSON RESIGNATION15.07.2022899100.00$
Injustice with the amount of fine on Gandhian Himanshu Kumar?। SUPREME COURT । VIJAY MALYA15.07.20223887900.00$
Trouble mounts for Mahinda Rajapaksa । SRI LANKA CRISIS । EMERGENCY IN SRI LANKA15.07.2022314200.00$
No protest in Parliament circular leaves opposition red faced । PARLIAMENT PROTEST BAN । BJP15.07.20222709300.00$
Speaking truth has cost dear to Zubair! । MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR । SUPREME COURT15.07.20222637500,00$
Jumlajeevi, Tanashah are Unparliamentary words. Why? । LOKSABHA WORDS BAN । MODI । ASHUTOSH14.07.20226920600.00$
Constitution is being crushed! I GANDHIAN HIMANSHU KUMAR I MEDHA PATKAR I SUPREME COURT14.07.20223684900.00$
Srilanka crisis: Is the worst over after Rajapaksa fled? । SRI LANKA ECONOMIC CRISIS14.07.2022795700.00$
Jaichand and Shakuni banned in Parliament! । UNPARLIAMENTARY WORDS । LOKSABHA14.07.20221848600.00$
When will political uncertainty end in Sri Lanka? । SRI LANKA ECONOMIC CRISIS । GOTABAYA RAJAPAKSA14.07.2022133500.00$
Modi's new dictionary, censor order for Parliamentarians । BJP । JUMLAJEEVI । PARLIAMENT WORDS BAN14.07.20223033100.00$
Killing of woman by pet dog: who is responsible? । PITBULL DOG । LUKCNOW MUNICIPAL CORPORATION14.07.20221753300.00$
Will Modi make Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi next Vice-President? । VICE PRESIDENT CANDIDATE । ASHUTOSH । BJP13.07.20221603800.00$
Sri Lanka : Protesters in PM House, Gotabaya Fled country । SRI LANKA CRISIS । ASHUTOSH13.07.20221817300.00$
Why BJP is attacking Hamid Ansari? । NUSRAT MIRZA । INDIAN EX VICE PRESIDENT13.07.20223496800.00$
Run on chinese banks? Why are banks not paying depositors in China? । CHINA ECONOMY13.07.20223234500.00$
Now Modi remembered the Muslims?। BJP । NARENDRA MODI । PASMANDA MUSLIMS13.07.20222041500.00$
Emergency in Sri Lanka again! । SRI LANKA ECONOMIC CRISIS । GOTABAYA RAJAPAKSA13.07.2022292700.00$
Why is opposition forced to support Draupadi Murmu? । PRESIDENT ELECTION 2022 । YASHWANT SINHA13.07.20223424600.00$
Muslims will take over HINDU population soon! । UP BJP । HINDUTVA POLITICS । ASHUTOSH12.07.20223497200.00$
‘Modi is merely a face, policies are being made in Nagpur’। RAKESH TIKAIT । FARMERS PROTESTS12.07.20228198600.00$
Jharkhand school weekly off on Friday? Another issue for Hindu Muslim politics? । HEMANT SOREN12.07.20222508900.00$
Is Yashwant Sinha left alone now? । PRESIDENT ELECTION 2022 । UDDHAV THACKERAY12.07.20225277400.00$
Is Uddhav under pressure over Draupadi Murmu's candidature? । PRESIDENT ELECTION 2022 । SHIVSENA12.07.2022397200.00$
Will Modi govt bring in a Bail Act? । SUPREME COURT । UNDER TRIAL CASES12.07.20221899200.00$
Will the opposition in UP also get fragmented? । SAMAJWADI PARTY । BJP । GOA CONGRESS12.07.20222596200.00$
BJP is making India opposition free! । GOA CONGRESS MLA । MICHAEL LOBO । ASHUTOSH11.07.20225374800.00$
How will democracy survive without opposition? I GOA CONGRESS I OPPOSITION UNITY11.07.20223300800.00$
Why should everyone be worried on fact checker Zubair going to jail? । MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR11.07.20222866300.00$
India population to surpass china. Who is to be blamed? । UN POPULATION REPORT11.07.20221085500.00$
Will there be no opposition left against BJP? । GOA CONGRESS । OPERATION LOTUS11.07.20222270900.00$
No end to Zubair's troubles, what's the government's real intention? । LAKHIMPUR COURT । BJP11.07.2022478700.00$
BJP's gameplan: India with no opposition parties? । GOA CONGRESS MLA । GOA POLITICS11.07.20222337500.00$
BJP gets into the act in Goa now । OPERATION LOTUS । GOA POLITICS11.07.20223044700.00$
Are writers terrified of so-called hurt sentiments? । INDIAN ARTS AND CULTURE । HINDI POETRY10.07.2022681200.00$
Public invaded President house, Gotabaya Ran Away । SRI LANKA EMERGENCY । SRI LANKA PM । ASHUTOSH09.07.20222894500.00$
Will the farmers movement resurrect again? I FARM LAWS I KISAN ANDOLAN I BJP09.07.20223583300.00$
आलोक जोशी और आशुतोष से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । ASHUTOSH09.07.202215145048,35$
Will Rajbhar again go to BJP's court? । OMPRAKASH RAJBHAR । BJP09.07.20221712300.00$
Why Sri Lankan president ran away? । GOTABAYA RAJPAKSHE । SRI LANKA PROTESTS09.07.2022360800.00$
Has Akhilesh Yadav failed as a leader? । SAMAJWADI PARTY । OP RAJBHAR । SHIVPAL YADAV09.07.20222267000.00$
Action on Zubair is a warning for journalists? । MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR । DELHI POLICE09.07.20222740000.00$
Thackeray’s political career over? । SHIVSENA CRISIS । EKNATH SHINDE । ASHUTOSH08.07.20226883100.00$
When will the first elections be held in Maharashtra?। UDDHAV THACKREY । BJP08.07.20223028200.00$
Why does Uddhav want mid term polls? । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS । SHIVSENA08.07.2022928100.00$
Zubair Probe: Is he part of syndicate pushing tweets? । SUPREME COURT । MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR08.07.20222978300.00$
Modi now shows concern for Muslims too? । PASMANDA MUSLIMS । BJP RSS08.07.20223360000.00$
Why Zubair is still in jail? । ROHIT RANJAN । CHHATTISGARH POLICE । ASHUTOSH07.07.20226165403,88$
Why Boris Johnson resigned, who will be PM? I UK PM RESIGN I RISHI SUNAK I BRITISH POLITICS07.07.20221962700.00$
Why is religious sentiments getting hurt on a large scale? । NUPUR SHARMA । LEENA MANIMEKALAI07.07.20222008800.00$
BoJo resigns : Who will step into UK PM's shoes? । BORIS JOHNSON । UK RESIGNATIONS07.07.2022304200.00$
What forced British PM Boris Johnson to resign? What next? । UK PM RESIGNATION07.07.20221035800.00$
Mahua accused of hurting Hindus feelings on Kaali । MAHUA MOITRA । KAALI FLIM POSTER । ASHUTOSH06.07.20225127800.00$
Is this your new India Mr. Modi?। KAALI POSTER । ROHIT RANJAN । MAHUA MOITRA06.07.20226310400.00$
US economy slipping into recession? How big a threat for India? । INDIAN ECONOMY06.07.20223027000.00$
What is conspiracy behind absconding anchor? । ROHIT RANJAN । UP POLICE06.07.20225133700.00$
SC raps Advocate on record on Rohit Ranjan case । SUPREME COURT । RAHUL GANDHI06.07.202212553109,89$
Casual whatsapp forwards lead to Amravati murder । UMESH KOLHE । NUPUR SHARMA06.07.202213109010,00$
Has transfer-posting shop re-opened in UP ।06.07.20221848700.00$
Arresting Zee Anchor- BJP saving or Congress hounding?। CHHATTISGARH POLICE । ROHIT RANJAN। ASHUTOSH05.07.202210625200,00$
Why will backward Muslims support BJP? । PM MODI । MUSLIM POLITICS05.07.20224407700.00$
How to express and not hurt sentiments? Exclusive with Purushottam Agrawal । KAALI POSTER05.07.20221919402,43$
Why are the state police clashing in Modi's rule?। POLICE । MAHARASTRA POLICE05.07.20223662600.00$
Media trial of judges: Dushyant Dave speaks । JUSTICE PARDIWALA । SUPREME COURT05.07.20221973900.00$
Rohit Ranjan Arrest: Hasn't Police shamed democracy? । CHHATTISGARH POLICE । RAHUL GANDHI05.07.20227477400.00$
Troll army demands impeachment of judges for remarks on Nupur! । JUSTICE PARDIWALA । ASHUTOSH04.07.20229559300.00$
What options Uddhav has now? । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS । SHIVSENA । EKNATH SHINDE04.07.20229110900.00$
Where is Janawarpura? Do you know? । GEORGE ORWELL । GANDHI MARG04.07.20221652700.00$
Is there a need of anti-defection law anymore? । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS । EKNATH SHINDE04.07.20222713700.00$
What does ED chant inside Maharashtra assembly signify? । MAHARASHTRA FLOOR TEST04.07.20221092900.00$
Are terrorists making way in BJP through membership drive? । BJP IT CELL CHIEF । JAMMU KASHMIR04.07.20223151600.00$
Fears of civil war, what should writers do? । INDIAN LITERATURE । HINDI BOOKS03.07.20222304500.00$
Shinde will not survive, Thackeray will? I MAHARASHTRA POLITICS I SHIVSENA I ASHUTOSH02.07.20228886900.00$
Will dictatorship replace democracy? I MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR I NUPUR SHARMA I UDAIPUR MURDER02.07.20224588200.00$
आलोक जोशी अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ALOK JOSHI02.07.2022185400105,94$
Why is Nupur Sharma not in jail?। PROPHET MUHAMMAD । ALT NEWS ZUBAIR02.07.20222902000.00$
When will PM Modi break his silence on hate campaign? I NUPUR SHARMA I COMMUNAL VIOLENCE02.07.20223117200.00$
Is Nupur Sharma above the law? । SUPREME COURT । DELHI POLICE । PROPHET MUHAMMAD02.07.20226802500.00$
SC says- Nupur should apologise to the country I PROPHET MUHAMMAD I SUPREME COURT01.07.20228715500.00$
Which govt. Modi will bring down next? । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS । BJP । SHIVSENA01.07.20227967800.00$
Will Delhi police arrest Nupur Sharma? । PROPHET MUHAMMAD । SUPREME COURT01.07.20223507700.00$
Speaker election : How will politics unfold in the Maharashtra assembly ? I EKNATH SHINDE01.07.20221199800.00$
2002 Riots: “SC should issue clarification on verdict” । TEESTA SETALVAD । JUSTICE LOKUR । ASHUTOSH01.07.2022965600.00$
Supreme indictment of Nupur Sharma: will it have an impact? । PROPHET MUHAMMAD । DELHI POLICE01.07.20223332800.00$
What is the real game in Maharashtra? । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS । DEVENDRA FADANVIS01.07.20226793100.00$
“BJP has no respect for democracy” । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS । HARISH RAWAT । ASHUTOSH01.07.20226080200.00$
Shinde CM - Will Uddhav survive!। MAHARASHTRA POLITICS । DEVENDRA FADANVIS । ASHUTOSH30.06.202219269000.00$
Why western sanctions against Russia failed? I RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR I RUSSIA SANCTIONS30.06.20222015200.00$
Will BJP control Maharashtra from outside? I EKNATH SHINDE I DEVENDRA FADANVIS30.06.20223994900.00$
Eknath Shinde as CM: setback or achievement for Fadnavis? I MAHARASHTRA POLITICS30.06.20222843300.00$
End game for Uddhav & Shiv Sena or will they reemerge? I MAHARASHTRA POLITICS I UDDHAV THACKREY30.06.20223941700,00$
Fadnavis’ dream comes true, what about Shivsena now? I MAHARASHTRA POLITICS I UDDHAV THACKREY30.06.20226550300.00$
Floor test - Democracy in deep Crisis? । UDDHAV THACKERAY । SUPREME COURT । ASHUTOSH29.06.202215308800.00$
Can Modi stop the fall of the Rupee? । INDIAN ECONOMY । RUPEE VS DOLLAR29.06.20223283300.00$
The sword of disqualification in Maharashtra's floor test!? । UDDHAV THACKERAY । FLOOR TEST ।29.06.20223660900.00$
Will SC allow trust vote in Maharashtra? । UDDHAV THACKERAY । SHIVSENA । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS29.06.20222946200.00$
Hate crime should be stopped in the society । UDAIPUR MURDER । KANHAIYA LAL29.06.20223148700.00$
Udaipur terrorists need deterrent punishment । UDAIPUR MURDER CASE । NUPUR SHARMA29.06.20223905700.00$
Maharashtra Governor is helping rebels? । UDDHAV THACKERAY । FLOOR TEST । ASHUTOSH28.06.202294633029,97$
Do Hindu Rashtra need slave media? । MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR । GODI MEDIA । PRESS FREEDOM28.06.20224656600.00$
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Uddhav on tenterhooks, Is Fadnavis all set to stake claim? I MAHARASHTRA POLITICAL CRISIS28.06.20222195000.00$
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Man-eater terror in Kheri, 4 killed in 8 days । LAKHIMPUR NEWS । UP GOVERNMENT28.06.20221400800.00$
When the floor test will happen in Maharashtra? । UDDHAV THACKERAY । SHIVSENA । ASHUTOSH27.06.202210098700.00$
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Does the governor now hold the strings of Uddhav Government? I MAHARASHTRA POLITICAL CRISIS27.06.20221349700.00$
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Isn’t this debacle Akhilesh’s own doing? । RAMPUR BYPOLLS । SAMAJWADI PARTY27.06.20223019900.00$
How much did the Dalit discourse break the upper caste supremacy? । INDIAN LITERATURE26.06.20221946000.00$
Shinde MLAs scared to come to Mumbai? I MAHARASHTRA POLITICAL CRISIS I SHIVSENA REBEL MLA25.06.202211488200.00$
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Is it the end game of Shiv Sena! I MAHARASHTRA POLITICAL CRISIS I UDDHAV THACKERAY I ASHUTOSH23.06.20228693300.00$
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Fadnavis or Shinde? Who will bear the crown of Maharashtra? I MAHARASHTRA POLITICAL CRISIS23.06.20225712800.00$
Has Uddhav Thackeray's politics come to an end? I MAHARASHTRA POLITICAL CRISIS I SHIVSENA23.06.20223267300.00$
Who is the mastermind behind Maharashtra political crisis? I EKNATH SHINDE I UDDHAV THACKERAY23.06.20223178300.00$
Game over for Thackeray, can Shiv Sena survive? I MAHARASHTRA POLITICAL CRISIS I EKNATH SHINDE23.06.20226410800.00$
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Will Thackeray resign? I MAHARASHTRA POLITICAL CRISIS I EKNATH SHINDE I ASHUTOSH22.06.202212492100.00$
Will Uddhav be able to save power and party? I MAHARASHTRA POLITICAL CRISIS I EKNATH SHINDE22.06.20227499400.00$
BJP has opened all the horses in Maharashtra! I UDDHAV THACKERAY I EKNATH SHINDE I BJP22.06.20225103109,98$
Shiv sena facing the weakest innings since it's birth? I UDDHAV THACKERAY I EKNATH SHINDE22.06.20224610600.00$
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But When will Modi speak on the Prophet controversy? I NUPUR SHARMA I PROPHET MUHAMMAD09.06.202275169013,42$
Arif Mohd Khan as president? Will BJP use this to makeover it's image? I PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 202209.06.20228101500.00$
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'Bjp sowing seeds of terror in the country' I NUPUR SHARMA I PROPHET MOHAMMAD I ARAB NATIONS08.06.20223739000.00$
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Modi responsible for this crisis? I NUPUR SHARMA I PROPHET MOHAMMAD I ARAB NATIONS07.06.202212467600.00$
Kanpur violence issue taking new turn again? I KANPUR RIOTS I PROPHET MOHAMMAD07.06.20223989202,43$
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Religious freedom report: isn't India embarrassed? I COMMUNAL VIOLENCE I SECRETARY BLINKEN03.06.2022562000.00$
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“Coterie around Rahul is destroying party” I CONGRESS CRISIS I PRAMOD KRISHNAM I ASHUTOSH02.06.20226010000.00$
Will Manish Sisodia be next to go to jail? I SATYENDRA JAIN ARREST I ARVIND KEJRIWAL02.06.20223897800.00$
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ED summons Sonia-Rahul- Will they go to jail? I NATIONAL HERALD CASE I ASHUTOSH01.06.20225091602,91$
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Will all mosques be dug and excavated in India? I TEELE WALI MASJID I LUCKNOW MOSQUE01.06.20222985200.00$
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Kejriwal's credibility at stake! I SIDHU MOOSE WALA I SATYENDRA JAIN I AAP PUNJAB31.05.20222737700,00$
How will bloodbath end in Kashmir? I KULGAM TEACHER I KASHMIRI PANDITS31.05.2022599900.00$
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Internal conflict over Congress Rajyasabha candidates list? । RAJYASABHA CHUNAV 202230.05.20222267200.00$
All's not well between Nitish & RCP Singh? । BIHAR POLITICS । JDU RAJYASABHA30.05.20221392100.00$
Will AAP throw Punjab back into Violence & Mayhem? । SIDHU MOOSE WALA । AAP VIP SECURITY30.05.202218334055,85$
What is happening in Punjab? । SIDHU MOOSE WALA । AAP PUNJAB । MANSA30.05.20222347700.00$
Why this controversy on the Booker prize for Ret Samadhi? I TOMB OF SAND I GEETANJALI SHREE29.05.20221070202,91$
“CJI should intervene, people should not be arrested indiscriminately” I ARYAN KHAN CASE I ASHUTOSH28.05.20222283500.00$
Who wants to implicate Aryan Khan? I CRUISE DRUGS CASE I SAMEER WANKHEDE I NCB28.05.20222290900.00$
आलोक जोशी अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ALOK JOSHI28.05.202278200168,27$
Shameless media exposed on Aryan Khan!। । ARYAN KHAN CLEAN CHIT । CRUISE PARTY CASE28.05.20221391900.00$
Shouldn't Sameer Wankhede be arrested? I ARYAN KHAN CLEAN CHIT I CRUISE DRUGS CASE28.05.20221153700.00$
Aryan Khan clean chit: Will media and NCB be penalised? I SAMEER WANKHEDE I CRUISE DRUGS CASE28.05.20222011600.00$
SC upholds cause of sex workers । SUPREME COURT । SC PROSTITUTION VERDICT28.05.20221381100.00$
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What idication is Akhilesh giving with this move? । JAYANT CHADUHARY RAJYASABHA । KAPIL SIBAL27.05.20222086200.00$
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Videography ordered inside varanasi mosque. How and Why? । GYANVAPI SURVEY । ALOK JOSHI12.05.20222082000.00$
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Supreme court to decide on 10 May on hearing against sedition law। SANJAY HEGDE । ALOK JOSHI05.05.2022733300.00$
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Why are Kalicharan & Yati roaming scotfree ? । HATE SPEECH । YATI NARSINHANAND02.05.20222160400.00$
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What is the difference between love poetry of men and women? । HINDI POETRY । INDIAN LITERATURE01.05.2022356600.00$
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महाराष्ट्र में आग लगाएगा ये विवाद23.04.20224853600.00$
आलोक जोशी अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ALOK JOSHI23.04.202210381043,29$
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Why passions are flaring up in one town after the other? । JAHANGIRPURI VIOLENCE18.04.20223216100.00$
क्या टेनी अब इस्तीफा देंगे ? । AJAY MISHRA TENI । LAKHIMPUR CASE । BJP18.04.20221466500.00$
Communal violence: a paradigm shift in India । JAHANGIRPURI VIOLENCE । KHARGONE18.04.2022195000.00$
Are BJP, AAP playing a tango on Jahangirpuri violence? । AMIT SHAH । ARVIND KEJRIWAL18.04.20221960107,45$
Why should writers stay away from politics? । HINDI AUTHORS । INDIAN LITERATURE17.04.2022704500.00$
PK meets Sonia, will he join Congress! । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । CONGRESS CRISIS । ASHUTOSH16.04.20228782900.00$
The next phase is destruction, violence । COMMUNAL POLITICS । BJP RSS । HINDUTVA16.04.20227912400.00$
आशुतोष और मुकेश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । MUKESH KUMAR16.04.202217533061,04$
बिहार ,बंगाल और छत्तीसगढ़ में क्यों हारी भाजपा ?। BJP । BJP BIHAR । PMMODI16.04.20224214800.00$
Why so much conflict between writers and critics? । INDIAN LITERATURE । RET SAMADHI । BOOKERS PRIZE10.04.2022540500.00$
Why is the army silent in Pakistan? । IMRAN KHAN । PAKISTAN NO TRUST VOTE09.04.20222641500.00$
आलोक जोशी अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ALOK JOSHI09.04.202211473041,22$
मुंबई को महाराष्ट्र से अलग करने की तैयारी ?। MUMBAI । MAHARASTRA । SHIVSENA ।09.04.20225425400.00$
Is Imran Khan running away from the political pitch? । PAKISTAN NO TRUST VOTE09.04.2022243300.00$
Drama & intrigue deepens over no trust vote । PAKISTAN SUPREME COURT । IMRAN KHAN09.04.2022809300.00$
Why no arrest of Baba threatening rape of Muslim women? । SITAPUR MAHANT । UP POLICE09.04.20222787200.00$
Police attack on Press, Dangerous for democracy! I MP JOURNALISTS I BJP I ASHUTOSH08.04.20225962200.00$
Are government maligning judges? I CJI NV RAMANA I SUPREME COURT08.04.20227526800.00$
Right to Education is an unnecessary act I SUPREME COURT I ANIL SWAROOP08.04.20221977700.00$
अब सरकार से भी आहत हुए चीफ जस्टिस !। CJI NV RAMANA । SUPREME COURT08.04.20224168800.00$
Will Imran Khan resign ahead of no trust vote tomorrow? । PAKISTAN SUPREME COURT08.04.2022496600.00$
Will the killer stray dog menace come to an end? । LUCKNOW SIBLINGS । LUCKNOW MUNCIPALITY08.04.20221499800.00$
“CBI apologise to Aakar Patel” - Court । AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL । ASHUTOSH07.04.20229446400.00$
Will CBI apologize to Aakar Patel? I AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL I LOOKOUT CIRCULAR07.04.20225763400,00$
Where are the real issues? Who cares? । FUEL PRICES । UNEMPLOYMENT । ALOK JOSHI07.04.20222254600,00$
तो पत्रकारों को नंगा कर परेड कराएंगे? । MP JOURNALIST NEWS । MADHYA PRADESH BJP07.04.20226061400.00$
Will Pakistan Supreme Court favour Imran Khan? । PAKISTAN GOVERNMENT CRISIS07.04.2022176300.00$
Who is bigger - Vajpayee or Modi? । BJP FOUNDATION DAY । 2024 LOKSABHA ELECTIONS । ASHUTOSH06.04.20228308003,72$
How long will India bear American pressure? । INDIA FOREIGN POLICY । RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR06.04.20221983500.00$
Modi is BJP's biggest asset. Is it the biggest threat too? । BJP RSS । MODI POLITICS06.04.20223510200.00$
Is there something behind Pawar-Modi meeting? । NCP SHIVSENA । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS06.04.20223377200.00$
'Rahul Gandhi is the biggest problem of Congress' । CONGRESS LEADERSHIP । GANDHI FAMILY06.04.2022929900.00$
Bjp's biotry on meat: what's the endgame? । SOUTH DELHI MEAT SHOPS । MEAT BAN06.04.20221064000.00$
Gorakhnath Episode - Is he Terrorist or psychotic? । GORAKHNATH MATH CASE06.04.20221437300.00$
Raut’s property attached, target Thackeray Govt! । MAHA VIKAS AGHADI । BJP । ASHUTOSH05.04.202211199100.00$
How long will Uddhav government survive? । SANJAY RAUT । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS05.04.20224369800.00$
What landed Sri Lanka in this mess. Lessons for India । SRI LANKA ECONOMIC CRISIS । ALOK JOSHI05.04.20222033400.00$
Will Modi remove Shiv Sena government from Maharashtra? । SANJAY RAUT । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS05.04.20224565000.00$
Has Imran Khan committed political hara-kiri? । PAKISTAN GOVERNMENT CRISIS05.04.2022308000.00$
Is Imran khan's plan of holding elections heading towards failure? । PAKISTAN GOVT CRISIS05.04.2022662500.00$
Now bulldozer brings down illegal building of killer Gorakhpur cop । YOGI ADITYANATH05.04.2022582500.00$
Srilanka Economic collapse is warning for India? । SRI LANKA EMERGENCY । ASHUTOSH04.04.20228952900.00$
Who is protecting Narsinhanand? । HATE SPEECH । HINDU MAHAPANCHAYAT04.04.20224054400.00$
IIT Grad attacks cops outside Yogi's Gorakhnath Math. Terror angle being probed04.04.20224312900.00$
Who will compete with Modi? । OPPOSITION LEADERS । BJP04.04.20225740600.00$
Is this a conspiracy against poetry? । INDIAN POETS । HINDI LITERATURE LITERATURE03.04.2022535600.00$
Pakistan political crisis deepens. Who will resolve? । PAKISTAN ASSEMBLY । IMRAN KHAN03.04.20221972100.00$
Can AAP repeat Punjab in Gujarat? । KEJRIWAL GUJARAT RALLY । GUJARAT ELECTIONS । ASHUTOSH02.04.202214882203,72$
Will the Chandigarh issue again flare up? । AAP PUNJAB । MANOHAR LAL KHATTAR02.04.20222657800.00$
आलोक जोशी अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ALOK JOSHI02.04.202211173044,19$
What was not shown in Kashmir Files! । KASHMIRI PANDITS । VIVEK AGNIHOTRI02.04.20222264300.00$
When will Sri Lanka crisis end? । SRI LANKA EMERGENCY । SRI LANKA INFLATION02.04.2022340000.00$
भारत भर के मुसलमान गायब? THE MUSLIM VANISHES । SAEED NAQVI।02.04.20226144000.00$
Will Communally surcharged Karnataka go to polls early? । HIJAB CONTROVERY । BASAVARAJ BOMMAI02.04.20221246900.00$
Arrest of journalists is like shooting the messenger! । DIGVIJAY SINGH । BALIYA PAPER LEAK02.04.20221835800.00$
Kashmir Files: Why AAP is angry with BJP! । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । KASHMIRI PANDITS । ASHUTOSH02.04.20226108900.00$
Criticism of Kashmir Files dented Kejriwal’s Hindu image? । KASHMIRI PANDITS । ASHUTOSH01.04.20225827800,00$
Why are doctors getting targetted and not treated as saviours? Both by politics and administration.01.04.20221501700.00$
Was Digvijay Singh arrested for exposing Paper Leak? । BALIYA EXAM LEAK । UP POLICE01.04.20224563800.00$
How will regime change in Pakistan impact India? । PAKISTAN GOVERNMENT CRISIS01.04.2022472000.00$
Paper leak expose: why arrest the journalist? । DIGVIJAY SINGH JOURNALIST । UP POLICE01.04.20221162400.00$
Does Shivpal have no other option? । SAMAJWADI PARTY । BJP01.04.20221915600.00$
Will Imran Khan survive no-confidence motion! । PAKISTAN GOVERNMENT CRISIS । ASHUTOSH31.03.20221651600.00$
How many Indians in Nitish government? । BIHAR POLITICS । BIHAR DRY STATE31.03.20222874100.00$
Why is inflation increasing instead of coming under control? । FUEL PRICES । MODI GOVERNMENT31.03.20221537000.00$
Why Baba Ramdev got angry on the price of petrol? । FUEL PRICE INFLATION । BJP31.03.20224974800.00$
Now the bulldozer is being run inside the UP secretariat । UP BJP । YOGI ADITYANATH31.03.20222137800.00$
Karnataka Suspends Officials । HIJAB CONTROVERSY31.03.2022552000.00$
New covid wave from east । CORONA WAVE INDIA । CHINA CORONA LOCKDOWN30.03.20221070500.00$
Will it be Kejriwal VS Modi in 2024! । AAM AADMI PARTY । LOKSABHA ELECTIONS 2024 । ASHUTOSH30.03.202210345903,72$
What will happen in the Dollar-Ruble war? I RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR I VLADIMIR PUTIN30.03.20222276600.00$
केजरीवाल बीस साल बाद ?30.03.20225785003,72$
TN BJP Replies To DMK30.03.2022375800.00$
Mamata scared, wants Opposition unity! । BENGAL POLITICS । TMC VS BJP । ASHUTOSH29.03.20225408500.00$
Can strikes stop privatization? I PRIVATIZATION OF BANKS I TRADE UNION STRIKE29.03.20223065700.00$
Uniform Civil code is not only for Muslims । BJP । MUSLIM LAW BOARD29.03.20225134100.00$
जहां चुनाव वहां बवाल ! । KARNATAKA BJP । KARNATAKA ELECTIONS29.03.20221467600.00$
Is Modi inspired by Kautilya! । MODI POLITICS । ARTHSHASTRA29.03.2022409700.00$
Is Central BJP trying to dominate Yogi Government? । UP BJP । MODI29.03.20222141500.00$
कहां दिखा भारत बंद का असर ? Kerala Govt Issues Notice29.03.20221020700.00$
Babar killed - hate crime or revenge! । KUSHINAGAR INCIDENT । UP BJP । ASHUTOSH28.03.20223690700.00$
Why is Nitin Gadkari sympathetic to Congress? । CONGRESS CRISIS । MODI28.03.20225709900.00$
BJP accuses TMC of violent assault on MLAs in assembly. WB guv meets Amit Shah । ALOK JOSHI28.03.20223004900.00$
नागरिक संहिता पर पर्सनल लॉ बोर्ड का सुर बदला ? । UNIFORM CIVIL CODE । MUSLIM PERSONAL LAW BOARD।28.03.20222880900.00$
What is the purpose of the collected works of writers? । INDIAN LITERATURE । HINDI WRITERS27.03.2022346800.00$
Vendetta politics - Arrest me not my relatives! । UDDHAV THACKREY । ASHUTOSH26.03.20226199700.00$
Why is Umar Khalid not getting bail? । DELHI RIOTS । UAPA26.03.20223424000.00$
आशुतोष और अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ASHUTOSH26.03.202215044035,51$
Will Prashant Kishor help Congress in Gujarat Elections? I RAHUL GANDHI I CONGRESS CRISIS26.03.202210027000.00$
गोडसे ने गांधी को क्यों मारा? GANDHI'S ASSASSIN DHIRENDRA K JHA।26.03.20221994800.00$
Yogi cabinet 2.0- how this happened; Will some adjustments follow? I UP BJP I YOGI CABINET MINISTERS26.03.20223014500.00$
Yogi, the next Modi of BJP? I UP CABINET MINISTERS I ASHUTOSH25.03.202210417700.00$
What will Hindus achieve from uniform civil code? I UTTARAKHAND BJP I MUSLIM PERSONAL LAW25.03.20223515400.00$
Team Yogi clearly points to Loksabha poll 2024 I UP BJP I YOGI CABINET MINISTERS25.03.20223217100.00$
योगी का दरबार ,चौबीस की बिसात ! । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP GOVERNMENT25.03.20222538900.00$
Yogi Adityanath to take oath at an epoch making event today I UP BJP I UP CABINET MINISTERS25.03.2022714500.00$
Bengal Violence : Mamta vs Modi! I BENGAL VIOLENCE I TMC GOVERNMENT I ASHUTOSH24.03.20225432700.00$
Is Modi-Uddhav government war in its final phase? I MAHARASHTRA POLITICS I SHIVSENA BJP24.03.20226139800.00$
Will Russia's Ukraine invasion turn into a global conflict? I WORLD WAR 3 I ALOK JOSHI24.03.20221667800.00$
Mamata Banerjee targeted over silence on Birbhum Violence I BENGAL VIOLENCE I BJP ATTACKS TMC24.03.20222127100.00$
Can Dimple Yadav be back in Lok Sabha from Azamgarh? I AKHILESH YADAV I SAMAJWADI PARTY24.03.20222778600.00$
Why is BJP after Kejriwal! I AAM AADMI PARTY I DELHI MCD ELECTIONS I ASHUTOSH23.03.20229117300.00$
Why is the farmers movement on target again? I KISAN ANDOLAN I FARM LAWS23.03.20223273300.00$
Petrol price hiked again, LPG goes up. Difficult times ahead? I INFLATION IN INDIA I ALOK JOSHI23.03.20221902100.00$
How will Congress survive? I CONGRESS LEADERSHIP I SONIA GANDHI I G23 GROUP23.03.20222874900.00$
Akhilesh is ready to sweat it out on battle-ground UP! I SAMAJWADI PARTY I UP VIDHANSABHA23.03.20223470600.00$
Will there be ARMY RULE in Pakistan? I IMRAN KHAN I PAKISTAN POLITICS I ASHUTOSH22.03.20221067800.00$
Will Imran Khan be able to save his government? I PAKISTAN POLITICS22.03.20223320200.00$
Akhilesh Yadav resigns from Loksabha to retain assembly seat. What's next?22.03.20226735900.00$
एमएलसी चुनाव में गुंडागर्दी कर कौन रहा है ? । MLC UP ELECTION2022 । SAMAJWADI PARTY । BJP ।22.03.20223127300,00$
Is Keshav Maurya’s return all set? I UP BJP I UP DEPUTY CM22.03.20222098800.00$
No Change In Goa । GOA CM । PRAMOD SAWANT।22.03.2022228800.00$
Is Kashmir files becoming a tool of propaganda? I KASHMIR FILES I ARTICLE 37021.03.20224640000.00$
Is BJP planning to celebrate Yogi's second coming as launch of campaign 2024? I ALOK JOSHI21.03.20222356700.00$
अब क्या करेंगे अखिलेश ?। AKHILESH YADAV । BJP । UPELECTION2022 ।21.03.20223021000.00$
Is ‘Kashmir Files’ fulfilling the objective behind the film? I KASHMIRI PANDITS I ARTICLE 37021.03.20226074500.00$
Gita in School - Is Karnataka Govt Confused ?21.03.20221285500.00$
Are publishers cheating writers? I INDIAN AUTHORS I HINDI LITERATURE20.03.2022828500.00$
Imran Khan’s govt will fall? I PAKISTAN GOVERNMENT I ASHUTOSH19.03.20224606600.00$
आलोक जोशी और आशुतोष से पूछिए अपने सवाल । ALOK JOSHI । ASHUTOSH19.03.202233064088,62$
What message does PM Modi's remark on Mahatma Gandhi convey? I KASHMIR FILES19.03.20225214300.00$
वरिष्ठ पत्रकार मुकेश कुमार की किताब TRP पर चर्चा!19.03.20223106200,00$
यूपी विधानसभा चुनाव: फ़िल्म अभी बाक़ी है? I UP BJP I LOKSABHA ELECTIONS 202419.03.20224294200.00$
Is Russia collapsing due to sanctions? I RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR I US SANCTIONS RUSSIA18.03.20223704100.00$
Who is responsible for Kashmiri Pandit’s exodus? I KASHMIR FILES I ARTICLE 370 I ASHUTOSH17.03.20227901800.00$
'Corporate is supporting communal agenda' I BHIMA KOREGAON I SUDHA BHARDWAJ17.03.20222346500,00$
26% youth jobless. Is it just the lockdown impact? I UNEMPLOYMENT I ALOK JOSHI17.03.20222833700.00$
अब कैसे यूपी संभालेंगी प्रियंका गांधी ? । PRIYANKA GANDHI । CONGRESS । UP ELETION ।17.03.20224419700.00$
Has Putin changed his war goalpost? I RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR I UKRAINE CRISIS17.03.2022525500.00$
Are Gandhi's being isolated within Congress? I RAHUL GANDHI I SONIA GANDHI17.03.20225908900.00$
Will Yogi be a changed CM this time? I BJP I YOGI SECOND TERM17.03.20223455200,00$
कर्नाटक ‌बंद सफल ? #HijabBan आज बंद का आह्वान17.03.2022799600.00$
“Ballot is bigger threat to Democracy!” I KARNATAKA HIGH COURT I HIJAB ROW I ASHUTOSH16.03.20223281400.00$
Reasons for BJP’s BIG Victory! I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH I ASHUTOSH16.03.20222175000.00$
Will farmers movement pose a challenge to Modi govt.? I FARMERS PROTESTS I FARM LAWS16.03.20223916700.00$
Will Sonia be able to again revive the spirits and prospects of congress? I CONGRESS CRISIS16.03.20225029100.00$
क्या मोदी का सपना पूरा करेंगे केजरीवाल ?। PM MODI । ARVIND KEJRIWAL16.03.20225049300.00$
Where does Congress head from here on? I RAHUL GANDHI I SONIA GANDHI16.03.20221476500.00$
'Hijab verdict is anti muslim & anti education' I KARNATAKA HIJAB ROW16.03.2022851700.00$
Akhilesh’s future will depend on Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha? I SAMAJWADI PARTY16.03.20224990200.00$
Schools and Colleges Reopen after Karnataka Verdict!16.03.2022330800.00$
Can Congress survive without Gandhi Family? I RAHUL GANDHI I CONGRESS CRISIS15.03.202210711400.00$
Hijab: why the questions have been raised on Karnataka High Court judgement? I KARNATAKA HIJAB ROW15.03.20224845600.00$
How Yogi's second term is going to be different? I UP BJP I ALOK JOSHI15.03.20222953500.00$
तो नई कांग्रेस- 23 क्यों नही बना लेते !। CONGRESS CRISIS । G23 GROUP15.03.20225322100,00$
Does Hijab verdict create more problems than it resolves? I KARNATAKA HIGH COURT I HIJAB CONTROVERSY15.03.2022493300.00$
Hijab verdict upholds the ban, will the crisis deepen? I KARNATAKA HIGH COURT I HIJAB CONTROVERSY15.03.20223662300.00$
Does Yogi still have to take diktats from Delhi? I MODI I UP ELECTIONS 202215.03.20224071300.00$
Restrictions in Parts of Karnataka, including Bengaluru15.03.2022649200.00$
Is the Gandhi family becoming a burden for the Congress? I CONGRESS CRISIS I ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS 202214.03.20228071100,00$
What's the problem with Kashmir Files? The story of Kashmiri pandit exodus from valley.14.03.20225877502,43$
क्या राहुल गांधी की राजनीति खत्म हो गई?14.03.20225643500.00$
मध्यप्रदेश: माहौल ख़राब करने की कोशिश, दरगाह को भगवा किया! I NARMADAPURAM I SHIVRAJ SINGH CHAUHAN14.03.2022696800.00$
Whose else other than Gandhi's can take over the reins of Congress? I CWC MEETING14.03.20227926800.00$
Can Congress be revived from it's death bed? I RAHUL GANDHI I ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS 202214.03.20223355200.00$
How BJP won UP Elections 2022? I YOGI ADITYANATH I HINDUTVA POLITICS14.03.20223565000.00$
Did Owaisi and Mayawati prove to be helpful for BJP? I AIMIM I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BSP14.03.20228416500,00$
Hindus Should be Beware of ?14.03.2022829400.00$
For whom does the writer write? I HINDI BOOKS I INDIAN LITERATURE13.03.2022855900.00$
Dangerous signs for Democracy? I BJP UP I UP ELECTION RESULTS I ASHUTOSH13.03.202217148600.00$
The breakup of how Modi Yogi combo trumped Akhilesh in UP assembly polls I BJP VS SP12.03.20224547500.00$
Real reason for BJP’s victory! I AKHILESH YADAV I UP ELECTIONS 202212.03.20225300100.00$
'Modi is not invincible' I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I 2024 LOKSABHA ELECTIONS12.03.202210426500.00$
आलोक जोशी अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ALOK JOSHI12.03.2022225590140,89$
अखिलेश ने फरसा उठाया पर मिला क्या ?12.03.202240193018,19$
G23 in no mood to spare Rahul Gandhi? I CONGRESS CRISIS I ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS 202212.03.20224503500.00$
Is BJP's real threat is AAM Aadmi Party? I ARVIND KEJRIWAL I LOKSABHA ELECTIONS 202412.03.20224086200.00$
Will Akhilesh become the leader of the opposition? I OPPOSITION UNITY I UP ELECTIONS12.03.20222807300.00$
What led to Keshav Maurya’s defeat in UP? I BJP UP I UP ELECTION RESULTS12.03.20224981900.00$
Why Akhilesh lost UP Elections 2022? I SAMAJWADI PARTY I YOGI ADITYANATH11.03.20226764200.00$
Will AAP replace Congress? I PUNJAB ELECTIONS 2022 I ARVIND KEJRIWAL11.03.20225239600.00$
Why did Jayant and Akhilesh lose in western UP? I SP RLD ALLIANCE I UP ELECTION RESULTS11.03.20229278600.00$
BJP victory, will opposition get it's act together? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH11.03.20221433200.00$
How BJP has brought a paradigm shift in Indian politics? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH11.03.20224397100.00$
Will the Congress wake up at long last? I PUNJAB ELECTIONS 2022 I CONGRESS CRISIS11.03.20227211900.00$
Karnataka: Candles in Support for Hijab11.03.2022425600.00$
Elections 22: Is Yogi the new Modi? I BJP UP I UP ELECTION RESULTS I ASHUTOSH10.03.20221766200.00$
Big Win for BJP: how and why! I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH I ASHUTOSH10.03.2022262868022,19$
What is the meaning of BJP’s win? Assembly Election Result 2022 I BJP Win BJP10.03.202211305700.00$
Yogi and Modi have won UP again. How will it affect the future of Politics and policy in India?10.03.202211538200.00$
यूपी में फिर योगी सरकार10.03.20224867600.00$
The danger to the republic has increased? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGENDRA YADAV10.03.202215961600.00$
Modi magic captures UP again. is there good news for Akhilesh too?10.03.202211343305,34$
यूपी में क्यों चला बीजेपी का जादू? I UP ELECTIONS 202210.03.202227903103,15$
PUNJAB ELECTIONS: Charanjit Singh Channi or Bhagwant Mann in Punjab? I ELECTION RESULTS LIVE10.03.20226220607,45$
UP ELECTIONS: Akhilesh or Yogi, who will win Uttar Pradesh? I ELECTION RESULTS LIVE10.03.202226360902,18$
“Exit Polls are Media circus” I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I POLL OF POLLS UP09.03.202218663200.00$
New Exit Poll: Bulldozer in UP again? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I CSDS EXIT POLL09.03.202212024300.00$
Stars of UP elections. Will they shine or bite dust?09.03.20227578702,43$
तो ऐसे यूपी जीतेंगे मोदी ?09.03.20229891901,21$
Is EVM theft a reality? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I PUNJAB ELECTIONS 202209.03.20221008700.00$
CSDS SURVEY: “BJP will form govt with big margin!” I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH I ASHUTOSH09.03.20229362900,49$
Do allegations of EVM theft hold water? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I AKHILESH YADAV09.03.20223298700.00$
Can there be any mischief with EVMs? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I PUNJAB ELECTIONS 202209.03.202214140601,70$
Case Most Foul ?09.03.20221480400.00$
Exit Polls: True or False? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP VS SP I ASHUTOSH08.03.202218636903,64$
Who are more reliable, exit polls or journalists? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP I SAMAJWADI PARTY08.03.202212650700.00$
Biggest question in UP today. Are exit polls giving the true picture? I ALOK JOSHI08.03.20228209800.00$
क्या मायावती का खेल अब खत्म ? । MAYAWATI । BJP । UP ELECTIONS 202208.03.20223453900.00$
This is how BJP saved power in UP! I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I UP EXIT POLLS I YOGI ADITYANATH08.03.202212287800.00$
Is Yogi himself sceptical about exit polls? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I MODI08.03.202223921100.00$
Who Will be Kingmaker । GOA ELECTION2022 ।08.03.20222088200.00$
The final conclusion of exit polls. UP ELECTION I PUNJAB ELECTION07.03.20228317400,00$
Exit Polls : who will be the next CM in UP? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I POLL OF POLLS UP07.03.202230552409,95$
Are the exit polls telling the true picture? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I PUNJAB EXIT POLL07.03.202228993405,34$
किसकी बनेगी सरकार ?। BJP #upelection202207.03.202224548300,73$
Last lap of UP elections, will Yogi get a clear mandate? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I PURVANCHAL07.03.202222591800.00$
Seventh phase polling trends I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I AKHILESH YADAV I PURVANCHAL07.03.202219545300.00$
Has Yogi been completely sideline in the last phase? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP I PURVANCHAL07.03.202210520200.00$
7th Phase - The most difficult phase for BJP !07.03.20226287900.00$
Session to Start on Stormy Note ?07.03.2022250400.00$
Judgement day is here. Verdict is being sealed. PM Modi's credibility at stake.07.03.20226381700.00$
यूपी चुनाव का सातवां चरण: कौन ठोकेगा आखिरी कील? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I AKHILESH YADAV I MODI07.03.20227891100.00$
क्या मोदी पर भारी पड़ेगा सातवां चरण ? । PM MODI । UP ELECTION 2022 । BJP । SATYAHINDINEWS ।06.03.202212331000.00$
Analysis of Last phase UP election। UP ELECTION 2022 । BJP ।06.03.202212532300.00$
साहिर को कैसे याद करें?06.03.2022830100.00$
7th Phase: BJP’s toughest battle I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I SAMAJWADI PARTY I ASHUTOSH06.03.202226044100.00$
Change in UP? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP I ASHUTOSH05.03.202215751401,97$
आशुतोष और अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ASHUTOSH05.03.202236084086,66$
बनारस बचा पाएंगे मोदी ? । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP ELECTION । PM MODI ।05.03.20229148100,00$
Why is Russia continuing to attack despite ceasefire? I UKRAINE CRISIS I VLADIMIR PUTIN05.03.2022637000.00$
सातवे चरण में क्या बीजेपी की बत्ती गुल ?05.03.20225636900.00$
क्या सिर्फ़ मोदी के भरोसे है बीजेपी? । BJP । PM MODI । UP ELECTION2022 ।05.03.20227062000.00$
Can Modi change flow of the wind in the last UP phase? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I VARANASI05.03.20228903300.00$
UP Polls - Can Modi save BJP? I YOGI ADITYANATH I AKHILESH YADAV I ASHUTOSH04.03.202216972300.00$
Who is first, Nation or election Mr. Modi? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP I UKRAINE CRISIS04.03.20227650900.00$
BJP's fortunes in seventh phase depend on Modi magic. Will it still work and dazzle Akhilesh?04.03.20227046500,00$
Will BJP face a bigger challenge in 7th phase? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I MODI I AKHILESH YADAV04.03.20229848800.00$
Straight talk with cyber war expert Kazim Rizvi I UKRAINE CRISIS I CYBER WAR04.03.2022503300.00$
Manipur-Who will form the government? I MANIPUR ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP04.03.20223021700.00$
Russia Ukraine war: Will India's neutral stand exact a price? I UKRAINE CRISIS I PM MODI04.03.20221152600.00$
Has Modi lost confidence in himself in Purvanchal? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP04.03.20227776300.00$
Will Sashikala Return ?04.03.2022955400.00$
6th Phase: Will Yogi be again CM? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP I ASHUTOSH03.03.202215541800.00$
Will SP sweep in 7th round of polling? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I AKHILESH YADAV I PURVANCHAL03.03.202213553800,00$
Has modi magic failed to work in 10 eastern districts for BJP and Yogi Adityanath? I ALOK JOSHI03.03.202214081500,00$
Has BJP failed to win Purvanchal? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH03.03.20229981500.00$
6th Phase: Will Yogi be able to save his fort? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP03.03.202216536300,00$
Beneficiaries, can't yield in Jatavs I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP03.03.20223733400.00$
With 6th phase, are the elections already over? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP I YOGI ADITYANATH03.03.202210998100,00$
UP 6th Phase: Big challenge for Yogi Adityanath? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP I AKHILESH YADAV03.03.202212770800,00$
Why #BanNEET Started in Karnataka03.03.2022749900.00$
6th Phase - Who will win Yogi or Akhilesh! I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP I SAMAJWADI PARTY03.03.20227404700.00$
आज योगी के भाग्य का फैसला, अखिलेश कहां? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP03.03.20228753200.00$
UP Polls 22: “Things are not favourable for BJP !” I YOGI ADITYANATH I SAMAJWADI PARTY I ASHUTOSH02.03.202219944900,00$
Aryan Khan: Who hatched the plot? I CRUISE DRUGS CASE I SIT REPORT I SAMEER WANKHEDE02.03.20224694500.00$
6th phase: Will the attack on Swami Pd Maurya tilt the balance against BJP? I ALOK JOSHI02.03.202217458100.00$
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6th Phase - Who will be Next CM? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH I AKHILESH YADAV02.03.20225397100.00$
Digital warriors will end Putin? I UKRAINE CRISIS I CYBER WAR I WORLD WAR 302.03.20221935600.00$
'BJP is fighting to win single seat in 10 districts of east UP' I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I PURVANCHAL02.03.202210797900.00$
Whose fortunes can the sixth phase turn - SP or BJP ? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH02.03.20228829000.00$
Doc dreams shattered02.03.2022954300.00$
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Will 6th phase decide UP's fate? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH I AKHILESH YADAV01.03.20228846503,15$
Horror tales by students returning from Kyiv war zone । UKRAINE CRISIS । RUSSIA ATTACK KYIV01.03.2022625700.00$
Has Russia destroyed America's star power? । UKRAINE CRISIS । VLADIMIR PUTIN01.03.20223837800.00$
Has Modi taken full charge of saving Yogi? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH01.03.20229848400.00$
Stalin is Ungalil Oruvan ?01.03.2022915500.00$
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“BJP is losing ground in UP” । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । YOGI ADITYANATH । ASHUTOSH28.02.202210370700.00$
Is Modi worried about 2024? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I LOKSABHA ELECTIONS 202428.02.202212688400.00$
Has Narendra modi successfully adapted Indira Gandhi's political style? । ALOK JOSHI28.02.20224505400.00$
'SP crossed 150 out of 292' I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I AKHILESH YADAV28.02.202222902100.00$
After five phases, is Modi's game over? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । BJP । YOGI ADITYANATH28.02.202216216600.00$
Tale of Indian students in Ukraine I RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR I INDIAN GOVERNMENT28.02.2022399500.00$
Russia wants agreement, Ukraine demands ceasefire I UKRAINE CRISIS I BELARUS BORDER28.02.20222433800.00$
Will BJP’s losses in 5th phase boost SP’s hopes? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I AKHILESH YADAV28.02.202214989000,00$
No Ban on Wearing Hijab in India: Union Minister28.02.2022533500.00$
5th Round - who is winning - BJP or Akhilesh ? । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP ELECTIONS 202227.02.202219095800.00$
War is no answer! । UKRAINE CRISIS । VLADIMIR PUTIN27.02.2022630800.00$
5th phase of polling, who is winning UP? । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । AKHILESH YADAV27.02.202246454800,97$
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आलोक जोशी और आशुतोष से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । ASHUTOSH26.02.2022333780111,12$
क्या अयोध्या भाजपा के हाथ से निकल जाएगा ?26.02.20229323400.00$
यूक्रेन : अधर में फंसे भारतीय, सरकार कहां? । Ukraine Russia crisis। Indian Students in Ukraine26.02.20221308800.00$
UP Elections: Will caste prevail over religion? I COMMUNAL POLITICS I YOGI ADITYANATH26.02.20225866202,43$
Ayodhya: an Unplanned Parikrama I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I AYODHYA GROUND REPORT26.02.20221476600.00$
Ukraine won't surrender, are we heading for a long war? I UKRAINE CRISIS I NATO NATIONS26.02.20224334700.00$
Can ‘labharti’ be a game changer for BJP in Purvanchal? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I MODI26.02.20226466400.00$
Ukraine crisis: Not a good sign for India! I RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR I MODI I ASHUTOSH25.02.20221543300.00$
5th Round: The most crucial phase for Yogi! I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP I ASHUTOSH25.02.202216636600.00$
Yogi becomes a burden for BJP? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I MODI25.02.202215626000.00$
Why is Yogi left behind in BJP UP hoardings? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I MODI25.02.202211824400.00$
Ukraine crisis: What are the trapped Indian students saying to the Modi government?25.02.2022589500.00$
Why is Putin unstoppable now? I UKRAINE CRISIS I NATO NATIONS25.02.20226451500.00$
Why is Modi focusing on stray animals in Purvanchal? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP25.02.20225328001,21$
Karnataka College Goes Soft On Hijab and Pagdi25.02.2022579000.00$
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Will Russian attack provoke a big war? । UKRAINE CRISIS । VLADIMIR PUTIN24.02.20224923800.00$
Will the Ukraine crisis be over soon? or it'll snowball into a big war? । ALOK JOSHI24.02.20223643900.00$
चार चरण बाद योगी कितने पानी में ?24.02.202215889600.00$
What should an investor do in light of Ukraine crisis? । SHARE BAZAAR । ALOK JOSHI24.02.20221880500.00$
How big a crisis is Putin's declaration of war? । UKRAINE WAR । VLADIMIR PUTIN24.02.20223595000.00$
Why did Putin declare a war? । RUSSIA UKRAINE24.02.20224801500.00$
Will 'Double Engine' take BJP to its destination? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH24.02.20224747500.00$
Temp Hijab Ban Not For Teachers : Karnataka HC24.02.2022203200.00$
Russia orders war on Ukraine! । UKRAINE CRISIS । RUSSIA । NATO NATIONS24.02.202210763700.00$
Ukraine Crisis : Third World War Possible? । PUTIN । JOE BIDEN24.02.20221735200.00$
4th Round: Who is winner - Akhilesh or Yogi! । BJP VS SP । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । ASHUTOSH23.02.202221632607,51$
Will Pawar directly fight Modi on Nawab Malik arrest? I MAHARASHTRA POLITICS I SHIVSENA23.02.20229399000.00$
UP Assembly elections phase 4. Who is strong in awadh and cenrtal UP? । ALOK JOSHI23.02.202214462600,00$
चौथे चरण में फिर भारी पड़े किसान !23.02.202216216200.00$
What’s behind the arrest of Maharashtra minister Nawab Malik? । ALOK JOSHI23.02.20225704201,21$
Did BJP Throw A Suprise ?23.02.20222148100.00$
Fourth Phase: Tough fight between Yogi and Akhilesh? । BJP । UP ELECTIONS 202223.02.2022441887012,37$
4th Round: BJP paints Akhilesh as Terrorist? । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP ELECTIONS 202222.02.202212794500,00$
Is Hindutva not working for BJP in UP? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH22.02.202210992400.00$
Who will win Lucknow and Lakhimpur Kheeri ? Yogi, Akhilesh or Priyanka? Cracks in BJP's fort?22.02.20229390200.00$
क्या लुट जाएगा अवध का खजाना? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I SAMAJWADI PARTY I BJP22.02.20225923800.00$
4th Round: Will Yogi score over Akhilesh? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I SAMAJWADI PARTY I BJP22.02.20229473600.00$
Fourth round: Battle for capital I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I LUCKNOW22.02.20225995900.00$
Ukraine crisis deepens, is 3rd world war imminent? I VLADIMIR PUTIN I NATO NATIONS22.02.20221927400.00$
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Politics Over A Murder ?22.02.2022739900.00$
UP Polls - Its direct fight between Akhilesh and Yogi? I BJP I SAMAJWADI PARTY I ASHUTOSH21.02.202211354000.00$
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Fast track from ED to politics. Exclusive interview with Rajeshwar Singh । UP ELECTIONS 202221.02.20221131700.00$
क्या भाजपा की जमीन खिसक रही है ? । BJP । MODI । UP ELECTION2022।21.02.202213381200.00$
Who finished Charvaka's philosophy of Atheism? । INDIAN PHILOSOPHY । BRAHMANISM21.02.2022506000.00$
Modi's cycle bomb cry: is it last minute desperation? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । AKHILESH YADAV21.02.20225228200.00$
Which way is the wind blowing in UP after the third phase of polling? I BJP VS SP21.02.202213640900,00$
KCR kickstarts Debate of Anti-BJP Front21.02.2022752600.00$
Third Phase: Will AAP form govt in Punjab? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I PUNJAB ELECTIONS 202220.02.202215050400,49$
Where are Muslims in Hindi literature? I INDIAN LITERATURE I HINDI POETRY20.02.2022760100.00$
Will Akhilesh be able to hold his fort? Or Yogi will win over the Yadavland?20.02.202212022800,00$
तीन चरण में कितनी पिछड़ी भाजपा ?20.02.202220568300.00$
क्या है यूपी में सभी सीटों का माहौल? किसकी है हवा? UP ELECTION 2022।20.02.202219366600.00$
Why Hijab issue is Manufactured? I UNEMPLOYMENT I KARNATAKA HIJAB20.02.20221141300.00$
Punjab & UP Elections 2022: Who will win? I SAMAJWADI PARTY I BJP I AAP VS CONGRESS20.02.202224439902,67$
Incumbency test in third phase! I YOGI ADITYANATH I UP ELECTIONS 202219.02.20221537300.00$
Third Phase: Who will win this round? Akhilesh or Yogi? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I ASHUTOSH19.02.202211395900,00$
आशुतोष और अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ASHUTOSH19.02.202242848093,21$
Is BJP's game over with the third phase? I YOGI ADITYANATH I UP ELECTIONS 202219.02.202216850200,00$
After Vishwas episode Can AAP still form Government? I PUNJAB ELECTIONS 2022 I ARVIND KEJRIWAL19.02.202210407900,00$
Third phase: BJP has to prove! I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH19.02.20222903000.00$
Thirds phase polling : BJP's biggest litmus test I YOGI ADITYANATH I UP ELECTIONS 202219.02.20224944800,00$
Religious Identity: Demonstration is necessary for politics! I HIJAB CONTROVERSY19.02.20222528200,00$
Youtube channel 4PM hacked or blocked? What's the issue? I ALOK JOSHI19.02.202216958200,00$
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Third Phase - Can Akhilesh save his fort? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । SAMAJWADI PARTY । YOGI ADITYANATH19.02.20228505800.00$
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Will AAP be able to get a majority this time? I PUNJAB ELECTIONS 2022 I ARVIND KEJRIWAL18.02.202259129023,71$
LIC IPO is here finally. Will it change the Indian stock? I SHARE MARKET I ALOK JOSHI18.02.20221454100.00$
इटावा और मैनपुरी में किसकी लहर ?18.02.20226400800.00$
Can seperatist allegation of Kumar Vishwas turn Punjab elections? । ARVIND KEJRIWAL । AAP PUNJAB18.02.20227135200,00$
What can be the impact of Mulayam’s entry in UP’s election campaign? । UP ELECTIONS 202218.02.20225513500.00$
Karnataka Govt On Hijab Row18.02.2022330800.00$
Why did UN want to intervene in the CAA case? I SUPREME COURT I CAA NRC PROTESTS I PM MODI17.02.202214373800.00$
Is Congress confused on Channi's bhaiyya jibe? or it's a strategic move? । PUNJAB ELECTIONS 202217.02.20222731100,00$
Will Mulayam Singh's rally attract voters? । SAMAJWADI PARTY । UP ELECTIONS 202217.02.20225139200.00$
Why do Bjp netas in poll bound states need Central security? । UP ELECTIONS 202217.02.20222987300.00$
BJP may loose 'Ayodhya' ? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । YOGI ADITYANATH17.02.202210049100.00$
UP Polls : How true are BJP’s claims and promises! । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP ELECTIONS 202217.02.20228370201,21$
Campaign for Urban Polls Ends Today17.02.2022639600.00$
How is AAP capturing villages in Punjab? । PUNJAB ELECTIONS 2022 । BHAGWANT MAAN17.02.20221247400.00$
Punjab: Will Channi come back as CM ! । BHAGWANT MAAN । CONGRESS । ASHUTOSH16.02.20226411800,00$
Is Punjab heading for a hung assembly? I PUNJAB ELECTIONS 2022 I CONGRESS I AAP PUNJAB16.02.20221419900.00$
What makes Punjab CM Channi flag 'Bhaiya' element? Is congress out of race in UP? । ALOK JOSHI16.02.20224826300.00$
क्या योगी को वाकओवर दे दिया अखिलेश ने? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । SAMAJWADI PARTY16.02.202213574500.00$
Does Saint Ravidas hold the keys to victory in 2022 polls? । YOGI ADITYANATH । ARVIND KEJRIWAL16.02.20223746300,00$
India Slams OIC over Hijab Remarks16.02.2022522000.00$
Will Putin attack Ukraine? I NATO I RUSSIA UKRAINE WAR16.02.20221635500.00$
Two Rounds Polling : Who is winning? । YOGI ADITYANATH । AKHILESH YADAV । ASHUTOSH15.02.202210908800.00$
‘Do you want another Kim Jong?' । RAKESH TIKAIT । PM MODI15.02.202211197400.00$
Yogi or Akhilesh? Who is leading the battle for UP? । BJP । SP RLD ALLIANCE15.02.202214700800.00$
कितने यादव मोदी के साथ !15.02.20228470900,00$
'We are winning more than 90 seats in two rounds' । SP RLD ALLIANCE । AKHILESH YADAV15.02.202215033900.00$
Can congress make a comeback in Punjab for the 2nd straight term? । PUNAJB ELECTIONS 202215.02.20221853900.00$
Political mood in Lucknow after two phases of polling15.02.20225678600.00$
Schools Re-opened Amid Prohibitory Orders15.02.2022319100.00$
Which side will the election go in Ayodhya? । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP ELECTIONS 202215.02.20224716600.00$
Second Phase - Is BJP losing? । YOGI ADITYANATH । AKHILESH YADAV । ASHUTOSH14.02.2022204169011,41$
Are Modi and Yogi frustrated? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I COMMUNAL POLITICS14.02.202211479200.00$
Second phase of UP Assembly elections is over. Is the Verdict out now? । BJP । ALOK JOSHI14.02.202221159907,28$
दूसरे दौर के बाद भी मोदी की हवा नही बनी? । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP ELECTIONS 202214.02.202211065909,71$
Is second phase polling a litmus test for BJP? । SP RLD ALLIANCE । YOGI ADITYANATH14.02.20228752100.00$
Second phase will be tough for BJP? । SP RLD ALLIANCE । YOGI ADITYANATH14.02.202214111100.00$
2nd phase of UP assembly poll underway. What’s the mood? । SP RLD ALLIANCE । YOGI ADITYANATH14.02.202211003500.00$
Discounts Galore to Push People to Vote in Goa14.02.2022530400.00$
SP supporters are jubilant14.02.20222957700.00$
Who should be called people's poet? I HINDI POETRY I INDIAN LITERATURE13.02.2022690700.00$
A Candid discussion with Arundhati Roy I MODI I HINDUTVA POLITICS13.02.20225412900,00$
यूपी चुनाव : भाजपा को सजा देने की तैयारी में किसान !13.02.20227755600.00$
Second Phase - Advantage Akhilesh? । SP RLD ALLIANCE । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP ELECTIONS 202213.02.202215304800.00$
Vote for love this Valentine's Day! I HATE POLITICS I HINDU MUSLIM UNITY13.02.2022669000.00$
Have the love stories in films changed?13.02.2022267300.00$
Ground reality in Ayodhya. Talking to journalists in Faizabad I ALOK JOSHI I UP ELECTIONS 202213.02.20224416500.00$
2nd Phase: Will decide who will form the govt ! I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH12.02.202214955700.00$
A big jolt to the Yogi government by SC? I CAA NRC PROTESTS I BJP12.02.202211260300,00$
आलोक जोशी अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ALOK JOSHI12.02.202215660082,05$
योगी और मोदी का भविष्य तय करेगा दूसरा चरण !12.02.20226959800.00$
यूपी में किसकी बनेगी सरकार ! ABHIGYAN PRAKASH। from lucknow to lutyens12.02.20226824504,85$
Will Mayawati emerge as the kingmaker in UP? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । DALIT POLITICS12.02.20222954200.00$
First Phase : BJP will loose substantially! I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I SP RLD ALLIANCE11.02.202212621000,00$
Will BJP win with the grace of election commission? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I PRIYANKA GANDHI11.02.202210213200,00$
Congress may win in Uttarakhand election 2022। HARISH RAWAT । BJP UTTARAKHAND11.02.20224286300.00$
आजम खान के बिना दूसरे दौर का चुनाव ! । SAMAJWADI PARTY । UP ELECTIONS 202211.02.20222491200.00$
Kerala CM Hits Back at Yogi11.02.2022461500.00$
UP First Poll: No vote for BJP? । YOGI ADITYANATH । SP RLD ALLIANCE । ASHUTOSH10.02.202220546800,35$
How much is the Hindutva card working? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I COMMUNAL POLITICS10.02.20228355500.00$
BJP will hold it's fort or SP RLD will capture Western UP?10.02.20227559700.00$
क्या पश्चिम में मोदी को बड़ा झटका लगा है ?10.02.202210856300,00$
Does huge voter turnout spell troubles for BJP? । YOGI ADITYANATH । AKHILESH YADAV10.02.20227020900.00$
Where is West UP heading? । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP ELECTIONS 202210.02.202211499400.00$
Hijab Controversy Updates10.02.2022836100.00$
Will Western Uttar Pradesh decide the future of BJP? । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP ELECTIONS 202210.02.20222897400,00$
UP Polls: 'BJP is nervous!' । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । YOGI ADITYANATH09.02.202214883900,00$
'The country is heading towards civil war' । KARNATAKA PROTESTS । HIJAB ROW09.02.202210112900,00$
Western UP goes to poll in first phase of UP Assembly election 2022. What's at stake?09.02.20224696400.00$
पहले चरण में मोदी शाह पर भारी हैं अखिलेश और जयंत ?09.02.20225630200.00$
UP Polls-First phase - Can BJP manage farmers anger? । SP RLD ALLIANCE । YOGI ADITYANATH09.02.20222981000.00$
Hijab row vs saffron shawls, communal pot stirred again । KARNATAKA PROTESTS09.02.20222787800,00$
Assembly Re-Adopts Bill09.02.20221277600.00$
UP Polls 22 : Can BJP repeat 2017 performance? । YOGI ADITYANATH । AKHILESH YADAV । ASHUTOSH08.02.20228831400.00$
Is BJP under pressure of Akhilesh? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I SANKALP PATR08.02.20226982300.00$
BJP UP poll manifesto or sankalp for 2022. Is it any different from 2017? । UP ELECTIONS 202208.02.20222828600.00$
यूपी से हटाओ ,हम इन्हें देश से हटा देंगे -ममता । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । SAMAJWADI PARTY08.02.20224181400.00$
'Congress is in the group of Urban naxals' । MODI SPEECH । RAHUL GANDHI08.02.20226644300.00$
Hijab Issue Reaches Loksabha08.02.20221039800.00$
Why Modi is so upset with Congress! । RAHUL GANDHI । TUKDE TUKDE GANG । ASHUTOSH07.02.202212342500.00$
What is the truth of Modi’s claims? I PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS I INDIA ECONOMY07.02.20227499200.00$
Has Sidhu really accepted Channi's leadership in punjab congress? । PUNJAB ELECTIONS 202207.02.20222855800.00$
भरी धूप में क्यों खराब हुआ भाजपा का मौसम?07.02.20228037900.00$
Can SP RLD Trump Yogi in UP? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । AKHILESH YADAV । YOGI ADITYANATH07.02.20222232700.00$
Why don’t Hindi books become best sellers? I INDIAN LITERATURE I ASHOK VAJPEYI06.02.2022844100.00$
Farewell to the Nightingale Of India! । LATA MANGESHKAR06.02.2022832900.00$
Homage to Kamal Khan with renowned Kabir singer Padmashri Prahlad Tipaniya06.02.20221496400.00$
Why it is a must to vote! । ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS 2022 । VOTING RIGHTS06.02.2022240600.00$
लता: दिव्य हैं वो अमर स्वर06.02.2022764600.00$
नोएडा से आगरा 2 हिंदू मुस्लिम कार्ड की पड़ताल06.02.20222948600.00$
UP Polls : “Akhilesh is gaining ground everyday” । SAMAJWADI PARTY । YOGI ADITYANATH । BJP VS SP05.02.202211942600.00$
Why the uproar over the hijab? I HIJAB PROTESTS I KARNATAKA COMMUNALISM05.02.20222775700.00$
मुकेश कुमार और अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । MUKESH KUMAR । AMBRISH KUMAR05.02.2022118250103,95$
पश्चिम के मुकाबले में गठबंधन क्या भारी है ?05.02.20225174800,00$
Will Farmers Mission UP help Akhilesh win? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । SANYUKT KISAN MORCHA05.02.20221744600.00$
One on One with Jayant Chaudhary on Satya Hindi । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । SP RLD ALLIANCE05.02.20221594200.00$
Owaisi rejects security, demands UAPA against shooters! । ASADUDDIN OWAISI । AIMIM UP । ASHUTOSH04.02.20227699600.00$
Did Yogi control crimes in UP? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I UP CRIME RATE I BJP04.02.20222891800.00$
अब यूपी क्यों नहीं आ रहें हैं मोदी ? । MODI VIRTUAL RALLY । UP ELECTIONS 202204.02.20229708800.00$
Will Uttar Pradesh fall for Yogi's claims on vikas ? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP UP04.02.20221658200.00$
Why BJP is so upset with Rahul? । CONGRESS । INDIA CHINA । ASHUTOSH03.02.202212600802,70$
Will farmer wipe out Yogi govt.? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I SANYUKT KISAN MORCHA03.02.20226619700,00$
Can Yogi-Shah win Western UP? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । BJP03.02.20224881000.00$
Is Rahul the biggest threat to BJP? । NISHIKANT DUBEY । CONGRESS03.02.20226527400,00$
UP Polls: Yogi needs Muzaffarnagar Riots? । UP BJP । COMMUNAL POLITICS । ASHUTOSH02.02.20227294700,00$
Will Rahul declare Channi Chief Ministerial candidate? । CONGRESS । CHARANJIT SINGH CHANNI02.02.20222604500,00$
Has Akhilesh trapped Keshav Prasad Maurya? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । PALLAVI PATEL02.02.20225980200.00$
Modi govt misleads people with Amrit Kaal? । UNION BUDGET 2022 । BJP02.02.20222855900.00$
Budget : Why UP is ignored! । UNION BUDGET 2022 । UP ELECTIONS । ASHUTOSH01.02.20228786300,00$
What is the politics of the budget? I UNION BUDGET 2022 I NIRMALA SITHARAMAN01.02.20223849304,85$
किसानों को ऐसे सबक सिखाया मोदी ने ! । FARMERS PROTESTS । MSP BUDGET01.02.20226316300.00$
Why Modi Govt's budget did not care for middle class? । NIRMALA SITHARAMAN। INDIA ECONOMY01.02.20222672200.00$
Budget 2022 decoded with economists । NIRMALA SITHARAMAN। INDIA ECONOMY01.02.20221588100.00$
Budget 2022: Quick analysis of Modi govt's budget. Is it a booster? । NIRMALA SITHARAMAN01.02.20223436800.00$
Explosive Interview of Rakesh Tikait । MISSION UP । FARMERS PROTESTS31.01.202210963900,00$
Will Nirmala Sitharaman's budget be a booster for economy or politics? । UNION BUDGET 202231.01.20222588300.00$
Why are BJP leaders targeting Jayant Chaudhary? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । SP RLD ALLIANCE31.01.20224513200.00$
Will Modi govt. come clean on Pegasus after NYT report? । SUPREME COURT । INDIA ISRAEL DEAL31.01.20223032700.00$
Is Modi government trying to capture IAS officers? । IAS CADRE । BJP31.01.20222156300.00$
Why this poem got viral? I INDIAN LITERATURE I ASHOK VAJPEYI I GYAN CHATURVEDI30.01.20222324900.00$
यूपी में मोदी योगी के खिलाफ क्या कोई लहर है ?30.01.20229222000.00$
Gandhi is more relevant today than ever! । MAHATMA GANDHI । NATHURAM GODSE30.01.2022692200.00$
Gandhigiri in Indian Cinema । MAHATMA GANDHI । BOLLYWOOD30.01.2022475500.00$
Pegasus : New York Times Exposes the Government! । MODI । INDIA ISRAEL DEAL । ASHUTOSH29.01.2022102687010,30$
Is Modi government anti national? Pegasus spyware I New York Times expose29.01.20229242400.00$
आलोक जोशी और आशुतोष से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । ASHUTOSH29.01.202216914089,85$
मोदी,शाह के लिए चुनौती बना किसानों का मिशन यूपी ?29.01.20222779500.00$
Has Modi government cheated the farmers? I FARMERS PROTESTS I MISSION UP29.01.20223828600.00$
NALIN MEHTA की किताब THE NEW BJP पर चर्चा। SATYA HINDI।29.01.20222527200.00$
Newyork Times magazine report exposes Modi on Pegasus । BJP । ISRAEL29.01.20225786501,21$
सावरकर की ज़िंदगी के सच में झांकने की कोशिश! । BJP RSS । MERCY PETITION29.01.2022910000.00$
OPINION POLL - How close is the contest bet SP-BJP? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । AKHILESH YADAV । ASHUTOSH28.01.2022119256011,16$
How will Modi handle students movement? I BHARAT BANDH I RAILWAY RECRUITMENT28.01.20225684600.00$
Can Akhilesh lure Sugarcane farmers of Western UP? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । SAMAJWADI PARTY28.01.20223759400.00$
Bharat bandh over RRB NTPC scam, will it impact BJP in UP polls? । STUDENTS PROTESTS28.01.20223727300.00$
BJP Panel for TN Suicide28.01.2022423800.00$
UP Polls 22 : Shah’s door to door, Is BJP nervous! । WESTERN UP । JAT POLITICS27.01.20228184704,85$
How will Shah save western UP? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I JAT POLITICS27.01.20224740000.00$
Students Protests is now a challenge for BJP! I RAILWAY EXAMS I UP POLICE27.01.20224722300.00$
Protest over RRB NTP exam intensifies: FIR against teachers । BJP । STUDENT PROTESTS । NTPC SCAM27.01.20221505000.00$
Goa Elections New Developments27.01.20221531000.00$
Railway Agitation: unemployed youth is angry? । YOGI ADITYANATH । STUDENT PROTESTS । ASHUTOSH26.01.202211487500.00$
What price Yogi will pay for the vandalism against students? I RAILWAY EXAMS I UP POLICE26.01.20229825000.00$
यूपी में क्यों खदेड़े जा रहे हैं मोदी के विधायक ?26.01.20226272100.00$
Violent protest over Railways exam , Modi govt watches helplessly । NTPC SCAM । BJP26.01.20222237200.00$
UP is in financial mess । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । YOGI ADITYANATH26.01.20223732400.00$
UP Polls 22 : Why BJP needs RPN Singh? । UP CONGRESS । CASTE POLITICS । ASHUTOSH25.01.20229494800,00$
Why are BJP and Shiv Sena claiming Hindutva? I UDDHAV THACKREY I HINDUTVA POLITICS25.01.20222564700.00$
यूपी में कांग्रेस के डूबते जहाज से भागे आरपीएन ! । UP CONGRESS । RPN SINGH ।25.01.20223488500.00$
RPN Singh Joins BJP, what can he bring on the table? । CONGRESS । ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS 202225.01.20222656300.00$
Operation 'Hasta' in Karnataka ? । KARNATAK NEWS । SOUTHINDIA NEWS ।25.01.20222013800.00$
UP Polls 22 : “BJP vs SP fight is a propaganda!” । DALIT POLITICS । MAYAWATI । ASHUTOSH24.01.20227833400.00$
Why Bhagwat himself don't condemn hate speech? I RSS I DHARMA SANSAD I HATE SPEECH24.01.20224106800,00$
प्रियंका गांधी से क्यों डर गईं मायावती ! । UP ELCETIONS 2022 । BSP ।24.01.20223784300.00$
SP lodges complaint against Amit Shah for violating covid norms । KAIRANA BJP । ELECTION COMMISSION24.01.20223950100.00$
TN Girls Suicide a ‘Conversion’ Issue ?24.01.2022295900.00$
Free verse poetry good or rhyming? I HINDI POETRY I INDIAN ARTS I ASHOK VAJPAYEE23.01.2022950500.00$
आखिर क्यों भागे डिप्टी डीएम केशव मौर्या ? । KESHAV PRASAD MAURYA ।23.01.202213773700.00$
Is the face of film nationalism changing?23.01.2022422700.00$
UP Polls 22 : Dalit Voters will be king maker! । YOGI ADITYANATH । AKHILESH YADAV । ASHUTOSH22.01.20225885800.00$
Putin toughened his stand on Ukraine, may result in war? I Ukraine crisis I NATO22.01.20221953800.00$
आलोक जोशी अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH । ALOK JOSHI22.01.202217388092,66$
अखिलेश यादव के चुनाव लड़ने का संदेश क्या है ?22.01.20222837300.00$
Changes in IAS Rules, new flashpoint between centre and state । IAS CADRE । BJP22.01.20222030700.00$
UP ELECTION 2022 : मंडल 2.0 या कमंडल की राजनीति? AKHILESH YADAV। YOGI ADITYANATH ।22.01.20225935700.00$
Opinion Poll - How many seats BJP will get at the centre? । 2024 LOKSABHA ELECTIONS । ASHUTOSH21.01.202258682020,99$
Opinion poll: how Modi become more popular? I MODI POPULARITY I BJP21.01.20226968200.00$
पश्चिम उप्र में भाजपा नेताओं का इतना विरोध क्यों? । UP ELECTIONS । BJP UP21.01.20224513500,00$
Amar Jawan Jyoti merged, Modi's new level of nationalism । INDIA GATE । BJP । WAR MEMORIAL21.01.20223600500,00$
Karnataka Hijab Issue Escalates21.01.2022519400.00$
UP Polls 22 : Is this new Samajwadi Party? । AKHILESH YADAV । BJP VS SP । ASHUTOSH20.01.202211445800.00$
How serious is Azaad challenge to Yogi? UP Election 2022 I Yogi v/s Azaad20.01.20227922400.00$
मोदी का हर दांव उल्टा क्यों पड़ रहा ? । PM MODI । BJP ।20.01.202215457200.00$
Silent Modi govt watches helplessly Chinese army abducting an Indian national । INDIA CHINA20.01.20223747800.00$
Will Goa Welcome New Entrants ?20.01.2022757000.00$
UP Polls 22 : Is Akhilesh under pressure to contest! । SAMAJWADI PARTY । ASHUTOSH19.01.20228198600.00$
Who will prove powerful, Channi or Maan? I PUNJAB ELECTIONS 2022 I CONGRESS I AAP PUNJAB19.01.20227643600.00$
Does BJP have an advantage with Digital campaining? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । ALOK JOSHI19.01.20222904400.00$
यूपी : प्रियंका ने पैर पर कुल्हाड़ी मार ली? । TAUQEER RAZA। UP ELECTION 2022 । CONGRESS19.01.202211704500.00$
Goa Elections 22: Very strong Anti-incumbency Against BJP! । AAP GOA । TMC । ASHUTOSH19.01.20225557900.00$
Akhilesh to contest from Azamgarh, will this counter the Yogi effect? । UP ELECTIONS 202219.01.20224842200.00$
Angry Stalin Rebuts19.01.2022854300.00$
Punjab Polls 22: ED active again, raided Channi’s relative । BHUPINDER SINGH HONEY । ASHUTOSH18.01.20226636800,00$
Why is Akhilesh not interested in Dalit’s vote? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I CHANDRASHEKHAR AZAD18.01.20229780300.00$
Akhilesh Yadav promises 300 units free electricity. Will UP Vote him to power? । UP ELECTIONS 202218.01.20225047600.00$
Can Amit Shah win UP Elections for BJP? । YOGI ADITYANATH । SAMAJWADI PARTY18.01.202210865200.00$
AAP's CM face in Punjab Bhagwant Mann: can he turn the tables । PUNJAB ELECTIONS । ARVIND KEJRIWAL18.01.20223448303,72$
Why These States' Tableau Proposals Rejected ?18.01.2022374800.00$
TN Navbharat-Veto survey - Will it be AAP or Congress! I PUNJAB ELECTIONS 2022 I ASHUTOSH17.01.202210567900.00$
Will Kejriwal be able to win in Punjab? I PUNJAB ELECTIONS 2022 I AAM AADMI PARTY17.01.20224367500.00$
Will Akhilesh's Ann Sankalp lure farmers? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । SAMAJWADI PARTY17.01.20225602303,72$
UP Polls 22: Why Swami Prasad Maurya joined SP ? । BJP UP । AKHILESH YADAV । OBC POLITICS17.01.20227726200.00$
नेहा सिंह राठौर से लाइव बातचीत I UP ELECTION SONG I UP POLITICS17.01.20226128600,00$
Corona Cases Spike in South India17.01.2022226800.00$
Gorakhpur not a cakewalk for BJP । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । YOGI ADITYANATH16.01.202212115400,00$
Why are women writers divided over feminism? I HINDI DIGITAL MAGAZINE I HINDI POETRY16.01.20221106700.00$
Hindu-Muslim relationship in Hindi films16.01.20222201000.00$
UP Polls 22: Yogi did not contest from Ayodhya/Mathura?। UP ELECTIONS 2022 । GORAKHPUR। ASHUTOSH15.01.202211698000.00$
Why is Ashoka called like Aurangzeb? I INDIAN HISTORY I RULERS IN INDIA15.01.20223496400.00$
आलोक जोशी और आशुतोष से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । ASHUTOSH15.01.2022323090185,23$
Why did Yogi leave Ayodhya? । UP BJP । UP ELECTIONS 202215.01.20221221080187,32$
NILANJAN MUKHOPADHYAY की किताब THE DEMOLITION and VERDICT पर चर्चा15.01.20223255900,00$
UP ELECTION 2022 : पार्टी बदलते नेता लेकिन पिक्चर अभी बाक़ी है! BJP । SAMAJWADI PARTY15.01.20229596100.00$
TN Navbharat-Veto Survey- who will Win -Yogi or Akhilesh? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । BJP VS SP । ASHUTOSH14.01.202215862000,00$
What happened to Brand Yogi? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH14.01.202210944603,64$
Remembering Kamal Khan journalist, communicator, Human and friend14.01.20227759101,21$
Swami Prasad Maurya attacks BJP । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । SAMAJWADI PARTY14.01.20228946000.00$
Can Modi, Yogi succeed with Surya Namaskar I JAMMU KASHMIR I UP ELECTIONS 202214.01.20222069100.00$
'Then Modi will become more autocratic' । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । BJP14.01.202214217900.00$
UP Polls 22 : Will Ayodhya be safe for Yogi? । UP BJP । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । ASHUTOSH13.01.20229882900.00$
Who is responsible for exodus in UP BJP? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I DHARM SINGH SAINI13.01.202213101600.00$
How effective will Priyanka's women card in UP? । UP CONGRESS । WOMEN POLITICS13.01.20225974500.00$
Will BJP put Yogi aside after MP's quit? I DARA SINGH CHAUHAN I UP ELECTIONS 202213.01.20229914600,00$
How will BJP save UP now? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH13.01.20228529900,00$
Helpless Yogi to contest from a safe seat I BJP I UP ELECTIONS 202213.01.20224100800,00$
UP Polls 22: OBC Leaders resigning BJP I DARA SINGH CHAUHAN I AKHILESH YADAV I ASHUTOSH12.01.202214054800,00$
Will Channi be the CM face in Punjab? I PUNJAB CONGRESS I NAVJOT SINGH SIDHU12.01.20228543800.00$
Why CM Yogi choses to contest from Ayodhya over Mathura? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I UP BJP12.01.20227329900.00$
Yogi government's forest minister Dara Singh Chauhan resigned from the cabinet I DARA SINGH CHAUHAN12.01.20226426900.00$
Yogi could not handle the backward casts I SWAMI PRASAD MAURYA I UP ELECTIONS 202212.01.20224118100.00$
SC Notice on Haridwar Hate Speech, Will Saints comply I DHARMA SANSAD I HATE SPEECH12.01.20222519000.00$
ABP/C-Voter Survey - Who will be CM - Yogi or Akhilesh? I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I BJP I ASHUTOSH11.01.202216308400,00$
Yogi Adityanath v/s Akhilesh Yadav I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I SAMAJWADI PARTY I BJP11.01.202210772100.00$
What question of BBC made UP Dy CM so angry? I KESHAV PRASAD MAURYA I DHARM SANSAD11.01.202212680700.00$
भाजपा में भगदड़ मच गई ! I SWAMI PRASAD MAURYA I SAMAJWADI PARTY11.01.202212698000.00$
क्या झाड़ू करेगी कमाल? I AAM AADMI PARTY I PUNJAB ELECTIONS11.01.20221852200.00$
Yogi nervous : talks about 80 -20! I HINDUTVA POLITICS I BJP I ASHUTOSH10.01.20229300303,72$
Is SC inquiry a setback for Modi govt.? I PM SECURITY BREACH I PUNJAB ELECTIONS10.01.202218291900.00$
यूपी में लड़ाई पिचासी बनाम पंद्रह की है ? । UP ELECTIONS । BJP । SAMAJWAADI PATY ।10.01.20227641500.00$
क्या बोलना था, क्या बोल गए योगी? I YOGI ADITYANATH I BJP UP I UP ELECTIONS10.01.2022149285010,15$
UP ELECTION 2022 : सुभासपा के मुखिया OM PRAKASH RAJBHAR से बातचीत10.01.20227191700.00$
Why there is controversy over the academy award to D.P. Sinha? I HINDI BOOKS I INDIAN ART09.01.20221292200.00$
Punjab: Malwa: Can Kejriwal defeat Congress? I AAM AADMI PARTY I PUNJAB ELECTIONS 202209.01.202211826700.00$
छोटी सी बात का बड़ा फिल्मकार09.01.2022831000.00$
Mayavati’s Politcs dead ! Or will be big Surprise? I UP ELECTIONS I BSP I ASHUTOSH08.01.20224889200.00$
Who won in the Modi v/s Channi battle?08.01.202218412300,00$
आलोक जोशी और आशुतोष से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । ASHUTOSH08.01.2022331760114,34$
यूपी में योगी या अखिलेश ?08.01.20224175100.00$
What is the identity of a woman! I WOMEN EMPOWERMENT I KAIFI AZMI08.01.2022227400.00$
Voting in seven phases, who benefits? I ELECTION COMMISSION I UP ELECTIONS I PUNJAB ELECTIONS08.01.202211411000.00$
पंजाबियों का अपमान क्यों कर रहे हैं मोदीजी?08.01.20225430600.00$
UP ELECTION 2022: क्या MODI की ताक़त से जीतेंगे YOGI? । AKHILESH YADAV। SATYA HINDI08.01.20225979300.00$
PM security breach : was it a conspiracy !07.01.20226966900.00$
Why is Punjab on target? PM SECURITY BREACH I PUNJAB ELECTIONS I SUPREME COURT07.01.20229553600,00$
पंजाब घटना पर मोदी को यूपी में कोई फायदा होगा ?07.01.20228648900.00$
PM सुरक्षा में चूक, SPG ज़िम्मेदार?07.01.202210506700,00$
PM security Breach - politics or conspiracy? I MODI FEROZEPUR RALLY I BJP I ASHUTOSH06.01.20226698300,00$
Politics in the name of security? I PM SECURITY BREACH I PUNJAB ELECTION06.01.20228339400.00$
पीएम की सुरक्षा की राजनीति ! I MODI FEROZEPUR I PUNJAB RALLY06.01.20224344500.00$
मोहम्मद अदीब से ख़ास बातचीत । GURUGRAM NAMAZ । INDIA MINORITIES06.01.20222339600.00$
Third wave - Another collapse of economy! । OMICRON WAVE । UNEMPLOYMENT । ASHUTOSH05.01.20223861700.00$
What is the truth behind the threat to Modi’s life? I MODI FEROZEPUR I PUNJAB RALLY05.01.202215932400.00$
प्रियंका गांधी ने क्या मैदान छोड़ दिया ? । PRIYANKA GANDHI । CONGRESS ।05.01.20227441400,49$
बुल्ली बाई: बेनक़ाब हो पाएँगे साज़िश के असली चेहरे । BULLI BAI APP । MUMBAI POLICE05.01.20221774000.00$
UP: Opinion Poll : who will win - Yogi or Akhilesh! । SAMAJWADI PARTY । BJP UP । ASHUTOSH04.01.202213257100,00$
Who are behind auction of Muslim women? I BULLI BAI I SULLI DEALS04.01.20224772700,00$
योगी और अखिलेश के बीच फंस गए भगवान ! । AKHILESH YADAV । SAMAJWADI PARTY ।04.01.20223441800,00$
सिद्धू का प्रियंका फार्मूला: पंजाब का बंटाधार । NAVJOT SINGH SIDHU । PUNJAB CONGRESS04.01.2022827000.00$
UP Polls 22- Why Akhilesh is wooing Brahman voters? । SAMAJWADI PARTY । CASTE POLITICS । ASHUTOSH03.01.20225063200,00$
'Modi is arrogant' I SATYAPAL MALIK I FARMERS PROTESTS I FARM LAWS03.01.20229913700,00$
Has UP actually reborn after 2017? Or Yogi has rewritten the Akhilesh Script? I ALOK JOSHI03.01.20223556400.00$
गोवा में मोदी की मददगार बनी ममता ! I GOA ELECTIONS I TMC BJP I AAP GOA03.01.20221896500,00$
मथुरा से चुनाव लड़ेंगे योगी: जानिए क्यों? I YOGI ADITYANATH I UP ELECTIONS03.01.20223123800.00$
How was the year 2021 for literature, theatre and art? I ROUND UP 2021 I INDIAN LITERATURE02.01.2022651400.00$
हिंदी फिल्मों में दलित कहां हैं?02.01.20221571700,00$
UP Polls 22 : Akhilesh Yadav can defeat BJP! I SAMAJWADI PARTY I YOGI ADITYANATH01.01.20228091300,00$
How will politics be in 2021? I INDIAN POLITICS I UP ELECTIONS01.01.20224025900,00$
आलोक जोशी और आशुतोष से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । ASHUTOSH01.01.2022256610142,86$
मायावती को क्यों भड़काया अमित शाह ने ?01.01.20227235000.00$
बीजेपी को क्यों नहीं रोक पायी OBC पॉलिटिक्स?01.01.20222464900.00$
The Gurmehar Kaur Show! I NIDA FAZLI I JAVED AKHTAR I INDIAN HERITAGE01.01.2022444200.00$
कश्मीर में नहीं बचा मामूली लोकतंत्र01.01.20221908700.00$
Assembly elections : Rallies are more important than lives ?31.12.20213339900.00$
‘The situation in the country is like partition.’ I DHARMA SANSAD I CIVIL WAR I YASHWANT SINHA31.12.20218732400,00$
Should Modi govt tax super rich to support the poor folk in 2022? | ALOK JOSHI31.12.20211530500.00$
यूपी चुनाव : अब सपा व्यापारी पर चुनावी छापा !31.12.20214398800.00$
यूपी चुनाव: बीजेपी का सिरदर्द बन रहा है समाजवादी इत्र31.12.20214402600.00$
Kalicharan Arrested: BJP leaders trying to support him! । NAROTTAM MISHRA । DHARMA SANSAD । ASHUTOSH30.12.20216014300,00$
Why did Pawar throw this googly? I MAHA VIKAS AGHADI I NCP BJP I MAHARASHTRA POLITICS30.12.20214749400.00$
Has PM modi taken control of UP again by sending DS Mishra as chief secretary? I ALOK JOSHI30.12.20216074200.00$
कालीचरण के समर्थन में उतरे भाजपा नेता ! । KALICHARAN । DHARMA SANSAD ।30.12.20214888900,00$
ख़बरों में रंग क्यों भरते हैं पत्रकार?30.12.20213120300,00$
Naseeruddeen shah: Muslim will fight back! । DHARM SANSAD । CIVIL WAR । ASHUTOSH29.12.20219675900,00$
Will political Sadhus spread violence? I DHARM SANSAD I CIVIL WAR I YATI NARSIMHANAND29.12.20217234100,00$
Lessons from 2021 that must go with us in 2022 and beyond । 2021 YEAR ENDER । ALOK JOSHI29.12.20212427400.00$
मोदी राज में काला धन कैसे हुआ सफेद? । PIYUSH JAIN RAID । BLACK MONEY । BJP29.12.20215706500.00$
मुसलमानों के प्रति ज़हर और फैलेगा? I DHARM SANSAD I HATE SPEECH I HINDUTVA29.12.20214968600.00$
Why are election rallies not being stopped? I OMICRON I MODI GOVT. I ELECTION COMMISSION28.12.20213005700.00$
UP at the bottom of NITI ayog's health index. Still there's praise for Yogi govt? I ALOK JOSHI28.12.20212937700,00$
PIYUSH JAIN RAID : BJP सच बोल रही या SAMAJWADI PARTY?28.12.20215753400,00$
भारत की फजीहत, पाकिस्तान ने भी दिखाई आंख I DHARM SANSAD I INDIAN MUSLIMS28.12.20213694600.00$
Justice Nazeer’s statement is unconstitutional I SUPREME COURT I RSS I DUSHYANT DAVE27.12.20213331600.00$
Dharma Sansad: Muslim’s reaction! I HATE SPEECH I YATI NARSINHANAND I ASHUTOSH27.12.20215405200.00$
What will they get by abusing Gandhi? I DHARM SANSAD I KALICHARAN MAHARAJ27.12.20217258600.00$
AAP upsets Modi and Shah's BJP and Sonia's Congress in Chandigarh. Is this a trailer of Punjab?27.12.20215459000.00$
DHARM SANSAD HATE SPEECH: पूर्व जस्टिस और वरिष्ठ वकील ANAJANA PRAKASH से बातचीत।27.12.20214414600.00$
Why are writers running after awards? I INDIAN LITERATURE I BOOK REVIEW I HINDI POETRY26.12.2021919800.00$
Has the year 2021 opened new avenues for Cinema?26.12.2021373000.00$
Uttarakhand Elections - BJP is in tough fight! । UK POLLS । MODI । CONGRESS UK26.12.20219647700.00$
Why the burning of Manu Smriti? MNU SMRITI I DALIT RESISTANCE I UPPER CAST DOMINANCE I AMBEDKAR25.12.20214840700.00$
आलोक जोशी और अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH KUMAR । ALOK JOSHI25.12.202115623058,22$
क्या यूपी में मोदी का खेल बिगड़ रहा है ?25.12.20217206200.00$
UP election 2022: BJP on tough terrain in Devipatan25.12.20212664300.00$
वाजपेयी: क्या भूल गए, क्यों याद करें?25.12.20211706000.00$
Dharma Sansad: No action against provocative speeches? । HARIDWAR DHARM SANSAD । ASHUTOSH24.12.20215785600,00$
Will Hindutva defame India in the world? I DHARMA SANSAD I HATE SPEECH I HINDU RASHTRA24.12.20217230600.00$
यूपी चुनाव: धर्म और राजनीति की कॉकटेल! । UP ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS । RELIGION POLITICS । ALOK JOSHI24.12.20211891300.00$
Will assembly elections be postponed in UP !। UP ELECTIONS । BJP । CORONA THIRD WAVE24.12.20218487600.00$
बीजेपी को क्यों यूपी में हार की आहट? । ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS । ALLAHABAD HIGH COURT24.12.20217218400.00$
Punjab Blast : Return of Terror? । LUDHIANA COURT । TERRORISM । ASHUTOSH23.12.20213098900.00$
Was Dharma-Sansad organized to spread violence? I YATI NARSINHANAND I HATE SPEECH23.12.20215395700.00$
Why PM Modi is rushing to Kashi every now and then and why invoke the Cow card in UP Election?23.12.20216052100.00$
राम नाम की ये कैसी लूट! I AYODHYA LAND SCAM I RAM MANDIR23.12.20212808801,21$
लोगों की जान जाती रहे, लेकिन रैली नहीं रुकेगी? I OMICRON I ELECTION RALLIES23.12.20212142200.00$
Is Rahul’s attack on Hindutva is good Politics? । HINDUISM VS HINDUTVA । CONGRESS । ASHUTOSH22.12.20216101800.00$
Is the Modi government careless about the third wave of Covid? I OMICRON I ELECTION RALLIES22.12.20214447200.00$
Trouble in Uttarakhand Congress? Harish Rawat's 'Magarmachh' Jibe Ahead of Polls. । ALOK JOSHI22.12.20215429000.00$
प्रियंका गांधी के महिला मुद्दे ने बदला दलों का एजंडा! । UP CONGRESS । WOMEN POLITICS22.12.20214192200.00$
“BJP is scared of defeat in UP elections.” । YOGI ADITYANATH । MODI । ASHUTOSH21.12.202111847300,00$
Is India getting Talibanized? I MOB LYNCHING I PUNJAB SACRILEGE I ATTACKS ON MINORITIES21.12.20212784100.00$
Respect your PM. Says Kerala HC on Modi's picture on vaccine certificate । ALOK JOSHI21.12.20214905400.00$
भागवत मुलायम की तस्वीर पर ये कैसा हंगामा! । SAMAJWADI PARTY । RSS । UP POLITICS21.12.20212793000.00$
Is BJP eyeing at a Hindu CM in J & K? । DELIMITATION COMMISSION । JAMMU KASHMIR ASSEMBLY21.12.20211355400.00$
What is the hidden agenda of election reform? I ELECTORAL ROLLS I MODI GOVT.20.12.20215337900,00$
Another black monday in stock market. Sensex Nifty down to 4 month low. Is this a deep dive now?20.12.20211956000.00$
राहुल प्रियंका ने मुकाबले को तिकोना बना दिया ! । RAHUL GANDHI । PRIYANKA GANDHI । UP CONGRESS20.12.20218749700.00$
बेअदबी के बढ़ते मामले हैं षड्यंत्र का इशारा? । PUNJAB SACRILEGE । GOLDEN TEMPLE20.12.20211465400.00$
Sasikala Factor in TN ?20.12.2021265700.00$
Why do the writers run away from resistance? I TANA BANA I INDIAN LITERATURE & CULTURE19.12.20211009000.00$
महिलाओं की शादी की उम्र पर विवाद क्यों?19.12.20212702200.00$
फिल्मों में गुम होती प्रार्थना19.12.2021577000.00$
UP elections: BJP ally unhappy Nishad demands reservations!18.12.20216959600.00$
Why are farmers fighting elections? I GURNAAM CHADUNI I PUNJAB ELECTIONS I FARMERS PROTESTS18.12.20212908800,00$
आलोक जोशी और आशुतोष से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । ASHUTOSH18.12.2021225240288,22$
Will Akhilesh be scared of the tax brigade? IT RAIDS ON AKHILESH I UP ELECTION I MODI GOVT.18.12.20215479500.00$
congress rally18.12.20218845300.00$
Shah-BJP will win 300 seats in UP Elections। BJP UP । YOGI ADITYANATH । ASHUTOSH17.12.20218572800.00$
How will Bhagwat bring back the converted Hindus? I RSS I HINDU MAHAKUMBH I HINDUTVA POLITICS17.12.20214158300.00$
Low jobs and High prices to cost BJP it's govt in Uttarakhand? Can congress sail through?17.12.20214664700.00$
राहुल गांधी ने भी ठोंकी ताल । UP ELECTIONS । CONGRESS17.12.20217891900.00$
Who invited Babur to India? I MUGHAL EMPEROR I INDIAN HISTORY17.12.20212099200.00$
Why is Metro Man Quitting?17.12.2021530400.00$
Why Modi govt defending Ajay Mishra! । LAKHIMPUR CASE । BJP । ASHUTOSH16.12.20213562000.00$
Where will Mr. Modi take the country? I HINDU RASHTRA I RELIGION POLITICS16.12.20216177300.00$
Why PM Modi still needs Ajay Mishra 'Teni' in govt.? Does Yogi also need him to stay? । ALOK ADDA16.12.20214528900.00$
ममता के गले की हड्डी बनी कांग्रेस ? । CONGRESS । MAMATACBANERJEE । TMC ।16.12.20214637400.00$
दुल्हन होगी 21 साल की, जीत मगर चुनौती भी16.12.20211326700.00$
Why is Gov Khan Unhappy ?16.12.2021448800.00$
MODI not sacking Minister Ajay Mishra for abusing Media? । LAKHIMPUR SIT REPORT । BJP15.12.20217620400.00$
Why are the BJP-RSS so panicked? I UP ELECTIONS I AYODHYA BJP15.12.20219127600,00$
गृह राज्य मंत्री टेनी बोला ,फोन बंद कर बे ! । LAKHIMPUR CASE । AJAY MISHTRA TENI।15.12.20216595900.00$
विपक्ष का बॉस कौन? । MAMATA BANERJEE । CONGRESS । THIRD FRONT15.12.20211891100.00$
What Karnataka MLC Results Say ?। SOUTH INDIA NEWS। KARNATKA MLC RESULT ।15.12.20211457200.00$
Lakhimpur: Will Modi sack Minister Ajay Mishra! । LAKHIMPUR SIT REPORT । ASHUTOSH14.12.20215581601,21$
Are attacks on minorities a knock of Hindu Rashtra? I HINDU FUNDAMENTALISTS I HINDUTVA14.12.20215821800,00$
Who profits from Bank privatisation? । PSU BANKS । UBFU STRIKE । ALOK JOSHI14.12.20213711900.00$
केंद्रीय मंत्री टेनी को अब हटाएंगे मोदी? । LAKHIMPUR VIOLENCE । SIT INVESTIGATION REPORT14.12.20215536400.00$
हिंदुत्व+विकास = ब्रांड मोदी । KASHI VISHWANATH CORRIDOR । MODI IMAGE BUILDING14.12.20212385200.00$
Plea on Modi Pic on Vax Certificate । PM MODI । VACCINE CERTIFICATE ।14.12.2021656000.00$
Akhilesh or Modi, who initiated Kashi Vishwanath corridor project? । MODI VARANASI SPEECH13.12.20212383900.00$
Rahul Gandhi's Hindutva attack may backfire and help Modi's BJP? । GANDHI VS GODSE । ALOK JOSHI13.12.20218011800.00$
भाजपा के ब्राह्मण वोट में सेंध लगाएंगे अखिलेश यादव ! । AKHILESH YADAV । HARISHANKAR TIWARI ।13.12.20213564200.00$
ईसाईयों ने बीजेपी का क्या बिगाड़ा है? । KARNATAKA CHRISTIANS13.12.20211720300.00$
No Entry in Srirangam Temple ? । Srirangam Temple।13.12.2021471300.00$
UP elections-Bundelkhand : Can BJP win! I YOGI ADITYANATH I MAYAWATI I BSP12.12.20217435500.00$
CJI Gogoi and independence of judiciary! । RANJAN GOGOI । SUPREME COURT । ASHUTOSH11.12.20216519200.00$
Is it going to be Modi vs Akhilesh in UP elections? । बीजेपी-एसपी । SAMAJWADI PARTY11.12.20216601700.00$
आलोक जोशी और आशुतोष से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । ASHUTOSH11.12.2021189210186,85$
MAHUA MOITRA के ख़िलाफ़ MAMATA BANERJEE के सख्त तेवर क्यों?11.12.20214377300.00$
नमाज़ पर बवाल, बीजेपी का राजनीतिक खेल!11.12.20214197500.00$
FARMERS PROTEST: तो क्या अब UP ELECTION जीत लेगी BJP?11.12.20214588900.00$
Is Dilip Kumar the greatest actor of India?11.12.20211386400.00$
Is Unemployment an issue in UP elections ?10.12.20217679000,00$
मोदी की नजर मायावती के वोट पर !10.12.20213338000.00$
Yogi Adityanath पर Sharat pradhan और Atul chandra की किताब पर चर्चा।10.12.20213480300,00$
क्या मथुरा से निकलेगा योगी की जीत का रास्ता? I UP BJP I MATHURA TEMPLE I YOGI ADITYANATH10.12.20212702700.00$
Good Bye To Bravehearts । BIPIN RAWAT ।10.12.2021330700.00$
Mr Prime Minister, don’t take Panga with Farmers! I KISAN ANDOLAN I YOGENDRA YADAV I ASHUTOSH09.12.20211850200.00$
Why Modi has to surrender? I FARMERS PROTESTS I FARM LAWS I ASHUTOSH09.12.20217658200,00$
Will Modi be able to control damage caused by the farmers movement? I BJP I FARMERS PROTESTS09.12.20214394900.00$
Modi government concedes and Farmers withdraw stir. What next? I KISAN ANDOLAN I BJP I ALOK JOSHI09.12.20212599400.00$
इस ऐतिहासिक जीत के बाद क्या करेंगे किसान? I KISAN ANDOLAN I FARM LAWS I BJP09.12.20212952900.00$
Government bows down, farmers won? I MSP I FARMERS MOVEMENT I FARM LAWS09.12.20212487200.00$
किसानों की बड़ी जीत, मोदी सरकार के लिए सबक09.12.20214295900.00$
What is the real challenge that lies ahead for farmers? I MSP I FARMERS MOVEMENT I FARM LAWS09.12.20211326000.00$
Bipin Rawat Chopper Crash Aftermath09.12.2021628700.00$
Why PM admitted Akhilesh as challenger! I UP ELECTIONS I BJP I ASHUTOSH08.12.20215825100.00$
Did the farmers agree? MSP I FARMERS MOVEMENT I FARM LAWS08.12.20213838100.00$
India Now Among The Most Unequal Countries: World Inequality Report। ECONOMIC INEQUALITY। ALOK JOSHI08.12.20211655500.00$
प्रियंका गांधी के महिला घोषणा पत्र से वोट मिलेगा? । CONGRESS । UP ELECTIONS । WOMENS MANIFESTO08.12.20213967400.00$
“Breaking Congress is against national interest” । SANJAY RAUT । OPPOSITION UNITY । ASHUTOSH08.12.20213312200.00$
किसान आंदोलन का अंत: क्यों और कैसे?। FARMERS PROTESTS । BJP08.12.20212480300.00$
Why is Baghel government so kind to Adani? I CHHATTISGARH I BHUPESH BAGHEL I COAL MINES08.12.2021785600.00$
PM Modi's speech is a clear acceptance of threat from Akhilesh Yadav । UP ELECTIONS । BJP vs SP08.12.20215350600.00$
What Will Change in TN ?08.12.2021579900.00$
Huge turnout in Akhilesh's rally should be judged by the mood and not count । UP ELECTIONS08.12.20213093000.00$
Will Farmers withdraw agitation? । FARMERS PROTESTS । BJP । ASHUTOSH07.12.20214829000.00$
What will happen to Mamata’s third front game plan? I RAHUL GANDHI I SHIVSENA I OPPOSITION UNITY07.12.20218458800,00$
Akhilesh and Jayant combine makes it real tough for Yogi and Modi in UP? । UP ELECTIONS । ALOK JOSHI07.12.20217161500.00$
मेरठ में लाल टोपी का सैलाब ! । SAMAJWADI PARTY । AKHILESH YADAV । UP ELECTIONS07.12.20215322800.00$
लाल टोपी बनी मोदी जी के लिए रेड अलर्ट? । UP ELECTIONS । MODI । AKHILESH YADAV07.12.20213135100.00$
How Real is COVID-19 Vax data in Tamil Nadu ?07.12.2021344500.00$
Will Dalit still vote for BSP? I UP ELECTIONS I DALIT POLITICS I ASHUTOSH06.12.20214068900.00$
UP BJP a divided house? Dy CM Keshav Maurya helping or countering CM Yogi Adityanath? । ALOK JOSHI06.12.20216001700.00$
योगी पर भारी पड़ेंगे जयंत और अखिलेश यादव? । UP ELECTIONS । UP BJP । SAMAJWADI PARTY06.12.20214878800.00$
Did Savarkar betrayed freedom movement? I FREEDOM MOVEMENT I HINDUTVA I INDIAN HISTORY06.12.2021225800.00$
नागालैंड में आम नागरिकों की हत्या, कौन ज़िम्मेदार? I NAGALAND I AMIT SHAH06.12.20211884700.00$
Are There Two Karnatakas ?06.12.2021608200.00$
Remembering Vinod Dua04.12.20215084100.00$
आलोक जोशी और अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । AMBRISH KUMAR । ALOK JOSHI04.12.202111350036,37$
ममता बनर्जी के तीसरे मोर्चे की हवा निकल गई !04.12.202110191100.00$
जब लाहौर में भारत से हारने के बाद भी पाकिस्तानी नाचने लगे! NOT JUST CRICKET। PRADEEP MAGAZINE।04.12.2021770300,00$
'यात्रा पर रोक लगाना और लॉकडाउन हल नहीं' । OMICRON VARIANT । CORONAVIRUS INDIA । CORONA VACCINE04.12.2021181200.00$
Why BJP Targeting Muslims big way? I UP ELECTIONS I YOGI ADITYANATH I ASHUTOSH04.12.202111937800.00$
गांधी के अंतरंग पलों का खुलासा करती किताब पर बात04.12.2021901000.00$
Why did Biden become soft on Modi? I INDO-US RELATIONS । INDIA DEMOCRACY03.12.2021954400.00$
Whom will Muslims in UP vote? । UP ELECTIONS । MUSLIM VOTERS । ASHUTOSH03.12.20216541900.00$
Why is every party saluting Adani ? ADANI I MAMTA BANARJEE I MODI GOVT. I POLITICS AND CORPORATES03.12.20214239900.00$
High hopes on India's recovery and economic growth, but where are the jobs?03.12.20211408700.00$
यूपी में विपक्ष पर हमला करती प्रियंका गांधी !03.12.20214826000,00$
संसद में बीजेपी के विरोध के क्या मायने?03.12.20211944300.00$
Political Turmoil In Karnataka03.12.20213237800.00$
Why Mathura Now ? BJP not confident of winning? । KESHAV PRASAD MAURYA । BJP UP । ASHUTOSH02.12.20218969400.00$
Will Congress be able to save UPA? I PRASHANT KISHOR I MAMATA BANERJEE I OPPOSITION UNITY02.12.20216343900.00$
क्या यूपी में बीजेपी को हार दिखने लगी है? । KESHAV PRASAD MAURYA । BJP UP । UP ELECTIONS02.12.20217363900.00$
Unvaxed ? Can't Visit These Places !02.12.2021326100.00$
“Movement continues, till MSP legalised” । FARM LAWS । RAKESH TIKIAT । ASHUTOSH02.12.20219620000.00$
Will deadlock break in parliament? । OPPOSITION MLA । RAJYASABHA । ASHUTOSH01.12.20214822700.00$
Will farmer unity be broken? I FARMERS MOVEMENT I FARM LAWS I MODI GOVT.01.12.20214442000.00$
Mamata and Pawar's Congress mukt opposition unity! । MAMATA BANERJEE । OPPOSITION UNITY । ALOK JOSHI01.12.20215552800.00$
बुंदेलखंड में अखिलेश को सुनने उमड़ी भीड़! । SAMAJWADI PARTY । UP ELECTIONS01.12.20215227500,00$
संसद में ऐसा पहले कभी न हुआ! । FARM LAWS । PARLIAMENT । OPPOSITION PROTESTS01.12.20214457000.00$
Who is The Real Superstar, or ‘Thalaiva’ ?01.12.2021201100.00$
Parliament is losing relevance? । FARM LAWS । OPPOSITION PARTIES । ASHUTOSH30.11.20216153000.00$
Will the government run the parliament in this way? I MODI I FARM LAWS I OPPOSITION PROTEST30.11.20214367000.00$
Suspension of 12 opposition MPs. Modi govt won't allow dissent in parliament too? । ALOK JOSHI30.11.20214876000.00$
सदन में भी बोलने नहीं देगी मोदी सरकार । PARLIAMENT । OPPOSITION PROTESTS30.11.20215124300.00$
Alarm Bells Over Omicron30.11.2021170200.00$
Farm laws repealed - Triumph of Democracy?29.11.20214504100.00$
Why did the Modi government run away from the debate? I FARM LAWS I LOKSABHA I OPPOSITION29.11.20218670700.00$
UP Police Claim Twist To Sensational Prayagraj Murders, Blame Dalit Man29.11.20212165700.00$
क्या यूपी की राजनीतिक हवा बदल रही है ?29.11.20216385200.00$
Even Gandhi didn’t do such service Modiji! I BJP I MAHATMA GANDHI29.11.20214680900.00$
What Happened to Comedian Munawar Faruqui ?29.11.2021486200.00$
How long farmer’s movement will continue !27.11.20214971700,00$
Why should Dalit vote Yogi? ATROCITIES ON DALITS IN UP I UP ELECTION I DALIT POLITICS27.11.20214761200.00$
शीतल पी सिंह और मुकेश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । SHEETAL P SINGH । MUKESH KUMAR27.11.2021127930146,53$
बुंदेलखंड में अखिलेश ,योगी या मायावती ?27.11.20212559200.00$
What did Savarkar do after his release from jail? I HINDUTVA I FREEDOM MOVEMENT27.11.2021434800.00$
योगिराज या जंगलराज !27.11.20214237600.00$
क्या 2024 में ममता दी मोदी की जगह लेंगी? MAMATA BANERJEE । THE VIJAI TRIVEDI SHOW27.11.20214363800,00$
Most dangerous for India - dynasty or one man rule ?26.11.20214990100.00$
Why is Congress crying for opposition unity? CONGRESS I TMC I PRASHANT KISHORE I OPPOSITION UNITY26.11.20213253900.00$
Why SP, BJP and other parties don't raise issues of Dalits in UP Poll battle?26.11.20213286200.00$
चुनाव पर क्या असर डालेगा किसान आंदोलन ?26.11.20213519600.00$
दक्षिण अफ्रीका से आ रहे ख़तरे के लिए भारत तैयार?26.11.20212589600.00$
What is 'Spit-free' food ?26.11.2021308300.00$
Why BJP is harping on Jinnah? I YOGI ADITYANATH I UP ELECTIONS I ASHUTOSH25.11.20216201200.00$
Why is Modi silent on legal guaranty to MSP? I MINIMUM SUPPORT PRICE I FARMERS MOVEMENT25.11.20214149800.00$
NBDSA orders news channels to delete videos. How will media comply?25.11.20213151401,21$
कांग्रेस का डूबता जहाज और भागते विधायक !25.11.20213567000.00$
आबादी में महिलाएं आगे निकलीं, शहर से बेहतर गांव25.11.2021557800.00$
Why Jayalalithaa Home Takeover Cancelled By Court25.11.2021144700.00$
Has Pakistan became bankrupt? I PAKISTAN ECONOMY I IMRAN KHAN I IMF LOAN24.11.2021947900.00$
Akhilesh’s winning formula? I SAMAJWADI PARTY I UP ELECTIONS I ASHUTOSH24.11.20217834900.00$
Will the govt. spy us on the pretext of data security? DATA PROTECTION BILL I24.11.20212901100.00$
Akhilesh yadav allies with all against BJP. Why not Shivpal singh Yadav?24.11.20213450300.00$
योगी ,मोदी को कड़ी चुनौती देगा अखिलेश का गठबंधन24.11.20213506300.00$
पंजाब चुनाव: वोट के बदले पैसा24.11.20211903900.00$
DNA Test Confirms Parentage24.11.2021200500.00$
Mamta destroying Congress! I TMC CONGRESS I KIRTI AZAD I ASHUTOSH23.11.20214497300.00$
How long will satpal Malik survive? Satpal Malik I Modi government I Farmers movement23.11.20215758600.00$
कांग्रेस मुक्त अभियान की मदद करती ममता बनर्जी ?23.11.20213589700.00$
कांग्रेस का वजूद ख़त्म करने में लगी ममता!23.11.20212742100.00$
Controversy Behind AP 3-Capital Bill ?23.11.2021859600.00$
Why farmers are still continuing with the agitation! I LUCKNOW MAHAPANCHAYAT I ASHUTOSH22.11.20214970100.00$
Modi caught in his own trap? I FARM LAWS I FARMERS MOVEMENT I UP ELECTION22.11.202111843200,00$
Bears rip Sensex, Nifty. Both down 2%. Correction or beginning of a bear market?22.11.20212099700.00$
किसानों ने कहा ,आंदोलन जारी रहेगा I LUCKNOW MAHAPANCHAYAT I KISAN ANDOLAN22.11.20213438900,00$
'Don’t call compulsion penance, Mr. Modi' I FARM LAWS I PM MODI I FARMERS MOVEMENT22.11.20214090200.00$
बंगाल के बाद क्या किसान यूपी में ताकत दिखा सकेंगे? I LUCKNOW MAHAPANCHAYAT I FARMERS PROTESTS22.11.20215175000.00$
Karnataka: Why ‘Ghar Wapsi’ Drive ?22.11.2021969900.00$
Western UP : Who will win - Yogi or Akhilesh! I UP ELECTIONS I SAMAJWADI PARTY I BJP21.11.202110653600.00$
“Prime Minister has no heart !” । AGRICULTURE LAWS । KISAN ANDOLAN । ASHUTOSH20.11.202110798700.00$
When Media will apologize? I AGRI LAWS I FARMERS MOVEMENT I INDIAN MEDIA20.11.20217197700.00$
शीतल पी सिंह और मुकेश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । SHEETAL P SINGH । MUKESH KUMAR20.11.202116411070,93$
Did Chandragupta defeat Alexander? I CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA I INDIAN HISTORY20.11.2021842000.00$
इतने कमज़ोर मोदी!20.11.202113650700.00$
Now, There will be movement for white laws I FARM LAWS I MSP LAW I PM MODI20.11.20212545100.00$
विपक्षी दल क्या रणनीति बदलेंगे? क्या होगा बीजेपी के ख़िलाफ़ नारा?20.11.20212617900.00$
Should farmers end their agitation now? I AGRI LAWS I FARMERS MOVEMENT I MODI GOVERNMENT19.11.20211985200.00$
How big Is this defeat of Modi? I AGRI LAWS I FARMERS MOVEMENT I MODI GOVERNMENT19.11.20217297100.00$
Who and why is criticising PM Modi for repel of farm laws? I FARMERS PROTESTS I MODI GOVERNMENT19.11.20217907600.00$
Will Modi be able to save UP after U turn on agriculture law? I FARMERS PROTESTS I UP ELECTIONS19.11.20215018600.00$
मोदी की छवि को लगा झटका?19.11.20216630300.00$
Why did Modi withdraw Farmer’s Laws! I FARMERS PROTESTS I MODI GOVERNMENT19.11.202111179800.00$
Farmer movement stages a win over Modi govt. What Next? I FARM LAWS I MODI GOVERNMENT19.11.20213070100,00$
Is the victory of farmers incomplete? I AGRI LAWS I FARMERS MOVEMENT I MODI GOVERNMENT19.11.20211635600.00$
मोदीजी के एलान से बीजेपी में हड़कंप I FARMERS PROTESTS I MODI GOVERNMENT I AGRICULTURE LAWS19.11.202114588500.00$
Shocking incident involving Rajiv Gandhi Gov Hospital19.11.2021279400.00$
Modi has to roll back agriculture laws I FARM LAWS I MODI GOVERNMENT I UP ELECTIONS19.11.202114112800.00$
Why BJP is so desperate in UP! । UP ELECTIONS । YOGI ADITYANATH । ASHUTOSH18.11.20218931700,00$
How angry Pawar will fight Modi govt.? I SHARAD PAWAR I ANIL DESHMUKH I CBI-ED18.11.20215622100.00$
Where's the political cadre of BJP? Why Modi and Yogi have to bank upon Govt machinery?18.11.20216537100,00$
वीर दास ने क्या गुनाह किया? । INDIAN COMEDIANS । 2 INDIA18.11.20211488000.00$
Setback to TDP in Naidu's Bastion18.11.2021193600.00$
Why Salman is angry with Ghulam Nabi Azad? । AYODHYA BOOK । HINDUTVA VS HINDUISM । ASHUTOSH17.11.20212646200.00$
Should we forgive Kangana? I GANDHI I FREEDOM MOVEMENT I HATE SPEECH17.11.20213307000.00$
Real story of Sripati Mishra's removal as UP Chief minister. What was Modi trying to advocate?17.11.20214643800,00$
मोदी का करिश्मा क्या दरक रहा है? I MODI RALLY I UP ELECTIONS17.11.20216608800,00$
प्रदुषण पर कोर्ट सख्त, लेकिन ज़िम्मेदारी कौन लेगा? । DELHI POLLUTION । SUPREME COURT17.11.2021357500.00$
Temple’s Rituals Can't be Examined - SC17.11.2021126100.00$
UP Expressway: Fighter planes are used for elections! । PURVANCHAL EXPRESSWAY । BJP । ASHUTOSH16.11.20214395400.00$
Whose Purvanchal Expressway? Akhilesh yadav questions Yogi Adityanath's project politics.16.11.20213500300.00$
The story of India's holiest river Ganga16.11.2021718900.00$
गुजरात के मांसाहारियों पर लगा अंकुश, क्या चाहती है सरकार? । GUJARAT BJP । NON VEG FOOD16.11.20212460600.00$
JaiBheem Row - Notice to Suriya and Film Makers16.11.2021758300.00$
Should Salman Khurshid apologise for his book? I AYODHYA BOOK I HINDUTVA I ASHUTOSH15.11.20216017000.00$
Who instigated the riots in Maharashtra and why?। AMRAVATI VIOLENCE । BJP15.11.20215101100.00$
Air emergency in Delhi, Who all to be blamed? I DELHI POLLUTION I SUPREME COURT15.11.2021975900.00$
Did Gandhi asked Savarkar to apologize? I MERCY PETITIONS I BRITISH RAJ15.11.2021241500.00$
कोर्ट, संसद दरकिनार: बीजेपी ने बढ़ाया CBI-ED का कार्यकाल I MODI GOVERNMENT15.11.20212543400.00$
School Principal Held in Coimbatore Student Suicide Case15.11.2021542100.00$
Did Rahul Commit a blunder? I HINDUTVA VS HINDUISM I CONGRESS I ASHUTOSH13.11.20212522100.00$
Will Doval make bureaucrats fight the public. AJIT DOVAL I BUREAUCRACY I WAR AGAINST CIVIL SOCIETY13.11.20216773600.00$
आलोक जोशी और आशुतोष से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । ASHUTOSH13.11.2021229850265,08$
Akhilesh is directly challenging Yogi Adityanath!13.11.202110187500,00$
कंगना पर अभिव्यक्ति की आज़ादी के दोहरे मापदंड क्यों?13.11.20212202800,00$
हिंदुत्व पर राजनीति: संयोग नहीं प्रयोग है? HINDUTVA POLITICS ।13.11.20213406600,00$
Rahul challenges BJP: Hindutva is not HINDU!। RAHUL GANDHI। HINDUISM । ASHUTOSH12.11.20215320300.00$
कंगना के ज़रिए करवाया जा रहा बड़ा लिटमस टैस्ट? । KANGANA RANAUT। 2014 AZAADI12.11.20217232400.00$
क्या कांग्रेस ने लिया बेवजह पंगा? । SALMAN KHURSHID । RAHUL GANDHI12.11.20214394400.00$
Why did Savarkar reject his revolutionary past? I MERCY PETITION I BRITISH RAJ12.11.2021293300.00$
कंगना को गाँधी से परहेज़ क्यों? I KANGANA RANAUT I MAHATMA GANDHI12.11.20213246700.00$
Chennai Shows How Not To Manage Monsoon12.11.202195400.00$
Why Sanjay Singh doubts govt will not investigate Rafale scam! I RAFALE DEAL I ASHUTOSH12.11.20214461400.00$
Rafale deal to be investigated by SC’s SIT! I RAFALE SCAM I PRASHANT BHUSHAN I ASHUTOSH11.11.20215128600.00$
Are Hindutva and terrorism same? I ISIS-BOKO HARAM I SALMAN KHURSHID11.11.20211760100.00$
‘कंगना की सोच पागलपन या देशद्रोह?’11.11.202111507000.00$
Government silent on custodial death!11.11.20211218500.00$
अल्ताफ ने की आत्महत्या या फिर पुलिस ने की हत्या? I UP POLICE I YOGI ADITYANATH11.11.20212406600.00$
Hyderabad Engineer Arrested For Rape Threats To Virat Kohli's Daughter11.11.2021761300.00$
Sensational disclosure: sensitive documents to Rafale !10.11.20217636500.00$
Has Fadnavis given protection to the underworld? NAWAB MALIK I ARYAN DRUG CASE10.11.20214064603,30$
Nykaa's stunning debut, Paytm sails through. But there's action in Latent View.10.11.2021882500.00$
योगी के आगे नतमस्तक हुई भाजपा !10.11.20215153500.00$
Did Savarkar accept slavery of British empire? I MERCY PETITIONS I BRITISH RULE10.11.2021204000.00$
Center to #Kerala - Let #TN Fix #Mullaperiyar Baby Dam10.11.2021137300.00$
Why Kairana ? BJP scared ! । BJP । UP ELECTIONS । YOGI ADITYANATH । NARENDRA MODI ।09.11.20219210505,48$
Why Modi avoid investigating the Rafale deal? MODI I NEW EVIDENCE OF CORRUPTION09.11.20215600600.00$
बिहार में जान की कीमत पांच हज़ार?09.11.20211996900.00$
पश्चिम में सपा लोकदल गठबंधन भारी पड़ेगा !09.11.20215020400.00$
बिन चीन और पाकिस्तान के क्या है सुरक्षा वार्ता के मायने?09.11.20211639200.00$
क्यों भड़क उठे तेलंगाना मुख्यमंत्री चंद्रशेखर राव ? । K CHANDRASHEKHAR RAO ।09.11.2021705900.00$
Supreme Court upset with Lakhimpur investigation! I LAKHIMPUR VIOLENCE I UP POLICE08.11.20213284200.00$
Satyapal Malik will resign or be shunted out as Meghalaya governor?08.11.20216609800.00$
छठ पूजा पर दिशानिर्देशों की उड़ी धज्जियाँ I AAM ADMI PARTY I BJP08.11.2021618000.00$
Several parts of Chennai reported extensive waterlogging after the city recorded heavy rains.08.11.2021282000.00$
पूर्वांचल में मजबूत होता अखिलेश का काफिला !07.11.20219040200,00$
आंबेडकरनगर में अखिलेश यादव की रैली, सुनिए क्या कह रहे हैं लोग?07.11.20212555100.00$
5 राज्यों में चुनाव- राम के भरोसे ही जीतेगी बीजेपी?07.11.20219058200.00$
Nitish’s prohibition farce, 30 dead ! । NITISH KUMAR । Bihar Hooch Tragedy06.11.20212959700.00$
Why has Sameer Wankhed been removed from the inquiry? NCB I MAHARASHTRA POLITICS06.11.20213711200.00$
आलोक जोशी और आशुतोष से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । Ashutosh06.11.2021168490111,14$
लोकदल के साथ शिवपाल का भी साथ लेंगे अखिलेश ! । AKHILESH YADAV । SHIVPAL YADAV ।06.11.20215031900.00$
किसानो ने नेताओ को बंधक बनाया, अब और क्या बचा है ? । HARYANA FARNERS । BJP ।06.11.20215402600.00$
Is price rise the only election agenda ?05.11.20215865700.00$
Why is Yogi governance worse? YOGI’ MISGOVERNANCE I PUBLIC AFFAIRS INDEX I HINDU-MUSLIM POLITICS05.11.20213747900.00$
चुनाव में किसानों से कैसे निपटेगी सरकार ?05.11.20214396900.00$
पटाखा और हिंदुत्व05.11.20211290900.00$
'ट्रोल आर्मी से लड़ना एक बड़ी चुनौती' I DABUR AD I HATE POLITICS I BJP IT CELL04.11.20214331700.00$
By-election : Congress is serious threat! I BJP I UP ELECTIONS I ASHUTOSH03.11.20216165100.00$
How will Pawar react to Modi’s new attack? MAHA-POLITICS I SHARAD PAWAR I MODI I03.11.20216866500.00$
Himachal CM appears to blame central govt for ByPoll debacle. Is it fair to blame Modi?03.11.20212962700,00$
मोदी का खेल खत्म ?03.11.202119022800,00$
महंगाई ने बीजेपी को मारा!03.11.20212879700.00$
Bypolls - Mixed Bag For Parties in South India03.11.2021351700.00$
Bi-Elections : Has BJP’s down fall begun? I PM MODI I CONGRESS I ASHUTOSH02.11.202110380201,21$
Will Modi loose if Yogi don't win? । UP ELECTIONS। LOKSABHA ELECTIONS । BJP02.11.20217505300.00$
By election results a mixed bag. Is this a warning bell for Modi and BJP?02.11.20219764900,00$
“Wankhede will lose his job !” I NAWAB MALIK I NCB I ASHUTOSH02.11.202119495500.00$
संघ ,भाजपा और जिन्ना! I AKHILESH YADAV I RSS I BJP POLITICS02.11.20211236900.00$
What bravery shown by Savarkar in his third mercy petition?02.11.2021330600.00$
उपचुनाव की बड़ी तस्वीर: क्या है संकेत? I BYPOLLS I UP ELECTIONS02.11.202110100700.00$
S Ramadoss Calls it 'Shocking' as HC Quashes 10.5 Percent Reservation for Vanniyar Community.02.11.2021393400.00$
Akhilesh invoking Jinnah ! What is the need ?01.11.20218930600,00$
Why is Nawab Malik targeting Fadnavis? NAWAB MALIK I MAHA POLITICS01.11.20216343200.00$
Petrol, diesel to edible oil, Inflation is hurting all. Why Modi govt is not worried?01.11.20214558000.00$
क्या जयंत चौधरी की डील हो गई ?01.11.20215286600.00$
Advertisement Industry क्या अब हिन्दुत्ववादियों के हाथ में ? । Sabyasachi Ad। Dabur Karwa Chauth Ad01.11.20211399200.00$
TN CM Stalin Shifts Tamil Nadu Day Celebrations To July 18 From Nov 1. Know Why ?01.11.2021397800.00$
Is Akhilesh changing election wind in UP? I SAMAJWADI PARTY I UP ELECTION I BJP UP30.10.20218931800.00$
आलोक जोशी और अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । AMBRISH KUMAR30.10.202110753072,29$
सपा में समाहित होती बसपा? I SAMAJWADI PARTY I UP ELECTIONS30.10.20214454400.00$
Why is Mamta angry with Congress? I MODI I OPPOSITION UNITY I ASHUTOSH30.10.20218381800.00$
साबरमती आश्रम की सूरत बदलने पर हंगामा क्यों? I SAVARKAR I MAHATMA GANDHI30.10.2021642000.00$
Can Amit Shah win UP for BJP ! I UP ELECTIONS I YOGI ADITYANATH I ASHUTOSH29.10.20216963500.00$
Is the Modi government going to withdraw agriculture laws? I AGRI LAWS I MODI GOVT. I VARUN GANDHI29.10.20217638600.00$
Amit Shah's speech in Lucknow today went from Mafia to Mughals, What's the point?29.10.20217065300.00$
किसका खेल खेल रहें हैं पीके ?29.10.20215497800.00$
SC grants bail to student arrested under UAPA in Kerala over Maoist links। UAPA। BJP ।29.10.2021280300.00$
Aryan Got bail! What about Sameer? I CRUISE PARTY CASE I BOMBAY HIGH COURT28.10.20218282100,00$
Why is PK after Rahul? I PRASHANT KISHORE I BJP I CONGRESS28.10.202111363600.00$
Aryan khan granted bail. Sameer Wankhede gets relief from arrest I NCB DRUG RAID I BOMBAY HIGH COURT28.10.20215601900.00$
SC inquiry on Pegasus, Govt in bind! I PEGASUS CASE I CJI NV RAMANA I ASHUTOSH27.10.20213594800.00$
Is Supreme court inquiry a big trouble for the Modi govt.? I PEGASUS SPYWARE I CJI NV RAMANA27.10.20214053500.00$
What is the true story of Aryan Khan case? Who is Sameer Wankhede?27.10.20217775700,00$
'Supreme Court's judgement is historic' I PEGASUS SPYWARE I BJP I YASHWANT SINHA27.10.20214422300.00$
पूर्वांचल में अखिलेश यादव का हल्ला बोल! I SAMAJWADI PARTY I UP ELECTIONS27.10.20216309800.00$
क्यों लिखा गया काकोरी के संदर्भ में जासूसी उपन्यास? Manoj Rajan Tripathi। Code kakori27.10.2021496000.00$
Why Aryan did not get bail I NCB DRUG RAID I SAMEER WANKHEDE I ASHUTOSH26.10.20215836500.00$
Will Modi-Shah save Sameer Wankhede? I ARYAN KHAN CASE I NCB DRUG RAID26.10.20216689300.00$
Meghalaya governor Satyapal Malik's revelations call for a clarification from Modi government.26.10.20215774200,00$
भाजपा और शिवसेना के झगड़े में फंस गए शाहरुख खान? I MAHARASHTRA POLITICS I ARYAN KHAN26.10.20214038000.00$
What Modi is hiding behind 100 cr. Vaccination propaganda? I CORONA VACCINE I 100 CRORE VACCINATION26.10.20211643300.00$
Sameer Wankhede - Hero or Villain! I NCB DRUG RAID I NAWAB MALIK I ASHUTOSH25.10.20217826500.00$
Why this madness over a defeat in a Cricket match? I INDIA PAK I VIRAT KOHLI I T20 WORLD CUP25.10.20213597300.00$
बसपा के दिग्गज नेता अब सपा को सत्ता में लाएंगे? I SAMAJWADI PARTY I UP ELECTIONS25.10.20214481900.00$
मनोरंजन ब्यापारी: रिक्शा चलाने से लेखक बनने की अद्भुत कहानी। Manoranjan Byapari।24.10.20211914800.00$
आलोक जोशी और अंबरीश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ALOK JOSHI । AMBRISH KUMAR23.10.202122668089,44$
यूपी बिहार में अकेली चली कांग्रेस !23.10.20215834900.00$
कांग्रेस: बिना ज़मीन के औरतों के नाम पर क्या जीत पाएगी? I PRIYANKA GANDHI I UP ELECTIONS23.10.20214646100.00$
“Shahrukh targeted due to closeness to Congress” I CRUISE DRUG RAID I NCB I ASHUTOSH22.10.20218210000.00$
How justified to punish Yogendra Yadav? I LAKHIMPUR VIOLENCE I SANYUKT KISAN MORCHA22.10.20213511200.00$
100 crore mark crossed in vaccination. Should india say Thank You Modi ji? I CORONA VACCINE22.10.20212354900.00$
प्रियंका गांधी चर्चा में सबसे आगे पर जमीन पर? I PRIYANKA GANDHI I UP POLITICS22.10.20217732100.00$
Target is Shahrukh Khan! I CRUISE DRUG RAID I NCB I ASHUTOSH21.10.2021429366720.00$
Is NCB trying to trap Shahrukh now? I ARYAN DRUG CASE I NAWAB MALIK21.10.2021456289730.00$
Priyanka galvanising congress from the brink of extinction. Is yogi feeling the heat? | ALOK JOSHI21.10.2021634935280,00$
The farmer movement which made Patel Sardar I BARDOLI MOVEMENT I FREEDOM STRUGGLE21.10.2021109160.00$
Priyanka changing politics of UP! I YOGI ADITYANATH I UP ELECTIONS I ASHUTOSH20.10.20218214317720,00$
Is Yogi government deceiving the Supreme Court? I LAKHIMPUR VIOLENCE I UP BJP20.10.2021286646210.00$
Aryan khan bail plea rejected again. Is this justice or personal vendetta?। CRUISE PARTY CASE20.10.2021305504140.00$
These are the facts and farce about Manu Smriti I CASTE SYSTEM I ANTI WOMEN I RSS20.10.202111720260.00$
'Kashmir can't be governed from Jammu' I KASHMIR VIOLENCE I YOUSUF TARIGAMI20.10.20218810190.00$
Attack on Hindus is lesson for govt of India? I BANGLADESH VIOLENCE I ASHUTOSH19.10.2021410463730.00$
Will women card work for the Congress? I PRIYANKA GANDHI I UP ELECTIONS19.10.20215844211850.00$
Fab India's Jashn e riwaz campaign taken off. But what's the hidden message? I TEJASVI SURYA19.10.2021285013970,49$
Why is the hunger and sale of SUVs increasing under Modi Rule? I PM MODI I HUNGER INDEX19.10.202117399250.00$
“Ajay Mishra should have resigned first day!” I SATYAPAL MALIK I FARMERS PROTESTS I ASHUTOSH18.10.20217903816840.00$
Has Modi-Shah failed in Kashmir? I KASHMIR POLICY I BJP I ARTICLE 37018.10.2021567774900.00$
Farmers' rail roko a serious challenge to Modi government? I FARMERS PROTESTS I ALOK JOSHI18.10.2021681727170,49$
Why does Shivraj not control Hindutva forces? I SHIVRAJ SINGH I COMMUNAL POLITICS17.10.2021431464180.00$
Arrest Aryan, to teach lesson to Shahrukh?। NCB । CRUISE PARTY CASE । ASHUTOSH16.10.2021660065810.00$
Why is Uddhav Thackeray challenging Modi-Shah? I SHIVSENA I MAHA AGHADI GOVERNMENT16.10.2021768255810.00$
सुनो ,मैं ही हूँ कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष -सोनिया गांधी16.10.2021679717210.00$
Is India at risk by not controlling content on OTT?16.10.20219944990.00$
When will Mr. Bhagwat come out of Hindu-Muslim politics? I RSS I HINDUTVA POLITICS15.10.20216757717570.00$
Singhu Border Murder: Who is to be blamed? Farmer Movement or fanaticism?15.10.2021399104230.00$
Hunger Index 2021: India falls behind Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh15.10.2021309714510.00$
“Modi alone can’t win elections!” I RAO INDERJIT SINGH I ASHUTOSH14.10.202112201716340.00$
Whom will Priyanka damage? I PRIYANKA GANDHI I UP ELECTION I SP-BSP14.10.202110475813440.00$
Why is Varun Gandhi targetting Modi and the BJP? Will he gain support of farmers?14.10.2021799441970.00$
After Savarkar, why is Rajnath Singh praising Indira Gandhi?14.10.2021989855330,00$
Why is there an exodus in Kashmir? I KASHMIRI PANDITS I MILITANCY14.10.202134228440.00$
Gandhi really advised Savarkar for mercy petition? I RAJNATH SINGH I ASHUTOSH13.10.2021787139800.00$
Will Savarkar’s sin be washed away like this Mr. Rajnath? I RAJNATH SINGH I GANDHI I RSS13.10.20218780311820.00$
Mumbai drug case: No bail for Aryan khan. Why NCB is so serious? I CRUISE DRUG RAID I SHAHRUKH KHAN13.10.2021453202250.00$
Lakhimpur Violence: Is Teni becoming a trouble for Modi? I AJAY MISHRA I FARMERS PROTESTS13.10.20211003618460.00$
How Gandhi organized Champaran Farmers Movement? I CHAMPARAN SATYAGRAH I INDIGO CULTIVATION13.10.20212523130.00$
Can Gandhi family lead opposition? I PRIYANKA GANDHI I OPPOSITION UNITY I ASHUTOSH12.10.20219142325060.00$
Will sycophants protect human rights? I NHRC I ARUN MISHRA I AMIT SHAH12.10.2021503165130.00$
Coal shortage in India! Is a Power Crisis coming? Can Modi govt be held accountable?12.10.2021224872440.00$
अखिलेश यादव की विजय यात्रा शुरू! I UP ELECTIONS I SAMAJWADI PARTY12.10.2021271908920,00$
Who are criticizing Ganga-Jamuni culture? I RSS I VAIDIK CULTURE I INDIAN CULTURE12.10.2021236360.00$
Who is tarnishing Modi’s image Mr. Shah? I AMIT SHAH I DIGITAL DIVIDE I FARMERS PROTESTS12.10.202162329150.00$
“Aryan case : Evidences are cooked in NCB office” I CRUISE PARTY CASE I SHAHRUKH KHAN12.10.202145366390.00$
Lakhimpur : Modi VS Yogi! I LAKHIMPUR VIOLENCE I AJAY MISHRA I ASHUTOSH11.10.2021918279860.00$
Why BJP is targeting Sikhs now? I HINDU-SIKH DIVIDE I VARUN GANDHI11.10.202110071716120.00$
Is Yogi Adityanath distancing himself with Teni? I AJAY MISHRA I LAKHIMPUR KHERI11.10.2021664082830.00$
Why Yogi Govt so merciful on Minister son? I LAKHIMPUR KHERI I AJAY MISHRA I ASHUTOSH09.10.202111547417930.00$
'Modi government is behaving like British government' I FARMERS PROTESTS I LAKHIMPUR KHERI09.10.2021338311070.00$
आशुतोष और आलोक जोशी से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । ALOK JOSHIे09.10.202127247995125,64$
Will BJP sack Ajay Mishra Teni?09.10.202115077614181,21$
Lakhimpur Kheri: Congress के लिए संकटमोचक हो सकती हैं Priyanka Gandhi?09.10.2021681006640.00$
SC angry with Yogi govt, will it act now? I SUPREME COURT I BJP I ASHUTOSH08.10.202110691111201,21$
Has Aryan been made scapegoat of dirty politics? I SHAHRUKH KHAN I NCB I ARYAN KHAN08.10.2021536604900.00$
Targeted killings and news of Exodus from Kashmir valley raise doubt on claims of normalcy in J&K08.10.202135398790.00$
लखीमपुर हत्याकांड पर सुप्रीम कोर्ट की फटकार! I LAKHIMPUR KHERI I UP POLICE08.10.2021447681910.00$
Who is the king who killed Buddhists? I PUSHYAMITRA SHUNGA I SHUNGA DYNASTY08.10.202123217260.00$
Lakhimpur: Still no arrest, why? I SUPREME COURT I ASHUTOSH07.10.20211509908720,00$
Why is Modi not removing a tainted minister? PM MODI I LAKHIMPUR CASE I UP ELECTION07.10.202111716617040.00$
What makes Kashmiris lose sleep again? Is Govt losing grip again? I JAMMU KASHMIR I ALOK JOSHI07.10.2021356734720.00$
क्या कांग्रेस में जाएंगे वरुण गांधी? I VARUN GANDHI I LAKHIMPUR KHERI07.10.20212242797990.00$
Why did Tikait help Yogi? I LAKHIMPUR CASE I FARMERS MOVEMENT06.10.202119976920550.00$
विपक्ष सड़क पर लेकिन मीडिया कहां है? I OPPOSITION I LAKHIMPUR KHERI06.10.2021730328780.00$
Yogi expands Cabinet but No to A K Sharma! I UP CABINET EXPANSION I YOGI ADITYANATH I ASHUTOSH27.09.2021649953620.00$
Has Yogi cheated farmers? I YOGI ADITYANATH I SUGARCANE MSP I FARMERS PROTESTS27.09.2021330033390.00$
BJP's Dilip Ghosh cuts short Bhavanipur bypoll campaign I DILIP GHOSH I BENGAL BJP I ALOK JOSHI27.09.2021446992590.00$
किसानों ने फिर दिखाई ताकत I BHARAT BANDH I FARMERS PROTESTS I RAKESH TIKAIT27.09.2021393103690.00$
Modi’s visit to US : success or failure? I MODI US VISIT I QUAD SUMMIT I ASHUTOSH25.09.20211671078520.00$
Will caste based census movement fade out now? I CASTE CENSUS I TEJASHWI YADAV I NITISH KUMAR25.09.2021341864820.00$
आशुतोष और आलोक जोशी से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । ALOK JOSHI25.09.2021232011302177,67$
आक्रामक राष्ट्रवाद के युग में नेहरू सबसे बड़ी ज़रूरत? I JAWAHARLAL NEHRU I BOOK REVIEW25.09.2021295512460,00$
What was Golwalkar’s dream of Hindu Nation? I GOLWALKAR I RSS I HINDU NATIONALISM25.09.202116814100.00$
राजनीति में क्या अब दलित नए ‘ब्राह्मण’ हैं? I PUNJAB CM I DALIT POLITICS I SATYA KHABAR25.09.2021631537330.00$
India losing stature in world Politcs? I MODI US I KAMALA HARRIS I ASHUTOSH24.09.202123657111320.00$
Is Himanta responsible for the Assam violence? I ASSAM HORROR I HIMANTA BISWA SARMA24.09.2021521822180.00$
Mahant Narendra Giri's death has left so many questions unanswered I UP POLITICS I ALOK JOSHI24.09.2021383103100.00$
जाति जनगणना से क्यों भाग गई सरकार ? । CASTE BASED CENSUS । BJP । SUPREME COURT24.09.2021262833570.00$
How caste plays an important role in UP politics? I CASTE POLITICS I UP ELECTIONS I SATYA KHABAR24.09.202116053780.00$
Biden-Modi meet - New chapter in Indo- US relationship? I MODI I INDIA US RELATIONS I ASHUTOSH22.09.2021613643180.00$
Where is Akhundjada? Is afghanistan headed for civil war? I TALIBAN I AKHUNDZADA I AFGHANISTAN22.09.202122451650.00$
How deep-rooted is farmers ' politics in UP? I KISAN MAHAPANCHAYAT I UP ELECTIONS I FARMERS PROTESTS22.09.202130452290.00$
What is the arithmetic of Dalit politics in Punjab? I DALIT POLITICS I PUNJAB CM I CONGRESS22.09.2021936240.00$
Why did Mahant Narendra Giri committed suicide? I MAHANT NARENDRA GIRI I ASHUTOSH21.09.2021875835860,00$
Will Mamata make Bengal BJP-free? I MAMATA BANERJEE I BJP BENGAL I TMC21.09.2021624517920.00$
Is Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot next in line after Capt Amarinder Singh? I SACHIN PILOT I ALOK JOSHI21.09.2021546714760.00$
महंत नरेंद्र गिरि की हत्या या आत्महत्या ? I MAHANT NARENDRA GIRI I SATYA KHABAR21.09.2021258182550.00$
How long will the divinity of Modi be last? I MODI I VACCINATION DRIVE I DEMOCRACY21.09.202132679100.00$
Channi-Congress will get back Dalit Vote-bank? I PUNJAB CONGRESS I DALIT POLITICS I ASHUTOSH20.09.2021786365110.00$
Channi or Sidhu, who will be the chief ministerial candidate? I CONGRESS I PUNJAB ELECTIONS20.09.2021298532660.00$
UP's Yogi adityanath govt celebrates 4.5 years in office. What's the cause for celebration?20.09.2021254334740,00$
राहुल गांधी के दलित दांव से चित्त हो गई बीजेपी ! I PUNJAB CONGRESS I DALIT POLITICS I RAHUL GANDHI20.09.20211158095950.00$
What are the political equations of UP? I UP POLITICS I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I SATYA KHABAR20.09.202140499490.00$
Dalit CM in Punjab - damage control or master stroke! I PUNJAB CM I CHARANJIT SINGH CHANNI19.09.20211228318110.00$
Amrinder resigns, Will Congress win Punjab elections? I AMARINDER SINGH I CONGRESS I ASHUTOSH18.09.20211031529460.00$
Why Modi government targeting people like Sonu Sood? I IT RAID I SONU SOOD I SATYA KHABAR18.09.2021803805170,00$
आशुतोष और आलोक जोशी से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । ALOK JOSHI18.09.202118512712176,64$
अमरिंदर ने राजनीतिक खुदकुशी की? I AMARINDER SINGH I PUNJAB CONGRESS18.09.2021686315560.00$
Will Kisan Mahapanchayat show its strength to Modi? I KISAN MAHAPANCHAYAT I MODI I FARMERS PROTESTS04.09.20217241010290.00$
आशुतोष और आलोक जोशी से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । ALOK JOSHI04.09.202116718639103,70$
किस इस्लाम की बात कर रहें हैं नसीरुद्दीन शाह ? Naseeruddin shah on taliban।04.09.2021459258080.00$
क्या यूपी में बीजेपी की वापसी होने वाली है? I OPINION POLL I UP ELECTIONS I YOGI ADITYANATH04.09.20217276110.00$
Prof Shamsul Islam की किताब Muslims Against Partition of India पर चर्चा। india pakistan partition04.09.2021259216920.00$
Reconversion movement, Hindu nationalism and politics of partition PARTITION I HINDU NATIONALISM04.09.2021144480.00$
'राजनीति के चलते पुलिस करती है गलती' I DELHI POLICE I DELHI VIOLENCE I YASHOVARDHAN AZAD04.09.20214091640.00$
जात जात का खेल- सिर्फ़ वोट के लिए है क्या? I CASTE BASED CENSUS I CASTE POLITICS I TAAZA KHABAR04.09.20219592980.00$
Delhi Riots : 'Home Minister is part of conspiracy!' I DELHI VIOLENCE I PRASHANT BHUSHAN I ASHUTOSH03.09.202182486930.00$
Is Tejashwi being used by Nitish? I TEJASHWI YADAV I NITISH KUMAR I BIHAR POLITICS03.09.2021646924550,00$
Who is Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the man named to head the Taliban govt in Afghanistan? I TALIBAN03.09.202123955460.00$
अगला मुख्यमंत्री अगड़ा या पिछड़ा? I UP BJP I UP ELECTIONS I NEWS DEBATE03.09.2021330093751,70$
Why Modi Govt supported Taliban in UNSC? I INDIA TALIBAN I UNSC I ASHUTOSH02.09.2021818513691,21$
Who are angry with Naseeruddin Shah? I INDIAN MUSLIMS I SATYA KHABAR I TALIBAN INDIA02.09.20216461011920.00$
Certain sections of media communalise everything: CJI I SUPREME COURT I CJI NV RAMANA I ALOK JOSHI02.09.20215333914940,00$
Was Calcutta killings result of direct action call given by Jinnah? I CALCUTTA RIOTS I JINNAH02.09.2021287870.00$
Is Economy back on track? I INDIA ECONOMY I PM MODI I ASHUTOSH01.09.20217551010470.00$
Has Punjab slipped away from the Congress? I PUNJAB CONGRESS I NAVJOT SINGH SIDHU I AMARINDER SINGH01.09.2021619565620.00$
तालिबान पर रूस-चीन से अधिक भारत की नरमी क्यों? I TALIBAN I UNITED NATIONS I KASHMIR01.09.2021702650.00$
Is India talking to Good Taliban or Bad Taliban? I TALIBAN I INDIA FOREIGN POLICY I ALOK JOSHI01.09.2021824923560.00$
Why are questions being raised about Maharaja Ranjit Singh Rule? I MAHARAJA RANJIT SINGH I LAHORE01.09.202116904100.00$
'Farmers movement is now a movement to save the country' I FARMERS PROTESTS I YOGENDRA YADAV31.08.2021402858640.00$
जलियांवाला बाग़ का ऐसा नवीनीकरण कि हंगामा हो गया I JALLIANWALA BAGH I PM MODI31.08.20213558110.00$
America ran away from Afghanistan a day before deadline I TALIBAN I US TROOPS I ALOK JOSHI31.08.2021364235360.00$
जालियाँवाला बाग़ के नवीकरण को लेकर बवाल क्यों? I JALLIANWALA BAGH I PM MODI I RAHUL GANDHI31.08.2021248830.00$
तालिबान का जश्न पर आगे क्या होगा ? I TALIBAN I US ARMY I HINDI NEWS31.08.2021588954750,00$
A talk with writer Vandana Rag on her book Bisat Par Jugnu I BOOK REVIEW I BISAT PAR JUGNU31.08.20211804310.00$
तमिलनाडु: बीजेपी की कलंक कथा I KT RAGHAVAN I BJP TAMIL NADU30.08.20213156120.00$
Will Nitish ally with Lalu and opposition? I NITISH KUMAR I LALU PRASAD YADAV I ASHUTOSH30.08.2021714664490.00$
Is BJP using force to crush the farmers' movement? I FARMERS PROTESTS I HARYANA BJO I FARM LAWS30.08.20214881911590.00$
Why JDU claims Nitish Kumar is PM material? I NITISH KUMAR I JDU I HINDI SAMACHAR30.08.20215563120.00$
Did Deshmukh get CBI clean chit? Congress, NCP seek probe | ANIL DESHMUKH | ALOK JOSHI | CBI30.08.2021415361460.00$
एनडीए में खटपट, जेडीयू ने कहा नितीश पीएम मैटेरियल I NITISH KUMAR I BIHAR NDA I HINDI NEWS30.08.2021754400.00$
अफसर बोला ,किसानों का सिर फोड़ दो ! I FARMERS PROTESTS I IAS AYUSH SINHA I MANOHAR LAL KHATTAR30.08.2021869567780.00$
Was Maharaja Hari Singh behind the Jammu Massacre? I MAHARAJA HARI SINGH I JAMMU MASSACRE30.08.202130617240.00$
Who will be CM Face - Amarinder or Sidhu? I PUNJAB CONGRESS I PUNJAB ELECTIONS I HARISH RAWAT30.08.202119114210.00$
How Modi should deal with Taliban? I TALIBAN I MODI GOVERNMENT I ASHUTOSH28.08.2021476464200.00$
Is Nitish parting away from BJP again? I NITISH KUMAR I BIHAR POLITICS I TEJASHWI YADAV28.08.20211458666230.00$
Alok Joshi और Mukesh Kumar से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT ।Satya Hindi live chat28.08.20211899659972,79$
ममता: जवाब देना आता है, गुजरात का इतिहास पता है I ABHISHEK BANERJEE I MAMATA BANERJEE28.08.20213930150.00$
कौन अस्थिर करना चाहता है भूपेश बघेल सरकार ? I BHUPESH BAGHEL I CHHATTISGARH CONGRESS28.08.2021471271310.00$
Salman, Shahrukh, Aamir के बग़ैर अधूरा नया भारत? kaveree Bamzai। the three khans book28.08.2021338725293,64$
‘आरक्षण विरोधी लोग जातिगत जनगणना का बिल्कुल समर्थन करें’ I CASTE CENSUS I YOGENDRA YADAV I28.08.2021497471110.00$
Why Sidhu not be sacked from Congress? I NAVJOT SINGH SIDHU I PUNJAB CONGRESS I ASHUTOSH27.08.2021358173510.00$
How will US and Taliban face Islamic State challenge? I KABUL BLAST I JOE BIDEN I ISIS27.08.2021147842030.00$
छत्तीसगढ़ हाईकोर्ट से जान लीजिए रेप की परिभाषा I CHHATTISGARH COURT I MARITIAL RAPE27.08.2021181500.00$
Why Congress is facing such turbulence in Punjab and Chhattisgarh? I PUNJAB CONGRESS I CHHATTISGARH27.08.2021276774700.00$
काबुल: अमेरिकियों की मौत का बदला ले पाएंगे बाइडन? I KABUL BLAST I JOE BIDEN I AMERICAN SOLDIERS27.08.2021366400.00$
दुनिया भर में बाइडेन की पिट गई भद्द! I KABUL BLAST I JOE BIDEN I ISIS27.08.2021548314130.00$
Were Muslim leaders against partition? I 1947 PARTITION I MUSLIM LEADERS I MAULANA AZAD27.08.20216645680.00$
Suicide attack in Kabul, threat to India! I KABUL BLAST I AFGHANISTAN I ASHUTOSH26.08.2021781123130.00$
Will Taliban become a headache for Pakistan? I TALIBAN I AFGHANISTAN REFUGEES I PAKISTAN26.08.2021238512080.00$
थापर : मुझे मोदी सरकार पसंद नहीं करती I KARAN THAPAR I 1947 PARTITION I MODI GOVERNMENT26.08.202153320200,00$
Blast at Kabul airport. Taliban is out of control. How and what can Modi govt do? I KABUL BLAST26.08.2021326422000.00$
कंगाल होते तालिबान की बंदर घुड़की ! I TALIBAN I US AFGHANISTAN26.08.2021661103110.00$
How did British divided India? I BRITISH RULE I 1947 PARTITION I INDIA PAKISTAN26.08.2021263750.00$
Taliban threatens, USA capitulates! I TALIBAN I US AFGHANISTAN I ASHUTOSH25.08.2021982352880.00$
Why does Yogi want to withdraw cases against 77 riot accused?I YOGI ADITYANATH IMUZAFFARNAGAR RIOTS25.08.2021436924370.00$
पंजाब में ‘सेल्फ़ गोल’ करके मानेगी कांग्रेस? I PUNJAB CONGRESS I AMARINDER SINGH I CONGRESS CRISIS25.08.2021247920.00$
Income can’t be sole basis to decide ‘creamy layer’: Supreme Court I RESERVATION I CASTE POLITICS25.08.2021301955920.00$
महाराष्ट्र में बीजेपी को बैकफुट पर ले आई शिवसेना? I NARAYAN RANE I UDDHAV THACKREY I SHIVSENA25.08.20218945060.00$
क्या भाजपा पर भारी पड़ रही है शिवसेना ? I NARAYAN RANE I BJP MAHARASHTRA I SHIVSENA25.08.20211536203680.00$
How Hindu Nationalism divided the country? I HINDU NATIONALISM I 1947 PARTITION I INDIA PAKISTAN25.08.2021596890.00$
Why Monetising govt asset is wrong? I PRIVATISATION I RAHUL GANDHI I ASHUTOSH24.08.2021995185810,00$
How BJP can defend Rane’s utterances? I NARAYAN RANE I UDDHAV THACKREY I BJP24.08.2021907526130.00$
What makes people beat a Muslim churiwala or a beggar?I INDORE MUSLIM I ISLAMOPHOBIA I MUSLIM HATRED24.08.2021758535150.00$
जाति जनगणना -बिहार चुस्त ,यूपी सुस्त ! I CASTE BASED CENSUS I NITISH KUMAR I BJP24.08.2021179561440.00$
How powerful are anti-Taliban forces? I TALIBAN I AFGHANISTAN I PANJSHIR VALLEY23.08.2021702940.00$
Taliban : Why Govt is in Dilemma? I TALIBAN I MODI GOVERNMENT I ASHUTOSH23.08.2021784686040.00$
Has Modi stuck on the caste census? I CASTE CENSUS I PM MODI I NITISH KUMAR23.08.2021284182220.00$
What made BJP suddenly remember former CM and stalwart Kalyan Singh? I KALYAN SINGH I PM MODI I BJP23.08.2021283401810.00$
अफ़ग़ानिस्तान को लेकर किस पशोपेश में सरकार? I TALIBAN I MODI GOVERNMENT I AFGHANISTAN23.08.20211252930.00$
सरकार की अफगान नीति है क्या? I TALIBAN I INDIAN GOVERNMENT I INDIA FOREIGN POLICY23.08.2021456653400.00$
Was Sardar Patel against partition? I 1947 PARTITION I SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL I INDIA PAKISTAN23.08.2021406730.00$
सीरियल किलर का मनोविज्ञान! । Sanjeev Paliwal। Pishach।23.08.202110158740.00$
“Modi should stop politics on Taliban” I TALIBAN I PM MODI I YASHWANT SINHA21.08.2021152785960.00$
What will happen to ongoing infighting in RJD? I TEJASHWI YADAV I LALU PRASAD YADAV I RJD21.08.2021550543820.00$
आशुतोष और आलोक जोशी से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । ALOK JOSHI21.08.202133829948167,17$
तालिबान के आतंक से दहशत में मुस्लिम! I TALIBAN I MUSLIMS I AFGHANISTAN21.08.2021648208490,00$
Did Savarkar made the foundation of Partition? I SAVARKAR I 1947 PARTITION I HINDUTVA21.08.202147836190.00$
2024 लोकसभा में जीत किसके लिए टेढ़ी खीर है? I ANTI BJP FRONT I BJP I 2024 LOKSABHA ELECTIONS21.08.2021854485730.00$
Is Afghanistan heading for bloodbath? I TALIBAN I AFGHANISTAN CIVIL WAR I PANJSHIR20.08.2021910574330.00$
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Is Afghanistan on the brink of a civil war? I TALIBAN I AFGHANISTAN I CIVIL WAR20.08.2021613913780.00$
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Will Taliban Radicalise Political Islam? I TALIBAN I RADICAL ISLAM I ASHUTOSH19.08.2021657858010.00$
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Afghan students in India: Homeland in turmoil, nowhere to go I TALIBAN I AFGHANISTAN19.08.202111828250.00$
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Has Taliban really liberated Afghanistan? I TALIBAN I AFGHANISTAN I SATYA NEWS18.08.2021318277370.00$
International conspiracy against Afghan people: former diplomat Vishnu Prakash I TALIBAN18.08.202139114842,14$
देवबंद ,तालिबान और भारतीय मुसलमान ! I TALIBAN I INDIAN MUSLIMS I MAULANA SAJJAD NOMANI18.08.20219008122240.00$
Could Gandhi avoid partition of India? I 1947 PARTITION I MAHATMA GANDHI I INDIA PAKISTAN18.08.2021274010.00$
Modi lost the confidence of people? I MODI POPULARITY I YOGI ADITYANATH I ASHUTOSH17.08.202118957522530.00$
India Today’s poll sounds an alarm for Modi? I MODI POPULARITY I YOGI ADITYANATH I AMIT SHAH17.08.202112831814820.00$
करा धरा और निकल लिया अमेरिका! I TALIBAN I US FOREIGN POLICY I JOE BIDEN17.08.2021663480.00$
एक साल में मोदी की लोकप्रियता में भारी गिरावट I MODI POPULARITY I YOGI ADITYANATH17.08.20211055380.00$
तालिबान के आने से हिंदू कट्टरता भी बढ़ेगी? I TALIBAN I ISLAMIC COUNTRIES I INDIAN HINDUS17.08.202110404612870.00$
Will Rahul be the face of Opposition? I RAHUL GANDHI I ANTI BJP FRONT I LOKSABHA ELECTIONS 202417.08.202171012590.00$
Was Nehru responsible for the partition of India? I 1947 PARTITION I JAWAHARLAL NEHRU17.08.202112321240.00$
Pakistan or America, who helped Taliban? । TALIBAN । AFGHANISTAN । ALOK JOSHI16.08.202198595730.00$
Does Taliban victory means defeat of the USA? I TALIBAN I USA I JOE BIDEN16.08.202131321550.00$
Taliban in Kabul, dangers for India? । TALIBAN । TERRORISM IN INDIA । ASHUTOSH16.08.202114819610620,97$
तालिबान के निशाने पर महिलाएँ, दफ्तरों से निकाला । TALIBAN । AFGHANISTAN WOMEN16.08.20215946440.00$
आतंकवादियों की रिहाई, औरतों के लिए तालिबानी फ़रमान । TALIBAN । AFGHANISTAN WOMEN16.08.20217883120.00$
क्या अमेरिका ने तालिबान के साथ कोई डील की? । TALIBAN । JOE BIDEN । AFGHANISTAN16.08.202118286311710.00$
Was partition of India happened because of Jinnah? I JINNAH I PARTITION 1947 I MUSLIM LEAGUE16.08.202148511160.00$
Who is responsible for partition? । INDIA PAKISTAN PARTITION । JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU । ASHUTOSH14.08.202111058715570.00$
What is the politics behind Partition remembrance Day? I INDIA PAKISTAN I PARTITION 1947 I PM MODI14.08.2021642916900.00$
आशुतोष और आलोक जोशी से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । ALOK JOSHI14.08.2021250371046144,87$
विभाजन को याद करता विभाजित समाज । 1947 PARTITION । INDIA PAKISTAN । INDIA INDEPENDENCE14.08.2021686726400.00$
खेल संघ: राजनेता से बड़ा खिलाड़ी कौन? । TOKYO OLYMPICS । POLITICS IN SPORTS14.08.202120311030.00$
Is Rahul guilty ? । TWITTER INDIA । RAHUL GANDHI । ASHUTOSH13.08.20215934910380.00$
What if Taliban capture Kabul? I AFGHANISTAN I TALIBAN I INDIA PAKISTAN13.08.2021403525420.00$
‘सबका साथ सबका विकास’ में मुसलमान कहां? । KANPUR INCIDENT । MUSLIM HATRED । BAJRANG DAL13.08.2021637060,00$
Operation Langda in Yogi rule: UP police that encounters in a different style । UP POLICE । UP BJP13.08.202121890950.00$
तेजस्वी बोले - मोदी कर रहे नीतीश कुमार का अपमान । TEJASHWI YADAV । NITISH KUMAR13.08.2021508430,00$
नौकरशाह चला रहें हैं योगी सरकार ? । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP GOVERNMENT13.08.2021392954170.00$
“Today, Crisis is much bigger !” । MANOJ JHA । BJP GOVERNMENT । OPPOSITION ALLIANCE13.08.2021712792580.00$
Is Rahul Gandhi speaking truth! । RAJYASABHA । RAHUL GANDHI । ASHUTOSH12.08.2021885046960.00$
UP Deputy CM Keshav Maurya dragged into a fake certificate conspiracy । KESHAV PRASAD MAURYA ।12.08.202140893120.00$
Why Modi government using force to run the parliament? I RAJYASABHA RUCKUS I BJP I OPPOSITION12.08.20216575510070.00$
सरकार के अड़ियल रवैये से जजों की नियुक्ति पर रोक! । SUPREME COURT । BJP । COLLEGIUM12.08.2021451590.00$
कांग्रेस का ट्विटर हैंडल भी लॉक, कांग्रेस हमलावर । TWITTER INDIA । RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS TWITTER12.08.2021877780.00$
सदन में ये कैसी गुंडागर्दी ! । RAJYASABHA । BJP । OPPOSITION PARTIES12.08.2021574242610.00$
How OBC quota will change now? । OBC QUOTA । OBC RESERVATION । CASTE CENSUS11.08.2021344063730.00$
India to face irreversible impacts of climate crisis: flags IPCC report । CLIMATE CHANGE । IPCC11.08.202110532730.00$
सरकार के गले की हड्डी न बन जाए आरक्षण ! । CASTE BASED CENSUS । OBC RESERVATION11.08.2021844164005,00$
क्या है हिंदू सभ्यता?11.08.2021412005240,00$
Anti-Muslim-ism is the NEW INDIA? । ANTI MUSLIM RALLY । ISLAMOPHOBIA । ASHUTOSH KI BAAT10.08.202122904512950,00$
Taliban capture 6 Afghan cities, India issues advisory । TALIBAN । INDIANS IN AFGHANISTAN10.08.20212538541140.00$
यूपी में छोटे दलों की बड़ी सौदेबाजी ! । UP POLITICS । AKHILESH YADAV । UP ELECTIONS 202210.08.2021973846520.00$
“India suffering due to impulsive decisions of Modi?” । PM MODI । DESCISION MAKING । BJP09.08.2021702004220.00$
Why Kakori train dacoity matters most on the anniversary of Quit India Movement? । KAKORI KAND09.08.202113754700.00$
What stops Delhi police from acting against hatemongers? । DELHI POLICE । ANTI MUSLIM SLOGANS09.08.2021854355260.00$
खुलेआम नफ़रत की रैली, पुलिस ने आँखें बंद कीं!। DELHI POLICE । ANTI MUSLIM SLOGANS । ASHWINI UPADHYAY09.08.202155374130.00$
दिल्ली ने फिर आग लगाने की साजिश? । DELHI POLICE । DELHI RIOTS । ANTI MUSLIM SLOGANS09.08.20211011749230.00$
Why Yogi Adityanath is fearful of…? I UP ELECTIONS I YOGI ADITYANATH I ASHUTOSH07.08.20211109716570.00$
तो क्या अब पाकिस्तान से सीख लेनी होगी? । PAKISTAN TEMPLE । PAKISTAN SUPREME COURT । BJP07.08.20212338620.00$
आशुतोष और आलोक जोशी से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । ALOK JOSHI07.08.202135898680143,67$
विपक्ष की कमान राहुल के हाथ! । RAHUL GANDHI । ANTI BJP FRONT । OPPOSITION UNITY07.08.20211184138490.00$
राहुल या ममता- कौन बनेगा नेता? I RAHUL GANDHI I MAMATA BANERJEE I ANTI BJP FRONT07.08.2021499902350.00$
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Has Rahul Gandhi emerged as the face of the opposition? I RAHUL GANDHI I CONGRESS I ANTI BJP FRONT06.08.20211039543170.00$
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नीतीश के बाद मायावती ने भी बढ़ाया दबाव I MAYAWATI I NITISH KUMAR I CASTE CENSUS06.08.2021403991630.00$
“Why Amit Shah phone not hacked?” I PEGASUS CASE I AMIT SHAH I PHONE HACKING06.08.202163374200.00$
Pegasus in SC, Modi govt in trouble? I PEGASUS CASE I SUPREME COURT I ASHUTOSH05.08.20211766108962,31$
Who is making mockery of Parliament? I BJP I PM MODI I OPPOSITION PARTIES05.08.2021510554040.00$
दलित बच्ची के साथ कथित रेप, सरकार मौन! I DELHI CANTT CASE I PM MODI I AMIT SHAH05.08.2021220030.00$
Who's responsible for casteist slur on Vandana Kataria's family? I VANADANA KATARIA I ALOK JOSHI05.08.2021708743270,00$
यूपी में सड़क पर उतरे समाजवादी I AKHILESH YADAV I CYCLE RALLY I SAMAJWADI PARTY05.08.2021457198500.00$
Has Akhilesh-Maya surrendered to Yogi? I AKHILESH YADAV I MAYAWATI I ASHUTOSH04.08.20217298310470.00$
Will Samajwadi protests affect Yogi Sarkar? I AKHILESH YADAV I YOGI ADITYANATH I ALOK ADDA04.08.2021646018580.00$
लालू ,मुलायम और शरद यादव के आगे? I LALU PRASAD YADAV I MULAYAM SINGH I SHARAD YADAV04.08.2021408531660.00$
Govt. is running away from debate on Pegasus? I PEGASUS CASE I PM MODI I ASHUTOSH03.08.202112861816069,14$
जनता के मुद्दों पर राहुल और मोदी आमने-सामने I RAHUL GANDHI I CYCLE RALLY I PM MODI03.08.202119449250.00$
Can Rahul Gandhi's cycle rally derail Modi's victory march?I RAHUL GANDHI I CYCLE RALLY I ALOK JOSHI03.08.2021718003830,00$
बसपा और कांग्रेस का दुश्मन कौन? I AKHILESH YADAV I BSP I CONGRESS03.08.2021354264390.00$
Why Nitish is pinpricking Modi? I PEGASUS CASE I NITISH KUMAR I ASHUTOSH02.08.2021765573810.00$
Why is the BJP against caste-based census? I BJP I CAST BASED CENSUS02.08.2021346606740.00$
'सरकार को व्यक्ति नहीं भीड़ चाहिए' I MP UNIVERSITY I BJP I PROF. APOORVANAND02.08.20213432630.00$
बरसात में पकौड़ियां !01.08.20217325320.00$
विश्वविद्यालयों में नफ़रत का ज़हर घोल रहा है ABVP? I MP UNIVERSITY I ABVP01.08.2021885240.00$
Why Yogi-BJP is scaring Farmers! I FARMERS PROTESTS I YOGI ADITYANATH I ASHUTOSH31.07.20218660513330.00$
Can PK’s plan revive Congress? I CONGRESS CRISIS I PRASHANT KISHOR I RAHUL GANDHI31.07.2021832545840.00$
विश्वविद्यालयों को कौन ख़त्म करना चाहता है? ABVP I MADHYA PRADESH I31.07.202142340.00$
आशुतोष और आलोक जोशी से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । ALOK JOSHI31.07.2021168931161150,49$
प्रेमचंद होते तो आज क्या लिखते ?31.07.20211458220,00$
Remembering the unforgettable Mohammad Rafi I MOHAMMAD RAFI I BHARAT RATNA I ALOK JOSHI31.07.202187303940.00$
Why Hindu converted to Islam? RELIGIOUS CONVERSION I ISLAM IN INDIA I HINDUS31.07.2021407090.00$
Story of Neel Patel Scam! I NEEL PATEL SCAMMER I IPHONE SCAM I DEEPIKA NARAYAN31.07.2021269710.00$
संघ विचारक दिलीप देवधर से ख़ास बातचीत I RSS I HINDU MUSLIM POLITICS I DILIP DEODHAR31.07.2021122952450.00$
Biggest Failure of Amit Shah! I ASSAM MIZORAM I AMIT SHAH I ASHUTOSH30.07.2021460961870.00$
Nation is facing three huge crises? I INDIAN POLITICS I ECONOMIC REFORMS I ECONOMIC CRISIS30.07.202121700350,00$
जांच और चर्चा से सरकार क्यों बच रही है? I PEGASUS CASE I SUPREME COURT I PM MODI30.07.20211492010.00$
Beware of being in Lucknow? BJP’s veiled threat to protestors I FARMERS PROTEST I UP ELECTIONS30.07.2021924274830,00$
विपक्षी एकता में लालू यादव की भूमिका? I LALU PRASAD YADAV I THIRD FRONT I LOKSABHA ELECTIONS30.07.2021444093300.00$
What was the relationship between Akbar and Jodhabai? AKBAR I JODHABAI I MUGHAL SULTANATE30.07.20211986560.00$
यूपी : चुनाव पूर्व आँकलन I UP ELECTIONS 2022 I CASTE POLITICS I UP POLITICS29.07.202118453120.00$
Why Yogi not as CM FACE for BJP? I YOGI ADITYANATH I UP BJP I ASHUTOSH29.07.202111282111670.00$
Why doesn’t Nitish Kumar resign? I BIHAR NDA I NITISH KUMAR I BJP JDU29.07.2021226542500.00$
OBC and EWS reservation in medical entrance! Will this be a gamechanger for BJP?29.07.2021147165430.00$
किसानों का मिशन यूपी !29.07.2021288243640.00$
Did Aurangzeb persecute Hindus? I AURANGZEB I JIZIYA TAX I HINDU TEMPLES29.07.20216107360.00$
एजेंसियों की संदिग्ध खामोशी? I SQUEAKS INDIA I IPHONE SCAM I PM MODI28.07.202120487270.00$
Can united opposition defeat BJP! । MAMATA BANERJEE । ASHUTOSH । ANTI BJP FRONT28.07.2021724366880.00$
Will opposition be able to compel Modi govt.? I PEGASUS CASE I NARENDRA MODI I RAHUL GANDHI28.07.2021417654170.00$
Why cloudburst and landslide incidents are rising this fast? I HIMACHAL FLOODS ICALOK JOSHI28.07.20218126370.00$
योगी को फिर दिल्ली क्यों तलब किया? I YOGI ADITYANATH I PM MODI I UP ELECTIONS28.07.2021622206380.00$
What is the truth behind Khilji-Padmavati story? I ALAUDDIN KHILJI I PADMAVATI I RANI PADMAVAT28.07.20211344830.00$
Will Mamata be PM Candidate? । MAMATA BANERJEE । ASHUTOSH । 2024 LOKSABHA ELECTIONS27.07.2021781434290.00$
Why did Amit Shah fail to stop bloodshed between two states? I ASSAM MIZORAM I AMIT SHAH27.07.2021631963170.00$
RLD begins 'bhaichara sammelans' in UP, Will it counter Brahmin Card? I BRAHMIN POLITICS IALOK JOSHI27.07.2021488803000.00$
विपक्षी एकता की धुरी बनती ममता! । MAMATA BANERJEE । OPPOSITION LEADERS । PM MODI27.07.2021439704100.00$
Why Mahmud Ghaznavi looted Somnath Temple? I MAHMUD GHAZNAVI I SOMNATH TEMPLE27.07.202138659160.00$
Rahul on tractor ! Congress ready for change? I RAHUL GANDHI I CONGRESS I ASHUTOSH26.07.202110293011430.00$
How Mamata will unite the opposition? I MAMATA BANERJEE I THIRD FRONT I PRASHANT KISHOR26.07.2021319134120.00$
मोदी सरकार को अब झुकाएंगे किसान? I FARMERS PROTESTS I KISAN SANSAD I BJP26.07.20215214140.00$
What’s cooking in Congress? | RAHUL GANDHI | CONGRESS CRISIS | ALOK JOSHI26.07.2021510292340.00$
बीजेपी ने फिर सीएम बदला, येदियुरप्पा का इस्तीफ़ा I BS YEDIYURAPPA I BJP I KARNATAKA CM26.07.20216390680.00$
ब्राह्मणों की तरफ भागती सपा बसपा ! I MAYAWATI I AKHILESH YADAV I UP ELECTIONS 202226.07.2021221384460.00$
Did Tipu Sultan forced people to convert? I TIPU SULTAN I RELIGIOUS CONVERSION I INDIAN HISTORY26.07.2021782340.00$
बड़ी कंपनियों को बैंकों की ज़रूरत ख़त्म I STOCK MARKET I INDIAN ECONOMY26.07.202118620210,00$
Why is the Modi government against a caste-based census? I CASTE CENSUS I RESERVATION I PM MODI26.07.2021253351460.00$
सोंठ का भी स्वागत पर्व मनाएं !25.07.20219167400.00$
Has Modi failed as economic reformer? I PM MODI I ECONOMIC CRISIS I ASHUTOSH24.07.2021835686461,21$
Will Amit Shah resign? I PEGASUS SNOOPGATE I AMIT SHAH I ASHUTOSH23.07.202111894114540.00$
अयोध्या के ब्राह्मण सम्मेलन से मायावती का चुनाव अभियान शुरू !23.07.2021323306850.00$
Is Modi failing as Prime Minister ? । PM MODI । ECONOMIC CRISIS। ASHUTOSH22.07.202112752921600,00$
क्या ऐसे हमलों से डर जाएगा मीडिया? I DAINIK BHASKAR I PM MODI I INCOME TAX22.07.2021830947031,21$
Income Tax Raid On Bhaskar group! I INCOME TAX RAID I BHASKAR GROUP I ASHUTOSH22.07.2021923057961,21$
Pegasus : Conspiracy Against the country by Government? I PEGASUS I PM MODI I ASHUTOSH21.07.20219835410390.00$
Will Rahul & Priyanka run Congress like this? I CONGRESS CRISIS I RAHUL GANDHI I PRIYANKA GANDHI21.07.2021470292730.00$
ममता अब राष्ट्र्रीय स्तर पर शुरू करेंगी खेला होबे! I MAMATA BANERJEE I NATIONAL POLITICS I PM MODI21.07.202112332260.00$
अखिलेश का चुनाव अभियान शुरु पर रास्ता आसान नहीं! I AKHILESH YADAV I UP ELECTIONS I SAMAJWADI PARTY21.07.2021344184750.00$
Answers of questions you have asked about the series on Shivaji I SHIVAJI I SACH KA SAAMNA21.07.20212495180.00$
Why Government is running away from Inquiry! I PEGASUS I PM MODI I ASHUTOSH20.07.20218806610300.00$
Isn't it a deadly attack on journalism? Pegasus I Modi Govt. I Phone tapping I Media20.07.2021232165550.00$
कर्नाटक सरकार गिराने से पहले की गई थी फोन टैपिंग?। france pegasus probe।20.07.202132183140.00$
मोदी सरकार के गले की हड्डी बन गया पेगासस !20.07.2021664903890.00$
Was Shivaji kingdom based on public welfare? I SHIVAJI I INDIAN RULERS20.07.2021415950.00$
Will Brahman voters ditch BJP this time? I UP ELECTIONS I BJP I ASHUTOSH19.07.2021494186010.00$
Should home minister Amit Shah resign over phone tapping expose? Pegasus I Phone tapping।19.07.2021133809030.00$
पेगासस की सूची में राहुल गांधी और दर्जनों पत्रकार !19.07.2021544266720.00$
What was the composition of Shivaji’s army? I SHIVAJI I INDIAN HISTORY I MUSLIM RULERS I19.07.2021375240.00$
Who is behind the phone tapping of powerful people of India? । PHONE TAPPING । PEGASUS18.07.2021772536440.00$
बरसात में बदल दे अपना खानपान !18.07.20216394410.00$
Has Congress scored a self goal in Punjab? । PUNJAB CONGRESS । AMARINDER SINGH । ASHUTOSH17.07.2021783003820.00$
What if Modi govt. don’t agree to remit sedition law? I SUPREME COURT I N V RAMANNA I SEDITION LAW17.07.202145342560,00$
पंजाब: सिद्धू को झुका कर ही मानेंगे कैप्टन? । PUNJAB CONGRESS । AMARINDER SINGH17.07.20216413120.00$
आशुतोष और मुकेश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । MUKESH KUMAR17.07.2021349431187148,65$
क्या कैप्टन से अधिक सिद्धू को तवज्जो दी जा रही है? । PUNJAB CONGRESS । NAVJOT SINGH SINDHU17.07.2021854850.00$
प्रियंका गांधी के दौरे से कितनी ताकत मिलेगी कांग्रेस को? । PRIYANKA GANDHI । UP CONGRESS17.07.2021665752050.00$
ग़ाज़ीपुर में क्रिस्टोफर कॉडवेल। राजनीति के अनसुने, अनजाने किस्से पहली बार ! । Urmilesh।17.07.2021255652540,00$
कांग्रेस: क्या अब टाइटैनिक जहाज़ हो गया है? । CONGRESS । RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS CRISIS17.07.2021948116870.00$
जनसंख्या नियंत्रण नीति से बढ़ेगा महिलाओं का शोषण? । POPULATION CONTROL । POPULATION EXPLOSION17.07.2021355530.00$
How could Cairn trump the Indian Govt? isn't UPA responsible? Alok Joshi17.07.202122653240.00$
पंजाब कांग्रेस में झगड़ा बढ़ा। PUNJAB CONGRESS । AMRINDER SINGH । NAVJOT SINGH SIDHU17.07.20211108210.00$
What is Owaisi’s Hidden Political Agenda? । ASADUDDIN OWAISI । UP ELECTIONS । ASHUTOSH16.07.20218991510510.00$
सरकार समर्थक चिंतित क्यों? । SUPREME COURT । MODI GOVERNMENT16.07.202148001190.00$
What strategy Priyanka Gandhi have for the UP elections? I Priyanka Gandhi I Congress I UP Elections16.07.20211298906090.00$
पंजाब कांग्रेस की कलह दूर कर पाएगा आलाकमान? । PUNJAB CONGRESS । AMRINDER SINGH । NAVJOT SINGH SINDHU16.07.20215073260.00$
यूपी में सड़क पर उतरे समाजवादी !। SAMAJWADI PARTY । AKHILESH YADAV । UP ELECTIONS 202216.07.20211018634790.00$
Why PM could not see floating dead bodies?? । MODI VARANASI । YOGI ADITYANATH । ASHUTOSH15.07.20211656219700.00$
Will the Taliban behave differently after capturing power? I TALIBAN I AFGHANISTAN I INDIA PAKISTAN15.07.2021652981840.00$
योगी सरकार के कामकाज से मोदी बमबम !15.07.2021336455010.00$
What big thing Prashant Kishore wants to do? I PRASHANT KISHOR I CONGRESS I RAHUL GANDHI14.07.20211589165960.00$
अभी से राष्ट्रीय नेता की छवि बनाने में जुटे योगी? । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP ELECTIONS 202214.07.2021354890.00$
पीके के गांधी परिवार से मिलने के बाद अटकलें तेज़! । PRASHANT KISHOR । RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS14.07.202128740300.00$
योगी जुट गए छवि चमकाने में ! । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । BJP RSS14.07.2021253821520.00$
What various parties are preparing for the UP Elections? । BJP । AKHILESH YADAV । MAYAWATI14.07.20211552001970.00$
Is Taliban bad news for Kashmir! । AFGHAN WAR । TALIBAN । ASHUTOSH13.07.202146464210.00$
In Chitrakoot, how RSS is planning to save UP? I UP ELECTIONS I RSS BJP I YOGI ADITYANATH13.07.2021849406460.00$
रज़ामंदी से हो रही थी शादी, ‘लव जिहाद बताकर रुकवाया । INTER RELIGION MARRIAGE । LOVE JIHAD13.07.2021536310.00$
नीट एक्जाम में पिछड़ों की सीटें सामान्य को क्यों? । NEET EXAM । OBC RESERVATION । PM MODI13.07.202125870950.00$
Akhilesh doesn’t trust Police on Qaida Arrest? । YOGI ADITYANATH । AKHILESH YADAV । ASHUTOSH12.07.20212744167440.00$
जनसंख्या नियंत्रण विधेयक:ज़्यादा बच्चे पैदा करने की अपील वालों का क्या होगा?।Population control bill12.07.202112109190.00$
Should farmers form a political party? I FARMER PROTESTS I FARM LAWS I GURNAM SINGH CHARUNI12.07.2021406087590.00$
हिंदू संगठन जनसंख्या कानून के विरोध में क्यों? । POPULATION BILL । VISHWA HINDU PARISHAD12.07.2021766244460.00$
It’s might is right! I UP ELECTIONS I YOGI ADITYANATH I UP BJP12.07.202117456610.00$
What will happen to Mayawati’s Dalit politics? I BSP I DALIT POLITICS I UP ELECTIONS11.07.2021462933240.00$
GST in India, good Economics or bad politics?11.07.2021237261510.00$
Is politics of Mayavati over in UP? I MAYAWATI I UP POLITICS I ASHUTOSH10.07.20213033669570.00$
What is the real agenda of Yogi govt. behind population control? । YOGI ADITYANATH । POPULATON BILL10.07.2021718127410.00$
नया मंत्रालय शुरू होने से पहले विवाद! । MINISTRY OF COOPERATION । PM MODI । AMIT SHAH10.07.2021753140.00$
आशुतोष और आलोक जोशी से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । ALOK JOSHI10.07.2021461511183132,47$
चुनावी हिंसा के खिलाफ सड़क पर उतरेंगे समाजवादी कार्यकर्ता । SAMAJWADI PARTY । UP ELECTIONS10.07.2021741911710.00$
सोनिया गांधी के पीएम बनने से मना करने की असल वजह! । VP SINGH । SONIA GANDHI । SANTOSH BHARTIYA10.07.202161087915,00$
How Shivaji escaped from Aurangzeb’s prison? I SHIVAJI I AURANGZEB10.07.202123853180.00$
किस्से: राजीव गांधी के पतन की असली वजह अमिताभ बच्चन? । SCINDIA FAMILY । HOUSE OF SCINDIA10.07.2021472841170.00$
दु:शासन की परंपरा I UP PANCHAYAT ELECTIONS I BJP I YOGI ADITYANATH09.07.2021999320.00$
Is Nitish’s game over? I BIHAR POLITICS I NITISH KUMAR I CABINET RESHUFFLE09.07.20212329685970.00$
ज़हर फैलाने की आज़ादी चाहता है सूरज पाल अमू! I SURAJPAL AMU I HARYANA BJP09.07.202110150210.00$
बीजेपी के ख़िलाफ़ किसानों का ‘मिशन यूपी-उत्तराखंड’ I FARMERS PROTESTS I MISSION UP UTTARAKHAND09.07.202114791110.00$
संसद पर किसानों के प्रदर्शन से क्या चेतेगी सरकार? I FARMERS PROTESTS I MISSION UP UTTARAKHAND09.07.2021940231200.00$
How and why Shivaji killed Afzal Khan? I CHATTRAPATI SHIVAJI I AFZAL KHAN I INDIAN HISTORY09.07.202136791280.00$
How USA got defeated by Taliban? I AFGHAN WAR I TALIBAN I USA09.07.2021175463330.00$
Harshwardhan, Ravishankar Prasad scape goats? I PM MODI I CABINET EXPANSION I ASHUTOSH09.07.202167700180.00$
Is Yogi Adityanath Losing UP ? I UP ELECTIONS I YOGI ADITYANATH I ASHUTOSH08.07.20211146566580.00$
मंत्रिमंडल फेरबदल: इससे कुछ न बदलेगा । PM MODI । CABINET EXPANSION । BJP08.07.202131502190.00$
How will Uddhav and Pawar save the Maha-government? I UDDHAV THACKREY I SHIVSENA I MODI08.07.2021841262730.00$
क्या देश में गृहयुद्ध करा कर मानेंगे ये नफरती? । MUSLIM WOMEN । SULLI FOR SALE08.07.202179247180.00$
यूपी ब्लॉक प्रमुख चुनाव : नामांकन के दौरान ही हिंसा I UP ELECTIONS I YOGI ADITYANATH08.07.20211564030.00$
यूपी का जातीय समीकरण कितना संभाल पाएगी भाजपा? I UP ELECTIONS I BJP I CASTE POLITICS08.07.2021484694160.00$
How Brahmin treated Shivaji? I SHIVAJI I BRAHMINISM I INDIAN HISTORY08.07.202160717300.00$
Cabinet Reshuffle : Is crisis over ! I PM MODI I CABINET EXPANSION I ASHUTOSH07.07.20211416779410.00$
What is going to change after the cabinet reshuffle? I PM MODI I CABINET RESHUFFLE I BJP07.07.2021530218660.00$
रिपोर्ट से मोदी सरकार की कार्रवाई पर खड़े हुए सवाल । STAN SWAMY । surendra gadling07.07.2021467710.00$
बहारें हमको ढूंढेंगी न जाने हम कहां होंगे । DILIP KUMAR । INDIAN CINEMA07.07.20211052981720.00$
Cabinet Expansion : will anything change? । PM MODI । CABINET RESHUFFLE । ASHUTOSH06.07.2021932177970.00$
We are ashamed Mr. Stan Swamy? BHIMA KOREGAON I STAN SWAMY I ELGAR PARISHAD06.07.2021576967820.00$
प्रेस स्वतंत्रता को कुलचने वालों में मोदी का नाम । REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS । PM MODI06.07.202194417140.00$
विपक्ष की राजनीति पर कितना असर डालेंगे लालू यादव? । LALU PRASAD YADAV । BIHAR POLITICS । RJD06.07.2021856101700.00$
स्टेन स्वामी की मौत को लेकर उठीं अंतरराष्ट्रीय आवाजें । STAN SWAMY । Bhima Koregaon06.07.202133702260.00$
Stan Swami’s death - Judicial Killing ? । STAN SWAMY । ELGAR PARISHAD । ASHUTOSH05.07.20211760236660,00$
Why nobody listens Bhagwat's sermon in Sangh Pariwar? I MOHAN BHAGWAT I RSS-BJP I PM MODI05.07.2021577987530.00$
RSS प्रमुख भागवत के बयान पर तीखी प्रतिक्रिया । MOHAN BHAGWAT । RSS । HINDU MUSLIM UNITY05.07.20214674090.00$
चुनाव से पहले अखिलेश यादव की घेरेबंदी? । CBI । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । Akhilesh Yadav05.07.20211743387470.00$
भागवत जी, सूरज पाल अमू पर कार्रवाई कब? । MOHAN BHAGWAT । HINDUTVA । SURAJ PAL AMU05.07.20219354100.00$
Mind Your Business Is Congress responsible for such high prices of diesel and petrol?04.07.2021683858320.00$
Taliban in Afganistan, A new danger for India! । TALIBAN । AFGHANISTAN US TROOPS । ASHUTOSH04.07.2021171951270.00$
MODI govt is in serious crisis! । PM MODI । BJP CRISIS । ASHUTOSH03.07.2021336320650.00$
This is how BJP wants to win the UP-assembly elections? PANCHAYAT ELECTIONS I BJP UP03.07.20211456936120.00$
आशुतोष और आलोक जोशी से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । ALOK JOSHI03.07.2021337901284107,11$
चार महीने में तीन मुख्यमंत्री !03.07.2021244141780.00$
तुषार मेहता से क्यों मिलने पहुंचे शुभेंदु अधिकारी? । TUSHAR MEHTA । SUVENDU ADHIKARI03.07.20211898250.00$
मोदी सरकार: चुनाव या काम तय करेगा शपथ ग्रहण? । PM MODI । BJP POLITICS03.07.2021672068990.00$
How Long Nitish govt will Survive? । NITISH KUMAR । MADAN SAHNI । ASHUTOSH02.07.20212015095570.00$
Is BJP instigating farmers for violence? I FARMERS PROTESTS I BJP I AGRICULTURE LAWS02.07.20211960135740.00$
सीजेआई रमन्ना के आने से लोगों में जगी उम्मीद? । CJI NV RAMANNA । SUPREME COURT02.07.202114003840.00$
भ्रष्टाचार के आरोपों पर खामोश क्यों है संघ ?02.07.2021543055440.00$
CJI रमना दे रहे एक के बाद एक झटका! । CJI NV RAMANNA । CJI SPEECH । PM MODI02.07.202153204180.00$
Will BJP change CM … ? । UTTARAKHAND BJP । TIRATH SINGH RAWAT । BJP CRISIS01.07.20211548677210.00$
Why Modi Govt. wants to control the film Industry? CENSORSHIP I BOLLYWOOD I SAFFRON AGENDA01.07.2021270574980.00$
आलाकमान से मिले सिद्धू तो कैप्टन ने तेज़ की क़िलेबंदी । PUNJAB CONGRESS । NAVJOT SINGH SIDHU01.07.202118981110.00$
कांग्रेस की नई संकट मोचक बनी प्रियंका गांधी ?01.07.20211549888230.00$
गुजरात : ‘आप’ नेताओं पर हमला, केजरीवाल बोले - हार तय । GUJARAT BJP । ARVIND KEJRIWAL01.07.20218302160.00$
Should Governor Dhankhar be removed! । JAGDEEP DHANKAR । MAMATA BANERJEE । ASHUTOSH30.06.2021963006270,00$
Govt. has to give compensation to the victim's family now । SUPREME COURT । CORONA COMPENSATION30.06.2021520944200.00$
ग़ाज़ीपुर बॉर्डर पर किसानों और भाजपा समर्थकों में झड़प । GHAZIPUR BORDER । FARMERS PROTESTS30.06.202195422290.00$
मोदी ,मायावती और आंबेडकर !30.06.2021232953300.00$
सुप्रीम कोर्ट : कोरोना से हुई मौतों पर मुआवज़ा दो । SUPREME COURT । CORONA COMPENSATION30.06.2021202830.00$
BJP is using muscle power to win local elections! । BJP UP । YOGI ADITYANATH । ASHUTOSH29.06.20211028346890.00$
मध्यप्रदेश सरकार पर टीकाकरण में फर्जीवाड़ा करने का आरोपI PM MODI I SHIVRAJ SINGH29.06.2021384993940.00$
Will Nirmala Sitharaman's loan guarantee package spur growth? #MindYourBusiness with ALOK JOSHI29.06.2021420071140.00$
हवाला कांड में जगदीप धनकड़ की भूमिका! । JAGDEEP DHANKAR । MAMATA BANERJEE । HAWALA CASE29.06.20211102862200.00$
Why BJP is scared to lose in UP! । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । YOGI ADITYANATH । ASHUTOSH28.06.202119028113920.00$
Who will benefit from Owaisi fighting elections in UP? । ASADUDDIN OWAISI । UP ELECTIONS 202228.06.20211951927620.00$
मायावती के अकेले चुनाव लड़ने का फायदा किसे होगा ?28.06.20211051562090,00$
बार कौंसिल: जस्टिस राजेश बिंदल ने न्याय का मखौल उड़ाया । KOLKATA HIGH COURT । JUSTICE RAJESH BINDAL28.06.2021747720.00$
Will MODI Govt bring back Art. 370 ? । PM MODI । JAMMU KASHMIR । ARTICLE 37028.06.202148453370.00$
Is there undeclared ‘Emergency’ in the country? । PM MODI । ASHUTOSH । EMERGENCY IN INDIA26.06.202111768314119,90$
How much political power farmers' agitation has gathered? । FARMERS PROTESTS । FARM LAWS । BJP26.06.20211375175760.00$
आशुतोष और आलोक जोशी से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । ALOK JOSHI26.06.2021380011965160,72$
चुनाव से पहले दलितों को साधने में लगे योगी आदित्यनाथ। YOGI ADITYANATH। DALIT POLITICS। UP ELECTIONS26.06.20213082100.00$
Hashimpura kand 1987: क्यों पीएसी ने 42 मुसलमानों को गोलियों से भून दिया था? । hashimpura kand।26.06.2021827894890.00$
यशवंत सिन्हा : एक एंटी बीजेपी मोर्चे की सख्त ज़रूरत । YASHWANT SINHA । PM MODI । ARTICLE 37026.06.2021714871240,66$
Is this not an undeclared emergency Mr. Modi? । PM MODI । EMERGENCY IN INDIA25.06.20219078710330,00$
कश्मीरी नेताओं और केंद्र की बातचीत में पंडित क्यों नही? । JAMMU KASHMIR । ARTICLE 370 । PM MODI25.06.2021208611070.00$
Will Kashmir get back Art 370? । JAMMU KASHMIR । ARTICLE 370 । ASHUTOSH24.06.202115465716900.00$
Has Modi govt. succeeded in winning confidence of Kashmiri leaders? । JAMMU KASHMIR । PM MODI24.06.2021329114220.00$
लखनऊ की कमान अब संघ के हाथ में क्यों? । BJP UTTAR PRADESH । RSS । YOGI ADITYANATH24.06.2021984855970.00$
RIL 44th AGM. Speech of Mukesh Ambani24.06.20216921590.00$
तेजस्वी यादव के साथ जाने पर चिराग बोले - आगे निर्णय लेंगे । CHIRAG PASWAN । BIHAR NDA । LJP SPLIT24.06.20211310344820.00$
Upset OBC leaders can spoil BJP’s game! । BJP UTTAR PRADESH । SANJAY NISHAD । ASHUTOSH23.06.202110724214110.00$
How long Congress will tolerate Sidhu? । PUNJAB CONGRESS । NAVJOT SINGH SIDHU23.06.2021589984190.00$
बीजेपी ने नीतीश और चिराग दोनों को ठिकाने लगाया? । BIHAR NDA । CHIRAG PASWAN । NITISH KUMAR23.06.202140874110.00$
कैसे मिलेगी अखिलेश यादव को 350 सीटें? । AKHILESH YADAV । UP ELECTIONS 202223.06.202124071415920.00$
BJP is losing ground in UP! । BJP UTTAR PRADESH । YOGI ADITYANATH । ASHUTOSH22.06.202122590113120.00$
How opposition will form anti BJP front? । RASHTRA MANCH । SHARAD PAWAR । PRASHANT KISHORE22.06.2021579375750.00$
पिछड़ों को साधने में जुटे योगी, मौर्या के घर पहुंचे। YOGI ADITYANATH । KESHAV PRASAD MAURYA । UP BJP22.06.2021719550.00$
क्या अब मोदी के खिलाफ भी विपक्ष का मोर्चा बनेगा? । BJP । OPPOSITION PARTIES । THIRD FRONT22.06.2021434941070.00$
क्या जम्मू-कश्मीर में फिर कुछ बदलने वाला है? । JAMMU KASHMIR । GUPKAR GANG । PM MODI22.06.20211187320.00$
Will Shiv Sena align with BJP? । CONGRESS SHIVSENA । MAHARASHTRA POLITICS । ASHUTOSH21.06.20211077446170.00$
Why Yogi is still on the target of BJP leaders? । YOGI ADITYANATH । BJP । UP ELECTIONS 202221.06.2021961895780.00$
चंदा चोरी घोटाला : संतों ने की बैठक, जांच की मांग । AYODHYA । LAND SCAM । RAM MANDIR TRUST21.06.202139059430.00$
कई राज्यों में भाजपा में टकराव क्यों बढ़ रहा है? । BJP CRISIS । PM MODI । ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS 202221.06.2021928832820.00$
An Exclusive talk with student leaders Natasha, Devanagna and Asif Tanha । PINJRA TOD । ASIF TANHA20.06.2021497119670,00$
जम्मू-कश्मीर के दलों से 24 जून को मिलेंगे मोदी । JAMMU KASHMIR । PM MODI । MEHBOOBA MUFTI19.06.2021859410.00$
आलोक जोशी और मुकेश कुमार से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । MUKESH KUMAR । ALOK JOSHI19.06.20214336198243,36$
आखिर राहुल गांधी की पालटिक्स है क्या? । RAHUL GANDHI । CONGRESS19.06.20212705757300.00$
बंगाल में बीजेपी को कैसा बचा पाएँगे पीएम मोदी? । BENGAL BJP । TMC । PM MODI19.06.20213754110.00$
Will Govt go for assembly elections in Kashmir? । JAMMU KASHMIR ELECTIONS । BJP । ASHUTOSH19.06.2021561544240,00$
छत्तीसगढ़ में सरकार बदली, मगर आदिवासियों के प्रति रवैया बदला क्या? । CHATTISGARH TRIBALS । CONGRESS19.06.2021281980.00$
मोदी सरकार: चेहरे बदलने से संकट खत्म होगा? । PM MODI । MODI CABINET EXPANSION । BJP19.06.20211487308820,00$
Modi-Shah losing grip over BJP? । NARENDRA MODI । AMIT SHAH । ASHUTOSH18.06.202139356616650.00$
Why Mamata has challenged Suvendu? । SUVENDU ADHIKARI । MAMATA BANERJEE । BENGAL POLITICS18.06.20212040945110.00$
सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने नहीं रोकी देवांगना, नताशा, आसिफ़ की बेल । SUPREME COURT । PINJRA TOD BAIL18.06.20212166790.00$
बिहार में नीतीश की नई सोशल इंजीनियरिंग! । NITISH KUMAR । BIHAR POLITICS18.06.2021582681770.00$
शुभेंदु के निर्वाचन को ममता बनर्जी ने दी है चुनौती । SUVENDHU ADHIKARI । MAMATA BANERJEE18.06.202114137730.00$
रिहा हुए पिंजरा तोड़ एक्टिविस्ट्स: बग़ैर सबूत बिताए 300 दिन जेल में । DELHI POLICE। PINJRA TOD18.06.202158950170.00$
New disclosure in 16 cr scam, lie caught red-handed?। RAM MANDIR TRUST। AYODHYA LAND SCAM । ASHUTOSH17.06.202114443617690.00$
Has Modi govt. been stuck in activists’ bail case?। NATASHA NARWAL । DELHI POLICE । DELHI HIGH COURT17.06.20211078877170.00$
नताशा नरवाल और देवांगना की बेल में देरी क्यों? । NATASHA NARWAL। DEVANGANA KALITA । DELHI POLICE17.06.2021533730.00$
गोवा मुक्ति आंदोलन के पचहत्तर साल! । GOA MUKTI ANDOLAN । GOA LIBERATION DAY17.06.20216792170.00$
भारतीय राष्ट्रवाद बनाम हिंदू राष्ट्रवाद । NATIONALISM IN INDIA । HINDU NATIONALISM17.06.2021857948520.00$
What is Yogi model Of governance? । YOGI ADITYANATH । PM MODI । ASHUTOSH16.06.20219457911063,64$
Which way Chirag Paswan will go now? । CHIRAG PASWAN । LJP SPLIT । BIHAR POLITICS16.06.2021835582490,00$
How long will inflation keep biting in India?16.06.2021363232050.00$
हाईकोर्ट के फैसले के बाद दिल्ली पुलिस को शर्म आनी चाहिए? । DELHI HIGH COURT । SEDITION CASES16.06.2021247720.00$
अखिलेश यादव की चुनावी रणनीति क्या है? । AKHILESH YADAV । SP-RLD ALLIANCE । UP ELECTIONS 202216.06.20211036997490,00$
Why BJP in trouble in 16Cr. Scam accusation? । AYODHYA LAND DEAL । BJP । ASHUTOSH15.06.202115107915390.00$
Should Media apologize for its irresponsible reporting of Sushant case?। SUSHANT CASE। INDIAN MEDIA15.06.2021342795220.00$
सुशांत केस: गिद्ध बने पत्रकारों का दिखा था घटिया रूप । SUSHANT CASE । INDIAN MEDIA। RHEA CHAKRABORTY15.06.2021327630.00$
चिराग पासवान और मायावती का क्या भविष्य है ? । CHIRAG PASWAN । BSP । DALIT POLITICS15.06.20211159213670.00$
BJP in trouble over 16 crore scam accusation! । RAM MANDIR TRUST । BJP । ASHUTOSH14.06.202127795523730,00$
Nitish took revenge, has he finished Chirag? । NITISH KUMAR । CHIRAG PASWAN । BIHAR POLITICS14.06.20211245805270.00$
नीतीश ने चिराग को किया तहस-नहस? अब आगे क्या? । NITISH KUMAR । CHIRAG PASWAN । BIHAR NDA14.06.202111819110.00$
मंदिर ज़मीन के कथित घोटाले में किसको गुनहगार बता रहे संजय सिंह?। RAM MANDIR TRUST । SANJAY SINGH AAP14.06.202154461720.00$
Is national politics changing after Bengal elections? । BENGAL ELECTIONS । INDIAN POLITICS14.06.202154532350,00$
मरुस्थल में हरियाली के दावे । INDIAN ECONOMY । INDIA FOREX RESERVES । PETROL PRICES14.06.202119064120.00$
Ram Mandir Trust accused of Big scam । RAM MANDIR TRUST । SANJAY SINGH । AYODHYA TEMPLE13.06.20214253780.00$
What farmer’s movement can achieve in UP elections? । FARMERS PROTESTS । SOMPAL SHASTRI13.06.20211992993360.00$
जाति जोड़ो, चुनाव जीतो । CASTE POLITICS। APOORVANAND13.06.2021691714410.00$
Has Govt failed to govern! । PETROL PRICES । PM MODI । CORONA CRISIS12.06.202113890510150,00$
आशुतोष और आलोक जोशी से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । ALOK JOSHI12.06.2021650263068122,97$
गैर भाजपाई दलों का मोर्चा बनवाएंगे शरद पवार? । SHARAD PAWAR। PRASHANT KISHOR । THIRD FRONT12.06.20211473203470.00$
क्या मिशन 2024 के लिए बनाया जाएगा तीसरा मोर्चा? । THIRD FRONT । SHARAD PAWAR । PRASHANT KISHOR12.06.20216381040.00$
यूपी :योगी जी,मान गए उस्ताद या फिर मानना पड़ा? । YOGI ADITYANATH। BJP UTTAR PRADESH । PM MODI12.06.2021521958170.00$
Can Modi save BJP in Bengal? । MUKUL ROY । BENGAL BJP । ASHUTOSH11.06.20212240859430.00$
Who won, Modi or Yogi? । YOGI ADITYANATH। BJP । PM MODI11.06.20211005579790.00$
मोदी पर मोदी का ही दांव खेल रही हैं ममता? । MAMATA BANERJEE। MUKUL ROY । BENGAL BJP11.06.20214629590.00$
ममता ने मोदी से हिसाब लेना शुरू किया ! । MAMATA BANERJEE । MUKUL ROY । PM MODI11.06.20211426715530.00$
मोदी सरकार में रॉकेट की रफ्तार से बढ़े राजद्रोह के केस । BJP । SEDITION CASES । AYESHA SULTANA11.06.2021264310.00$
Will Yogi surrender to Modi’s might? । YOGI ADITYANATH । BJP UTTAR PRADESH I ASHUTOSH10.06.202111935014260.00$
How Modi will save his party from Mamata? । MAMATA BANERJEE । PM MODI I BJP BENGAL10.06.2021770864460.00$
योगी आदित्यनाथ के अचानक दिल्ली आने का मतलब? । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP BJP । PM MODI10.06.202118621360.00$
क्या यूपी भाजपा का संकट टल गया? । UP BJP । UP ELECTIONS 2022 I YOGI ADITYANATH10.06.2021372655130.00$
'नंगा राजा' कविता पर अब फिर से विवाद क्यों? । VISHNU PANDYA। PARUL KHAKHAR10.06.20212131240.00$
Will Supreme Court confront Modi govt.? । SUPREME COURT । PM MODI । CORONA VACCINATION10.06.2021195147730.00$
Can Jitin Prasad get Brahman vote for BJP? । JITIN PRASADA । UP ELECTIONS 2022 I ASHUTOSH09.06.202112167311420,49$
What role Jitin can play for the BJP? । JITIN PRASADA । BJP I UP ELECTIONS 202209.06.2021606297560.00$
चुनाव से पहले कांग्रेस नेता जितिन प्रसाद BJP के हुए । JITIN PRASADA । BJP । UP ELECTIONS 202209.06.202149768260.00$
योगी की कितनी मदद कर पाएंगे जितिन प्रसाद? । YOGI ADITYANATH । JITIN PRASAD09.06.2021631403060.00$
टीकाकरण: महिलाओं को लेकर सरकार अभी भी बेखबर! । CORONA VACCINE । WOMEN VACCINATION09.06.2021101420.00$
एसपी-आरएलडी के साथ आएंगे रावण । CHANDRASHEKHAR RAVAN । SP RLD ALLIANCE । UP ELECTIONS 202208.06.2021153888160.00$
Modi won’t be face of next Assembly elections! Why? । PM MODI । ASSEMBLY ELECTIONS 2024 । ASHUTOSH08.06.202122342816550.00$
Do recent judgements suggest that Supreme Court has changed? । PM MODI । CORONA VACCINE08.06.2021989555740.00$
पाबंदियों और बहिष्कार के बीच चीन से बढ़ा 70% व्यापार । INDIA CHINA । INDIA TRADE08.06.2021599090.00$
योगी और मोदी से कैसे मुकाबला करेंगे अखिलेश यादव? । AKHILESH YADAV । UP ELECTIONS 202208.06.202120636613773,15$
What relief has been provided to crisis ridden economy? । INDIAN ECONOMY । ECONOMIC CRISIS08.06.2021437530.00$
Why Yogi is challenging Modi? । YOGI ADITYNATH । BJP UP POSTER । ASHUTOSH07.06.2021298455177817,39$
Why Modi has to change his vaccine policy? । PM MODI । CORONA VACCINE । VACCINATION POLICY07.06.20219508313080,00$
मोदी सरकार अपने फैसले से पलटी, टीका किया मुफ्त । PM MODI । VACCINE PRICES । VACCINATION POLICY07.06.20217520240.00$
यूपी बीजेपी के पोस्टर में मोदी क्यों नही? । YOGI ADITYANATH । BJP UP POSTER । MODI07.06.2021744747550.00$
Modi govt. has extracted taxes from common man to support corporate friends । INDIAN ECONOMY । TAXES07.06.20218083100.00$
Yogi has become an embarrassment for BJP leadership? । YOGI ADITYANATH । BJP । UP ELECTIONS 202207.06.20213742474650.00$
Why Govt is scared of Cartoons! । CARTOONIST MANJUL । TWITTER INDIA । BJP05.06.2021833093820.00$
How Lucknow copes with Corona? chatting with the people who love Lucknow05.06.202135633930.00$
आशुतोष और आलोक जोशी से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । ALOK JOSHI05.06.2021615421643153,21$
बकस्वाहा जंगल बचेगा या कटेगा ? । BUXWAHA FOREST । ENVIRONMENT DAY05.06.20215344150.00$
वैक्सीन : कांग्रेस सरकार भी ढूँढ रही ‘आपदा में अवसर’? । CONGRESS । CORONA VACCINE । AMRINDER SINGH05.06.2021195570.00$
यूपी में कई मोर्चों पर लड़ रहा है संघ! । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । RSS05.06.2021719062580.00$
Who is to be blamed for Operation Blue Star? । GOLDEN TEMPLE । OPERATION BLUE STAR । ASHUTOSH05.06.202111096480.00$
Modi govt has done nothing to control inflation.। INDIAN ECONOMY । INFLATION । ECONOMIC CRISIS05.06.202113057180.00$
यूपी: क्या होगा योगी का? । YOGI ADITYANATH । RSS BJP । UP ELECTIONS 202205.06.20216631110630.00$
ब्यूरोक्रेसी को कहा ”ख़ामोश” । PENSION RULES । MODI । 7TH PAY COMMISSION04.06.20215433050.00$
Will Mamata break BJP in Bengal? । MAMATA BANERJEE । BJP BENGAL । ASHUTOSH04.06.20212011847540,00$
Why appointment of Arun Mishra as NHRC chairperson is being opposed?। ARUN MISHRA । NHRC CHAIRMAN04.06.2021476713350,00$
चुनाव बाद टीएमसी में बड़ी संख्या में घर वापसी? । MAMATA BANERJEE । MUKUL ROY । TMC04.06.202155562190.00$
क्या संघ की मदद कर रहीं हैं मायावती? । MAYAWATI । RSS । UP ELECTIONS 202204.06.20211750689450.00$
मानवाधिकार संगठन बोले - किस आधार पर हुई नियुक्ति? । JUSTICE ARUN MISHRA । NHRC । MODI04.06.202113213220.00$
Who is responsible for crisis in MSME’s? । INDIAN ECONOMY । MSME । ECONOMIC CRISIS04.06.20218738120.00$
RBI Credit Policy04.06.20214761150.00$
Will Congress divide in Punjab! । PUNJAB CONGRESS । NAVJOT SINGH SIDHU । ASHUTOSH03.06.20211802648920.00$
Will RSS save BJP in UP? । UP ELECTIONS 2022 । RSS । YOGI ADITYANATH03.06.202130387120150.00$
क्या विनोद दुआ का जीतना भर काफी है? । VINOD DUA । SUPREME COURT03.06.202123465120.00$
रिटायर्ड अधिकारियों से सरकार को क्यों डर लग रहा है? । PENSION RULES । MODI । 7TH PAY COMMISSION03.06.202119079170.00$
विनोद दुआ राजद्रोह के आरोप से मुक्त पर बाकी का क्या होगा? । VINOD DUA । JOURNALISTS03.06.2021825742650.00$
प्रियंका की सक्रियता से खड़ी होगी कांग्रेस? । PRIYANKA GANDHI । CONGRESS । UP ELECTIONS 202203.06.202115715580.00$
What is the meaning of 23 Cr. more poor in the country? । INDIAN ECONOMY । POVERTY । WORLD BANK03.06.202114125230.00$
खुला लेन देन-NHRC चेयरमैन । JUSTICE ARUN MISHRA । MODI । NHRC CHAIRMAN02.06.202139603210.00$
Can BJP afford to remove Yogi? । YOGI ADITYANATH । RSS । ASHUTOSH02.06.202119276116650,00$
Why BJP not replacing Yogi with Keshav Maurya? । YOGI ADITYANATH । BJP । KESHAV PRASAD MAURYA02.06.202113969327320.00$
महुआ बोलीं- PM की तारीफ करने से मिलती हैं ‘अच्छी चीज़ें’ । JUSTICE ARUN MISHRA । MAHUA MOITRA । NHRC02.06.202129434310.00$
योगी की ढाल बना संघ? । YOGI ADITYANATH । RSS । UTTAR PRADESH02.06.20211260107730.00$
छात्रों को योगी,रामदेव और जग्गी क्यों पढ़ाए जाएँगे? । UNIVERSITY BOOKS । RAMDEV । PHILOSOPHY02.06.20213482390.00$
Why economic inequality in India is raising phenomenally? । ECONOMIC INEQUALITY । INDIA BILLIONAIRES02.06.202112332190.00$
Who will be SCAPE GOAT in UP BJP! । YOGI ADITYANATH । BJP । UP ELECTIONS 202201.06.20211658838326,66$
Why Modi is not doing much to control unemployment? । UNEMPLOYMENT । PM MODI01.06.20216841511330,00$
चीफ सेक्रेटरी विवाद - मोदी पर भारी पड़ी ममता! । MAMATA BANERJEE । MODI । BENGAL POLITICS01.06.20211708415810.00$
बाबा रामदेव को इस विवाद से फायदा ही फायदा? । BABA RAMDEV । CORONIL । ALLOPATHY VS AYURVEDA01.06.20218581250.00$
Why govt is failing in creating jobs? । INDIAN ECONOMY । MODI । UNEMPLOYMENT01.06.202115866360.00$
Has MODI changed India in 7 years! । MODI GOVERNMENT । BJP । ASHUTOSH31.05.2021462067296054,41$
A discussion with well known political activist Yogendra Yadav । MODI । YOGENDRA YADAV31.05.2021951007000.00$
बड़ा दावा : कोरोना प्राकृतिक वायरस नहीं चीन की लैब में बना । CORONA ORIGIN । CHINA । WUHAN LAB31.05.202178954190.00$
योगी के मंत्रियों की क्लास लगाई संगठन मंत्री ने !31.05.2021734273870.00$
When will economic slowdown end? । INDIAN ECONOMY । MODI । CORONA CRISIS31.05.202119437310.00$
लक्षद्वीप के पूर्व सांसद मुहम्मद हमदुल्ला सईद से बातचीत । LAKSHADWEEP । BJP31.05.202116915370.00$
What steps India should take to support Palestinian's struggle?30.05.2021190555354,85$
स्वाद बदल देती है तरह तरह की चटनी !30.05.202114737310.00$
“Yogi ji, be fearful of the curse of the dead” । YOGI ADITYANATH । ACHARYA PRAMOD KRISHANAM29.05.2021107153720.00$
Is PM Modi indulging in vendetta politics? । PM MODI । MAMATA BANERJEE29.05.202114906511920.00$
आशुतोष और आलोक जोशी से पूछिए अपने सवाल । LIVE CHAT । ASHUTOSH । ALOK JOSHI29.05.2021985553229233,76$
आखिर अरविंद शर्मा की शपथ कब होगी ? । AK SHARMA । YOGI ADITYANATH29.05.20211531715960.00$
लक्षद्वीप को बचाने की क्यों उठ रही है आवाज़? । LAKSHADWEEP । PRAFUL KHODA29.05.20215287350.00$
ब्लैक फ़ंगस के लिए ज़िम्मेदार कौन?29.05.202110642600.00$
Syria: If Asad won then whose defeat it is? । BASHAR AL ASAD । SYRIA29.05.202119638220.00$
मोदी के 7 साल, क्या अब लोगों का भरोसा उठ रहा है? । MODI GOVERNMENT । BJP29.05.202114693422740.00$
Yogi lost the confidence of Modi? । YOGI ADITYANATH । MODI । ASHUTOSH28.05.202186012622670.00$
Will this type of propaganda improve Modi's image? । MODI । BJP28.05.202113443117595,10$
मोदी और नेहरू की अंतरराष्ट्रीय छवि में कोई मुक़ाबला है?। JAWAHARLAL NEHRU । RSS ।28.05.20211484153250.00$
वैक्सीन का लक्ष्य वास्तविकता से परे क्यों लगता है? । VACCINATION POLICY । CORONA VACCINE28.05.20215343160.00$
What Randeep Hooda's comment on Mayawati says? । MAYAWATI । RANDEEP HOODA28.05.2021539841990,00$
Why Government wants to control social media! । TWITTER INDIA । BJP । SOCIAL MEDIA LAW27.05.2021863539260.00$
Should Health Minister apologies for his statement? । DR. HARSHVARDHAN । RAHUL GANDHI27.05.20215965011070.00$
बिहार बीजेपी अध्यक्ष ने कहा बाबा रामदेव योगी नहीं । SANJAY JAISWAL । BIHAR BJP । BABA RAMDEV27.05.2021900650.00$
दलित नेता रावण आज़ाद से बातचीत । CHANDRASHEKHAR AZAD RAVAN । BHIM ARMY27.05.2021975683940.00$
मोदी की लोकप्रयिता का तिलिस्म क्या टूट रहा है? । PM MODI । BJP । CORONA CRISIS27.05.20211623718040.00$
क्या ट्विटर को झुकाने में क़ामयाब होगी सरकार? । TWITTER INDIA । SOCIAL MEDIA LAW । PM MODI27.05.20217239780.00$
Is Farmer’s movement dying? । FARMERS PROTESTS । FARM LAWS26.05.20211714078090.00$
What is going to happen to BJP's Mission UP? । BJP। YOGI ADITYANATH । UP ELECTIONS 202226.05.202130058316810.00$
यूपी में भाजपा की सोशल इंजीनियरिंग संकट में ! । UP BJP। YOGI ADITYANATH26.05.20211090027690.00$
रामदेव : उनके बाप में हिम्मत नहीं जो गिरफ्तार करें । IMA । BJP । BABA RAMDEV26.05.202122735600.00$
Will BJP do Big Political changes in UP! । YOGI ADITYANATH । BJP । ASHUTOSH25.05.202121982520170.00$
What makes Ramdev uncontrollable? । BABA RAMDEV । BJP25.05.202112609213910.00$
अब यूपी में शवों से रामनामी चादर हटवाई जा रहीं! । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP CORONAVIRUS25.05.202146208490.00$
किसान आंदोलन के छह महीने पूरे ! । FARMERS PROTESTS । FARM LAWS25.05.2021212121920.00$
विवादों का पिटारा हैं रामदेव, फिर भी कार्रवाई क्यों नहीं? । BJP । IMA । BABA RAMDEV25.05.202110857280.00$
IMA will file case against Ramdev, Coronil is fake । DR. JAYESH LELE । CORONIL । BABA RAMDEV25.05.2021335785140.00$
आख़िर मोदीजी इतना रोते क्यूं हैं? । PM MODI । CORONA CRISIS24.05.202131311210.00$
The Economist: When Nation In crisis, MODI vanished! । PM MODI । CORONA CRISIS । ASHUTOSH24.05.202116756620200.00$
How long Modi govt. will defend Ramdev? । BABA RAMDEV । HEALTH MINISTRY । IMA24.05.202124471719510.00$
क्यों डॉक्टरों के ख़िलाफ़ बार-बार बोलते हैं रामदेव? । BABA RAMDEV । IMA24.05.202160664240.00$
यूपी चुनाव की तैयारी में जुट गई भाजपा ! । UP ELECTIONS । BJP । YOGI ADITYANATH24.05.20211089305550.00$
योगी से उनके ही बीजेपी नेता नाराज़ क्यों हैं? । YOGI ADITYANATH । UP ELECTIONS । BJP24.05.202190388440.00$
'Modi will not return if fair elections are held' । PM MODI । CORONA CRISIS । SITARAM YECHURY24.05.2021875781320.00$
एक झापड़ पर हटा दिया कलेक्टर को !23.05.2021551501230.00$
How long Meerut riot victims have to wait for the justice? । Meerut Riots । Allahabad High Court23.05.2021231961170.00$
हर किसी के लिए ठीक नही है प्रोटीन डाइट !23.05.20218376430.00$
'रामदेव अपना बिज़नेस बढ़ाने के लिए बोल रहे हैं झूट' । IMA । BABA RAMDEV । DR JAYESH LELE23.05.202194229870.00$
Why Modi Govt. is threatening Twitter? । PM MODI । TWITTER INDIA । SAMBIT PATRA22.05.20219998910040.00$
Nation in crisis, Who is responsible? । BJP । CORONA CRISIS । ASHUTOSH22.05.202124938240420.00$
क्या है यूपी का हाल? । UTTAR PRADESH । CORONA UP । YOGI ADITYANATH22.05.2021542502860.00$
मरेंगे वहीं जाकर , जहां पर ज़िंदगी है ! । MIGRANT WORKERS । 1232 KMS । VINOD KAPRI22.05.2021197292230.00$
Why Prime Minister Modi got emotional? । PM MODI । CORONA CRISIS21.05.202110629224670.00$
BJP Exposed ! Caught red handed ! । TOOLKIT CASE । SAMBIT PATRA । ASHUTOSH21.05.202126821515670.00$
महामारी के समय डॉ. पात्रा झूठ फैलाने में क्यों लगे? । TOOLKIT CASE । SAMBIT PATRA । CONGRESS21.05.202147416510.00$
आज के दौर में राजीव गांधी को क्यों याद करें ! । RAJIV GANDHI । CONGRESS21.05.20211081491930.00$
Political fighting in Punjab, Rajasthan Congress । CONGRESS CRISIS । RAHUL GANDHI । SONIA GANDHI21.05.2021920000.00$
Will ceasefire bring durable peace in middle east? । ISRAEL PALESTINE । MIDDLE EAST21.05.2021182201380,00$
Why Mamata is directly confronting Modi? । MAMATA BANERJEE। MODI20.05.20211209546550.00$
‘लोग मर रहे दिल्ली का शहंशाह कहता है सब ठीक है’ । MODI । MAMATA BANERJEE । CORONA CRISIS20.05.202130658590.00$
“गुंडे से गुंडे की भाषा में ही बात किया जाता है” । YASHWANT SINHA । MAMATA BANERJEE । ASHUTOSH20.05.20219591823330.00$
ममता बनर्जी को मोदी ने बोलने क्यों नही दिया ? । MAMATA BANERJEE । MODI20.05.20211205114550.00$
महामारी में भी फर्जी ‘टूलकिट’ बनाने में लगी बीजेपी? । BJP । CONGRESS TOOLKIT । SAMBIT PATRA20.05.202120080410.00$
अशोक कुमार पांडेय: गुजरात के मोदी और दिल्ली के मोदी में फर्क है । CORONA CRISIS । PM MODI20.05.20211504341200.00$
Decline in Modi’s popularity ! Why ? । PM Modi । Morning Consult । Ashutosh19.05.202122621019340,00$
यूपी में क्या सिर्फ तीन शिक्षकों की मौत हुई ? । UP Panchayat Elections । Yogi Adityanath19.05.2021309831390.00$
‘शव वाहिनी गंगा’ कविता से कौन बौखलाया? । CORONA CRISIS । PARUL KHAKKAR । PM MODI19.05.2021393721150.00$
क्यों साथ नहीं रह पाये हिंदू-मुसलमान, बना पाकिस्तान? । 1947 Partition । Jawahar Lal Nehru19.05.2021233168550.00$
कथित टूल किट पर इतना शोर क्यों मचा रही है बीजेपी? । Congress Toolkit । BJP18.05.20211480828190.00$
बीजेपी : टूलकिट में ‘मोदी स्ट्रेन’ कहने को कहा गया । Congress Toolkit । BJP18.05.202112257200.00$
हाई कोर्ट क्यों है योगी सरकार से निराश ! । Uttar Pradesh । Yogi Adityanath । Ashutosh18.05.2021852538060.00$
राम भरोसे है यूपी की स्वास्थ्य व्यवस्था ! । UP Coronavirus । Yogi Adityanath18.05.202110410560.00$
हाईकोर्ट : यूपी में ‘राम भरोसे’ स्वास्थ्य व्यवस्थाएं । Allahabad High Court । Yogi Adityanath18.05.2021180780.00$
अस्पतालों में क्यों हो रहा है ब्लैक फ़ंगस? । Black Fungus । Mucormycosis18.05.2021196230.00$
मृदुला मुख़र्जी: इतिहास मोदी जी के अभिमान की भेंट चढ़ गया । Central Vista । PM Modi18.05.2021541451320.00$
प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी को आपातकाल की विधिवत् घोषणा कर देनी चाहिए? । Emergency । Modi17.05.202112281626430.00$
चुनाव बाद भी बीजेपी की नज़र बंगाल पर क्यों? । Mamata Banerjee । CBI Bengal17.05.2021695760.00$
Modi’s revenge, Mamata’s ministers in jail! । Mamata Banerjee । Bengal Politics17.05.202111135510440.00$
मूकोर मूकोसिस का इलाज क्या है? । Corona Crisis । Mucormycosis17.05.2021176820.00$
बंगाल के राज्यपाल ने स्पीकर के भी अधिकार छीन लिए ? । Bengal Governor17.05.20211323624230.00$
‘बोली’ की शिकार हुईं कांग्रेस की नेता, दर्ज कराई शिकायत । Women Safety । Hasiba Amin17.05.20211500630.00$
क्या बीमार लोग वैक्सीन लगा सकते हैं ? । Corona Vaccine । Covishield16.05.202119176320.00$
खानपान ,आयुर्वेद के घरेलू नुस्खे और अंधविश्वास16.05.20216022720.00$
महाआपदा में अवसर की तलाश । Corona Crisis । PM Modi16.05.2021519231030.00$
कोरोना के घटते आंकड़ें कितने विश्वसनीय? । Coronavirus India । Corona Data15.05.2021722316870,00$
‘मोदी जी हमारे बच्चों की वैक्सीन विदेश क्यों भेजीं?’ । Delhi Police । Modi Poster15.05.202123416320.00$
यूपी का हाल बेहाल! । Uttar Pradesh । Yogi Adityanath15.05.202168965820.00$
योगी जी, नदियों को श्मशान बनाने के लिए कौन ज़िम्मेदार? । Ganga River । Yogi Adityanath15.05.202119884380.00$
कोरोना संकट: भगवान भरोसे है क्या देश? । Corona Crisis । Markandey Katju15.05.2021781423020.00$
Why police is harassing Sriniwas/Dilip Pande? । Delhi Crime Branch । Srinivas BV14.05.20219808913650.00$
कोरोना मरीज़ों के मददगारों को निशाना बनाके क्या हासिल करेगी सरकार? । Srinivas BV । Dilip Pandey14.05.2021536316250.00$
महामारी में ‘गुजरात मॉडल’ की ऐसी कुरूप तस्वीर! । Gujarat Coronavirus । Vijay Rupani14.05.202140934320.00$
कोरोना में मदद करने वालों को परेशान कर रही है सरकार ! । Dilip Pandey । Pappu Yadav14.05.2021314371620.00$
महामारी में भी ‘जुमलेबाजी’ पर ही भरोसा? । Corona Vaccination । Covishield14.05.2021759990.00$
अमरिंदर सिंह से जंग लड़ते नवजोत सिंह सिद्धू । Punjab Congress । Amrinder Singh । Navjot Singh Sidhu14.05.20211129900.00$
अनुपम खेर ने भी सरकार का साथ छोड़ दिया ! । Anupam Kher । Modi । Ashutosh13.05.202131739733070.00$
इस्रायल - फिलिस्तीन में किसके साथ खड़ा होना सही है? । Isarel । Paletine13.05.20214163422190,00$
क्यों बढ़ाई कोविशील्ड की खुराकों के बीच की अवधि? । Vaccine Shortage । Covishield13.05.20217023130.00$
गंगा में बहती लाशों के लिए जिम्मेदार कौन? । Corona Crisis । Ganga River13.05.2021240631170,00$
अब पर्दा डालकर सच्चाई नहीं छुप सकती मोदी जी! । Central Vista । PM Modi13.05.202118528120.00$
विपक्ष की चिठ्ठियों से क्यों भड़कते है सरकार! । Sonia Gandhi । BJP । Ashutosh12.05.202113985619070,00$
कितना काम आएगा सरकार और संघ परिवार का सकारात्मकता अभियान? । Positivity Unlimited । RSS12.05.20211005118380.00$
पप्पू यादव के बाद दिलीप पांडे के पीछे पड़ी सरकार! । Dilip Pandey । Pappu Yadav12.05.202113878580.00$
वैक्सीन संकट से निपट नही पा रही सरकार । Corona Vaccine12.05.2021108421610.00$
मदद करने वालों को क्यों पसंद नहीं करती मोदी सरकार? । PM Modi । Positivity Unlimited12.05.202114584300.00$
क्या फिलिस्तीनी अपने तीसरे इंतिफादा में सफल होंगे? । Palestine । Israel12.05.20215802430230.00$
“यूपी बीजेपी में भारी उथल पुथल है” । BJP । Yogi Adityanath12.05.202118093910.00$
पप्पू यादव ने कैसे खोली नीतीश सरकार की पोल? । Ashutosh । Nitish Kumar । Pappu Yadav11.05.202128651013950,00$
कोरोना संकट के मामले पर संघ चुप क्यों है? । Corona Crisis । RSS11.05.202119110419530.00$
पप्पू के समर्थन में उतरे नीतीश के कई सहयोगी । Pappu Yadav । Nitish Kumar11.05.202114484120.00$
हार्ट अटैक से कैसे बचें कोरोना मरीज़? । Coronavirus India । Heart Attack11.05.2021231920.00$
नीतीश सरकार ने पप्पू यादव को क्यों गिरफ्तार किया? । Nitish Kumar । Pappu Yadav11.05.2021361931780.00$
नीतीश राज में जनसेवा के बदले मिलेगी जेल? । Nitish Kumar । Pappu Yadav11.05.202110934530.00$
क्यों हो रहा है प्रधानमंत्री मोदी की प्रिय परियोजना का विरोध? । Central Vista11.05.2021342732810.00$
ब्लैक फ़ंगस बीमारी से कैसे बचें । Coronavirus India । Black Fungus । Mucormycosis10.05.202114644280.00$
क्या केंद्र सरकार के इशारे पर राज्यपाल ममता को निशाना बना रहे हैं? । Mamata Banerjee10.05.20211715127830.00$
बदइंतज़ामी को लेकर योगी को बीजेपी नेता ही घेरने लगे! । Santosh Gangwar । Yogi Adityanath10.05.202117310180.00$
Yogi failed but who is the alternative? । Yogi Adityanath । BJP । Ashutosh10.05.202117826417261,21$
क्या चीन ने ही जैविक हथियार के रूप में पैदा किया कोरोना? । Coronavirus । China । The Australian10.05.20217425220.00$
सोनोवाल से छीन कर हिमंता को क्यों सौंपी कमान? । Himanta Biswa Sarma । Assam BJP09.05.20211199834160.00$
श्रीनिवास बी वी: महामारी का सामना एक हो कर ही किया जा सकता है । Srinivas BV । Corona Crisis09.05.202117945550.00$
सरकार क्यों नहीं छोड़ रही सेंट्रल विस्टा के निर्माण की ज़िद? । Central Vista । Corona Crisis08.05.2021814806420.00$
Can’t Govt handle Oxygen? SC makes task force! । Supreme Court । Oxygen Task Force08.05.2021999618840,00$
एंबुलेन्स छुपाने से मचा हड़कंप? । Bihar Ambulance । Rajiv Pratap Rudy08.05.20212416500.00$
इस दौर में मोदी को हटाने की मांग उचित है क्या? । Corona Crisis । PM Modi08.05.202118174320870.00$
कोरोना संकट: सिस्टम ठीक करने के लिए अब सेना की ज़रूरत है? । Corona Crisis08.05.2021273384510.00$
“PMO failed the country, Gadkari should handle now!” । Subramanian Swamy07.05.202126984225480,00$
मोदी से मुख्यमंत्री नाराज़ क्यों हैं? । Hemant Soren । Modi07.05.2021832488740.00$
चौथे दिन भी जानलेवा हमला करता है नया कोरोना । Corona Mutant । Coronavirus India07.05.20215026110.00$
किसान आंदोलन के लिए बंगाल चुनाव नतीजों के क्या हैं मायने? । Bengal Elections । Farmers Protests07.05.202125487150.00$
Will opposition accept Mamata as PM candidate? । Ashutosh । Mamata Banerjee06.05.202115000917870.00$
तीसरी लहर के लिए तैयार है मोदी सरकार? । Corona Third Wave । Modi Government06.05.2021420793660.00$
बंगाल: बीजेपी ने जारी किए फर्ज़ी वीडियो और तस्वीरें । Bengal Violence । Fake News06.05.202128347300,00$
Government failed, are they ashamed ?05.05.202112391912420.00$
क्या मुख्यमंत्री योगी फेल हो गए हैं? । Yogi Adityanath । UP BJP05.05.202131556122610.00$
बंगाल हिंसा पर फर्जी खबरों की बाढ़ आई ! । Bengal Violence05.05.2021333903810.00$
किसान आंदोलन अब तो वापस लेना चाहिए? । Farmers Protests । Bengal Elections05.05.20211249596550.00$
Panchayat elections : Warning signal for Yogi Adityanath । Panchayat Elections। BJP04.05.202119765812280.00$
क्या हिंसा के बहाने सरकार राष्ट्रपति शासन लगाने की फ़िराक़ में है? । Bengal Violence04.05.20217559516310.00$
यूपी के पंचायत चुनाव नतीजों क्या है संदेश? | UP Panchayat Elections | BJP04.05.20211234687420.00$
कोरोना हाहाकार के बीच बन रहा है पीएम का शानदार आवास! | Coronavirus India | Central Vista04.05.202115621720.00$
मार्क्सवादी-लेनिनवादी कम्युनिस्ट पार्टी के नेता दीपंकर भट्ठाचार्य से बातचीत | Bengal Violence04.05.2021378851220.00$
मोदीजी की दुनिया भर में आलोचना क्यों? | Corona Crisis | PM Modi04.05.202116515300.00$
दुष्यंत दवे: ईश्वर के न्यायलय में मोदी, उनके मंत्रियों और जजों को हिसाब देना होगा | Covid19 | Modi04.05.2021111194800.00$
“Is Amit Shah Over Rated Politician “ | Ashutosh | Amit Shah | Bengal Elections03.05.202140051814860.00$
दूसरी लहर से पहले पुराने इंतज़ाम भी ख़त्म कर दिए थे! | Coronavirus India | Modi03.05.202161379250.00$
सरकार ने दूसरी लहर की तैयारी क्यों नहीं की? | Corona Vaccine | Modi03.05.2021462262920.00$
बंगाल ने मोदी को हराया है! | Bengal Elections | Modi03.05.2021496742600.00$
बंगाल: क्या पीएम मोदी असलियत से काफी दूर थे? | Coronavirus India | Modi | Bengal Elections03.05.2021248671130.00$
पश्चिम बंगाल: नेताओं के अंहकार ने बीजेपी का रथ रोक दिया? | West Bengal | Mamata Banerjee03.05.2021379093370.00$
Has MODI magic faded ? Why he lost badly in Bengal !02.05.20211859496710.00$
पांच राज्यों के चुनाव नतीजों का राष्ट्रीय राजनीति पर क्या असर पड़ेगा?02.05.2021478155290.00$
Election Results 2021 LIVE: अबकी बार किसकी सरकार? | Mamata Banerjee| Modi | Rahul Gandhi02.05.2021328791970.00$
Election Results 2021 LIVE: अबकी बार किसकी सरकार? | Exit poll | West Bengal02.05.2021583592960.00$
Election Results 2021 LIVE: अबकी बार किसकी सरकार? | Bengal BJP| LDF | AIADMK02.05.2021577153410.00$
Election Results 2021 LIVE: अबकी बार किसकी सरकार? | Bengal Results | TMC | MK Stalin02.05.2021554954350.00$
Election Results 2021 LIVE: अबकी बार किसकी सरकार? | Mamata Banerjee | Congress Left02.05.2021638793440.00$
Election Results 2021 LIVE: अबकी बार किसकी सरकार? | TMC | AIADMK | Modi02.05.2021204521550.00$
Election Results 2021 LIVE: अबकी बार किसकी सरकार? | Assam Elections | Kerala02.05.202113882820.00$
Scientists warned Govt in March, Govt slept over? | Corona Crisis | Modi01.05.20219175411620.00$
सरकार कब तक नहीं लगाएगी लॉकडाउन? | Coronavirus India | Lockdown01.05.2021596838720.00$
कोरोना: सिर्फ़ क़िस्मत से बचेंगे, सिस्टम से नहीं! | Coronavirus India | Covid1901.05.20215912912380.00$
चुनाव : सबसे बड़े सेफोलाजिस्ट की भविष्यवाणी? | Assam Elections | West Bengal | Ashutosh30.04.2021145910590.00$
चुनाव आयोग ने कहा - ऐसे हमारी छवि धूमिल होती है | Election Commission | Madras High Court30.04.20212748450.00$
मीडिया का मुँह बंद करेगा चुनाव आयोग? | Election Commission | Media30.04.2021343622990.00$
कोरान संकट: इतना क्रूरता क्यों दिखा रहा समाज? | Corona Crisis | Black Marketing30.04.20213911170.00$
रेमडेसिवीर नहीं है कोरोना का इलाज | Coronavirus India | Remedisivir30.04.2021802750.00$
EXIT POLL: बंगाल, असम, तमिलनाडु, केरल में किसकी बनेगी सरकार? | Bengal Exit Poll | Assam | Kerala30.04.20211667000.00$
EXIT POLL: अबकी बार किसकी सरकार | C Voter | TMC | LDF | BJP29.04.2021831991620.00$
EXIT POLL : बंगाल, असम, केरल, तमिलनाडु में किसकी बनेगी सरकार? | Exit Polls | Modi | Ashutosh29.04.20211617339800.00$
EXIT POLL: अबकी बार किसकी सरकार | Mamata Banerjee | Assam BJP | Kerala29.04.202111294510120.00$
EXIT POLL: अबकी बार किसकी सरकार | Kerala Elections | Assembly Elections29.04.202111320710860.00$
EXIT POLL: अबकी बार किसकी सरकार | Assembly Elections | BJP | TMC29.04.2021312462000.00$
EXIT POLL: अबकी बार किसकी सरकार | West Bengal Elections | AIADMK29.04.20217177710660.00$
छत्तीसगढ़ में कोरोना से कैसे निपट रही सरकार? | Chhatisgarh | Bhupesh Baghel29.04.2021127001470.00$
पश्चिम बंगाल - क्या ममता भारी पड़ेगीं मोदी के नाम पर? | Bengal Elections | Mamata Banerjee29.04.20216688420070.00$
The Telegraph - “Modi needs to go” | Corona Crisis | Modi28.04.202147160767070.00$
मोदी जी ने घोषणा तो कर दी, मगर क्या करेंगे राज्य? | Corona Vaccination | Modi28.04.2021573119410.00$
सीएम योगी, जब कमी नहीं है तो मर क्यों रहे लोग? | Yogi Adityanath | UP Coronavirus28.04.202112807150.00$
पंचायत चुनाव से गांवों तक फैला कोरोना! | Coronavirus India | Panchayat Elections28.04.2021120931000.00$
सोई रही मोदी सरकार, अब भुगत रहा देश! | Oxygen Shortage | Modi28.04.2021482380.00$
Indian Media still have no courage to criticise Govt? | Foreign Media | Modi27.04.202119594016070.00$
अस्पतालों को धमकाने और कमियों को छुपाने से से भाग जाएगा कोरोना? | Yogi Adityanath27.04.2021382656390.00$
‘घमंड, अति राष्ट्रवाद की वजह से बदतर हुए हालात’ | Corona Crisis | Modi Government27.04.202188264630.00$
होम आइसोलेशन में क्या दवा और आहार दें | Coronavirus | Home Isolation27.04.20218154270.00$
दोबारा कोरोना से बढ़ेगी बेरोज़गारी और ग़रीबी? । Coronavirus India। Unemployment27.04.202129086600.00$
7th Round Polling: Is Mamata losing? । Bengal Elections। Mamata Banerjee26.04.20211076288910.00$
मद्रास हाईकोर्ट ने क्यों कहा कि चुनाव आयोग पर मर्डर का केस चले? | Madras High Court | EC26.04.2021554838180.00$
कुंभ और चुनाव से बेकाबू हुआ कोरोना! | Coronavirus India | Kumbh Mela26.04.2021286052130.00$
सारी दुनिया भारत के लिए चिंतित | Coronavirus India | Corona Crisis26.04.202123396170.00$
पश्चिम बंगाल: मुसलमान क्या आज ममता के साथ जाएँगे? | Bengal Elections26.04.20215662415450.00$
चाय और काढा पीये पर कैसा ?25.04.20218837320.00$
“सब तो चुनाव लड़ रहे थे, कोरोना की तैयारी कहाँ थी” | Coronavirus India | Modi25.04.2021142993350.00$
Why Prashant Bhushan is upset with 4 Chief Justices? | Supreme Court | CJI25.04.202119046820.00$
ऑक्सीजन संकट: किसकी लापरवाही की भेंट चढ़ रहे लोग? । Oxygen Crisis । Coronavirus India24.04.20211608760.00$
Why government did not have a plan to fight Corona? | Corona Crisis24.04.2021715084730.00$
दवा ,आक्सीजन से लेकर बेड की जमाखोरी से बिगड़े हालात! । Oxygen । Remedsivir24.04.2021136361340.00$
Watch Prashant Bhushan’s BOLD INTERVIEW on SC! | Supreme Court24.04.2021197004180.00$
दुनिया की सबसे महंगी वैक्सीन भारत में ही क्यों? | Corona Vaccine | Serum Institute24.04.20213837160.00$
'ऑक्सीजन के मुद्दे पर सुप्रीम कोर्ट मिनटों में फैसला देना चाहिए' | Corona Crisis | Supreme Court24.04.202164725850.00$
चुनाव आयोग: क्यों डरते हैं नेताओं पर एक्शन लेने में? | Bengal Elections | Election Commission24.04.2021366252780.00$
हाईकोर्ट सक्रिय लेकिन सुप्रीम कोर्ट पर सवाल क्यों? | Supreme Court | High Courts23.04.20211341490.00$
सुप्रीम कोर्ट: हाईकोर्टों को कार्यवाही से नहीं रोका | Supreme Court23.04.202169725380.00$
कोरोना के इस दौर में कितना गिरेगा समाज? | Coronavirus India23.04.202121546550.00$
“Supreme Court judges are scared of the Government” - Prashant Bhushan23.04.20211671632010.00$
हाईकोर्ट के मामलों में क्यों कूद रहा सुप्रीम कोर्ट? | Supreme Court | CJI SA Bobde22.04.202177823260.00$
बंगाल में रैलियां और उत्तर भारत में हाहाकार ! | Coronavirus India22.04.2021365592160.00$
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मज़दूरों को रोकने के लिए सरकार ने क्या किया? वे नाकाम क्यों हो रही हैं? | Migrant Workers20.04.2021203122160.00$
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साधुओं को सीधा निर्देश क्यों नहीं दे सकते पीएम? | Modi | Kumbh Mela17.04.2021406450.00$
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4 killed in WB firing after BJP TMC Clash. बीजेपी टीएमसी झड़प के बाद CISF फायरिंग में चार की मौत।10.04.2021402483180.00$
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Mumbai Police Commissioner removed! मुंबई के पुलिस कमिशनर हटाए गए | Parambir Singh17.03.202127847820.00$
टिकट के लिए बंगाल भाजपा में जूतमपैजार ? | Bengal Elections | BJP17.03.202127070560.00$
शरद पवार की सक्रियता से क्यों परेशान है कांग्रेस? | Sharad Pawar | Congress17.03.2021273800.00$
Farmers Protest will make trouble for BJP? पांच चुनावी राज्यों में होगा किसान आंदोलन का असर?17.03.20211339120.00$
बीजेपी से झटका खाने के बाद महंत क्या करेंगे? | Assam Elections | Prafulla Kumar Mahanta17.03.20212084040.00$
Opinion Poll: Can Mamata win again? | Mamata Banerjee | Bengal Elections| Ashutosh16.03.2021138413280.00$
मुख्यमंत्री पद के लिए गौरव का दावा कितना मज़बूत? | Assam Elections | Congress | Gaurav Gogoi16.03.202147055120.00$
Can Modi defeat Mamta? | Ashutosh | Mamata Banerjee | Bengal Elections15.03.2021262738960.00$
Why are bank employee unions resisting Privatisation? निजीकरण से नाराज़ क्यों हैं बैंक यूनियनें?15.03.2021334681440.00$
Media has falsely whipped up the BJP wave in West Bengal: Yashwant Sinha | Bengal Elections15.03.202161039880.00$
बंगाल में भाजपा को उम्मीदवारों का टोटा पड़ गया?15.03.2021370111880.00$
किसान,बेकारी,ग़रीबी बहस से बाहर? | Bengal Elections | Farmers Protests15.03.202116206160.00$
गरीबों के राशन में कटौती से बढ़ेगी भुखमरी? | Jean Dreze | Farmers Protests15.03.20217542120.00$
बीजेपी बदरुद्दीन अजमल से क्यों डरी हुई है? | Assam Elections | AIUDF | Badruddin Ajmal15.03.2021110666280.00$
बुंदेलखंड और पश्चिमी उत्तर प्रदेश की स्वाद यात्रा14.03.2021388120.00$
बीजेपी के जीतने पर फिर से मुख्यमंत्री बनेंगे सर्बानंद सोनोवाल? | Assam | Sarbananda Sonowal |14.03.20211129890.00$
ममता की चोट को ड्रामा कहने से बीजेपी को फायदा? | Ashutosh | C Voter | Mamata Banerjee14.03.20219524880.00$
मथुरा काशी विवाद क्यों खड़ा करना चाह रहा है संघ? | RSS | Yashwant Sinha | Adani13.03.2021920940.00$
किसान नेता : “बंगाल में मोदी को वोट मत दो !” | Ashutosh | Farmers Protests |13.03.202114352911450.00$
बंगाल में किसान नेताओं ने कहा ,भाजपा को हराओ ?13.03.2021143242830.00$
वोटों की दौड़, राजनीतिक दलों में क्यों मची धर्म की होड़?13.03.2021158743380.00$
अखिल गोगोई किसका नुक़सान करेंगे-काँग्रेस का या बीजेपी का? | Assam Elections | Akhil Gogoi13.03.20218425340.00$
रिपोर्ट : उपनाम छुपाने पर दलितों को मिल सकेगी नौकरी | UPSC | Dalit |12.03.2021264860.00$
बंगाल चुनाव में किसानों की हुंकार - ‘बीजेपी को वोट नहीं’ | FarmersProtests | West Bengal Election12.03.202129416100.00$
बंगाल चुनाव को लेकर क्या दबाव में है चुनाव आयोग ?12.03.202115915640.00$
असम में हिमंत क्या बीजेपी की सत्ता कायम रख पाएंगे? | Mukesh | AssamBJP | Himanta Biswa12.03.20211156000.00$
लोकतंत्र पर खतरा, या राजनीति चमकाने का एक और बहाना?11.03.202124559250.00$
ममता बोलीं- व्हीलचेयर पर करूँगी चुनाव प्रचार11.03.20217485290.00$
घायल ममता ज़्यादा ख़तरनाक?11.03.2021812916930.00$
ममता पर कथित हमला, बीजेपी को होगा नुकसान?11.03.2021829250.00$
अंबानी पर हमले की साजिश के पीछे कितनी बड़ी राजनीति?11.03.202130650780.00$
ममता बनर्जी अस्पताल में तृणमूल कार्यकर्त्ता सड़क पर !11.03.2021179361110.00$
बदरुद्दीन अजमल को बदनाम करके बीजेपी को क्या सत्ता मिल जाएगी?11.03.202118074170.00$
ममता बड़ी हिंदू नेता या मोदी?10.03.2021675344470.00$
ममता बनर्जी पर हमला!10.03.2021622221510.00$
कांग्रेस का अविश्वास प्रस्ताव लाने का क्या था मकसद?10.03.202117764170.00$
बंगाल चुनाव के बड़े बड़े दांव10.03.20218375230.00$
बीजेपी से मुक़ाबला करने के लिए ममता बैनर्जी को चंडी पाठ क्यों करना पड़ रहा है?10.03.2021232790.00$
OCI पर क्यों रोक टोक लगा रही है मोदी सरकार?09.03.202110771730.00$
साइकिल यात्रा निकालेंगे अखिलेश, योगी को घेरेंगे09.03.2021367800.00$
किसानों का ग़ुस्सा झेल पायेगी खट्टर सरकार?09.03.2021904566420.00$
उत्तराखंड में बीजेपी को क्यों बदलना पड़ा सीएम?09.03.2021278900.00$
ब्रितानी संसद में चर्चा पर सरकार का भड़कना कितना जायज़ है?09.03.20211510660.00$
उत्तराखंड में मुख्यमंत्री क्यों बदल रही है मोदी और शाह की बीजेपी?09.03.202128702240.00$
विधानसभा चुनाव: क्या कहता है C-Voter-Times Now सर्वे ?09.03.20211270566240.00$
Alok Adda आरक्षण पर फिर छिड़ेगी बहस?08.03.2021315894110.00$
किसानों की अपील के बाद बीजेपी-जेजेपी की बढ़ी मुसीबत?08.03.202177123510.00$
महिला दिवस पर जन आंदोलनों में महिलाओं की बढती भूमिका पर बात08.03.20215300180.00$
शाहीन बाग़-किसान आंदोलन में महिलाओं ने दिखाया दम08.03.2021102110.00$
किसान आंदोलन कवर कर रहीं टी के राजलक्ष्मी और अरुणा सिंह से बातचीत।08.03.2021170420.00$
क्या किसान आंदोलन में महिलाओं को पर्याप्त हिस्सेदारी मिल रही है?08.03.2021321970.00$
क्या बीजेपी ने एजीपी को निगलना शुरू कर दिया है?08.03.202126463360.00$
पूड़ी कचौड़ी से लेकर निमोना और बखीर यानी बनारस से बलिया तक की स्वाद यात्रा07.03.20217382330.00$
सिर्फ़ 6 मिनट में जाने - ममता जीतेगी या मोदी!07.03.2021232579230.00$
एनकाउंटर स्पेशलिस्ट से हो रही थी मनसुख की बात!06.03.2021813330.00$
ममता का नंदीग्राम से चुनाव लड़ना, राजनीतिक ब्लंडर?06.03.20212344557580.00$
किसानों आंदोलन की क्या हैं उपलब्धियाँ? उन्हें आगे क्या करना चाहिए?06.03.2021305200.00$
क्या है किसान आंदोलन का हाल? कैसे हैं किसानों के हौसले?06.03.20212698150.00$
5 मिनट में जाने-क्यों ज़िद पर अड़ा है किसान!06.03.20211928200.00$
आंदोलन की सेंचुरी, कौन जीतेगा मैच?06.03.202116778560.00$
नंदीग्राम से लड़ेंगी ममता, टीएमसी के सभी उम्मीदवारों की सूची जारी06.03.2021254000.00$
100 दिन-बिखर जायेगा किसान आंदोलन ?05.03.2021618089470.00$
ममता का सामना करने के लिए बीजेपी के पास कौन?05.03.2021585460.00$
अमेरिकी बाज़ार को चढ़ा ब्याज़ का बुखार, क्या भारत भी पहुंचेंगी आग की लपटें?05.03.202120736120.00$
हरियाणा : निजी क्षेत्र में आरक्षण से बढ़ेगी बेरोज़गारी?05.03.2021190600.00$
किसान आंदोलन के सौ दिन बाद की दिशा !05.03.2021101191080.00$
महाराष्ट्र में बीजेपी-शिव सेना की जंग जारी05.03.20211192020.00$
असम: Anti CAA प्रोटेस्ट तय करेगा बीजेपी की क़िस्मत !05.03.20211205100.00$
सिर्फ 5 मिनट में असम चुनाव का हाल, कौन जीतेगा?05.03.202116975220.00$
अंतरराष्ट्रीय रिपोर्ट-भारत पहले से कम लोकतांत्रिक!04.03.2021577754010.00$
लोकतांत्रिक देशों की सूची में लगातार गिर रहा भारत04.03.20214600120.00$
पत्रकारों के खिलाफ पत्रकार ही हैं सरकार का औजार?04.03.2021409492890.00$
अंतरराष्ट्रीय रिपोर्ट का दावा - भारत में छिन रही आज़ादी04.03.2021252400.00$
“सरकार घमंड में है, किसान घमंड तोड़ेंगे “04.03.20212821680.00$
क्या संयुक्त किसान मोर्चा बीजेपी के ख़िलाफ़ चुनाव प्रचार करके सरकार पर दबाव बना पाएगा?04.03.202144335940.00$
डिज़िटल मीडिया नियमों के विरोध को क्यों नहीं सुन रही सरकार?04.03.2021336890.00$
‘RSS भारत की शिक्षा व्यवस्था पर कब्जा कर रहा’03.03.2021733760.00$
अनुराग कश्यप और तापसी पन्नू पर इनकम टैक्स छापे का मतलब क्या है?03.03.2021414492800.00$
आईएसएफ को लेकर शोर क्यों मचाया जा रहा है?03.03.2021151420.00$
क्या इमरजेंसी लगाने का पश्चाताप कर रही है कांग्रेस ?03.03.20215962620.00$
4000 महिला एक्टिविस्टों ने CJI बोबडे के बारे में क्या लिखा?03.03.202132742120.00$
किसान: विधान सभा चुनावों में बीजेपी को हरायेंगे!02.03.20211004287990.00$
कांग्रेस नेतृत्व से बग़ावत पर क्यों उतरे आनंद शर्मा?02.03.2021398630.00$
Alok Adda एक नौकरी का सवाल है! अब बेरोजगार कहते हैं #JobDo या #ModiJawabDo02.03.2021165292020.00$
काँग्रेस के बाग़ियों के बयान क्या कहते हैं?02.03.202134641490.00$
क्या गुल खिलाएगा बंगाल में लेफ्ट कांग्रेस गठजोड़02.03.202150933490.00$
नई शिक्षा नीति का हो गया है भगवाकरण?02.03.2021196890.00$
बंगाल चुनाव को लेकर कांग्रेस में घमासान02.03.20211357770.00$
कश्मीर की राजनीति में लौटना चाहते हैं आज़ाद?01.03.2021874180.00$
क्या कांग्रेस-अजमल के चक्रव्यूह में फँसी बीजेपी !01.03.2021158701290.00$
CJI बोबडे : पीड़िता से शादी करोगे तो राहत मिलेगी01.03.2021575510.00$
रोजगार की समस्या हल क्यों नहीं होती? क्यों वाइरल हो रहा है #मोदी_रोज़गार_दो ?01.03.2021621168830.00$
टूटती कॉंग्रेस, छूटते लोग! कॉंग्रेस पार्टी में चल क्या रहा है?01.03.2021270401290.00$
बंगाल चुनाव में तीसरा मोर्चा क्या बीजेपी का खेल बिगाड़ेगा?01.03.202140356110.00$
‘कांग्रेस में अपनी कुर्सी बचाए रखना चाहते हैं बड़े नेता’01.03.202114243240.00$
बीपीएफ के जाने से बीजेपी को चुनाव में नुक़सान तो होगा, मगर कितना?01.03.202144030250.00$
क्या टूट की कगार पर है कांग्रेस?01.03.202113418100.00$
दस्तरखान -ए -अवध यानी अवध की क्विज़ीन !28.02.20219676320.00$
कांग्रेस वरिष्ठ नेताओं को अलग थलग कर रही है?27.02.2021723760.00$
कांग्रेस में राहुल गांधी को चुनौती दे रहे नेता?27.02.20212532910.00$
कांग्रेस में फिर बग़ावती सुर!27.02.20211110965080.00$
यूपी की राजनीति गरमाने लगी27.02.202126824300.00$
क्या प्रशांत किशोर अपनी चुनौती को पूरा कर पाएंगे?27.02.2021119819150.00$
मोदी की ही चुनावी रणनीति अपना रहीं ममता?27.02.2021438891930.00$
ऐसे तो डिजिटल मीडिया बंद हो जाएगा!26.02.202127059410.00$
कांग्रेस ने क्यों खोले गोडसे भक्त के लिए दरवाजे?26.02.20215294400.00$
5 राज्यों में होने हैं चुनाव, क्या हैं समीकरण?26.02.2021700120.00$
'मोदी रोजगार दो' #modirojgardo #modijobdo #janadesh26.02.2021511132150.00$
5 राज्यों में चुनावों का ऐलान, किसकी बनेगी सरकार !26.02.2021889474610.00$
दिल्ली से बाहर मिलेगी आप को कामयाबी?26.02.20212037140.00$
थका नहीं बढ़ा है किसान आंदोलन26.02.2021785440.00$
आरक्षण में विभाजन क्या बीजेपी का नया हथियार है?25.02.2021478400.00$
डिजिटल के बहाने मीडिया पर लगाम कसने की तैयारी?25.02.2021253282070.00$
टिकैत की घोषणाओं से आंदोलन में भ्रम फैल रहा?25.02.2021440520.00$
सोशल मीडिया और ओटीटी पर सरकार कसेगी शिकंजा?25.02.2021598580.00$
आम लोगों के बीच सहजता से जाते राहुल गांधी25.02.2021739261240.00$
डिजिटल न्यूज़/OTT पर नकेल कसने की तैयारी!25.02.2021492544330.00$
टिकैत क्या किसानों के मोदी हो गये हैं!24.02.20211050177410.00$
‘सुप्रीम कोर्ट को मैनेज करने के लिए CJI को मैनेज करना होता है’24.02.202183243460.00$
राज्यों में फैल रहा किसान आंदोलन, बीजेपी चिंतित!24.02.2021574300.00$
राहुल गांधी को केरल से उत्तर भारत की राजनीति गड़बड़ दिखती है?24.02.2021335574220.00$
सरकार ने मोटेरा स्टेडियम का नाम प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी के नाम पर क्यों रखा?24.02.202124615370.00$
किसान आंदोलन का होगा विस्तार, सरकार को चेताया24.02.2021448400.00$
बालियान की गलती बीजेपी को पड़ेगी बेहद भारी!23.02.20211653287050.00$
फिर से क्या दोहराना चाहेंगे BJP नेता कपिल मिश्रा?23.02.2021309820.00$
रामदेव की गिरफ्तारी की माँग क्यों हो रही?23.02.20214771780.00$
पेट्रोल सौ के पार, फिर भी गुजरात में बीजेपी की बहार!23.02.2021635864000.00$
चीन भारत का नंबर-1 व्यापार साझीदार कैसे बन गया?23.02.2021171640.00$
शिवराज सिंह चौहान की पुलिस का “शर्मनाक चेहरा”23.02.202128924600.00$
दिल्ली दंगों के एक साल बाद का हाल !#janadesh23.02.20217587340.00$
WHO के झूठे सर्टिफिकेट को सरकार कर रही समर्थन?22.02.2021589270.00$
मंत्री बालियान का बायकाट, किसानों ने घेरा थाना!22.02.202118579312160.00$
भारत में प्रेस की स्वतंत्रता अब केवल नाम के लिए?22.02.2021666370.00$
सीबीआई जिताएगी बंगाल का चुनाव?22.02.2021645924000.00$
कोरोनिल के लॉन्च में जाकर घिर गए स्वास्थ्य मंत्री!22.02.20211000230.00$
IMA ने रामदेव की दवाई पर क्यों उठाए सवाल, हर्षवर्धन पर क्यों साधा निशाना?22.02.20212971290.00$
राजस्थान: सचिन पायलट ने दिखाया दम-खम22.02.20211477370.00$
बुद्धिजीवियों से क्यों है सरकार को दिक्कत?20.02.202120550140.00$
फिर बढ़ रहे मामले, सरकार क्या कर रही है?20.02.20212066920.00$
संकट में किसान आंदोलन?20.02.2021969515700.00$
‘भारत माता की जय कहना अल्लाह की शान में गुस्ताख़ी नहीं’20.02.202123561410.00$
वसुंधरा के समर्थकों ने बनाया आलाकमान पर दबाव20.02.20214115530.00$
कोरोना के उपचार की दवा हो सकती है कोरोनिल?19.02.2021201440.00$
मोदी के चक्रव्यूह में फँसी ममता!19.02.2021540541260.00$
रामदेव पर कोरोना की दवा को लेकर फिर उठे संदेह19.02.2021830920.00$
पुस्तक मीडिया का मायाजाल का लोकार्पण19.02.2021602058390.00$
पेट्रोल की कीमते आसमान पर पर मिडिल क्लास तो बमबम है! #janadesh #modi19.02.202118729600.00$
क्या नया कानून फ्रांस में इस्लामी अलगाववाद को रोक पाएगा?19.02.2021285810.00$
मीडिया क्यों बन गया है सरकार का भोपू !18.02.2021320110.00$
तेल के दाम, सरकार को पड़ेगा बहुत मंहगा?18.02.2021819947210.00$
पेट्रोल सौ के ऊपर ही रहेगा अब?18.02.2021107921030.00$
यौन उत्पीड़न के केस में सुप्रीम कोर्ट की टिप्पणी18.02.202118139110.00$
किसान आंदोलन का राजनीतिक असर दिखने लगा ,शुरुआत पंजाब से ! #janadesh #punjab #kisanaandolan18.02.2021265032270.00$
जस्टिस दीपक गुप्ता : ‘बेल नहीं जेल’ हमारा नारा हो गया है18.02.202136455200.00$
क्या बाइडेन मोदी सरकार पर भी निशाना साधेंगे?18.02.2021157706190.00$
एम जे अकबर को क्या अब जेल भेजा जाएगा ?17.02.2021177490.00$
आंदोलनकारी चक्का जाम और रेल रोको क्यों करते हैं?17.02.2021309712070.00$
किसानों से डरी बीजेपी, डैमेज कंट्रोल शुरू!17.02.20211888238270.00$
मी टू मामले में फँसे अकबर को कोर्ट से झटका17.02.20214882560.00$
बंगाल के बाद पुडुचेरी में भाजपा का आपरेशन तोड़फोड़ !17.02.2021142441050.00$
राजद्रोह और यूएपीए के मामलों में आई ज़बर्दस्त उछाल क्या कहती है?17.02.2021826530.00$
ओम प्रकाश राजभर देंगे बीजेपी को चुनौती?17.02.20212463060.00$
सरकार नौकरशाही में सीधे नियुक्तियाँ क्यों कर रही है?17.02.202117474290.00$
बड़ी लड़ाई को क्या तैयार है किसान?16.02.202111549511130.00$
टूलकिट पर दिल्ली पुलिस के दो चेहरे आए सामने?16.02.2021515410.00$
टूलकिट पर क्या बोले सुप्रीम कोर्ट के पूर्व जज?16.02.20211906880.00$
नवदीप के बाद दिशा रवि ने क्या किसान आंदोलन का विस्तार कर दिया ?16.02.2021265202140.00$
कर्नाटक में राम मंदिर के लिए चंदा वसूलने वाले घरों पर निशान क्यों लगा रहे हैं16.02.202128689100.00$
दिशा रवि की गिरफ़्तारी से क्या संदेश दे रही सरकार?15.02.20213901100.00$
दिशा रवि का क़सूर क्या है?15.02.2021255735920.00$
पर्यावरण एक्टिविस्ट से भी डर जाती है सरकार ?15.02.202110105780.00$
यूपी: 2022 में सीएम का चेहरा होंगी प्रियंका!15.02.20211032460.00$
दिशा रवि को गिरफ़्तार करके सरकार क्या संकेत देना चाहती है?15.02.20212159610.00$
दिशा रवि की गिरफ्तारी विदेशी हाथ का सबूत या अभिव्यक्ति पर पहरा?15.02.2021257397120.00$
क्यों हो रहा सुप्रीम कोर्ट कॉलेजियम फेल?14.02.202155637360.00$
तारीख़ पर तारीख़ क्योंकि जजों की नियुक्ति ही नहीं?13.02.202153365250.00$
पेट्रोल-डीज़ल की कीमतें लगा रही हैं सैकड़ा!13.02.202161758100.00$
क्या कमजोर पड़ रहा है आंदोलन!13.02.2021487432130.00$
हरे कृष्ण हरे हरे, तृणमूल घरे घरे ! #janadesh #Mamtabanarji13.02.202110506130.00$
सुप्रीम कोर्ट के इस फ़ैसले का क्या मतलब है?13.02.20214463080.00$
‘सरकार बोली- जिल्द रहने दो,मन चाहा कागज बदल लो’13.02.202138529250.00$
सैनिकों के पीछे हटने से सुलझ जाएगा सीमा विवाद?12.02.2021623400.00$
मशहूर क्रिकेट खिलाड़ी वसीम जाफ़र पर सांप्रदायिकता के आरोप के पीछे क्या है?12.02.20211675420.00$
फिर धोखा देगा चीन!12.02.2021313204370.00$
राहुल बोले- मोदी ने चीन के सामने मत्था टेका12.02.2021761380.00$
किसान आंदोलन खत्म हो रहा है या फैल रहा है?12.02.2021828395600.00$
सीमा पर क्या हम अपनी जमीन से पीछे हटेंगे?12.02.20217183160.00$
चीनी घुसपैठ को लेकर सरकार से पूछे सवाल12.02.2021241120.00$
चीन से समझौता, भारत के लिये घाटे का सौदा!12.02.202124488150.00$
किसके इशारे पर ‘अर्बन नक्सल्स’ को फँसाया गया?11.02.2021396730.00$
राहुल ने कहा देश पर “दो और दो” का क़ब्ज़ा !11.02.2021655587810.00$
भारत-चीन के सैनिक पीछे हटेंगे लेकिन जीत किसकी?11.02.20211316490.00$
सावधान! आपके कंप्यूटर में तो नहीं घुसा जासूस?11.02.202125131250.00$
क्या भाजपा के जाल में फंस गई हैं प्रियंका गांधी ?11.02.2021215632240.00$
Alok Adda किसानों को समझ में आएगी प्रधानमंत्री मोदी की बात?10.02.2021617422890.00$
यूपी के कासगंज में बिकरी कांड पार्ट-210.02.2021335450.00$
सरकार नही चाहती आज़ाद प्रेस !10.02.2021782872940.00$
क्यों मोदी सरकार को ट्विटर बर्दाश्त नहीं हो रहा ?10.02.20217788120.00$
विपक्ष ने घेर लिया है सरकार को #janadesh10.02.2021869322000.00$
क्या कू को अपनाकर सरकार ट्विटर को दबा पाएगी? कू ट्विटर जैसा स्वतंत्र होगा या फिर सरकारी मीडिया?10.02.2021625000.00$
सरकार किसानों की असल दिक्कतों से बेख़बर क्यों?09.02.2021176010.00$
संसद में बोलते हुए अचानक से भावुक हो गए मोदी09.02.2021861990.00$
Alok Adda आंदोलन करने और आंदोलनजीवी होने का अर्थ‌09.02.2021339171280.00$
किसान आंदोलन: योगी की कुर्सी ख़तरे में !09.02.20212536635840.00$
कौन पत्रकार हैं सरकार के निशाने पर ? #janadesh09.02.20219810800.00$
आँदोलन लोकतंत्र का पाँचवा स्तंभ है09.02.20217497220.00$
पांच राज्यों के चुनाव में बीजेपी को होगी मुश्किल09.02.20213368140.00$
‘रब ने बना दी जोड़ी’ के उदाहरण से समझाया कैसे मिलेगा रोज़गार!09.02.20212150160.00$
किसानों से बातचीत के रास्ते बंद?08.02.202112104810760.00$
मोदी के ‘आंदोलनजीवी’ वाले बयान पर भड़के लोग!08.02.202132447150.00$
Alok Adda चमोली में हिमस्खलन या विस्फोटों का नतीजा? कैसे फटी पहाड़ की छाती?08.02.202123050500.00$
हिमालय क्षेत्र में फिर हादसा क्यों ?#janadesh08.02.20214389240.00$
आंदोलनजीवी ,परजीवी और भाषणजीवी ! #janadesh08.02.20211450973140.00$
तबाही के लिए सरकार को क्यों लताड़ रहे पर्यावरणविद?08.02.2021317820.00$
मोदीजी किसको षड़यंत्रकारी बता रहे हैं?08.02.20213820890.00$
चमोली में ग्लेशियर फटा, भारी तबाही, उत्तर प्रदेश तक रेेड अलर्ट07.02.2021879941650.00$
सरकार अगर बात समझा नहीं पाती तो बदनाम करती है?06.02.20213699250.00$
कितना कामयाब रहा चक्का जाम ?06.02.20211002597720.00$
संयुक्त राष्ट्र ने भी किसान आंदोलन पर की टिप्पणी06.02.202118371180.00$
खालिस्तान का डर- कितना सच?06.02.2021533222600.00$
उत्तर से दक्षिण तक हुआ किसानो का चक्का जाम #janadesh #ChakkaJam06.02.202112942610360.00$
विश्व स्तर पर किसानों के पक्ष में हवा मोदी की हार?06.02.20217665960.00$
किसान आंदोलन और पाँच राज्यों में चुनाव06.02.202154180510.00$
किसान महापंचायतों से बदल रही वेस्ट यूपी की तसवीर06.02.2021304700.00$
बीजेपी के लिए अहंकार बड़ा या राष्ट्रीय सुरक्षा?05.02.20214146190.00$
सरकार का हर हथकंडा नाकाम हो रहा है, मगर वह पीछे नहीं हट रही, क्यों?05.02.20212901090.00$
मनदीप से डीसीपी ने माफी माँगी और जेल भेज दिया?05.02.202118777210.00$
किसानों का चक्का जाम, फिर हिंसा!05.02.20211355539600.00$
महापंचायतें बढ़ी रही हैं योगी सरकार की मुश्किलें?05.02.202127243150.00$
भाजपा के जाट वोट बैंक में कौन सेंध लगा रहा है#janadesh05.02.20211021622800.00$
कार्पोरेट की चौकीदार है सरकार05.02.202119992110.00$
किसान महापंचायतों में उमड़ रही भीड़ से मुश्किल में सरकार05.02.20212311430.00$
कटीले तार और बेरिकेडिंग की तसवीरें पड़ी महंगी?04.02.2021624440.00$
Alok Adda चौरी चौरा कांड से किसको क्या सबक सीखना है योगी जी?04.02.2021389862430.00$
किसान आंदोलन पर अमेरिका की प्रतिक्रिया का अर्थ!04.02.20212668850.00$
किसान आंदोलन को बदनाम करने की नई साजिश !04.02.202110707511040.00$
किसान आंदोलन: कब तक चलेगी खट्टर सरकार?04.02.202111782820.00$
हम बनवाएं ट्रंप सरकार और वे बोले तो आंतरिक मामला #janadesh04.02.2021557132830.00$
लता, सचिन, कोहली वगैरा ने सरकार के समर्थन में ट्वीट करके क्या साबित किया?04.02.202123263200.00$
किसानों ने रोका अश्वमेध का घोड़ा04.02.20214123911710.00$
बंगाल: ‘चुनाव में ज़रूरत पड़ी तो दस प्रशांत किशोर लगाएँगे’04.02.202118055280.00$
जींद: किसान महापंचायत से बना जबरदस्त माहौल04.02.20211579070.00$
ट्विटर का गला पकड़ने का नोटिस03.02.20212527070.00$
आख़िर नीतीश कुमार किस बात से डर रहे हैं?03.02.2021227120.00$
किसान आंदोलन: मोदी को पड़ेगा बहुत भारी!03.02.202118104214960.00$
टिकैत : गद्दी वापसी की बात की तो हो जाएगी मुश्किल03.02.202121068390.00$
क्या सरकार के गले की हड्डी बन रही हैं खाप पंचायतें #janadesh03.02.2021364461330.00$
सरकार ज़िद छोड़े, कानून वापस ले03.02.202136405390.00$
बीजेपी से जुड़े जाट नेता मुश्किल में03.02.20218057880.00$
किसान आंदोलन को मिल रहे अंतरराष्ट्रीय समर्थन से क्या सरकार हिल गई है?03.02.202185206470.00$
पश्चिमी यूपी: सियासी नुक़सान से डरी बीजेपी!03.02.20219821060.00$
दिल्ली में किसानों की घेराबंदी, किसान देशभर में घेरने की तैयारी में02.02.202114165300.00$
मनदीप पुनिया को ज़मानत से क्या सरकार के इरादे बेनकाब नहीं हो गए हैं?02.02.20211082840.00$
किसानों को रोकने के लिए हर जतन कर रही सरकार!02.02.20219829470.00$
आंदोलनकारियों पर क़हर की तैयारी?02.02.202110448213900.00$
यह कील सड़क पर ठोकी गई है या लोकतंत्र पर !#janadesh02.02.2021756657690.00$
आंदोलन को मिल रहे समर्थन से सरकार परेशान02.02.202116145670.00$
सरकारी कंपनियाँ बेचना आसान नहीं होगा02.02.2021126423470.00$
बजट पर क्या कहते हैं कांग्रेस के प्रखर प्रवक्ता गौरव वल्लभ02.02.2021255121210.00$
कई राज्यों में हो रही किसान महापंचायतें02.02.202192749180.00$
मनदीप पूनिया की गिरफ़्तारी पर बवाल01.02.2021886230.00$
स्वास्थ्य बजट पर वित्तमंत्री ने बोला झूठ?01.02.2021426070.00$
सरकार को प्रदर्शनों से फर्क नहीं पड़ता?01.02.2021543020.00$
आंदोलनकारियों की ज़बर्दस्त घेराबंदी ! क्यों ?01.02.202116785816940.00$
इस बजट में किसान को क्या मिला ?01.02.2021176022030.00$
नये नायक की दस्तक01.02.202130924230.00$
बजट 21: आम आदमी को कितना फायदा !01.02.2021732884670.00$
पत्रकार मंदीप पुनिया की गिरफ़्तारी क्या मीडिया को डराने के लिए #janadesh31.01.202112251225240.00$
कैसे बढ़ेगी व्यापारियों की आय?31.01.20211028680.00$
विरोध कुचलने के लिए बीजेपी के पास एक ही स्क्रिप्ट?30.01.20211220780.00$
किसान आंदोलन को तोड़ने की साजिश?30.01.202118147420780.00$
अन्ना हजारे अनशन की घोषणा करके पीछे क्यों हट गए?30.01.202192953370.00$
जस्टिस लोकुर: जब बेल नहीं दी जाती तो लोगों को लगता है कोर्ट दबाव में है30.01.202121337190.00$
लाल क़िले की घटना में पाकिस्तान का हाथ!30.01.2021193500.00$
जस्टिस काटजू: कृषि क़ानूनों को 18 महीने रोकना एक चाल30.01.202167774930.00$
कोरोना टैक्स लगेगा?30.01.2021639260.00$
बॉम्बे हाईकोर्ट के एक के बाद एक फैसले पर बवाल!29.01.2021195100.00$
क्या मिलेगा बजट में?29.01.20219915370.00$
गाजीपुर बार्डर पर ऐतिहासिक हलचल29.01.202123756320.00$
योगी को महंगे पड़ेंगे टिकैत के आंसू?29.01.20217715998360.00$
सिंघु बॉर्डर पर उपद्रव, पुलिस क्या कर रही थी?29.01.20218982100.00$
सरकार के निशाने पर बडे संपादक, प्रेस पर हमला!29.01.20211041518970.00$
क्या अब पश्चिमी यूपी की राजनीति बदल जाएगी ? #janadesh29.01.2021216822520.00$
सिंघु बॉर्डर पर हुई हिंसा क्या कहती है?29.01.202125836290.00$
पश्चिमी यूपी में तेज़ होगा किसान आंदोलन!29.01.20211394750.00$
सिंघू बॉर्डर पर हिंसा, यूपी में महापंचायत !29.01.202115223214640.00$
क्या ऐसा बजट होगा जैसा पहले कभी नहीं आया?29.01.2021722470.00$
ग़ाज़ीपुर बार्डर पर बड़ी गहमागहमी28.01.20218481230.00$
किसान आंदोलन का असली ‘विलेन’ कौन है?28.01.20216171190.00$
किसानों पर देशद्रोह, आंदोलन का क्या होगा?28.01.20218214712490.00$
सरकार ने किसानों को अपने जाल में फंसा लिया?28.01.202115603170.00$
माँ बोली - कोरोना चीन से नहीं मुझसे आया है27.01.20216859450.00$
सरकार के जाल में फँस गये किसान नेता !27.01.202112782110240.00$
किसान आंदोलन पर दाग लगाने वाला ये दीप सिद्धू कौन है?27.01.2021845823180.00$
“ट्रैक्टर परेड” किसने फेल की?27.01.202121936100.00$
“हिंसा पर शर्मिंदा, ज़िम्मेदार के खिलाफ कड़ी कार्रवाई हो”27.01.202114646120.00$
रैली में बवाल को इस हद तक क्यों जाने दिया?26.01.202116314560.00$
किसानों की परेड में ऐसा उत्पात किसने होने दिया?26.01.202119445440.00$
अब किधर जाएगा किसान आंदोलन?26.01.2021321982840.00$
ग्राउंड रिपोर्ट :किसानों के मन में ग़ुस्सा क्यों?26.01.2021384010.00$
क्या रास्ते से भटका किसान आंदोलन ?26.01.20219238915770.00$
क्या किसान आंदोलन बेक़ाबू हो गया है ?26.01.202110039026360.00$
लाइव : टीकरी बॉर्डर से किसान ट्रैक्टर परेड का नज़ारा26.01.20214972100.00$
ट्रैक्टर यात्रा : क्यों हैं किसान नाराज़ ?26.01.20218201140.00$
TRP Scam: सप्लीमेंटरी चार्जशीट में दावा25.01.2021803450.00$
बॉम्बे हाईकोर्ट में महिला जज का अजब गजब फैसला!25.01.202110441360.00$
‘TRP बढ़ाने के लिए अर्णब ने दिए थे 40 लाख’25.01.2021873050.00$
गणतंत्र दिवस पर ट्रैक्टर रैली क्यों?25.01.2021400863540.00$
यौन हिंसा की बदलती परिभाषा के खतरे ! #janadesh25.01.20212220100.00$
बीजेपी में ऐसा क्या है जो कांग्रेस में नहीं बचा?23.01.2021241331240.00$
बीजेपी का सुभाष प्रेम कितना असली?23.01.202134192550.00$
किसान नेताओं को मिल रही हैं फ़ोन पर धमकियां!23.01.20211066930.00$
Alok Adda कोरोना के झटके से उबरने के लिए कैसा बजट चाहिए? कैसा होगा आत्मनिर्भर बजट?23.01.20215832100.00$
बोस को याद करे पर मुखर्जी को क्यों भूल जाते हैं !23.01.20215421920.00$
नेता जी को लेकर टीएमसी-बीजेपी आमने सामने!23.01.2021389160.00$
नक़ाबपोश का दावा- चार किसान नेता थे निशाने पर23.01.202113921100.00$
ज़हर उगलने वाले चैनलों पर कैसे लगेगी लगाम?23.01.2021127920.00$
किसान ट्रैक्टर परेड को लेकर हालात तनावपूर्ण22.01.20217419180.00$
झूठे नायकों का युग22.01.202115755120.00$
किसान आंदोलन :सरकार ने अगली वार्ता भी नहीं की तय22.01.2021628350.00$
इतना कमज़ोर कैसे हो गये नीतीश!22.01.2021242331510.00$
बिहार में सोशल मीडिया पर लगा पहरा !22.01.20215637220.00$
अर्नब और किसान आंदोलन पर सोनिया ने सरकार को घेरा22.01.2021672270.00$
असंतुष्ट नेताओं को मनाना ज़रूरी22.01.2021572400.00$
अब क्या होगा किसान आंदोलन का!21.01.2021530764840.00$
किसान आंदोलन पर पीछे हटी सरकार !21.01.202114778900.00$
लॉकडाउन से आज़ादी तक: नसीरुद्दीन शाह से खास बातचीत21.01.202112173320.00$
अर्णब पर सरकार कार्रवाई क्यों नहीं करती?21.01.202184024890.00$
क्या किसान मानेंगे सरकार का प्रस्ताव?21.01.2021633710.00$
‘तांडव’ को बैन कराने की माँग करने वाले बीजेपी सांसद से बातचीत20.01.2021160300.00$
अमेरिका के नए राष्ट्रपति बाइडेन पर है सबकी नज़र! क्या कहेंगे, क्या करेंगे?20.01.202111948490.00$
रिपब्लिक का प्रसारण सरकार सस्पेंड करेगी?20.01.2021816195690.00$
सेना की ख़ुफ़िया जानकारी लीक करना देशद्रोह है या नहीं?20.01.2021125811000.00$
CJI ने कहा- पैनल के लोग योग्य, बदनाम न करें20.01.2021185950.00$
दफ़्तर में ट्रंप का आख़िरी दिन20.01.20212083830.00$
“अर्णब का नाम मैंने लार्ड भौ भौ रखा है”20.01.202139097340.00$
झूठ को सच मानने की बीमारी19.01.20217654210.00$
राहुल : वो हाथ नहीं लगा सकते, गोली मरवा सकते हैं19.01.20211105160.00$
Alok Adda हाईकोर्ट की फटकार से सुधरेंगेे टीवी पर बैठे गिद्ध? या कुछ और करना होगा?19.01.2021500473170.00$
“लिबर्टी का घोर हनन हो रहा है, ज्यूडीशरी ने आँखें बंद कर ली है”19.01.202172753250.00$
योगी और मोदी के बीच आया एक अफसर !19.01.202118009200.00$
क्यों पर्दे से ग़ायब हुआ “रैंबो”?19.01.202154732180.00$
दम तोड़ती गठबंधन की राजनीति19.01.2021332120.00$
बीजेपी-जेजेपी के विधायक संपर्क में: कांग्रेस18.01.20213783600.00$
किसान नेताओं ने केंद्र को चेताया18.01.2021158510.00$
हिंदुत्व की राजनीति के निशाने पर ‘तांडव’,FIR दर्ज18.01.20211022060.00$
तांडव का विरोध क्या शुद्ध राजनीति है? या वेब सीरीज आजादी का दुरुपयोग कर रही है?18.01.2021171041250.00$
चीन ने भारतीय सीमा के 4.5 किमी. अंदर बसाया गाँव!18.01.2021571690.00$
किसान आंदोलन और न्यायपालिका !18.01.202111587770.00$
अर्णब ने क्यों बालाकोट हमले की जानकारी लीक की?18.01.20211345952970.00$
प्रसिद्ध पत्रकार हरवीर सिंह की राय16.01.202129072370.00$
एजेंसियों के निशाने पर हैं किसान आंदोलन के नेता16.01.202123194200.00$
Satya Hindi News Bulletin। सत्य हिंदी समाचार बुलेटिन। 16 जनवरी, दिनभर की बड़ी ख़बरें16.01.20219106260.00$
आंदोलन ख़त्म कराने के लिए कुछ भी करेगी सरकार?16.01.20218620120.00$
किसान आंदोलन : अब मोदी से ही बनेगी बात!16.01.202117816170.00$
बातचीत का ड्रामा क्यों?15.01.2021495243600.00$
अर्नब के व्हाट्सऐप चैट ने उगले ढेर सारे राज़!15.01.202139990210.00$
अपने ही हथियार के शिकार अब अर्नब गोस्वामी! सनसनीखेज व्हाट्सऐप चैट लीक हुई15.01.20211263772710.00$
किसान नेता ने सुप्रीम कमेटी क्यों छोड़ी?14.01.20211042730.00$
बीजेपी के लिये ओवैसी क्यों ज़रूरी?14.01.2021858583620.00$
किसान आंदोलन:सुप्रीम कोर्ट की कमेटी को एक और झटका14.01.2021630290.00$
पंचर हो गई सुप्रीम कोर्ट की जाँच कमेटी?14.01.2021898068260.00$
R N Dwivedi Memorial Lecture by Mr Anil Swarup14.01.20211601190.00$
क्या ट्रंप को हटा पायेगी अमेरिकी संसद?13.01.20211931270.00$
सरकार समर्थकों के सिवा हरेक को शंका क्यों ?13.01.202120226110.00$
व्हाट्सऐप में खतरे का सिग्नल क्यों?13.01.20216280620.00$
पीएम से मिले चौटाला, राजनीतिक हलचल तेज़ !13.01.20211200650.00$
26 जनवरी की है जोरदार तैयारी13.01.2021305100.00$
कमेटी में किसान कानून समर्थक क्यों ?12.01.2021637510.00$
किसान बोले- हमारा प्रदर्शन शांतिपूर्ण12.01.202172000.00$
सुप्रीम कोर्ट पर किसानों को भरोसा नहीं ? क्यों ?12.01.2021608575110.00$
किसान आंदोलन: अब सुप्रीम कोर्ट की कमेटी पर बवाल क्यों?12.01.2021631280.00$
सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने बनाई कमेटी, कृषि क़ानूनों पर रोक12.01.2021350160.00$
कृषि कानूनों के खिलाफ संघर्ष जारी रहेगा12.01.2021300000.00$
सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने किसान कानूनों पर रोक लगाई! क्या होगा आगे?12.01.2021439162100.00$
राजभर, रावण, आम आदमी पार्टी लगा रहे जोर11.01.2021663650.00$
किसानों को सुप्रीम कोर्ट पर संदेह क्यों?11.01.20219649130.00$
किसानों ने नहीं मानी सुप्रीम कोर्ट की तो?11.01.20211314415060.00$
किसान आंदोलन : सुप्रीम कोर्ट की एंट्री से किसको नुकसान?11.01.2021409290.00$
सुप्रीम कोर्ट से सरकार को फटकार से हैरान क्यों हैं सोमपाल शास्त्री?11.01.202186291320.00$
किसानों में बढ़ रही कटुता, आंदोलन हो रहा उग्र !11.01.2021377150.00$
26 जनवरी को किसान दिखाएंगे ताक़त?11.01.2021603670.00$
बीजेपी से मुक़ाबले को एकजुट ठाकरे सरकार10.01.20212987260.00$
ट्रंप पर पाबंदी से बीजेपी नेता को तकलीफ़ क्यों?09.01.2021458852840.00$
कृषि क़ानून: पीछे हटने को तैयार नहीं मोदी सरकार09.01.2021117200.00$
वसुंधरा खेमे का पलटवार, दी हाईकमान को चुनौती!09.01.20215878530.00$
क्या वसुंधरा राजे बीजेपी तोड़ेंगी?09.01.20211238744040.00$
ट्रंप पर लगी पाबंदी तो बीजेपी नेता को याद आया लोकतंत्र!09.01.2021979260.00$
स्मृति को गोली लग जाती,तो ज़ुबिन का एक्शन प्लान क्या था?09.01.202123008240.00$
क्या कैपिटल हिल्स पर हमले को लोकतंत्र पर हमला बताया जाना ठीक है?08.01.2021129710.00$
फिर नई तारीख! जवाब सरकार को देना है या किसानों को?08.01.2021259332910.00$
अचानक से ट्रम्प की अकड़ क्यों पड़ी ढीली?08.01.20211552140.00$
अमेरिका में हमला, भारत के लिये चेतावनी!08.01.2021493115270.00$
अब शिवसेना बोली-‘सत्ताधारियों में राहुल का ख़ौफ़’08.01.20211008200.00$
अब क्या करेंगे डॉनल्ड ट्रंप ?08.01.202113315240.00$
क्या अमेरिका गृहयुद्ध की ओर बढ़ रहा है?07.01.202131731220.00$
ट्रंप को भारी पड़ सकती है समर्थकों की करतूत!07.01.20215126100.00$
डॉनल्ड ट्रंप जेल जाएंगे या देश छोड़ेंगे? ‌07.01.202127901660.00$
ट्रम्प के इस जुर्म की सज़ा क्या हो?07.01.2021188021720.00$
क्या 20 जनवरी से पहले ही हटाए जाएँगे ट्रंप?07.01.2021151830.00$
क्या होगा ट्रंप का?07.01.2021342800.00$
डॉनल्ड ट्रंप मज़ाक कर रहे हैं या तख्तापलट की कोशिश?07.01.2021459121790.00$
क़तर से सऊदी अरब ने फिर से दोस्ती क्यों की?06.01.20213768630.00$
राबड़ी नीतीश पर मुलायम क्यों?06.01.2021701602940.00$
26 जनवरी पर इस बार होगी ‘ट्रैक्टर परेड’ ?06.01.2021548240.00$
डॉनल्ड ट्रंप हारने के बाद भी तमाशा क्यों कर रहे हैं?06.01.202113146120.00$
बदायूं में महिला के साथ निर्भया जैसी हैवानियत, पुजारी पर आरोप06.01.2021245660.00$
जेएनयू की नक़ाबपोश लड़की कहाँ गई दिल्ली पुलिस?05.01.20212344350.00$
सेंट्रल विस्ता प्रोजेक्ट पर जस्टिस संजीव खन्ना बाक़ी दो जजों से असहमत क्यों हैं?05.01.20211593310.00$
जस्टिस खन्ना ने दो जजों के फैसले से जताई असहमति05.01.2021253200.00$
योगी आदित्यनाथ की नक़ल क्यों कर कहे शिवराज?05.01.20211356574720.00$
बेरोज़गारी की दर छह महीनों में सबसे ऊपर पहुंची05.01.20213436140.00$
कोवैक्सीन के अप्रूवल पर वैज्ञानिक क्यों हैरान?04.01.202112696110.00$
कहाँ ग़ायब हैं अलीबाबा के जैक मा?04.01.2021865940.00$
किसान आंदोलन : हाईकोर्ट पहुँचे मुकेश अंबानी!04.01.202114783170.00$
टीके पर सवाल खड़े करने वालों को देशद्रोही क्यों बता रही है बीजेपी?04.01.2021693100.00$
NSSF का क़र्ज़, अडानी की तिजोरी02.01.202156043160.00$
संघ प्रमुख मोहन भागवत गाँधी को हिंदू धर्म से क्यों जोड़ रहे हैं?02.01.2021897610.00$
योगी सरकार की नज़र मंदिर मस्जिदों पर?02.01.2021395322060.00$
धार्मिक-स्थलों पर शिकंजा कसने जा रहे योगी?02.01.20211547080.00$
बीजेपी सरकार इतनी निष्ठुर है?02.01.2021316944180.00$
MSP पर उल्टा दाँव खेलकर फंस गए हैं मोदी ?02.01.2021757561630.00$
कोई ठंड से मर रहा किसान तो कोई उम्मीद खोकर दे रहा जान02.01.2021126850.00$
जीएसटी ने रिकॉर्ड तोड़ा! अब राज्यों को हिस्सा मिल जाएगा?01.01.202130348580.00$
ऑक्सफोर्ड की वैक्सीन को एक्सपर्ट पैनल की हरी झंडी01.01.2021105100.00$
ये हैं वैक्सीन से जुड़े हर सवाल का जवाब01.01.2021136630.00$
किसानों को मना पाएगी मोदी सरकार?01.01.20213211620.00$
योगी शाह या कोई और!31.12.2020158815300.00$
बंगाल में जीतने के लिए हिंसा कराएगी बीजेपी?31.12.202013744160.00$
किसको जूते मारना चाहते हैं संजय राउत ?31.12.20201370551040.00$
“भारत में लोकतंत्र फ़ेल हो गया?”31.12.2020590171040.00$
जागो नितीश जागो: बीजेपी छोड़ो, आरजेडी का हाथ थामो31.12.2020766250.00$
निकाय चुनाव: बीजेपी-जेजेपी गठबंधन को झटका30.12.20203514650.00$
बिहार में बीजेपी-जेडीयू के रिश्तों में खटास30.12.20207700100.00$
सन् 2020 की वे कौन सी घटनाएं हैं, जिन्हें भविष्य याद रखेगा?30.12.2020155410.00$
क्या सरकार को किसानों की परवाह नहीं है?30.12.2020623224660.00$
यूपी प्रशासन भी सांप्रदायिकता के ज़हर में डूबा?30.12.2020234620.00$
देश की सत्ता किस पर मौन?30.12.20201305600.00$
मुसलमान कोरोना वैक्सीन लगवाएं या नहीं?29.12.2020197281940.00$
पुलिस ने कोर्ट में कहा - ‘अर्णब ने TRP के लिए दी घूँस’29.12.20201546300.00$
मोदी सरकार मानेगी किसानों की बात?29.12.2020303541310.00$
बीजेपी-जीडीयू में बढ़ रही है दरार, RJD घात में!29.12.20205691100.00$
सियासी दुश्मन बने बीजेपी-शिव सेना28.12.20202229200.00$
क्या बिहार में फिर राजनीतिक उलटफेर होगा?28.12.20201348553180.00$
राउत : शिवसेना अपने अंदाज में देगी जवाब28.12.20204241130.00$
‘संघम् शरणम् गच्छामि’ पुस्तक का विमोचन27.12.2020443923500.00$
दिल्ली दंगों में वकील प्राचा का विस्फोटक आरोप26.12.20201207131040.00$
रेस्तरां : लिखना होगा- मीट हलाल का है या झटके का!26.12.20206768250.00$
शिवसेना को ऐसा क्यों लगता है कि सोनिया-राहुल विपक्ष को नेतृत्व नहीं दे सकते?26.12.2020376610.00$
वाजपेयी और मोदी सरकार में क्या है बड़ा फर्क?26.12.2020835410.00$
कोरोना से जंग को कमज़ोर कर रहे मज़हबी संगठन?25.12.2020358220.00$
सरकार का मंत्र - बात तो करेंगे लेकिन बात मानेंगे नहीं25.12.2020280160.00$
ग्राउंड रिपोर्ट: हाड़ कंपाती ठंड में वजूद की लड़ाई25.12.20204685290.00$
J&K DDC चुनाव : अब कश्मीर किस ओर ?25.12.202015176900.00$
बीजेपी-आम आदमी पार्टी में भिड़ंत24.12.2020777510.00$
समाधान की बजाय क़ानूनों के फायदे बताने में जुटी बीजेपी24.12.2020477510.00$
सरकार के जाल में फँस गये किसान!24.12.2020567433430.00$
यूपी : पिज़्ज़ा खाना भी लव जिहाद? भेजा जेल!24.12.2020234050.00$
क्या किसानों के सामने झुक जाएगी सरकार?23.12.2020361060.00$
कश्मीर में बीजेपी का दाँव उल्टा पड़ा23.12.20208511380.00$
किसान आंदोलन : “सरकार हमारी माई बाप न बने”23.12.202024490450.00$
बीजेपी, मुसलमान और मोदी!23.12.2020656975890.00$
भारत में कोरोना का नया ख़तरा?23.12.2020175530.00$
कश्मीर में ‘राष्ट्रभक्तों’ पर ‘गैंग’ भारी?22.12.2020850767380.00$
J&K DDC चुनाव के नतीजे क्या कहते हैं?22.12.2020885510.00$
नये स्ट्रेन की असलियत22.12.2020590710.00$
नए कोरोना के फैलने की गति दोगुनी से अधिक?21.12.2020747360.00$
किसान आढ़तियों पर इनकम टैक्स के छापे?21.12.2020469684050.00$
ब्रिटेन में नए किस्म का कोरोना, भारत में अलर्ट21.12.2020252020.00$
क्या टीएमसी में बग़ावत की वज़ह ममता नहीं, प्रशांत किशोर हैं?21.12.20201269720.00$
“कोरोनिल” के दावे में बुरे फँसे21.12.20205346130.00$
किसानों को कम आँकना क्यों ख़तरनाक!19.12.202084731870.00$
गांधी परिवार के बाहर नहीं दिख रहा कोई विकल्प?19.12.202010845220.00$
बंगाल में बोले शाह- ‘जीतेंगे 200 से अधिक सीटें!’19.12.2020160910.00$
कांग्रेस के अंदरूनी घमासान पर कॉंग्रेस नेता राशिद अल्वी से बातचीत19.12.202023318100.00$
किसानों को किसने धोखा दिया?18.12.2020300944390.00$
ये ‘अच्छे दिन’ पीछे की ओर ले जाते हैं क्या?18.12.20201010070.00$
हाथरस कांड में सीबीआई चार्जशीट से योगी सरकार का झूठ बेनकाब18.12.2020454072770.00$
काँग्रेस के असंतुष्टों से बातचीत का एजेंडा क्या है?18.12.2020537570.00$
मोदी ने हाथ जोड़े, सिर झुकाया तो क्या क़ानून वापस लेंगे?18.12.20205085100.00$
माया-अखिलेश के लिए मुश्किल बनेंगे ओवैसी-राजभर!18.12.2020657110.00$
खेड़ा बार्डर से किसान आंदोलन लाइव18.12.2020779430.00$
किसानों को खालिस्तानी कहने वाले कौन हैं?17.12.2020211500.00$
आंदोलन : सुप्रीम कोर्ट का दख़ल सही ?17.12.2020389352740.00$
शाहीन बाग़ वाला तरीका किसानों पर लगाया जा रहा?17.12.2020717730.00$
SC: कृषि क़ानूनों को फिलहाल रोक सकते हैं ?17.12.2020216140.00$
कैलाश विजवर्गीय ने क्या सचाई बयान कर दी है?17.12.20201132850.00$
पलवल बार्डर से किसान आंदोलन लाइव17.12.202012456380.00$
क़ानूनों को असंवैधानिक बताया16.12.20207284100.00$
किसान समस्या हल करने का सुप्रीम फॉर्मूला!16.12.2020421881780.00$
किसके लिए मुश्किल खड़ी कर सकता है सुप्रीम कोर्ट?16.12.20201422330.00$
क्या बीजेपी बंगाल में करेगी उलटफेर?16.12.202037650890.00$
महाराष्ट्र विधानसभा ने कहा- कोर्ट ना दे दखल16.12.20201197260.00$
क्या कमेटी का विचार सरकार ने सुप्रीम कोर्ट को दिया है?16.12.20208714100.00$
“किसानों पर प्रधानमंत्री अर्धसत्य बोल रहे हैं “16.12.20203185780.00$
भारत में तमाशा देखता फेसबुक!15.12.2020187000.00$
किसान आंदोलन के तीन हफ़्ते बाद भी मोदी सरकार का रवैया क्यों नहीं बदला है?15.12.202018497590.00$
पहले क़ानून लागू किया तो अब उपवास का क्या मतलब?15.12.202024364100.00$
कोरोना में चुनाव तो चलेगा, संसद नहीं?15.12.2020485776830.00$
सबसे अधिक फायदा अंबानी -अडानी को क्यों हुआ?15.12.2020346350.00$
हुक्का गुड़गुड़ाते हरियाणवी टिकारी बार्डर पर जम गये हैं15.12.2020969850.00$
किसान आंदोलन में काफी मुखर हैं केजरीवाल14.12.2020194720.00$
क्या नीति बन रही है भारत में कोरोना वैक्सीन की?14.12.2020185300.00$
गूगल, जीमेल और यूट्यूब डाउन होने का मतलब?14.12.2020498771570.00$
सरकार किसानों में फूट डालकर आंदोलन ख़त्म करेगी?14.12.2020221110.00$
किसान आंदोलन ने सरकार की नींव हिला दी?14.12.2020868618380.00$
दक्षिणपंथी संगठनों से क्यों डरता है फेसबुक?14.12.2020148000.00$
फेसबुक बजरंग दल के खिलाफ कार्रवाई क्यों नहीं करता?14.12.20201824100.00$
कई कमियाँ क़ानून को किसान विरोधी बनाती हैं14.12.2020756190.00$
मिनी पंजाब बस गया है बार्डर पर14.12.20207614320.00$
आ तो गई पर मिलेगी कब वैक्सीन?12.12.2020317920.00$
किसान आंदोलन : कौन है साजिशकर्ता?12.12.2020545227760.00$
नड्डा के काफिले पर हमले के बाद बंगाल में घमासान12.12.20208675160.00$
अयोध्या केस : सुप्रीम कोर्ट में सुनवाई की आँखों देखी दास्तान12.12.202074771320.00$
किसान आंदोलन: सरकार द्वारा ‘प्लांट’ की गई ख़बर चला रही मीडिया!12.12.202013654190.00$
नीतीश का बीजेपी से हर रोज होगा मुक़ाबला11.12.2020643500.00$
क्या सोनिया गांधी को हटा देना चाहिये?11.12.2020664226760.00$
पवार को UPA का चेयरमैन बनाने की माँग क्यों ?11.12.2020902550.00$
BJP अध्यक्ष के लिए राज्यपाल से लेकर केन्द्र तक फिक्रमंद11.12.20205949270.00$
बीजेपी के आक्रामक तेवरों का क्या मतलब है?11.12.2020238840.00$
गहलोत-पायलट खेमों के बीच तकरार जारी10.12.2020346410.00$
रूसी विदेशमंत्री ने क्यों कहा कि अमेरिका भारत का इस्तेमाल कर रहा है?10.12.202024298220.00$
ऐतिहासिक भूल या आग से खिलवाड़!10.12.2020434649200.00$
नड्डा पर हमला, ममता ने कहा- बीजेपी की नौटंकी10.12.20206970300.00$
सरकार सुधार इसलिए लागू नहीं कर पा रही क्योंकि भारत में अधिक लोकतंत्र है?09.12.2020375960.00$
सरकार से बातचीत टूटी, किसान आंदोलन तेज़!09.12.20201142048170.00$
अब तो बीजेपी के चाणक्य भी फेल हो रहे हैं!09.12.2020529340.00$
भड़के किसान, फंस गई मोदी सरकार?09.12.2020505364490.00$
शाह का ‘झांसा’ नहीं आया काम!, तेज़ होगा आंदोलन09.12.202045874470.00$
मोदी की इज़्ज़त दाँव पर?08.12.2020427283220.00$
बंद था भारत, और हंगामा केजरीवाल के घर पर08.12.2020152550.00$
भारत बंद के आगे? सरकार बात करेगी, मगर बात मानेगी?08.12.2020118571000.00$
किसानों का भारत बंद, पास या फेल?08.12.2020491336800.00$
महाराष्ट्र में ऑपरेशन लोटस का ख़तरा08.12.20203206010.00$
किसानों के चक्रव्यूह में फँस गयी मोदी सरकार!07.12.20201242275380.00$
शादी की इजाज़त भी बजरंग दल से लेनी होगी?07.12.202015179360.00$
किसान आंदोलन में सरकार फँस गई है, मगर क्या वह झुकेगी?07.12.20202216580.00$
किसान आंदोलन: विपक्ष का समर्थन, बुरी फंसी सरकार07.12.2020436530.00$
बीजेपी के सहयोगी बढ़ा रहे मुश्किलें05.12.20201411230.00$
एक संगीतकार ने बंजर को कैसे बनाया जंगल05.12.2020208300.00$
किसान आंदोलन: खट्टर सरकार पर संकट बढ़ा !05.12.202017200250.00$
बजरंग दल: चर्च में जाने वाले हिंदुओं को पीटेंगे05.12.2020583730.00$
जस्टिन ट्रूडो ने फिर से क्यों कहा कि वे शांतिपूर्ण प्रदर्शनों का समर्थन जारी रखेंगे?05.12.20202003180.00$
यूपी : किसान की नज़र भी MSP पर नहीं हैदराबाद पर!05.12.20201560720.00$
जस्टिस काटजू: सरकार झुक जाए तो लोग कमज़ोर समझेंगे05.12.202054787100.00$
बंगाल, यूपी में हलचल पैदा करेंगे ओवैसी04.12.202026058390.00$
Sensex@45K, Nifty@13K क्या करें अब?04.12.202057841450.00$
हैदराबाद में बीजेपी को क्यों नहीं मिला बहुमत?04.12.20201020476790.00$
चुनाव में पूरी ताकत झोंकने से BJP को क्या मिला?04.12.202034328220.00$
म्युनिसिपल चुनाव नतीजों का अर्थ! क्या हैदराबाद का भाग्य बदल गया है?04.12.202035178660.00$
और बड़ा होगा प्रदर्शन? मामला सुप्रीम कोर्ट पहुँचा04.12.202018721140.00$
आज की कुछ ज़रूरी बातें। और सवाल जवाब भी03.12.20204674100.00$
चीनी घोल और पातंजलि शहद03.12.20202728330.00$
क्या किसानों से देश को ख़तरा है?03.12.2020333893860.00$
किसान आंदोलन: बादल, ढींढसा ने पद्म सम्मान लौटाया03.12.20201062320.00$
केरल: मुसलिम-ईसाई की सोशल इंजीनियरिंग02.12.20201672160.00$
आपका इनकम टैक्स रिफंड भी अब तक नहीं मिला क्या?02.12.202011242100.00$
किसान आंदोलन: बीजेपी की ऐतिहासिक भूल?02.12.202019187514780.00$
अमित मालवीय पर ट्विटर का 'फ़ेक न्यूज़' का ठप्पा02.12.202016785180.00$
कल बात नहीं बनी तो देशभर में फैलेगा आंदोलन!02.12.2020516110.00$
योगी फिल्मसिटी बनाने की बात क्यों कर रहे हैं?02.12.2020285300.00$
ईरान पर हमला कर सकते हैं ट्रम्प?01.12.2020952110.00$
#AlokAdda #FarmerProtest किसान सरकार की बात मानने को राज़ी क्यों नहीं?01.12.2020394663270.00$
खेती क़ानूनों पर सरकार का झूठ01.12.2020190210.00$
किसानों का जबरन ‘भला’ क्यों करना चाहती है सरकार?01.12.20207079500.00$
क्या सरकार किसानों के सामने झुकेगी?01.12.2020609753890.00$
सरकार से बोले किसान- ‘आप हमारा भला मत कीजिए’01.12.2020184730.00$
किसानों पर ज़ुल्म क्यों?30.11.2020510465880.00$
पीएम मोदी सिर्फ़ अपने ‘मन की बात’ करेंगे?30.11.20207408180.00$
कृषि कानून से किसान नाराज़ क्यों हैं? सरकार समझा क्यों नहीं पाई?30.11.2020180222350.00$
किसानों को बदनाम करने पर क्यों तुली बीजेपी?30.11.20204867140.00$
क्या सरकार और संघ परिवार किसान आंदोलन को बदनाम करके ख़त्म करना चाहते हैं?30.11.2020912250.00$
अन्नदाता को देश विरोधी बताना ग़लत है29.11.2020205382000.00$
भ्रष्टाचार आखिर खत्म क्यों नही होता?28.11.2020349075740.00$
पंजाब, हरियाणा की सियासत में होगा असर!28.11.2020890800.00$
किसानों को आतंकवादी बताने वाले कौन लोग हैं?28.11.202013189180.00$
किसान अपराधी? आंदोलन को कुचलने में डटी सरकार28.11.20209574200.00$
हक़ीक़त जाने तो किसान सड़कों पर उतरे28.11.202060406600.00$
किसान दिल्ली के बाहर नहीं बैठे रहेंगे28.11.20201028610.00$
हैदराबाद नगर निगम चुनाव बना रोमांचक27.11.2020526210.00$
कश्मीर में ऐसे चुनाव का मतलब क्या है?27.11.2020254421050.00$
किसानों को लेकर बैकफुट पर मोदी सरकार?27.11.20202933990.00$
क्या मोदी दे पायेंगे लोगों को रोज़गार?27.11.2020263292100.00$
Aaj Ka Agenda। ठाकरे सरकार को हाईकोर्ट से झटका!27.11.20203252140.00$
बुज़ुर्ग स्टेन स्वामी को स्ट्रॉ न देना क्या अमानवीय नहीं है?27.11.202012506150.00$
बीजेपी की दोहरी नीति से बिगड़ेगा कश्मीर27.11.2020186100.00$
अर्णब, कंगना के कारण बढ़ी खटास26.11.20201856710.00$
क्या सिर्फ़ पंजाब में किसान हैं ?26.11.2020474830.00$
पूर्व केंद्रीय कृषि मंत्री सोमपाल शास्त्री से बातचीत26.11.2020238751430.00$
अमेरिका और सऊदी अरब से पड़ रहे दबाव के आगे झुकेंगे इमरान?26.11.2020230810.00$
क़ानून के सामने बेबस मुद्दा है लव जिहाद25.11.20205082160.00$
निवेशकों के दो लाख चालीस हज़ार करोड़ रुपए स्वाहा! अब लगा दें पैसा?25.11.202020258730.00$
Suniye Sach। बिहार में विपक्ष ने दिखाई अपनी ताकत25.11.20202487470.00$
“कांग्रेस नहीं जानती मोदी से कैसे निपटे”25.11.202027811570.00$
क्या बीजेपी कोई चुनाव बिना पाकिस्तान और मुसलमान का ज़िक्र किए नहीं लड़ सकती है?25.11.20209004370.00$
“शिवसेना पर छापा, अर्णब का बदला”25.11.20205799750.00$
अंतर धार्मिक विवाह पर योगी की पाबंदी ?24.11.2020380435210.00$
Mind Your Business भारत के शेयर बाज़ार मेें दुख भरे दिन बीत गए? अब कूद पड़ें?24.11.2020102121240.00$
Mind Your Business बड़े बिजनेस घराने बैंक खोलेंगे तो दिक्कत क्या है?24.11.202029568390.00$
‘लव जिहाद’ पर कोर्ट में टिकेगी योगी सरकार?24.11.2020233160.00$
तमाम विकल्प ख़त्म होने के बावजूद ट्रम्प अभी भी क्यों अड़े हुए हैं?24.11.2020327230.00$
लव जिहाद- हक़ीक़त या हौआ?24.11.2020101605310.00$
ओवैसी पर इतने हमले क्यों हो रहे हैं?23.11.202019768260.00$
बीजेपी के हमलों से ममता पस्त?23.11.20201804189380.00$
Suniye Sach। सरकार बनते ही BJP-JDU में खटपट23.11.20203343990.00$
Alok Adda अमे